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Walker - Jan/Feb/June?  24, 1926

Galloway - February 16, 1926
Cookes - February 16, 1926
Edwards - March 5, 1926

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Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Mrs. Walker
Greenwood, B. C. Canada
Jan/Feb/June? 24, 1926 (Also filed as No Date)
Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Walker:

I don’t know if you have ever read carefully what Jesus said to the women who were following Him, weeping as He went to the cross. "Weep not for me, but for your children, for there time will come when they shall say, Blessed is the womb that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck."

These words describe conditions for the wicked world, when He will take vengeance on them for the blood they shed of all the Anointed of God. You can see today, all over the world, people trying to control birth because of present economic conditions; but the words of Jesus show that it will be much more real, when Tribulation begins, and war, famine, pestilence and plagues are cutting them off by the 1000's around us daily.

You can read Psalms 91 and see the conditions there; those who are in the Secret Place, or have ears to hear, will be under the wings of Jehovah for protection and provision; but the same wing has two sides—one with soft feathers for the young brood under his wings, and the mighty swoop of His power to destroy His enemies.

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John gives 4 sides of Jesus’ work; Matthew represents Jesus as the Lion to the Tribes of Judah, which means those who have not been of the Priests or religious people in the eyes of the world, but rather their enemies, as Jesus was to the Scribes and Pharisees of His day.

You know that Jesus could never have been a priest or Levite, because he was not of that tribe; and not only that, but being born of a VIRGIN, so that they said he was a bastard, made Him, forever, and them enemies.

And if you want to see His Lion-like words, read what He said to the great, holy people of his day in Matthew 23, which will be fulfilled to the very letter for all who are looked upon as priests and preachers, etc. of all sorts. And if you want to get the other side, see what He had to say to His few, humble, hated, despised followers—ignorant Disciples. And you will see the Lamb of God heart to such today and the lion growl, and face, and claw, and paw of the Lion of Judah, and see which you would be found amongst.

Matthew 24 gives a little glimpse of what He is going to give and what we see them getting today. BUT DON’T LET THE LION GROWL BE YOUR COMFORT, but listen to the tender Lamb of God heart and see what He is going to give the Scribes and Pharisees in the whole world, till there is not one left. He has been long-suffering and giving them all plenty of notice and warning why. People are so fond of long faces, preaching, names, and prayers. And clothes and high steeples and titles, that they become easy victims to the Devil; and the more of this they have, the surer they will come down and be cast into Hell; prepared, for them turning this world into a Hell for his humble Disciples of all ages.

We have been so long fooled by all sorts of religious rubbish, that we think Jesus is for them and against us; but notice all thru the Gospel, He was always for the poor outcasts--rejected, broken hearted sinner people. But only the words of woe and cursing, for the religious leaders, and their followers of His day and such He is today.

When you grasp the meaning of these things I write to you, and which you can read in the book, it will put backbone into you, and comfort hope and cheer and assurance in your heart and mind forever, and when the world sees a few humble people who have ears to hear, saved from all these things, which are coming to destroy the proud, wicked oppressors of men in every sense, they will give ear and share the deliverance and provision of Jesus for all who will hear the 2 Witnesses and gather to Jerusalem where the Ark of Safety is, and which will be like the soft feathers under His Almighty Wing.

You will find it good to talk about these things to your children; while they may not understand, it gives something to think about. As a boy, I thought and wondered about times and things of this sort. Don’t measure His great love and power, protection and provisions by your own thoughts and way. Or others’ but see what He has promised to others who have ear to hear, and you will find it helpful today, as well as, fill the future full of sunshine for you.

Best Love,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to John Galloway, Scotland
February 16, 1926

P.O. Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Friend:

Was pleased to hear from you. Bob had mentioned you in one of his letters, and I'm glad for your sake that you have been reading what I write enough to intelligently ask who is the Woman, and who are the 144,000. 2 Thess. 2:1-5 speaks about the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our gathering together unto Him. This is the whole program for these days. He is Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, or the A.B.C. and X.Y.Z.

The Gospel which has been preached up to 1914, was the Alpha Gospel, -- which tells of His First coming. The Omega, - is to be concerning His 2nd. coming, and our gathering together unto Him when He comes, after He has Judged the Nations. Revelation is the program in detail of how it's to be wrought out, and was hid from all men, till the time was at hand for its accomplishment, and what has taken place since 1914, has been the preparation for the 7 years of Judgment. He is to sit on His Throne in Heaven, till His enemies are put under His feet, so that He wont come till the Nations have been Judged.

The Scribes (who were the teachers and leaders of the people in interpreting the Scriptures), and the Pharisees (who were the interpreters of Righteousness and Holiness to the people), knew nothing of His first coming, - why should the Scribes and Pharisees of our day know anything of His coming the second time. Jeremiah 31:22, speaking about the New Thing which He was about to do, Says -- "A Woman shall compass a man." Rev. 1:3 shows you He that Readeth and they that hear the words of this prophecy which God gave Jesus, and He by His Angel sent and signified to John, the things which must shortly come to pass, or come to pass in a short time, when Revelation would be fulfilled, and He comes to reign with His people on the earth in the New Jerusalem, which will be the center of the New Heaven and New Earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, as wickedness has marked the present reign, and all before it.

For if a man knows and speaks the Scriptures, and outwardly lives a holy righteous life before the people, but has not the Spirit of God working in his heart, He is wicked: for the Devil believes the Scriptures, and is an angel of light to men. But because of the Pride of his heart, and the Iniquity, or selfishness of his mind, is rejected by God, or such as the Spirit of God cannot be given to, or find a place in, - and so is bound in chains of darkness till the time of his overthrow, and casting into the pit with the Beast (all political leaders) and the (false Prophets), all who preach but God does not Speak by their mouth.

Gospel does - not - mean--- men who make themselves "Somebodys" and speak the words of the Scriptures and work for God in His Name, -- Gospel is God speaking by a man's lips His own living words. For He is a living God, and must have a living man to speak by, or people can have no chance of being born of God. Dead men can't beget living children, nor can animals, good or bad, beget human nature. So Scribes and Pharisee or Church of Scotland, nor Church of Rome, or any other, can never produce children of God.

The Spirit used the Alpha Gospel up to 1914, but has been preparing seed to publish the Omega of His coming and our gathering unto Him.

"Blessed is He that readeth, and they that hear and keep the words of the Prophecy, for the time is at hand, - and Rev. 1:1-3 & Rev. 2:3 shows you the Overcomer of the Religious Devil, or the man who has been deceived by the Scribes and Pharisees of today.

He is to have the 7-fold promises fulfilled to and in Him. They that hear what the Spirit sayeth, - is the Woman who is to Compass the Man, the Reader and Overcomer. Rev. 12 shows you a woman clothed with the Sun - the living light of God, and the moon under her feet, - the Scribes and Pharisees of today under her feet, and a Crown of 12 Stars on her Head. The Reader and Overcomer is the Head of the Woman, who has done the seeing, hearing and speaking which gather the Woman around Him before He is brought forth as the Manchild of verse 5, who is to rule the Nations with a Rod of Iron, or Judgment for 3 1/2 years, and be caught up to God and His Throne along with John, as we see in Revelation 11.

The Great Red Dragon is the 7 Religious heads in Jerusalem, and the 10 horns or Governments represented by Councils in Jerusalem, who are band together to witness to and protect the Traditions of the past workings of God in Jerusalem - just as the woman and child are to witness to whats coming soon, in the gathering together of His people to meet Him when He Comes. So the Dragon looks after all thats past, while the Woman and child is to witness to whats coming.

The Woman is the number of people who has heard , or read what I have read to them of this matter, and who will come to Jerusalem when I tell them when John comes from Heaven as my Co-witness to these things. The 144,000 are being sealed in their foreheads, or prepared to recognize the two witnesses and the woman, who will come to be our disciples for 3 1/2 years till we are killed and taken up to Heaven in the presence of our enemies.

These people I don't know and they don't know me, but will come here to learn from our lips the Omega Gospel, and then take it back to the Nations from which they have gathered, and so gather the great company which no man can number, who are to be gathered from N.S.E. & W., just before He comes with the Saints from Heaven to reign, as the meek who are to inherit the earth, with Him.

This is the marriage of the King's Son in Matthew 22: All the parables and Truth of Matthew 20 to 25 is concerning these days, - the latter days spoken of in Daniel and other places: and you will do well to read them.

The 12 Star Crown on the head of the woman, just means the light God gives by a man to understand these things which He spoke to His 12 Apostles before He went away, and which none of them could understand very much about.

But now John in Heaven is eating the little Book (of Revelation) and coming back to be Co-Witness to Omega Truth.

You are very fortunate in having Bob to chat to and you can be sure that he will give you much help, as he has been very faithful in reading and grasping what I have been witnessing to past years here.

