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New Items for January thru July 2022

Published May 31, 2022
Preserving the Truth: The Church without a Name and Its Founder, William Irvine
Available on Amazon

Launched June 20, 2022
Expressions by Ex-2x2s
Contains writings of ex2x2s, including Why We Left stories, Exit Letters, Questions, How to Question, Poetry, Analogies, Candid Observations, Letters, Women, Bible Topics, Divorce & Remarriage, Child Sexual Abuse, 2x2 Church History, Recommendations: Books, Bible Studies, Christian Ministries, Pastors, Websites.

New Items for July thru September 2019

Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Section:
Child Safe Policy and Worker Code of Conduct for NSW, Australia, endorsed July 1, 2019
Graham Thompson sermon re CSA

The Origin of God's Way by Howard Mooney

1963 Gilroy California Workers Meeting by Andrew Abernethy

TLC Website Additions:
"Resilience is My Name" - Exit Story on TLC
Christina Rasmussen's Story

Website: Beware of False Unbiblical Teachers
Confrontation at Gospel Meeting of Loran Coleman in Cody, Wyoming

The Church with no name: Church of Cult?
Magazine ( a free monthly Christian lifestyle magazine)
By Rev. Danielle Martell, Priest: St. Andrew's Church

Dayton Daily News (Ohio) 1947 September 7, p3 - "Just Christians" They Don't Bother with Denominations

New Items for April thru June 2019

60 Minutes Australia televised program re: "The Truth Church" and CSA
Allan Kitto, Overseer of New South Wales: Response to 60 Minutes Australia

60 Questions - A list of 60 questions 2x2s may be asked by people curious about their faith, prepared by a Worker.

May Carroll - Last Words of Jesus - 1949, including some of her testimony

May 10, 1941 - [Phoenix] Arizona Republic - Itinerant preacher [Edward Cooney ] Leaves Monument in Birmingham.
Cooney established a rehabilitation center for alcoholics in Birmingham, Alabama (1938-1939).

Olga D. Hawkins Letter (1959)

Account of Virgil Simpson

Another letter found in which Irvine acknowledges he was a Freemason

Excommunication of Wm Irvine
Excommunication of Ed Cooney

Who did Cooney give his money to when he entered the work? (£1,300)

Who Started the 2x2 Ministry and Church and When?

New Items for March - April 2019

Check out 25 Letters by Wm Irvine for 1922, 1931, 1935-42.
Some of the letters are to Fred Edwin & Charlotte Bessie Smith of Queensland.
They became followers of Wm Irvine around 1907, left the 2x2s, and embraced Irvine's Omega Message.
These letters were provided by a Smith family member who possesses letters in Irvine's original handwriting.

Comparison of Three Sects/Groups Founded by Wm. Ivrine

TLC:  CSA Letters of Concern

TLC: George W. Roszell, Excommunicated Ex-Worker essay: Corrupt Leadership

2x2 beliefs on the subjects of Tithing; and Baptism

New Items for January - February 2019

Permission has been obtained to reprint on TTT Patricia Roberts' Book:
LINK: The Life and Ministry of Edward Cooney 1867-1960

Workers in North & South America 1927-28

2018-19 Convention list (Revised 12/21/18)

Robert Doecke's History of South Australia, Theodore, 1998

New Items for October thru December 2018

WmI letters to:
Alfred Magowan July 20, 1921

Wm. & Mary Loitz, June 24, 1927

Grims May, 20, 1937

Dorothy Dunbar, March 22, 1937

Dunbars, May 7,1937 (re: Madam Jeanne Guyon)

Edwards, Dec. 17, 1937

Willie Jamieson's Testimony (long version)

Revised Pioneering Account of Romania

Three sample chapters of upcoming book by Cherie Kropp-Ehrig, titled Preserving the Truth: About the Church without a name and Its Founder, William Irvine

On TLC Website: 

Life Story by Dennis Cook: The Truth - My Journey Out.

Life Story of Ex-worker, Steve Blubaugh: If there is to be a change in my life, bring it about...

New Items for July - September 2018

New Photo of Wm Irvine 

Photo of 1906 Crocknacrieve Conv. knife

Lyle Schober 2017 Letter to Texas Friends re Dress Code.

Jack Price
1997 Letter re Willis Propp and Dissolution of Incorporation of Alberta.

Statement by W. J. Hughes regarding 2x2 New Zealand Conscientious Objectors.

Account of Early Workers in Viola, Idaho & Surrounding Area: Palouse, WA; Ringo, ove, Viola, Moscow, Potlatch, Deary

March 21, 1967 Obituary for Ruby McClung, wife of Francis David McClung, who hosted the Nutfield, Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh, N. Ireland Convention in 1912. Her husband, David Francis McClung, passed away May 14, 1929, Brookeborough, Co. Fermanagh, N. Ireland. He was the son of Maxwell and Susan Jane (Wilson) McClung. Among his siblings were Wilson McClung (Annie), Overseer of New Zealand and Walter McClung (Chrissie) in South Africa; both were married Workers.

The writing and researching for the book, Preserving the Truth: The Church without a Name and its Founder, Wm. Irvine by Cherie Kropp-Ehrig has been completed. It is now in the proof reading/editing stage. If you would like your name to be put on a list to be notified when the book is published, please email: truth@tellingthetruth and in the subject box type: Request notification of book publication.

Cherie has launched a new Author Website launched for her book at:  If you care to write a Testimonial to be posted on this website in the Reflections section, regarding your thoughts about Cherie's work and the importance and value of the 2x2 documents she's collected and placed on TTT, please email it to . Your name does not have to be attached to your comments.

Also in Reflections is a section titled Behind the Scenes. Here Cherie provides insight into how she discovered the information used in the book, how and why she wrote her book, her trips to Ireland, etc.

New Items for February thru March, 2018

History of 2x2 Traditions—The Unwritten Rules This article contrasts the history of 2x2 traditions with those of the world, from the early 20th century up to the present. In other words, it is a timeline providing glimpses of earlier 2x2 traditions and their evolution alongside those of the world.  

It's a blast from the past—covering over a century of 2x2 traditions, practices and rules. Reading it will bring to mind memories of traditions that took place in the lifespan of many readers, as well as those followed by their great grandparents, grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren. Some you may have heard about—others you experienced.

