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Kerrs - January 30, 1925
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Loves, Sr., May 8, 1925 - 7 year prophecy New Heaven/Earth will Come.
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Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Kerrs
January 30, 1925
P.O. Box 553
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Joe, Sarah and George:

Thanks for yrs. (2) and bill and greetings & George's vote for my presidency and 3 kisses. I'm sure it was good to have Hulda & Sister. It gives you an idea of where you are and where they are. That idea of making me start as a young worker is one of the most comical of all & reveals their heart desire. Why don't they try walking on their head for a change and see how it works. The fact remains that all - all of them know & enjoy even in letter came thro my lips & life & they wld. All have been meandering along in the religious world today but for me, and the older workers all had a chance of doing what I did if they cld. But one thing is clear that they have revealed their old profession left them without the nature and seal of God and so they are where they are today in spite of all their privileges. But the best way to deal with them is to give them all the truth for these days from the Book, tho I know its difficult, its the only way to have the Spirit help you in doing it. Whereas, the personal wrangle suits their wickedness the best. They are interested only in Alpha when they shd. have been about Omega so far as the truth as it is in Jesus goes. This is where they err like the whole world.

One thing the Religious world generally is agreed upon is that we are in the end of the age. But what a mess they make of it all with their rapture, which is for the end of the 1000 yrs & the general resurrection. Whereas, we look for the 1st Resurrection and the rising to reign for 1000 yrs. with Him & those on the earth are to prepare the people and kingdom for His coming to reign. II Thess, II is good, also - Rev. 20, which gives you the 1st Resurrection  & ends by giving the White Throne Judgment. This is the end of the world, while today we are in the end of the day of Jesus Christ, or the end of the Gentile Age when the nations are to be judged when He comes to set on the Throne of His Glory.

I can understand what you say re the reading of the Book, for it's full of truth for these days which was completely hid from our eyes till the time came, and all their past attempts to read Dan. & Rev. & the 2nd coming was only presumptious guessing and speculation, and I'm glad that I could always see that those who did it had no light, as it only left the mind and heart befogged and was like binding burdens on men’s shoulders, grievous to be borne, and very cruel, for they made it appear the Lord might come at any moment & used this for all kinds of purposes, specially in getting power over people & extorting money for missions and the Gospel.

You need not wonder at being only 1 out of 8. I'm in the same fix now, and Noah was so placed he did not have a single Bro. or sister in the Ark with him and you find this mark all thro the Book. If there were some in the calling days we know there will be few in the choosing days. Looking back you can see how many people go after the truth of God rather than the God of Truth, and so are left to wander on in darkness, for its not truth people need but God to regenerate them and dwell in them by His Spirit, and people may know very little truth, but with God all things are possible. Whereas to have the truth and no God - means to become the more serpent and viper. You can see how Adam's 1st experience was in knowing the truth or eating of the tree of knowledge of good and Evil, while his 2nd experience began by hearing the Voice of the Lord God walking in the Garden in the cool of the day, and you can see the 2 samples at the end of days in Cain and Abel when they were both ripe. The one Devil possessed by the knowledge of the truth without God, and the other God-sealed, as proof of his regeneration. This explains why people can know so much truth and yet be devil possessed, which can only be revealed as we see in Cain and Abel by their attitude to their brother.

It was according to the Scriptures of truth they put the Son of God, the anointed, to death, just as Cain killed his brother, and it's this blood which He will require at the hands of those who dwell on the face of the earth today, and makes the death of the 2 witnesses the more necessary. Jesus told Peter he was to be crucified at the end of his life, but John was to tarry, or not be killed, as a witness till He comes. So the Book begins with the 2 seeds being killer and killed. You see it ends the same way as witness against them who dwell on the earth and its meet that the killing should be done by the Jews and vengeance taken on them by the killing of 7000 which will prepare not only the 144,000 but the whole world to receive them. For people will want to see & hear witnesses of these things which happened at Jer. So it is a wise master stroke to give all a true chance and those who have not been impressed will blaspheme & so perish by Judgment.

I'm sure you have often felt the need of some fresh manifestation which wld produce ear for the Message. I suppose you know that that Wk. in Dan. 9 is one of the most mysterious and difficult parts in Daniel and has defied all the Bible Students of prophecy and yet it is so simple when we get a little light on it. Another thing that bluff's them all is trying to read the promises as for the natural Jews or flesh seed of Abram in place of for the Spiritual Seed of Abram, the 144,000, to be gathered from Bad and Good in the whole earth.

Rev. 21: shows us the New Jerusalem let down from God out of Heaven in the New Heaven and New Earth and there shall be no more sea or wicked religious world. The building of the walls and street in troublous times in Dan. 9 is the City of Rev. 21, and you notice the walls are Jasper or clear like a diamond, the gates of pearl and the foundations of precious stones with the streets of pure gold. All this shows the value attached to those who have ears to hear and who speak often one to another. They shall be mine in the day that I make up my Jewels. The Woman & Manchild are to be like the seed diamonds or Jewels which will be used to make precious stones or pearls out of the 144,000, and you can see the need and work of these days in getting us purified, made white and tried so that we may understand, but also to be able to make others of the same material.

MATT. 5, 6 and 7 is a description of the sort of material that will be in the New. Jer. building. The idea is to make us perfect transmitters of the Love, Life & Light of God which has been the great lack all thro the ages because of iniquity and hypocrisy and self righteousness - all of which only binds burdens on men's shoulders grievous to be borne and hardens the hearts of men against God, and you can see the need for us being made to feel that we are sinners and that all our hope and all our trust must be in the Love, Grace and Mercy of God, the Trinity, and the mixing of bad and good in the 144,000 who will come to Jer. has this same influence, and you can see how that will cut out any possibility of any wicked being mixed with them.
Read Isa. 11:6-9 and see the wolf and the Lamb lying down together, the wild beast as the bad in fellowship with the domestic animals - the good - will have a wonderful purifying influence on both, and a little child shall lead them, the Manchild. So you see there will be bootleggers and burglars & harlots enter the Kingdom, but the  children of the Kingdom, so-called, will be cast out. The goodness of God can never be shown by His blessing to the so-called good people but rather to those who are the sinners in chief, and it's this quality which He seeks to perfect in us. Jesus made Himself the Chief of Sinners in revealing the Love of God to sinners, and all flesh or selfish interpretation of these things can only hinder the Salvation of men. This is the righteousness which God seeks to work in us and by which we are chosen. Just as the self righteous are rejected and so perish by their own flesh interpretation of being made like Jesus. You can see these past 10 yrs. Experience has made us the enemy of the righteous before men, but it has developed knowledge of what God wants to work in our hearts of His own righteousness, so that we may express it clearly like Jasper, Pearl and Precious Stones. So there will be no earth shadows.

Best Love to Sarah, Self and Geo.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Harold & Ruby Love
March 11, 1925
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Friends:

Was pleased to hear from you and of your friendship with the Lee Family.  I could write you plenty about my being here and the purpose of it all, and it’s possibilities for all who will hear, or not hear, what God has to say to them.  But I’m sure you will get much more benefit by getting in touch with some of the friends there, who have known me for many years, and to whom I have been writing for past 5 ½ years, since coming here.

If you patiently and honestly listen and learn all you can from others who know, you may find God give you understanding of all the signs that are filling the whole world today, and their meaning; and, also, find the Bible open up, too, and give you much wisdom, comfort, and encouragement to put your trust in Him, who sits on the Throne, and by whose will and Word, Judgment is coming on all who dwell on the face of the whole Earth.

I know of nothing which will so strengthen you to overcome all the various forms of trial and difficulty, which assail us on every hand, like being able to hear what God has to say, and the light, which He gives, on what He is doing amongst nations and men for their judgment, and the bringing of a new Heaven and New Earth out of the destruction of the old.  From experience, I know how much there is to disgust and harden men’s hearts in both political and religious life today; for they all put the name of God on what is the work of the Devil, till it embitters us against the God of Heaven, who is our truest, and best friend.  And though they seem to have all power today on the Earth, it will all be overturned, and His Kingdom set up in Jerusalem, and spread over the whole  Earth in the next 7 years, when we will have the peace we all long for, for 1,000 years under the reign of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, with all whom He counts worthy to reign with Him on the Earth.  The Meek Shall inherit the Earth is very hard to believe, as things are now, but they will, as surely as are the opposite reigning today.

You will find it good to get a read of some of my former letters to others, and your heart and thots will get full of it.  And God’s Spirit will give you understanding in all things.

My best love to all who bear your name.

Yours Very truly in Him 

William Irvine

P. S. Will be pleased to hear from you any time

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Edwards
April 17, 1925
Box 553 P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Wm. Rose & Co.

Was glad to have yrs. of 3/19/25 and can understand how you enjoy yr wk. ends, & also yr Dodge. Its good that Rose keeps on the mend, & can believe she wld enjoy her talk with the woman- which is about the only outlet for the spirit in us apart from the pen- which I always enjoy, more even than talking to stone walls- as we usually find people to be. Death reigns every where, so we don’t expect anything amongst the Tombs but the echo of our own voice- but even that is reassuring for we often find light dawn on dark spots as we try to voice what is rumbling in our hearts.

We have word of Adam Hutchison’s death in a copy of a letter from his companion which I have sent on to Dunbars.  Very bad Small Pox attack, his last words "I hope" is all that remains after his many wicked words & actions for 10 yrs. now. And I have no doubt he will see in the way the rich man saw and have his eyes very wide and his spirit much stirred. If he cld only get back. But his 5 brothers are quite sure he's alright. Just as will be sure he is and they all wrong. It's good to see scriptures being fulfilled amongst our most intimate enemies. J. Sullivan on 1st Dec. Mrs. Calvert died on 31st. Dec. and Adam on 19th. Jany. 25. Were all in the same boat. When Calvert died 5 months before after having played pussy for George Walker on Geo. Roy and Bob Goodwin.