Best love and hope in Him to you and all who have ears to hear and keep these words, for they will mean Life or Death to all men.

Yours Very Truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Cookes, Ireland
February 16, 1926

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Cookes:

Was glad to have yours and note your condition of body, soul and spirit. Had a short note from Joe from Hamilton, saying his feet were on the rock, and he would join us later on. So its good to see that he has ears to hear, in spite of all that has been against him in a very hard, dangerous country, as I know better than most people. I notice you are after details. Well, I have been giving you a little in my late letters about the whole Program, being His 2nd coming, and our gathering unto Him, which is the Message of Revelation. And the various chapters give you the various items which work up to this gathering, and His coming.

Chapter I: gives you the 2 witnesses and the Woman - those who have ears to hear and keep whats written and read. John is the writer, and I am the Reader, and you & Co. are those who hear and keep.

Revelation 2 & 3: gives you the 7 fold promises to the Overcomer, which makes him the Manchild, and those who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith, are the woman who will compass a Man, the Overcomer. You can see the gradual unfolding of the promises which end in the Man sitting down at His right hand, which was sealed to them who had ears to hear Him at Pentecost, and so will again when the 2 witnesses have gone and sat down with the 144,000 Baptized with the same Spirit.

Revelation 4: shows you Him and His in Heaven, and they sing a Song.

Revelation 5: shows you Him opening the Book which has been sealed, so that we can understand, and also see the signs in the new conditions which He has brought about in the opening of the Seals - in Chapter 6.

Revelation 7: shows you the sealing of the 144,000 all over the world, or preparing them for receiving the 2 witnesses and their work.

Revelation 8: is the War Chapter. The silence in Heaven, the echo of which we have in the 2 minute silence in recognition of what has been accomplished in Judgment during the 4 angels sounding. The angels prepare to sound, which covers the whole period from 1914 till He comes.

Chapter 9: gives you the 5th angel and the 1st Woe - or consequences of the late war. The last half gives you the 6th angel sounding, and the 2nd consequences of the War in the great conflict between East and West, given in Daniel 8. If we were in Heaven, we would see and hear the angels sound. But we are on the earth, and can only see and hear its effects on earth. For its by Faith we know whats going on, and the why of it all.

Revelation 10: shows you the reason for the delay, waiting on the sealing of the 144,000 and the preparation and coming of John.

Revelation `11: shows you the conditions in Jerusalem when John and the Manchild appear, their witness, work and its consequences in life and Death.

Revelation 12: shows you the woman and child who witness to whats coming in Jerusalem, as the Great Red Dragon stands for what has been in the past, the Alpha in contrast with the Omega Message.

Revelation 13: shows you the Political and Religious conditions in Jerusalem during the 1st 3 1/2 and 2nd 3 1/2 years, finishing in with Anti-christ sitting in the Temple as God, when the great earthquake & destruction of Jerusalem & the cities of the nations take place.

Revelation 14: shows you the The 144,000 and a Lamb on Mt. Zion, when the witnesses are about to be killed. But the 144,000 are fitted for their work in the everlasting Gospel Message to the Nations.

Revelation 15: shows the joy in Heaven and earth when His Judgments are made manifest, which we now see and hear by Faith.

Revelation 16: shows us the angel who will control the plagues which will cover the whole 7 years. The 1st 5 specially, while the last 2 are for the end.

Revelation 17: gives us the destruction of the whore, the religious spirit in the whole world, exerted from Jerusalem which has been the means of killing prophets, etc.

Revelation 18: gives you the overthrow in one hour, while they are keeping the 2 minute silence, Jerusalem destroyed and burnt, when the abomination of desolation has been manifested in the Anti-Christ in the Temple.

Revelation 19: shows His final coming in Judgment with His Saints, and the great slaughter.

Revelation 20: shows you the resurrection and Judgment at the end of 1000 years.

Revelation 21: gives you the New Heaven, the New Earth and New Jerusalem as Headquarters and dwelling place, with 22: as the result in the greater Gospel and privileges; for all the Walls 144 cubits high, which no dog, swine, wolf or goat will ever be able to climb over. There will be no stone and lime Temple this time. The perfected Sons and Daughters of God, His Jewels - will be the foundations, gates, etc., and best of all He Himself, will dwell amongst them with as much Joy and comfort to His own, as there have been tears, sorrow and death in the wicked reign which is now coming to an end.

Don't expect to see as they in Heaven see. We can only see by the Spirit what takes place in Heaven and its effects on the Earth. So there is no room for speculation or idle curiosity.

Best love in Him to all who bear your name, and don't forget to witness to our gathering together unto Him, and the means whereby it will be wrought.

Yours truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Edwards
March 5, 1926
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose and Co:

I was glad to see the 3 letters from that and which prove you are all in fair shape again after the "flu." I can well understand the value of your drive and visit to the dam. There is nothing like fresh air and sunshine for getting rid of the flu, and you always benefit most with some little exercise in it, when possible. I am also interested in hearing of the whole wheat treatment. What material do they give in liquid form along with wheat?

Mrs. Tulla must show the difference between your friendship and fellowship and that of "Mrs. Sand Tongue," who seems the limit to foolishness in reading the Book. But no matter what they are, all who are looking back to the Alpha advent are in the same fix and under the same delusion, and I see no hope for any, apart from the Living Message. This is The Testimony of the whole Book, as well as our experience, and it’s good to see another sample in Mrs. Tulla, for it must be like life from the dead to her.

I enclose one from Mary McGregor, a sister worker to James Cooke, which may act as an antidote to Mrs. Tulla. James had sent her seven of my letters to some of the people, and most were pretty strong and up to date. I’m not sure if it can be the best thing, till there is evidence of hunger, especially, in those who profess. But it can do us no harm. But what an old carcass it has become. They seem to fail to see its degeneracy, compared to what they once knew it to be; but bread, butter, ease, honor and a little flattery in place and power go a long way with most of them, and it’s too like asking the opinion of the pig, as to the value of the pearl.

We did not always know what "pearl" really meant. But Matthew 7 is very clearly for the End of Days, for there are 2 seeds spoken of all through the chapter. So that while it applies at the end of Testimony days in Alpha times, it’s meaning is even more today. The Judges and the Judged. Those who want to take out the motes, while a beam is in theirs—both describe, very well, conditions. Pearls and that which is holy, reveal very clearly, the dog and pig. The mote may be there, and very small, which they make so much of, but the beam, or log, leaves them no hope, even to see clearly how to take the mote out.

Ask, seek and knock is not unneeded for our encouragement in coming in contact with such blind judges, etc., who will get bread and fish from Him as sure as we will get stone and serpent from our blind, hypocritical judgers and accusers.

Stones and serpent are both very descriptive of what we notice comes from the whole Pharisee family. If we, then, being naturally prone to evil, give good gifts, how much more Him, who is naturally good, will give us what is good for us. But the corrective for one evil, is in doing to others what we would have them do to us; which makes us qualify for being worthy of His good gifts. "If ye, being evil," hits the holy people very hard, and shows that all yielding to our own human nature in our dealings with others is apt to be evil. The giving side of our own nature is evil, while the sense of what we need and desire from others is good, or the nearest approach possible to it. Hence the "Love God and thy neighbor as thyself" has more in it, than we suspect, which also reveals the need for living by faith, and our attitude to our neighbor, the proof of our faith. And it’s not dependent on our neighbor, but on what we would like him to be to us, which puts us free from our own evil nature and his also. Like a path, we may call it "The King’s Highway"—not leaning to our own or being influenced by our neighbor; and being independent on each other, like a fence on both sides, and God giving us according to our walk in heart and life. You can see how much we may ask, seek, and knock and how little He can give, because we are influenced by our own nature, or the nature of others, which puts us outside the worthy sphere.

This gives us a peep at the wickedness of the world and its total demoralization today. This is the law written in our hearts, given by Moses, and the whole Gospel or witness of God in all time. Revealing the effects of taking the Devil’s wisdom, as did Adam and Eve, and as all human unregenerates have done in all ages. You can see Cain doing to his brother, what he would not like done to him. You also get a glimpse of the fatality which took place, when pride and iniquity brought down the Devil and his angels, causing them to be reserved in chains of darkness, which darkness is the light which the world calls "light."

Well to yourself, and ill to your neighbor; and find an excuse in his sins, while you either don’t see yours, or claim their forgiveness on self-righteous grounds. Do these considerations not make clearer than ever the Straight Gate and Narrow Way, and the Wide Gate and Broad Way of our own human, and others’ human ways, words and works? And how absolutely it cuts us off from God and the fulfillment of all His promises and gifts. For good gifts can’t be given to evil children, who walk in their own selfishness in the things of God; and how sure are His gifts to those who are, thus, givers to others of what they would like to receive from their brother. And how happy are they, who have been counted worthy to be victims of the wicked, evil-hearted seed in name of God.