The very beginning of 2x2 traditions took place when the its Founder, William Irvine, announced the original beliefs, methods, rules and standards for the new 2x2 ministry at the 1903 Rathmolyon, Ireland Convention held on Willie Gill's Farm. However, as time went on, various situations have arisen requiring additional decisions. The Workers deliberated and drew conclusions as to God's will in matters where the Scripture was silent, and installed and enforced the new traditions. They made up rules as they progressed. As early Worker Ed Cooney said, We groped our way.

Over time, some traditions have died out, some changed while still a few have remained the same since the 2x2 Sect began. This article also explores differences existing from place to place and from Overseer to Overseer, as well as the distinction between traditions of men and commandments of God (Mark 7:7).

Chapter 30 on this same subject been completed in the Book: Preserving the Truth by Cherie Kropp

New Items for November 2017 thru January, 2018

130 additional letters written by Wm Irvine in 1936, 1937, 1938, 1939 and the 1940s

Origin of Christmas by Howard Mooney

Free from Sin and its Bondage
- Possibly one of the most important and helpful essays on the subject of sin.

New Items for August thru October, 2017

Are the Workers Apostles?

Syd Holt 1997 letter written on Christian Convention Letterhead

Sale documents re Gilroy California Convention aka Bone Farms, Inc. signed by Board of Directors, Brother Workers: Sydney Holt, Harold Hilton, Dale Bors and Robert Gustafson on November 13, 1986. Click "Next" for Agreement.

New Items for May thru July, 2017

(6) 1913 Letters by Sister Workers:
Janet Dougal
Annie Irwin
Lizzie Kerr
Minnie McGuirk

Rosetta (Nettie) Millar

Annie Stanley

Should the Friends and Workers Maintain a Record of their History?

New Items for March thru April, 2017

Letter from Wm Irvine to Ed Cooney,  August 19, 1923.
Letter by Wm Irvine to Loves, May 8, 1925 - Prophecy: In 7 years the New Heaven/Earth will come. 
Letters by the Outcasts (Ed Cooney's Excommunication):

Read the Following letters:
James Bothwell's Letter to Wilson Reid, December 28, 1928
William West's Letter to George Walker, October, 1929
Alec Buchan to Tom Elliott, November 15, 1929
Fred Cooney's Letter to Wilson McClung, June 1, 1930
Charlie Woodard to Ed Cooney, February 3, 1957

South Africa:
First Workers to go to South Africa
Convention and Worker Photos for South Africa

Ron Campbell Letters
Syd Maynard's Testimony
Ralph Derkland's Letter to: Malcolm Graham and Willie Jamieson, Sept. 5, 1957

New Items for January thru February, 2017

The Sri Lanka Crisis

Book Review on TLC: So You Don't Want to go to Church Anymore?

A Different Gospel: An Examination of the of The Teaching of The Cooneyites by Leonard Ashby, M.A.

Graham Thompson's Letter re Divorce & Remarriage

Accounts of Workers in Prison in WW2:

Werner Gebhard in German Concentration Camp in WW2

Friedrich "Fritz" Schwille Prisoner of War in WW2

Account of Luise and Sofie Laderer's Prison experiences in WW2

New Items for August-November, 2016

Dictionary of 2x2 Terminology

Brief Summary of Doctrines "most surely believed" and taught by us by Jack Carroll

Old Letters from Australia:

Hilda Weymouth, Kempton, Tasmania, Australia - Open Letter to Cooneyites or Go-Preachers, late 1920s - earliest known exit letter

Esther Karlson, Melbourne, Australia - 1916 Letter re Cooneyites

Recently discovered Old Australian Newspapers, in date order:

1908, January 4 - The Express and Telegraph, Adelaide, SA
Go Preachers - A Strange Sect

1925, August 6 - Mudgee Guardian and North-western Representative
Charge of Vagrancy Fails - "Preachers of the Gospel" in Court -They were"Cooneyites" and Thought Clergy Started the Trouble

1927, March 9, 12, 16 - Armdale Chronicle, NSW
Queer Creeds - The Cooneyites known as Tramp Preachers

Pinaroo and Border Times, South Australia
The Cooneyites or Go-Preachers and Their Doctrines by Pastor T. C. Backen
1931, July 3, 10, 17
The Work of the Gospel - Workers reply to above series (A. E. Schilling. R. C. Crettenden)
1931, July 24 and 31

1933, July 6 - Wellington Times, NSW Australia
Mr. Dennison and the Cooneyites

New Items for June-July, 2016

New photo of Wm Irvine

Alfred Magowan's Letter to John and George, February 19, 1958

Testimonial Letter by Sara K. Magowan dated August 18, 1913
Testimonial Letter by Jessie Magowan dated August 8, 1913
Testimonial Letter by Annie Lyness, dated August 12, 1913
Testimonial Letter by Dora Holland dated August 11, 1913--scanned copy of original

2015-2016 Worldwide Annual Meeting List (aka Convention List)

New Items for March-April-May, 2016

Chapter 23 has been completed in Book: Preserving the Truth by Cherie Kropp
1906 - 1913  Eight Court Cases Filed Against W. D. WILSON for White Slave Traffic

SPOTLIGHT on Early worker ALFRED MAGOWAN (excommunicated in 1919):
(From Ireland - preached in America)
The Following were provided by Alfred's son and grandson:

Letter to George Walker, February 21, 1954
Letter to Edward Cooney, November 7, 1953
Letter to Jack Carroll, December 1, 1954
Letter to Willie Hughes, July 1, 1957 (about his excommunication)

Other Statements by Alfred Magowan

Magowan Family Tree
Photographs of Magowans
Cross-Examination of a Witness and Address to the Jury by Alfred Magowan, 1956

Holland-Holt Family Trees

New Items for February, 2016

Critique of Dr. Cornelius J. Jaenen's book: The Apostles' Doctrine and Fellowship: a documentary history of the early church and restorationist movements. (ISBN I-894508-48-3)   Publisher:  Legas Publishing, Ottawa, Toronto 

Is is Really God's Only Right/True Way?
It wasn’t always so…
The Living Witness Doctrine (aka LWD)
have not always believed and taught that the 2x2 church was God's only true way?
have not always believed all other Christian preachers and evangelists were false?
have not always believed all church buildings were false churches?
have not always believed all other Christians were sincerely wrong and bound for hell?
have not always held Sunday morning meetings?
have not always baptized and re-baptised?