Next Sunday will be 5 months from the Sirdars death on 19th. Nov. & we wld not be surprised to hear that there is some more in the Turk. I notice they have ordered General mobilization of the army & the British are very much afraid it means more than the Kurds…which wld involve Iraq, Persia, Syria and Turkey. You wld notice the activity of every sort during March, after the shakeup  by earthquake on 28th. Feby. I was up seeing the palace of the Kaiser- which is to be the home of the Antichrist as in Dan. 11 last verse- also the Hebrew University about 1/4 miles from it to the N. over the door of which they have carved the rising sun or the light going out from the University, which they claim to be the law going forth from Zion and the word of the Lord from Jer. as given in Is. 2:3. But the first 5 verses is for Manchild, John, and woman and 144000. While the rest of the Chapter is for the natural Jews and the last verse is good advice concerning the Big speeches which have filled the papers. The temple, college and Palace are the 3 buildings spoken of in the Bk. and we see them as antichrist equipment. So that we are pretty well ready for the loosing of the 4 angels bound in the great River Euphrates and all the marks point that way in that quarter. On the top of the palace is the hub of a wheel- where the weather vane usually is, which shows that it was expected to become the centre of the future activities. The Kaiser opened it in 1910. So you see both God and Devil in the preparation- and the Kaiser has had his fall which makes us sure the other will have theirs in due time. For the one was world type- or earth type of the fall of the old heavens- so that we will have the new in its place. Its very queer to see how ready they are to claim Is. 2:1-5 and fail to see the rest of the chapter, which gives much detail of their actual condition and their sure judgment by what we read in Is. 3.
I enjoyed a letter from Bob Laughlin Sr. giving details of a visit from some of the Scotch friends  and the help he was able to give them along with a visit at the door of a lady selling the "Harp of God" concerning these days- and his conversation with her which drew attention to Zech 5. The flying Roll, the empty meal barrel, the ephah and the woman inside with a lead lid clamped down and then the 2 women with the wind in their wings carrying it away to place it on their own foundation. Such as we see the world full of, for people many places are making out the Lord is to come to their quarter of the earth. Even The Testy think New Zealand a likely place and the Manchild to be one of the head men. But Zech. 3 makes it very clear that Joshua the High Priest is type of the Manchild in Jerusalem and Zerrubbabel in Chap. 4 is John from Heaven who laid the foundation and also will bring forth the headstone. The first and last apostles are the 2 witnesses and you see the men who stood with Joshua and sat before him are honoured as princes. The connection of 3 and 4 With Rev. 11 is too close to leave any doubt-and the whole Book is too full of detail to fail to give us comfort regarding these days and what is coming.

March 10 was a big day of Calamity in U.S.A., China, Japan with the death of Earl Curson & Lord Rawlison the following wk. both after operation. The latter was Com. in chief of the Indian Army and Curson had been one of India's most honoured viceroys. What happened to Earl Balfour leaves no room for doubt about the spirit of the Arabs in the Near East. So we are surer than ever that we have made no mistake about the whole matter and the details become clearer all the time, which is proof that we have benefited by all our purifying making white and trying.

Best Love in Christ Jesus to all 4.

Yrs. Very Truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
May 7, 1925

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm. Rose & Co:

I was glad to have your good news and hearty expression, tho I know that the big things they plan for you are not to compare with something which He has planned so long ago. I have simply reveled in Isaiah 66 this week, tho I have written you it before it never seemed to be so simple and full as today, but I guess we have been only drifting along into place and condition where it could be read.

Heaven is His throne and earth his footstool, where is the house which ye build to me, and where is my rest. All these things hath my hand made and all these things have been, but to this man will I look for home and rest. Him that is poor, contrite, ground to powder and trembleth at my word with nothing else to trust to. We have been slowly forced into the place where we recognize people's only hope is in the poor man who will be brought forth as the Manchild when the voice is heard from the city and the temple, which is the voice of the Lord that rendereth recompence to his enemies in the taking out of the Jews from Jerusalem.

V. 3, Those who put their confidence in their ox sacrifice or acceptance with God, and their Lamb sacrifice for their sins and peace &c., with their oblations in Testy and preaching and their incense of prayer and praise, which is like blessing an idol of their own making. Are only choosing their own ways and delighting in their abominations. His way of salvation for today is by the poor man. I have noticed that the real trouble with most people is clinging to their old profession and acceptance with God, but the Test of all profession is in the poor man and having ears to hear or tremble at His word, which comes from the house where He dwells and where His rest is.

I have also noticed that those who most simply accept that fact get on best and have fewest troubles of any sort. While those who have gone the other way seem to have all sorts of delusion and are always ready to cast out those who have ears to hear in name of glorifying the Lord, - or in other words being offended in the place they give the poor man by whom He has been calling, but they would not hear and by whom He has been stretching out His hand but no man regarded or would hear and the more they were sure of their sacrifice having been made and accepted the more offended they are to suggest that any man should be made the test for their relationship to God - and while they rejected they did evil enough to show they had not either the Spirit of Christ or God. Their casting out of all who tremble at His word or have ears to hear is proof of their evil. I know it has been a matter of trembling to most when it came to the point of putting the whole of their hopes on the poor man, but He shall appear to your joy - when the trouble brings forth the Manchild and reveals who and where God has been and had His rest. I have often wished there had been two poor men rather than one, but I guess He knows His own business best.

Before she travailed she brought forth a Manchild, shows that it's not a natural birth, who hath heard such a thing who have seen such things. Shall the earth be made to bring forth in one day - shall a nation be born at once, for as soon as Zion travailed she brought forth her children - shall I bring to the Birth and not cause to bring forth. It would be terrible for me to have gone thro all I have and not be brought forth - not to speak of what it would mean for others. And shall I bring forth the Manchild and then shut the womb. No Sir, this is the first begotten of many -- saith thy God.

Rejoice ye with Jerusalem and be glad with her all ye that love her, which of my friends today would have known or cared or loved Jerusalem had I not been here. Rejoice for joy with her all ye that mourn for her. No poor man, robbed and ground to powder with only the word of the Lord to hangby and there would have been no trouble to anyone I know of, and no mourning because of the suffering and waiting these past 5 1/2 years. But see what verses 11, 12, 13 and 14 give us. It's enough to make our hearts bound with joy and forget we are on the earth - not only in our reward, but the reward to our enemies. For behold the Lord will come with fire and with His chariots like a whirlwind to render His anger with fury and his rebuke with flames of fire, no doubt referring to the airplanes and methods of vengeance on those who hold Jerusalem, both Jew and Arab Moslem.

For by fire and sword shall He plead with all flesh and the slain of the Lord shall be many. Notice how perfectly He describes the whole religious world. They sanctify and purify themselves in their gardens behind the Tree of Knowledge of God in the midst, eating swine's flash and the abomination and the mouse or parasites of the whole religious world - which shall be consumed together, for I know their works and their thots. It shall come, I will gather all nations and languages and they shall come and see my glory, and I will set a sign (the Antichrist) amongst them to (kill and scatter them). I will send them unto the nations far and near who have not heard my fame nor seen my glory, and they shall declare my glory amongst the Gentiles, and they shall bring all your Brethren for an offering in clean vessels.

Verse 22, and as the New Heavens and New earth shall remain, so your seed and your name remain. We will be remembered 1,000 years as the Apostles have in the past Gentile Age, and all flesh will come to Jerusalem to worship the Lord, while the carcasses of our enemies shall dung Palestine for their worm shall not die nor the fire be quenched till they are all destroyed and there shall be forever an abhorring of all flesh that would presume to take His name on their lips without His nature.

This is the outline of His masterpiece and if we had seen these things from the beginning we could not have been the poor man, contrite and trembling - but they were hid from our eyes very much, till the day was ripe, so we look for it at anytime now.

Best Love to all 4,
Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine. 

**7 year prophecy New Heaven/Earth will Come.

Wm. Irvine's letter to Loves, Sr. Santa Ana, Calif.
May 8, 1925
Box 553 P.O. Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Love Family:

Was pleased to hear from you. Glad you enjoy the folks there. You need not worry about your condition which is very common to the whole world today. The whole wrestles, groaneth and travaileth in pain, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God or the beginning of the new thing which we witness to, which will be the biggest surprise to the wicked they have ever had even greater than in Noah's day - which is used as a type or sample. It was by flood then. This time it's to be by world war, world famine, plagues & pestilence & none shall escape who are the wicked oppressors of others.

It's the victims of the present conditions who are to be the victors & the coming 1000 years will just be as glorious as have the past few 1000 yrs been oppressive & wicked for the greet majority. Per the Devil always honours those who will be most the robbers of others in religion, politics, education, industry and social life. So the ups will go down and the downs will go up & that by the power of God - Not by socialism, Bolshivlsm or any other political method - which only gives you the Devils heel in another form tho their ideals are good. Their methods are worse than the old, as you can see wherever unregenerate nature attempts to change conditions.

In 7 years the old Heaven & Earth will have passed & the New Heaven & New Earth will have come wherein dwelleth righteousness. This is the 7th day creation which the Jewish Sabbath was type of & the hope of all the ages realised. He can only overrule today; But when the meek inherit the earth He will dwell amongst them as King of Kings & Lord of Lords & all who do wickedness shall die off - Just as in the past 6000 years they have killed off the ripe Godly seed from the earth. All the prophets and apostles with Jesus witnessed to these things, in the day or their sufferings.

For this was the comfort God gave them that the day would come when those who were their persecutors would be cut off from the earth & so all they said is specially for now. The beginning of this work was in 1914 & is the key to reading all that has & is taking place & we can with confidence wait patiently a little lounger till harvest is ripe & Tribulation begins in the gathering of His own sealed seed to Jerusalem while death will begin to reap the wicked from the earth. All who are being sealed in their foreheads are those who are being made to find out the wickedness of the present conditions in the world & so will be ready to escape & come to Jer.

It you get Dunbar to read Isaiah 66 to you, you will find it give all the details of the whole operation from the poor man in v.2 to the last verse which says the carcasses, of the wicked will sever the earth showing that the work has been accomplished in a marvelous way. I don't expect you will be able to see it all as clearly as I do, but your condition will be comforted & filled with hope by getting a clear understanding of the why of things & what is coming & by what means He will bring it all about.

People often say the day of miracles is past - But this will prove to be the greatest miracle of all the ages - Burying wickedness & setting up his Kingdom in righteousness in 7 years time - And the world will blossom & bloom for all who are His creatures - Just as it has been a vale at tears, sorrow & suffering so long for all who have sojourned here. You don't need to look long or hard to see that everything is coming to a head in nations & men & the faster they go, the surer we are the relief is near. The darkest hour is always before the dawn. So be comforted & cheered and sure because He has said it & is working on the job day & night for our deliverance. So you can with a thankful heart confidently trust Him in all things.