Does this not throw light on what follows in verse 15? Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. Their very unrighteousness is thorns and thistles to others, or the fruits of their own iniquity, or evil nature, and illustrated to perfection in Matthew 23. "Ye shall know them by their fruits," whether it’s Cain fruit, the common fruit of all false prophecy, saying and doing to others what they would not like said to them or done to them. The fruit of their own thoughts, words, and actions in name of God, which is contrary to all law and all Gospel.

You see how it’s bound to drive out the whole seed of God, and also, the honest sinner can’t stand it; so they stand in the sinner’s way and sit in the seat of the scorner toward all Godly counsel, etc. A good tree that does to others what they would like others to do to them, cannot bring forth corrupt fruit. Neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. How deep the roots are in both. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down and cast into the fire. Therefore, by their fruits ye shall know them.

So, we are well off to have been their victims, and know they are hewn down and cast into the fire and all being burned, which gives the smoke, heat and smell. What follows reveals how many say and do not the will of the Father in Heaven, as given in our attitude to others; and no matter what they do, or the fruit they profess to have of sacrifice, they can never be known of God, and must perish, and the house they have built be their tomb. How sweet and deep it becomes today.

Best love in Him,

William Irvine

P.S. What a luxury to have the Man, by whom men can be assured that what they do to him is done as unto Jesus. A simple, practical way of testing the fruit of the trees. And you can see how the Prodigal and Good Samaritan story brings out this truth; And probably prophetic of all who will be made the stone of stumbling and rock of offense.

All day, I was thinking about what Paul says—For a good man, some would even dare to die. [Romans 5:7]. The highest sacrifice possible to all human nature. But the very opposite pole by which men are tested as to being partakers of the nature of Him, who loved the sinner and ungodly, when, without strength, He died for the ungodly; showing that our attitude as Sons of God can only be tested by that towards the weakest and most ungodly sinner. To love the good men, at their best, is no proof of having the nature and life, and love of God. Hence, the need for Mary being the bigger sinner than the harlot, and Jesus most hopeless of all men, so far as finding a place in the Kingdom of God. But what shame He bore that He might reveal the hearts of those who did to others what they would not like done to them. And at the end of days, and in the evening’s cool, is and has been chosen as the very best time, which simply means the Omega Days. All of which reveals a real wealth in our lot, which the world can neither give, nor take away. I hope you enjoy it all as much as I have done in writing it.

W. I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Grims
March 12, 1926

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Olive:

Many thanks for yours and enclosed 2. It's not worth troubling about what others do, only to forgive them for their yielding to their own nature rather than His. R's letter betrays the fact that she still had some of the ship Sp. which she had imbibed on her journey, for I know what travel means on a steamship much better than she does. It was rather foolish for her to mention such facts as she did concerning L'pool. But she is only a babe in knowing the world and would find it more helpful to speak often one to another of the things which are more important and leave the other trashy things to those who have no ear or heart for them.

Jesus said to His disciples, if ye then being evil know how and when to give good gifts to your children--shows that we still have that selfish nature which is the source of all evil, and the only way to guard against is to do to others, not what they do to us, but what we would desire them to do to us, so that our desires from others teaches us more the nature of God than our desire towards others. For when we yield to our own nature towards others, we very often feel, think, speak, and act evilly and lose much from God by it. So to love our neighbor as ourselves is the shortest out to being in condition before God to get His best when we seek, ask and knock.

You will always find your heart and mind in better condition when you do to others what you would like them to do to you and vice versa. The one is Godly and the other is wicked, and so the one opens our understanding and makes it easy to hear and see. The other way of doing to others what we would not like done to us - hinders our hearing and also our seeing. Making white and trying us as well as purifying, spoken of by Dan. XII is the process of getting rid of all the promptings of our own selfish nature and so be able to see and understand the Omega things for these coming days.

It's always good to put ourselves in the place and condition of others when Judging of their actions and words. It does not put them right, but it keeps us from getting wrong and also in the condition where we may be helpful to them. We need never be afraid to suffer for or from others, but must always be afraid to cause others to be our victims.

Matt. 7 is a very good outline of the developing of the Sheep nature in being the judged and accused, while we can see how the Goat, Dog, Hog and Wolf is developed in those who are the judgers, measurers out to others and mote finders in their eyes, and who do to others what they would not be done to them and so become thorns and briars, in place of fig trees and vines which produce things good for food.

Jesus said to beware of the prophets which come in Sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves; and never encourage in yourself or others the desire to devour, no matter how foolishly and vainly people may treat their highest privileges. Aim at giving figs and grapes always to feed and strengthen them in God.

Our evil nature is prone to be offended in all we come in contact with, rather than look upon it as an opportunity for giving them help, succour, cheer, food, comfort and hope. Thorns and briars only make people more nervous and irritable, and this is the work of the Devil on others by us which always tends to hinder our usefulness and rob us of much true fellowship with God in Spirit. When the disciples would have called down fire from Heaven, Jesus showed pity on those who were in condition to warrant this, and also pity for His disciples whose evil nature had been so stirred by the treatment they got from others. This is the hardest lesson we have to learn and the true meaning of being purified, made white and tried, and you may be sure that Mary and R. may have so acted as to draw your attention to this fact, and also purify, make white (in place of red,) and try you, so that you may be the better fitted to understand Him who sits on the Throne. It was the lack of this which made it possible for them to crucify Jesus--for if He was a bastard as they thought He was, it was rather a cause for pity than blame, and from the wrongness of others we can often see our own hearts as He sees them and detect the danger to missing much from His fellowship.

Isa. 53 which is a description of the man whom He chooses to bear the iniquities, etc., of others, and you see how much He has to suffer thru misunderstanding and want of understanding of the work God has laid upon Him and His servant, and the Woman who has to compass a man will so need to have much of this developed in order to be in close touch with God and all that's of God.

So be especially kind and thoughtful towards Mary and Ruth that you may be able to supply that which is lacking in them and heal rather than hurt them in thought, word, or action, and so some day you may have the joy of seeing them wise into eternal life through the "Omega" Message for these days, which the Manchild and woman are to bear to the whole world as we gather together unto Him. You can see that your sending these letters has been a help to me and my pen, and I trust benefit to you and all there.

Yours very truly,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Bob Lauchlin, Jr.
March 17, 1926
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob:

I was glad to have yours today and hear of your movements and pleased to hear you had an edifying time at Liverpool, which is the mark of all true fellowship, rather than upsetting and hurtful, which always comes from our human nature, which is evil. Jesus said, "If ye, being evil or selfish and human-centered, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Heavenly Father give gifts to those who ask Him." We can only be safe when we do to others what we would desire them to do to us. This is the nearest we can ever know of what pleases Him, and is the truest expression of the Law written on our hearts. Not what comes from our own nature nor what comes from others’ could desire for ourselves, which is 1ike a reflection of the nature and heart of God. Only when this guides us can we expect Him to hear when we ask, seek, and knock; so that our neighbor is like a looking glass to us when used in this sense. Read Matt. 7 very carefully and you will get much light on the reason why all wickedness which proceeds from selfish human nature shuts the, heart of God, His lips, hands, and cuts off His power from the whole creation, so that the only hope is for the Wicked to cease, and the Sons of God come to inherit the Earth, and reign in Righteousness which will make it possible for Him and His creation to enjoy the harmony which men call peace and prosperity.

To love God and our neighbor as ourselves is the key to the whole Book, but all attempts to do the half is only delusion and a snare, which cuts off from God and robs the world of His power and blessing. Pride and iniquity, which is the expression of angel-created selfishness revealing it's fall and rejection by God, so that they have become deceivers (Devils), Adversaries (Satanic) and destroyers (as Appolyon. Then this is found in any creature of God it can only be a Non-conductor on both sides, in refusing to meet the needs of God on the one side, and man's on the other. It's like a blocked-up chimney, ventilator, window, pipe, or channel. That was meant: for our safety and comfort, becomes the means of our death and destruction. And as ignorance of what's wrong does not save people from the consequences in the natural, so in the Spiritual. And I fear that even the Children of God often fail to see where the danger lies in their own human nature becoming their guide and control in place of the desires which they have as to what others should be to them. This is an unchanging, never-failing guide to us in all things. Just as sure as our selfish natural desires are a constant source of trouble and danger, and robbing us of the value of all our prayers, which can never be answered when iniquity or pride of heart are ruling us.

