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Annie and Tom Lyness were Irish siblings and came to America in 1905;
Tom PIONEERED the work in Idaho, USA and became an Early Overseer of Montana.

In 1931, he was shot and seriously wounded in Bozeman, Montana
by a jealous husband and not expected to live.
He recovered, however, and continued preaching for many years.

Willie Rankin Jamieson (Uncle Willie) was born April 28, 1881,
in Scotland, to William and Elizabeth Jamieson.

Two of his sisters, Violet and Elizabeth also became workers.

Willie professed in his first meeting on Jan. 2, 1905 and later that month, entered the ministry.

In the fall of that year, he went to California to preach and also
labored in Oregon before going to China in 1926
where he PIONEERED the work.

He spent six years in the Philippines, from 1939 to 1945,
being interned in a Japanese camp part of that time.

He came to California in March, 1957, died October 11, 1974 and is buried in California.