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Edwards. January 17
Irvine, John (Brother) - January 24, 1924
Loitz - January 25, 1924
Fladung, Jr. - February 5, 1924
Edwards - February 7, 1924
Edwards - March 3, 1924 - Wm. Irvine gets Isaiah 41 as his sign. (Madame Jeanne Guyon)
Loitzes - March 10, 1924
Fladung, John A. - March 21, 1924
Fladung, John A. - May 2, 1924

Edwards - June 3, 1924
Fladung, John A. - June 4, 1924 - IRVINE'S EARLY EMPLOYMENT
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Pettys - July 23, 1924

Fladungs - August 1, 1924
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Fladung, John Jr - October, 1924
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Dunbars - October 24, 1924
Fladungs - October 24, 1924
Skerritts - November 3, 1924

From: Ed Cooney to Wm. Irvine - March 3, 1924**   (IRVINE'S FINAL EXCOMMUNICATION)
To: Ed Cooney from Wm. Irvine - July 8, 1924

Wm. Irvine's Letter To Edwards
January 17, 1924

Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose and Co.

I was glad to have yours today. It's a good opportunity, God-given, of giving you a little secret, which has been very sweet to me. Revelation 12:10 shows us what is the condition of all in whom God is, or those who are clothed with the Sun, etc. The accuser is there, accusing day and night--just as we know he is the opposite to all his own. He never ceases to keep us reminded of all our sins and faults, as well as those of others--making salvation, strength, the Kingdom of God and the power of His Christ, an impossibility. This is true of all who are His, and I notice it in many letters. I have often been forced to laugh after he has been tormenting me all day and all night--even though I know his work and methods--and I can sympathize with all who suffer in this way.

The Blood of the Lamb is just as valuable and sure a cure, as the Devil's work is trying and terrible. The blacker he cam make us, the whiter the blood can make us and we are surer of the blood, because of all his desire to blacken us in our own and other's eyes. I this is our own experience, we can see how others feel, and so our sympathy and fellowship should be in the direction of seeking to encourage them to believe in the Blood to cover all their and our shortcomings, and treat them so and expect them to treat us in the same way. There is no hope or help for fellowship. The word of our testimony, or witnessing to what He has revealed to us, gives us strength and comfort and assures our hearts before Him that we are His no matter what devils or men can do or say.

The Devil and man can take away all our righteousness, but never can touch our righteousness which is of God. They loved not their lives to the death; welcome all that comes, no matter where, when or how--showing that not even death can rob us of what God has for us. IF GOD BE FOR US, WHO CAN BE AGAINST US? Much worry, fear, trouble and suffering comes from this source.

I speak from experience in the face of the Great Red Dragon, who stands ready to devour in a way you could not know any other where than Jerusalem. Though I know you will have a taste of the same, as far as he has power. Cease from all the details as if they never had been. Trust only in the Blood, and encourage others to do so. Keep your mouth open and busy in witnessing to the things He reveals, with confidence; and He has the care of all our past, present and future and nothing can harm you but by His will and purpose, and you need not fear that He will let you suffer beyond what you are able to bear. Our lot is in His hands and Woe to all who will risk their wicked words or works on us. Michael and his angels are just a little more than a match for all the devil's power that can harm us. But it's ours to rest quietly under the Wings of the Almighty and wait His time.
If we are under the Blood we will be in the secret place--if in the secret place, we will be under His wings and His feathers will cover us and it's ours to trust in Him. It's a Bride and Bridegroom affair. Our flesh is His and His is ours. Our name is His and His and His is ours. Our sins are His as truly His Blood shed is ours. Here is rest and peace from all that is past, present or future--and here we stay trusting Him to put all His and our enemies under His and our feet.

I think if you read Rev.12 as for these days in particular, you will get all you need to cover your needs, and it's well to give others the same cheer and comfort. "They overcame" - seems to suggest there will be PLENTY to "overcome", but it's a victory we are assured of, no matter what we have been, or done--good or bad. He will accuse night and day, as sure as God is in us and with us, till he be cast out of Heaven by judgments being made manifest against him and all who are his.

The fear of others, or consequences of all kinds only leads to torment, but there is peace when we realize we are bought with His Blood, sealed with His Spirit and under His care and protection and His angels will bear us up lest we dash our foot against a stone.

The blood covers all the past, present and future of what would give the devil power to accuse us to ourselves. It also covers all that we have done to others, or others to us. His seal is quite enough to keep us going on with, and we always get fresh comfort from our experiences of the devil in any shape or form. If the Devil is there to accuse us day and night, and all the time it's because God is in us and with us and the victory is sure; for His comfort comes out of the trial and flesh revelation - day by day. The more disaster seems to loom up, the more surely will we find that our anxieties were all unnecessary--for He was behind and over all that was so dark and ominous.

We have not travelled this way before, and so are a little strange to it, and we are just as sure as if the promises fulfilled were history, written after its fulfillment. To see Him, His Blood, His Seal, His Power over all, is enough to meet every need from every possible source, and feathers are for our cozy comfort as well as protection.

If I were looking at the Great Dragon standing ready to devour me, it would be very bad for me, but I see the Woman bringing forth the Manchild who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron, and be caught up to God on His Throne, so why trouble about the Great Red Dragon, etc.

Psalm 2:1-5 is a very perplexing scene. "Yet have I set my king on my Holy Hill in Zion, --by the decree. Thou art My son, this day (the great day we look for, the day the child is born--my 3rd birthday) have I begotten thee." A God child is on His Throne in Heaven--the Manchild is on his throne in Zion--Jerusalem - where our Lord was crucified - spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, or as Sodom and Egypt were in their day.

Verse 8 shows the extent of the world power to be wielded from Zion, the Heathen, and the uttermost parts of the earth.

Verse 9 -- the power of His wrath. Break them with a rod of iron, and dash them in pieces as a potter's vessel--nations and men.

Verse 10-- the advice of the King of Heaven and Earth--"Be wise ye kings, be instructed ye judges of the earth --serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling." "Kiss the son (don't kick him) lest he be angry and ye perish from the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little."

There will be perfect harmony between the Godchild on His Throne in Heaven--and the Manchild on his throne on the earth. What angers one, angers the other; and the words of counsel from the Manchild's mouth to the kings and rulers, will either be heeded - bringing life, or disregarded - bringing death. Blessed are all they who put their trust in Him in Heaven and him on the earth.

To read Psalm 2:6-12 as meaning the Godchild in Heaven, is to make them foolish. The Manchild, Michael and his angels are on the earth for wrath on the wicked. and life and salvation for the sinner by the everlasting gospel. The whole truth about the Manchild has been so hid from our eyes that it all seems a little new and strange and almost beyond our power to grasp. But - as the wicked of Jerusalem has shed the blood of men prophets and men saints in Jerusalem and in the earth, so wrath will come by the man prophet in Jerusalem and in the earth; and John who went thru the killings of Jesus and all the apostles, will be an able co-witness for such work in dealing with the killing seed. There is not much milk and water about such a reading, but there is no other.

Zechariah 2, 3, and 4 is very good reading for these days, and I have enjoyed it very much. The Branch is good. Zerrubabel is a good type of John who laid the foundation of this house, and his hands will finish it.

Things are looking more disastrous to the world this year than ever. England seems in a pretty bad way, through labor coming into power; Railway strike and miners' strike threats, with many other signs-- which are far from re-assuring to the most optimistic. The Caliphate question is now causing unrest in the East again. The election is over in Egypt and the Naghlonists have been put into power. I notice bombs have been thrown at Kenal Pasha and the Japanese Prince and Royal Palace. These things are only straws. China is not in good shape, but for more trouble; and no doubt the trouble in Afghanistan border and in China seem directed to stirring up trouble for the governments in both counties.

I notice in Eastern U.S.A., a great discussion about the modern and fundamentalists, the old and new interpretations of the Virgin birth and the resurrection. While in England there is much activity in the direction of getting English, Roman, and Greek churches to re-unite. But everything shows the foundations are being shaken--whether by moderns openly refusing to believe in the foundation of Christianity, or in the drifting back to being one with the Old Harlot System--which has filled the earth with bloodshed.

I am glad you all keep well and hope you find some comfort in what I have written you, for I know a little of what the Devil can do in accusing night and day - while perfectly concious of God in and with me, and the Dragon standing to devour.

Best love and much peace through quietly trusting in the Blood--His Seal and His protection from all that would harm.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To his Brother John Irvine
January 24, 1924
PO Box 553
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear John

Can I ask you the favor of looking up my birth certificate in father's papers, if they still exist or get me an extract of birth from the Registrar's and send it to me by return. All British residents have now to register in Palestine and this document is asked for.

This will oblige me and make me your debtor for many past kindnesses and this. I enjoy seeing your activities recorded in the Kilsyth paper and recognize that your words are much needed in these days amongst men when they have ceased almost to recognize the need for --?--eppling with the stern realities of life and labors. The proposed Labor Eon is very dangerous putting a fighting ship in a stormy sea into the hands of school boys so far as experience goes in handling the great problems which face the best today.

I was born on January 7, 1863 in Kilsyth which will guide you if you need to apply to the Registrars office.

Wishing you the best of all for 1924 and thanking you in anticipation.

Yr Loving Brother

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Loitz 
January 25, 1924
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm. and Mary and 3 tots:

Was pleased to hear of your good time at Xmas with its good cheer and also the letter which came as Xmas card to you. We are apt to think the Lord does not know or care about us, but I'm sure His greatest care in the world today is for the woman and child.

He shed His blood for us, that nothing that the devil or his seed can ever say to us can do more than cause our hearts to go out in gratitude to Him who suffered for our sins at the hands of cruel and wicked men, such as He is now about to take vengeance upon; for the Great Red Dragon is the head of the generation on the earth who were the killers of the Son of God in that day.

The things which He has revealed to us is the word of our Testy. which He has put in our mouth which the Devil and all his seed are so anxious to dishonour. If these two things are true, we can be quite sure we are under His wings, and we look for feathers or little signs of His care and comfort as well as His protection and shelter.

They overcame by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testy. and loved not their lives to the death; or trusted Him to protect them from all Evil and so were not worried at all the arrayed powers of darkness on every hand. I have enjoyed hearing you speak of the fear having gone which used to haunt you before. This is a good sign that you love not your life to the death, but have confidence in Him. He will not save us from being the least amongst men but He will protect us as truly as Mary was cared for in the day of her mother hood. You have despised or not minded the days of small things and ye shall rejoice when the day of great things come. Moses had to become like the little bush which burned in the desert and was not consumed before the Lord could give him the 40 years of great things and all who are coming back to reign minded not the days of small things, but looked forward to the day when the meek would inherit the earth.

The birth of Moses and Jesus were very small days in men's eyes and in both cases the great of the earth sought the young child's life and so we see the Great Red Dragon ready to devour the Manchild as soon as born. But history has proved that these two events were the greatest things which took place in their day, and the birth of the Manchild will as surely influence the whole world in both senses of the word in blessing to the sinner world and cursing to the wicked. I am glad to hear that your birthday is mixed up with the Xmas and New year.  My own two birthdays were the 7 and 8th of Jany., and I look for my 3rd birthday foolish tho it may seem in men's eyes.

"Thou art My Son, this day have I begotten you", are big words in Psa.2 when understood. I would be surprised if you were not anxious for the day of great things when you have been so well accustomed to the other. Think on all the feverish desire of those in heaven, but it will not be delayed one day beyond what is necessary for the great purpose on hand. You can be sure that when we look back we will be glad it came as and when it did and all the false alarms are only preparing us, as we endure as seeing Him who is invisible.

My own experience is that I have needed all the waiting and only as I look back to my unfitness for the great day can I feel thankful that it has been His choice not mine it depended on. So long as I am seeing clearer the greatness of the work on hand and all that is needed in ourselves and others, I'm not worried one bit, and if we could have seen all that took place on Xmas day we would have seen enough to convince us that great had been the activity. Tho I have not troubled so much watching the signs as I did formerly.

I'm sure you will enjoy what I have put in Dunbars letter. It's all new and yet old in the sense that I have seen a little, but it's only as we move on it becomes clearer and stronger for our fitting.

I am sending you a few cuttings from Vancouver papers which will show you what the clergy there think of the great Healings which took place in that City when Price, one of Mrs. MacPhersons frauds, was there recently and I'm sure the same things would be true of the Big Show in Los Angeles, but the Lord will make it all plain, and clear who and what they are in their Big Red Dragon Professions.

You need not mind all the various ways the Devil and his seed try to harass you about little slips or mistakes. The Devil would not trouble you if God was not in you. He don't trouble his own seed in this way. He accuses us before God day and night and all who have God in them or with them while He is the very opposite to all the white-washed big rotten hearted dragon flesh in the whole world. It's of Grace that we are saved thro faith and that not our faith but what He has given us, and no works good or bad can hinder that. It's cheering that you have found the typewriter and copying a comfort; for I live by writing. It's then that I have proof of God in me, when all else would seem black and dark by the work of the Devil and his seed on every hand.

The blood, the word of our Testy., and the carefreed spirit and confidence in Him is the victory. This gives us the victory no matter what we feel, see, hear, say or do, the Lord, Michael and his angels are for us if the whole world is against us. The other side is we are against them all. Devil and all his seed and we are sure of victory as it was recorded in history 2000 years old.

The best language to describe the destruction of Jerusalem and the judgment of the Jews, was the words of Moses to the children of Israel in Deuteronomy, and what is written for these days, will be as literally fulfilled as then. This is the value of Revelation which is for our comfort.

I had 2 from Lees with pictures of Alma and Baby which look well. I'm glad she is getting on well and shall reply to hers next mail as I have not time for this mail. I hope this will be the last paint Arthur will put on his car ere he goes to wilderness. Keep calm, strong, confident and trustful as a Mother should when her child is about to be delivered.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Fladung, Jr.
February 5, 1924

My dear John:

Thanks for your letter and gift.  It’s great pleasure to write for those who enjoy reading.  Did you ever think about the Lord speaking to a world of human beings, and yet they are so busy and engrossed in all other things that they have no ear for their best friend no matter what He has been to them and all others in all time.  As we read the Scriptures we can see how few had an ear to hear what the Lord said, and yet the few who had an ear became so much more than all the world beside them, one is apt to think that the Lord did not speak to all.  But it’s because they have no ear to hear Him and are following some crowd that so few have been saved and so many perished, in every age.

It’s having an ear for the Voice of the Lord God which saves us and by it we live, this is what true faith means; faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God, or God speaking.  This is what Gospel means.  We may believe the whole Bible and the words of all the prophets and yet have no living faith which saves and guides us in doing His will.

The people who killed the prophets believed the Bible and kept the commandments, but had no ear for the living God and so none for the true prophets, while they honored the false prophets who taught them the words of the Scriptures, etc.

Today if ye will hear His voice harden not your heart, but give ear and begin to hearken as did Abel, Noah, Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, Daniel, and all whom we see were honored of God.  Solomon’s wisdom came because he had a hearing heart.  He that hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto him.  Joseph was 17 when he began to hear the Voice of the Lord God, who began to give him understanding and vision of Heavenly things and though his brothers hated and envied him and sold him down into Egypt, God was with him.

God can’t dwell in a man who will not hear Him; you would not like to be around where your voice could not be heard – and so learn, like Joseph, to have a hearing heart and you can be sure that the Lord will delight to walk and talk with you as He did with those you read about in the Book.  Samuel was only 12 when the Lord called him, but if Samuel had not heard and responded to the Voice, we would never have had much to read about him.  David used to hear the Voice of the Lord God out on the hills when looking after the sheep and it was this which made it possible for him to kill Goliath and become the King of Israel.  It was this which made Abraham the father of the faithful and the friend of God, and David a man after God’s own heart, for we can never hope to be like God in heart unless we have an ear and place for God in our heart.

It would be little use trying to be like these men if we did not get to know the Secrets of what made them differ from other men.  And this is the part I wish to emphasize; begin to listen for His Voice every day, and every where, though you will find it best to seek to be alone.  He will give you wisdom and reproof and all you need.  He will show you the vanity of all else in the world short of knowing Him.  He will help you in all that’s good for you and become your chiefest friend and guide, protector and deliverer, and you need not think He does not know you or be interested in all your interests.  You know how our ear has to get accustomed to the telephone and radio, so we need to know a little about hearing His Voice.  But we learn this by practice and so with hearing the Lord’s Voice, and let our confidence and desires be as strong towards Him as in other things and we will not be disappointed.

All that your father and mother have been to you, you will find the Lord become, and more as you go on.  Don’t pretend or go on in the company of others, but be sincere and seek to know the Voice of the Lord God for yourself and you will be enraptured as He opens your heart and mind to grasp all His ways, truth and life and the mysteries of the Book and times we live in.  All He has ever been to others in any day He will be to you today.  But begin at the beginning as they did and then you can continue on to the end.  Getting into a crowd even of Christians who hear the Voice will not make you a sheep, you need to hear for yourself and walk with Him.

The Lord will put His thoughts into your mind and His desires into your heart every day, on all sorts of subjects, and reveal the foolishness of those who know Him not and don’t want to know Him.  The Lord has been speaking to you all along, but you need to recognize it and respond, and not be afraid to obey His Voice, and as you honestly practice this you will find strength, grace, and all you ever need in the Battle of life.  There are so many other voices in the world we need to give place and authority to Him, first and last at any cost.

Your loving friend,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards
February 7, 1924

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Wm. Rose and Co;

I was glad to have yours of Dec.29th, and to see that you are getting her up. Don't be too good a housewife, else you will have her to bed all the longer. Eat all you can, break some of the best dishes and get things into good bad shape, and some day she will get up in spite of both you and her enemy. Nothing quickens a woman more than to make her feel that she is needed and indispensable - to husband, home and family.

I'm sure she will benefit by the cool fresh country air - on her feet even more than in the car. I have been enjoying the fresh country air past month, more than I ever did, and the cold days are the best, tho some sunshine is very comforting, with some good thinks and talks to myself on Ps. 2: Rev 12; Zach. 3,4,6: Is. 11. The Lord of Hosts comes on the scene Himself after the judgments have been wrought on all the generation of wicked who are on the earth.

Your friend Lenin died on 22 Feb. and your greater friend ex-president Wilson died 2nd Feb., so they're going one by one. I wonder what they think about Bolshivism and its murders of three million bourgeois now, and the 14 points which was the foundation of Versailles treaty, League of Nations; all the Governmental changes which have taken place. Mandates, Balfour declaration, Independence of Egypt, Home Rule for India, freedom for Ireland and 101 changes which are too numerous to mention. It seems they have nearly broken all the bands and cast away the cords, so that we can't be far from the day when His laughing and derision will end and His wrath begin. "Yet have I set MY King on my Holy Hill of Zion", and John from the Throne will bring the decree. "Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance and the uttermost ends of the earth for thy possessions", by the everlasting Gospel and the 144,000 who will be gathered and scattered.

The Stone smiting the Image to destruction, and growing and becoming a Mt. - the 144,000, and filling the whole earth when they are scattered - every man to his own people. The Alpha days in the killing of Jesus is a perfect type for the Omega in the two witnesses, and the care He had for His Mother as he commended her to John, and John to her, are very suggestive, and we feel the care for the Woman in the wilderness will not be less. John coming from the Throne of God, are very suggestive also, and a great comfort to the Woman and Manchild; while the scattering of the disciples, their anointing after Jesus way, is also good.

I enjoyed seeing your letter to Arthur today, along with his. I'm afraid you will have to overhaul your understanding of forgiveness and repentance. Forgiveness is absolutely unconditional; apart from our willingness to forgive others as we are forgiven freely, fully and unconditionally. It's this which begets the love in the heart of the forgiven, which makes it impossible to do or say the things which may have been hard.

Nothing can so fully disarm an enemy as the free full forgiveness of God of all forever, on these conditions, and if it should be 70 times 7 per day, it will enrich our own hearts as we are exercised thereby. Repentance is a change of mind, but it's in ceasing from every thought of measuring others by their sins or shortcomings, and seeking only to see what is of God in them; just as the wicked only take stock of their faults etc. And I find it has always been best to err on the side of God, - than to lean to the spirit of the religious world, which has been the hardest thing to get rid of.