"Ask, seek, knock" is given in conjunction with "Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you, do ye unto them." This ends all our judging of others and measuring out, and mote-finding, and saves us from being dogs, hogs, goats, swine, and ravening wolves in sheep’s clothing; or trees with thorns and thistles preaching in His Name; casting out devils and doing many wonderful works, but never being known of God. Which is the only righteousness that will count in that great day. This is the reason why Paul says Charity never faileth, and is the only reliable mark in any man’s life and work. It’s human charity to do to others what we would have them do to us, which always gets the Seal of His Spirit, which is the Love of God shed abroad in our hearts—true righteousness and proof of His knowing us. These things we have been familiar with, but not grasped very clearly, and hold as the foundation of all our dealings with God and man. The sin that doth so easily beset us, is that of being guided by our own or other's expressed nature, rather than the desire we or they have from each other. "Tit for tat," – "do to others what they do to you," and many other world sayings are too common and yet only rob us of all the privileges which God meant us to have in our dealings with men in their various conditions. And how deeply it touches our whole life desires, thoughts, words, actions, habits and character with dismay. And we don't wonder at all the lack of usefulness to God and man, when we see how slow we have been in the school from birth up to now. But I suppose that’s only the sunshine taking the place of the moonlight which has made it possible. For all Alpha First Advent Truth had only been moonlight compared to the Omega Second Advent. And all it means for the whole world for the Sons of God Advent with their King to reign and rule for 1000 years will be characterized by the great mark; just as wickedness in the past has been due to every angel and man doing to others what they were done to. You see how Michael the Archangel durst not bring railing accusation against Satan when contending-for the body of Moses.

I’m sure you will find much true comfort and encouragement from meditation on these things and you may find "ask, seek, knock" may have more meaning and value for you and others as you put it into practice in all your dealings with men of all classes; in all Your dealings with men of all classes. For whether we give men the gay or the grave ego, it only robs them and us of what is the greatest thing in the world, Charity which never faileth.

Best love to all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S. This is the law of Love, human and divine, and a safeguard against all evil from within and without with friends or foes, and is the sum total of all law and Gospel, and that of the kingdom expounded in Matthew 5, 6, and 7, which is to be set up, and in which He is to come and dwell, and by which he is to rule as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And His ambassadors world wide will be controlled by this, in contrast to the selfish pride (vanity), because He can never own it, or
honor it. You can work it out a little further for yourself, and you will find it a very full, fresh, flowing stream of life, love, and liberty with Mercy and power such as we never dreamed of. But it must be extended to all men indiscriminately as the Law of our life, which we can be sure of
having His protection, as well as His ear, and power for blessing and cursing wherever manifested. This explains much of His longsuffering towards men. W. I.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Skerritts
November 26, 1926
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie,

Was glad to have yours yesterday with cheery news, for nothing can please Him that don’t affect us who have His Spirit. And it ought to affect the whole woman body, who are being chosen as the jewels, which are to be foundations, gates, and great and high walls of the new Jerusalem. Jasper, clear as crystal, is one of the things which stand out clearly; which would indicate the quality and marks of those who will be the foundation of the new thing. And the last verse of Revelation 21 shows that nothing that defileth, or worketh abomination, or maketh a lie shall enter in. So you see what is useful, and what will be shut out; and the walls are such as no thief or robber shall climb over this time. People must be very blind and heartless, who don’t see that I gave the last of the Alpha gospel, which prepared the way for my giving the Omega message; which now is the witness of the Spirit, by which alone people can get either life or live in the Spirit. And the uniform testimony from all who have tried both, is that the Alpha had ceased to give them the quickening it used [to]; and now they have found the Omega Message do(es) what the Alpha Message used to do.

All the gospels begin with the Alpha first coming, from birth till you see Him ascend to His throne, and the seal come on them of the Holy Ghost. The end of each gospel tells, in parable, the Omega message: concerning His second coming and our gathering together unto Him - which must be Jerusalem, for there is no question about where He is coming to. The fact that this truth was given in parable shows that the disciples could not understand it. Nor was it meant to be clearly grasped till the short period at the end had come, and the Reader and Ovecomer be given the 12 star crown as head of the woman, and the gathering power of that body; clothed with the sun - the living light, love begetting spirit - and the moon under her feet.

The Alpha Gospel finished, and the Omega beginning to shine through as the inward desire and purpose of seeing the man child brought forth, was begotten in them by the omega truth. While the great red dragon stands for all that has taken place in the past in Jerusalem, the woman and child stand for all that’s about to take place; and Michael and his angels are for us, as the dragon and his angels are against us. The very Alpha coming that the Devil was so much against, has now become his instrument in resisting the Omega. Just as the scribes and Pharisees used Moses to fight against Jesus, so the scribes and Pharisees of today use Jesus the Alpha to war against Jesus as Omega.

The parables of Matthew 20-25 give us the whole conflict, and the various steps in Omega work in the same order we have them in Revelation. The laborers in the vineyard give us exactly The Testimony conditions, and attitude towards those who are given the new things for today. The last has become the first, and the first the last: "for many be called, but few chosen" surely describes the experience we have had in The Testimony people. The fact that the Zebedee mother introduces the setting of her sons on the right [and left], also gives us added proof that it refers to the 2 witnesses; and that they knew a little about the kingdom that would be set up, but had no vision. I can give you my cup to drink, and baptism of suffering to be baptized with: but it’s not mine to give, but it shall be given for whom it’s prepared of my Father. And you can see, even in the fact that the ten were moved with indignation towards James and John, that the question of the 2 Witnesses would beget something of the same spirit in our ten brethren: which probably means all of them.

Then He speaks about the princes of the Gentiles rule over them - the natural conception of ruling. But it’s the one who is slave and chief is to be servant, not the master. Then the 2 blind men are used as a picture of how people are to get their eyes opened to these things. And we fear there is little chance of people getting to see, who do not recognize they are blind and cry for mercy, and find compassion in getting their eyes opened.

Eleventh hour, standing idle - no man hath hired us, or needs us, is very like the spirit of The Testimony towards us. The day is the Alpha day of the gospel, and the eleventh hour - the last chance which we got and took. And our reward is getting the Omega first; and you see the envy and jealousy of those whose ideas of themselves was a stumbling block to them. Every man a penny, shows that the Omega Gospel will be a common gift offered to all; and no preference except to the least, last becoming the first.

Matthew 21, Jesus riding into Jerusalem on the ass and the colt no doubt, has reference to the work of the 2 witnesses. Then the casting out of the thieves and robbers out of the temple. The cursing of the fig tree (the Alpha gospel), and it withering to its roots. "How soon is the fig tree withered away!" Then He speaks about if ye have faith, ye shall move mountains, and cast them into the sea. This speaks about the falling away period, and links up with the promise to Jacob the worm. And all things ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive - this is for the falling away period, and the work of the 2 witnesses and the woman.

Then comes the questioners - whence this power and authority? Then the 2 sons, the one who said yes and did not go, and the other that said no, and went; shows the Alpha servants who say "yes," and yet only please themselves; while those who say "no," and do His will. Then the publicans and harlots pressing into the kingdom. And the wicked husbandmen proves it very clearly, and gives us The Testimony preachers who take all the fruit and have nothing for Him. He will miserably destroy those wicked men, and let His vineyard out to other husbandmen, who shall render the fruits in season.

Then the stone of stumbling, rejected by the builders, becomes the head of the corner: which is the Lord’s doing, and marvelous in our eyes. And I’m sure it’s the Lord’s doing, and marvelous in our eyes, that I am where and what I am today. The kingdom is taken from them, and given to a nation (the 144,000) bringing forth the fruits. Showing that neither Jewish nor Christian scribes and Pharisees will have any part in this matter. And they were, and are angry when they hear it. You can wade through and enjoy all the rest till Matthew 25.

Best love in Him to both.
Yours very truly,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
May 1, 1926

No address given

Many thanks for yours and glad to see Rose in good shape. These days when nothing has been happening are like many others. We often have been looking in the wrong direction. But the fire at San Luis Obispo and Brea on the 8th and 9th were very wonderful and show that He is more anxious to strengthen our faith and quicken our sleepy ears than anything else.

I'm glad you mentioned April 1, 1919 - which is just 7 years past and maybe what happened at S. Luis Obispo and Brea is the answer to their heartlessness at that time. It was a good, though trying time - our trip up the coast. You may have heard about Hannah Ritzmans severe auto accident about the same time as fires, and the fact that they were by lightning makes them the better and the extraordinary storm and rainfall. It would not be far from that date when we were moving up the coast and I can't forget Joe Pruitt's message to May and his reception of us.

I noticed 7 distinct and clear deaths amongst those who had trifled with me and my message shortly after I had left. Ritzmans fire made me wonder and it also revealed a little of the wicked spirit towards others whom they had more reason to bless than curse.