Yrs. V. Truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
May 12, 1925

My dear Bob and Minnie:

God has dealt very tenderly by you, Bob, in your rejection and casting out of the old stranded whale. Then in bringing you into touch with me when you had married and got a farm. Then in Willie Edwards coming to give you some light and comfort when God took Nan, and in the encouragement you had to get clear of the farm and be free to witness to the call to the marriage supper of the King's Son. Then in giving you the desire of your heart in Minnie, and the farm. But what are we expect if you make light of the invitation and make farm and wife your choice, and not only that but treat me despitefully and slay me. What am I to say to my King - and what do you expect Him to command, but what Jesus has so clearly marked out for such conduct. I was surprised to see the spirit shown after your marriage, and more when your accident happened in keeping it quiet from one who would have shown more sympathy than any other could or would. But now it's all clear that it was His warning voice to you. But when Satan enters who can deliver, or who can hope for light if wickedness is allowed. Specially towards the poor man of Is. 66:2, who is the only hope for you or any other. For by him will be gathered out of the whole religious world the woman Seed, by whom the new creation of God will be set up on the earth and Heaven (New), and whose Seed and name shall remain while they remain. Is. 66:22.

Is. 66:3 gives you some idea of all He thinks about all other profession. You can see what comes of it in V. 14. There will not be one religious seed in the 144,000 - for they will be of those who have not sought Him or been called by His name. Is. 65:V. 1. So if you miss a place in the Woman there is no other but Judgment and death, and you will not have even the comfort of not having had more opp'y than most others. Read Matt. 22:1-14 with sober mind, for I fear His words are being fulfilled to the letter in you, and I'm sure you will not blame Him or me for having been so faithful in giving you warning.

Matt. 20 to 25 gives you the whole outline for these Judgment days and if you were the owner of the U.S.A. and all that that means, it would not avail you one iota in missing the greatest privilege ever given to man in sharing the hope of God from the foundation of the world. The door is open till it closes, when the voice of the noise from the city - a voice from the Temple - a voice of the Lord that rendereth recompence to his enemies. Is. 66:6. When the Jews are taken out and the Manchild brought forth, and you can rely on my faithful friendship till that day.

Yours very truly in Him,
Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
May 12, 1925

Dear Bob and Minnie:
May 12, 1925

I had yours today and you see I had written this yesterday and don't feel it's too strong in the light of the fact that I was afraid your ways were endangering the chance for others. I had intended sending it to Dunbars, and W. Edwards for reading and then send it on to you, for Rose was showing danger marks as well as you, and trifling is dangerous in this matter as much as it was in Noah's day - also Joe Kerr in his influence over Neoma, who is just taking the step which is a little ahead of yours. I am inclined to think that with all your privilege you have yet to grasp the foundation facts. Rev. 1:1-3, the Revelation of things which must shortly come to pass, showing they were only for the short period before Judgment begins. Jesus revealed them to John and he was to write them. Blessed is he that readeth. This is my part and I have found no other who could or would read them. And they that hear the words of this prophecy - And keep those things which are written therein.. These words are being fulfilled in me and those who read. But it's up to them to keep the words, if they are to find their way to Jer. which is the only hope. For the rebellious people whom I have called to and held out my hand to all the day of warning of things to come -- will get a rude shock and weep, wail, and gnash their teeth in place of having any share in the 144,000.

He that overcometh is the he that readeth and this poor man of Is. 66:2. Whom he has made His dwelling place and rest, while the tare Rubbish is being gathered in V. 3 to burn, with delusions suited to their condition. Their sacrificing in getting converts - preaching and Testimony, prayer and praise - is abomination and means death to all who practise or perform. Every convert is like slaying a man and every attempt to get people to believe in the Lamb slain is like cutting off a dog's neck.

And you can be sure that me, & my seed will be remembered as long as they are all forgotten - V.22. Let the plough share enter the soil of your hearts and let the seed take root and get watered. So shall you save yourselves much sorrow and eternal loss.

You know how many have gone on in their iniquity and wickedness these past years relying on their knowledge of the truth of God - which is nothing more than the tree in the Garden while they despise the God of truth in the poor man of His choice by whom all their Iniquity and wickedness will be put to shame and ended - in one day - These things I know are strong but only express the love and care I have for both of you lest you treat things lightly and miss the greatest privilege ever given to men on earth, and I would fail in my friendship for Him and you if I kept them back when needed.

Yours very truly in Him,
Wm. Irvine.

I enclose a photo, which may correct the last one. I rode 10 miles on a Donkey and when its back was found to be skinned, I walked 20 miles home over the toughest country possible. I was the freshest man on the Job.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Neomi Noble
Liverpool, England
June 2, 1925

Box 553, P.O., Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Neomi

I had yours today and Walter's, telling of your cablegram, which were both good for me, you and Walter; and I am sure there were no tears in Heaven over it - for they are watching every move on the earth towards Jerusalem - the hope of the world - as it has been the centre of the whole Religious tyranny of the ages; and your Mamma I guess will be as much tickled as any of them.

You may have learned more about forgiving yourself out of this letter than from any other thing in your past life. For this is one of the most difficult things to do truly, and forget as if we had never been human. If there is one thing the Devil is good at, it's accusing us for what we have done - either right or wrong - in seeking to honour God - and in this way we may be assured that it's His will, when we find Him and His opposed to it. How can we forgive others as He forgives if we forgive not ourselves, and cease to measure ourselves by a perfect standard, which is always the Devil's measure. But how foolish such a measure when dealing with human flesh and blood - either our own or others'; and only our own and others' failures can bring us to see the only true foundation for peace in the blood that was shed at the hands of the Devil-possessed outwardly righteous people - for the sins of the whole human family.

Could the sun shine, or the rain fall if it depended on the sinlessness of humanity? No, never, no. It's but the covenant made by the blood of the Son of God that we can hope for His care over the whole earth. And judgment has never come because of the sins of sinners, but because of the wickedness, iniquity and hypocrisy of those who name His name; and you can see from Isa. 65: 1-5, that it's those that sought Him not - that find Him - and those on whose name His name has not been called; and here your brothers have a chance no religious flesh in the world will have; for the tares will be consumed by fire and sword till no one is left on the earth; and a new seed from the Woman who compasses the man of Jer. 31:22, who overcame the Devil and his seed the tares by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their Testimony, and who had courage to love not their lives to the death. To doubt the value of the blood in all our dealings with the wicked or with God is to have our mouth shut. To have our mouth shut is victory for the Devil; for God can only seal our mouth as it's open to speak His words at any cost. So Peter in II Epistle, Ch.1 says, Give diligence to add to your faith (as the result of hearing God) - virtue, or courage, it means; Knowledge, temperance, or God-control; patience, or confidence in God at all times; Godliness, or being known as of God; and brotherly kindness and charity - the same love for sinners which God has revealed in Jesus.

Peter was writing towards the time when he was to be crucified, to encourage those who were of God in face of the power the Devil had got in the churches through the unregenerate professors, which is very much worse in our day than it could in any other day. So if we want to overcome the Devil, then faith, courage, knowledge of God, not about God; temperance, patience, Godliness, brotherly kindness and charity is the sure way to never fail: these are like a chain of pearl truth, which is more ornamental than any other rope of pearls in the world.

So rejoice in your mistake, rather than please the old Devil by regrets - for if he can get to feel or think along this line - he will follow up to his advantage - whereas to look all your sins and failures in the face, and rejoice that it was for these He died - will give you courage to witness to others in the way they need. Remember you have been trained in one of the most exacting and Devil-possessed professions apart from the clergy - and you will do well to forget much of it and enjoy a little of the love of God in Walter and your own home - where bear and forbear are the peacemakers and lovecultivators which make a love life possible, and where all the rubbish of the scientific and religious world should have little place - for all their influence is to make home like a hell rather than a heaven, and rob it of the truest joys this side of His eternal presence.

So you have a great deal to forget of what you have had much of in public in Cali., where so much false wisdom and sentiment finds its outcome - in miserable married life, and the divorce courts - as well as much crime, which is seeded in loveless home life, where law and wisdom rule. I don't know of anything which can cultivate the true spirit of forgiveness, than 2 being made one - so that familiarity with each other can only end in mutual helpfulness or in constant dissatisfaction and nagging, which poisons everything it touches, and is the atmosphere of all religious and political life on the earth, and no doubt the tormenting memories of Hell.

So your so-called mistake was a happy one for you, if by any means it may draw your attention to the Spirit of the family of which God is the Father, Jesus our Brother, and Holy Ghost our Mother God. And it's in these matters that the Woman and Manchild as the disciples of the 144,000 will shine, and His glory be manifested in Jerusalem and the whole world by them .You can see how the King came in to inspect the guests at the marriage supper, and found one of the Devil-possessed, holy outwardly righteous people there; and He told them to bind him hand and foot, and cast him into outer darkness; for all the old religious spirit is to bind us hand and foot, and cast us into darkness - as you may have found on many occasions in dealing with religious people of all sorts. Jesus is the light of the world: He that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life - which fits the poor sinner world we live in perfectly, just as their binding and casting into darkness brings hatred of even the Name of God.

My Best Love and Wishes for your and Walter's happiness, and God and my interests in the Kingdom.

Wm. Irvine.

Copied from original 12-79 DS

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Grim & Christie, Calif.
June 11, 1925

Box 553 P.O., Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Mrs Grim & Christie:

I was glad to have your letter & promise of Christie's candy & hanky's; all of which I value, 1st for my own sake and 2nd, for its value as evidence that its doing it unto me, you are doing it unto Him. This is where the actual value of all that others have done for me and I feel that it has been true for 32 years; for I would not have had no seal of God apart from becoming the Reader; and I have no rival in my reading of Rev., and glad because I did not see this till my old "Book" was black thro reading and 100ds of letters in people's hands to prove that I had been doing that ere I claimed Rev. 1,1-3. How much evidence has accumulated these past 5 1/2 years since arriving in Jerusalem. How full and fresh the whole Book has become to me and those who have ears to hear, & those who have showed most interest in my welfare and comfort will find it has been a source of great comfort to them, also when the great day comes all others who claim Matt. 25 and are not the Reader will find it to their confusion of face both the givers and receivers from the goats and you see the gulf between the goats and the sheep and how perfectly they have been revealed by the reader, robbed of all he had received as apostle and servant and those who never could but be thieves & robbers.

