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Impartial Reporter

.... At the morning meeting, which continued for almost three hours, the principal speaker was George Walker, a native of the Co. district of Fermanagh. ‘George,’ as he is called by everyone—not even the leaders get the courtesy title ‘Mister’—is a polished speaker, of refined appearance. As a young man, when in the late Mr. W. R. Cooney’s establishment in Enniskillen, he was a good looking youth and he has preserved his good looks. His address was learned, interesting, and full of force. He was in the place once occupied by Wm. Irvine, the pioneer of this great movement, a man of magnetic power, rugged, a strong personality, a forceful speaker, and at one time worshipped as a leader of men and women. George Walker spends most of his time in America, but has not got the American twang. He will shortly visit the Continent. He has a charming manner.

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