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Black Stockings & Court Shoes (#8)

Black Stockings #8 & Court Shoes _.jpg Court Shoes  ThumbnailsCA-hats groupCourt Shoes  ThumbnailsCA-hats groupCourt Shoes  ThumbnailsCA-hats group

More black stockings.

Back Row: (men) Nichol Jardine, Jim Jardine, Bert Jeske
Front: (women) Ellen Johnson, Pauline Leiste, Alma Pearson, Daisy Fee.
Bay City, Wisconsin -
March, 1932 (#8)

From the early 1900’s to sometime in the 1940's and into the 1950s in some areas,
professing women were expected to wear black stockings.

This peculiarity resulted in their church being nicknamed
"The Black Socks" and "The Black Stocking Church."

Black Stockings #8 & Court Shoes _.jpg
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