The West Hanney Story
(Convention in Oxfordshire, England)

Newly discovered Newspaper Articles:

June 29, 1901
- Kildare Observer - Intolerance in Co. Wexford
Robert R. Todd's workers wooden hut destroyed (Andrew Robb, Wm. Jackson, George Buttimer).

October 1, 1904 - Anglo-Celt, Cavan - A new religious sect of Protestants, known as the Cooneyites and numbering 150, was started in Ballinamallard district, Co. Fermanagh

October 14, 1904
- Freeman's Journal - Founder of this sect is Mr. Irvine, a Scotchman.

June 10, 1905 - Fermanagh Herald - "Dippers" at Home - (John West--convention owner--performs baptism at Cooney's mission)

August 8, 1908 - Fermanagh Herald - Close of the Pilgrim Convention - Mr. Irvine and the “Enniskillen Reporter.”
Mr. Cooney Speaks of his Family.

July 9, 1910 - Nenagh Guardian - Mr. Wm. Irvin (Irvine) the founder of the sect, is in attendance,

April 15, 1911 - Nenagh Guardian re Cloughjordan Fair "Preaching" Incident

November, 1911 - Fermanagh Times - £100 Damages and Full Aology by Mr. Wilson to the Pilgrims

New Items for January-February, 2016

Faith Mission Prayer Union brochure

Oldest living worker dies - Lillian Tenniswood

Excerpt re George Walker's Early Life, Sept 6, 1975
I grew up in that false religion...When I was 11 years of age, there were deep impressions made on my mind by my mother's death, and I had many serious thoughts at that age. Most of all was the thought of where would I be if I died?

Spiritualism and The Go-Preachers, or Cooneyites - The Go-Preachers or Cooneyites (pp 11-16)

1907-1916 Alberta Canada Workers Lists

Letter to Fred Miller from DONALD FISHER (brother worker) circa 1983
I remember a favorite subject of Wm. Jamieson (when the Workers would be gathered in a home) was to tell us that as far back as we could trace this fellowship was unto Wm. Irvine. He spoke openly and freely of all which he knew of Wm. Irvine, etc. What he told us was unto enough people that it would be common knowledge state wide.

(75) new letters by Wm.I for years: 1932 - 1933 - 1934 - 1935

New Items for December, 2015

Brief Biography of Douglas Stephen Parker, 1930-2014

New Items for October-November, 2015

NOTICE:  The website now links to TTT.  This website was formerly owned by Katheen Lewis, author of The Church Without a Name.  Her book was previously posted on her website.  It is now available only on

Transcript of tape of talk given by Doug Parker to group of Ex2x2s in Canberra, Australia, Easter April 23, 2000
This tape has never been transcribed before now.


1975 First VN conv held after Liberation Day

1978 Greece Workers

Newspaper articles:

1902 - JUST DISCOVERED - (5) of the EARLIEST NEWSPAPER ARTICLES found to date (except for 3 in 1900)

1915 November 18 - Double Tragedy in Fermanagh as the Sillies River claims two Victims.  Pilgrim Funeral

New Items for September, 2015

Letter by Malcom Clapham announcing phone hookups discontinued in Queensland, Australia. The phone hookups have been used for a number of years, primarily by the elderly and infirm to listen to gospel, special and convention meetings.

Words to Go-Preacher Hymnbook

Dialogue Ireland blog Sept 18, 2015: Dialogue Director meets with two workers of the Home Fellowship of Christians

List of 2x2 related YouTube Videos

5-page Letter by Wm. Irvine dated April 1, 1923 to Wilson (McClung?) and John (Hardie?)
Letter by Wm. Irvine dated April 30, 1937 re death of his sister Jeanie

New Items for June-July-August, 2015

A Spiritual Fraud Exposed by Doug Parker, 1954

June, 1995 Transcript of Doug Parker's talk at Los Angeles, California USA

June, 1995 Transcript of Doug Parker's talk at Bellview, Washington USA

The Chronicle,Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia, May 17, 1983
Secret Sect Thread to Person's Rights - Doug Parker

Canberra Times, December 28, 1983
Book seeks to lift veil of secrecy - Doug Parker

Pinnaroo & Border Times, series of 4 articles
The Cooneyites or Go-Preachers and Their Doctrines by T. C. Backen
July 3, 1931
July 10, 1931
July 17, 1931
July 24, 1931
Workers Reply to Above (A. E. Schilling. R. C. Crettenden)
The Work of the Gospel
July 24, 1931
July 31, 1931  

1987-88 North & South America Workers List

Reviewed 1200 letters written by Wm. Irvine recently sent to me as jpgs and posted tidbits of info from them into my book:  The Church Without a Name...and the Life, Ministry and Legacy of Wm. Irvine.
The following letters are typed and posted on TTT in their entirety:

August 20, 1947 - Margaret Slater's Letter to Mills (Irvine's sister Helen/Nellie's daughter)
May 24, 1947    - Thomas Coussin's Letter to Mrs. Dagmar Berglund, Vancouver, B.C. re Wm. Irvine's death
August 28, 1947 - Thomas Coussin's Letter to Mr. Mills re disposing of Wm. Irvine's effects
Jan 6, 1938        - Wm. Irvine's Letter to Skerritts - the end will come in 6 months

New Items for April-May, 2015

Account of Montana & Alaska Purging, 1990
- Truitt Oyler, John Starkweather, Bob Ingram, Everett Swanson

Ten Divisions in the 2x2 Church - Chapter 29

Four photos of Book covers for 2x2 Military Reunions:  WW2, Vietnam, and Korea

Copy of Letterhead of Christian Conventions of Texas

Heritage of Revival - Reprint of Book about History of Faith Mission by Colin Peckham

Dandenong Convention Ownership Account (Victoria, Australia)

Wm. Irvine's Letter of September 24, 1937
"To Any or All who care to read"

Newly discovered book with chapter about 2x2s:
By Methodist Historical Society of Ireland, 2013
Editor:  Robbin P. Roddie
Bulletin of Methodist Historical Society of Ireland
, Volume 18 (Number 34)
ISBN 2047-0649
Irish Methodism and The 'Go Preachers' pp. 135-154 (Chapter by Colin Kirkpatrick)

New Items for March, 2015

Andrew Abernethy - What is the Way of God?  Bird City, Kansas Convention
2014-15 Worldwide Annual Meeting List (Conventions)

