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William Irvine, Founder of 2x2 Church, was excommunicated about 1918.

Irvine eventually came into conflict with the regional overseers
whom he had appointed to administer the now worldwide religion.
Irvine was excommunicated after preaching his Omega message in 1914-1918.

He eventually moved to Jerusalem,
supported by loyalists who followed him out of the movement.
He spent his remaining years writing apocalyptic and
prophetic letters to his remaining followers around
the world from Jerusalem, where he died in March 1947.

There were several probable reasons for his ouster
but his Omega message was new and strange; also he
came to believe and preach that he was one of the
witnesses mentioned in the book of Revelation.

These doctrinal issues were in conflict with the
Gospel as it was preached at that time and for
those reasons and others, he was put out of the fellowship.

Details are on 'Telling The Truth' website.

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