Forgiveness does not only cover the past, but all that can ever need forgiveness in the future. I have always felt that forgiveness is one of the most difficult to fathom, and the hardest test for our own human nature which can never forgive as He forgives. And I feel sure you will benefit by looking over all that's taught on the subject. You may be sure you will always have plenty to forgive, and more - if there is any need for our perfecting in that direction.

I am sure the most painful thing Jesus had to suffer, was the effects of wickedness on His disciples in weakening their confidence in Him, -- such as we see on the Mount of Transfiguration. But the message of God, - "This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased, hear ye Him." had not one word or tone of reproof or upbraiding, variableness, neither shadow of turning.

I think you have heard me speak of a Scotch couple who were a little given to squabbling, coming from sacrament in a very humble frame of mind, and they asked each other to mention a few of the little causes of the trouble. They did not go far till there was a regular row - worse than ever, as they went on to touch each other on the sore spot, and the most abominable righteous atmosphere I have ever found has been where people were encouraged to do these things. Even human love conditions can't stand the legal or man or woman's rights of today. Where love and forgiveness rule the heart and life, the Devil and man has not much chance. Resist the Devil and he will flee from you, means to have nothing to do with all his legal aids to Love, Grace and Mercy of God.

The more we have sinned the more we will love those who truly and freely forgive us, and the more we mix up the "Kiss your hand and say you won't do it again", the less potent is forgiveness to attain the object, of begetting love in the heart, which becomes the true incentive to right dealing with those who forgive. And to touch these matters is as deadly as it is when the Devil comes to the forgiven to raise all the old things before our minds and hearts.

This is where the value of the blood is most felt, for it's the absolute eternal pledge of God that we will never have these things to answer for. But the peace, by the blood which we enjoy, is exactly in proportion to our application of it in our dealings with others. You know somethings of the experience of the conditions which Jim and George would have imposed on you, and how hopeless their conditions would leave you in.

If we win the love and gratitude of a man, we have all that's best in him, and the more we make him our debtor the more we are sure to have that which we desire. If anyone today wrote me desiring forgiveness for all they had said, I would have no hesitation to replying without one reference to the hardest and truest things they had said or done, and every doubt of their sincerity would only hinder me from cementing the love and fellowship which would enable me to be a help to them, and to heap coals on fire on your enemies head is the surest way to have a friend. God knows no other, and we never out do the forgiveness of Jesus. No wonder Peter said after Jesus talk on forgiveness to the disciples, "Lord increase our Faith", or the knowledge of the bigness of the heart of God for all who are sinners.

The danger comes in humanizing the Love and Grace of God, rather than letting God perfect in us, - His Grace. When trouble takes place in Jerusalem, the troops occupy the city with machine guns till the people return to normal business conditions. Then things are quiet and go on all right, and I feel when trouble arises it's best to let things which have caused the trouble alone, till we can resume the normal fellowship, rather than to raise issues which were the results of wrong spirit working. We can never serve people unless we win their confidence and love, and this is most surely gained in God's way.

I trust you may find things sweet and warm, and all the old feelings dead and gone forever, so the old Devil can't drag out even one old rag of contention, which might stir up the bull flesh which is always present in the best of us.

Yours very truly in Him,

William Irvine


Never mention A's words or works towards Ritzmans, -- right or wrong, --- that's Arthur's business and we know Ritzmans have shown their heart condition too clearly to leave any doubt of where they are.


William Irvine’s Letter To:  Edwards
March 3, 1924
Box 553
Jerusalem, Palestine
RE: William Irvine getting Isaiah 41 as his sign. Madame Jeanne Guyon

My dear Wm., Rose, & Co:

I have been enjoying Isaiah tonight and thought I’d give you a little of it.  Thirty years come June, the Lord gave me Isaiah 41, Fear not, thou worm Jacob and Ye poor crowd of Israel.  And at two different times since then, it has been brought very forcibly to my mind in trying times.  But only tonight, can I see how it applies so powerfully to the Manchild, who is to gather the 144,000.

Jacob was the father of the 12 tribes, which links up the Jewish type so well with the Manchild and the 12x12x1000.  This helps much in reading Isaiah for Revelation days, and gives much colour to it, which it did not have before.  For the Jews to read these things as for them, is only adding to their delusion and hardness of heart; whereas, to apply it to the 2 Witnesses and 144,000 gives us an ocean of light from all that’s written.  It’s all written of the Lord, who is working all from His Throne in Heaven by His anointed Jacob, the father of the 12 Tribes—144,000.  So that ye poor worm Jacob and ye poor crowds of Israel has more meaning than we used to put on it.  Don’t you think Worm Jacob and ye poor crowd of Israel is a good description of the Woman and Manchild?

Verse 1, Keep silence before me, O island. (Of the Sea of Wickedness surging around) Let the people renew their strength let them come near (then); let them speak;  Let us come near together to Judgement, is all very suggestive.  Who raised up the righteous man from the East; called him to His feet (as Servant); gave the nations before him.  Ask of me and I will give the, etc.,  (Psalm 2:8) and made him ruler over kings.  He gave them as the dust of his sword.  The Image is to fall as dust, Daniel 2, as driven stubble to his bow.  He pursued them in peace (margin)  Even by the way that he had not gone with his feet.

Verse 4, Who hath wrought and done it (not the Man) but I, The Lord, the first, and with the last, I am He.  How perfect every word is in the light we have today.  The Isles saw it and feared; the ends of the Earth were afraid, drew near and came.  The method of fulfilling Psalm 2:8.  They helped every one his neighbor, and every one said to his brother, Be strong.

Verse 7, All working together according to their ability.  But thou, Israel, (the name of Jacob, after Peniel,) art my servant, Jacob, (both names used so that there can be no confusing it with Jewish Israel) whom I have chosen; the seed of Abram, my friend.  Not Jewish blood, but bearing the same relationship to God as Abram did, who was willing to sacrifice Isaac, in whom all his hopes were centered.  Blind people may not think it has been a big test of my faith these past 10 years, to be content to lose all God freely gave me, but I know a little of the test.  And you have not been ignorant of it, but God is more than all His gifts, and he loves such friendship, as we do.

What silly nonsense to bring the Jews in here.  It’s the Abram, my friend, heart which He values.  Thou whom I have taken from the ends of the Earth, and called the from the chief men thereof, and said unto thee (not to my enemies) thou art my Servant; I have chosen thee, and not cast thee away as our enemies believe and say.  Why should these words cover every detail of our experience?  Fear thou not, (how much needed) for I am with thee; be not dismayed (showing how much there will be against), for I am thy God.  I will strengthen thee, yea (on His oath) I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.  Let them all come.  It is God who justifieth; who is he that can condemn?  If God be for us, who can be against us?  Behold, (See by the Spirit) all they that are incensed against thee shall be ashamed, and confounded; they shall be as nothing.  And they that strive with thee shall perish.  Thou shalt seek them and shall not find them, even them that contend with thee.  They that war against thee shall be as nothing, and as a thing sought.  For I, the Lord, thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, “Fear not, I will help thee; fear not thou worm Jacob.”  A worm and no man in men’s eyes.  And ye men of Israel brings in His friends and mine.  I don’t think this is the 144,000, but those who have been, as it were, bone of my bone; flesh of my flesh in the suffering “worm” days, when the mountain was becoming a stone cut out without hands—the man becoming a child.  I will help thee saith the Lord, and thy Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel.

Verse 14, The repetition is to couple up the Man and his friends.  So, Willie, you can see there is room for even Rose and all the others, who so often measure themselves by their poor, weak (worm) flesh.  I always like to hear the refrain which comes in many letters.

Behold, I will make thee a new, sharp threshing instrument, having teeth.  Thou shalt thresh the mountains and beat them small, and make the hills as chaff.  Threshing instrument applies well to the work of tribulation, and the chaff also fits well.  Thou shalt fan them, and the wind shall carry them away; and the whirlwind shall scatter them.  This couples up Daniel 2:35 and Proverbs 1, and thou shalt rejoice in the Lord and glory in the Holy One of Israel.

Verse 17, When the poor and needy seek water and there is none, and their tongues faileth for thirst, I, the Lord, will hear them.  I, the God of Israel, will not forsake them.  This is not spiritual, but literal and for those who fear what drought will be to all men.  I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys.  I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs.  So that there is promise for the high places, valley, wilderness and dry land.  I will plant, etc. shows that there will be growth of all that’s needed in the very place where growth could be least expected.  That they may see & know, consider and understand together that the hand of the Lord hath done and the Holy One of Israel, created, hath created it.

Verses 21-29 is a challenge to the whole religious world on these very things.  Produce your cause and your strong reasons saith the King of Jacob.  Let them bring forth and show us what shall happen.  Let them show the former things (which they are always strong in talking about) but they will have a New Thing this time, which they have no former things to parallel or fill their mouths with.

Verse 24, Behold ye are worse than nothing and your work worse than a viper (margin); an abomination is he that chooseth you.

Verse 25, I have raised up one from the North, and he shall come.  From the rising of the sun shall he call upon my name and he shall come on princes as upon mortar and as the potter treadeth clay.

Verse 29, Behold, they are all vanity, their works are nothing.  Their images are wind and confusion.  I have written it, perhaps as much for my comfort as yours, but what a clear picture the whole thing is on both sides; and one is glad that it has only been revealed in part, in past days, for it’s so clear, strong, and plain today.

Chapters 42, 43 & 44 along these lines are very sweet and give contrast between the false and true, with such detail of all sorts.  I trust you enjoyed it in the light I have tried to give it.  I have often noticed how difficult it was to place Jacob and Israel, but in the light of Revelation, we need have no fear of the interpretation.

Another thing, these things have never been done in the world’s history before, and are for these days only.  The terrible side of it all, is to see what the enemy will get and how their delusions will all be scattered and according to their attitude, so will their judgments be.

It was in June 1895, that I bowed my head and asked the Lord to give me encouragement as He had given Madam Su Yen (sic should be Madame Jeanne Guyon), whose book I was reading.  She opened the Book and put her finger on this spot, and when I opened my Book, it was at the same place.  So much was I surprised, that I was ashamed to take it.  But after reassuring myself that there was no trickery in the matter, I wrote my name and date down, little dreaming that it would all come so clear before me today, with all its glorious detail, which is impossible for me to doubt now.  And I like it all the better, because it not only suits me, but he poor crowd of Israel.  The very weakest of whom is dear to my heart, because of His honor and all the comfort they have been to me.  And my greatest joy is that they will have such reward for all they have suffered in standing by me in the “worm” days.

I trust you are both well, happy, and content; and hope this may be to you a tonic, as it acts on me.  This opens up Isaiah and makes it fuller than ever.  And we can see Isaiah was temple of God, even though he walked these streets naked in his bare feet.  And the Jews, though very fond of reading Isaiah, are as blind today to its meaning, as they were when they sawed him in two.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Loitzes
March 10, 1924

My dear Loitzes:

Jacob is [a] type of the Son of Man in the Calling Days; Israel, type of the Manchild being chosen; and the few men with Israel, is just the Woman of Revelation 12:1.  Jacob and Laban, and his men behind him; and Esau and his 400 men in front of him that night, when he retired over the brook at Peniel, while the Angel wrestled all night with him, because he could not believe that these conditions were the seal of God’s favor on him. His name was changed, and all his old flesh power taken away, so that all he had was by God.

Isaiah 40:20-29 is a challenge to all the religious world to bring forth their reason and see if they know anything about what is to come.  Jacob, as Israel, became the father of the 12 Tribes of Israel, and the Manchild is to become the father of the 12 x 12 x 1000 = 144,000.  God gave me Isaiah 41:10-20 before I started out, and it has always been before me.  But little did I know the fullness of it’s meaning till now.

Isaiah 66 gives you the whole conflict.  You see them building temples, sacrificing and offering oblations of every sort, which are only abominations.  But to this man will I look:  To him that is poor, and of a contrite spirit, and trembleth at My word, in contrast to those who have chosen their own way, and their soul delighteth in their abominations.

Verse 5, Hear the word of the Lord, ye that tremble at His word; your brother that hated you, that cast you out for my name’s sake, said, Let the Lord be glorified; He shall appear to your joy, and they shall be ashamed. A voice of noise from the city; a voice from the Temple; a voice of the Lord, which rendereth recompence to His enemies (meaning judgment).  Isaiah was speaking about himself and the few that were with him; but this was all typical and prophetical of these days, as we see from the rest of the chapter.

Verse 7 shows you the bringing forth of the Manchild; as soon as Zion travailed she brought forth.  If the Manchild is brought forth, it’s that he may bring forth the 144,000.

Verse 10 & 11, Rejoice ye with Jerusalem, and be glad with her all ye that love her; rejoice for joy with her, all ye that mourn for her, that ye may suck and be satisfied with the breasts of her consolation, and be delighted with the abundance of her glory.

Verses 12 & 13 shows what Jerusalem will become to all who are His.

Verse 14,  And when ye shall see it, your heart shall rejoice, and your bones shall flourish like an herb, and the hand of the Lord will be known toward His Servant, and His indignation towards His enemies.

Verses 15, 16 & 17 is what will come on all who sanctify themselves in their gardens behind one tree in the midst, eating swine’s flesh; and the abomination and the mouse shall be consumed, saith the Lord.  This refers to all the great public movement carried on in His name.  For I know their works and their thoughts; it shall come that I will gather all nations and tongues, and they shall come and see my glory.  This refers to the gathering of the 144,000.

Verse 19 shows how He will send them to the ends of the Earth, and they shall declare my glory among the Gentiles.  He will destroy the whole religious world and give to the world, the New Everlasting Gospel.  And they shall bring from the ends of the Earth, a people to welcome Jesus, when He comes with his Bride from Heaven.

Verse 22 shows the new Heaven and new Earth, and the Kingdom set up, and all flesh shall come and worship.  But we shall see the carcasses of the men who have transgressed against the Lord, for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched, and they shall be an abhorring to all  flesh.

The healing which leads people to do this has failed in its purpose, as most of the healing which Jesus did.  You have noticed that the Disciples did not get healing for their body, but got to see, and say, and suffer with Jesus at the hands of those who only had the outward form of righteousness; while their hearts were full of hypocrisy and iniquity.

If the healings which Jesus did so widely through Palestine failed to regenerate men and make them partakers of the Divine nature through the words He spoke, this shows that the Devil can use all miraculous healings to deceive today, as he did the crowds which were attracted through His miracles; only went back and walked no more with Him, and were found on the side of the enemy, when he was crucified.

Nicodemus could see that Jesus was from God by the miracles which Jesus did, but Jesus had to remind him that he was blind, in spite of all that, and needed to be born of water and the Spirit, which is the great and eternal miracle for which very few, then or now, know anything of.

The 120 at Pentecost were not those who had been healed, but those who had been born of God and so could be truly sealed of His Spirit, because they had stood the test of suffering with Him in the day of His suffering.  You notice He only appeared to those who had suffered with Him after His resurrection.

This shows clearly where the Angelus Temple people are.  They are after something they can see and hear, but don’t ever feel the need of being born of God.  And their delusion is complete in the looking for the Rapture in place of the Manchild, who is to rule the nations with a rod of iron and be caught up to God and His Throne, when the work of gathering the 144,000 is finished and the judgment of the nations.  They are satisfied with the gospel which God has finished, and so feel no need for the Everlasting Gospel, which is to begin in the 2 Witnesses.

Don’t be afraid to witness to these things, and if your mother won’t hear, let her stay with Rosalie, for it will be like hell on Earth to live in the midst of their devilry.

Read Matt. 10:16-24 and see how real will be the conflict, and you have had a taste of it already; and God has graciously spoken so that you may be strengthened, and your people warned.

Get the matter of the Rich Man and Lazarus, and Isaiah 66 and give it to them every chance you have, and you will find that this will either make them much more bitter, or if they take the warning of Papa's death, they will get broken up.

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's letter to John A. Fladung
March 21, 1924

Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear John:

Many thanks for yours and gift which may seem like robbing you of your pocket money. But I would rather see you err on giving than getting and more because you are interested in the greatest things men have had the privilege of in any age. It's one thing to read and hear about men who were in touch with God in other days concerning the purpose of God to the world. But quite another thing to see past the clouds and darkness of our day to the same things being wrought out on the biggest scale of the whole world's history in preparing the New Heaven and New Earth for a New King and his Bride who are to reign for 1,000 years.

The more I know, the more I see the hopelessness of the world till it's rulers and masters are men of God. The whole history of that world has been a sorry record of rulers ruling for themselves. The oil scandal is only a little of what goes on in the world, only they have been careless enough to go a little beyond the ordinary mark. While everybody would say it's wrong for the strong to rob the weak and the wise to take advantage of the foolish and the good to oppress and wrong the bad, yet the practice is recognized in every country in the world and never more than by the religious people who give stones for bread and serpent for fish. Jesus called them thieves and robbers, who were looked upon as the benefactors of the people. What Rome was in Jesus' day is a sample of the political conditions of today; and what the Jews were is also a sample of the whole religious world. The whole world lieth in the arms of the wicked one in place of in the arms of Jesus; and so, because the disease is incurable by any other means than death, it's coming to all who are wicked, while life and salvation is coming for all who have been the victims both for saint and sinner; for the wicked have ever been known by their attitude and actions towards saint and sinner.

I'm glad you like the new home. The change will be good for you, for it's continual change which develops young life and they enjoy it more than in later life, when they get into more of a "rutty" condition. Fresh air and sunshine are one of the very best things for health from birth to death. All plants and animals grow long first and then grow sideways a little. So you need not worry. Buttermilk, one quart per day, will put a little flesh on any body if it can be done. But fat people are not the most useful, tho I would think you would want to be like papa who is a good sample to follow. Oats and corn meal and buttermilk fattens pigs, why not man? Rice and milk is good also for young people, with plenty of vegetable; and chew well all you eat. To eat too fast is not good for fattening and strengthening, for it's the amount you digest which counts more than the amount swallowed. A little roll on the floor on your back, side ways, end ways is also good for stimulating the whole body.

It's good that you are working, for that tends to build a stronger man than if you had been at school. See that you develop your chest out and head erect and take a little exercise of some sort to keep the muscles strong and supple, which you may not use so much at your work. For very much depends on the habits formed under 20 in this way. Practice walking like a soldier, legs well straightened, shoulders back, chest out and rising on your toes with good swing in your walk. Sitting around is not the best thing. Take your brother for a good walk and always try to keep your mind active as well; and I don't know anything more stimulating than keeping your eyes and ears turned to all God's workings on the earth.

You will find it good to get well acquainted with the young men of the Bible, specially Joseph, David and Daniel, for they are known more today on the earth than any of the young men of their time who are mostly forgotten. Samuel is also good, for they were all keen on knowing God and His workings on the earth in their day and generation. The men who were anxious to be great and rich are forgotten as if they had never been and to have a place amongst them in heaven when they come back to reign is surely the only thing worth striving for.

Best Love and thanks and kindly remembrance to all your family.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's letter to John A. Fladung
May 2, 1924

Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear John:

Thanks for your letter and gift. It's a great pleasure to write for those who enjoy reading. Did you ever think about the Lord speaking to a world of human beings and yet they are so busy and engrossed in all other things that they have no ear for their best friend, no matter what He has been to them and all others in all time? As we read the scriptures we see how few had an ear to hear what the Lord said and yet the few who had an ear became so much more than all the world beside them. One is apt to think that the Lord did not speak to all, but it's because they have no ear for the voice of the Lord God which saves us and by it we live. This is what true faith means. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God or God speaking. This is what Gospel means. We may believe the whole Bible and the words of all the prophets and yet have no living faith which saves and guides us in doing His will. The people who killed the prophets believed the Bible and kept the commandments but had no ear for the Living God and so none for the true prophets; while they honored the false prophets who taught them the words of the scriptures, etc.

Today if ye will hear His Voice, harden not your heart, but give ear and begin to hearken as did Abel, Noah, Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, Daniel and all whom we see honored of God. Solomon's wisdom came because he had a hearing heart. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto him.

Joseph was 17 when he began to hear the voice of the Lord God, who began to give him understanding and vision of heavenly things; and though his brothers hated and envied him and sold him down into Egypt, God was with him. God can't dwell in a man who will not hear Him. You would not like to be around where your voice could not be heard; and so learn like Joseph to have a hearing heart and you can be sure that the Lord will delight to--
walk and talk with you as He did with those you read about in The Book.

Samuel was only 12 when the Lord called him; but if Samuel had not heard and responded to the voice we would never have had much to read about him.

