Preserving the Truth

Church Names

Names applied to The Church without a Name:

  • The Truth
  • The Way
  • The Fold
  • The Friends and Workers Fellowship
  • Two-by-Twos, 2x2s
  • Cooneyites
  • No-Name Church
  • No-Secters
  • Christian Conventions in the U.S.
  • Assemblies of Christians
  • The Testimony, Testimony of Jesus
  • Nameless House Church
  • The Tramp Preachers
  • The Go-Preachers
  • White Mice in Rathmolyon, Ireland
  • Dippers
  • The Black Stockings, Black Sox
  • The Jesus-Way
  • The New Testament Church
  • Reidites in Enniskillen, N. Ireland
  • Irvinites, Irvineites
  • Bluelights in Tasmania
  • Carrollites in Australia
  • Fraserites in New Zealand
  • Les Anonymes in France (Anonymous)
  • Die Namenlosen in Germany (The Nameless Ones)

The following names are or have been registered with various government agencies.

United States
  • Christian Conventions Representing Assemblies of Christians Assuming This Name Only
United Kingdom
  • The Testimony of Jesus
  • Christian Church in England (copyright for Hymns Old & New, 1987 ed)
Australia & New Zealand
  • New Zealand: Testimony of Jesus in WWI
  • The United Christian Conventions of Australasia and New Zealand (in 1938)
  • Testimony of Jesus in WWI hearings applying for military exemption or C.O. status
  • Christian Conventions of Victoria in 1929
  • Christian Assemblies of Australia) in WWII
  • Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies (registered in mid 1995; dissolved Dec. 1996)
  • Kristna i Sverige (Christians in Sweden) (registered in 1992; later dissolved).
  • The Christian Church of San Felipe
  • The Christian Church of Paraguay or Friends in Paraguay
  • The Primitive Christian Church of Peru
  • Christian Mission Vietnam registered in 1967 by Fred Allen.
Sri Lanka
  • Undenominational Christian Mission
Hong Kong
  • Christian
"There is a principle which is a bar against all information;
which is proof against all arguments;
and which cannot fail to keep people in everlasting ignorance.
That principle is Condemnation before Investigation."