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Townsend, Leigh (CSA & D&R) (Canada)

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Testimony of Leigh Townsend

June 27, 1999

Leigh Townsend died June 24, 2012.

Click Here:  to read the Testimony of Leigh Townsend. You will be redirected to Leigh Townsend's website.

Key to Names in Leigh's story

- James Grant dead
- OT-Orin Taylor(Senior Worker in Montreal) dead
- Rhoda Robinson misspelled Robertson (
Female Boarder) dead
- Luella Gunn (
Pregnant Worker) dead
- Willis Young’s Mother
(Let Cat out of the bag) dead
- HC-Horace Cullwick dead
- Absalom Abbott (orgy) dead
- Stacey Bryanton-Doug Sproule-(all got married shortly after)
- Carson Cowan (
Head Honcho) dead
- SL-Sidney Lee dead

- GP-George Poole
- Six Workers-John Gravil, George Pool, Wayne Hutchison, Ed Bax----??
- James Miles
(The Elder)
- Girl named Brigitte
- CW-Carson Wallace
- Dave Lane (companion)
- Visiting Friend-(Counsels Sister Workers)

A couple of the people listed but not marked as dead may have passed away.

Alive in 2012:

WM-Willie Martin living somewhere in PEI
Murial Molina, sister worker
Joyce Disher, sister worker
YD-Yvonne Dubuque
CJ-Cornelius Jaenen
MC-Michelle Côté

WH-Wayne Hutchison(Head Worker) Overseer in Atlantic Canada and Quebec now
JG-John Spelled "Jean" Gravil
SG-Sylvie Gingras

MC-Michel CreteCarson Wallace Overseer in Ontario now
Adele Hunter (a 2x2)


RE: Molestation by Male Worker

COUNSELING: None asked and non received.

APOLOGIES: None asked and non received.

CHARGES: None filed.

REACTIONS: The senior worker in the UK had decided to send the alleged abuser on a trip to Canada as a “therapeutic visit” to see if he might improve. “You should not have revealed this because it will hurt the church.”

OFFENDER: Left work in 1960’s; died sometime prior to this report (2008)

VICTIM: Left Meetings 1997, wrote letter to church commenting on the above event. Most, including his sister, didn’t believe it took place.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: “He said it would be good for my personal development and I should hug and kiss him.”