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Irvine Family Tree
Agnes Irvine, Sister
Revised March 24, 2015


His Sister:  Agnes Scott Irvine Freebairn
(sometimes misspelled: Freebrian)
1.  John Irvine
2.  Margaret
3.  William
4.  James
5.  Agnes, Second Daughter of John & Elisabeth Irvine
6.  Henry #1
7.  Henry #2
8.  Elizabeth
9.  Jane (Jeanie)
10. Helen (Nellie)
11. Janet (Jennie)

Birth of Agnes Scott Irvine
1866 Register 498 Kirkintilloch, Entry 173
On June 23rd at Strone Kirkintilloch
Father:    John Irvine Colliery Manager
Mother:    Elisabeth Irvine M.S. Gressam married 1858 Decr 9th Larbert
Informant:    John Irvine father present

Marriage of Agnes Irvine and John Freebairn
1888 Register     495 Cumbernauld Entry 16
On 16th November at Auchinstarry Cumbernauld after Banns according to the Forms of the Church of Scotland
John Freebairn aged 26 bachelor Limestone quarrier Auchinstarry
Agnes Irvine aged 22 spinster,  Domestic Servant, Auchinstarry
His father:    James Freebairn, Farm Servant (1821)
His mother:  Jane Freebairn M.S. Reid
Her father:    John Irvine, Pit Contractor
Her mother:  Elizabeth Irvine M.S. Grassam
Signed:    Peter Anton Minister, Kilsyth
Witnesses:    James Freebairn, Jeanie Irvine

Death of Agnes Irvine Freebairn
1938 Register 483 Kilsyth Entry 85
On December 7th at Bogside Kilsyth
Agnes Freebairn aged 72 married to John Freebairn Public Works Contractor
Father:    John Irvine Coalmine Manager deceased
Mother:    Elizabeth Irvine M.S. Grassam deceased
Cause:    Coronary thrombosis 2 months 21 days, Cardiac Vascular Degeneration
Cert by    Gilbert Park MD CM
Informant:   N.A. Fairbairn son

Death of John Freebairn
On April 15, 1945, Bogside House, Kilsyth, Stirlingshire, Scotland

Census 1881
District 495 Cumbernauld Book 5 Schedule 127
At No. 16 Auchinstarry Row

John Irvine
Head Married
Ironstone Miner
Elizabeth Irvine
Wife Married

William Irvine
Ironstone Miner
James Irvine

Agnes Irvine

Elizabeth Irvine
Jane Irvine
Helen Irvine

Janet Irvine


Birth of 12 Children of Agnes Irvine and John Freebairn

1.  Birth of Elizabeth Gressom Wong Freebairn (1889-1972); Never married.
2.  Birth of James McFarlane Freebairn (1891-1905); Died in his teens.
3.  Birth of Jeanie Reid Freebairn (1894-1963); Married John Reid/Read.  Had 2 daughters, both deceased
4.  Birth of Agnes Irvine Freebairn (1895-1989); Married Dr. Alec Urquart.  Had 1 son.
5.  Birth of Janet Wilson Freebairn (1897-1980); Married John Anderson; had 3 sons, 2 deceased.
6.  Birth of Margaret (Meg) Irvine Freebairn (1898-1988); Married Oswald Bedgood; had 2 children, 1 deceased.
7.  Birth of John Irvine Freebairn (1903-1965); Never married.
8.  Birth of Annie (Anna) Wilson Freebairn (1904-1983)* (see details below); Married George Clark, who had a daughter. No children.
9.  Birth of William Irvine Freebairn (1906-1963); Never married.
10. Birth of Robert Reid Freebairn (1907-1973) Twin*;  Married Jane Shaw McPhee, had 5 children.
11. Birth of Archibald Grassam Freebairn (1907-1982) Twin; Married Jean Blair; had 2 sons, 1 deceased.
12. Birth of Norman Anton Freebairn (1912-1988); Married Winifred Porteous; had 4 children, 1 deceased.
Note:  Total children born were 12.  The 1911 Census shows 11 children born alive at that time with ten living.

1911 Scotland Census shows the family living at 1 Bogside House, Kilsyth West Burgh, Stirlingshire.
father, John Irvine, widower, Retired Colliery Manager living with them.

8.  Birth of Annie (Anna) Wilson Freebairn
1904 Register 483 Kilsyth Entry 383
On October 21st at Bogside Kilsyth
Father:    John Freebairn Quarrymaster
Mother:    Agnes Freebairn M.S. Irvine married 16 November 1888 Cumbernauld
Informant:    John Freebairn father
Marriage of *Annie Wilson (Freebairn) Clark
Married George Logan Clark, Dental Surgeon
George Clark predeceased Annie.

10.  Birth of Robert Reid Freebairn (Twin of Archibald Freebairn)
Born: November 25, 1907
Death:  October 4, 1973
Marriage of Robert Reid Freebairn
Married to Jane Shaw McPhee (born 3/22/1913)
5 Children born from 1936 thru 1948

** 1947: A newspaper reported William Irvine willed 500 pounds to one of his nieces; a Miss Freebairn received 500 pounds.

Deaths of Children of Agnes and John Freebairn

Death of Annie Wilson Clark
1983 Register 476 Kilsyth Entry 122
On December 3rd at Monklands District General Hospital Airdrie
Usual Residence 20 Murray Avenue Kilsyth
Annie Wilson Clark aged 79 born 10/21/1904 widow of George Logan Clark, Dental Surgeon
Father:    John Freebairn Public Works Contractor, deceased
Mother:    Agnes Freebairn M.S. Irvine, deceased
Cause:    Bronchial pneumonia cert. Catherine Connolly
Informant:     Jean Freebairn, sister in law, 7 Arran View Kilsyth

* 1981 Visit: Anna Clark taking care of her sister (William Irvine's nieces) sister's name unknown. 

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