1981 October 29, page 8 - Impartial Reporter
When “the Dippers” had Their First Baptisms in Ballycassidy River

1933 July - Impartial Reporter
Brookeborough, N. Ireland Convention

1916 October 7 - Fermanagh Herald
Wife who Joined the “Cooneyites" - Application in Dublin Courts

Irvine's comments in letters re 3-day Visit from John Hardie & Fred Quick in Jerusalem:
Irvine's Letter to Edwards - Dec 8, 1936
Irvine's letter to John Hardie - Feb 7, 1937
John Hardie's reply to John Hardie - Nov 2, 1937
Irvine's Letter to John Hardie - December 4, 1937

New Items for February, 2015

Another 2x2 Church name foundChristian Conventions of Australia

Finding John Long's Journal

Book:  The Church Without a Name...and the Life, Ministry and Legacy of Wm. Irvine
Autobiography - Quest for Truth

Division in the Canadian Maritimes 1968-69 - Willie Martin

Two Funeral Services for Jack Carroll (Oakland, CA and Milltown, WA)

Added January, 2015

90+ Book Covers of 2x2 Related Books

Division in Greece, 1985 - Nicolas Papadakis
Division in Canadian Maritimes - Willie Martin

Account of Gospel Coming to Traytown, Newfoundland, Canada in 1912

Suspicious Death of Alfred Carson Cooney - Edward Cooney's Brother - Ruled a Suicide
September 2, 1909 - Impartial Reporter 
September 2, 1909 - Fermanagh Times (2 articles)
September 2, 1909 - Fermanagh Times
September 4, 1909 - Fermanagh Herald - Tragic death of Mr. A. C. Cooney, solicitor
September 4, 1909, p.1 - Anglo-Celt - Tragic Death of Alfred Cooney. Edward Cooney's brother

Added December, 2014

1913 New Zealand Sister Workers List and Letter by Willie J. Hughes (typed)

1913 New Zealand Sister Workers List and Letter by Willie J. Hughes (image)
(Click "Next" for page 2)

1912-13 Worker Lists - Earliest Lists since 1905

1912-13 ALL Worker Locations after Conventions (Worldwide) 
1913 List of ALL Foreign Workers (Sisters Only) from U.K.
1913 List of USA Sister Workers from U.K (typed)
1913 List of USA Sister Workers from U.K. (George Walker's List)

1913 British North America Sister Workers (Canada) from U.K.
1913 Australian Sister Workers from U.K.
1912-13 New Zealand Sister Workers
1913 South African Sister Workers from U.K.

November 10, 2014 - Daily Telegram, Adrian, Michigan USA
105-year-old Adrian woman reflects on life and ministry
By Dan Cherry
RE: Retired Sister Worker Lillian Tenniswood age 105 yrs old

Added November, 2014

Epilogue to Vietnam Account - October 2014

1953-54 Workers List (North America & Canada)

1980-81 Workers List (North America & Canada)

I received 2 new batches of letters written by Wm. Irvine.
A red "NEW" notation is beside these letters in the Table of Contents for that year.


January 23, 1911 - OLDEST LETTER found written by Wm. Irvine

December 4, 1922 - Irvine's Letter to Dunbars stating he and God started the 2x2 church. "It was all God and I from the first to last...God and I were the only shapers of the whole Way, Truth and Life which so many are so fond to claim as their own... I was as the main spring and the binder together, which was the real strength of the Testimony. A nd when I had finished the House, it was to find myself out and with God; and the House in possession of Thieves and Robbers-- as it was in Jesus day. "

December 4, 1921 - Irvine's Letter to Joe Kerr - Chronological Account of events in Irvine's life and the 2x2 church.

1911 - 1 letter
1920 - 1 letter
1921 - 3 letter
1922 - 1 letter
1923 - 5 letters
1924 - 12 letters
1925 - 13 letters
1926 - 11 letters
1927 - 8 letters
1928 - 6 letters
1929 - 15 letters
1930 - 9 letters
1931 - 8 letters
1932 - 1 letter
1934 - 1 letter

Added October, 2014

List of Wm. Irvine's Trips Abroad 1903 - 1919

List of Edward Cooney's Trips Abroad 1909 -1959

1963-64 Workers List

Worldwide List of: Worker Locations after 1912-13 Conventions

Early UK Convention Job Assignment List  (probably Crocknacrieve)

1913 Crocknacrieve Conv. Receipts & Expenditures

Newspaper Article in Indianapolis News (Indiana) September 26, 1921 titled: Religious Group led by "Tramp Preachers" in State Convention
RE: McCordsville Convention held on George Helms property

Newspaper Article May 16, 2014 - Washington Co. Daily News (Wisconsin)
By Dan Muckelbauer
Itinerant preachers follow in apostles' footsteps
RE: Workers Stanley March, Eric Nueske & Perry Pearson in Wisconsin USA

OLDEST USA Newspaper Article found to date:  Colorado Springs Weekly Gazette, December 1, 1904
"New Pilgrim's Progress in Ireland."   QUOTE:  Mr. Walker said that he thinks some Christians have believed as his people do since the days of Christ. About twenty-two years ago, he said, church members in England and north Ireland became interested in the doctrines, and out of this has come the spread of the faith into this country, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. In recent years, preachers have gone into South America. William Irvine, a Scotchman, one of the original leaders, is not now affiliated with this group because of a difference over the prophecies of the Revelations, Mr. Walker said. [1921 minus 22 years = 1898 start date per Geo. Walker]

Photos of graves of John Hardie and Joe Williamson, Overseers of Victoria, Australia

Added September, 2014

8 Court Cases for Libel filed 1911-1913 against William Dennis Wilson by Friends and Workers
(7 cases filed in England; 1 case filed in Ireland)

Early History of the Work in Scotland


Australia Convention Location Lists for 1908 - 1974

A little about the first workers that went to Australia

The Coming of the Gospel to Australia and New Zealand

Data re the Gospel coming to Australia and New Zealand


September 16, 1908, p. 1 Washington Times, Maryland, USA - Brooklyn MD conv. tents turned

September 17, 1908, p2
Washington Post - Irvinites Pull up Stakes - Brooklyn MD conv. tents burned

September 17, 1908, p12 Altoona Tribune (Altoona, PA) - What a Mob did - set fire to Irvinites' tents

Added August, 2014

Primrose Carroll's Testimony - 1913 (Youngest sister of Bill, Jack, May and Fannie Carroll)

Laura A. Falkiner's Testimony - 1913 (pioneer in Western Australia)

Robert McClung's Report - 1906 (Mr. Wilson's daughter Ellie staying at his home)

Early Work in Oklahoma, USA

Was William Irvine a Prophet?