David used to hear the voice of the Lord God out on the hills when looking after the sheep and it was this which made it possible for him to kill Goliath and become the King of Israel. It was this which made Abraham the father of the faithful and the friend of God and David a man after God's own heart, for we can never hope to be like God in heart unless we have an ear and place for God in our heart.

It would be little use trying to be like these men if we did not get to know the secret of what made them differ from other men and this is the part I wish to emphasize. Begin to listen for His Voice every day and everywhere, though you will find it best to seek to be alone. He will give you wisdom and reproof and all you need. He will show you the vanity of all else in the world, short of knowing Him. He will help you in all that's good for you and become your chiefest friend and guide, protector and deliverer; and you need not think He does not know you or be interested in all your interests. You know how our ear has to get accustomed to the telephone and radio; so we need to know a little about hearing His Voice. But we learn this by practice and so with hearing the Lord's Voice and let our confidence and desires be as strong towards Him as in other things and we will not be disappointed. All that your father and mother have been to you, you will find the Lord become and more as you go on.

Don't pretend or go on in the company of others, but be sincere and seek to know The Voice of the Lord God for yourself and you will be enraptured as He opens your heart and mind to grasp all His way, truth and life; and the mysteries of The Book and times we live in. All He has ever been to others in any day, He will be to you today. But begin at the beginning as they did and then you can continue on to the end. Getting into a crowd, even of Christians who hear The Voice, will not make you a sheep. You need to hear for yourself and walk with Him. The Lord will put His thoughts into your mind and His desires into your heart every day, on all sorts of subjects and reveal the foolishness of those who know Him not and don't want to know Him.

The Lord has been speaking to you all along, but you need to recognize it and respond and not be afraid to obey His Voice. And as you honestly practice this you will find strength, grace and all you will ever need in the battle of life. There are so many other voices in the world, we need to give place and authority to Him first and last at any cost.

Your Loving Friend,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Edwards
June 3, 1924 (King's Birthday)

My Dear Wm. Rose & Co.:

Your two letters were very welcome.  I can understand how you enjoy having a little now and again to refresh as compared to the dry as dust world.  There was a time when you might get a little to interest, but my experience in 1915 convinced me that it had all gone, for I sought it honestly; very hungry, thirsty and weary, but found not that which I once had noticed to be amongst the religious people.  It was all bones and bluff, no meat and drink and looking back I learned by experience what I was later to see in The Book, that the fountains and rivers had dried up and what was left had become bitter, which meant death to drink of it.  I also recognized how sweet it will be to get to your mountain home where the face and words of the wicked world will be left behind.  For it's very wearing to have the constant grind night and day of the serpent and seed, accusing in Spirit, word and work and your action is in line with the fleeing of The Woman to the wilderness.  So what they have done in the South, you do in the North and it will prove to be an earnest of coming conditions and I'm sure you will find that He has been preparing the way for you in some measure.  For we are like children who have not gone this way before and need to be led and encouraged by His hand.

The "Fear nots" of Isaiah 40-44 all seem to be encouragement, as if to those who are babes, to trust in His power and presence with us and for us.  How literal many of the scriptures become with the time of His birth, anointing, ministry, betrayal, death, burial and resurrection.  The disciples did not notice it so clearly till after it was past, being slow of heart to believe all that was written concerning what was taking place before their eyes.  They were full of the religious interpretations common amongst the Jews, of the restoring the kingdom to Israel; mixing up truth which is for today, with that day.

The Alpha and Omega are together all through, but separated by the day of Jesus Christ.  The Omega is the great and notable day of the Lord.  How literal the Lord's words to the serpent in the garden, "I will put enmity between thy seed and her seed."  The Woman stands for who have had the second experience, as well as the first in the garden.  The enmity is between those who have the first experience only and those who have had the second, which comes at the end of the day between those who have been called, but heard not the voice of the Lord, only got the serpent's interpretation of the truth with fig-leaf righteousness covering themselves, with no covering for others, which has always been the mark of selfish, devilish reading of the truth of God, making them the wicked accusing seed which has always been the mark.  You see the enmity is His work to reveal the heart condition between those who have the Devil's interpretation and those who have God's interpretation by His nature and seal, The Woman and her seed; the serpent and his seed shows serpent to stand for those who, with Devil-possessed heart, preach the Gospel or bear witness to His truth.  The Woman stands for those who are born of God and sealed of His spirit; and so the two seeds have the enmity between them.  So serpent is not confined to the clergy as so many say, but to all who have the unregenerate Devil-possessed heart and you can see the clinging to each of the interpreter--the one to the serpent, the other to The Woman.  The seed of The Woman shall bruise the serpent's head and he shall bruise thy heel is very literal when read in Revelation 12.  The bruising of the head in the overcoming of the wicked one in the past becomes much more in the Manchild becoming the wielder of the iron rod over the nations, while the Devil and Satan in The Dragon, is defeated in the war in the same Heaven. The Woman and Dragon are the signs of: "They prevail not," showing Michael and his angels standing for the defense of The Woman and Manchild and their place is found no more in Heaven, so that the world will recognize they, whom they so long listened to and been deceived by are not of God, breaking the power they have so long wielded against all whom God ever sent.

You know all the methods used by accusing, to hinder people hearing the Message and using all satanic power to hinder them and make it impossible to walk in truth.  And you see how it must all concentrate on The Woman and Manchild, for the great purpose in drawing the battle lines as in Elijah's day, that the fire from Heaven may fall on that which is accepted of God, licking up water, dust, stone and sacrifice, for Elijah's day and sacrifice is a type as all others have of the great final victory which He is going to take to Himself in the great day of taking His power to reign and the Baalites are to have the first try as we see today.  The 7,000 of Elijah's time is type of the nature of the sealing of the 144,000.  They had not bowed the knee to Baal.

Revelation 14, they had not defiled themselves with the harlot, which is almost the same language and we know there are many today who have been wise to the whore and her work on the earth.  Though they have no other mark by which you could know them.  There are many who say, "Who will show us any good," as in Psalm 4, the answer to which, "Lord lift thou up Thy countenance upon us," or show who is thy chosen and anointed.  You remember the signs Elijah saw, but the Lord was not in them but in the still small voice.  Here is the hope of the world, emphasizing what we said about the voice.

You can't be too much alive to the power of accusation and if you don't recognize it, you are apt to suffer needlessly and this may wear down one's health.  Just as surely as we can overcome by the blood of The Lamb, the word of our testimony and confidence in God, Michael and his angels being able to defeat all the wicked powers who in Heaven, on earth or in the spiritual things are accused before God and all whom He is in, day and night.

You notice the emphasis put on, "I laid me down and slept," because the Lord sustained me even though ten thousands enemies were round about who said, "There is no hope for him in God."  Also commune with your own heart on your bed, which is very different from Prayer, but talking with God quietly who will give peace and assurance and wisdom on all points.  These four Psalms, are specially for these days and give four aspects of the experience we have; and the marks of our enemies.

You have a good idea of what The Testimony activities will be day and night, so you don't expect the others in the world to be any better.  The Baal prophets are type of them as they jump and shout and suffer in their zeal for God before the poor deceived world, but the victory will be as sudden and overwhelming as was the type in Elijah's day.

How literal Daniel 12 has become in the light of Revelation, Michael and his angels and their work.  The trouble to the world and the deliverance to the seed of Abram, whose names are in The Book.  The resurrection which will reveal the difference between those who have attained unto the mark and those who have missed it.

The whole chapter is as literal as Revelation is, the last two numbers given, 1290 days seem to cover the time the two witnesses are killed to the overthrow of the Antichrist.  Then the 1335 days refers to the time when He shall come to greet and meet the great company whom no man can number, who dressed in white and palms in their hands wait to welcome Him and His bride from Heaven:  Only when we look back are we able to realize how perfectly these things were shut and sealed till the time and season of the end had come.

I could wish to share a few days with you in your happy mountain home.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's letter to John A. Fladung
June 4, 1924
Jerusalem , Palestine.

My Dear John, Jr.:

Many thanks for your letter and bill. 12 hours is a long day. I had to work from 6 A.M. to 9 P.M., 5 days in the week, half day Saturdays for the magnificent sum of one dollar. This was my second job.

My first was 72 hours per week for 75 cents. I was under 9 years of age, so you have some advantage over me. But I'm not sorry, looking back today, for all that side of life when people with all their privileges make such use of them as only adds to their life-long trouble. If school education could do something, they have many privileges, but there is another education which they don't have; the discipline of earning an honest living in the sweat of their face. The more educated people get the more do they shirk this side of it and to eat not in the sweat of the face is the curse. To eat bread in the sweat of others face is to be cursed, no matter how men try to read it; and here lies all the trouble in the world of capital and labor. If masters had the same interest in you as your father had, there would be blessing on both sides; for the home is meant to be the world teacher and schools for nations and men. But the home is where the serious trouble begins and it's less valued today than ever.

No public institution can ever take the place of the home and they are surely causing people to lose sight of the very foundation of all true living. This would be called old fashioned to many, but it's the fundamental truth of the whole Book and of all history. The home is the unit for the nation and all government should be the expression of that. But it's because chaos and people don't know where we are drifting to. This fact makes the whole Book very safe. "Honor thy father and thy mother that thy days may be long,"

means more than people suspect. For there is the foundation of all true character and our human guide to the future honoring of our Heavenly Father and the Holy Ghost, our Spiritual Mother, when we are born of God and made partakers of our Heavenly Brother's nature, who becomes our price pattern and guide. If you take away the foundation work there is nothing left but the mind of people's own selfishness to build on and it won't stand the stress and strain of life's storms. So the home, Father, Mother, sisters and brothers is the best school any one can have and nothing can take its place.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To Bob Skerritt
June 18, 1924

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob:

I was thinking of you slaving away on your Montana ranch alone but for the Trinity and Michael and his angels, which are assured are for all whose names are written in the Book. We know how man's records and God's differ as we see the choosing days for the two seeds--the one becoming the accusing and the other accused. Jacob's name was written in at Bethel, while Esau's was blotted out. Both had the same privileges, but the first born became the hated, and the second born became the beloved. And we see how the elder served the younger in all that he did, for it only made manifest the difference and perfected the one in Devil possession, and the other in God control inward and outward. The realization in Esau's case ended in tears; while you see Jacob go on through sorrow to realize how perfectly God had worked all through his life, every step of which was beset with tribulation outward, while the inward was being perfected.

Paul's description of all we can expect in flesh in Romans 3, and their only hope in the faith which is produced by God speaking to us by human lips. Jew and Gentile all under sin as it is written--verses 10 to 18. For all have sinned and come short of the Glory of God which is seen in our faith in Jesus Christ. We little realize that Paul's words which we have quoted, was the foundation which led to his death by the unregenerate flesh, Jew and Gentile, or the church. I enjoyed Romans 11:26 last week. All (Spiritual) Israel shall be saved as written; there shall come out of Zion the deliverer and shall turn away ungodliness from Jacob. He is speaking about the end of the Gentile age, for this is my covenant when I shall take away their sins and give them everlasting Gospel and Kingdom. If the end of the Jewish day and the bringing in of the Gentile was great blessing to the world, what shall be the end of the Gentile and the grafting in the True Spiritual Israel of both Jew and Gentile--but as life from the dead.

The Jewish people are all looking for their Messiah who is to fulfill this promise. But their Messiah whom they will choose after the killing of the two witnesses, (who are THE fulfillment) of what Paul quotes from Psalms 14, Isaiah 59: 20, and we can see in the first part of the Psalm and Isaiah 59 that natural Israel and Gentile seed are very far from being the seed of God. Though having a name to live, you can see how they have made His arm powerless and caused Him to refuse to hear because of their iniquity, wickedness and violence. David sums it all very shortly when he says, "The fool hath said in his heart there is no God." This is probably the root of all wickedness, for man can do that, but they can't refuse to become victims of the Devil and fall into his snare. They are corrupt, abominable, none that do good or express the love of God and the Lamb sacrifice sealed by His spirit.

The Lord looked from Heaven upon all that is human, to see if there were any that did understand and seek God. They are all gone aside and together become filthy; there's none that doeth good, emphasized by "No not one." "Have all the workers of iniquity no knowledge that they eat up my people as they eat bread, and call not on the Lord." Yet they feared a fear, for God is in the generation of the righteous as He was righteous, not as the Pharisees were righteous. Ye have shamed the counsel of the poor, because the Lord is His refuge. Oh, that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion, or that the Manchild were brought forth (Rev. 12), or the two witnesses anointed to stand before the God of the Earth, the Candlesticks and the two Olive trees by whom light and anointing is to come to the 144,00 by them to the world forever.

When the Lord bringeth back the captivity of His people, couples up Zech: 3, where we see the two anointed who were to build the Temple at Jerusalem on the return of the Jews from Babylon, which is type of the two witnesses and clearly identified by the two olive trees mentioned in Zech: 4:11 to 14. Isaiah 59 gives us a much more detail of the Esau seed, who though equally privileged with the Jacob seed, have become the cause for Salvation and Strength, the Kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ being known on the earth, which caused His own arm to bring forth Salvation in a new way.

When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against Him, and the Redeemer (of the condition described in the former part of the Chapter,) will come to Zion: and unto them that turn from the above transgression in Jacob. The last verse gives you a good idea of what everlasting Gospel means. My Spirit that is upon thee Isaiah, his seed and seed's seed, and my words which I have put in thy mouth shall not depart from henceforth and forever, as it has done from both Jew and Gentile.

Isa: 60 gives us a picture of the activities during the 3 1/2 years of the two witnesses and the 144,000 coming to Jerusalem or Zion. Romans 9 is very good and clear on the fact that the natural Jews of Israel are not all of Israel, for it was said, in Isaac shall thy seed be called. They which are the children of the flesh (even of Abram or Isaac) are not the children of God. For the promise to Sarah, at this time will I come, and Sarah shall have a son-- showing clearly that it is only those who are begotten of God that count. But it is clearer even in Rebecca, who conceived by (ONE) yet there were two seeds in the womb. The one begotten of the flesh and the other of the Spirit, neither having done good or evil, showing that men's actions and words don't either make them children of flesh or children of God. Election is of Grace, not by natural birth or goodness or badness in men, but in God being able to work in the heart, not of works, but of Him that calleth. It is hear the Voice and respond to it, is the only hope for becoming the elect of God.

The greater shall serve the lesser, or the elder or firstborn shall serve the younger and second-born. Jacob have I loved, Esau have I hated. I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and compassion on whom I will have compassion. His eternal choice was to show mercy and compassion to those begotten of Himself. Like as a Father pitieth his children, so the Lord them that are His, bringing out the differences we see between the world love and the love of Family being a type of difference in God's dealings with His own and those who are only flesh. You can see that all Step-Fatherly, Motherly, Brotherly and Sisterly influence can only rob us of that love. Read Psalm 103 and see how full and rich it is in contrast to all we have ever seen or known, which is good outline and exposition of "Now is come Salvation and Strength, the Kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ, for the accuser of our Brethren is cast down which accuseth them before our God day and night."

Think of the change in Abram's home after the Bondwoman and her child were cast out. But it was nothing but a type for the greater day at hand, when they will cease forever to have a place amongst those who name HIS name. This is the great conflict which is now on between the Dragon and his angels and Michael and his angels over the Woman and Manchild, as it was over Sarah and Isaac in the home of Abraham the friend of God. They mocked old childless Sarah as she nursed her God-given babe. Romans 10 shows the 2 sorts of righteousness; that according to the law; and that which comes by Faith through those sent of God, but not according to the knowledge of God. They were disobedient and gainsaying even though the Lord had held out His hand to them all the day. Think on how Abraham would try to make peace in the home till he had to drive them away.

I trust your heart is being refreshed every day, and that you keep well, fit and strong in Spirit, soul and body, and can enjoy the far vision which sustained all His true seed in all ages.

Yours truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Fladungs
June 28, 1924
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Fladungs:

Many thanks for your letter and bill.  I’m glad to hear that the boys are like Jacob, “Home Boys.”  Jacob was a plain man dwelling in tents.  Esau was the more spectacular—a hunter, roaming about, and you can see, more likely to be influenced by all that was outside in the world.  God was at home in Isaac and Rebecca, and so you can see the two had their choice, and God worked to make it manifest.

It was home influence which wrought for him getting the blessing and the birthright, which led to him being driven from home to the Bethel place, where Jacob became the home of God and entered into the covenant which God had made with Abram and Isaac.  Laban’s treatment of Jacob, in the matter of his 2 wives and changing his wages 10 times, was only perfecting Jacob, because it gave God a chance of proving Himself as sufficient to overcome all the wiles and craft of men, who would have kept him from realizing God’s promise in bringing him to his own land and father’s house in peace.

You see how fear of Esau only perfected the work He had begun in driving Jacob over River Jabbok to Peniel, where he was made a prince, having power with God and man, and his name changed and a staff given him as the symbol of his being blessed of God.  Little did Jacob think that he was bearing the marks of all who were to be the Jacob and Israel for all time, and now seen in the Woman, Manchild, and 144,000, who are the 12 tribes being chosen and sealed out of the whole world, as Jacob became the father of the 12 tribes--the “All Israel” of today, which shall be saved by the deliverer out of Zion of Romans 11:26, “The redeemer” of Isaiah 59:20, and “The salvation” out of Zion of Psalm 14:7.

It’s good to read the last chapter of Genesis and see the death of Jacob and the coming of Joseph into the place with his brethren, which God had given him.  “Ye thought evil against me, but God meant it unto good, to bring to pass as it is this day, to save much people alive.  Now, therefore, fear ye not.  I will nourish you and your little ones, and he comforted them and spake kindly unto them.”

Genesis is the beginnings of the 6th Day Creation, but is also the beginnings of the gathering out of the 7th Day Creation, which you see finished in Revelation.  “The evening and the morning were the 6th day,” are the last words of Genesis 1.  In Revelation, we have the evening and the morning of the 7th Day Creation, when the Kingdom is to be set up on the Earth, which makes the creation of Adam a good type to guide us in reading Revelation.

You see how the Lord had prepared Eden by fencing it in between two rivers—Euphrates and Tigris--which bounded it South and North, and four rivers on the other side—East, which protected it from the great beasts from sea and land.  Here, He planted a garden, and there, He gathered the dust out of which He made Adam.  He was not made out of the animals, but out of the dust from under their feet, and so you have plenty to make you glad of your humiliation these days.

Isaiah 66:2 shows that it is to the poor and contrite in spirit, that trembleth at His word, that He will look for His dwelling place. Contrite means ground very fine, so that there is no hard pieces, like cement or potter’s clay.  You can see the gathering of the Testy separated on every side.  Then, the separating of the Woman from the remnant of her seed.  Then out of them, comes forth the Manchild, who is to multiply and replenish the Earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the other creation day’s work.

Hebrews 11:6-9 shows the creation and purpose, made, for a little time, lower than the Angels and brothers in the family of which Jesus is the head.  The Manchild is the beginning of the realization of our inheritance in full, of which we have had only the earnest.  And Revelation is the evening and morning experience leading up to the setting up the Kingdom on the Earth, multiplying, subduing, and having dominion.  So that what we read of the Manchild and work, is only a sample, or earnest, of the condition and position of the Earth under the control of the sons of God, in whom all the hopes of creation are to be realized, ending all the groaning and sighing, tyranny, fear, oppression, that has characterized the whole creation in the days of vanity.

You see how Michael and his Angels are making war with the Dragon and his seed, as they stand in their great redness of the 7-headed, 10-horned Dragon, who would make you believe he is to be the ruling power, as in the past.  But the bringing forth of the Manchild is the victory over Dragon and Devil, and the beginning of the 7th day’s creation, which ends the old Heaven and old Earth.

The evening began in 1914, and you see how it has got darker all the time, till the twilight is beginning to show that the coming of the Sun of Righteousness, with healing in his wings, is not far off.  When the children of God will begin to realize the fullness of what being bought with His blood and sealed with His Spirit is, in making us Kings and Priests unto God in reality before the eyes of men.  We have had, in our human nature, plenty of proof of the vanity of all that’s human, but we are now to have a taste of belonging to the Kingdom of which He is the head, and sharing in all His power and glory over the kings of the earth and all that’s human.  Just as Adam had over all the other kingdoms of which he was head.

