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Cooney, Edward

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Edward Cooney
He was the author of four hymns in the 1987 Edition. Of the 412 hymns shown on the list titled
Hymns Old and New Authors (1987 Edition.), four hymns do not include the author's name.
This omission is significant because all four of these hymns were written by Cooney when he
was a Worker.
In fact, Cooney's name has been omitted in most of the editions of "Hymns Old and New. "
His initials "E. C." appeared in some of the old hymnbooks, but not his full name.
His name has also been omitted from some Hymn Author Lists.

The following hymns in the 1987 Edition. were written by Edward Cooney:
No. 179 "As We Gather ,"
No. 182 "Lord We Are Met Together ,
" No. 183 "Our God, Our Father ,"
and No. 184 "Here We Come ."
He also wrote "Jesus Died for Sinners," which is No. 10 in the 1951 Ed. Roberts 1991).

Brother Worker, Ken Paginton , handled copyright matters for the 1987 Edition hymnbook.
Dr. Patricia Roberts stated that he requested her permission to include Cooney's
four hymns in the "Hymns Old and New, " 1987 Edition and she gave permission.

A few years later, Dr. Roberts requested copyright permission through R. L. Allan to print Edward
Cooney's hymns in her book, and her request was forwarded to Paginton.
He replied to her, "As you know, they were written by Edward Cooney and therefore, we can't
morally stop you." Dr. Roberts thanked him and sent him a copy of her book. The present day
followers of Cooney continue to use the 1951 Edition.

Paginton replied on February 24, 1992, to an inquiry by Cherie Kropp,
"With regard to the four hymns 179, 182, 183, and 184, these were written
by E. Cooney in the early part of this century. "

Concerning the omission of Cooney's name in the Hymn Author booklet, he stated "for various
private reasons, the name is not given for those four hymns, and this should be respected."

In 2004, twelve years later, Edward Cooney was finally given credit for the Hymns he wrote in the
revised and expanded Hymns Old and New - Concordance - Theme and Subject Index -Authors,
2004 Edition.which states "Edward Cooney (1867-1960); The author was an independent evangelist."

Edward Cooney entered the Work in 1901 and was a Worker in good standing when he wrote the
four hymns that have been included in each Hymnbook edition since 1917.

Even after the Workers excommunicated Cooney in 1928, they continued to include his hymns
in their hymnbook, but without giving him credit. It is obvious that even as recently as 2004,

Workers have continued their attempts to purge Cooney's name from the 2x2 Sect's history by
calling him an independent evangelist and obscuring his pioneering role in it. It appears to be a lost
cause, however, as Cooney's role in the early days of the movement and his name is so well known
that the 2x2 Sect is still called "Cooneyites" in some places around the world, as well as in
various,books, encyclopedias, newspapers, Wikipedia and various other websites.

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