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Jailed Professing Men WWI Canada 1917

Jailed Professing Men WWI Canada 1917.jpg ThumbnailsMurray, LewisThumbnailsMurray, LewisThumbnailsMurray, Lewis

Photo taken during WWI in Saskatchewan Canada, about 1917.

During WWI there was no "consciencious objector" status in Canada.
Eventually they were given non-combatant jobs.

Everyone in this picture was professing or closely associated.
Because of their faith, they refused to bear arms
and most were locked up in the Regina Saskatchewan jail together.

Top Row, L-R: Robert Fraser, Clifford Fleming, Matthew Thompson
Middle Row, L-R: Blake Pierce, Dugald Murdoch, Carl Jensen
Front Row, L-R: Elmer Larson, Jim McChesney, Fred Hardy, Albert Phillips.