The woman clothed with the sun, the living loving shining from the Throne by the 12 star Crown on her head and the moon as echoes of my voice and the cold light reflected by those who stole my crown and all that God had given me is surely a good contrast for they have not only put the 12 star Crown under their feet, but are clothed with moonlight only the memory of what I taught them and imitation of the ways & works of God. The Truth of God without the God of Truth.

The weather is quite abnormal all over the world - either too dry or too wet, too hot or too cold; but always the mark of Judgment either way as the accompaniment of the reports they give.

The man you speak of is good as giving you a chance to test out your light on his darkness. I had a good go with a German Jew, Russelite, on Sunday night in Jaffa or in Tel-a-viv, the Jewish quarter in Jaffa, which has grown very much since my first visit 2 years ago, it now has 40,000 people and is about equal to old Jaffa and as modern as Jaffa is old, half of which is now under the sea since Jesus time. He is a very clever, smart Electrical Engineer with business here & experience all over Europe. But 5 minutes knocked him into a cocked hat and he had not one word left to say, but drove me and my friend home to Jerusalem, in his car, though I felt he had got a great shaking up, specially on Zech. XIV, and the end of the Jewish national home by the great earthquake.

What we value and enjoy most, is like giving them a taste of Hell, no matter how little or much they get, and I have not found one man who had anything of what we read and hear from the whole Book, but especially Rev., and when you test any or all of them you find their delusion is just exactly according to men having taken their own way and thinking their own thoughts.

The Bible students foundation is to give the whole human family another chance, but all perish but those who are born of God in all years, and to trifle with this fact ends in darkness & death and people who allow their own human nature to guide them in reading God's purpose on the earth for man in place of reading it by the nature of God, make an awful mess of it and become easy victims of the Devil in the reading of the Book which is just eating of the Tree of knowledge of good and evil, or trying to read the Book without God and all who either teach or encourage others to do this are the serpent seed, no matter what their colour or creed is for this goes on all over the world just the same and the more people know of the Bible, the deadlier it becomes, and you can see how perfectly Rev., the Reader and they who hear, cuts them all out & off, but it will be as great or even greater test when the 2 witnesses come, while it will give the sinners and heathen a greater chance for they don't even pretend to know much about the Book and will be the abler to grasp the living words & works of the 2 Witnesses and then the 144,000 disciples who will go with their message.

I feel like Adam did when he had become acquainted with all the garden contained and without the woman, would find nothing which could appeal to me, but with her who has been brought forth by the power of God there is comfort for me and hope for the world, and you may say that my experience has been like that of Adam, when the Lord made Eve, out of what was taken from Adam under experience of a living death such as no man has had on the earth these past 10 years.

Read Gen. 11;18-25, and see how perfectly it covers our whole experience these days, when we find all sorts of animals and I can give them names and they are what I call them, but I would indeed be very lonely if I had not the hope of a helpmate, bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh in the fullest sense of the word and I feel in those who bear the marks of the woman how true this becomes. What would the animals know of Adam's experience or that of Eve, no more can we expect the people around us to value or understand all we have known of God these past years or the possibilities which lie ahead, and our future will be as new to us as it was to Adam & Eve, but He is behind it all and our name and seed shall remain while the New Heaven and New earth shall last. The Paradise of man and so I can see much truth in Gen. 2 which has been a stumbling block to the whole Theological Scientific world. They call it the 2nd account of creation and fault it much, but its there no doubt for our comfort and help and I trust you may be able to get a little light on it even though I have given you very little.

Yours very Truly in Him

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To Mary Sorsabel
July 9, 1925

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Mary:

I enjoyed your letter today very much, for if you have ears to hear what God has been revealing for these days and eyes to see what is going on in the way of signs of coming judgment, you are very fortunate and can thank God for Olive as she has God to thank for her mother who will give you a little encouragement to thank God for what I may have been able to do in helping her and I feel some day you will thank God for the friends you have found who are interested in me and my message and work. The things which blind people most is knowing the Bible without knowing the Living God and having ears to hears and eyes to see what He is doing and going to do in the whole earth finish up the old 6th day creation & bring in the new or set up the Kingdom of God on the earth & bring the meek to rule and reign over the whole earth for 1000 years with Jesus as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords over the whole nations.

The 4 troubling things on the earth today are Religious, science, Politics, Racialism and Language. To destroy all this and give us the Lord as head and a new race the Sons of God to inherit the earth in place of the Sons of Adam or humans for human nature can never understand the things of God.

The language of the world during the coming 1000 years will be the tongue or language of the Manchild, English, & you can see that the 144,000 who are to gather to be his disciples at Jerusalem will naturally want to speak his tongue as well as the things which God will teach them by him.

In the 6th day creation God made a man of the dust of the earth, not from the animals, birds or lower creation; but a new man just like a body when it's ready for burial and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and he became a living soul, just as a man becomes a dead soul when the breath returns to God who gave it and we lay the body in the dust from which it was created. This puts an end to all the big headed proud hearted scientists in the world and also reveals the religious rubbish who try to understand and explain those things without God by the aid of the Bible. For Religion and Science are just like a superior form of Devil possession as Spiritualism is. All who are not God possessed will become Devil possessed. This is the purpose for which the Devil is allowed to rule as the God of this world to show where God is honoured and where He is not.

The Evolutionist are quite right in much they say, but all wrong in that they fail to see that God is a Living God working out in every age His own purpose, while the Religious people are just like the others in that they read the Bible as if it were a book telling of what God did long ago and blind to all His working today. They are discussing what God did Millions or 1000 years ago, but are blind and dead to the greatest things God has ever done, that which you see going on in the bringing forth of the Manchild who is to be the ADAM for the 7th day creation and gathering a few around him in Jerusalem as the Woman or the EVE of the 7th day creation and then multiplying by the 144,000 who are to be gathered from the whole world to be the disciples of the Manchild and John and so prepare a people and a kingdom on the earth for Jesus to come and reign in and over the whole earth. And to think that you should know of these things and never read the Bible, is one of the greatest miracles of all time and if you should be favoured to be one of the woman seed who come to Jerusalem, I will say you are one of the most fortunate person on the earth and in thus speaking I don't flatter you, but speak the mind of God in truth and sincerity.

You need not expect much response to these things from your friends or those whom you love, any more than you would expect the dead to hear or see, but when they see through your actions which express your faith in God and what I have told you as His mouth piece they may find a place in the 144,000 who none of them will be religious but rather the other way cast out by the religious and scientific world - with no regard for politics, race or language, but wanting only to hear and see the 2 witnesses in Jerusalem. So learn all you can from your friends, Dunbars and Grims and when the time comes, come with them to Jerusalem and so escape these things which are coming on the earth and let nothing or nobody tempt you to miss them: for you will only perish with them and have no chance of being a help to them or point the way of escape. If we allow our dead friends to hinder you from following what God has revealed to you, you won't help them and they will be like a living man chained to a dead corpse.

You have had a very clear case of what's coming to Neoma Gerow. She left to marry one of my friends in Liverpool, England, in spite of very bitter opposition from her brothers and many in Santa Barbara who tried to hinder her and ridicule and jeer at what I said about her coming to Jerusalem, and you see how God stopped their mouths by the earthquake 3 days after her going. This is for the comfort of the few who are my friends, but all of whom are worth in Gods eyes a world full of religious, scientific, political and racial and linguists who add to the confusion of the whole world today and God will honour you just as much as He honoured Neoma in doing what I told her to do. She has less privilege than any of my friends in California and yet has shown more faith in action by her willingness to move towards Jerusalem, and marry a man who is one of those that cleave to me and hope to come here when I say the Word.

W. Edwards sold his business and home in Berkeley, California 3 years ago and a week or so after, 2/3rds of the city was burned out, so that when he went back he did not know where he had lived, and about the same time you remember 7 warships left Frisco and ran on the shore opposite Santa Barbara proving that God was sealing our words and that destruction was coming and as sure as Berkeley and Santa Barbara where I had told them the things you hear and they ridiculed them and opposed have been made to suffer, so surely will Los Angeles in a bigger and better way suffer; for there I witnessed in 1906 and again in 1916 and both times with much opposition. 2 days after I reached S. Frisco in 1906 we had the earthquake and fire, which was the biggest blaze in the world at that time and was only an indication of the importance of the work and message which God had sent me to deliver and foreshadowed the work which He has chosen me to do in ruling all nations with a rod of Iron and dashing them in pieces as clay vessels during the next 3 1/2 years.

If you should purpose to come to Jerusalem with the others at any cost, you need not worry about buying a home, but rather like the others, sell it and be ready when the time comes to clear out. But don't worry even about this, for your Mother and Father's sake.

The reason I mentioned the money order was because I got M.O. from Brea and the name was spelled wrong and we have no way of knowing who sends owing to the present method of delivery which only gives you the place and no name. So don't worry about that for I am always well supplied.

Now Best Love in Him who sits as King over the whole earth in Heaven where men and nations are as the sands of the Sea or drops of water in the ocean in His sight.

Wm. Irvine.


If you have any difficulty in understanding anything in this letter, you can find help from some of the friends God has given you.


William Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
July 21, 1925

P.P Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

I was glad to have yours yesterday and specially as it was just before the shake up which I believe was for your benefit and all others who have been getting meat in due season these past years. Some who have always been most hungry, and digesting it most thoroughly have gone on and have no difficulty in seeing the greatness of the job on hand and the part they are to have while others who have been less hungry and have had their own thots about these things have all suffered more or less, and have their troubles of another sort and hot water in place of peace, rest, joy and increasing comfort from Jer. It's not those who have had greatest privilege but the use they have made most of it. Some thot the bigness was to be on their side, bit I'm afraid it will be my getting greater and they smaller as the days go bye. For the Woman is to be gathered around the Man.

The Man of Rev. is the greatest of all who have had the honour which comes from God. If you read Acts 3:19-26, you will see the work of Jesus and His being received into Heaven till the Restitution of all things, which is to be wrought by the Prophet whom Moses speaks of in Deut. XVIII. A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up of your brethren like unto me, him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you, and it shall come to pass that every soul that will not hear that prophet shall be destroyed from amongst the people. This is witnessed to by all the holy prophets from the beginning of the world - and is the Seed of the Woman who is to bruise the Serpent's head as the overcomer, and he shall bruise his heel. And all the prophets from Samuel on speaks of this prophet along with Jesus, and wherever you find Judgment marks you will find him spoken, and we used to read many of these promises for the prophet as applying to Jesus in our ignorance.