The coming of John is to show that all who are in Heaven are also to be partakers in the new Kingdom of the sons of God.  It was the Lord’s work, as creator, which made Adam and gave him a bride to be mother of all living, and it’s the same Lord, as creator, who is going to do the work again as you see from Revelation 4.  What He revealed of power of God over all that was human, even over death and the grave, is now to be manifested in all who are His chosen seed.

It’s very good to be conscious that we are only as the dust, or clay, of the Garden, for He remembers we are dust.  But out of that dust or clay, He is going to fashion us a body in which
all the glory of His power will be manifested in subduing the whole creation unto Him and reigning with Him for 1,000 years, so that the Devil’s power will not be needed any more to reveal those who don’t let God’s purpose be wrought out in them.  Their wickedness will be revealed in the absence of the power of God, just as today, it’s revealed in the works of the Devil, when done in name of God.  So you can see what a great conflict is on between the Dragon and his Angels, and Michael and his Angels, over the Woman and child, who are not the fighters, but the objects over which the war is waged.  You can see and hear enough to convince you that men don’t believe that a Man-child can be all that’s written of him, but they don’t realize this is the beginning of the 7th Day Creation being realized in the human, regenerate seed of God.  We have only seen an earnest of this power in any of the prophets, but the fullness of it is revealed in Jesus.  For this reason, He put on our nature, not only to redeem by blood, but also to give us revelation of the power of the Kingdom in and with us, as we see it in Him and then demonstrated, not in the Godchild, but in the Man-child, who is to multiply and replenish the Earth, subdue it, and have dominion in the sons of God on the Earth.

You see in the natural Jews and their Antichrist the 666, or fullness of the power of man.  But you see in the Man-child, the 777, or fullness of the re-creation of God.  The former to curse the Earth and perish, the latter, to bless the families of the Earth and be blessed.  The one to cease from the Earth, the other to inherit.  The little bit of river mud did not look more than a corpse as the Lord formed it, but when breathed into, it became a living [being] with power such as the world had never seen, till man came on the Earth.  And the present work of preparing the Man-child will all seem very much like death, till he anoints and the proof will be in the activities seen in the life of Jesus.  This is the marks which will be seen in the preaching of the Everlasting Gospel of the Kingdom.

Best love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Skerritt
July 13, 1924

My dear Bob:

I was more than pleased to have such a good letter from you today.  You will have had 2 letters before this reaches you.  I notice it takes the best part of a month for a letter to reach me; so you need to write every week if you want one every week.  I find it is God’s way to meet the need in every letter, and it’s much easier for me than to write otherwise.  Most letters are only like an empty vessel to be filled; but that is according to the Book.  The wise and faithful Servant is to give meat in due season and be made Ruler over all His house.  Matt. 24 and 25 shows the one of the Least of these my brethren as the test for the Sheep and Goats in the Apostolic churches of today.  We used that in old days, but we know now it was not for that time; and its abuses has produced a crop of thieves and robbers who would have starved without, long ago.  You know in as much as you have done it unto one of the Least of these my brethren, ye did it or did it not unto me, has been used by the religious and even by the political, to hold men up either by the threat of everlasting punishment and the gun of the bandit who believes those who have, should give to those who have not.

The poor ye have always with you, but me ye have not always; and it’s as true of the one of the Least of these my brethren as it was of Jesus, for the Overcomer to whom the 7 promises was given, Rev. 2 and 3 – is not a number, but a Man who becomes the Manchild in whom all the promises given to Jesus are to be fulfilled both in Judgment to the wicked and Mercy to the world by the Everlasting Gospel.  And the Spirit these days is witnessing to this fact and giving vision and revelation along this line.  The whole professed Christian world are looking back to Jesus and forward to His coming, in place of seeing that the work of judgment is to be wrought out on the Earth by a Man and the Kingdom set up and prepared before Jesus moves off His Throne in Heaven.

If you read Rev. 2:26-28, Rev. 3:21, and note:  “Even as I received of my Father, and even as I overcame and am set down on my Father’s Throne,” you will grasp the fact that in the Overcomer, not plural but singular, he who is to rule the Nations in Judgment, and when finished be caught up to God and His Throne as Jesus was.  So you see what a delusion God has put on all who hold the truth and violate the Love of God as revealed in their attitude to the Overcomer and Manchild.  What you say is true in the choosing days of every man of God.  But you have more than that in these days, you have the producing of the Man by whom vengeance is to be executed on all men who are wicked, and so guilty of the Blood of the Prophets, Jesus and the Apostles.  The seed of the Woman is to bruise the Serpent’s head, and he shall bruise his heel, is a literal fact, descriptive of what’s to take place in the Manchild.  All the anointed of God from Abel, overcame the Serpent by their death.  But this overcoming is to be the overthrow, not only of the Devil but of all his seed.

So it’s a New Thing we have no past experience or record of; we have not gone this way before.  So it’s a perfect test for those who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith.  John was the overcomer in the Alpha days by whom the Spirit gave the Lord’s Message to the Churches.  But the Message of the Overcomer is quite distinct from that which is given to those who have ears to hear, and so it’s very mete that John should come back to be Co-witness with the Overcomer of the Omega days.  Rev. 21:5, 6, 7, and 8.  He that sat on the Throne in Heaven said – Behold, (see by the Spirit) I make all things new.  Write, for these words are true and faithful.  And He said – it is done.  I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end.  I will give unto (him) that is athirst of the Fountain (not the water) of the Waters of Life freely.  He that overcometh, (not many, but one) shall inherit all things, and I will be (his) God and he shall be my son, (not sons).  But the fearful and unbelieving, the abominable whoremongers and murderers, and sorcerers and idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.  This is the 2nd death.  The first was when they heard the words of life and enticed by the wide gate to walk in the broad way of profession without God.

So that their attitude to him who overcomes reveals their heart attitude to Him who sits on the Throne, where He will remain till all His enemies are put under His feet by the Manchild whom He has chosen, not only as the test, but also as the Judge of all their wickedness.  You will find this clear up many misty readings for you as it has done for me.  You can see how much alone I have been in the conflict and how it has all centered around me and my Message.  And I’m glad that these things were not made clear to me earlier, for there would have been more temptation to getting puffed up over them.  What the God-child revealed and purchased for us by His Blood, is to be revealed and made ours by the Manchild, the Least of these my brethren.  The last is to be first.  If you read the 9th of Mark, you will see John in the first verse, and the Manchild in the last, and typified in the child He took up in His arms; and the whole chapter is type for the crowning of the Manchild.

You may almost think me presumptuous in these readings, but I’m sure, else I would not give them to you.  What a surprise men will get when it dawns on them what they have been doing these past 10 years; as Jacob became the worm in their eyes, and Israel His chosen in His sight.  If you read over the promises to the Overcomer, you will have an outline of the whole.  Notice the 3rd promise.  I will give him hidden manna, a white stone (the stone cut out of the mountain) which is to smite the Image on it’s feet.  In the stone a new name written which no man knoweth saving he to whom it is given.  The New Name is Manchild.  And so you see people have no way of knowing apart from having ears to hear what the Spirit saith in these days.

I have noticed quite a few of the doubtfuls have fallen in their own self-righteousness.  Just here you notice the condition of the disciples at Transfiguration, and the Message God gave, “This is my Son in whom I’m well pleased.  Hear ye Him.”  (This is to the 3, who though filled with doubt and darkness, had gone up the mountain while the other 9 had not been willing).  And what you see take place there, will take place again when John comes with the decree from Heaven as in Isaiah 2.  Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee.  Moses and Elias came down to talk with Him about the decease which was to be accomplished at Jerusalem.  John comes to talk about the crowning of the Manchild who has been brought forth.  These are very wonderful things and far beyond our highest hopes, but Godlike on the whole.

About your health, Bob.  I would advise you to get one ounce of Iodide of Potassium and put it into 2 quart bottles of water, and take one or two teaspoons full after eating.  This is the surest thing to reach your condition, and is quite cheap and safe.  I use it all the time.  It’s one of 5 things which medical science can rely on.  They can’t tell the why of it, but they know it’s value for all sorts of nerve and other troubles which are obscure and chronic.  Keep away from all sorts of heavy food, specially cheese and pig.  And use all the vegetables you can – with fruit.  No potatoes, tea or coffee.  And you can be quite sure of benefiting, and having no return of your troubles.  A little Iron is a good tonic, though it tends to constipate and needs some help either in figs, prunes or medicine.  But it gives you staying power.

I have had a harder battle for my health than even you, Bob, but it’s wonderful how gracious He has been to me, and I feel in good shape more than for past 10 years, and rejoice at all His wondrous Grace, and how the Devil and all his power has broken like the waves of the sea on the rocks of the shore.  And what I have proved is for all others, as truly as His death was for the sins of the whole world.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Loitzs
July 18, 1924

Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Mary and Co:

I was glad of yours and also the little cutting which speaks volumes for Moscow. Thanks for the papers you send. I have enough with them, and days get more interesting all the time. It's good to hear that you benefit by the letters which prove you belong to the body, whose head He crowned with the 12 star crown, that we might have light of life for these days; and the fact of the battle proves that we are not of the Dragon nor his angels. The Dragon is in Jerusalem, but you may expect his angels wherever there is a living member of the body. But we can be sure that Michael is here and his angels will be wherever the living members are, to see that the enemy don't prevail till he is cast out of Heaven, by being revealed in all his panoply and power of the Devil.

It's ours to take no notice of all their big outward show, but to believe what God has said; just as Abraham did when he went up to Jerusalem to offer Isaac. If he had asked anybody, they would have said he was mad and bad too; but he proved that he lived by every word which came from the mouth of God; and went in confidence that God would provide a sacrifice even in the face of death to his only beloved son. Notice the promises he got. Because thou hast hearkened to the voice of God and hast not withheld thy son. I blessing I will bless thee, in multiplying I will multiply thee as the stars of Heaven and as the sands of the sea shore, and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies and in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.

And now we see the overcomer of Rev. 2 and 3 face the same conflict by the same faith of Abraham and have those promises fulfilled - In blessing I will bless thee (Manchild); in multiplying I will multiply thee as the stars- Light givers - the 144,000, and as the sands of the sea shore, the great multitude whom no man can number, clothed in white raiment who come out of the Tribulation. Thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies. Take the Kingdom as we see in Dan. 2, and in the Sons of God shall all nations be blessed as in the millenial reign when the sons of God come to reign with Him in their midst. This was the reason for God testing Abram's faith, to show us how to inherit the promise given and have it fulfilled.

You will benefit by reading Gen. 22; along with Rev. 2 and 3. He that Overcometh the Devil when he comes in like a flood to the apostolic churches of the last days, is to have all the promises 7 fold of Rev. 2 and 3. This does not shut out the others who may be with him, any more than Sarah the mother of Isaac was shut out, for all that Abram had was for Sarah and Isaac to share and inherit. You will find it good to write out the 7 fold promises which are to be fulfilled to the Manchild.

1st. He is to eat of the tree in the midst of the paradise of God, in contrast to what you see Adam and Eve did in their paradise.

2nd. He is not to be hurt of the second death, or die as other men die, but to overcome death, rise and ascend to the throne of God as Jesus did, as you see in the last promise.

3rd. He is to eat of the hidden manna, have a white stone given him, and a new name which no man knoweth saving he to whom it is given. We are today enjoying the hidden manna. We are the stone which is to smite the Image on its feet, of Dan 2. We have the new name Manchild written.

4th. Rev. 2:26-28, He that overcometh and keepeth my works to the end. I began alone, and faced the whole?/worlds? religions and founded the apostolic church of today, and like Paul, I am very much alone, facing the religious world and the churches 7 fold Devil possessed. So I have kept His works to the end even as Paul did when he said, I have finished my course, etc. To him will I give power over the nations. Read Ps. 2:8-9, Rev. 2:26-28 and Rev. 12:5. He shall rule them with a rod of iron; as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken in shivers. EVEN as I received from the Father. Sit thou on my right hand, till I have made thine enemies a footstool. This is to be fulfilled by the Manchild, while Jesus sits on His Throne in Heaven, and comes when the work has been finished and a new Heaven and new earth created for the sons of God to reign. And I will give him the morning star - the Everlasting Gospel which make him the Son of Righteousness with healing in his wings. You can look up the references given in your Bible here. There are quite a number, such as, "Till the day dawn and the day star arise in your hearts" - as Peter says, "Ye are not of the night but of the day, etc.

5th. Shall be clothed in White raiment; as you see the mark of the Tribulation saints who are to be the guests of the marriage supper when He comes. I will not blot out his name as will happen to all who have been overcome by the wicked one in The Testimony. But I will confess his name before my Father and before His angels on the earth. This is where we see Michael and his angels warring against the Dragon and his angels.

6th Promise. I will make you a pillar in the temple of my God. And you shall go no more out. And I will write upon him the name of my God- and the name of the city of my God - New Jerusalem, which cometh down from God out of Heaven. And I will write upon him my new Name, Manchild.

7th. And I will grant to sit with me in my Throne even as I overcame and am set down with my Father in His Throne. This is the meaning of the killing of the 2 witnesses, their rising and ascending to the Throne of God, Rev.11. This reveals the reason for the 7 fold devil possession of the churches to show they were unregenerate - to produce the Overcomer and those who may be with him - as the Woman. So you see the connection between Abram, Isaac and Sarah.

We are celebrating these days in the whole Moslem world, Courban Bairam, or the feast in the memory of Abram offering Isaac - but they say Ishmael, who is the father of the Arab nation - as Isaac is of the Jews. From 11th to 16th of July. Last year it was held from 22 to 26, and on the last day President Harding got sick and died on 2nd Aug. You notice death has again visited the White House on the 8th, and on 11th Premier of Egypt was shot in Cairo - the reason being to prevent him going to London to negotiate with the British Gov. On 30th June, Dr. Dahan, the Leader of the Orthodox Jews was shot dead in Jerusalem because next day he was going to London to speak in favor of his party and the Arabs.

This is the month 10 years ago, that led up to the war; it came as a surprise to the world; and there are many things which point to dangers greater than in 1914. The Inter-allied conference on the Dawse report is on now, began on the 16th. The last day of the Bairam Feast. So there are many little links which bind the whole together and we can't forget what Paul said, when they say "Peace and Safety" then cometh sudden destruction and they shall not escape.

You can see that Abram was alone in hearing what God told him, and he was alone in doing it and getting the promise. It was a very severe test but the result was the more glorious. The journey to Jerusalem - 3 days- was all uphill, 3000 feet, and the last 3 miles only him and Isaac went- to where the temple was later built on Mt. Moriah. They still show the rock to visitors to the Mosque; but though the world honor Abraham's faith of long ago, they are just as much anxious to dishonor any man who would bear the same marks today. It has been quite a journey of 10 years to get to Jerualem, the place we are today, and the last of it the most trying, bit the more glorious in its reward, which is not only for the Manchild and woman, but for the 144,00 and the whole nations of the earth. So we rejoice in heart that we are counted worthy to suffer a little in having our faith perfected for such a work.

He set His face as a flint to go to Jerusalem to purchase by His own blood our redemption. Why should not we do so to get what He purchased by His own blood- making us heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.

Best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Pettys, Australia.
July 23, 1924
From: PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Pettys,

I was more than pleased to have one from both 1/2's of the home, which made 2 very hearty, appreciative, understanding letters - along with Harveys, who I hope will get his eyes opened to see that it's more than a matter of seeing where God is not.

Revelation begins with John in Patmos; then you have the message to the churches; and this is the foundation truth for Revelation - to add to or take from is dangerous, and impossible to let God work in us apart from this. You notice the formula at the end of every message: To him that overcometh will I give, etc.. He that hath ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit saith to the churches.

John was the overcomer in the 1st, or Alpha churches; the Manchild is the overcomer in the Omega churches. The Lord spoke to the overcomer, and he to the churches, the message of the Spirit. Those who had ears to hear because they had been born of God by hearing His voice heard the message and were friends to John in spite of all the unregenerates who had no ears to hear what John had to say; This is the body of the Woman of Rev.XII: 1 & 2. This explains why John and the Manchild are to be the 2 witnesses, as the overcomers of the wicked one, who has come in like a flood, into The Testimony. You notice how the whole conflict has centered in me and my message, which proves the truth of the Book.

The proof that the overcomer, he and him, is not for the Woman, is the nature of the promises given, especially the 4th and 7. To him that overcometh will I give power over the nations, and he shall rule them with a rod of iron, and break them in shivers as a potter's vessels- EVEN as I received from my Father, and I will give him the morning star - the sign of a new day - the 7th day creation, when the Kingdom is to come on the Earth (by a Manchild), even as it is in Heaven by the God-child.

All that Jesus reveals and was promised to Him by the Father as the result of His shed blood for the sinner world is to be wrought out in a man as heir of God, and joint-heir with Jesus Christ. I often staggered when I saw so many places where the Manchild was spoken of in prophecy - that we knew was fulfilled in Him - for nearly every place we find the 2 interwoven, and I could not grasp it very clearly or express it strongly, for fear of stumbling a weak one; but it's all very clear today - that He is to sit at the right hand in Heaven till His enemies, the wicked are put under His feet; and the instruments in the doing of it are John and the Manchild – by the iron rod and the morning star.

Long ago I recognised the danger of people taking Abram's, Moses' and Elijah, etc, name and words and authority in their mouth without considering whether they had any foundation in their experience to warrant it. The same is true in the New Testament, and has proved to be the ruin of The Testimony – by its false apostles, elders and professors - as in Paul and John's day, the true were rejected and accused - while the false took the place and power, which belonged only to those whom He had sent - revealing the fact that the many had entered by the wide gate and broad way of professing without God being able to work in them - which ends in death - more terrible than to the nations and the heathen.

He that overcometh shall inherit all things - revealed in and promised to Jesus purchased for us by His blood. He shall be my son and I will be his God. But the fearful and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, idolators and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.

So you see how hopeless the case of those who fail to hear what the spirit saith to the churches by the overcomer. I have seen many fearful and unbelieving who recognised where The Testimony was, but were afraid to commit themselves to receiving what I had to say, and thought to stand on their own feet - ending in darkness and a measure of wickedness, which was revealed after a considerable time. I have found that those who have been as positive for me as those who are against me have got on best, while those who have sought a little place of their own made little of it. I may have erred in not being stronger, fearing that people might think I was seeking my own in place of being His mouthpiece for their deliverance.

I also notice that those who have been most diligent in writing and receiving have made most headway and enjoy most victory over the enemy. Even workers have suffered through thinking about place, as in old days. But there is only 2 sides in this conflict - for the Manchild or against him. He that is not for me is against me, is as true today as in His days - for it's the same conflict, only in a man of the earth - earthly and dust - in place of the God-man. Christ Jesus, whose servant and co-heir he is, and every method, manner and thing they have said is very like what we see He had to suffer at the hands of those who called themselves His people.

Read the reference to Rev. II:26-28, and satisfy yourselves that the 3 places are all referring to the Manchild; Ps. II: 8 & 9; Rev. XII:5, and the above. The 7th promise to the overcomer is also very striking: I will grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I overcame, and am sat down on my Father's throne. Note the Even, of both these promises. This is fulfilled in the death, resurrection and ascension of the 2 witnesses, and is not for the Woman, or those who hear the Spirit's message. Read them over carefully and assure yourself on the matter, for it will not weaken your hope and confidence for yourself, but strengthen it –

For all that Jesus purchased for us by His blood – is ours - and for us - as heirs of God and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ; But the same is true of the Manchild - and all that's promised to him is for us by him - But to confuse the instrument with those who are to be partaker of the benefits don't help. He created the 6th. day creation in a man; He redeemed by blood through a man (the Son of God), and now He is going to bring it to us so that we can receive it through a man of our own dust flesh and blood - which removes that uncertainty we always felt because He was the Son of God, and we only sons of men. The whole Book bears the same marks: of God's blessing, power and glory being revealed through a man of His own choice. And people received very much from God according to the way they received the man.

It's impossible to dishonour the man whom God honours and not suffer loss. He that receiveth you, receiveth me, etc. is still true. If receiving the false apostle leads to being partaker of his sins, there is the other side. Paul felt he was like a fool in glorying in what God had made him to them; but he did it for their help and comfort. And in the matter of the Manchild there is need to follow Paul and John's example. It's one thing to read John's Epistle, Gospel and Revelation today; it was another thing to receive and read it from Patmos.

