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Wm Irvine preaching 1911 Conv

Wm Irvine preaching 1911 Conv.jpg Jamieson,Willie & Liz #3ThumbnailsJamieson,Willie & Liz #6Jamieson,Willie & Liz #3ThumbnailsJamieson,Willie & Liz #6Jamieson,Willie & Liz #3ThumbnailsJamieson,Willie & Liz #6

1911: Elisabeth Jamieson wrote about Wm Irvine being at Convention in Vancouver:
"Mr. I. spoke twice a day and was in fine form. Six young workers launched forth for the
first time...Primrose Carroll also went forth. She is the youngest of the Carroll family and
is to be May's companion."
(Jan. 7, 1911 Letter to Cordia White, Scappose, Oregon USA)
Typed copy of letter at: http://www.tellingthetruth.info/workers_early/jamiesons.php#lizzie