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Jamieson, William w/dog

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Willie Rankin Jamieson was born April 28, 1881, in Scotland and died Friday October 11, age 93.
He entered the ministry in 1905 and worked until 1926 as an evangelist in Oregon and Manitoba, Canada.
He was a missionary worker in China from 1926 to 1939 and in the Philippines from 1939 to 1945.
He was one of several workers interned in Santo Tomas, Philippines.
He returned to missionary work after his release from the Los Baños internment camp.
After 1957, he resided in California where he succeeded Jack Carroll as Overseer of some of the Western USA Christian Convention Church (2x2s).
He passed away October 11, 1974 and is buried at Pacific Crest Cemetery, Redondo Beach, CA.
Funeral service for William Jamieson.
Additional Info: http://www.geocities.com/ithascome/Wim-Jamieson-Internment.html

This early photo of Willie Jamieson with Hanson's dog, Hector

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