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Medich, Rose

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June 1, 1995

Dear North Platte Church:

I'm sorry that I did not write you folks sooner. I realize you will be told to tear up this letter, but how can you tell if you should tear it up without reading it in its entirety, and discerning for yourself if that is what you really want to do or not. I no longer have people telling me what to read and not read. God has allowed me this freedom, and you have it also, you only have to exercise it. I apologize for the length of this letter but I am unable to condense it and still tell you my story as to why I left your church.

I am not bitter, nor do I have a bad spirit as some may think or say. I love you all, and hope that some day you will get to know Jesus as your one and only savior. Iola did not make me leave, nor did I persuade her to leave as some of you may be thinking. George did not make me leave, you may all remember how he faithfully brought me to meetings and came and got me. My children had no bearing in my leaving, again you may remember my faithfulness in taking my children to meetings. No, you cannot blame anybody, nor was it the book "THE SECRET SECT". That book was around for 8 years before I left your church. Why did it take me so long? Maybe because God had to prove to me that your church was not the true way after all. When one is raised in the truth as I was you don't give it up easily. However, when you feel God working in your life and you feel God's spirit, there was a peace, that surprised me, about my leaving the church. I knew it was going to be OK, because God was going to help me through it. He did as he promised. In fact, both Iola and George did not think that I would be able to break away.

First of all, the workers no longer had the power over me that they once had. I was free to do as God was wanting me to do. The first thing I noticed was in Luke 17:20‑21, "the kingdom of God comes not with observation ‑ lo here or lo there. For the kingdom of God is within me". For example, my hair would never save me. So the first thing I did was take my hair down so that I could prove to myself that God would love me any which way I wore my hair. It would also change my identity, as that is a very important mark of your church. My life for 46 years was one that could never measure up to what the workers had expected of me. In other words, I felt I could never please them.

WOW! What a big step to take, but I did it and God has accepted me, just as I am. I'm good enough for God no matter how I look and what I wear. You men will never know how afraid I was to let my hair down. But then most of the rules in your church are made by the men of the church. If women had any say so, their hair would have been left as it was worn by women in your church, the early part of the century (Shorter and much more comfortable, and much less time consuming). The Bible says in I Peter 3:3 Whose adorning let it not be that outward adorning of plating the hair, (THE BUN AND BRAIDS) and of wearing of gold, or of putting on of apparel; (THE DRESS) but let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price. In your church women are burdened down with their long hair. No where in the Bible did I ever find that long hair was a requirement to be saved. Because of this knowledge about God, it allowed me to have a personal relationship with God based not on works and rules, but on love and freedom from condemnation, for which I’m not sorry. And it was God that helped me have this crystal clear insight into what he had in store for me. Once I got off the old rabbit tracks or same old verses I heard over and over, I could see what the Bible was really saying to me.

Thank you God for opening my eyes. God would never want me to save my self with long hair, or all the other unnecessary rules, and burdens, placed upon you folks. He is God all mighty and He has all power, and He gave his Son the ability to save me, if I would only believe on Jesus who has shed His blood for the forgiveness of my sins and for the forgiveness of your sins. Please read, Romans 3:20‑28, the 24 verse says "being JUSTIFIED (to pronounce free from guilt or blame). Oh, there was a lot of that in your church. If I was caught in anything but a dress, not just any dress, it had to look like our example (THE WORKERS), I felt condemned, I'm not bitter about this, it's just how it is. The 24 verse continues to say "freely by his grace". It doesn't say Grace plus Works. Now just what is His GRACE? I asked myself. Because I had only heard that grace was like oil on a wheel, it made it turn more easily. Well, I did a study of GRACE. Wow! Grace is more than Mercy. Grace is undeserved Mercy. Grace cannot be earned. In Ephesians 2:8, 9 it says God’s salvation is not of YOURSELVES it is a GIFT of God: Not of WORKS, lest any body should boast. In Romans 11:6 it contrasts "WORKS" with "GRACE". It does that because they are exact opposites. A gift is something given freely, but work is something that you do to earn a wage. By the way, I could never make sense of this verse before I did this study.

Romans 6:23 tells me, "FOR THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH, BUT THE GIFT OF GOD IS ETERNAL LIFE, THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD". There had to be a perfectly sinless sacrifice for the sins of the world. No ordinary human person could be perfectly sinless, so God Himself being the One Who could live in this world in human flesh and never sin, provided a body in which to dwell. Then He paid the penalty by shedding His blood for the remission of our sins; gave us this Gift of Righteousness (Romans 5:17,18,19 ); and if we believe His Word; we are clothed in his righteousness and will live eternally with Him. The 24th verse of Romans 3 continues "through the REDEMPTION that is in Jesus Christ. (This means that the ransom price held against us has been paid and we have been set free from bondage, freed by payment of a price. This is what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us when he died upon the cross.) Even though God's RIGHTEOUSNESS (Is God's standard of Perfection. Man's righteousness is as filthy rags in the sight of God). IMPUTATION (Is God's Righteousness Credited to one's account). The righteousness of God is unto all that BELIEVE. Example Romans 4:3 and Romans 3:22. This makes Jesus more than an example in whose path I wanted to follow. (I prayed that many times in meeting). He is my SAVIOR. He is also GOD in person. I had never heard that in your church. I really wish that I had. I also know that some people know about GRACE, but they are people who had a foundation in another church. I never did, therefore my mind only knows what I heard in this church. Do me a favor and don't take my word for this. Then do yourselves a favor and look up this study for yourselves and pray that God will open your eyes to see the real truth.

Yes, God has made his plan known to other people in this world. NOT JUST YOUR CHURCH. I had also learned how to discern what other scriptures was saying, for example in II Timothy 1:9, "who hath saved me and called me with an Holy calling, not according to MY Works but according to HIS own purpose (not the purpose of the workers) and the GRACE which was given to us in Christ Jesus (not by the workers) before the world began." This was planned long before the workers became known as workers. We are saved by believing in Jesus' sacrifice (not by any sacrifice on our part, nor by the sacrifice of the workers). If God had not put it in my heart to do so I would be with you still. However, I am very grateful for God's guidance in the past 5 years, and the rewards and answered prayers that I'm experiencing. Yes, I believe God has a work for me to do. It is to expose the deceit and lies that have been in the making since 1897. Yes, your church began in Ireland by William Irvine, and it came to the United States in 1903. Anything founded on a lie is not the truth

If any of you want to confront me about any of the above please feel free to do so. As I said earlier I love you all. I do not have a hard heart. I have not started my own church as some are saying. But I'm ready to talk, and God has given me the freedom to do so because I no longer am in bondage to any man made rules. The wedge that was between me and freedom is gone. I can now spend my time replacing lies with the TRUTH, a false security with eternal security, and criticism and gossip with love and compassion for friends and family who have been deceived.

Yours truly,

Rose Medich
North Platte, Nebraska

NOTE:  Rose Medich and Iola Shirlaw were good friends who went to meeting together.  Iola died December 16, 1991 from leukemia, just barely a year after she and Rose left the fellowship.  She is buried in Floral Lawns Gardens in North Platte, Nebraska.