I was as much amazed as any man could be when I began to see these things. But they have come slowly but surely till I can see them thro the whole Book, and it's the Man of Rev., that is that prophet whom all the prophets spoke of - who is to inherit all things and of whom Jesus says --I will be his God and he shall be my Son -- and I can say as Jesus said in Matt. XV, Blessed is he that is not offended in me. Just as surely as the 8 fold offended and offenders of Rev. XXI:8 will get the Woe. All kinds of wicked rubbish on the earth today are known by their professed relationship to God and Jesus in Heaven. This is their delusion and the price they pay for being wise and prudent rather than babes and sucklings - while those who have any ground for hope will be those who have been gathered around the Man of Rev. by whom Judgment is to be meted out to the whole wicked world. The Man of Matt. 24 and 25 is the same as the Man of Rev. - and you can see that he is to be made ruler over all that He hath.

Those who measure the Man of Revelation, by his being the least in the Kingdom of God, fail to see that he is to be the greatest of all. And John comes from Heaven as the seal on this Man. And when I look back and see the marks these 3 years, I have no doubts about the whole matter, and can see how much greater than all the others of the past, the battle has been, and the victory which has been made mine by His grace -- and I can see a chuckle in the face of Him that sits on the Throne as the Iniquity of man has been made manifest these past years by my life and Testimony. So all the somebodies will be left amongst the fearful and unbelieving while the nobodies will be very glad to cleave to me as their hope for all things and they shall not be disappointed.

The destruction of Berkeley and S.B are only little proof that those who have done what I said have not been left without witness and these are only the shadows of more to follow when the words of my mouth will be the Iron Rod to rule all the nations and dash them in Shivers.

It's not hard to see and feel when people value these privileges and digest all they get. It makes it very easy for them to see who I am and that their hope is not in what they are apart from me but rather centre all their hope on the Man that God has chosen to be His instrument in vengeance on the wicked of the whole earth. I like to think of being here where our Lord was crucified, 1st to test the hearts of men and then give them according to what He sees to be in them. For what people are to me, they would have been to Him, - Inasmuch ye did or did it not to the Least of these my brethren, ye did or did it not to me, is for the separating of the Sheep and goats on the whole earth and amongst the nations of the whole world. If we had seen all these things from the beginning there would have been no test for many who have been revealed slowly but surely. And the door is always open till it will close when John comes, and the gathering of the woman take place and Judgment begin on the triflers and blessing to all the needy who had been blinded by the wicked doers of the so-called people of God.

These things will only seem strong as you have not been digesting the meat in due season which I have given these past 7 years or more. The quake has been as much joy to some as it may be sorry to others. Be ye not as the horse and mule which need to be held in with bit and bridle, which just means don't let your big flesh hinder you seeing the plan and purpose of God being accomplished, which has been revealed thro all the prophets and now to be fulfilled. A Prophet is not a dead man but one living on the earth thro whom He speaks and works out His wrath and restitution of all things so that the meek shall inherit the earth and Jesus come to Reign in and with all who are His Seed. It's much easier for people to believe in a man than to believe the Bible interpreted by their own thots and ways, and you can be sure that the marks of Rev. XII:1-3 will be those of all who are to be with me in the crowning days. I don't think there is any reason to be ashamed of the picture which is good of both, and which I was glad to have .

Yours very truly,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Bob Lauchlin, Jr.
July 29, 1925
Box 553. P. O.
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Bob:

Was glad to have yours to day. And all your dad’s advice to you is good. It has been quite painful to see how workers have been so slow to see that they have no more chance of knowing than others. And the little self confidence they have only blinds & deceives. I have not seen one of them but have suffered from this.

Your interpretation in your last of the reason for people cleaving to you was very dangerous. For the Spirit of the wicked one is that Spirit which makes the Clergy the center of very much of the worlds activities, & this is generally looked upon as the Holy Spirit, while the whole book bears witness to the very opposite. You will find a good corrective in bearing witness to the prophet spoken of in Acts III. A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your Brethren. Him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he  shall say unto you. This is the method of gathering the woman & her testy to him will be that of Mary at Cana of Gallilee whatsoever He saith unto you do it. Which will save from all iniquity. For as truly as he is the overcomer so surely will all others be more or less overcome by their own iniquity & C. And so safety will be in the prophet & all things whatsoever is a big mouthful. But such as meets the needs of all who have ears to hear him who is to inherit all things & be His son,, & He his God. You can see to day how much the words I put in peoples mouths in past years has puffed them up, & the same danger exists to day to those who receive my reading & fail to grasp the fact that it is only meant to make them trust me & cease from their own self reading where the danger lies.

If those who have been hearers read what I gave them they will be kept busy on safe lines & not tempted to rely on their own ability to read the Book for themselves. This is what will make a woman compass a man realising that her hopes are in him & not in themselves.

I have seen many go to the wall, & always are the same marks of thinking they cld stand on their own feet & do their own reading which was soon manifested in their darkness and over throw. And the more my Greatness looms up the more danger there is for much as have some expectation apart from me. It shall come to pass that every soul that will not hear that prophet, shall be destroyed from amongst the people. So its hear & live, or refuse & perish for all the earth.

And your value to others now & in the future will turn on that fact, for now we know & & have no more shadow on this matter. All the prophets from the beginning witnessed to Jesus and the prophet of Restitution and all from Samuel on are full of it. Tho much of what was for the prophet was read as for Jesus, & its always a source of danger to mix up what is said of Jesus, with what is said of the prophet who is to be the shepherd and the who is His fellow in these days.  Zech. 13 tells of the witness of the 2 prophets & the shutting up of all the false prophets. And 9-11 is the killing of the shepherd & scattering of the 144000.
Walter & Neoma's marriage may prove to have been our Cana of Gallilee marriage which changes the water which have been purifying making white & tried that we might see & understand into new wine of better quality than we had before. Zech. viii. 10 speaks of Joy & gladness & cheerful feasts, during the fasts of the Jews in 4th, 5th, 7th, & 10th months & certainly the 4th month July was that to those who are the true seed & can understand what has been happening on the earth. It’s quite striking how they all met at Kilsyth and no doubt was of God for their Joy and comfort & Neoma & Walter who were looked upon as the least had the Seal thro their simple sincere Obedience to what I have said to them. And I have noticed the same marks on all who have been most loyal to my words. Just as I have seen trouble for all others of various sorts in proportion to their own thots & ways guiding them.

Best Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine  

William Irvine's Letter to J. Thompson
August 4, 1925

P.O. Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear John:

Thanks for yours. You will have seen from Bob's how clear and strong the 3rd of Acts, 19-26 puts the whole matter, and Deut. 18 leaves no doubt about the fate of all false prophets. "A Prophet shall the Lord your God raise up of your brethren, like unto me (Moses), Him shall ye hear in all things, whatsoever he saith unto you.". The Devil is very good at making all sorts of people think they can know the mind of God, (which is "iniquity"), as all men's thoughts are about God, and can never be anything else. But life, peace, prosperity and all else and all things depend on hearing His Prophet, just as death and torment is the end of hearing all others. It shall come to pass that every soul that shall not hearken to that Prophet, shall be destroyed from amongst the people. So the Voice of the Lord thru a Man, living on the Earth, is to gather all who have Life, around the Man, making them the center for the gathering of the 144,00 while all who refuse to hear him shall perish.

Get these things deep in your heart and act on them at all cost, for His interest in you, will depend very much on your interest in Him and His Prophet, and in these days when iniquity abounds, one is apt to lose sight of this fact and their love cool, as Jesus said....was the danger to be avoided. I am sure there can be no more true test as to the people's attitude to Jesus and God than that shown to His Prophet.

Zechariah 13th chapter, 7th verse, is very good description of the death of the two Witnesses.... The sword which has been asleep for 3 1/2 years.. is to "Awake O sword against My Shepherd and against the Man that is My Fellow.". What sweeter name could the Prophet have than "The Man that is my Fellow.". Smite the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered (144,000) and I will turn My hand on the Little Ones... means He will cover them, save them and return them from their flight on the wings of a great eagle to their place for 3 1/2 years. The last two verses show how He will perfect them as He has perfected the Prophet. They shall call on My name and I will hear them...I will say it is my people and they shall say the Lord is my God.

Verse 8 shows how death is to cut off 2/3rds of the people of the land. 1/3rd saved.. this covers 2nd 3 1/2 years when the Woman will be the center thru whom His Voice will be heard in Jerusalem. So that Her words will be as the words of the two Witnesses during the last 3 1/2 years.

You, like me, have been tempted to think that John will be the greatest of the two Witnesses, but I am sure the Book makes it quite the other way. This you see from Matthew 11:11, and many other places. He that is Least to be the Greatest of all, not only in our day, but of all recorded prophets. I don't say this to feed my vanity or yours, but rather to impress the greater privilege and possibility. The Devil is always anxious to give us a "past tense prophet".. just as surely as God gives us a "living present tense prophet" whose words are life or death. Which of the prophets can compare with the two Witnesses work in Salvation or Damnation, and the Man of the Earth is.."The ass as John is the Colt" setting up of the Kingdom. So there is as much to quicken your spirit and stir your heart and enlighten your vision and strengthen your faith as in any period of all history.

The very fact that a man of your own generation is to be Overcomer and inherit all things, and Jesus says He will be my Son and I will be His God, so that all you could have had if you had been one with Jesus is possible for you in your being one of the few "who compass a Man". This gives point to your whole life, and you can be sure that much can depend on your faith and witness, not to God and Jesus in Heaven, but Jesus and God in His Servant today on the earth. People may laugh, but God will honour it in you.

Very truly yours,

William Irvine.

For those who have had, and believed they believed, the written words of the Prophet, it is well to ponder well what has been written. The time spoken of is no doubt here and near..the close of 3 1/2 years.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Lees
August 5, 1925
Box 553, P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Lees:

Thanks for yours of 4th July. I'm sure you will have had much to comfort and cheer your hearts the past month, which has made clearer the prophet of restitution of all things of Acts 3:19 -26 and Deut. 18, which is the sum of the truth revealed in Rev. - which is summed up in Rev. 21:7 - in contrast with the 8-fold enemies whom he has witnessed. They to be destroyed from the Earth, while the overcomer is to inherit all things and be the Son of Jesus and He his God. The Least has become the greatest of all the Prophets, while the false prophets and their seed have fallen in the ditch and been destroyed. You can see the 9-fold reason given in Deut. 18, for the destruction of the Ites of the land, which is type of the wicked on the face of the whole earth, which the meek are about to inherit.