One thing I'm glad of is that anybody reading Rev. XI & XII, XIII & XIV, can't fail to see the place is Jerusalem - spiritually called Sodom and Egypt - where also our Lord was crucified. John is to come to Jerusalem, the 144,000 are to stand on Mt. Olivet; and many other hints quite clearly revealed. The Dragon is in Jerusalem; and the Anti-Christ is to reign there; and the earthquake of the ascension; and destruction of the great city by the final earthquake; as well as Jesus coming with His Saints to reign in Jerusalem; And the 144,000 are to be gathered to Jerusalem by the 2 witnesses – so that all eyes of those who hear what the spirit saith to the churches should naturally be looking in that direction; Behold, the Bridegroom cometh, will be sounded out from Jerusalem by the great voice, Now is come salvation, and strength, the Kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ, for the accuser of our brethren has been cast down, that accuseth them before God day and night. Therefore rejoice ye heavens (on earth), and ye that dwell in them - as Sarah and Mary, the mother of Jesus hold a place amongst women that no others can rob them of - so the Woman in her relationship to the Manchild will hold a place that the 144,000 can't have - or the great company whom no man can number, who are to be gathered out of the nations to welcome His return with His Bride. You notice the provision made for the Woman when the Manchild is brought forth.

Then when the 2 witnesses ascend to the Throne of God, she is to be given the wings of a great eagle for her flight, which no doubt refers to fleeing from Jerusalem by airplane - by then they will have developed air ship that would carry 100 people, and airplanes to carry 50 - So when you read of the great developments going on in that direction it's only in line with the Book. The Dragon casting waters as a flood out of his mouth after the Woman - refers to broadcasting by wireless - radio; the earth opening up her mouth, and swallowing up the flood – is the result of the earthquake in Jerusalem when the 2 witnesses are caught up - This will change the tune of the Dragon's message, and prepare the reception for the Woman for the next 3 1/2 years, when the antichrist come into power, which is always marked by time, times, and half a time, which is the Hebrew way of expressing 3 1/2 years, or 1260 days, or 42 months, which covers all other methods of reckoning; and when the Woman is safely protected and provided for, the Dragon turns his attention to the remnant of her seed - The Testimony. So the earthquake saves and protects the Woman, while handing The Testimony over to taste the wrath of the Dragon, who makes systematic war against them by radio, stirring up enemies wherever they are found. So I expect to see the Woman in Jerusalem - and enjoy their fellowship more sweet and wonderful 1,000 times than in the old days.

I used to travel 45,000 miles a year in gathering out a people for His name in the calling days - But you see now it's got to be the other way round - The Woman will come to Jerusalem, and the 144,000 before I go home - that they may be sure I have not deceived them or defrauded them in any way, but brought them into a place in the Everlasting Kingdom of Jesus Christ that we had been very much blind to then - but which becomes the more glorious as we see its shadow today - for it's by faith we apprehend, and it's by His voice that all things seen today have been created. And so our foundation is sure.

People who are satisfied with the sighing, groaning 6th Day creation can't have either love, life or light of God. For it's terrible when you try to measure or size up the contrast – even with today and 10 years ago in the world; and if war and shell-shock gave people nerves and neurasthenia - I'm sure there is greater danger today than even then. Even in The Testimony there has been no end of nervous breakdowns and sickness with death, much confusion, apprehension and suffering, which in itself demands relief.

We speak about the Devil-possessed churches, but we need to see from the 7 messages the inward suffering that goes on – to grasp clearly what is covered up by loud profession, etc., tho last message speaks about them knowing that they are poor, miserable, wretched, blind and naked - which is their true spiritual experience, while outwardly rich and increased with goods, and having need of nothing.

I am glad to hear of the Wrights, and feel it will be good for all to write, who want to be sure of a place in the body of the Woman who, though suffering shame today - will one day share the honour and glory.

Yours Very Truly in Him - with Best Love,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. Your letter, Mr. Petty, introduces a very important point, in the 4,000 being fed, who were gathered in the wilderness. Mark VIII gives it best. You may not have noticed that the prayer Jesus taught His disciples, and which the religious Pharisees have made so much use - is for the coming Kingdom when it comes on earth as it is in Heaven, and our bread ticket is that. Give us each day our daily bread, etc. - When the wicked nations are being starved to death and broken He will give us bread and water. This is the way the 144,000 will be gathered from the 4 corners of the earth to Jerusalem - and as you see the disciples were the medium through which the 4,000 were fed, so will it be again the work of the Woman to be the channel through which the 144,000 will be fed. So you can see the Manchild and the Woman, the 144,000 and the great company who are to be gathered out.

If you read Is. 41,42,43 & 44 you get all sides of the same judgment for the wicked - mercy bread and water for those who are His. 43 shows the fathering of the 144,000 - they shall hunger no more, is true literally, and many other things we used to spiritualise is literal in the Kingdom days. Blessed are the poor; woe to you that are full - and laugh - for ye shall be hungry. Weep and howl. It's very hard for us to realize that the whole will be turned upside down, and that we will literally possess the gate of our enemies.

Have you noticed the 3rd. promise to the overcomer - I will give him the hidden manna; a white stone; a new name written which no man knoweth saving he to him it is given. You have been getting a little of the hidden manna these days.

The white stone refers to the stone cut out of the mountain without hands, which is to smite the image on its feet of clay and Iron; So that the whole 5 forms of government fail and are scattered, making room for the Theocratic government of God on the earth. The name written in it is Manchild, who is to rule the nations - and we don't wonder that men don't know anything about it, because it's hid from their eyes. Is. 42 gives you a very clear outline of the Man and his work and methods for the days of Judgment of the Gentiles. So I may be able to return a little of your hospitality when your turn comes to be my visitor; For there will be little to keep people at home so-called when the 3 1/2 year drought begins - or has been on for a year or so - People will hear of bread and water by the power of God, and make for the oasis in the desert.

All through the Prophets and Psalms you will find reference to the drought and famine, and also provision for those who call on His name. And you don't need to spiritualise them for the Kingdom days when the creative power of God is to be at work for His own, and also for the destruction of the wicked. W.I.


It's all a new thing, and we have not gone this way before. W.I.

P.S.2. Mark IX begins with: There are some standing here which will not taste of death till they see the Kingdom come in power - Probably referring to John. This gives us a key to reading what follows: Moses and Elias came down to speak about the decease which should be accomplished in Jerusalem. John's coming is to be speak(ing) of the crowning with power of the Manchild. Ps. II gives us, Yet have I set my King upon my holy hill of Zion, while He that sitteth in the Heavens laughs at all their wild attempts at peace and safety. This is the decree which John brings and which He declares, the Lord hath said unto me: Thou art my son; this day have I begotten thee. Rev.XX1: He that overcometh shall inherit all things. I will be his God, and he shall be my son; and you see what the unbelieving and fearful get.

Matt. 24:45, 46 & 47 show that the Servant who has given food in season is to be made ruler over all His goods. Matt. XXV. shows you the marks of the one of the least of these my brethren, by whom He separates the goats from the sheep: Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least - does not mean many - but one chosen for the purpose - ye did it not to me - and you know how these conditions have been revealed the past 10 years, both by sheep and goats; and you can see how hopeless are the goats: These shall go away into everlasting punishment; But the righteous into life eternal. Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom, which has been prepared for the foundation of the world.

So you can see the importance of a right attitude towards the one of the least of these my brethren. You will find the transfiguration most interesting if you read it as a guide for the coming of John, and the bringing forth of the Manchild. You see John the Baptist and Jesus in the Alpha days, when the Godchild was redeemed to our inheritance for us by His own blood - You see John and the Manchild redeeming by bring(ing) us out of Babylon and Egypt into the Kingdom of God. All the Old Testament redemptions are only type of this, the greatest; and the objective towards which everything has worked from the foundation of the world.

You notice the effect on Peter, James, John; the effect on the 9 at the foot of the Mount; the effect on the devil-possessed boy and his father - then on the Pharisees who were only hardened for killing Him - as they will be hardened for being killed by judgment - You see the condition for Discipleship at the end of Mark VIII. In Mark IX:33 you see the Manchild mark given in the child - whosoever shall receive one such - referring to the Manchild - receiveth me, and also Him that sent me. So that the 2 candlesticks and the 2 olive trees are either death or life to men; And no man can have the power of God to cast out Devils apart from recognising Him in His day and the Manchild in our day.


Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Fladungs
August 1, 1924

My dear John,

Was glad of your letter and bill, and gladder to hear you say "The living can understand, the dead cannot;" for that touches the spot, and is the cause for people having no ears to hear what the Spirit saith.  Your experience amongst the men shows the same marks.  Jesus warned His Disciples not to cast pearls before swine, as they will trample them underfoot and turn again to rend you.  So never trouble people with these things unless they show appreciation of what you have to say.  These are not the days for propaganda, but rather, the perfecting and choosing of those who will be the instruments of God when the Everlasting Gospel comes, with all its glorious possibilities to the whole world; while the consequences in judgment will fall on the wicked, who are being now tested, and revealed by their scandal and working of iniquity.  It’s all so new and big to the best of us, that it must be so to you.  So be content to have ears to hear what God has to say; and rejoice that you are not dead, but alive to the voice which alone is worth hearing.

If Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Samson, David, Isaiah, Daniel, Jeremiah, and all the prophets - not forgetting Samuel, had not heard the Voice of the Lord God, they would have just been like all other men; and if they had relied on what other men thought and said, we would not today have the Book to guide us!  But they shut their ears to all else and opened them to God, with results which gladden their hearts in Heaven, for they are as much alive today, as when they were on the Earth, and their words are valued by all who live by faith today, as they lived while here.  Faith is not believing their words, but believing the same living God, today, they believed when here; and the tests of faith just as severe as they were in their days, and so, our victory is the same.  Faith, or hearing what God has to say today, is the victory that overcomes the world; or causes us not to give them ear to what they say, whether it be religious or otherwise.  We can’t change the world, but we can let God change us into His image and likeness, as revealed in Jesus, and so become heirs of God, and joint heirs with Jesus Christ, just as surely as you can become your father’s heir, and co-heirs with your brother and sisters of all that he has.

All Christians have only had an earnest of their inheritance, the same as boys in a family under 21.  But we are now going to see our inheritance come to us when the Kingdom comes on Earth, as it is now in Heaven.  The Manchild is to be the foundation for this being done, and all who are with him will share in those things, just as we see the Disciples were the first to share at Pentecost, the anointing of God.  This is the end which God saw from the beginning, and the purpose towards which everything in the world has been working, even though men have been dead to it all the time, through their own thoughts and wicked ways.   We can neither hinder nor help it on, but we can be sure of having a part in it.  No one could know when these things were to come--the Father kept that in His own hand.  But now that He has been revealing it, and preparing for it since 1914, all who are of God can see and understand a great deal.

Revelation is the book for the little time at the end; and the foundation of the new Heaven and new Earth, when the sons of God are to inherit the Earth.  The Overcomer, not the overcomers, but a man--him and he to whom the 7 fold promises of Revelation 2 and 3 are given--is the one who becomes the Manchild.  And all who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches, by the Overcomer, will be the Woman, who is to be honored and protected in a special way, when the Manchild begins to rule the nations with a rod of iron, or judgment.  John, in Patmos, was the Overcomer in the Alpha, or beginning days, by whom Jesus spoke to the churches, by what he wrote to them; and the Manchild as the Overcomer in the Omega days, or the days at the end of the Gentile Age, who, as a faithful and wise servant, gives meat in due season as John gave in his day.  This servant is to be made ruler over all his house, as we see in Matthew 24.

Matthew 25 shows you the Overcomer as the hungry, thirsty, half-clad, homeless, sick, and in prison; one of the least of these His brethren, for the separating of the Sheep from the Goats.  And what people have done or done not unto him, they have done or not to Jesus.  This is the reason that I value all your willingness to show kindness to me; while others would have starved me and left me to perish, so far as they were concerned.  They have been as anxious to make me suffer, as your family have been anxious to serve me and comfort me.  And you can read the end for both, "Come, ye Blessed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world;" while those who have been anxious to despise, rob and hurt, are to go away into everlasting punishment; prepared for the Devil and his angels, or all who were with him in his robbing of God and His servant.

You can see in the Parable of the Wise and Foolish Virgins that it’s not what we profess that counts, but what we possess a regenerate heart, the vessel; and the only one which can hold oil of His Spirit, which is the seal which God gives to all who are born again!  The Virgins were all alike in every way but that; and the difference is seen when the cry "Behold, the bridegroom comes,"  which probably will be when the Manchild is brought forth.  Then, the door will be shut on those who have no vessel and oil in it; and those who have, will be on the inside.  And no entrance for them; even though they will knock, it will only be to hear "Depart, I never knew you."  In other words, they had never been born of God!  We can’t speak to an animal as to a man; neither can God speak to unregenerate men as to those who are born again - they have no ears to hear what the Spirit saith by the man of His choice.

The Parable of the Talents [Matt. 25] shows that it’s not what we get, but the use we make of it that counts.  Those who received 5, gained other 5.  The one who received 2, gained other 2.  The one who received one, hid it in the Earth, and reveals that he did not know the heart of the giver by what he says:  I knew thee as a hard man, reaping where you have not sowed, and gathering where you have not strawed: and I hid it in the Earth to keep it safe; just as you see so many in The Testimony trying to hold on to what they got, and rejecting all that God has been revealing these past days.  The man who received most, gained most; and has reward accordingly.  Those who received less, have gained also; and receive their reward according to their capacity.  But those who have gained nothing, lose what they seemed to have, and get weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth in outer darkness.

If people have heard the voice of God at the beginning, they will go on to hear it, and gain, as we see all the prophets did, [gain] knowledge of the things at the end.  But if they begin to profess and enter by the Wide Gate with the many who have no ear for God, it makes them unprofitable and wicked; and so, they end in death and darkness.

These three parables are for the End, as we see in Revelation.  And so, we expect all to have some understanding of the End, who are of God; just as we expect to see the wicked holding on to the beginnings, and perish.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Loitz Family
August 9, 1924
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Wm., Mary and Co.:

Was pleased to have yours (2).  You have had a big battle and come out at the right end and we can give you assurance now beyond all doubt that we are on the winning side of the battle.  E. Cooney was killed in June in Christchurch, New Zealand.

You can read Matt. 24:42-51 and see the 2 men who were to be the signs for the things written in Matt. 24.  Both are professedly servants of the same Lord.  The one whom he has made ruler over his household to give meat in due season and wise and faithful is to be made ruler over all his goods.  The other whom He did not make ruler but who coveted it and took it by violence, said in his heart my Lord delayeth his coming, began to beat his fellow servants and to eat and drink with the drunken or feel, think and say as the religious world does.  His Lord came in a day that he looked not for and in an hour that he was not aware of and cut him asunder or cut him off as the margin says.  There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.  This is the first victim or martyr to his own wickedness; for since 1914 the change began so that no longer will Cain kill Abel as in the past, but the wicked will be cut off from the earth just as soon as they have revealed themselves.  It was out of Christchurch, N.Z. came the scandal which was the beginning of the 10 years conflict.

The last time I slept with him, he read a letter to me written by a dog outside The Testimony not very serious; but on this he slew his brother and proceeded to take the place and authority which had been mine.  I pitied him when I saw where he was in heart, but he was the leader of the whole Testimony into the condition it’s found today.  So the place, the man, the day and hour (on which he read that letter) leave no doubt about the fulfillment of Matt. 24:50.  All his fellow workers had lost confidence in him and warned others against him and refused to have him at conventions as they recognized his queerness.

By the same mail that this news arrived from USA I had another telling me that J. Sullivan, the chief worker in Queensland, had been smitten with heart trouble and paralysis of the left arm and said it took place when he spoke against my friends and me in convention.  He had also spoken against E. Cooney.  So that tho the mills of God grind slow, they grind exceedingly sure.

You know how I have claimed the 1st of the servants parts in Matt. 24, but I did not see till I had word of the death how clearly the other man was outlined.  But the day and hour, the place and person leave no room far doubt.  The cable came to Ireland, and Alfie Magowan’s sister-in-law wrote to him in USA and he wrote me on 4th July.  So the death by mob violence must have taken place about 10 days before which tallies with the time.  I expect the details by next post from New Zealand. They seem to be keeping it quiet as 2 of our friends were in Belfast where George was and heard nothing of it at 12 - 19th July.  So you can see how long it takes to reach you there.

I feel sure you will benefit by reading Mark IX and getting clear on the Manchild as typified in the little child whom Jesus set in the midst and took up in his arms and said who-so-ever receiveth one such little child receiveth me and Him that sent me and all the rest of the detail of being one with the little, and the Little Ones, who believe in him.  To offend by scandal such is like a millstone round their neck and drowned in the sea. So that if men’s right hand, foot or eye cause them to offend, better to cut them off and cast them from them and believe in the Manchild and the woman and enter into life rather than go on with their self-righteousness and be cast into Hell fire where the worm of remorse will not die nor the fire be quenched.

Verse 1 gives you John, then comes the Transfiguration which is type of the transfiguration of the least to the greatest, the last to be the first, the Overcomer to become the Manchild, the one with no power to be given the Iron rod to rule the nations, the slave to become my King set on my holy hill of Zion.

Moses and Elias came down to talk about the death of the Godchild who shed his blood and bought us to be heirs of God and Joint heirs with Jesus Christ and make us kings and priests unto God and man on the earth.  John comes down to speak about entering into the kingdom in power and reigning.

If you read Rev. XXI:5-8, you will see the ordination or the decree from heaven:  It is done.  He that overcometh shall inherit all things, but the fearful, unbelieving, murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the 2nd death.  These 8 different classes have all been revealed by their attitude to the Overcomer as we can see from Matt. 25 – where as watchman he separates the foolish and wise virgins.  He is made a test for those who have talents and the one of the least of these his brethren who separates the sheep from the goats.  He and him that overcometh in Rev. II and III is a man to whom the 7 fold promises are given and fulfilled which make him the Manchild.  The 3rd promise, 4th and 7th are very clearly for the Manchild.

The few men of Israel, the Woman of Rev. XII:1 & 2 are those who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith to the churches by the Manchild and it was by writing that John the Overcomer of the Alpha days spoke to the churches.  So you can see you are not expected to do more than hear what is said.  Some people have been disappointed in that I see so much more than they do.  But this is a good test for their attitude to the Little One who is to be the test for men’s attitude to Him who sits on the throne in Heaven.

Genesis XII:  promise to Abram shows that they that bless his seed or the man who is as Abram was to God in his day shall be blessed, those who curse shall be cursed.  Has not this been already partially fulfilled as we see how the few get blessing and the many cursing. Everyone is to be salted with fire referring to outward judgment for all who are wicked.

Every sacrifice that he accepts shall be salted with salt (God working in them).  Salt is good, but if it have lost its savour, or is old salt, wherewith shall it be salted.  Have salt in yourselves and be at peace one with another.  They had been discussing who would be greatest.  But that is settled by God choosing the one who is least, last and slave of all; and after that everyone will get exactly according to their capacity and it will depend a good deal on how they have received the Little One or heard what the Spirit saith to the churches by him.

"Inasmuch as ye did or did it not unto one of the least, ye did or did it not unto me," leaves little doubt about the least and last being His test and representative on the earth both for testing and in blessing and cursing.  You have tasted the blessing and have seen very clearly in your own folks what cursing means in their blindness and hardness of heart and foolish confidence in everything which bears the other marks of what they think is greatest.  You notice in Mark IX 3 degrees of those who are not cursed:  those who receive one such Little One, those who are not against us are on our part, and 3rd, those who give a cup of cold water in name of being a disciple of Jesus and the Little One shall not lose their reward.  This gives us wisdom in dealing with those who have not come out very strong.  No man can have the power of God and speak lightly either of the Godchild or the Manchild and you see how strong it is said of those who offend either the child or those who are one with him.

So the whole aspects of men’s attitude for or against is dealt with and you need have no fear but these things will be fulfilled to the letter.  They can’t be against and have any hope, and they can’t be for us, no matter how little, and not share the blessing.  So you see how it covers all who have the least hatred or love in their hearts for those who are the chosen Woman and Little One.  These words were spoken to His own disciples and are just as applicable to those who are disciples of the Little One who is the Overcomer, the servant who gives meat in due season; the watchman who says, "Behold the bridegroom cometh," the one by whom the judging of the talents and the one by whom the sheep and goats are separate who is the representative of the Godchild in all things which concern those who name His name on the earth.  It means life or death, blessing or cursing to all and little do men realize how perfect is the test that has been applied.