East-West Division in North America - when the West broke away from the East

Divorce & Remarriage - Letters by Workers and other documents by F&W authors

September 16, 1908 The Washington Times - Mob Burns Tents; Worshippers Asleep - "Irvinites" Driven from Baltimore Suburb by Enraged Citizens - Refusal to Leave met with Pistols.

December 23, 1913 - Freeman's Journal - Cooney v Wilson Libel Action Settled.

January 25, 1912 - Fermanagh Times - Wilson Letter to Editor re West settlement

World War I New Zealand Newspaper Articles - Attempts to be recognized as the religious body "Testimony of Jesus" to obtain exemptions for workers and conscientious objector status for friends

Added July, 2014

When the Workers first went to Thailand

When the Workers first went to Alaska - Maimie the Eskimo Woman

June 11, 1906 - Morning Leader, London - Our mission was started by Wm. Irwin some 7-8 years ago.

June 12, 1906 - Morning Leader, London - Tramp Preachers - Protest Against Their Proselytising.
Ministers Condemn Decoying Abroad of Girls.

January 4, 1912 - Fermanagh Times - Apology by W. D. Wilson to Messrs West

January 14, 1912, p. 5 - Fermanagh Times - Local Libel Suit Settled - £100 Damages and Full Apology

February 8, 1912, p. 5 - Fermanagh Times - Mr. Wilson and the Pilgrims

February 22, 1912 - Fermanagh Times - Mr W. D. Wilson and the Pilgrims

July 25, 1912 p. 3 - Impartial Reporter - The Pilgrims Convention near Brookeborough

July 25, 1912 p. 6 - Fermanagh Times - Mr W. D. Wilson and the Pilgrims

July 25, 1912 p. 8 - Fermanagh Times - Convention of "Pilgrims" at Nutfield

August 1, 1912 p. 8 - Fermanagh Times - An Alleged "Pilgrim" Abduction Case (by Ellen Wilson)

November 7, 1912 p4 - Fermanagh Times - Fermanagh “Pilgrims” and the “White Slave” Slander

July 17, 1913, p. 8 - Fermanagh Times - Action by 'Pilgrims' - English "Go Preacher" Awarded £50 Damages

Added June, 2014

Transcript of Testimony of Jack Jackson

1913 Testimonies of 11 Sister Workers,
including Kate Adamson, Fannie & May Carroll, Annie & Sara Corcoran, Emma Gill, Helen Harrison, Dora Holland, Annie McClung, Mary Moodie, Alice Pipes, Sara Rogers, Annie Smith and Edie Weir. Also status of Lizzie Coles in 1913.

Click to View Images of Wilson's White Slave Traffic Propaganda

September__?, 1907
- (publication unknown - reporting on events found in Oct 3, 1907 Impartial Reporter article)) Extraordinary Religious Meeting in Enniskillen - Strange Charges Against the Pilgrims - Local Leaders Reply for the Sect - Remarkable Proceedings.  (W. D. Wilson)

July 12, 1913 p9 -– Bristol Times & Mirror (Burfitt v Hayward)
Singular Action for Libel -
same as:

July 12, 1913
p8 - Western Daily Press  (Burfitt v Hayward)
The Go Preachers - Alleged Libel: Somerset Vicar as Defendant

July 14, 1913 p9 - Bristol Times & Mirror (Burfitt v Hayward)
The Go Preachers and their Tenets. A Vicar Sued for Libel

July 17, 1913? - ( No Name or Date)  (Burfitt v. Wilson)
Go Preachers Libelled by a Vicar – Somerset Villagers Awarded Fifty Pounds damages – Strange Sequel to a Revival.

July 24, 1913 Fermanagh Times (Burfitt v Hayward)
The Pilgrims.  Their Beliefs and Practices As Stated by Themselves in Libel Action against Clergyman

1907, Feb 07, Pg8 - Correspondence:  The Pilgrims at Ballycassidy
1907, Feb 14, Pg6 - Correspondence:  The Pilgrims at Ballycassidy
1907, Feb 21, Pg2 - Correspondence:  The Pilgrims at Ballycassidy-John West's reply 
1907, Feb 28, Pg3 - Correspondence:  The Pilgrims at Ballycassidy

Added May, 2014

Statement of Mr. William Irvine for the Trial of Burfit V. Hayward, July 1913

Statement of Mr. Edward Cooney, July 1, 1913


May 2, 1905  - The Irish Independent
Cooneyites Assailed - A Quaint Baptismal Ceremony - Remarkable Scenes in County Tyrone

December 30, 1905 -The Anglo-Celt, Cavan

January 6, 1906 - The Leitrim Observer, Saturday
Manorhamilton News -
Poem about the Dippers at Eddy Trotter’s, Stone Pound, Manorhamilton.

May 5, 1906 - The Anglo Celt
Aggressive Dippers – Cooneyites in Irvinestown.

June 9, 1906 - Morning Leader - Mentions FOUNDER
Tramp Preachers in East Anglia; Strange Sect Converts Villagers
Weird Meetings - Homes Divided Through Zeal for the New Faith

June 12, 1906 - Morning Leader, London
Tramp Preachers - Protest Against Their Proselytising.
Ministers Condemn Decoying Abroad of Girls.

June 15, 1906 - Morning Leader - RE:  Lizzie Coles
Tramp Preachers' Defence - Decoying Girls Abroad Stoutly Denied
Following Apostolic Methods in all Things

June 28, 1906 - Impartial Reporter and Farmers' Journal - FOUNDER quote
More About the Pilgrims - Their Work in East Anglia - Converts Sent to Foreign Fields

July 19, 1906 - Impartial Reporter and Farmers Journal
Monster Meeting of Pilgrims - Thousands of People Present

August 14, 1906 - Irish Independent
Lively Times for the "Dippers"

August 17, 1906 - Irish Independent
"The Tide's Out"

December 6, 1906 - Stowmarket News
New Emigration Scheme

December 9, 1906
- Lloyd's Weekly News
Suffolk Girl a Prisoner in Belfast - Startling Tale of an Irish Sect

December 21, 1906 - East Anglican Daily Times ( Ipswich)   Founded Date of 1897-98
Furious Farmer - Mission Hall Wrecked - Remarkable Evidence Before Magistrates

January 27, 1907
- Lloyd's Weekly  --------FOUNDER mentioned
The Go Preachers - Homes Broken Up as the Results of a New Mission Movement

February 3, 1907 - Lloyd's Weekly-----VERY INTERESTING!
History of the Origin of the Sect and Interview with the Leader
“1898 Left Faith Mission to work as an independent ‘Go preacher.’”

