~ Strawberries

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TIP: How to Core a Strawberry with a drinking straw
This is sooooo COOL!  Kids love to do it.


1 basket = 1 pt strawberries
1 pint = 3-1/4 c whole berries
1 pint = 2-1/4c sliced berries
1 pint = 1 2/3 c pureed berries
l pint = 12 very large berries to 36 small berries

Peak Season:  April-July;  they do NOT ripen after picking.
Buy fully ripened, bright red ones.  Store in shallow container.  Refrigerating will keep them fresh and bright til you use them.  Don’t hull or wash berries until just before using. Washing removes a protective layer. Remove stems and leaves (hulls) AFTER washing, so water won’t soak into the berry where cap was and dilute flavor.

RUSSIAN CREAM – Make ahead of Strawberries Romanoff
***FAMILY FAVORITE***Revised 8/20/17

1 c whipping cream
1 c Half and Half (or whole milk)
3/4 c sugar
1 envelope gelatin
1 c sour cream
½ t vanilla

Mix in pan ¼ c Half & Half with gelatin.  Let stand 1 min.  Heat remaining Half & Half and add it with sugar to gelatin mixture.  Stirring on med. heat, just til sugar is dissolved.  Add whipping cream, stir.  COOL!!  Whisk in sour cream and vanilla til mixture is VERY smooth.

Pour in your choice of:  3 cup metal mold (heart shape is pretty!) or bowl, or 6 individual pretty glass bowls.  Chill until Russian Cream is set/jelled (at least 4 hours.)  Serve with Strawberries Romanoff. (recipe on back)
NOTE:  Don’t put in graham cracker crust (gets too soggy)


FOR 4 cups fresh strawberries (32 oz):    FOR 2 cups strawberries (16 oz):
3/4 cup confectioners sugar            ¼ cup confectioners sugar
1-1/2 oz  Vodka                ¾ oz Vodka
1-1/2 oz  Triple sec                ¾ oz Triple Sec
1-1/2 oz  Rum                    ¾ oz Rum

Chill strawberries.  Mix liquors and put in freezer.  Quarter or slice the chilled strawberries into bite-size pieces and place in bowl with tight fitting lid.  Sift confectioners sugar over berries.  Do NOT add any water.  Pour liquor mixture over berries and stir til sugar is dissolved.  Chill one hour for maximum flavor, shaking or stirring occasionally.  Serve immediately over Russian Cream.

WARNING:  The longer the strawberries and liquors are mixed together, the more the berries become marinated which results in the “spark” from the liquor being lost.  The berries taste totally different if prepared early and chilled overnight–you would hardly know there was any liquor added to them, and we SURE don’t want THAT!


¾ c margarine, melted
½ c sugar
2 c pretzel crumbs
Mix together and press in bottom of  9 x 13 pan.  Bake at 325 for 15 min.  Cool.
Mix and spread over crust:
8 oz cream cheese
8 oz Cool Whip
¾ c powdered sugar

6 oz. Strawberry Jello
2 cups boiling water
20 oz frozen strawberries and juices
Let set slightly in refrigerator and then pour over cream cheese mixture.
Sprinkle crushed pretzels over top.


2 c flour
3 t baking powder
1 t salt
6 T sugar
1/2 c oleo or butter, or 1/3 c shortening
1 egg, plus milk to make 1/2 cup or 1 cup milk

Preheat oven to 450. Mix dry ingredients together in mixing bowl, with butter til mixture looks like meal.  Stir in milk/egg til blended. Turn dough out on floured board. Knead gently ten times. Gently roll out dough to 1/4″ thick. With 2-1/2″ biscuit cutter, press out circles. Stack one on top of another and put on ungreased cookie sheet. Makes 12 in all. Bake 10-12 min.

Serve with whipped cream and sliced, sweetened strawberries.

STRAWBERRY CRÈME DIP    (Nancy Zvoch  4/91)

1 8 oz.  tub strawberry cream cheese
7 oz. jar marshmallow crème
2 T strawberry preserves (optional)
8 oz. Cool Whip (optional)

Beat cream cheese and preserves til blended.
Fold in Cool Whip and marshmallow crème.
Cover and refrigerate til serving.
Serve with fresh fruit.  Divine with fresh, hulled STRAWBERRIES!

Prepare fruit in a small bowl first:
1/2 banana, sliced small
4 fresh strawberries, sliced small with bit of sugar
1 kiwi fruit peeled and sliced small or 6 mandarin orange slices
1 snack size cup (3 1/2 ounces) tapioca or vanilla pudding
1/8 tsp almond extract mixed into pudding
Have ready:  2 Tbsp. flaked coconut
Small can of ReddiWhip whipped cream that you squirt out of the can.
Hersheys chocolate syrup in squeeze bottle
2 ready to eat crepes  (for homemade, see recipe on back)

Place a crepe on two different serving plates.
Put a stripe of pudding mix down the center.  Sprinkle with coconut.
Spoon fruit pieces on top, then squirt a stripe of whipped cream down center.  Fold the crepe into thirds and sprinkle a few pieces of fruit on top.
Squirt some stripes of chocolate over a few times.  Serve.


1/4 cup milk
2 Tbsp. beaten egg
3 Tbsp. pancake mix

Mix well.  On medium high, heat a non stick skillet, spray with nonstick cooking spray. Pour half the batter into center of skillet.  Lift and tilt the pan to evenly distribute the batter.  Cook until top looks dry, turn and cook til golden brown underneath.  Remove to wire rack or plate.  Make the second one the same way.

(use all these fruits or part or just one)

5.1 oz. instant vanilla pudding mix
2-3/4 c cold whole milk
1 can sweetened condensed milk (14 oz) (optional)
12 oz frozen whipped topping (Cool Whip)
1 box vanilla wafers
3 cups fresh strawberries, sliced
3 bananas, sliced
1 cup fresh pineapple tidbits

In large bowl, whisk milk and pudding mix.  Let stand for 15 min.
Fold in condensed milk and Cool Whip.
In 3 qt bowl or 9×13 pan, cover bottom w/THIN layer of pudding.
Place vanilla wafers on pudding, touching and cover entire top.
Spread with ½ of strawberries, ½ of pineapple and 1-1/2 banana sliced.
Top with one half of remaining pudding.
Repeat layer of cookies, remaining fruit and top with pudding. Crumble remaining cookies into crumbs and sprinkle on top.