Ireland had a very clear and blessed opportunity in the Alpha days and on the 16th April 1916 - 7 years Judgment began for them which made many of those who had been privileged and who had only turned it to wickedness, set up and take notice. Though I guess they thought more about the instrument in Irish Republicanism than Him who was behind it all and His wrath on them for their wickedness to me. Then you saw what happened to Berkeley after you got out and had finished your testimony to my words. And you remember Harding's death and the wreck of the 7 gun boats at S. Barbara with earthquake from Alaska to Patagonia and from California to the heart of China in the famine area where so many perished. Also the Russian famine and the pestilence and Tokio earthquake and subsequent calamities which have fallen on them.

Then the S. Barbara quake and all the subsequent shakings which have been quite phenomenal - on the 29th June - and the death of John Sullivan and Adam Hutchinson who were the most foolishly wicked and cold blooded of all.

This year the convention at Woodlawn in S. Australia was broken up by bush fires which threatened the town and the 500 who had assembled had to turn to fight the fire in place of their holy orgy - as of yore. I would like to know the facts of the bush fires which burned 30 and did so much damage in many places. It would take a map and the homes - etc - of the saints and mark on it to be able to trace the connection - but it might easily be done. Then about the same time the convention at Auckland when 50 were stricken down and one died which alarmed the city so much that they told them they could never have convention there again. Wm. Hughes said he would never like to go thro the same again and Wilson McClung is going now to U.S.A., glad to get rid of the fire they have kindled by their wickedness and which will be pretty much beyond their control. For the biter usually gets bit by the teeth he has grown in others. These things we are apt to miss the prospecting of. But God gave us a corrective and directive glimpse of His sealing of our Testy in S. Luis Obispo fire and then in Brea - lest we miss the connection.

I had convention in S. Luis in 1907 and 8 - and then quite a few of the saints moved down there about where oil began to be found. The Brea farm is once where the Grimes live and the personal note is given in Hannah's accident at the same time and I only heard the sad story of Jim Cook's son who has returned from Canada pretty much a mental wreck who 2 years ago used to write me very friendly but who dropped me and into an awful pit.

So if we have suffered a little - we have had something to suffer for which transcard their as the heavens Hell. Dunbar also tells me of a very near shave which would have meant the extinction of the Varner family had they gone over the bluff in their car. I also heard about the illness of Maurice Loitz recently. These and many other things which have been happening to many despisers may only point to what the others are as sure of as we are of our reward and we know only what trickles thro the closed ranks of our enemies. But I have heard many very sad stories from various quarters about certain workers whom I knew - one becoming a dope fiend and I expect those who have been so far spared are only being spared for greater calamity which will be as sure as has that of those whom we know of now.

Prov. 1 - is very definite as to their attitude towards the voice and hand outstretched. They will not hear or regard the outstretched hand - who will sure have calamity as sudden as the lightning striking the oil farms at S.L.O and Brea which took 25 million dollars. Then will come their fear and the simple will then see how easily they were led into wickedness and how the prosperity of fools has slain them.

Now they call the proud happy and they that work wickedness are set up. Yea they that tempt God are even delivered.

3 conditions which we see very clearly in contrast to those who fear the Lord and speak often to one another. While people can hardly know who are wicked and who are righteous.

Best love to all 7
Yours truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  John & Vina Lauchlin
August 3, 1926
Box 553. P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear John, Vina, wee Jessie & Co:

Many thanks for yrs of (no date). It's good to hear of all your various movings & talks, which help to spend the time profitably. Act III,& Joel is rather dangerous stuff for it includes the whole of what we expect will take place in the finishing up of the old & setting up the Kingdom. But taken with Rev, which supplies the details it's safe. And mean-time it's wise to make room for the reader to guide us in what the spirit saith unto the churches, & get as solid as we can on all that's revealed, rather than take any liberties which always opens the door for the devil confuse & make a fantazmagoria of the truth. It's somewhat difficult to catch the amount of Bolshivism. Which fills the whole atmosphere these days through the strike. But the contrast between what was once the foundation of human industry & all the up in the air talk that passes for wisdom today, we are apt to forget that the bottomless pit has been opened & out of it has come all that we find blinding & stirring up all sorts of trouble & discontent.

While the great fact remains that destruction & starvation is the back ground, which people think very far off, as they feed on the ideality which marks all that one can see & hear. Russia has been full of idealism these past 9 years, but it has also been full of destruction, tyranny, & oppression & starvation such as the world has never seen before. & this is what's working in G.B. these days & the chief stimulant for the strike. The coal commission did much to feed the discontent & focus all eyes on what's ideal, & blind them to the plain near facts, & don't forget that the chairman was a Jew & wherever you find a Jew expect cursing to follow no matter how good it looks. They are the chief source of the cursing which has been let loose on humanity these days & we don't expect they will do more than fill the world full of all sorts of big Ideals, which are not in the power of men or Governments to fulfill. They have filled Palestine full of people with Zionist Ideals, but many of them are hungry & out of work today, & some try to solve it by suicide, so don't let them give you too much dope.

The workers of the world are not going to have better times yet, but rather the worst they have ever had. When neither men, master nor Governments will be able to give them the bread they need. The new things we have been having are not the new things, but the conditions for the destruction for the whole wicked world. The wickedness of the working class are harder to see through than that of the owners, or Government. & all will find the curse ere long & wonder what they are up against, so it's good to be sober & sane in the midst of these awful conditions, which mark the course of events on the whole earth today, & this is one of the values of His name & truth which is ours to speak of & hope in.

Best love in Him.

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
September 25, 1926

Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose & Co:

Was glad to have yours at P.O. and hear of your doings. Pleased to hear that Rose was benefitted at Hot Springs or cold (I'm not sure). I have found Alki Sattrates good and it might be worth while to have a try. They are slow but effective in their action. I enclose advertisement which will give you some idea of their claims.

Joe and Sarah seem to think the Mountain as Paradise with contrast to city life. But people must be thankful for even the city where bread and butter comes from in these days. I suspect the next 1000 years will see less of city life and more of every man under his own vine and fig tree. There are so many holes and corners for dogs, etc. in the present complicated conditions that one has little hope of any escaping apart from the Sheep of His pasture.

The scenes of Jesus choosing of the 12 is surely one of the greatest privileges I could have had. The smallness of the sphere of His activities shows how much may depend on our activities in a small corner of the earth. There are few spots around Kilsyth that are not sacred to me as I walked and worked around while learning the truth as it is in Jesus; and I can see the same battle had to be fought then as at Gallilee. The whole of what was organized worship and service was from the 1st an attempt to draw me in than an attempt to shut out, break and crush and how few stood the test. But when I had got my feet and heart into the way, the world was a very open door to me. But it would have spelled disaster had I not got the foundation laid on which I could build with confidence and when we look back and see what it did for workers in putting them on their feet to walk and work in spite of all the opposition which was more seeming than real; when we were able to see who and what was behind them. How few ever came out into the open to fight against in contrast with the eternal pouring out of their iniquity, wickedness in the dark and behind walls and one can see that those who have any double motive such as seeking their own had little chance of escape from them or from us.

From what I saw of Gallilee I would say that the Kilsyth hills had (tho faint) a very similar experience to what those around the shores of Sea of G. had, and I can see many things from my experience which helped me to read what took place in 10 sq. miles where Bethsaida, Chorazin and Capernaum was - is now the most terrible evidence of the fulfillment of the woes He pronounced on them. After seeing the battle fields of France I can surely say that the evidences show that Chorazin, Capernaum and Bethsaida suffered more than any part of France could have. For there could be no living thing come out of such a bombardment as covered these cities with round black basalt boulders from 1/4 to 10 tons weight. So close that it is difficult to walk thro and you must in many cases step from one to the other and the 20,000 acres of land which comprises this area does not produce for the Government more than 100 pounds in taxes; nor would you value the whole property apart from the 3 Hospices at more than 100 pounds where there are a handful of Bedouins living. The whole natural setting is very much as it was then but all that men gloried in is gone as completely as if they never had been. But the memory of their great and last opportunity have not cease to torment them when the gulf between them, He and His around and on the Throne.

The voice that offered them mercy, was the one who spake the word which meant death and destruction; showing how much more obedient dead matter, so called, and hard rock is to Him than the flesh and blood of living devil possessed men. Their little brief authority is gone and His remains in which His own will share as truly as they did the reproach which came to them in giving ear.