June 22, 1907 -Free Press of Dublin, Wexford & Waterford
The White Slave Trade - Protestant Protest Against “Evangelist”

August __?, 1907 - The Convention of 'Tramps.' Dean of Clogher Attacked

August 24, 1907 - Irish Weekly Independent
The Dippers and their Ways

November 2, 1907 - John Bull Publication

November 14, 1907 - The Irish Independent --------Thomas Elliott
Derry “Tramp” Apostles - £12 Claim for a Burnt Hall

1908, March - Impartial Reporter
(report reprinted from the San Francisco Call, of March 9, 1908)
The Tramps - Girls and Slaves - Alleged Traffic in Girls
Reward Offered in San Francisco - Alleged Selling of Girls by Missionaries

October 18, 1910 - East Anglian Daily Times
Public Apology by W. D. Wilson to Mr/s Charles T. Partridge

July 14, 1912 - The People 
The Cooneyites - Charges Against the Tramp Preachers

July 25, 1912, p5 - Impartial Reporter
The Pilgrims - Convention near Brookeborough - Roman Catholics Attend a Service

October 9, 1912 - Irish Daily Telegraph, Dublin
Cooney's Mission Tent Maliciously Burned

September 29, 1916 - The Irish Times (Dublin)
The Cooneyites in Fermanagh Re Beacom Infants

Added March, 2014

Sproulie Denio talks about when the workers first went to Korea

Added February, 2014

Account of the Vietnam Division   The Canadian Workers took over VN in the late 1990s and now control it.  The Account contains the 2x2 history of Vietnam from the time the workers first went there in 1957.  The foreign workers had to leave VN in April, 1975 on Liberation Day.  Two native brother workers continued leading the Friends in the interim, gaining converts through the years.  Then the country opened its doors to foreigners, and then Canadian workers entered and took over, demoted the native workers and put some of them out of the work, made many changes and rules, causing distress to the Friends. 

They did not consult the native workers and did not taking into consideration the laws and culture of the Vietnamese people. After trying to reason and discuss various issues with the Overseers for more than 3 years, many Friends decided the workers are not being led by the Spirit of God.  About half the VN Friends started meeting in their homes as they did in the beginning and do not welcome the Canadian worker staff into their homes, including one native worker who continues independently with his ministry as before.  They call themselves the Golden Friends.  They are going back to the way things were in the Golden Time before the Canadian workers took over. The story is told by the first couple to profess in VN, his daughter, her husband and the first native worker to go in the work.

Vietnam Photos in TTT Photo Gallery

Photo of 1911-12 Warrandyte, VIC Australia Conv.

4 Sermons by Howard Mooney:
The Grace of God
It's the Spirit That Makes the Difference
The Perfect Way - Not an Organization
The Ordained Ministry

How the Gospel came to Poland

Added January, 2014

Questionnaire sent to Friends and the Answers probably compiled by Jack Carroll who followed up with his 1937 New Testament Ministry sermon.
First Missions in Kazakhstan, formerly a part of the U.S.S.R

First Missions in South Korea

Added November, 2013

Story of Irvine Weir. He was one of the first original twelve (12) workers. He was one of the FIRST three workers to come to America, as well as the first worker to pioneer the State of California. The other two pioneers to come to America were William Irvine and George Walker. and he was one of the Bicycle Boys who made the first mission trip to Scotland. He was excommunicated by George Walker in 1948.

The Way of God Come to Vietnam written by Nguyen Huu Bau.  He and his wife were the first couple to profess in Vietnam (1961).  The Workers first went to VN in 1957 and remained until 1975 when they evacuated after the Vietnam war ended.  Two native workers carried on for many years while the country was closed and the Way flourished under their care.  The country opened their doors again in 1990.  In 2010, a series of Canadian workers took over the administration.  Things began to fall apart due to personal conflicts, implementation of new rules, and changes which caused divisions.  Some natives did not view the changes as necessary, and some new rules went against their cultural standards.  A division took place, and there are now two groups of Friends & Workers in Vietnam.   

Edward Cooney’s Family Background by Séamas Mac Annaidh; Reprinted from Book: The Fermanagh Miscellany 2, Compiled by Fermanagh Authors' Association, Enniskillen, N. Ireland, 2008

Added October, 2013

Sermon by the late Garrett Hughes, Overseer of Colorado, covering: wheat analogy re workers going to Australia; TV is devil's masterpiece, and "so send I you" explanation for why workers are to go 2x2 like Jesus sent the disciples.

Added August, 2013

BOOK REVIEWS of “Two by Two” The Shape of a Shapeless Movement by Irvine Grey
Published 2012 in Lisburn by Impression Print and Designs NI Ltd
ISBN 978-0-9575390-0-6

Over 150 Newspaper "new" articles ranging from 1904 thru 2005 about the Cooneyites, Dippers, Go-Preachers, No Name Sect, etc.

The Courier, Dundee, Scotland February 13, 1907.  Quote from interview with early workers:

“With whom did this movement originate?”
“The first man to take up this work was Mr Irvine, who was at one time mine manager for Messrs Baird & Company at Glasgow.”

Will of Edward Cooney's Brother, Alfred Cooney
Will of Edward Cooney's Father, Wm. Rutherford Cooney

Added July, 2013

Wm. Irvine's Last Will and Testament - typed text
View Photo of Will

Newpaper Article by The Courier-Mail, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia - August 29, 1936

Rochedale, QLD Convention

Added June, 2013

The Go-Preachers or Cooneyites
A Report prepared by Archdeacon T. C. Hammond for the New South Wales Council of Churches

Added May, 2013

FIRST Convention Locations in USA & Canada - Map of Locations
FIRST Convention Locations in USA & Canada - List of Locations

Tennessee: When the Gospel First Came to Gleason, Tennessee
Louisiana:  History of Early Gospel Work in North and Central Louisiana 1922-1938-Frank Account
Louisiana:  Early Gospel Work in North Louisiana - Hill Account
Ohio & West Virginia: History of the Fellowship in Ohio and West Virginia

First Missions in Portugal

Members of may view Irvine's Family Tree.
Posted by family of Wm. Irvine's sister Agnes (Irvine) Freebairn

Added April, 2013

2013-14 Worldwide Annual Meeting List (Convention List)

Mabel Sill's Story (Washington State)

Funeral Account of Willie Gill, 1951

Expanded Chapter 4 in Book:  Life & Ministry of Wm. Irvine by Cherie Kropp 
Title: 1897 - 1901 The FIRST Missions – Organization of the Movement – The New Sect

Now contains 11 sections. There is new material due to acquiring additional documention and taking a closer look at the period of Irvine's first missions in South Ireland. 

