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Hymnbook Changes

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The 1987 Edition of the English Hymns Old and New

Some of the edits made to the hymns over the years fall into the following categories:

Deletions of references to being saved by grace alone, that Jesus was our substitute and paid our ransom:

No. 1 "Tell Me the Story of Jesus" by Fannie Crosby
ORIGINAL WAS: "Glory forever to Jesus, He paid the ransom for me."
NOW 3rd verse: "stay, let me say I will follow Him who has suffered for me."

“The Way to Calvary” by H. Cliff Berrett
WAS No. 165 – “As humbly We prepare.” (and WAS No. 319 in 1935 ed. HO&N)
“As humbly we prepare our hearts to seek Thy face,
Admitting Christ to dwell within, and save us by His grace.”
NOW No. 389 - Verse 1 was omitted, making a new title necessary (“The Way to Calvary”) which omits reference to "save us by His grace."
H. C. Berrett (Cliff), the author of this hymn, was excommunicated by the overseer in Victoria around 1950. He was a wonderful musician and had a beautiful bass singing voice that was a joy to hear.

Deletions or changes to references to the blood of Jesus:

WAS No. 165 – “As humbly We prepare.” (and WAS No. 319 in 1935 ed. HO&N)
Verse 6 omitted: “Oh Lord receive us now, Christ's blood bought ones are we."

"Just as I am" No. 158 (deleted verses 2, 3 and 7)
Verse No. 2: "Just as I am, and waiting not
To rid my soul of one dark blot,
To Thee whose blood can cleanse each spot,
O Lamb of God, I come, I come.

WAS No. 40 - “By His Blood I now am saved.”
NOW No. 45 - “By His Blood I am redeemed.”
Another line had to be changed to fit the new wording.

Deletion of "Pentecostal Charismatic" elements:

“Was It For Me?”
WAS No. 35: “O wondrous Love, I'll shout and sing!!” (Too enthusiastic?)
NOW No. 8: “Oh, Wondrous Love, Oh boundless grace!”

Corrections of references to Jesus being God:

“When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” by Isaac Watts
“Forbid it Lord, that I should boast,
Was No. 15 - "Save in the CROSS of Christ MY LORD…”
Now No. 6 - “Save in the DEATH of Christ MY GOD.”
(Gal. 6:14: "But God forbid that Ishould glory, save in the cross of our Lord Jesus."
NOTE: The Go-Preacher, 1928 and 1935 editions contained "Christ my God." It was changed in the 1951 and 1987 editions to "Christ my Lord."

Deletions of reference to the Trinity:

Removed No. 239, a beautiful, favorite hymn titled "Cease Not" by worker James Fawcett.
“Our Blest Redeemer”
NOW No. 208 “Our Blest Redeemer”
Original and earlier edition of HO&N has an extra verse (#6), which is omitted in the 1987 edition:
“O Praise the Father, Praise the Son,
Blest Spirit, praise to Thee;
All praise to God, the Three in One,
The one in Three.”
[Redemption Songs contains this hymn as No. 539]

Removed Hymn No. 259 of 1935 edition which started out with:
"Hearken to the earnest pleadings of the Holy Trinity
"Who will go for us" with tidings of sweet rest and liberty?"

NOTE: There is still one hymn in HO&N that alludes that Jesus "God."
"Come Follow Me," No. 82.
Verse 1: "I hear my dying Savior savior say: Follow me! Come follow me!"
Verse 3: "In all thy changeful life I'll be Thy God and Giide o'er land and sea."

Hymn No. 359 from 1935 Hymnbook was not included in the succeeding 1951 edition (author unknown)
Verse 1: "Hearken to the earnest pleadings of the Holy Trinity
"Who will go for us" with tidings of sweet rest and liberty?
Souls are perishing by the millions with no ray of hope to cheer,
"Who will go for us," and tell them of the One to serve and fear.