How slow we are to grasp that all that exists today is exactly what the voice has created, made, placed and used to further His purpose. Never once can I remember being in or about any building in Kilsyth where there was not some restraint and generally from those who tho pretending to have sympathy had their heart centered in the house more than on the God who sought to speak and deliver them from such; and always the meanest sort of men, the more anxious to have some place in the religious world of some sort. And what a mercy it was that we got to see that the only place we could have any liberty was out in the open air hillside or by the way and it left its mark on our conv. methods which certainly was Godly in its influence on the people as well as the places in which the Gospel was preached. Jesus the way, is much more eloquent to me today than it ever could have been but for my visit to Gallilee. The country of the Gergesenes and Gadara which are across the lake from the 3 towns is rather a desolate spot and very uninviting apart from wanting to get away from the haunts of men in a little boat to hold about 12 to 15 as they are today. The buildings to be seen and those who occupy them today and all that has been written give one no help and plenty of hindrance in grasping the whole situation. I learned more by my eyes and His Spirit than any one could tell me. For their influence was to emphasise the towns and synagogue as the channel of His working rather than the seat of their opposition to Him.

Re.-Bob & M. - I expect Bob is influenced to act as he is doing by a little dubiety regarding what he may consider boss-ship. For he has learned by bitter experience that his own brawnness may be as safe as others influence over him. I can understand M's feeling & etc., which must be disappointing and discouraging for she got much more than Bob ever got. What he may gain today may some day be the measure of his loss. But the Book leaves no doubt about the absolute liberty every one must have in the matter of the Marriage of the King's Son and their being there. John's coming will be the opening and closing of the door, and put all in their true place according to their heart choice and I feel quite sure that Minnie will be glad when that day comes and even then have no regret at having done all she can do to help Bob. Ranch work in the whole N.W. produces the very conditions you see them in. Work - work - work - destroys all capacity for ought else and farm business and family aren't to be the chief test for their place in the Marriage supper.

Hope you both keep well and the children.
Best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Curren Long Family
October 1, 1926

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Curren Long Family:

I was very pleased with your modest sincere plainly written worded letter & hope you may be able to make out my scrawl. You will find much help in corresponding with Olive Grim for they have been in touch with me for a long time & especially in those things which today will mean death or life to the whole world when the work has been accomplished. The man Christ Jesus when on earth had few who had ears to hear what the spirit said by His mouth, & He is now on the throne with all the power in Heaven & on earth, & the millions profess to believe in Him, and the test He is applying to the world will reveal how few have hearts which make it possible for His spirit to dwell in.

The mark of those of all ages who had ears to hear what the spirit saith now has always been the negative mark of having no ears for what the whole religious world has to say. So the deader you are to the religions today & all their traditions & interpretations, the easier it will be for you to grasp my message & share in its comfort & hope. When the old is passing away to make room for the Heaven & new earth wherein dwelleth righteousness as wickedness has overrun the whole world.

The beginning of the end took place in 1914 & since then all that has gone on is only the giving of the wicked seed on the earth rope to hang themselves. If we look at these things only, we get accustomed to them & recognise only the human side which tends to harden the heart towards God. If we see them as His working for the judgment of men & nations, our hearts are glad for we see the new coming as surely as we see the old passing. The evening & the morning is the order of the old creation. The end of the day merging into the night which precedes the new day. The evening began in 1914 and it has been getting darker all the time, & we look for the beginning of the new 7th day, the 1000 yrs when He and His will reign on the earth for 1000 yrs.

Genesis gives you the 6th day creation account, & Rev. gives you the beginning of the 7th day. So that you can't be too well versed in Rev. which is my job these past yrs, to read it to make it plain to those who have ears to hear & purpose to do what the spirit sayeth to them. The 24th of Matthew gives you some idea of the marks which were to lead up to judgment, & we have had earthquakes, famines & pestilence in divers places, here & there on the earth, these past 7 yrs, & what you see going on in the fearful sights & signs from Heaven these past months in all the various forms of disasters which are recorded almost daily in the papers is what Jesus said would immediately precede His day of judgment of men and nations.

We will not know exactly when He is coming from Heaven till John has come as His forerunner to be co-witness with the manchild of Rev.X11. But when John comes it will be 7 yrs, from that day during which years the whole nations will have been judged, and the great transformation work of destroying all thats of the God of the world & preparing the Kingdom of God on the earth. Jerusalem will be the center of these things & to Jeru. will be gathered all who are His on the earth to welcome Him when He comes, with His Saints from Heaven to reign.

I know of nothing which will satisfy and thrill you 4 as hearing all you can about these matters, which tho light as air in mens eyes today will become the greatest merits of all ages when fulfilled before the eyes of men for He spoke & all we see was created, & that same voice is speaking today which will cause the old to pass & the new to come & happy or blessed are all they who have ears to hear & eyes to see what He is doing as the creator of the new heaven & new earth.

Best love to all 4.
Yours very truly in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Cooke Family, Belfast, Ireland.
October 5, 1926

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Cooke Family:

Was very pleased to have yours today and hear all the news of your family. Glad to hear that the boy is about again and that you enjoyed Bob L.'s visit. Certainly Gallilee was very good in many ways. It's 600 feet below seal level and rather warm at this time of year, but it suited me well and was helpful. Then my prolonged stay gave me a chance of soaking in the whole Gospel story, so far as it was enacted there, and being on the spot near Bethsaida, made many things clearer than it could otherwise have been. But the most thrilling was to see the condition of Capernaum and Chorazin after he had fulfilled the woes He had pronounced upon them, and the final interview He had with His lowly, humble, uneducated, homeless, hungry, friendless and moneyless disciples. For all these things were true of them more when they returned from Jerusalem, than they could have been before the Crucifixion, which had altered very much.

For who believed that the Man was alive whom the Jews and Romans had put to death, and even the fleeting visit to His 12 had not fortified the 7 enough to keep them from seeking shelter in their native country, where no doubt the opposition would be strongest by the very efforts they made against Him in helping the Jews at Jerusalem to burst what they thought was little else than a soap bubble in His killing. Our little experience enables us to realize in part what a storm must have been in the hearts and minds of these 7 disciples as they toiled all night and caught nothing. But just in the darkest hour He was kindling the fire on the beach and cooking fish and bread for their breakfast, and had the purpose in His mind to fill their nets to relieve their moneyless condition and to give them what they would never forget to their dying day, and which carried Peter to the Cross and John to Patmos in victory over all the powers of darkness and evil, even in the churches, which would be harder to bear than even Jewish and Roman opposition.

These 7 men were the headquarters of God on the Earth, and by them all the power which He went Home to wield in Heaven and on earth, was at their disposal, thus putting the Knockout on all the Headquarters which we have seen so many and varied, which the Devil by the Mammon of unrighteousness can establish. You notice how many all look on gold successes as the mark of His favour, which is only proof that God of Heaven has forsaken them; and you can be sure that these who are His heads on Earth will even bear more or less the these marks and conditions seen in the 7, Noah, Abram, Moses, Isaiah, Elijah had the same marks, and surely John in Patmos had the same marks as a slave fisherman, with the whole of the churches against him, but God in and for him to their shame andutter defeat then and now. Surely nothing could be more comforting for John than to see the end from the beginning, and the final overthrow of all who were of the seed who were against the anointed of God. And the conditions these past years are even more wicked than in John's day.

You can see how easy it will be for John to grasp conditions in the world, and how like his own experience the gathering of the few to surround a Man who is to be servant of Him who gathered the 7 weary, tired, half-naked, for most of the fishermen I saw had little more than a shirt on when fishing, and their fisher's coat or cloak - which they carry with them, and Peter who was chief man, who is naked while they are drawing in the nets, in order to dive in to retrieve the net from any stone it may catch on. We saw these things before our eyes day by day and night by night, and the class of fishermen are just the same as then, and Peter and others had not changed one whit in their outward manner of life, though they had been with Him for 3 years and 1/2. People often suggest the 31/2 years training had changed them as it does the person when he goes to college. All the difference seemed to have added to their troubles and loneliness in the eyes of men, in the taking away of all they once had, and leaving them in the worst fix they had ever been in, which was preparation for His final revelation to them.

Atonement day for the Jews was on 15th September, as this is their 13 month year, comes every third year. This was the day of the hurricane and the Bay of Bengal hurricane which swamped a ferry with 200 on board. It was also the day that Mrs. McPherson was lying at death's door and under open arrest for her part in the gigantic hoax - or national scandal - which we might regard as a world scandal, and necessary for her being the Jezebel of Revelation 2.

Yesterday we had 200 drowned in Calcutta floods, and the dry state of Kansas under flood, and thousands homeless and martial law, with a big mining disaster in Pittsburg killing 34. And the Airplane crash in England, 7 dead, and you see how it links up East and West and also U.S.A. and Great Britain. The hurricane method these past months may be useful in drawing our attention to Proverbs 1, where it speaks about fear coming as desolation, and destruction as a whirlwind, when distress and anguish cometh upon them who had no ears to hear the call, nor regard for the outstretched hand working death and destruction before their eyes these past 12 years.