Added March, 2013

Corcoran Family Story of Faith

Added February, 2013

List of Workers at 1906 Toronto Canada Convention

List of Workers at 1907 Pittsburg and Chicago USA Conventions

Added December, 2012

First Missions in the Philippines

December 6, 1920 - Bakersfield Convention Message by Jack Carroll

"Fellowship in the family of God"
Addresses these questions:  Some people are asking, "What should my attitude to be towards any man or woman who has proven untrue or unfaithful to the way and testimony of Jesus, and who is now out of fellowship and seeking to hinder others?" What attitude should I assume towards such? How should I act?

Two 1929 letters written by Wm. Irvine stating he is a Freemason (joined in1884, age 17)

Added November, 2012

Some "Don'ts" for Workers
Elders Meetings - Notes
Fellowship Meetings - Notes

Added September 1, 2012

New book compiled by Cedric Crisp of over 563 pages of friends & Workers Photos
Over 100 Years of Fond Memories in Photos
Printed in 2012 by Bookprint Pty Ltd., 69 Boland St., Launceton, Tasmania 7250
Order from Cedric Crisp at:

Workers in North & South America 1923-24
Workers in North & South America 1924-25
Workers in North & South America 1925-26
Workers in North & South America 1926-27
1927-28 - not available - need copy
Workers in North & South America 1928-29

** Many thanks goes to the one who provided these lists, and the one who typed them!

Added August, 2012


Has the Truth Set You Free? By Grace & Gene Luxon
Second Edition; Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (August 16, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1475081324
ISBN-13: 978-1475081329
Available from
[First Edition, published in 1990 is Out of Print]

Added June, 2012

August 2011 thru April 2013 Worldwide Christian Convention List

Added May, 2012

Revised: History Since 1907, When the Gospel Came to Oregon in Dec. 1907

1910 Letter by Willie Jamieson: Earliest known use of the name Christian Convention.

Added April, 2012

1) 28 Photos in the newly created Jamieson Album in TTT Photo Gallery (Willie & Elisabeth and Jamieson Family Photos)

2) New TLC Website was launched April 1. The site is a repository for documents written only by Ex-2x2s and currently contains around 275 documents.  Watch for new items to be added. Cherie Kropp is the Owner/Administrator.

The Liberty Connection - Website (TLC-WEB)

This new website is affiliated with the private Forum: The Liberty Connection.
Ilylo is the Owner/Administrator of the Liberty Connection Forum.

NOTE: All non-2x2 history documents were removed and were added to the new TLC Website.
TTT is now primarily a 2x2 church historical website.

Added January, 2012

Sermon of Jack T. Carroll - Bakersfield 1946 - The Five Fundamental Things

Added December, 2011

Poetry by John Long (About Family & Inspirational)

Treatises & Writings of John Long:

Why I am a Unsectarian Evangelist
Principal Doctrines of the Christian Religion
Methods and Manner of Divine Worship
Methods of Reaching People with the Gospel
Church Government, Ministry and Discipling
The Gift and Office of an Apostle
Concerning Faith Lines
Satan, Sin & Hell

Beliefs on Pentecostalism
and Healing
Letter to John Govan, Director of Faith Mission re Pentecostalism, 1924

Added September, 2011

Chapter 28 - 1995 to 2011 has been completed in Book: Preserving the Truth
Propp's Purging - The Ex-communications in Alberta, Canada

1996: Discovery of the Incorporation of the 2x2 Church in Alberta, Canada
Events Preceding the 1999 Alberta, Canada Ex-communications
Meetings with the Workers
1999: The First Ex-communications - Sequence of Events
Purging Precedents – Alberta wasn't the first…

Dale Shultz Letter - April 12, 1999 re: Alberta Purging

Added June, 2011

(4) Sermons about Sisters Workers, Women Preaching/Teaching

1915-16 North America Workers List

1919-20 North America Workers List (partial list)

Added May, 2011

Jerusalem Post Newspaper Article re Probate of Wm. Irvines Will, dated March 20, 1947

The Preacher Ladies (Chapter 15 of Nothing to Make a Shadow) by Faye Cashatt Lewis M.D.

Added April, 2011

Early Days on Prince Edward Island

Arrival of Workers in North America

Added March, 2011

A Brief Summary of Those who Worked in the Lewiston Idaho Area

Ten Years of Faith Mission ANNUAL STAFF OF WORKERS LISTS (1895 through 1905)

The Ordained Ministry by Howard Mooney

The Ministry of Sisters in the Church and in the Home

Pioneering of the work in Bangladesh

Added February, 2011

Pioneering of Madagascar - Ken Pagington's Testimony

Early Workers Family Trees - feel free to contribute
Carrolls, Gills, Hughes, Pattisons, Cooneys, Longs, Weirs, etc.

1921, Coolacrease Killings of 2 Pearson Sons

July 7 1921 Newspaper Article about the Two Pearson Sons Executed at Coolacrease while Father is away at Carrick House for convention

2010-11 USA Workers List

Book: Secret Mormonism & Christian Science by Amelia A. Atmore, published in 1927 (re Cooneyites, Go-Preachers, etc

Account of the Discovery of the Incorporation of the 2x2 Church in Alberta, Canada:

In August of 1996, a remarkable Document was discovered to have been registered with the Government of Alberta in 1995. The Document was a Certificate of Incorporation (No. 50654949) which was granted to the “Alberta Society of Christian Assemblies” on May 5, 1995. Willis Propp, the 2x2 Overseer of the Province of Alberta Canada, took full responsibility for the registration. This is a written Account of how this Document came to be discovered, along with the friends and workers reactions, comments, explanations, apology and dissolution.

Added January, 2011

NEWS: In November of 2010, Princeton University Library, Manuscripts Division of Princeton New Jersey, USA has archived a collection of Wm.I's letters. The dates are 1911 through 1946. They have also linked to the TTT Website collection of Wm. Irvine's Letters.