You will get a copy of my reply to Alfie from W. Edwards to whom I sent his letter and my reply.  You will have seen my reply to the letter written by a man in name of E.C.  I feel sure your heart will rejoice and get stronger for these things which have wrought by Him quite a part from us and it’s good to have perfect confidence in Him, Michael and his angels.  So shall our peace be assured.

Best love to all who have ears to hear and are not against or who give a cup of cold water.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Skerritt
August 14, 1924

My dear Bob:

I was pleased to have yours today, and to find your heart strong and hopeful with enough to give you and me comfort.  Glad to hear of prospect of a crop.  I suppose people in Montana would not give you credit for being the man who would bring them what others did not have, but I believe He would bless you and them also in giving you the desire of y our heart, for if there is one thing clear for these days, it’s that they who bless the Manchild and his seed, will be blessed; and those who curse will be cursed; we have not had the fullness of this yet, but it has been the test these past years in the matter of understanding.

The one seed being purified, made white and tried, that they may understand; while the wicked all do wickedly but they shall not understand, and the fuller measure will come later in both senses.  The one thing that has been hid from their eyes is the fact that by one of the Least of these my brethren is He going to test The Testimony and world, and when tested He will make him judge and mouth – both in blessing and cursing, and those who are with him will share in all that is his as the Overcomer who gets the promises of Rev. 2 and 3 fulfilled to him, which makes him Manchild.

During past month these things have all come very clear and strong.  Mark 9 was brought to my notice through a letter from Queensland speaking of the feeding of the 5000 in chapter 8.  It’s good to know that the value of the Woman seed to me has been in supplying their needs in Meat in due season, which has been the making of me see many things which were totally dark to me.  In this way the Woman is bringing forth the Manchild.  They have been a comfort and strength to me as I have been to them, and this is the reason I value letters for I always find it easy to reply, and seldom read over a letter after I write it.

Mark 9 gives you in verse 1, John who is to come before the great and dreadful Day of the Lord.  The Transfiguration scene is type of the changing of the Overcomer into the Manchild in a night, as happened on the mount.  You can see what it wrought in the Disciples; how dark the going up was; how bright the coming down.  Moses and Elias came down to talk with Him about the decease which was to be accomplished at Jerusalem, but John will come for the crowning of the Manchild with the power and authority as judge.  The changing of the Least into the Greatest.  The last of the old Age into the first of the New.

In Rev. 21:5-8 you see the whole outline.  “Behold, I make all things new.”  Jesus is speaking.  He that overcometh (a man, not a number of men) shall inherit all things promised to the Overcomer in Rev. 2 and 3.  I will be his God and he shall be my Son.  The decree is given in Rev. 2 by Him that sitteth in the Heavens.  Yet have I set my King on my Holy Hill of Zion.  Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee.  This is the transfiguring of the Least into the greatest; his work has been in gathering the fearful unbelieving murderers, whoremongers, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars against him and then destroying them.  They are to have their part in the Lake which burneth with fire and brimstone.  This is the 2nd death, the first was Spiritual when they fell into the snare of the Devil.

If you read the last verse of Joel 2 you will see the words, “In Mt. Zion and Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the Lord has said, and in the remnant which the Lord shall call.”  The remnant are those who had ears to hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches by the Overcomer – both John and the Manchild.  The Alpha witness and the Omega witness.  As Redeemer and Sealer He was the Alpha; as Judge He is the Omega, but in both cases He had a witness on the Earth, and this is where people fall down who are looking for Him to come rather than sit on His Throne in Heaven till by the 2 Witnesses He has put all His enemies under His feet.

The last enemy to be destroyed is death, which takes place in the killing, rising and ascending to the Throne of God of the 2 Witnesses before their enemies, and the destroying of 7000 of their enemies by Earthquake – giving you both sides.  Death having lost its power to hold His own and destruction has fallen on the wicked.  This is the fulfilling of the last promise given to the Overcomer in Rev. 3:21.

Mark 9:33-50 is entirely about the Manchild – the Least who is to become the Greatest.  You notice what brought it up was the Disciples discussing who was to be the greatest in the Kingdom, when set up on the earth, or when the Kingdom comes in power as in Verse 1.  And He took A child – not a number – and set him in the midst, then took him up in His arms – two stages of producing the Manchild.  The calling and choosing.  Whosoever receiveth one such little child in my name or as my representative, receiveth Me, and he that receiveth Me – not Me but Him that sent Me.  We used these words in our old days not knowing what they referred to as we do today.

No man can have the power of God and lightly speak evil of the Little One or Jesus, and the one is test for the other.  He that is not against is on our part and there is hope for them, which gives us much cheer for some.  “Whosoever will give you (His Disciples and those of the Little One who represents Him) a cup of cold water because ye belong to Christ, shall not lose his reward.”  This is spoken for both the Disciples then and the Disciples now – tested by the One such who is the Least.  The other side is whoso shall offend by scandal one of these little ones which believe in me and show it by their attitude to the One such; better a millstone were around their neck and they drowned in the depths of the sea.

This shows what people are up against, not only in me, but in all who receive me as the Overcomer, or those who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith to the Churches by me.  It looks egotistical, but is the only reading which explains the Book and guards against confusion, and gives the Spirit a chance to Seal the Truth, which is the Salt spoken of later on.  Salt is good but if it’s old and has lost it’s savor, wherewith will ye season the Sacrifice.  Have salt in yourselves or the Seal of God on these things, and be at Peace one with another regarding who is greatest; knowing that He will give to each his lot, and make no mistakes, for every one will be salted with fire.  Judgment for the wicked, while every sacrifice will be seasoned with salt.  Those who are His revealed by their attitude to the Little One who becomes the Manchild.  This is where the danger of Salt that has lost its savor comes in.

The perfect hands, feet, and eyes of those who keep the Commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus of Rev. 12, The Testimony people who are the remnant of the Seed of the Woman of verses 1 and 2, who brings forth the Manchild, which makes them offend by scandal the Little one and those who are with him, are going to be cast into Hell.  Better to enter into Life maimed and halt and blind – partially – than with perfect outward righteousness in men’s eyes.  Refuse the Little One and perish; there shall be weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Matt. 18:11-12 gives you the same contrast.  Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob received the same promises which are to be fulfilled in the Manchild.  Each being type of a phase in producing the Manchild.  Notice the beginning and end of Abraham’s faith; the last is type of the Overcomer while Isaac is type of the Manchild, with the Woman typified in Sarah who believed Abraham as he believed God.  Jacob the worm and the few men of Israel in Isaiah 41 gives you the Manchild and Woman who are to become the new sharp threshing instrument, to thresh the mountains and hills, etc.

They shall come from the East and West refers to the gathering of the 144,000 to Jerusalem, while the children of the Kingdom will be cast out, weeping, wailing, and gnashing their teeth.  I suppose you notice the conflict coming to a head in Ireland over Fermanagh and Tyrone, between the South and North, which may be the means of smiting the clay and iron feet and bring on the conflict – we look for both.

Best love and surest hope,
Yours in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S.  The Devil sinneth from the beginning, gives us light on what sin really means in John’s Gospel.  It’s walking in darkness such as the Pharisees walked who brought the woman to Jesus.  Light is what Jesus was to them and the woman.  Whoso followeth Me shall not walk in darkness.  It’s turning your back on your brother and opening your mouth.  It’s professing to love God whom you have not seen and hating Him whom you have seen.

Sin is the condition of heart in Adam and Eve toward the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  It’s living by our own thoughts of God and applying them to others in place of living by God’s thoughts revealed to us by the Voice of the Lord God.  The Devil fell by his pride and iniquity.  It was pride of being perfect and sinless in his own eyes, and the iniquity of his own nature; so with all men who fall into the snare of the Devil.  The two hands, two feet, and two eyes of those are cast into Hell because they are offended in the Little One who is to become the test of all flesh in these days.

It narrows the whole matter down to believing in him if people are to be maimed, halt and blind in the eyes of the wicked seed on the earth.  A man who is born of God cannot sin, or do as Cain, Esau, Saul or Judas did, for the Lamb of God Seed makes it impossible to be the accuser of our brother even if he trespass against us 70 times a day – or 70 times 70.  God and God’s nature in us can never measure men by their sins, because the price has been paid, and so all who are of God look on others through those eyes, and this is great Truth and reason for the One of the Least of these my brethren.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Dunbars
September 12, 1924
P.O. Box 553
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Dunbars:

Both your letters were good and cheering. Its good to see how the whole facts are turning on what you were accused of doing, that of putting me where Jesus shd be as they said. This is exactly what the truth has revealed - That by the Least of these my Brethren, men will be judged either to be found as goats amongst the cursed or as sheep among the Blessed – When Jesus comes to sit on the throne of His glory. And all these sent ones with Him. All the nations will be gathered and separated by what they have been to the Manchild and the witness of the 144,000 to Him - as the Test for all nations for they are to preach the Everlasting Gospel to the nations, which they get by the Manchild and the witness of the Woman, who are those who were with him in the change from the greatest to the least and the least to the greatest. Not in the world or in its eyes but to the Woman Seed and the Kingdom of God in power on the earth.

This puts an end to all the Babel of claims and voices, works, walk and light, and makes it a pure matter of receiving the Manchild and entering into life or offending him and tasting of death. Such is only a natural necessity making the way of death and life easy and simple as Jesus did it in his own day. What Jesus was to God the Father Jesus is going to make the Manchild to him. He that overcometh shall inherit all things. I will be His God and he shall be my son. Jesus is the speaker of all we read in Rev., as well as in the Gospels, and as Jesus the Godchild came at the end of the Jewish age is a test for them and a sign being born of a virgin as we see in Isaiah 7:10-16. Isaiah was a sign to them in his day before the captivity. So the Manchild is to be the sign as we see in Rev. 12 as the dragon is the world sign, which stands ready to devour the child of the woman as soon as he is born, which is the sign of both Moses and Jesus, and you see how Jesus was an end of all these Pharisee Righteous in hands and feet and eyes, so will the little one be.

Those who receive Him and his will enter into life, while those that offend Him and his will be decorated with the order of the millstone round their necks. For blessing they will be blessed and cursing they will be cursed - the one goats and the other sheep. The one against God, Jesus and the Manchild and those who are with him and so find themselves on the left hand side which is always the side we put our enemies on, while the Blessed will be on the right hand side. They have been for God, Jesus, and the Manchild and all who are of them and will find themselves where they put themselves by their own choice, words, and works.

The place of the woman will be to witness to the Manchild as the disciples did to Jesus. The wedding at Cana of Galilee may give us a hint of the nature of the witness - Mary the Mother of Jesus was there and His disciples. It was the wedding suggesting - the wedding of John and the Manchild. The transfiguration from being the Overcomer to being Manchild. The changing of water to wine &c. The beginning of the manifestation of the power of God - The anointing which is the making of the 2 witnesses, the 2 candlesticks and the 2 olive trees which stand before the God of this earth - Ending the whole Babel, confusion and the work of Devil, beast and False Prophet of the past 6000 years. This is the seal of the Testy of Jesus, which has bruised the head of the Serpent in these days and which was one side of the overcoming which produced the Testy–

While the other side has been the bruising of my heel making me the least amongst men, which is the preparation for becoming the greatest. The last to be the first, the slave to be the king, not in worldly glory but in power as He showed amongst man. It has been overcoming all these 31 yrs. from the first and the last of it not the least. What is the value of all the echoes and imitators who would have robbed me of what He gave me, if they could. But the Pharisees could not rob Jesus neither will they rob me of what God gives. That I should taste of all the reproaches that were heaped upon Him is only the perfecting of the work. Like the tempering of the iron rod for the work in hand - you can see how His mercy for the sinner is shown in the simplicity of the issue and His wrath for the wicked in their rejection of the Manchild. You can see how the pride, iniquity, wickedness and exaltation of man will be brought down. Kiss the son lest he be angry and ye perish from the way when his wrath is kindled but a little. How many glory in pretending to honour Him in Heaven, but the old test of humble, lowly, simple flesh will find them out to their destruction. Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him and show it in spite of all the humiliation.

You have seen in the past how many were willing to be preachers in The Jesus Way and put themselves where they were treated as the test for Jesus. But how they all fell in the hole when the test of becoming one of the least was applied -  They loved the honour and the spoil, but they despised the marks on the heel of the man who had done the bruising of the serpents head. The bruised heel is the sign of the man who has bruised the head. And you will find it on all in every age pointing forward the final when the Manchild will be the instrument in applying it to the whole world.

You can see how the Manchild stuck in the throat of the Ritzman, Magowan &c. and you remember how the Water women tried to make a fool of the truth with their wicked empty words and profession. But all were like finger posts pointing the way to where we are today. Both the enemy      and women have all been helping as well as the signs and times in which we have been living. The steadiness and delusion of the Testy the light and life of the woman have all played their part. So the true can surely say all things have been working together for to them that love the Lord and are being conformed to the image of His son. You can see the Part the woman will play in witnessing to the 144,000 of the Manchild and how the death rising and ascension of the 2 witnesses will qualify the 144,000 for their witness to the world and also confirm the witness of the woman and leave her in the world to be as the 12 were at Pentecost. The witnesses who had been with Him from the beginning. Its just a repetition of the Gospel - of the Kingdom to the whole world with the Manchild as the earthly centre the test of men’s relationship to Jesus and God the Fathers in Heaven. The stripping of the whole Devilish rubbish that has gathered around His name all the ages past.

You can see how it will do the destroying of the old Heaven and old earth and the bringing in of the New, which is only the 2 sides to the witness of the Manchild, Woman and 144,000 - with the gathering of the Kingdom into one on the earth and the casting into the pit of all opposed to it. Jesus in Revelation only gives us the details of the work which He witnessed during the last wk with His disciples - Matt 23 - is as world wide as Matt 24 & 25 is and the separation at the cross of the 2 seeds is applied to all men so that no man or nation can escape the choice of Jesus or Barabbas this time and there will be no matter of tradition or doctrines, works or walks to cloud the issue, owing to its being centered round a man on the earth of their own flesh and blood. So there will be no room for the Theologians or scribes and Pharisees.

You notice how the world is full of tradition, interpretation, exposition, science &c. and you wld think that the matter of salvation depends on them and so the world is wronged and robbed by every seed of them. But the Manchild is an end to it all. Taking it out of the hands of churches and governments and bringing it to the door of every honest man on the earth who feels his need and there are more people ready today than ever was so they turn from every thing with disgust both in church and state and long for something which will give true lasting satisfaction. Pulpit, Press cinema and radio are only methods for giving stones for bread and making life harder for the poor people while filling the hearts heads and pulses of those who are the robbers of God and man in all that matters for time and eternity.

And as of old His work was on the clay to produce the sixth creation. So again its in the commonest of common clay that He is at work to produce His new seventh creation. So our hope is not in the clay, but in Him who created all that is part of His great universe, and the glory must be all His for there is no room for our glorying. The potter gets the glory just as the clay is made to reflect His handiwork, and its ours to let Him do what He will with us and I'm sure you have been rejoicing in some of the work already wrought and you don't need to pray much but commune with your own heart upon your bed and be still. God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost with Michel and his Angels are busy all the time and its ours to be awake.

Yours very Truly in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to John Fladung, Jr.
October 1924

Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear John:

I have 2 from you and am glad you enjoy reading the Book and letters and feel sure that if you grasp Daniel as I have tried to give it in some of my letters, you will have an outline of the whole events from 1914 till Jesus comes. It's good to get this both in Daniel and Revelation, which enables us to place all events (principals) for the whole period which is referred to as the latter days or time of the end or the great and terrible day of the Lord. The latter meaning the tribulation 7 years.

Nebuchadnezzar and his 2 dreams covers the war period. Daniel 4:14-17 is the Kaiser's downfall and now he is left a stump bound in iron and brass in the green grass of Holland. But he will come again in another year, for he was to be there 7 years from Armistice. Belshazzar began to reign when Nebuchadnezzar was cut down and so covers the period from Armistice till the feet of clay and iron was smitten on the 8th October, which is given in the Feast of Belshazzar and the writing on the wall. The whole 5 forms of government have been numbered, weighed and found wanting and now it's divided and given to another.

Then comes the Medes and Persians, Darius and Cyrus who cover the 7 years of tribulation. Daniel had 2 visions in Belshazzars's reign given in Chapters 7 and 8. The one shows us the world powers; British Empire, Lion; the Bolshi Bear; the spotted Leopard, the League of Nations, 47 in all; and then good old U.S.A. Coolidge elephant, the 4th Beast. These are the instruments of God for the great conflict of Daniel 8. The eastern ram with 2 horns and the western goat with one notable horn, England.

Daniel had 2 visions in Darius and Cyrus' reigns: one in the first year of Darius which is now and is all concerning the 144,000 coming which is the setting up of the Kingdom; and the stone growing into a mountain great and finally filling the whole earth in Cyrus' reign, which means the antichrist period at Jerusalem after the death of the 2 witnesses. Daniel's last vision is that in the 3rd year of Cyrus and refers to the world conflict in the antichrist time. Daniel 11 is an outline from beginning to end of the 7 years tribulation and I feel sure you will understand Revelation the better for getting these things clear in your mind.

Best Love in Him and don't worry too much about work conditions. Use your opportunity well.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine’s Letter to Edwards
October 21, 1924

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm. Rose & Co.:

I was glad to have yours, though I would rather have heard that Rose was doing the cooking. I hope she is at it again. I hope your toe is all right.

It all becomes clearer every day that the Woman will come to Jer. The taking out of the Bastard Jew or the Ishmael Jew, & as in Zech. XIV: 1-3 is to make room for the Isaac seed in whom they are called. This is the Manchild & Woman, typified in Sarah & Isaac, & to whom the promises given in the prophets are to be fulfilled. Behold the Bridegroom cometh go ye forth to meet him- refers to those who are the wise virgins. Virgin refers to the attitude to the Harlotry of the R. world. You notice the same virgins is applied to the 144,000- who had not defiled themselves with the woman & her seed.

You can see that the coming to Jer. will find out those who have the vessels & the oil, & the foolish who only have the light which has come from others. Have salt in yourselves & be at peace one with another is the same mark in Mark IX: The overcomer will prove to have been the one witness with the 12 Star crown, & John coming to be the 2 nd witness, will only be the seal on what has been witnessed, rejected by the world but sealed from heaven for the strengthening of the woman, as the going to the throne will be the finishing touch for the 144,000 - whose pentecost will take place 45 days after the ascension. Dan. XII: 11- shows us that 1290 days is from atonement day till the day the antichrist is set up in Jer. a month before Armistice day - & 3 ½ years, 42 months, or 1260 days, and then 1335. Blessed is he that waited & cometh to the 1335- or the pentecost for the 144,000. These 2 verses were very dark till a few days ago, & I never could get anything out of them till now.

I think we are safe in saying that the fall of the clay & Iron Labour gov. in Eng. on the 8 th which is the Jewish 10 th, or Atonement day, is the smiting of feet of clay & Iron. Dan.II: 42-43, are very full of detail.

The toes, or extremists of the feet, were part of Iron & part of clay. It was the extremists of the Labour Gov. which brought about its downfall over the Russian Treaty, & the Cambell prosecution being with drawn. So the kingdom shall be partly strong & partly Brittle, which is am exact description of the Labour Socialist Gov., and as thou sawest Iron (Bolshi) mixed with miry clay- mingling them selves with the seed of men, or in appealing to humanity. But in Gov. they shall not cleave one to another, referring to the fact of the Socialists repudiating them the Bolshis in the election.

Even as the Iron would not mix with the clay- The 3 rd International or Bolshi of Moscow, would not recognise the clay in Eng. or Europe. So now you see the miry clay would not recognise them any more in English Gov. These are very small details hid from our eyes till they were fulfilled. So that we could see what the smiting of the feet meant, in their fall according to what we have seen & said. Just as the XII: 11 &13 of Dan. was hid till the very time when the daily sacrifice was taken away, which means no more pardon, or Judgment begun from 8 th October to April 1928.For it will begin on Armistice the hour day month and year, when the 4 angels are to be loosed in the great River Euphrates; or the holy war by the Mohamedans, who are 200,000,000, as I saw from the papers the other day. This is a Noah’s day coupled with the Civil year & day of atonement, which has just taken place. So the killing of the 2 witnesses will be on the 14 th of April, covering Passover day- Moses day and Jesus day.