Notice what is said of the false prophets in Deut. 18 and also in Zech. 13 - which chapter tells of the witness of the two witnesses. The false are to be destroyed from the Earth as truly as the prophet whom Lord God shall raise up unto you of your brethren like Moses - Him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you, which is the mark of the Woman who is to compass a man and whose testimony to him will be as that of Mary to Jesus at the Marriage of Cana of Galilee

- "Whatsoever He saith unto you do it." For they will have proved that to do what he says has proved to be of God and good for all who do it, and bad for all who don't hear and keep the words of the prophecy of this Book.

Paul says the Lord will not come until there come a falling away - the destruction of the false prophets and their seed by the Iron Rod ruling of the Nations.

If the true seed are to get manna from Heaven, then we know that the false will get drought and naught from Heaven – and so fall away - and the dragon be cast down to the Earth and lose all his professed heavenly power to deceive. Then the Antichrist, the man of sin - or him who professes to be the Messiah, but has no God - which is the mark of the 2nd 3-1/2 years - which will end in the Earth opening her mouth and swallowing them all up - as the heavens opened and received the 2 witnesses.

And now that the whole truth has been revealed about the Prophet, you can't do better than witness to him and prove it from the Book to all who have ears to hear. And I feel sure the Spirit will witness to you and by you to this fact, for the words of the Prophet will be as the mouth of God, either with life or death to all who hear, or death to those who refuse - For it shall come to pass that every soul that will not hear that prophet shall be destroyed from amongst the people. So fire away and if it don't help others to know of the Prophet, it will sure have His seal in yourself. But the chances are that some will have ears and increase in interest as the days go by. For it says that people will lay hold on the skirts of him that is a Jew and say: we will go with you for we have heard that God is with you. So let them know your hope and the ground for it. For those who are being sealed in their foreheads by rejection from the whole religious world will also be drawn by manna and water being provided at Jerusalem, when war, famine, and pestilence are let loose on the whole earth.

The building is to be stopped in Jerusalem at end of Aug. There is only 60,000 gallons per day now. 30,000 are brought 60 miles on the railway and supply is getting less at both places owing to no rain - and we have no hope of rain in the natural course for at least 4 months yet.

Figs, grapes, and such fruits are all short this season as well as olives and crops generally 20% short from last year. So we are in good line for seeing things fulfilled. The signs and bring or raising up the Prophet and gathering of the Woman is all very fully revealed.

Best Love to all,

Yours V. Truly,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
August 12, 1925

My dear Bob and Minnie:

I was glad to have yours of 4/4/25, and to hear of the Quake and its effects. Naomi sent me on one from Ruth. I have not heard direct. But the Examiner gave good idea of how things were. The usual scientific explanation of a slip in the Rock, which is in line with all their ungodliness in believing that the dust took it into its head to make a man, and now is slipping about to cause people loss in place of seeing that the hand and voice which produced it is now moving to rearrange the passing of the old and the bringing of a new thing. If they could see aright they would see that the scientific's were more the cause than anything else. Bryan's death is only part of the whole matter, 3 years to a day from Pres. Harding's stroke death after being a gazing stock to the whole world on his trip to Alaska.

I think W. and R. will get over their difficulty and be content to be part of the Woman who compasses a man. I have known of their danger for past 3 years. It's rather humbling to find that you are not the reader but rather the hearer. It's this spirit which marks the whole world, which is the reason for Iniquity abounding and to end it forever on the earth. The reader will be the centre of the new seed and generation with the Woman seed to witness to him. If the 2 Witnesses are to be the 2 olive trees by whom the oil for the light is to come, it's not very hard to see that the Reader will be in a similar position.

The 12 Star Crown is on the head of the Woman. I am sure you will be able to see the slow development of truth in revealing the Prophet of Rev is in line with the slow development of the Signs and all else. What would the Exodus be without Moses. What could Rev. be which tells of the passing of the old and creating a new Thing, without a Man by whom these things are to be wrought on the earth. Those who believe John is to come are naturally thinking John will be the chief. But he will come more for the comfort of the manchild than as the acti?? or chief, and probably there is no other on the earth to be co-witness with the manchild. But why should people worry, when all the manchild is, is for the benefit of the woman and 144,000. The woman was of the man, not man of the woman -- but all of the Lord.

You will find the Spirit work in and with you, just as you have ears to hear what He saith by the reader and overcomer, and it will do you much good to witness to the man as well as to the events which have and are taking place on the whole earths surface. The last verses of Luke 21 are very wholesome, showing the danger and also where safety lies. Deut. XVIII and Zech. XIII leave us in no doubt -- that the prophet whom God is raising up will be life to those who hear as death to all else.

This generation of wicked (who were the killers of the Son of God) will not pass till all these things be fulfilled. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but thy word shall not, till all these things shall be fulfilled. So you can see how much more solid is His revelation than anything we can see around us; so they who have ears to hear are on a Rock which cannot be moved. The voice that spoke them into being can speak them out of being, and this gives us confidence that the new can come out of the wreck; and we know a prophet can be nothing more than the voice of the Lord God, whose hand produces all the changes. It's good to have a little sample of those that have ears to hear, because it gives us a contrast which enables us to see the condition of the whole Scribe and Pharisee seed on the earth who walk in their Iniquity, Hypocrisy and Wickedness - whose doom will be just in proportion to their wickedness.

The Jews here are getting alarmed at the scarcity of water and demanded that building be stopped on the 16th August in place of 1st Sept. They had a meeting of 6000 Jews the other day and did a lot of big talking. They have practically used up all the cistern water and now only have pipe water left, half of which comes by rail 50 miles away and 3000 ft. up. Each house is supposed to get a 4 gallon tin every 2 days. I get my cooking water from restaurant by bottle. It's four months since we had our last rain, and we can't get any for 4 months more, by the usual winter rain, which I expect is finished for the next 3 1/2 years.

You may notice the solemn words of warning spoken by the Premier of Eng., showing that they recognize they are up against the Bolshi peril, which is the 1st Woe of Rev. IX; while the Syrian trouble which the French have, and also the Mosul problem between G.B. and Turkey shows the 2nd Woe about to break forth on the Euphrates. The earthquake made last month one of joy and gladness to those who have been watching, but the present month is even more so; and we expect by Oct., which is the 1st month of the civil year, will add to our joy. A notice on the Mosque of Omar, the old Temple gates these days, asks men and money from the Palestine Arabs to help fight the French in Syria. So we have clearer marks every day, pointing to Is. 66:6 when we will hear the noise of a voice from city and Temple, which is the beginning of 2nd Woe and our day having come.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To Skerritts
August 14, 1925

Box 553, P.O., Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

Was glad to have yours yesterday. Thanks for bills, but it's cheering to have evidence of hearty interest which I can hardly expect could exist apart from a hungry ear to hear what God gave Jesus by Revelation and He to John to write that I might read that you might hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches for the gathering out of the chosen to be the Bride or woman. This message bridges over the first and last of the apostles and also their work, the Alpha and Omega. You notice that Omega is never mentioned any other where, which proves that it refers to the Revelation concerning the things which must shortly come to pass; and the emphasis on "for the time is at hand" coupled to the "blessed is he that readeth and they that hear and keep the words of this prophesy" is very confirmative. You may enjoy Matt. XII, which is the blasphemy chapter against the Holy Ghost.

You see the contrasts between those who had ears to hear and those who relied on their knowledge of the Book. The hungry law breaking disciples in contrast with the full of bread law and charity Pharisee who had no ears to hear God speak. The man's double needs reveals the supply from the 2 sources. The hungry had the word of the living God. The full had only the form of righteousness by the Book and their own thoughts. Hearing the voice made the man stand forth and stretch forth his arm and he was healed. This emphasizes the hear and keep the words which the Spirit speaks. But He needs a man because He speaks to men, and so the need for Reader and Prophet. How persistently through the whole Book we see people always ready to believe the Spirit seeks and speaks to them, when the facts are that it has always meant a very serious preparation and long, ere He could trust a man as His Mouthpiece, and how few had ears to hear because of the conditions which hid him from carnal eyes.

The voice of the Lord God walking through the fields of corn on the Sabbath day in company with breakers of the law, which had ears to hear, - in contrast with those who sat in Holy place, keeping the Sabbath day and the law -- but having no ears to hear. The hearing and healing of the man with the withered arm only revealed the liar and murderer Devil spirit in the Holy people whom Jesus did not stay to strive with, but rather sought to withdraw from after revealing what was hid in their hearts.

The Second conflict over the man who was devil-possessed -- blind and dumb -- but brought to where he could hear the voice of God through the lips of Jesus, which cast out the devil so that he both saw and spake. We see the effects of the 2 conflicting powers. The one making blind and dumb and the other giving sight and speech. Which only provoked further manifestation of the blaspheming spirit of the Devil against the Holy Ghost. Devil possession is the fate of all who will not let God work in their heart. If we escape God we cannot escape the Devil, and to have it manifested is very important and God's work. The two experiences of Devil possession is in the Pharisees and the idle words which men will speak. What's said against the man can be forgiven, but no forgiveness for those who mistake the voice of God for the voice of the Devil. But all will be made manifest and so the two witnesses words will be death or life -- as men treat them -- and so of the Reader before he is brought forth.

The 3rd mark and contrast is in the carnal Devil-possessed,-- waiting a sign which they could see as men. While the test is, he that hath ears to hear what the Spirit saith; and so the marks of death and humiliation are to hide the man of the voice from the Devil-possessed, Book fed, tradition led, workers of iniquity. The men of Nineveh were practically heathen and the Queen of Sheba the same, but they had ears and eyes to see and hear what God had given to Jonah and Solomon, and shall rise up in judgment against those of greater profession and privilege in having the words and record and profession of being His seed. How literally this will be fulfilled in the gathering of the 144,000 sinners from every corner of the earth. While the children of the Kingdom will be cast out -- to weep, wail, and gnash their teeth.

