Preserving the Truth

Table of Contents

Key: Workers are ministers, preachers.


1. From the Ashes of Despair. Overview of book; from William Irvine contemplating suicide to founder of three international religious sects.

2. 1863-1893. The Man behind the Movement. Intro to William Irvine's childhood, family, education, employment, spiritual background; bio of his illegitimate son.

3. 1892-1895. The Turning Point. Irvine attends a Christian revival; acquired a new outlook, resigned from his well-paid job; studied at Bible Training Institute

4. 1895-1901. Irvine Joined Faith Mission. Description of Faith Mission; Irvine's decision to join them.

5. 1896-1897. Faith Mission's Expansion in Ireland. Irvine pioneers South Ireland; Kilrush Mission; his first convert.

6. 1897 - Genesis of the Revival - John Long. Intro to John Long, author of Journal of John Long; second revival mission at Rathmolyon; intro to Carroll family; subsequent missions and converts.

7. 1898 - Encounter with Edward Cooney. Irvine and Cooney meet; Matthew 10 Bible study; Faith Lines concept explored; subsequent successful missions; Irvine promoted to Supt. South Ireland.

8. 1899 - The Faith Experiment in Scotland. John Long begins preaching independently on Faith Lines; wooden halls; successful experimental bicycle mission trip to Scotland testing Faith Lines concept by 8-9 young recruits. St. Stephen's All-Day pivotal meeting.

9. 1899-1901 The Faithful Gather at Conventions. Intro to conventions at Keswick, Faith Mission and 2x2 Sect; intro to Gill family; Rathmolyon devastated by "White Mice ."

10. Robert R. Todd - Irvine Left Faith Mission. Intro to Robert and Jeanne Todd; Todd's Mission; Irvine and Faith Mission part ways with various explanations and dates.

11. Irvine's New Belief System. Founding of a revolutionary new theological movement; its development and spread; description of meetings, doctrines and principles; Irvine railing against churches and clergy; s imilarities and differences to other Christian churches.

12. 1899 - In the Beginning. Description of Sect's start-up; bios of Irvine's first full-time recruits.

13. 1900-1901 - William Irvine Assumes Leadership. Rathmolyon Convention; training new Workers.

14. 1901- Edward Cooney - The Master Marketer. Intro to lay-preacher Cooney; his background, family, employment; Cooney partners with Irvine; gives small fortune to the poor; becomes Second-in-Command; first hymnal printed: Go-Preacher Hymnbook .

15. 1901-1902 - Primitive Worship Restored. Intro to Alfred Magowan; descriptions of first conventions, baptisms, re-baptisms; Sunday and mid-week fellowship meetings instituted.

16. 1903 - First Decisions and Events. Conditions in Ireland at turn of 20th Century; Sect's kick-off convention at Rathmolyon; vows of celibacy and common purse; Todd's Mission disbands; several of Todd's Workers join Irvine's Sect; m arried Worker couples and their children.

17. 1903-1904 - Worldwide Outreach. First Workers go to America ; fir st native U.S. converts and Workers; subsequent groups of Workers arrive in U.S.; first Workers go to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.

18. 1904-1906 - First Large-Scale Convention. Conventions at Crocknacrieve; intro to Irvine Weir and Jamiesons; California missions.

19. 1905-1907 - "God's Only Right Way." Birth of Exclusivity in 2x2 Sect ; t he Living Witness Doctrine; Irvine's belief system became "God's Only True Way;" re-baptizing and un-Christianizing the Christians ; Irvine's revelation; Joe Kerr's renunciation; John Long's excommunication; Resistance to the new doctrine; current beliefs of 2x2 Sect.

20. 1900-1906 - Apostolic Succession and Restorationism. The Restoration Movement; Irvine's position and role; success of Irvine's methods.

21. 1906-1913 - Early Conventions Create "Big News." Crocknacrieve Conventions; additional Irish conventions assembled; first conventions outside of Ireland; new hymnal: Hymns Old and New; trips abroad by Cooney and Irvine; first Workers' deaths; publications warning against the new sect.

22. 1913 - 2x2 Recourse through Court. Mission in Suffolk Co., England; W. D. Wilson accuses Workers of white-slave trafficking; W. D. Wilson sued in eight court cases by 2x2 Sect members.

23. 1914-1919 - Irvine Forced to Abdicate. Discontentment among 2x2 Sect leaders; Irvine's strange preaching; Mutiny; Irvine forced to step down; reasons for his removal; his reaction and return to U.S.; Irvine's permanent move to Palestine.

24. The Workers Regroup. Irvine's mantle; the Workers' dilemma; the purge; erasing William Irvine; process of damnatio memoriae .