The sacred year, & 1335 days will be Pentecost, in preparation of the 144,000 for their scattering by the antichrist, who will probably be appointed on the day that Jesus took His throne in heaven, 40 days after he rose from the dead. The mark of the Bastard Jew will be that of believing & saying He was a Bastard; Just as the 144,000 will bear the other mark, of recognizing Him as the King on the throne, & having ears to hear what He saith to them by the 2 witnesses. The woman are those who had ears to hear what the Spirit saith by the one witness with the 12 Star crown, and her Testimony to the earthly witness will be very useful to the 144,000.

Events in Mosul & Egypt are very clearly the forming of the horns of the head, which is the Moslem Near Eastern nations, lying between the Euphrates & the Nile. The Body being what lies beyond that, & the surest proof that India will form a part of the body, is in what it says in Rev. IX: 20 - when 1/3 part are killed. Those that worship Devils, Idols of Gold. silver. Brass, wood and stone, which neither can walk, hear or see.. The next verse refers to the Moslem marks as the loosing of the 4 angels Bounded in the Euphrates are all Moslems though mixed sects.

The Sheiahs, Sunnis & Wahabis are all very different, though united when it comes to a holy war. The chief reason for hatred of the Mecca king is because he & his sons were the cause for making a holy war possible against the allies in 1914, & in reward for this he was made to be the head of the Arabs, & also the Caliphate, both of which he claimed His Son Feisal King in Iraq, & his Son Abdullah king in Transjordania, both there by British arms & gold. But back in the minds & hearts of the Moslems is the fact that they missed their chance in 1914, by King Hussein taking sides with the allies. The Wahabis are now in control of the whole of Arabia, & are the nose of the Ram’s head & body. The whole east sees there is no chance for them by political or armed power, & so the only thing left for them is a holy war.

The 200,000,000 could never refer to any armies of East or West, But fit in exactly with a holy war, for numbers, for every seed of them- men women & children- are in it, when it comes to a Jehad. And 1/3 part of them killed, shows that it will be a slaughter by towns & villages through the use of airplanes- out of whose mouths comes fire, smoke & Brimstone. They have tails like serpents & heads or bombs under their tails, & with them they do hurt, is the most clear & definite description we could have today, of such work.

The Ram is being prepared secretly by Religious influence for the holy war; while the West is also being prepared secretly for the work of destruction, though both are pretty much in the dark as to the part they will play, & the purpose of God wrought out in the Ram & the Goat.

Dan. VII: is also very clearly revealed. The Empire, the Lion, the notable horn of the goat. Bolshi Bear who is ready to arise & devour much flesh, will be dealt with by the 4 th Beast the U.S.A Republican, and I suspect it will be Coolidge Gov., but Republic all the same if La Follette. U.S.A. is the only Gov. in the world who is honestly opposed to the recognition of the Bear Bolshi, & is diverse from Bear & Leopard & Lion; While the Leopard & Lion will go together as you see in Rev.XIII:1 -The Leopard with the mouth of a Lion, & the feet of a bear, or Russian Soldiers (white) as their fighting force in Palestine. The Jewish army which will be raised here to protect Palestine, & which becomes the little horn, which smites 3 of the horns & takes control when the 2 witnesses are killed, & the Jews take control in Palestine & appoint their antichrist in Jer. the Jewish President.

That the Irish Bill should be rushed through Commons about the 8 th. Zagloul‘s failure, & white paper statement on the 8 th. The Smiting of the feet of clay & Iron in the vote of Censure on the 8 th. The Turkish Mosul question of military opposition was made known on the 8 th. The threat to the whole Mecca Royal family on the 8 th. & many other little things too numerous to mention; all come very like the smiting of the feet in fulfilling the words of the 12 Star crowned head- The Stone cut out of the Mountain without hands. On the 8 th. I dismissed the last of my visitors, though I did not know why. But you can see how many things are all pointing one way, & the details which were hid are all being revealed. So I guess we’re in it today, & Nov. 11 will declare whether we are right or wrong.

Yours V. Truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Loitzes
October 24, 1924
P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Mary & Co,:

I was glad to have your 3 today and tho you may only get one in return you won't be too much disappointed. You will see from Dunbars & Fladungs that we are probably in the beginning of the great things which began on the 8th October and will finish only when the 2 witnesses have gone, 1290 days from the 8th October which is Atonement day for the Jews.

I wonder what you will do with all these peaches. I suppose some of your weeping, wailing friends will not object to using them if you should have to come and be one to enjoy a little of what He has prepared for you in the wilderness, which Palestine will become when Both Jews and Moslems have been taken out to make room for the woman and 144,000, and while the Gentiles are treading down Jerusalem for 3 1/2 yrs. during the 2 witnesses period. Perhaps if Mamma, Louis & Co., thot they would be left with the graves to rot, they might not object so much and it will be a good way of making them eat all their hard speeches when they have little else to eat with many more like them on every side. It's very hard for us to realize that all that has been taking place for the past 10 years since 1914 was preparing for the things we have seen and said, and so we need have no fears or qualms in falling gladly into line in taking the place which He gives us when the time comes, as it has all been arranged from the foundation of the world.

We are apt to think more of Adam and Eve, Abram and Sarah, Noah and family than to realize that the end is more glorious than the beginning. What they began, we finish; and what God was to them, He will be to us; for neither His work nor workers can fail till His purpose is wrought out. Adam did not have much help from the animals and only delusion from the Serpent. His help and hope was in the Lord, the same Lord who has chosen us to hear His voice and know His mind in spite of all the brute beast made to be taken and destroyed as Peter says. For the wicked of today have no more understanding of these things than had the animals and trees of the Garden concerning God's purpose in Adam and to have His promise in Eden which is being fulfilled in the Manchild.

The seed of the woman shall bruise the serpent's head and he shall bruise his heel, links us up into the great purpose and makes glad our heart that it should be so near fulfillment and how like our experience has been to Adam and Eve in the Garden both in our relationship to the serpent and thre tree of knowledge of good and evil, and our fig leaf garments as well; all of which have gone by the hearing of His voice and the enlightening of our eyes. Has He not put us out of the Garden to till the soil from which we came? Has He not opened our ears and eyes to see the difference between selfrighteous that pleases man and serpent, and that which pleases God? The being clothed with coats of skin, eating the Lamb roast with fire and learning the value of the blood of the Lamb for our sins? Has He not taught us so that we see the whole serpent seed accursed & going to doom & the day of His triumph of His power over all that is Devil possessed flesh? Has He not given us to know the difference between the offering of Cain and that of Abel, and made us the victims of our unregenerate own flesh and blood who enjoyed all the privileges which we have had and yet only became the more devil possessed because of them and showed it in their attitude and actions towards us?

Why do they hate us, persecute and bruise our heel? Is it not because our works are righteous so that He can give us the seal which they lack and when they have done their worst, we live and they go out from the presence of the Lord with their hands red in our blood - saying - am I my brother's keeper with the scowl on their face which is the mark of Cain trying to cover it all up by their loud profession and holy zeal for what they once knew to be only serpent poison and fig leaves. Abel was accepted of God while Cain went out and found a wife in the land of Nod where God was not and where he began to build and breed only what would perish in the using; when the woman and manchild enter into their inheritance, their house will fall on them and make a tomb.

The falling away period of the 3/12, first, means that the whole religious world will find out their mistake and melt like snow before the sun; when the stone cut out of the mountain without hands becomes a mountain and fills the whole earth - or when the Manchild and the woman become the 144,000 and they go to the whole earth with the Everlasting Gospel, the others will have ceased to be. The great whale which stranded on the shore when it got sick of Jonah and vomited him out, became the carcase which rotted and became the food of the wild birds and beasts of prey, while Jonah brought the message to the 120,000 who knew not their right hand from their left. That great whale is a good type of the Testy which became as oppressive to me as I was sickening to them. But they brought me through the sea of wickedness to the place and condition where I could be His mouthpiece. What a sickening thing selfrighteous, great whale, holy flesh is to those who know the white mercy of the heart of God. It's this great whale selfrighteousness which robs the world of the salvation and strength the kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ which is to be brought to light in the Manchild and woman and published by the 144,000 to gather the great company whom no man can number to meet Him when He comes as the sheep who will be on the right side to inherit the kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world while the goats who reject this will be cast into the pit to remember how foolish and blind they were yielding to their own selfish ideas about the goodness and mercy of God.

You can see them swelling up like a balloon till they bust while God's seed get less and less till He honours them by setting up the kingdom on earth which never shall be destroyed or given to another. The becoming the least in their eyes is offence to their bigness. The very witness which has made us the least while they have been swelling like a balloon. Think on Aimee McPh. since I left Calif. 5years ago and how I have been getting less and less and she more and more, and yet my day will be the pricking of the soap bubble while I inherit all things that count and you have had your share of the same amongst your own relatives and yet we have far more reality in the things we speak of than they have in all their big outward show.

I hope you enjoy the Fladung and Dunbar letters which give you 2 sides to what is taking place these days for I'm sure we are in it from the 8th Oct. and big developments will come out of it all. We have watched and waited long, but the time must come when every word He said will be fulfilled to the letter both for us and them, and they shall not escape, Paul said.

Now don't worry or fuss for it's all coming from His hand who created everything out of nothing and has redeemed us into a glorious inheritance and made us instruments in fulfilling His purpose fixed from the foundation of the world.

Best Love in Him,
Wm. Irvine.

I can never forget the honor done me in the naming of the little boy in days when there was so little to cheer, but I recognize it as the hope for all of you and maybe will be one of the best parts of your witness to the 144,000 when you come here.


William Irvine's Letter to Fladungs
October 24, 1924

My dear Fladungs':

I had 4 of yours today for which I thank you, but you know the rule is to give you only one in reply. So you must not expect 4. The photos were good, and shows that some of you are not growing as much as others. It was a little difficult to know who was Mama and Mildred, judge by height. You all look well and like the big job you have at hand - for sure it's bigger and better than any of us ever tho't it could be. You need not worry about any mistake along time ago - myself it's been my mistakes that have taught me most in all my life. They only gave God a chance of showing how He can fix them and us up all the more, and surely any possible mistakes and preparing Flora - for being ready to hear the call when you give her it later on - and come to the place prepared in the Wilderness where He has commanded - the angels to feed her for 3 1/2 yrs. The so called mistake only gives you proof that dogs and hogs were hanging around to trample pearls under their feet and rend you - which proves that we are the people Jesus was warning against them and you can be quite sure that Dolly will have more ear to hear you than any other when the time comes - for the separation - so don't worry one bit about the whole for the more she tastes of the other the more she will be hungry for what is best for her - we are now on the very edge of the beginning of Tribulation - as you can see by the smitting of the feet of clay and Iron.

The growing and hardening of the 2 horns - Turkey and Egypt - and the developments of the head of the Ram in Arabia and the Near EAST. The taking of Mecca by the Wahabis - the whole of these things took place on the 8th day of Oct. which is atonement day with the Jews - Oct. is the first month of the Jewish civil years and the 10th day Jewish which is our 8th day is the day of pardon. Dan. 12:2, says from the day that the daily sacrifice is taken away and the abomination of desolation (the Anti-Christ) is set up in 1290 days, which is a month more than 3 1/2 yrs. showing us that from day of Pardon on 10/8/24 - till the 2 witnesses are killed will be 1290 days. So I expect Nov. 11 will be the hour, day month and year when the 4 angels bound in the Great River Euphrates will be loosed and we will see the beginning of the Moslem Holy War recorded in Dan. 8: and Rev. 9: and the world will begin to find out their mistake and also that our mistake was on the safe side and your mistake was only part of God's plan in bringing about the desire of your heart and His for your daughter. Not for her sake but for yours would He do this, I'm not sure we realize how tender His heart is towards the Woman and Child - and how surely He will work out His purpose and plan in spite of all that can come against us - Sarah and her child were just as tenderly shielded as was Hagar and her child cast out --Moses and his Mom were not left to the tender mercies of the midwives and Pharoah and his taskmasters neither was Hanna and Samuel forgotten in having the desire of their hearts given them nor was Mary left desolate in her willingness to be the handmaid of the Lord and do His will at all costs to her own good name and nature.

He has not clothed the Woman with the Sun and put the Moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head for fun or a freak but for the greatest purpose ever given to men on the earth to be fulfilled and if you and yours were only the little finger or toe you are part of that body; and tho' it's all new to you - you will find your place in the Wilderness which is Palestine after the Jews have been taken out and the Moslems driven out by the British - and a place prepared by all 3 of them for us to dwell and enjoy what feed He gives us by the Angels when war - famine - pestilence and plagues are desolating the earth. So I know but little about it because no one in history has ever gone this way before and perhaps we will take Grandpa with us too for he's a quiet man - but very useful when so many others make a noise you don't need to lie awake nights thinking or planning how all these things will come for they are part of His great plan from he foundation of the world - and as surely as He will upset the whole wicked world and make them fools and liars - so surely will He fulfill every word written which He spoke concerning the Woman and child and the 144,000 - when we look back over these past 10 years and see all the wonderous things He has wrought in preparing for the great tribulation in the whole world; and the grace and patience He has had with us in getting us where we are and as we are we would not have much doubt about His being able to do the rest for we are right in the middle of the job and happen to be on the foolish side so we are safe just as the wise and the great are in danger. So you need not bite your tongue for it has spoken words which prove you have a heart - for Him and me. So it's not such a bad after all and if John don't write he sent me shoes - which are likely to play a big part in the job don't think that I write flatterly or foolishly - but in language you can grasp and to assure you and give you confidence which the old Devil can't shake or cause you trouble - it's what's written which is to be fulfilled not what we feel or think. He attends to the whole from the Throne and it's for us to let Him mind His own business which He has proved Himself well fitted these past 10 years and so we can trust Him as Mildred would you.

The Jews and Arabs are very busy preparing a place for you tho' they don't know - but we do if John and Arthur can't do without an oil well - they can bring one with them for their amusement. - but they may find plenty else to amuse them on the way and here. But you wont need to stir till John has come and the Jews and Arabs have gone. So there is no need for uncertainty having any place. It will be like the Methodist clergys moving, the place will be ready and prepared for you and no room for worry or trouble to the Woman and Child or the 144,000 either for all that has been taking place in Palestine is only the preparation for this great day and if the Manchild is to rule all nations with a Rod of Iron we expect He will have a little to say in many other directions - for it would be strange to be strong towards our enemies - and not tender towards our own flesh and blood that has shared our sufferings and been a comfort and protection when all others would have devoured. Mrs. V will then wish she had been less foolish and heartless and will have much sorrow as you have joy when the old stranded whale begins to melt away and fall to pieces - which vomited out Jonah, 10 years ago - so that He might bring hope to a poor perishing world that knows not its right hand from its left.

Best love to all who bear your name and His,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Dunbars
October 24, 1924

Box 553, P.O., Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Dunbars:

Many thanks for yours, good & hearty. What an awful thing it will be if all I have been saying to you is about to begin. If you read Dan. XII:II, you will see that from the taking away of the daily Sacrifice which means from Judgment begun & the abomination which maketh desolate is set up, which is the Anti-christ the first Jewish President set up after the death of the 2 witnesses, shall be 1290 days, which is a month or 30 days more than the 3 1/2 years, indicating that the Judgment would begin from 8th Oct. 1924, while the loosing of the 4 angels which are bound in the great River Euphrates prepared for an hour, day month & year will be armistice 11th Nov. when the Holy Moslem War will be declared. Todays paper says that the Turks are mobilizing all classes. The League of Nations Council is to meet in Brussels on the 27th Oct. about the same day as British election takes place. I suspect that the Council will decide in favour of Iraq on 8th Oct., atonement day for the Jews.

The feet of Clay & Iron were smitten by the vote of Censure on the Russian treaty & also on the failing to prosecute a Bolshi Editor in England for Sedition. Dan. 2:42-43, gives you an exact description of the Labour Government. The toes of the feet, or the extremists of the Socialist Labour Government were part of Iron & part Clay. It was their influence on the Gov. which forced them into the Russian Treaty and also to drop the prosecution of that Editor. So the Kingdom or Gov. was partly strong and partly brittle as it proved strong in the Dawes part, and in the League of Nations, while it was brittle in the other 2 matters which put it out of power. V. 43, Thou sawest the Iron mixed with the clay in their mingling with the Seed of Men, or in their appeal to humanity, but they shall not cleave to one another.

The Labour Congress and the Gov. both refused to allow the Communists to have any membership in the labour congress or any part in the coming election with the Socialists. Even as Iron the International Communists of Moscow would not allow any Socialists to belong to their party. This identifies the Socialists Labour Gov. in England clearly as the feet of of Clay & Iron which the Stone cut out of the mountain without hands is to smite, or in other words the things I said of them will come to pass. It was only 2 days before the 8th that I cut off the last of my wicked friends who used to come to see me, and am alone as the Stone cut out without hands. If I were to tell you, as some day I will when you come here, the process of cutting out, it would be wonderful in itself.

On the 8th, the Clay & Iron Feet was smitten. The British gave Turkey almost an ultimatum on the Mosul front owing to their military operation in violation of their promise; on the 8th, the British Gov. issued a white paper giving details of the conversations between Zagloul Pasha & Mr. McDonald. Egypt wanted Britain to take out all her military from Egypt which are kept there for Safety of the Suez Canal & also the Foreign population of Egypt. About the same time Mecca, the Moslem Holy City, was taken from the Mecca King who claimed to be the King of the Arabs & also the Caliphate of the Moslem world. The British have backed the Mecca King & put his 2 sons over Iraq & Transjordania & paid them handsomely for it in money & protection, all of which has been very distasteful to the whole of the Moslem world of the near East and also the far East in India particularly. So the head of the Ram of Dan,VIII is very clearly revealed as the people from the Euphrates to the Nile with the 2 horns, Turkey in the North & Egypt in the South, while the Arabian people are like the head, eyes, & nose with India & the East as the body of the Ram, and it only needs the loosing of the 4 angels and the proclamation of a Holy War against the West to bring the 200 million Moslems into the field, for they all become soldiers in a holy war, to overthrow the League of Nations, the Mandates held by France in Syria, England in Iraq & Palestine as well as Transjordanian. Its this which fulfills Zech. XIV: 1-3, which takes the Jews out and then the Moslems will be driven out by those who come on the face of the whole earth from the West not touching the ground, producing the WILDERNESS where the place is prepared of God for the woman, by their removal. So you see the preparation He is going to make. So you wont need to move till both things have taken place & John has come. And I guess your weeping, wailing friends will be very glad to have one of your graves which you may not have had to use before you come to live by the provision which He has Commanded the Angels to make for you during the 1260 days when the 2 witnesses will be witnessing to the 144,000, who will begin to come from E. & W. made easy by the war conditions & the need for restocking Palestine. For the Jews wont care to come till conditions are settled by the West killing 1/3 part of men, while the Gentiles will tread down Jerusalem for 3 1/2 years, which means that Moslem power will be broken & the Jews not come into power till have finished. Gentiles here - means the Christian nations and you see the League will come here also from Rev. XIII. The Leopard with the mouth of a Lion and the feet of a Bear, referring to the Russian Soldiers & workmen to carry on the work of preparing Palestine for a Jewish National home as it will become when the Jews set up their Anti-Christ Kingdom at the end of the 3 1/2 years & begin to scatter the 144,000 who have been gathered. The natural Jew is taken out and the Moslem power broken to make room for the spiritual Jews, the 144,000. Then the natural Jew comes into power to scatter the Spiritual people to the ends of the earth.

Dan.XII:7 is good as showing this. When the Anti-Christ shall have accomplished to scatter the holy people, then shall the finish come. Time, times and half a time is always used for the 2nd - 3 1/2 years of the anti-christ Jewish reign. You notice its the Stone cut out without hands which is to Smite the Image on its feet, showing this will happen before John comes, as the Seal that the Stone has been the witness of God to these things before they happened. I am satisfied that there has been only one witness, the Overcomer, since 1914 and John will come as the 2nd witness & seal of the 1st. who had the 12 star crown or the full Testy of God concerning what was to take place amongst the nations, and having witnessed will get the Iron Rod for the ruling of the nations when the Image has fallen.