You see the work of the Serpent in the unclean spirit going out, leaving the house empty, swept and garnished, that he might come in in 7 fold power, more wicked than ever before. These 3 contrasts gives the eternal conflict wherever God speaks. But the most tender part comes at the end -- where you see Mary and her sons between two fires. The influence of the Devil-possessed on her who had been so honored of God, and yet could not grasp the new conditions in the fulfilling of the purpose for which she had been honored. To leave the headship of the family, where and when He had been the chief breadwinner, had staggered her and made her think He had gone wrong in His mind. How keen the Pharisees would be to see her stumbling. But His answer gives the key -- he that heareth and doeth the will of my Father are my mother, brother and sister. She had stumbled over the doing or keeping of the things which she had heard, and you can see how she was between two fires in the home, her anointed and unanointed sons.

But the deliverance was not in giving place to their human bias, but in going on alone to prove that His work of doing the Father in Heaven's will was more and greater than the old human work of earthly quality which appeals very much more to men and Pharisees. There is a very stern side to this episode and a very tender one; for you see the claims of two family relationships and two kingdoms in contrast, and there can be no compromise on either side if we would be safe and sure. Best to err on the side of the voice and all other things will be adjusted even to bread and home, which played a big part in Mary's actions and attitude. But which Jesus solved by proving that the provision of God for His Temple and the oracle He speaks by is surer than even the human provision - in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread. You can see this same conflict today in the natural provision during the time of rain and that which we can see ahead when the heavens are closed and the hidden manna changed to the seen.

Best love to both,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
August 21, 1925

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for yours of 31st July and bills, which have big double meaning to me. It's like as if some members of my family had been sick and were now well. This includes W. and Rose who seem to have got deliverance from what I was afraid for past two or more years would destroy them.

Overcomer becomes a bigger word for me as the years have gone, and I'm quite sure is meant to cover every possible form of the Devil's activities in the whole world, as well as Satan's power to oppose what's of God. It was my lot to reveal the Man who was God and take away the rubbish which the Devil and Satan had almost obscured His Simplicity and Glory and Power from the eyes of men, and looking back it was a bigger job than it seemed at the time and had much more value and meaning than we dreamed of. This was the revealing of the God Man of the Gospels.

But His revealing and uncovering of the Man of Revelation from all the rubbish and traditional reading of a Book which was sealed till the time of the end has been a very large and liberal recognition of the value of the work which I had done for Him which is my Crown and Joy, and if God has placed Him in the Heaven far above all principalities and powers. The more I know of the portion which the Manchild is to have amongst men the more I am surprised at the place, power and glory to be manifested thru him to the world, on the earth, and should fill the hearts of all who have ears to hear with Joy and gladness and assurance in the midst of darkness and wickedness which has swamped the whole human race.

If the God of this world, the Devil, has succeeded in overwhelming the whole race who will not let God work in their hearts, we can be sure that our God is going to do a double miracle in burying them all and resurrecting His own seed to rule and reign, and the glory of the Manchild and woman with the 144,000 gathered around to be later scattered to the whole earth with the Everlasting Gospel to gather the great company whom no man can number, to welcome Him and His when He and they come back to the earth is the greatest coup which God has ever wrought on the earth. The signs which we have and do see on the whole world pointing to destruction are not more clear than all those which point to a New Heaven and a New Earth wherein dwelleth righteousness. And the same power which enables one to see the one, should not fail to reveal the other, which is the mark of the woman seed, with ears to hear and willingness to walk in the light of the 12 star crowned head of the woman who is to compass a man.

Read this verse in Jer. 31:22, and see the method of the New Creation, which would defy all flesh in Jerusalem and our day to give any reading of. For all the truth we have for these days has been hid and is hid from all but those who have ears to hear. You can see if it had depended on a number of readers or overcomers there was little chance of getting rid of the present wickedness, iniquity and confusion, and God's method of producing the Jews as a people and nation was by Abram and Moses, and the same is only type of the greater work of producing the true seed who are to inherit the earth, and the fact that the prophet of these days was spoken to Moses.

A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up of your brethren like unto me.
Him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he saith unto you, and all that will not hearken to that prophet shall be destroyed from amongst the people. Of your brethren, like unto me, puts Jesus out of the reading, for He was not of your brethren by His birth, and not like unto Moses, and we know from experience we were yet to grasp the simple meaning of it, which did not come to us till the work had been almost finishing and the time at hand.

Darrow and Bryan in conflict is not a chance meeting, but rather giving us a sample of the two possible extremes in these days. A sinner fighting for Sinners with the light of human reason expressed in evolution, while Bryan stands for all that a man can be by the aid of the recorded words of the prophets and the light which is darkness and no doubt the latter is much more abominable in God's sight than the former, which may be the reason for his spectacular death. Darrow says only folks count, which is a perfectly human concept. While Bryan would make it appear than only Scribe and Pharisee counts. You can see how naturally the divide on the prohibition question, Bryan believing the Book and yet being the champion of taking away the right to use wine, so clearly taught in the whole Book.

Darrow champion of the folks, can see the violition of the men, God given image, which marks man out from all that's human. But both point as clearly to the need of a man of another type as does Moses. If the human race could evolve a man like this prophet we might think there was something to evolution. But we know nothing but God's recreating power could produce the Manchild and woman. So they fall down flat as sure as the knowledge of the truth without God fails in the Scribe and Pharisee.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

I could enjoy very much a little of your harvest activities. I hope you get thru well. I am glad to hear of your last years results. My harvest is certainly getting good and ripe in every corner of the field, with its center in Jerusalem, where the water question is a day and night problem weighing on the hearts of the people high and low, with no hope of easing and I'm afraid will lead only to the 3 1/2 years of world drought.


William Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
September 5, 1925
P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

I was glad to have yours, and pleased to hear that Minnie is looking after the binder which I'm sure will be a great help to you and source of comfort to both. For if people don't find a helpmeet in each other they are sure to find a hinderance, which seems to be common mark everywhere, especially when it comes to the things of God.

The quake in the East on 29th March and in the W. on the 29th June seems to point to something big for the 29th Sept., which is the day of Atonement this year for the Jews. The Jewish civil New Year begins on the 19th Sept., and from that to 10th is preparation for pardon in way of repentance, etc., and so the fast of the 7th month begins on 19th and goes on to 10th and affairs in the whole world seem to point to big things at hand. Tho it's as a Snare to them. They will not see it but will surely feel it, and so our privilege is great in being able to see it and have ears to hear His Testimony from Heaven concerning the man, plan and purpose on hand since 1914.

Rev. 1:1-3 reads well with the last verses of Rev. XXII. He that testifyeth these things saith Behold I come quickly. Amen, Even so, Come, Lord Jesus. If I bore witness to him for 22 years, He has surely been Testifying to me as His coming Son and that He will be my God and I will inherit all things.

It's not hard to see how blind people have been and are to these things and the more they pretend to honour Him the blinder they seem to be. But the real test of honouring Him and the Spirit and Father is their attitude to His Testimony in Rev., and the things therein spoken of. To expect the Spirit to reveal any thing else or to honour any other words is like suicide, and on the other hand to fail to hear and speak forth these things can only hinder God honouring us and hearing our prayers and we can be sure that in proportion to our willingness to do these things, so will He honour our every request and the words we speak. So grasp it clear and strong and test it out as you did in the old days and you will find it work even better than then.

You can see how Rev. is such a snare to all who take their own ways and think their own thots. You will find Is. 55 good as it gives you my Gospel, and the man who is to be witness, leader and commander to the people. A nation which you knew not will come to you and nations that knew not thee shall run to thee, because of the Lord thy God and the Holy One of Israel for He hath glorifyed thee.

Notice what we are to see grow up in place of the thorns and Briars, in the last verse. I crossed the Atlantic on the 5th Sept. 1903, and back on the same day - 1904 - and my last trip to U.S.A. was on the same day - 1914 - which events will appear bigger in coming days to those either in Heaven or Hell.

My best Love to both and all who have ears for what He Testifyeth.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
September 11, 1925
P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

Was pleased to have your 2 - both good in heart and Spirit in you and for me. If I am to be the Least in men's eyes that I may become the greatest in His and His folks, it can't be a bad mark in those who are the woman seed to feel their littleness. It was from the dust of the ground He made man and the present New Creation was guiding Him then in His work. For this has been His goal from the beginning and you can see how He could not hide it from all who have been near to His heart to whom He gave vision of the coming glory - which we get a peep at in Is. 55, where the wealth, fulness, sureness and nearness of the Everlasting Gospel is revealed. I often felt in reading this Chapter how poor our old Gospel was in fulfilling it in contrast to what we see today - only cure and way of escaping the worm which dieth not and of the fire which can't be quenched. Better to enter in half maimed and blind in men's eyes, than to be cast out, and you can see that those who have been most heartily willing to hear my words bear the marks of having done this. They have no hope in themselves and quite abandoned to stand or fall with me even when I am the Least.

I have been quite conscious of your condition and battle all along and knew this was the cause of your weakness and have seen the same in others, and the transformation in health in every sense that takes place when abandoned to sink or swim with me. James Gordon is just such as you have been and has suffered very much. But is a new man these past months. I have seen many forms of self righteousness but all have found only one cure and that to receive the Little child and witness madly and gladly with him has given life and comfort. 2 Bros. in Queensland recently have proved it after sticking to The Testimony Whale flesh till 4 months ago and are now free and tasting. (Seems like a page missing from here.)

People can see no way past the clash with world Bolshi, nor can they have any hope of escaping that between E. and W. over Racial and religious as well as political events, which have slowly developed while they have been saying peace, peace.

I am glad you have finished harvesting and have a little more time and some satisfaction in the weather conditions you have had, and I can almost give you full assurance that your last crop has been reaped, and now the greater harvest for which we look is upon us in seeing the wicked get theirs and those who have ears to hear find out how faithful He has been in bringing us to where we could not only hear and see, but taste of His goodness beyond our wildest dreams or most enthusiastic hopes. Rose and Wm. will soon get over their difficulties I'm sure and find a smooth water and a safe haven in Jer. along with you there.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Neomi and Walter seem to be having a very nice time and had been visiting near Notingham over the weekend with others from Scotland whom they met when up North. Ruth seems to be at home in Placentia. I mentioned to Neomi and Walter that it would be nice perhaps if suitable to ask Ruth to come to Liverpool. It would be company for Neomi and do Ruth no harm, as it would be only a step nearer Home, for that's what Jer. will mean for all who are the Woman.