Best love to all,
Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
October 14, 1926

No address

My dear Wm., Rose and Co:

Many thanks for yours today and all the atonement day news of Aime and Florida. It was sure a big feast to us and proof that His mercy to us is of the true atonement day sort. For when the greatest Sinners find the greatest of mercies in these things which are for our comfort; Is it not some very active proof that He pardons and forgives - comforts - cheers and strengthens us lest we should sleep or faint by the way.

I could not but laugh when I read yours of Percy and the news which Dunbar gives about the activities of Alfie and Alex Waddell in Los Angeles amongst Ritzmans, Skinner and Co., and we are apt to think that these little details are overlooked by our busy Lord in His giving us the bigger things. Your estimate of Percy was very correct according to my judgment. For if he had wanted to heal his sore heart he surely would have been very glad to of the opportunity you gave him. He may be itching to see his friends in trouble in the south. I am quite sure that they have very little idea of what they have been loosing these past years. I speak because when I look back to what we could see then in contrast to what we see today. It was as Moonlight to Sunshine and surely the door is barred to all who would think to steal or take by force or intrigue or any other unlawful way and I expect they will be made to think in spite of themselves.

These days when Aime's hurricane and Florida's come together and no light on the subject but their own thoughts which are as valueless as was E. C.'s., iniquity and wickedness to keep his brain in healthy condition. I expect Dunbar's will have given you all the news of Alfie and Co., down there so I won't repeat it. I was very sorry to hear that Florence has not quite recovered from her accident. For she was a very nice spirited girl and could only follow the crowd. A good many 1000's have perished in China this month and no notice taken of it - by hunger & etc. I noticed Japan had a typhoon about the same time as Florida. I suspect U.S.A. may have suffered as much loss in the storm in 10 states as England in the strike, which they say runs into 250 million pounds. But this is only a small portion of the damage done and China's troubles must have cost all the trading nations great loss during the past year. I'm sure you will be interested in the enclosed cutting from Brisbane which shows that we have an opposition school at work and the other center for the gathering together unto Him - and the subject matter for calling the meeting is quite comical; for it's an attempt to put the old world right and very much along the lines of Mrs. Bosant and her Messiah who has been trying to put India straight these past years. I saw a copy of her proposed solution of the Indian affairs and it's quite in line with the Brisbane attempt. They fail to grasp the need for the whole fabric coming down to make room for the New and so they are easily revealed out of their own mouths.

Mrs. McPhersons case is very noticeable out of all their controls; both Gov, and on her side which marks it all the more surely as His working. For her drowning or kidnapping could never have revealed the reins and hearts as they have been; not only in her but in all who have been connected with it. For the whiter people try to make her the blacker she becomes and our experience has just been the opposite. The blacker they have made us the whiter we get, so far as understand and vision has gone.

You can send the cutting to Dunbar as I have only one left (I had 2), and now for Rose - Ivor Everett sent me on - 2 books - one the "The Gospel of Feeding" which shows up very truly how far people are from feeding for fitness which is the object in all feeding and gorging and the more we attend to the old traditional methods, the more surely we are feeding for a fall in middle life.

The 2nd is "How to get well" which holds up the Medical profession in a rather lurid light, when it comes to the use to which the knife is put and its after effects. He claims to cure for cancer - tuberculosis - syphilis - and brights disease to be quite natural if natures ways are followed. Lemon juice is the great cure. From 3 to 6 lemons a day. He uses uncooked fruit juice with lemon 1st thing in the morning. Then breakfast of Malt brown bread and butter with fruit - a little olive oil and lemon juice or some nuts maybe helpful for those who work extra hard. The fruit juice he uses in the A.M. is prepared by putting handful of seedless sunmaid raisons in water with a lemon over night and sip the juice which I have found very good for bowel movement.

Lunch may be taken of lean meat - brown bread and salad - vegetables with fruit - fruit - fruit and in evening meal about the same with no meat; he warns against eggs and cheese as being very hard to digest. He claims lemon juice as being best internal and external disinfectant for all purposes. For piles - lemon juice squirted into lower bowel twice per day for a week and bi-weekly thereafter and same for womens use.

Lemon juice for all skin or inflammation and lemon mesh poltices for suppuration. So you have the jist of the book. But the key is 3 to 6 lemons a day. He says he has people who take 20 per day. I used to be afraid of lemons for fear of acid; but I saw a scientist recently saying that he found them - lemon juice reacted to Alkali in the body - which is the great cure used for - stomach - liver and kidneys and which I mentioned to you in my last - I think. But lemon does more than that when taken sour and if sweetened should be with honey.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Lilian Walker
October 27, 1926

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Mrs. Walker:

Was pleased to hear from you, your seeming trials may have a very definite purpose as I have often found my greatest tests was only making room for Him in my heart and life, for this is the greatest purpose behind our very existence on earth, & if it fails, then all else is vanity of vanities, & happy are all they who have found this out in actual experience. If to know God & Jesus Christ whom He has sent is life eternal, then all else is but the mortal life which perishes. It was the sick & suffering who had most ear & eye for Him when He was here & today we look for suffering being the mark on all whom He is preparing to be His in the whole world.

He came to the lost sheep of the house of Israel to those had been made poor broken hearted prisoners, blind, bound, bruised, & sent His disciples to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, & if you can read Ezek.37 in the true sense you will see that those who had the dry bones scattered & hopeless on the earth are to be those who are to hear the message of the son of man & gather together to become the exceeding great army standing on their feet, & by whom He is going to give the omega gospel to the whole world. Read Ezek.37.11.14. gives you this condition today, being killed & cast out as hopeless.

The world in preparation for that great day when He will gather the 144,000 to Jerusalem & make them what we read of in Rev.14, these bones are the whole house of the true Israel which have not defiled themselves with the (Harlot) of Rev. or had any use for the present day religious world, but have rather seen they are of the devil, the God of this world. Behold they say our bones are dried (meaning they know they are dead & have no life) our hope is lost we are cut off for our parts, it has been the case in all ages that only those who got some similar experience could ever have a chance of hearing the man whom He had sent to them.

You notice its always the most good and religious people who are readiest to cast aside the message of God, for that of the Devil, thru good & holy men in mens eyes. As a widow with young boys to train you are free to follow the desire of your heart than almost any other could be & no matter how hard it seems you will find Him a friend indeed if you give Him your ear heart & confidence. For He is the greatest of all in Heaven or earth & can never change & always has an ear for those who suffer & are common people in the eyes of others.

What He wants is a heart that He can work in by His Spirit, and make you to know His mind, will, & work, for the Bride only can know what the Bridegroom doeth is expressing this thought, so to have ears to hear & eyes to see His works of Judgment on the earth in finishing up the old to make room for the new Heaven & new earth, is surely the only sign we can rely on that we have relationship to Him who sits on His throne in Heaven by the man of His choice on the earth as His servant revealed & finally carry on the work of destruction, & construction in the setting up of the Kingdom of God which never will be destroyed or given to another to rule, but in & over which He Himself will dwell & rule for the 1000 yrs, that are now about to begin the 7 woe years.

You will find very much to interest you & stir your heart & mind as you talk over one with another & think on His name they shall be mine in the day that I make up my jewels. Read Mal.3 for these things & you can be sure His eyes & ears are over all you say & His heart toward you in all your trials & troubles & nothing can hinder you being one of those jewels which He calls mine, if your heart is toward Him you will find Him a husband to the widow, or father to the fatherless, & who will one day give to share His glory, not in Heaven, but here on the earth & in Jerus. where He is to meet His bride when He comes.

Best love to self & boys

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
November 3, 1926

No address

I was glad to have yours last week and this week. I hope both Rose and Sarah may benefit by the 3 to 6 lemons per day which I have found helpful, more than anything I tried, with plenty of fruit. The healing cleansing stimulating of fruit juice coupled with lemon seems a very natural remedy. Sir Arbuthart Lane, one of the most eminent medicals in London said the other day, unless the white race find out the value of fruit and vegetable with course meal it will go down and die according to present indications. He wrote this as introduction to a book on Mauri methods of feeding in New Zealand.

They have a team of foot labbers in England just now who a number of years ago surprised the world by their play. The natives here use very much lemon in almost all they eat: and plenty of raw fruit and vegetables. Too much starch in various forms is also bad. Specially when not coupled with fruits and eating and drinking tea is also a bad custom A cup of tea is more refreshing after taking lemon juice and before eating your breakfast, dry with fruits, bread and butter.

We are coming very near the day of our expected deliverance and things have been full of mercy signs these past months as we never hoped to see them. What a weakening the whole world have been getting not only the burdens of the late war debts which sap everyone financially; but the great losses which are on every hand. The big crop of cotton in the U.S.A. has been a source of much anxiety to the whole world for it has hit all the new places where they have been growing in the world to compete with U.S.A. and new places are more apt to suffer than those that are better established. The coal strike has hit the mills in Lancasture badly too. But China's boycott and the Bolshi war going on is even worse, for it has destroyed at the consuming end which is even more important than the other 2 - 100 million bushels shortage in wheat is also a big surprise, principally due to European bad weather and specially to floods in the Volga of Russia. Strange that when they make up their figures that they should state exactly what fulfills His words.

