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Letter to Wm Lewis by Dot Berry

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August 25, 1991

Dear William (Lewis),

Here we are at our new address just out of Oklahoma City, and 18 miles from Cherie and family. It will be nice to be close to them, having never been near our grandchildren. We imagine you would all be very busy at Mt. Peak, with lots more help now that the conventions are over.

Carl & Linda Berry moved their belongings into our garage so their buyers could locate in their home before school started. We asked for early possession here of the home we intend to buy as soon as we close with the Berrys, which will hopefully be the last of this month.

However, after the original appraisal was received, the conventional loan company Carl & Linda were using referred them to a commercial loan company, because the buildings used for convention were listed on the appraisal, although no appraised value was given. To be eligible for a conventional loan, all the buildings on the property must pertain to a single-family residence. This is why the closing has been delayed.

We read with interest the newspaper article about the Georgetown convention. However, your answer to the reporter concerning a founder was puzzling. When you visited us this past Spring, we discussed the origins of this fellowship, William Irvine being the founder, and you stated his ex-communication was because "his problem was women".

On the other hand, to the Georgetown report­er, you denied the existence of a founder and were quoted as saying, "Not to my knowledge" to his question asking if there was "one founder or a group of founders that this church...can trace its lineage to." Yet, your answer to a Minnesota reporter was quite unlike the reply you gave to the Georgetown reporter. Why the denial at Georgetown and the affirmation in Minnesota?

Our son, Galen, heard a worker in a California convention a few years back speak about the founder from the platform. In other newspaper articles, especially in the West, the workers have answered questions regarding the founder quite differently--see the highlighted enclosures.

In light of the often mentioned unity, one mind, and sameness found in this fellowship, why does the question "Is there a founder/founders of this fellowship?" bring such a variety of answers? In a fellowship we call “the truth,” it's puzzling to us why the truth regarding the origins of this fellowship is not openly acknowledged and declared.

Sincerely your brother and sister in Christ,

Raymond & Dot Berry