William Irvine's Letter to:  Edwards
September 25, 1925
Box 553, P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Wm., Rose & Co:

Was glad to have your cheery hearty letter which is good for you & me also, and He will be as glad as we cld be. For not one thrill or throb escapes Him today any more than does the sighing and  groaning of the oppressed. How hateful it must be to Him to see all the suffering which goes on in the world because the wicked rule on every hand & harden men's hearts, break them & blind them by their wicked misrepresentation of all that's of God by men & Devils, while enjoying share of the power & glory which they rob Him of & the poor perishing world. I'm sure the heathen's cry of despair as they perish is keenly felt by Him as they sit in darkness & the shadow of death & no wonder The King says, none of these shall taste of my supper who have had such privilege & profession & yet openly trifle with the greatest event about to be fulfilled when the Heavenly & Earthly family will intermarry & He come to dwell with His Bride in her country.

How simple real & near is the Kingdom coming on earth as it is in Heaven compared to all the foolish visionary nonsense people used to have & hold & give to others about going to Heaven &c. And how comical it is today to see all the Religious world being stirred over Genesis, when Rev., the Gen. of the New Heaven & New Earth, is all that shd interest men. And all the various Religious Animals or brute beasts made to be taken & destroyed reminds us of what might have taken place amongst the animals of Adam's day, had they been human, superiors of which wld be that from which the Adam race wld spring. It's not so far fetched to have called The Testy the Zoo, for such describes the whole religious world to a tee as they go about trumpeting & snarling presenting their claims. While the dust under their feet was that which eternal wisdom had planned for as the material for the 6th day man & seed.

The Phoolospher & the Fool Theologian are just the 2 ends of their folly. The one claiming that man came from animal & the other claiming that the seed of God are produced from the good men of the Earth, who have eaten of the tree of knowledge of Good and Evil. The truth of God. Both deny the need for the Creative power of God in both cases, if there is to be a  higher Kingdom, and the missing link they all have sought for in their Insulting of the Eternal power & Godhead, they have never found. This may make clear why Bryan died & Darrow is alive, for the one is more abominable than the other. A monkey is as likely to produce man, as a Pharisee hypocrite is to produce the Sons of God. Man's pride & Iniquity seen in Darrow is not as bad as the Devil possessed Religious people who presume to be the seed of God on the Earth, whom He is coming to take up into the air to be forever with Him. When the worldly wisdom know not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that Believe. And it's along that line that He is working today. But the foolishness of preaching is not that of any or every man doing the work. But of those whom He choose and send as has always been the case. So by the 2 witnesses He is only putting the seal on the Testy. which we have borne to the world these many years and tho it's more foolish than ever in men's eyes. It's the most glorious victory that ever has been His in all history.
You will have been watching keenly this wk. what has gone on  in Geneva and Turkey. Which reveals their weakness in Geneva  and the strength of Turk and Bolshi in the world. And every thing seems to point to Armistice day being a big day when their 7 years of peace and safety making is to end in Sudden Destruction. What's going on in Morroco and Syria is only preparing the Arabs and Moslems, as well as the whole  East to step in & end this destruction, which only is the second consequences of the war. One can see men's hearts failing them for fear as they see the power of Bolshi world wide & so perfectly organised and effective for destroying all that they call civilization. But how calm we feel in the face of it all & how glad our hearts are as we see men fear.

I have had several this week come & say that they see that all I have told them of (& they hated to hear it &  showed their hatred) is now coming as I told them. But this will not save them from the consequences who will not get into the Secret place but still hope in their refuge of lies to cover them. Last night in the Restaurant a Jew Xtian who asked me to go to the Y.M.C.A. drew the heaviest fire I ever heard come from my lips, and I never saw it more effective in subduing adversaries in such short order. And so I expect you will find it as you let it fall free from yr lips. Isa. LV. is a gold mine for these days. When the Ho Man will speak to a thirsty world who have had no living  waters for 11 yrs. & have been spending their money on what's not Bread, but stones & sawdust & their labour for that which satisfyeth not, which gives us hints as to the line of attack and declaration.

Best Love & Hopes of Rose's health improving,

Wm. Irvine

It might be good for you to give the Ritzman's a full free and last chance for they oft refreshed me, & I wld be glad to see them taste & see how gracious God has been to them & all who are likely to be the seed for the coming Kingdom.  W.I. 

William Irvine's Letter to Loves Sr.
December 4, 1925

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Loves:

Many thanks for your letter. I hope you now are well and something to do. Both of which are His blessing, and I feel sure you will benefit as you have ears to hear, for that is very clearly the condition of all He will be interested in on the earth in these days of Judgment. It may seem very foolish in men's eyes to speak thus but it's what He has so clearly given us to understand. This is the Faith we read of in Hebrews XI, which was Noah's, Abraham's, Isaac's, Jacob's, Joseph's, Mose's and all who ever were His and now our privilege and test according to what He sees in our hearts, so will His way towards us be, and it's better to err on God's side than on that of those who are to perish. You are very fortunate to have people around you who seek to be part of the body which will be the seed for the New Creation of God and value it very highly and don't let other things burden and bustle you.

Your Son Richard may become a Joseph or Daniel in his day. Just as he puts knowing God first. All other knowledge and power will seem very small shortly - and I would rather hear of his going to work to help his father than going to High School. I began to work when I was 8 years of age, as a grocer's boy, and if I had to do again I would choose it in preference to learning to see and say, in place of do and be. God made Adam a working farmer and Jesus a working Carpenter and you can be sure that both did not want to be talking or hearing about what others do or did when the time came to earn their bread in the sweat of their face, which is the highest form of education on the earth and much lacking today. When I was 16 I was able to earn more than my father and a strong husky boy fit to face anything or person. If I had been at school those 8 years it would have been harder for me to face the music of hard work and so would have been handicapped all my life. All their bluff of more education being the need of today is only playing into the hands of the wicked world and has much to do with the crime wave which is sweeping the youth of today into the Jaws of Hell.

To do and be is the only method by which true solid character can be built up. And Adam and Jesus is the best pattern for us to follow rather than the Golden hearted brazen faced things which pass before our eyes as men. When Jesus was 16 He was doing a man's work with His father in a very humble way, as a carpenter. I visited the carpenter's shop in Nazareth last week and you can be sure there were little marks of luxury about the place and now He sits on the Right-Hand of God with all power in Heaven and on Earth. And it's good to take more notice of that than all you see around you in U.S.A. which is spoiled very much with luxury, ease and extravagance which only destroys young people as well as old, and you can be quite sure there will be no smart guys in the company who will be gathered to Jerusalem. But humble honest men and women, who have earned their bread in the sweat of their face.

The 12 Apostles of Jesus were not the Scribe and Pharisee shirkers of Jerusalem, but the humble fishermen who had learned the lowly honest art of getting a living from the Sea of Gallilie which I had a sail on last week.

My best love to your family in all Sincerity and Truth,

William Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
December 11, 1925

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob & Minnie:
Yrs. yesterday was very sweet; for no matter what all the difficulties which people have had there can be only one of 2 endings - either to share in the victory which is to be His who sits on the Throne or the terrible defeat which is to be the lot of all who are opposed to Him no matter what their profession is. We sometimes think its been a great battle - our little share in it but when we think on His and how long and patient He has been - its then we rejoice that we have any part or lot in it. All that ever has come from human or Devil nature can only be found working against all that comes by His Spirit, which is the only medium of communication between the Throne and footstool and selfrighteousness is the most deadly of all influences to hinder believing in the Child or those who do, and cutting off right foot and hand and plucking out the right eye is no joke, and the rottenness of the whale flesh which I enjoy seeing them get. For its noticeable that those whom The Testimony has been most favourable to have not been the most comforted of God; while those they have been most unmerciful to seem to have most deliverance from the very start.

I had a letter last wk. from Kilsyth from a sister in Kilsyth who has been in Testimony, a widow with 7 children and now married to a Roman Catholic, and she seem to be feeling that she had been only feeding on sawdust while her humility of mind made her think it was all her own fault - as she was a back seat disciple. But for such there is much more hope than for those who have more righteousness in hands, feet and eyes. Martha Cooper wrote me from Ireland and she seems to be getting to find out her own righteousness is getting threadbare. She sent on a letter from Alberta descriptive of the conv. and the 3 fat Irishman on the platform dressed to death, dead cold, hard and stiff. So much so that Mrs. Collis went to the Free Methodists to get a little of their fire to warm her up. They are all like Ducks and Drakes with their head hopping around, working towards death eternal. How often we longed for a little of the power of the O.T. prophets and N.T. Apostles, but we are to have much more both in severity and blessing than has ever been manifested on the earth.

These days we are seeing Bolshi the 1st woe all over the earth with Abaddon the destroyer as King over them. Its been shown in the power of Labour to hold up shipping and governments all over the earth, while whats going on in Geneva between Turks & Britain over Mosul shows how the loosing of the 2nd Woe is at hand. China conditions & the report from India today with Australia, S. Africa and Britain leave no room for doubt, and every thing becomes simpler and more real as days pass. People now in Jer. are beginning to see that the thing they did not fear is coming upon them in spite of their indifference and unbelief, and its very sweet to have blind unregenerate wicked men begin to say they see coming what I have been so long telling them of.

I don't see any reason why you should fear to get out of that cold country even if you have to go down to California & wait a little or come over & visit the Old Country people enroute; for I feel sure we are not far off the days we look forward to. You don't need to be rash or foolish in any way, but sober and watchful. The Australian people and N. Zealand are preparing and some have sold their property, while others are trying hard. But these things are easier for those who have been eating the meat in due season and so are better able for the conflict. There will be no place in Jer. till the Jews are out and the Arabs driven out. So you will not come on false pretences but to the wilderness which He has prepared, and to which you will flee. Showing there wont be much to keep you there but rather glad of a place where you can be assured He has commanded them to feed you there.

My Best Love in Him who is still the carpenter with all power in Heaven & on earth and who loves to have common people around Him who have ears to hear the words of eternal life.

Wm. Irvine.

I would love to have some of you here for my own sake, but it's a man's job and no one can share it till John comes. Then we can be sure there will be no mistake or danger of people failing to see who & what I am in contrast with all others, W.I. and to be here and taste with our eyes what we read of in Zech. XIV: 1-3 and Is. III: 1-3 & Isaiah 34 would not be edifying to those who have not seen and tasted of the wickedness of the people to be Judged.

Rev . XIII: 5 is the part of the war in diplomacy going on today since 11th Nov. Same as took place leading up to August, 1914 from Sarajevo. We are apt to look for material war 1st, whereas its the consequences of the more spiritual conflict amongst men.


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