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Christie, David (center) (1904) Herman Beaber (left) & _____

Christie, David (center) (1904) Herman Beaber (left) & ?? B.jpg Carroll, Jack(1904)ThumbnailsCorcoran, BillCarroll, Jack(1904)ThumbnailsCorcoran, BillCarroll, Jack(1904)ThumbnailsCorcoran, Bill

Herman Beaber, along with Dave Christie who entered work in 1904, & unidentified person.

Herman Baeber was one of the workers interned in the Phillipine Islands during WW II.

David (Dave) Christie – married Emily Wilson in 1923. Dave died in 1969 and Emily in 1975.

Dave was a cousin to the Carrolls. On behalf of Dave and Emily Christie and their marriage, Jack Carroll made an announcement and statement concerning workers marrying at the 1923 Miltown Convention.

The Christies PIONEERED the work in Hawaii in 1923. They had 2 children while in the work.

Christie, David (center) (1904) Herman Beaber (left) & ?? B.jpg
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