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Ken Paginton Letter #2

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Ken Paginton Letter #2 Feb. 22, 1992: Text of letter:

"Thank you for your letter of 31st January which reached me today.
With regard to the four hymns - 179, 182, 183, and 184, these were
written by E. Cooney in the early part of this century.

I know that they are included in Dr. Robert's book as she wrote to
me with regard to permission before publishing.
With regard to the
Authors list of 'Hymns Old & New, 'for various private reasons
the name is not given for those four hymns and this should be respected.

Concerning number 109--I am sure that there is no truth in the
idea that it was written by a William (Bill) Ervine.
The hymn also appears in 'Redemption Songs' 301 and in
'Sacred Songs & Solos' 853.
Actually it is not sure whether the initials should be
B.E. or E.B. and so far as I am aware the author's full
name is not known.

Kind greetings, Yours sincerely,
Ken Paginton."

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