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Early U.K. Convention
Job Assignments for 1913 Conv.
Posted October 1, 2014

Assignments for 1913 Convention
(PROBABLY Crocknacrieve)

Store – D. Watson, W. Pattison

Beds (Office) – J. Forbes, T. Webb, R. McRoberts

Seeing Sisters to Rooms etc also in charge of Rooms
Loft – M. Knox
House Rooms – J. Gill
Tents (1) – M. Colhoun, F. Loftus, Mrs. Elliott
Tents (2) – F. Hodgins, M. Skerritt

In Charge of Men’s Lofts –
W. H.West’s Loft (1) – R. Cunningham
W. H.West’s Loft (2) – A. Patton
Law Mill Loft – T. Elliott
Tent – J. Semple
Granary – T. Betty
Roberts Loft – J Andrews

Attending Visitors arriving
Yard – D. Watson, W. Corbett
Reception Room – W. Henderson, W. Batts

Postmen - Brothers – A. Armstrong; Sisters – Harry Clarke

Bellringer – A. Armstrong

Goods Messenger – G. Reilly

Carters – W. Stewart, T. Waterson, R. Millar

Office – J. Forbes
Railways – A. H. Robb
Trains – J. Winters

Motors – Horace Clarke; cleaning – A. Whyte

Electric Lighting – B. Laughlin

Drinking Water & House Pumping – R. Cunningham

Carpenters – G. Murrell, R. Guy

Sanitary Arrangements
(Brothers) Day – W. Kirk
(Brothers) Night – A. Pickess, J. Bullock
(Sisters) inside – Mrs. Heselwood
(Sisters) outside – Mrs. Elliott

Seats, Tents, Halls & Repairs – J. Wellwood, R. Guy

Barber – A. Armstrong

Butcher – H. Raw

Potato Peeling – J. Hamilton, J. McClusky, J. McIntyre, R. Cunningham & others

Yard Cleaning – R. Stanley, G. Semple, J. Elliott, A. McCullagh

Tent Stewards – R. J. Twamley, W. Utterson

Cooks – H. Hill, G. Faighney, F. Kinglake, J. Saddler, J. Verner, W. Anderson, J. Byrne

Carver – W. Tinkler

Tea Servers – T. Smith, A. Moore, W. Clark, A. Butler, W. Noble, W. Tinkler, G. Reilly, D. Watson, H. Raw, A. Gustafsen
Tea Without – Joe Byrne

Bread & Butter -
Cutters – N. Dickson in charge; J. Neely, W. Clarke, A. Moore, N. Hamilton, A. Butler, W. Noble, W. Tinkler, Harry Clarke, S. Smith, H. Raw, A. Gustafsen
Servers – W. Batts, W. Henderson

Bakers – B. Thorburne, R. Buchanan, S. Dallas

Boot Repairers – W. Gotte, W. Turner

Serving the Servers & taking Bread to & from the Table – W. Batts, W. Henderson

Tables & Lines – A. Heselwood in charge; D. Watson, W. Tinkler, G. Reilly, N. Dickson, T. Webb, W. Corbett, T. Corbett, W. Noble, A. Armstrong, A. Butler, Harry Clarke, B. Falkiner, A. Moore, G. Semple, W. Clarke, J. Hamilton, G. Scott, T. McRoberts, E. Burfitt, E. Carlson, L. Smith, A. Gustafsen. Always set aisle end of Seats.

Inside Washing up: Jean Weir, Zelda Marsell

Cloak Room – W. Corbett

Wood Choppers – E. Carlson, S. Maxwell, R. Skerritt, J. Semple, L. Coe and others

Sawyer and Charge of Tools & Implements – A. Mason

Milkers – T. Corbett in charge, E. Burfitt, C. Wilson, G. Fyffe, A. McCullagh and Saints
Dairy Maids – S. Buttimer, N. Bateman

Cycle Storage –
Brothers – J. Semple, M. Calderwood
Sisters – J. Scott, G. Scott

Cycle Repairs – J. Andrews in charge; G. Fyffe, J. Pritchard, B. Falkiner, J. McIntyre, J. McCluskey and others

Forge – G. Beattie

Pits – W. Turner

Washing Dishes etc & Setting Tables – (a week about)
1st week – M. Knox in charge
2nd week – L. Reid in charge
3rd week – F. Hodgins in charge
4th week – S. Skerritt in charge

Cutlery Cleaning – M. Davidson in charge

Laundry – M. Butimer in charge; A. McQuaid, L. Langford, M. Robinson, M. Fyffe

Drapery – B. Boles, G. Reilly

Duplicating Hymns – T. Smith

Another booklet for July 1913 Crocknacrieve Convention provides:“Meal Figures”

1,030 dinners before Conv.
17,506 during Conv.
603 daily average

£302 Cost of Food
£112 Value of Food donated
Making value of food per head per day 6.01 pence

SOURCE:  Public Records of Northern Ireland (PRONI) in Belfast, N. Ireland

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