Its good to see from Dan. II:45 the order of destruction. The Iron first, then the Brass, Republicanism of Germany, then the Clay then the Silver Democracy and finally Autocracy, showing the order of fall in the war, famine & etc. I expect the Bolshis will be only too pleased to see the Eastern rising for they have been encouraging it all along and are opposed to the whole League of Nations & Mandates work. So they will arise & devour much flesh & the 4th Beast U.S.A. Elephant will deal with them effectively. They are the only Gov. that refuses to recognize in any way the Bolshis who are now at the Zenith or top & power as we see in Rev.IX. Its good to get a little light shed when so much depends on it all. For I'm sure you will enjoy the Fladung letter which deals a little with the coming side & the provisions & etc. made for both the woman & the 144,000. Best love to all & keep your head up and your heart strong, for we are only filling out His great purpose, settled from the foundation of the world, and our fitness is our weakness.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
November 3, 1924

Box 553, P.O., Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

I had one from each of you today, and am glad that you are both tasting of God's good gifts to Adam and Eve in the Garden, and can see it's like their experience than most others of today in spite of all the mess the Devil has made of the whole world, and am sure He is as much interested in you 2 as He was in Adam and Eve. For I believe you are going to have a part in the fulfillment of the promise He gave them, that they many have desired but could only look and not taste. Your eyes and hearts will turn naturally towards Jerusalem as the days go bye, while your head and hands will be occupied in Montana.

I hope your coming together was as sweet as Isaac and Rebecca, which stands out in the Book as one of the most expressive of both the human and the Divine passion which is hot in His heart for that day we all hope to have a part in. Think on how long and patiently He has borne and what preparations He has been making all for His Bride. For that's the meaning of all that is going on and to go on till He and She meet, whom having not seen. She and He loves. Don't forget in the midst of tarpapering and fixing, that He is preparing a place in the Wilderness, which is Jer., Palestine after the Jews and Moslems have been dealt with in the coming war, for the Woman, where she is to be fed for 1260 days. Keep this on top and all your other activities will be in good order. Your experience can only help you grasp and enter into the more fully all that has been in His mind from the foundation of the world now consummation is nigh. So there's joy in His heart and all who are with Him in Heaven, and the Father's heart is glad, for the marriage of His Son is at hand. Having to do the whole affair without assistance only suggests how few there are in the present know of what is taking place in the Woman and Manchild. But it will be all the sweeter when we see how perfectly He works out both in your own case and His own. You may see some day how much He has been planning your affairs, for they bear many marks similar to His own. His need and yours - His experience and yours. His calling from afar to her who is worthy - His feeling and those of the Woman with all her ties and c., to keep her back. You can let your heart and imagination fill in details.

What is a world and all that it means more than your farm, etc., when there is no one to share it and enjoy it with you. Such is His feeling, and has been from the beginning. So that in your own selves you have digest of the whole of His purpose in creation and Redemption. So putting the Shack to rights which can only be temporary in your case is just like His finishing up the old and bringing in the new. If you read Rev. 21 and 22 in the light of this you will find it very sweet, when He gathers his Jewels to make ready for His coming. It was this experience which gave Solomon so much light from his own in the matter of His coming in Proverbs, last chapter, for the Bride of Son of Solomon, for the Bridegroom. And during the next 7 years we will know increasing the power of His passion when Salvation, Strength, the Kingdom of our God and the power of His Christ has come as never before. We only had at best an ernest of what will be ours in experience. It's His passion that will control Him in putting all His enemies under His feet. Just as it will put Her on the Throne with Him in the world from which She has been redeemed. The same passion which gave His life for her, purchased by His own blood is the same that will give Woe, Woe, Woe to all who have been her enemies and His in the accomplishment of His purpose.

That your union should take place at this time is not chance. For the smiting of the Image on its feet of clay and Iron has taken place. The news of the conservation victory in England came by same post as your 2 letters, and the tide has turned now and the Iron rod will be applied to the nations in grand style.

The whole of Daniel is as clear to me today as is Rev. For they parallel each other. Nebuchadnezzar's 2 dreams are just what the Kaiser had and has had. The one of world domination and the other the cure. But he will come back into power again in 7 years from his being cut down and left a stump in the grass bound in Brass and Iron, - Republicanism and Bolshivism. These 2 dreams cover the war period, and you notice only Daniel could understand and interpret them by the Spirit of God. Daniel is type of the Manchild. Belshazzar's reign covers the period since Armistice, when the tree was cut down. Daniel had 2 visions - one in the 1st year of Belshazzar's reign and the other in the 3rd year.

It was what God revealed to me in the 1st year that brought me to Jerusalem but it was in the 3rd year that I began to see the VIII chapter conflict between the Ram and the He goat. This is very sweet to me today for it confirms very much my faith.

Then the Feast of Belshazzar is the time of saying peace and safety, when sudden destruction was at the door. When the Image is smitten on its feet. Then past 10 years we have seen the whole Image tested and proved. Autocracy, Democracy, Republicanism, Bolshivism, and Socialism, and the writing is on the wall today tho it can only be read by Daniel. Numbered - weighed in the balance - found wanting, all without God and against God as the ruler of the nations. Their Kingdom divided and given to another.

The first vision shows the 4 winds or Spirits operating on the earth producing the Lion Empire, Bear Bolshi, Leopard League of nations and U.S.A. Republicanism; Elephant's diverse from the others. This is preparatory for the conflict between E. and W. - of Dan. VIII, and for the Judgment of the nations. It's good to notice the order of the breaking of the Image - Iron, Brass, Clay, Silver, and Gold.

Nebuchadnezzar covers the war time. Belshazzar the peace making time. Darius and Cyrus cover the 2 periods of Tribulation, as we can see the proof of it in Daniel' s vision in the 1st year of Darius and the 3rd year of Cyrus - which means the beginning and end of Tribulation. Daniel's 1st vision covers the experience of the Manchild, Woman, and 144,000 in the setting up of the Kingdom. But I haven't been quite clear on the details.

Then Ch.'s IX and X are for the Anti Christ period during last 3 1/2 years. The Golden Image or the power of Gold in the world was set up by Nebuchnezzar which reveals the conflict between those who bow to Gold and those who bow to God and the fiery furnace is the experience we have had, during that period and you notice it was for the 3 not for Daniel, but his friends - and you see what it did for them in giving them the new experience of the presence of the Son of God and the power of God to keep them. Tho Daniel is never mentioned in the whole chapter, we can be sure he was interested in their deliverance. Daniel in the lion's den is type of the Manchild amongst the nations, and you will see the language in his being taken out of the den very like the Manchild and John being caught up and the Earthquake like what happens to them who cast him in - with its effect in bring the Woman into favour in the eyes of the nations, who destroy the harlot of Rev. XVII.

Ch. XII gives you a summary of the whole of Rev., from the beginning of troubles such as the world never had and never will again till the resurrection when Daniel is to stand in his lot at the latter days when He comes to reign.

I trust you will be able together to grasp the outline which is very precious to me. I had tried to get it for long, but not till the 8th of Oct., Atonement Day, when the Clay and Iron feet were smitten did it begin to come clear. But I'm sure we are in for what we have been looking for so long. But the Woman will not come till the wilderness has been made, and a place for her there.

Mt best love and His richest blessings be yours now and ever,

Wm. Irvine.

Thanks , Minnie, for your gift. Better a big heart than a big purse.

**Ed Cooney's Letter To:  William Irvine **
March 3, 1924
Purportedly sent via Ethel McFarland
RE:  Excommunication of Wm. Irvine

Dear William:

As the result of my consultation with George (probably George Walker)(zealous in the Lord), Jack C. (probably Jack Carroll) and my friend, Willie G. (probably Willie Gill )(a very meek man) we have agreed that this deadly doctrine of yours must be completely stamped out that the whole family of God’s faithful people perish not as the result of the awful leaven permeating the whole body.  Where would there be any light for this poor, dark world, if God’s faithful sacrificing servants and saints become corrupted?  At present, we have a few thousand spreading the glad tidings to many poor souls, but we hope soon to have more out in the work, as the harvest is truly great and the laborers few.

We have come in contact with a number lately, who have got mixed up in this terrible affair of yours—those of them, not a few, who have swallowed the serpent’s venom and are willing to look up at the serpent on the pole as we who expose it get deliverance; thanks to the mighty power of God.  But a few—chiefly those who are unable to get victory in their lives and put to death the flesh, remain stubborn and stiff-necked.  We have done all in our power to help such, but without avail.  We have not cast out these people as they went out from us, that it might be made manifest that they were not of us. It is heartrending to see them wandering about with no where to go—no hope nor refuge nigh—outside of the ark.  Many of them I have heard are having an awful time with the devil, and as a result, they have got to that place where there is no turning back. When any of them pass me on the street they have the audacity to say “Good day” to me, a wicked smile coming over their faces; to think they feel no shame for their doings. 

Well, seeing brother, (in Adam) that things have reached such a crisis, we consider it incumbent upon us not to put you to death, as we do not believe in an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; but we feel it is our duty in the sight of God, as faithful stewards over His household, to protect the sheep of his pasture; so we regret to say, even weeping, that we must give you in charge, on the ground that you are a lawbreaker and a mover of sedition amongst the people; also that you use witchcraft, sorcery, hypnotism, etc., in order to put people out of their minds; some call it mesmerism.  Many who come under your spell, are sad to say, never the same again as they were before.  We believe in Jesus as the Way, Truth and Life, and He is the same yesterday, today and forever, and His way has never changed. The way is so plain that even a child cannot err therein.

Now dear brother, we hope you will not have any hard feelings towards us, as we still have your welfare at heart, and we feel that the Lord has compelled us to do as we do.  If you should care to make any statements to us we would be only too glad to hear you, or in the event of your being willing to repent, and take your place with us (not over us) again we might consider extending to you the right hand of fellowship; though you have not stuck to your guns like us; but never mind Wm. God will abundantly pardon.

Yours in Adam,

Ed. Cooney

P.  S.  When walking about the streets I often take off my coat and hang it over my arm, thus I am in readiness to give it to the first man who likes to take it, along with the waist coat too, if necessary. I am sure if you come back again to the Father’s house we will have the fatted calf ready for you to eat and to make merry with His dear sons and daughters.  Since you have gone out from us, the whole camp has had to stand still, as if one member suffers the whole body suffers. We greatly desire to see you back with us again.

[Click Here to read Irvine's reply below dated  July 8, 1924]

** Patricia Roberts (the acknowledged expert on Edward Cooney, who has written 4 books about him and the Cooneyites, of which she is a member) wrote the following opinion about the above letter purportedly written by Cooney in a letter to Cherie Kropp dated August 26, 1997:

"This letter you sent me which claims to be from Edward Cooney is undoubtedly a forgery. It was never composed by him. It is totally out of character with Edward's spirit, attitude and style.

"Irvine, himself, obviously didn't believe it came from Edward for he says in his letter to Edward: "I had what is said to be, a copy of a letter sent to Ethel McFarland without date or address. If such letter exists in your handwriting, it must come on to me." Irvine had obviously never received such a letter in Edward's handwriting.

"May I point out that by 1924, E.C. was practically outside the fellowship himself and would therefore have been in no position to excommunicate anyone else. But he never did excommunicate anyone, nor did he ever want to, for he believed that only God could cut off branches from the Vine. Plans were being made from 1914 onward to excommunicate E.C.

"(See p. 15ff of Selected Letters of E.C.) And although he could not agree with the strange and erroneous ideas that W.I. came to espouse, he treated him with compassion and did all he could to restore him to what he once was but without success. (See Selected Letters of E.C. p21ff, 28ff, 43ff, 88ff. See also Life & Ministry of E.C. p. 114ff."

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Edward Cooney
July 8, 1924
Jerusalem, Palestine
Replying to Ed Cooney's letter of March 3, 1924

My dear Edward:

I had, what is said to be, a copy of a letter sent to Ethel McFarland without date or address. If such a letter exists in your hand writing, it must come on to me. I don’t object to the whole Testimony having such a valuable document. It’s only the natural outcome of your ten years in the snare of the Devil, and heralds the day of deliverance for the whole creation which begins in the bringing forth of the Manchild and the final casting down and out of Heaven of the Dragon and Devil who accuse before our God day and night all who are of the Woman of Revelation 12:1 & 2.  Michael and His Angels are on our part and are winning all the time, while the Dragon and his Angels fight but prevail not.

If we are not afraid of the great Red Dragon with 7 heads and 10 horns, with crowns on his head and one-third part of the stars of Heaven on his tail, certainly we are not afraid of Eddie, who is ready to give his coat and vest as proof of his charity; or of George, the Zealous, Jack the righteous, or Willie, the Meek  The chief of sinners is worth a world full, or a Hell full, of such, for Jesus was the Chief of Sinners and was put to death as such, as well as being a heretic, blasphemer and a mover of sedition, and had “bewitched” a few disciples, so that they could not be terrified by all their wicked array of power.

They resolved to “stamp out” the heresy and disturbing influence which has brought their wicked hypocrisy to a stand-still and disturbed the whole of the people, endangering the salvation of the world through their wicked gospel, as they compassed sea and land to make one proselyte, who, when made, was two-fold more the child of Hell than themselves.

Your thousands, who go preaching, and the many still to go, is only proof such as Rome would suggest as an argument. And the method of stopping the “heresy and sedition,” and power over the people is of the same nature of Rome and the Jews, which remind me that the best statement to make is that found in Matthew 23, which led to His death, which is about now to be avenged on the whole wicked religious, political world by the Manchild, who is to rule the nations with a rod of iron and dash them to pieces as a potter’s vessel, as you see if you compare Psalm 2:8 & 9, Revelation 2: 26-29, and Rev. 12:5, and I’m your man with the few overcomers of the wicked one, who has come like a flood into The Testimony and world.

Your blindness to all these, the most wonderful things of all time, is only proof of your wickedness; for the wicked shall do wickedly, but they shall not understand, till it’s too late.  And their weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth will be sure evidence of what I say is true, if you read the seven-fold marks of devil possession of the seven churches of Asia, which were the first generation churches of the Gentiles, and the best works of the chiefest of the Apostles of whom Jesus honoured, in using them as the type of the last generation of the Gentile churches, which was my work.

Paul began alone and he finished under the headman’s axe in Rome with only a few overcomers with him at the end.  Such is my privilege.  Paul was “given in charge” by the Jewish Christians because he would not bow to their law interpretation of the Gospel, such as the Cain and Esau seed of both Moses and Jesus’ Gospel must ever be and do, for unregenerate hearts must be made manifest and are the vessels of dishonour, which God uses in perfecting His vessels to honour, who are to taste of Mercy and compassion, when the Esau vessels taste of the severity of God in Judgment, such as now, in the shadowing the whole Earth.

You chose your own ways, and God has chosen your delusions, so you can only go on to your doom.  None of the accused seed of God repented of their witness against the wicked of their day.  They gave up their lives gladly to the very death.  You have no kiss, robe, ring, shoes or fatted calf to offer, you have devoured the fattest of the flock for ten years, and could not help devouring if you tried now.  But it’s the devourers who are to be devoured this time.  They shall be as ashes under our feet, as the Sun of Righteousness arises with healing in his wings.  Ye, who have been with him, will go forth and grow up as calves of the stalls, for the Manchild is to have the Morning Star as well as the iron rod to rule the nations.

This is the beginning of the seventh day creation, and as Adam was made, not from the great animals or monkeys which populate the Earth, but from the dust of the ground, which accounts for the humiliation and grinding which we have had these past years that we may be the man of Isaiah 66:2, poor and contrite in spirit that tremble at His word.  You can read the facts in this chapter for both the rejecters and rejected.  It’s good to recognize that Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob all had the same privileges, but at the end you see the use they made of them, in heart, being the killers and the killed; the rejecters and the rejected.  Those who exalt justice over mercy, and those who exalt in mercy over justice; the dead killers and the living victims.

It was pitiable to see Cain and Esau with all their privileges miss the blessing at the end, which revealed their heart condition at the beginning as only God could see it, but which He made very manifest at the end.

If you read the promises to the Overcomer of the wicked one, who takes possession of the churches, when the anointed of God is cast down and out, you see the marks of those who are the Woman and Manchild for the seed of the Kingdom about to be set upon the Earth by the Two Witnesses and 144, 000, who are being perfected to scatter it to the whole world in fulfilling the promise given Abram’s spiritual seed.  “In thee and thy seed shall all families of the Earth be blessed.” 

All that Jesus received of the Father is to be executed by the Manchild as you see from Revelation 12:26-28, and you would do well to give these things your solemn consideration, for you can’t do one thing to hinder.  No matter what you try you are up against a stone wall and as easy to overthrow His Throne in Heaven as to hinder the Manchild or Woman and the Message given by the Twelve Star Crown on the Head of the Woman in Jerusalem.  Jesus said to Judas, “What thou doest, do quickly.”  He knew the quicker the better for the power of God over death and the grave would be revealed, the sooner he would set on His Throne and the Disciples receive the anointing which they had tried to stamp out.

This time, it’s going to be much more definite and terrible, for life and death are in the message.  Death to every wicked, scandalizing heart, and life to everyone of their victims and the sinner world.

As you have given the four names who led into the snare of the Devil, so it’s only mete that you should declare yourself as you have done, and we will see the end, as we have the beginning.  I don’t wonder at those who say “Good day,” and have a look on their face which shows they know who you are.  The Disciples must have had a queer look on them to the holy, wicked Pharisees of their day, which those of “double mind” did not have, as Judas proved to his final cost, after disturbing the Disciples as long as he could, and such are just as clearly revealed to me as they were to Jesus.

There is nothing new in all that has happened, but the New Thing spoken of so often in the book is about to take place, which will reveal the hearts of all men and nations and none shall escape.  Those that curse the anointed of God will receive cursing; and those who bless them, will receive blessing.  The beginning of the Jesus Way only leads on to the end.  You accepted the Alpha and rejected the Omega, but the end is always the revealing of what God saw to be in the hearts of men, who profess through apostolic testimony.

It was at the end of the day that Adam found out where he had been deceived and got his eyes open, very unwillingly.  It was at the end of days that Cain and Abel were revealed.  It was at the end of days, in Jesus life that the multitude had gone and the few left that he had “bewitched” into believing that He alone had the words of eternal life.  It was at the end of days in Paul’s life that he had to stand alone against the whole church, Devil-possessed, who had forsaken him, and who clamoured for his life yearly till he was put to death.  It was at the end of days that John was alone in Patmos for the Word of God and the testimony of Jesus, suffering affliction at the hands of the church, who would neither receive his message or those whom he sent.  So, it’s good to see the end as well as the beginning. 

The honour which comes from God is always crowned with thorns, just as the honour that comes from men gets world recognition.  It was the wicked one who was to be the god of the world, as he is today, , the “mighty God,” you call him who terrorizes all and deceives all who are “weaklings” or “double minded.”

I have no hard feelings against you for your wickedness in past ten years, but God-like would rather see you turn and live than perish.  I am suffering the suffering, and fighting the battle which is to bring deliverance to the whole weary world and creation that groaneth, sighing for the manifestation of the Son’s of God, which begins in the bringing forth of the Manchild, the first to enter into the inheritance we hope for, who have received the earnest of our inheritance, the Spirit-seal of God.

Now go to it with all your might, for things are ripe and I’m ready, for The Testimony has suffered agonies through the wicked deceiver and accuser having come in like a flood.  So the Lord has lifted up a Standard against him, and you may be sure there will be a great rush to the Standard.  Then you will fall away with the whole wicked world, weeping, wailing and gnashing your teeth, as you see where your unregenerate nature and interpretation of the Love and Mercy of God has led you.  Jesus was put to death according to the scriptures.  But they erred not having the nature and seal of the spirit, and so, today, men can only use the Book for either becoming the killing seed or the killed.

You will find looking back over ten years, how perfectly God has wrought in bringing it all out clearly before the eyes of men who profess, so that there will be no loophole for the “double minded,”  Those you have driven out are yours to convince by His word and spirit; but your resort to carnal weapons of threat to me, is only in line with much that has been to them.  But it will deliver any who may yet be victims to the seven-fold devil-possessed apostolic church of our day.

These things I write you not weeping, but rejoicing in all the privileges which have been His gift for thirty-one years, and which I have given unsparingly to all who would hear.

Your brother in Adam and Christ.

William Irvine

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