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The Journal of John Long
Revised February 5, 2024

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Part 1:  PREFACE thru 1897 - The Revival Began
Part 2:  1898 thru 1899 - The Revival Continues
Part 3:  1900 thru 1907 - Excommunication of John Long
Part 4:  1908 thru 1913
Part 5:  1914 thru 1917
Part 6:  1918 thru 1921
Part 7:  1922 thru 1926
Part 8:  1927, Appendix (End)

1897-1898 "Revival Years" Revised Version 

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Significance of John Long's Journal

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John Long's Journal (in his handwriting) in shared OneDrive folder

Editor's Note:   This Journal was hand-written, and some words were faint or illegible.  Proper names were particularly hard to make out. Every effort has been made to accurately type it just as it was originally written.  However, to make the Journal easier to understand, and with John Long's permission quoted below, the Editor has added or changed some punctuation; corrected some spelling errors; corrected some numerical numbers of scripture passages; unified Scripture references with the same format; retained the original British English spelling (organised, neighbour, labour, criticised, centre, humour, favour, endeavour, defence, expence, programme, etc.)  Any explanatory notes by the Editor are added in [brackets]. 

John Long wrote in his Journal on June, 1927:  "...trusting some day that it would be counted worthy to be printed and published so as that others may embrace the same Saviour; not being well up in Grammar and punctuation; some educated Christian friend may fit it for the press.  John Long."

"This journal is not an auto-biography; it is a narrative of selected facts; therefore I thought it wise not to trouble any readers with a list of my failures and sins not profitable; see preface, also the third verse of the last poetry.  It is good to bear in mind that in a journal one cannot help writing about oneself, and using the personal pronoun ‘I’ not with vainglory; but with that humility that becometh sons, giving the glory to God." (Nov. 1924)

"Now Book One is coming to its close with the close of this year of Grace, 1927.  Here and there, there may be odd mistakes in spelling, syntax and punctuation, easy mended; with all these there are two things will render it easy for any scribe or compositor; namely, I have tried to write plain; so as that he that runs may read; also it will not be difficult to grasp the meaning and sense of the sentence and substance.  I have seen manuscripts of great men so cramply written abounding with omissions of words and letters so badly formed that with the aid of spectacles and magnifying glasses words have to be supplied to fill up the gaps, and supply the lacks here and there. My wife advised me to rewrite it again; nevertheless after reviewing it I said no, for with all its faults it would be difficult to improve on its substance at large.  Reader do better if you can." (1927)

How John Long's Journal was found in 2002 is detailed in: Finding John Long's Journal.

The Editor has compiled an article titled:  The Significance of John Long's Journal, giving the value of this Journal as it relates to 2x2 history.

PERMISSION to publish this Journal on the Telling The Truth website was given by the son of the Journal Writer, John Long, N. Ireland on April 23, 2002, in the presence of Robert Kee and Bobby Dukelow, representing Faith Mission; and permission was given in writing on July 29, 2004.

John Long, Oldstone, Muckamore, Co. Antrim, [Ireland]  Jan. 20th, 1923
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