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Weir, Irvine

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James Irvine Weir (born September 7, 1878 in County Dublin, Ireland and
died in 1957). He is buried in North Weymouth, Massachusetts.

He was friends with Carrolls, who invited him from
Dublin to Nenagh to hear William Irvine.

He was one of the young men who went on 1899 bicycle trip
and he also was was one of the first three workers to come
to America in 1903, along with George Walker and William Irvine.

Irvine Weir was in the work from 1900-1918,
in California, Ontario, and Kentucky.

One of the first workers, he is listed on 1905 Workers list.

The FIRST Sunday Morning meeting was held in their home
in Dublin, over their store, Weir's Hardware Store.

He was later EXCOMMUNICATED by George Walker.

Irvine Weir later married, had 2 sons and a daughter,
and lived in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

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