Bag Lunches


Chess likes to take for lunch:



Corn tortillas (soft)
Grated cheddar cheese
Pepper Jack Cheese, cut into ½” x 6” strips
Cheddar Cheese (medium or sharp), cut into ½” x 6” strips

Soften tortillas. (Microwave on top of wet paper towel for short time)
Place strip of each kind of cheese in center.
Roll up tortillas and place in microwave dish, seam side down.
Continue until you have as many enchiladas as you want.
Sprinkle grated cheese on top.
Microwave just til cheese starts oozing out of end of tortilla.
Can put chili on top of tortillas or salsa or enchilada sauce and then cheese on top of that if you want.

HUMMUS for Chester’s Lunch

Athenos Hummus – Original (NOT flavored!!!)
Orange bell pepper
Grape tomatoes
Feta Cheese
With Pita chips

GREEK SALAD           (A Chester Favorite!) 

Use fine blade chopper to dice ingredients into tiny cubes:
4-6 oz Genoa salami cut 1/8 thick, diced into small pieces (abt 1/2″ sq)
1 med yellow or orange pepper, chopped fine
½ c chopped, seeded cucumber, chopped fine
6 small green onions, chopped fine
Fresh parsley, chopped – to taste
1 can drained sliced pitted ripe olives (2-1/4 oz can)
1/3 c marinated artichoke hearts, drained, small pieces
1 c cherry tomatoes cut in 4ths
½ c Zesty Italian Dressing

Toss all ingredients except bread and feta cheese in large bowl.
Serve with: Crumbled Feta cheese on top (4 oz for all) and pita chips;
OR:  Fill pita half with ½ c mixture. Sprinkle top with feta cheese.
Serve with hummus (Athenos brand is good)


3 c cooked, chopped chicken meat
1/2 cup mayonnaise (more or less)
½ c chutney (more or less)
1 t Dijon mustard (optional)
Juice of ½ fresh lemon (or more)
½ t fresh ground black pepper
2 t curry powder (or less)
5 green onions, chopped fine (or more)
(4) 8” celery stalks celery, chopped thinly
5/8 c raisins (yellow or brown)
Sprinkle with: toasted slivered almonds

Top with toasted slivered almonds – don’t mix in or will get soggy
Mix everything together. Add more mayo and salt if desired.
Refrigerate.  Serve on Rye bread or pita chips. (Chess likes)


1 green onion per 4 eggs
Garlic powder
Black pepper
Garnish with Tajin!!  Makes it exceptional!

Boiling Eggs:  Lower eggs gently into boiling water so they are covered with 1” water and 1 t salt.  When water boils again, lower heat to simmer for 12-14 min.  Immediately drain and immerse eggs into cold water, so they will peel easily.  Peel soon.


Wheat bread
Chopped boiled eggs
Sliced tomato
Alfalfa sprouts
Cooked bacon

TUNA BURRITO     (Chess loves)

Flour tortillas
Shredded lettuce
Fresh Cilantro pieces
Tuna, drained
Fresh Japaleno, (3-4 very thin slices-lengthwise)
Salsa Verde (Embasa Brand is Chess favorite; distributed by Authentic Specialty Foods Inc, Chino, CA –

Spread mayonnaise on tortilla.
Spread lettuce; add cilantro;
Add tuna in water, (half can or full lunch size can ones)
Stream of mayo on top of tuna.
Then spread salsa verde on top and roll up like a burrito.
Top with Japalenos, end to end across center of burrito.


15 oz Tuna in oil drained
8 oz soft garlic & chive Cream Cheese
OR 8 oz plain cream cheese (or mayo) plus ½ t minced garlic & chives
3 small roman Tomatoes, diced
1 dill pickle, chopped fine or diced cucumber
1T Fresh Dill
1t  Celery seed
½ t Black pepper
Finely chopped green onions-OPTIONAL
capers – optional

Serve on onion buns or flour tortilla, pita chips or crackers

Use for sandwiches or spread on crackers/bread for hors d’oeuvres

6 oz. can water packed white tuna, drained well
2 T fresh parsley leaves, washed, dried
4” rib of celery, cut in ½” pieces
1 oz shallots, peeled (1 green onion, chopped into 1” pieces)
2 t drained capers, rinsed, drained again
2 t Dijon mustard
3 T mayonnaise
¼ t freshly ground black pepper

Put metal blade in food processor work bowl.
Add parsley and chop (pulse about 5 times)
Add celery and rough chop (pulse about 5 times)
With machine running, drop onions thru feed tube and process 5 seconds.
Add rest of ingredients. Pulse about 5 times. Do NOT over process.
Transfer to a bowl, cover and chill at least 30 min.
Taste and adjust seasonings to taste.
Makes 1 cup (enough for 3 sandwiches)