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...'Over one thousand "Cooneyites" from all parts of Ireland and from England and Scotland, have assembled to hold their annual Convention, and delegates from New Zealand, Australia, America and Canada are expected to arrive in a few days....
Nearly all the 'visitors wear black dresses and plain sailer hats. Services are held daily, and the principal preacher is Mr. Wm. Irvine, one of the founders of the sect, who was formerly and engineer in Scotland. Mr. Edward, the son of a wealthy Fermanagh merchant, who joined the sect some years ago, and who for the past four months has been preaching the new doctrine in Canada is expected to arrive at Crockaecrieve before the convention closes. At each service two or three members of the sect relate the story of their "conversion" and renounce their former religious associations. The "Pilgrims" do not believe in any of the Christian churches and at the principal meetings clergymen of all denominations are vigorously denounced......

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