Corrections that align more closely with exclusive doctrine:

WAS No. 2 – “Jesus Only is our message…”
NOW No. 10 - “Jesus Now and Jesus Ever...”
This hymn was originally written by an Outsider, Albert Simpson, who died in 1919. The hymn is now public domain, allowing changes to text to be legal. Was this hymn possibly changed to “Jesus Now and Jesus Ever,” because there is a group called "Jesus Only?" Interesting that the location of the word “only” is changed in each verse; and the title and chorus were both changed so any reference to “Jesus Only” was deleted. The hymn now says that Jesus is: our only message; our only Saviour; our only power; our only Master. Is there a difference in meaning between (1) Jesus ONLY is our…AND Jesus is our only…? YES! “Jesus ONLY” places the emphasis solely on Jesus, or on Jesus only. The new wording emphasizes the beliefs of the singer--Jesus is OUR only…. The new wording carries out the theme of the worker’s message, which is Jesus PLUS the 2x2 way; rather than Jesus ONLY.

Significant changes were made to words in some of the hymns in the 1987 edition. Below are some examples:

“Cleansing for Me” by H. H. Booth.
WAS No. 172: “Sinful and 'black' tho the past may have been,”
NOW No. 384: “Sinful and 'dark' tho the past may have been.”

“Not unto men I Labor”
WAS printed in hymn Leaflet –
“I know the heart is sinful, none dares to trust his own,
Or should we trust another for wrong may lurk unknown.
He only doth walk wisely, can be assured of right,
Who with his eyes on Jesus is walking in the Light.”
NOW No. 325:
“I know the heart is sinful, none dareth trust his own;
Tis not in man that walketh, to guide his steps alone.”

"No East or West" by Sandy Scott
Hymn No. 335
"In Christ there is no east or west, In Him no south or north;
'Tis one, the Shepherd's sacred flock, Though scattered o'er the earth.
In Christ His people ev'rywhere Their sweet communion find
In unison, their hearts as one, God's tender mercies bind.
As brothers, sisters, of one faith, Whate'er their tongue or race,
United stand, from bondage free, True monuments of grace.
Forth from the corners of the earth, When sounds the clarion call,
The Bride of Christ shall gathered be To Him, their All in all."

Other hymnals: "In Christ There is No East or West" by John Oxenham 1852-1941
"In Christ there is no east or west, In him no south or north;
But one great fellowship of love Throughout the whole wide earth.
In him shall true hearts everywhere Their high communion find;
His service is the golden cord Close binding all mankind.
Join Hands, then, brothers of the faith, Whate'er your race may be.
Who serves my Father as a son is surely kin to me.
In Christ now meet both east and west, In him meet south and north;
All Christly souls are one in him Throughout the whole wide earth."

“I Love My Master” by Mary Lindley
Original WAS: "Let my pierced ear show....."
NOW No. 320: "Let my marked ear show the choice I have made".
(see copies of sheet music distributed)
Wouldn't want anyone to get the idea they approved of pierced ears!

Other significant changes were the hymns that were omitted from the new book—possibly because of these phrases or concepts they embodied.

No. 2: "All our righteousness He gives us"

No. 10: "Jesus Died for Sinners" - Hymn written by Edward Cooney omitted which was sung to the tune of "Onward Christian Soldiers."

No. 34: "He suffered in the sinner's stead" (substitution)

No. 38: "They who believe on His name shall rejoice" (saved by believing only)

No. 99: "His great salvation and life eternal He offers free to all" (salvation is a free gift)

No. 102: "Who died that we might live, Who lives that we might with him reign" (lived to die—not to be example/pattern)

No. 204: "Thou savest those that on thee call" (“save” is present tense)

No. 239: “Cease not to worship the Father and Son, The Holy Spirit, and these Three are One.” Chorus - "I will not cease to worship Him, My savior and my God" (holy trinity and Jesus as God)

No. 279: "Or blood sheltered safe, confide thee In the glory of his grace." (eternal security)

No. 275: “His forever only His who the Lord and me shall part?" (eternal security)

No. 296: "That nothing can untwine Thy life from mine." (eternal security)

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Compiled by Cherie Krpp