(44) NEW Letters by Wm. Irvine. Read the letters with "NEW" beside them for these years:

1919, 1921, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928, 1932, 1933 1934, 1935 1936, 1937, 1940, 1942


BOOK: The Cooneyites or"Dippers" by Rev. Canon Armstrong, Published 1910
Treatise on Necessity of Baptism by Immersion vs Sprinkling; Infant Baptism, Title "Reverend," Go-Preaching Theories: Destitute and Ignorant; Go Preachers only ones entrusted with God's Message; rebuttal of Cooney's version of "But NOW..." (Luke 22:35-36). (This publication is 27 pages on letter size paper)

Added November, 2010

The Weirs of Dublin - Family Tree

The Go-Preachers or Cooneyites by John McDonald, 193__?

The Butterworth Mission of 1909/1910 (South Africa)

George Walker Notes - August 25, 1918 - South Schenectady , New York:
What is the difference in this way of serving and worshipping God than any other way?
What is the difference in this worshipping God and the world's way?
God's True Way compared with the False Ways
God's True Preachers contrasted with the False Preachers
Why God's people are not interested in politics.
Putting yourself on God's altar and sacrificing and suffering

Answers to 37 questions by Willie Hughes, 1931

Sermon by Arnold Brown: Don't worry about tracing the truth back. The Jews could trace to Abraham. Didn't mean a thing. God can raise up people from stones…we don't need to trace it back.

First Missions in Romania & Moldova

First Missions in Iceland & Greenland

South American Countries - First Missions

Added October, 2010

First Missions in Western Europe: France & Belgium, Austria

First Missions in Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland & Estonia,
Faroe Islands
“My Prisoner of War Days” by Sister Worker Alma Lee and Edith Hanson (in Norway & Germany)

First Missions in Baltic: Latvia; Lithuania

First Missions in Eastern Europe: Czech & Slovakia, Ukraine, Hungary

First Missions in: Former USSR & Russian Far East

Added September, 2010

Words to Table "Graces" sung by 2x2s before meals, and Photos of "Grace" Cards

(3) original letters in the handwriting of Princess Victoria (1917-1920). Some consider Princess Victoria to have “professed,” even though she never did so formally in a meeting, never attended a single meetings or convention.  John Pattison wrote in his "Princess Victoria’s Contact with the Workers 1917-1920":  “The essence of these that, as we have been told, Princess Victoria had a clear revelation of Truth; that she was very close to and influential to her mother, as were also the professing girls who were in service to the household.” Click Here to View Letter No. 1; then click "next" to see the other 2 letters.

BOOK: In Vain Do We Worship by Willis G. D. Young. Eleven chapters of interesting and enjoyable reading by a Canadian ex-worker.

The name of the Mother of Wm. Irvine's illegitimate son has been discovered!
It has been fairly common knowledge that William Irvine fathered an illegitimate son named Archibald Irvine. There has been much speculation through the years surrounding the identity of the mother. Until 2010, mother’s name was not known to the public, although descendants of the Irvine family were aware the son existed. Not long ago a surprising email arrived at TTT, providing the son's birth record as well as additional family details. Click Here to read a mini version.

Detailed Account of the Life of Archibald Grassam Irvine

Notes of George Walker - Picton Conv
- "The world can say that they got saved by reading the Bible, or got something direct from heaven, but just ask them to show you someone in the New Testament that got saved like that. This is the worst form of spiritual pride that has ever been known. "

Added August, 2010

Sermon Notes about the New Testament Ministry


Added July, 2010

The Invisible Church a Thesis by Keith Crow

Rulers or Feeders?

Added June, 2010

True Ministers

Silverdale BC Canada -1942
A Kingdom of Sacrifice - Manhattan, Montana - 1945
Seven Conditions of Fellowship - 1921

Added May, 2010

Wm. Irvine's letter to R. Lauchlin - January 29, 1921
Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards - January 22 1937
Wm. Irvine's Letter to Don Symington - April 14, 1936
Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Nakayama - April 21, 1934
Wm. Irvine's Letter to Frank & Jenny Presbury - May 11, 1927

Added March, 2010

What is Your Doctrine? What I Believe...My Mission Statement

Wm. Irvine's Death & Burial Certificate

Who was Robert Todd?

Who was Walter Duff? Founder of the Irish Christian Worker Union?

Added January, 2010

1897, May 9 - New York Times - Travels of Evangelist Rev. John McNeill, the Scot, Has Been All Over the Habitable Globe

New Zealand Newspaper Articles

Added December, 2009

Notes of Workers Meetings
By Jack Carroll, George Walker, Howard Mooney, Ken Pagington, Wm. Weir, Alex Mitchell, etc.

An Address On Sunday Evening 16th December, 1950 - During Preparations For Convention by Bill Carroll;
Notable quote contained in this sermon: "Then, we preach not ourselves." We do not wish to exalt ourselves or our own name. That was the lamentable and dreadful sin of Edward Cooney. We had to come to the definite belief after many years of patience that he preached himself. His message was to exalt his own name, which has been put upon God's people and which God's people reject and resent.

Added August 6, 2009 The Liberty Connection (TLC) Message Board

TLC is for Ex-2x2s only and/or those who were Born and Raised in the 2x2 meeting system, but never professed.
A special board called The Friendly Connection (FC) exists within TLC where seriously questioning 2x2 Friends can interact with TLC members.

Click Here to register on TLC, if you are an Ex-2x2 or a Seriously Questioning 2x2 Friend.

Added March 17, 2009

Pioneering Ways of the Gospel in Queensland, Australia
Fred Cooney's Letter to Wilson McClung
Tom and Ellen Elliott--a married worker couple - Excommunicated with Ed Cooney

John & Annie Micheleto's trial - Greece
Ruta Sprogis Labored in Germany
Memories of My Great Uncle, Edward Cooney by Helena Halpin
First Missions in Greece
First Missions in Spain
Ed Cooney Quotes from Irish Newspapers
Ed Cooney Letters to the Editor of Fermanagh Times, 1907
Ed Cooney Sermons at Avonbridge, Scotland (2)

Added Feb 6, 2009

First Missions in India

Added Jan 15, 2009

The Work and Establishment of the Gospel in Germany During the 20th Century
Account of Luise And Sofie Laderer's Prison Experiences in WW II
and A Little of My Experiences at Stuttgart By Pauline Schnitzer

First Missions in Italy

First Missions in Netherlands

First Missions in South America

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