25. 1918-1919 - Irvine's Life after His Rejection ; Arrival in Jerusalem; loyal acolytes; first schism occurs; develops a new belief system, called Omega Message; acquires recruits; his vast correspondence; life for Omega Message followers; intro to Willie and Rose Edwards; Irvine fully excommunicated.

26. 1914-1929 - World War I- Princess Victoria . Princess listens to Cooney in Hyde Park; allegedly becomes a member; Alfred Magowan excommunicated; 1921 large Workers Convention at Staffordshire, England; Coolacrease tragedy--murder of two Sect members.

27. 1928 - Edward Cooney Cast Out. Cooney's issues with status quo; his renunciation; goes abroad; banned in New Zealand, U.S., Canada; blacklisted in Ireland; Sr. Workers meeting at Lurgan. Cooney excommunicated.

28. After Cooney - Division and Exodus. Division of 1928; the purge--the price of allegiance; the Outcasts; Cooney's pain and suffering; remainder of his life.

29. 1930-1938 - Differences among Leaders. Contention between U.S. Overseers; 1930 Sr. Workers meeting; no marriage policy established for Overseers; disturbance in Colorado; Worker Tom Lyness shot; 1938 Sr. Worker meeting re divorce and remarriage.

30. 1938-1951 - Passing of William and Archibald Irvine. Irvine's visitors; diagnosed with cancer; his death, funeral, burial, disbursement of possessions; reaction of his Omega Message followers; death of Irvine's son and wife.

31. 1954 - Doug Parker's Exposé. Intro to Doug Parker, his investigation researching 2x2 history; his confrontation with New South Wales Overseer, John Hardie; Parker's publication of A Spiritual Fraud ; a ftermath of this Exposé.

32. 1950s - Third Exodus of Apostates. Review of the exoduses; the apostates; intro to Hawkins, Arvigs, Millers, Rittenhouse and Sweetland; picketing of conventions.

33. 1982-1984 - The Secret Sect . Published in 1982; media spotlight brings 2x2 Sect out of seclusion; fourth exodus; reactions to The Secret Sect ; agencies, books and websites created since 1989 about 2x2 Sect.

34. Ladies in Black Stockings - The Black Stocking Church. History of this tradition; shame, suffering and discrimination; nylon invented; "the change" and discontinuation of custom.

35. History of 2x2 Traditions - The Unwritten Rules Part I. Traditions vs. commandments; Victorian era history and fashion; evolution of outer 2x2 appearances compared to worldly dress styles; discussion of hats, hemlines, necklines, hosiery, footwear, cosmetics, slacks, jewelry and hair dressing.

36. History of 2x2 Traditions - The Unwritten 2x2 Rules Part II. Policies re liquor, tobacco, entertainment, occupations; education and impact of G. I. bill; courtship, marriage, divorce, remarriage, weddings, celebrations, funerals.

37. Two by Two History in Canada. Arrival of first and succeeding Workers; overview of history by province; Workers accused of white-slave trafficking; WWI and WWII.

38. 1990s Alberta Purge by Willis Propp. Overview of grievances, excommunications, meetings closed down; purge.

39. Two by Two History in New Zealand. Arrival of first and succeeding Workers; first conventions; bios of Overseers; married Workers; WWI and WWII.

40. Two by Two History in Australia . Arrival of first and succeeding Workers; bios of Overseers; first conventions; mission at Bethel, South Australia; adopting a name.

41. Australia - Divisions and Purges in Australia. Intro to Arthur McCoy; Workers' bank accounts; intro to Ronald Campbell; purge in South Australia. Bill Carroll's purge in Victoria; Carroll's death and aftermath.

42. Two by Two History in South Africa. Arrival of first and succeeding Workers; Overseers; married workers; segregation and Apartheid; revolt of black and colored 2x2s; Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd assassinated by 2x2 Sect member, Demetrius Tsafendas in 1961.

43. Two by Two U.S. Black History. First and succeeding black Workers; black annual convention at Scrabble U.S.; black 2x2 Sect members and meetings.

44. History of Hymns Old and New. History and description of editions of 2x2 Sect hymnals; publisher details; hymn authors; oldest hymns.

45. Military Service. WWI & II in UK and U.S.; Conscientious objection policies in various countries; adopting an official name; U.S. WWI and WWII; registration of assemblies; WWII internees and POWs; Korean and Vietnam Wars.

46. 1914-2018 - Divisions in the Church . Early and later divisions in the Sect.

47. The Importance and Power of History . Conclusion.

NOTE: This may be printed as Volumes I and II

Posted 6/26/19

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information;
which is proof against all arguments;
and which cannot fail to keep people in everlasting ignorance.
That principle is Condemnation before Investigation."