I am not surprised at Rose's folks, for we are apt to want dead people to see and hear, the marks of the whole house of Israel given in Ezek. 37, are very definite. They are to be the dry bones (very dry) found in the valley of campaign or the debris left from the conflict between light and darkness. But even more that that they are to be the cast out and perished in the eyes of the whole religious world. Our bones are dried, our hope is lost, we are cut off for our parts. Gives us no hope for any who have not those marks. Therefore prophesy and say unto them. Thus saith the Lord, O My People, I will open your graves and cause you to come up out of your graves and bring you into the land of Israel and ye shall know that I am the Lord when I have opened your graves O My People and brought you up (not down) out of your graves and shall put my spirit within you, and ye shall live - and I shall place you in your own land. (Then) shall ye know that I the Lord have spoken and performed it, saith the Lord.

This in contrast to the rebellious Israel to whom Ezek. was sent to witness in the 1st. 25 chapters, which I believe refers to those who rebelled against my Jesus, Way Message and also those who professed to receive it, but missed its seal and so were just as bad if not worse than those who rejected it. So that Mrs. McPherson is head of those who very definitely rejected my message in Los Angeles in 1906 and so makes Jezebel the more like things today and whose treatment is very like the whole story. I noticed she used her 2 children on the platform as proof of her innocence, which points the more forcibly to the killing of her children by death as the final and sure proof to the churches that she is being judged by Him who trieth the reins and hearts of men. And Eddie makes a good Ahab when coupled up with Naboths vineyard which brought out Elijahs prophesy of Judgment which was the final for them. The fact that both had prophets who sat at their table is very sure mark for such is not mentioned in connection with other Kings but proves there necessity in a truly wicked demonstration. The contrast between Ahab and Jezebel in the matter of Naboths vineyard is very applicable to Eddie and Mrs. Mc.P.

The miners strike fizzling out along with her trial is good also and we may hear some more of Eddie later on. The various chapters in Ezek. which reveals the general working inside and outside of Rebel Israel and Judah. Son of Man so much used of Ezek. brands him as type of Manchild. Chap. 3:14 Son of Man I have made thee a watchman into the Ho of Israel. Then you have him watchman in a bigger and world wide sense in the Judgment of the nations which are typified in the Jew, Egypt, Tyre, Assyria, etc. The message of Rev. was to the 7 churches which probably indicates that Rebel Israel of the Gentile age will be gathered round my Alpha Message out of which will come the Remnent. The various signs and experiences which the Son of Man had to go thro in revealing the Judgments, which were to come on them, all point probably to what I may have had to go thro in bearing witness to them. For I have noticed my experience has been painful just as my message has been severe.

I hope you have been able from what I wrote Arthur to grasp the general outline of Ezek, which seems to parallel and add much detail to Rev. which we have only had in experience, till now; it has opened up Chap.III:22,29, is very good and been very much like we have had. Chap.IX: the siege and lying on side for 390 days and then the other side for 40 each day for a year. This works out the same time as the children of Is. were in Egypt before Moses led them out. The dung bread is good and you can see what it meant to him and how disgusting it must have been to them, even as all my meat in due season has been to Rebel Judah and Israel. You remember that Israel has Samaria for its headquarters where they were quite wrong in the matter of where the sacrifice and temple was to be.

While Judah was right outwardly even as our Testy friends are outwardly in the Truth. Ch.5: shows that Jer. is to be specially judged because of the greater privileges they had and the wicked use they made of them and I can't get away from the fact the the Testy is Jer. today and if not the whole, certainly the workers. I am sure you will find much in reading the whole Book as types for the whole of Rev. Ch 47: is parallel to Rev.XXII, which leaves us little room to doubt all that comes after ch. 40, as being type of the setting up of the New after the destruction of the old and ch. 37, is the whole true Ho of Israel for the New Heaven & New Earth in which the New Jer. is to come down & in which the name, The Lord, is there is to be the end & aim of all.

Best love & perfect health for the invalids is my great desire.
Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Harry Carson, Longston, Staffs, England
November 14, 1926
P.O. Box.553
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Carsons,

Many thanks for yours and P.O.O. Glad you enjoy meeting and talking one with another, and see what's going on from His throne. Tho men can't see beyond the instrument, and victims fall around us. 7 years ago I came here on 27th Nov., and began to watch and witness, and during these yrs 41 million deaths have taken place by war, famine, quakes, and Pestilence, which means that 6 times more have died by the signs Jesus said wld take place in Divers places, which because they are scattered over the earth are scarcely noticed. But it's 4 times more than died in the great War (so called), and 6 times more than have died by war during those 7 years. But only the signs of the greater destruction at hand since Armistice Day.

We have had revolutionary activity in Russia, Java, Argentine, Ireland, Nicaragua, with troubles of a similar nature in Spain, France, and Italy on their frontier, while in China things are steadily getting worse, specially for the British people every day. Turkey, Russia, Persia, Afghanistan, and Chinese Ambassadors, met in Oddessa on the Black Sea and has caused a good deal of guessing as to their purpose, which many believe to be the foundation of an Asiatic League to counteract the Western League.

The whole world has tasted of high cost of living, then we have had world Bolshivism in many different forms, which has given cold feet and empty stomachs and leaky purses in England, which is a sample of what Russia has got as the mother of the family of destruction on the earth. Whatever Capitalism may be blamed for, it has certainly fed the world and produced more than any other Political or Industrial has done so far. And anybody can criticise father, mother, house, or business, but it's quite another thing to do better under the circumstances. The big majority the Conservative Gov. got at last Election was the 1st blow in the eye which Bolshis got, and the Strike coming to an end is the 2nd, and it may not be the 3rd, for the general strike was proof that Bolshi influences was strong in G.B. and we can see that it's only seeking to destroy what Capitalism has produced.

God made a Garden and made a man, and put him into it, to care for it and it wld care for him. This is private property, and any attempt at Gov in the world on other lines for 6000 yrs has been a failure every time, and Western Capitalism has done more for men on the earth than any other. People may blot God out of all these things, but the principles of the Garden are for all time till He comes with His new seed the meek who are to inherit the earth. The weakness of all the 5 Political Systems is not in the system. But in the selfish human nature, who are expressed in the systems, and it's as common to the Labour side, as to the Capitalistic.

And if we are being privileged to be at the death and burial of the old, I hope we may be privileged to be at the birth of the new, when the Kingdom of God is set up on the earth. And this is where my heart finds rest and peace, hope, cheer, comfort, and strength, and I'm glad that you can share it when so few seem to want it.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Edwards
November 26, 1926
Box 553, P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm. Rose & Co:

Many thanks for your 2 & cuttings, with news of Ruth, Joe & Sarah. All of which is good, not to speak of George Linn, whom I  guess you will have had ere this. 7 years tomorrow since I had my first glimpse of Jer., and tho long its been short in that so many things have been taking place all along to bear witness to our Testy. The war was & is looked upon as The Great Event dwindles into insignificance compared to the loss of life these past 7 years by quake, famine & pestilence in divers places.

If the Spirit of life entering a body gave Adam life; then the spirit ceasing to operate in the world spells death & we are not far out in saying that the war was only the expiring of the old world & these 12 years we have been seeing its slow disintegration in Divers places; for as the body does not disintegrate all at once, so with the earth; and if 1914 was the beginning, we know the whole framework will fall down at the end by the great quake which destroys the cities of the nations. We are not far from being human when we look for the results of death as men very soon see and know that the breaking up follows the outgoing of the spirit. If we regard the world as dead to God & He no longer trying to keep it for the purpose of saving men, then what better can we expect than what has been happening before our eyes. But we need to recognize it in its big and full sense else we may miss much. If the old world died 120 years before the flood; it was only prolonged owing to the need for preparing the ark for the man who had ear to hear God and those who had ears to hear him & this may point to the value of the preparation of the Man & Woman who is to encompass the Man and surely we have learned much these past 7 years, since we saw each other last at Pasadena station; and what a revelation we have had in those who were not part, as truly as we have had many mercies which show who are those who are the Woman, who have cared for the thirsty, hungry, naked, homeless, sick & in prison Man who is being made the Test for sheep & goats for the separation of the nations & revealing of those who have Him in them & express it by their attitude to the Man who reveals what they would have been to Him & His Message.

I am satisfied that those who would not hear ME and MY message would not have heard Him or His Message. If 1/5 part of Noah's life of 600 years was spent in preparing him and them who were in the ark; why think it strange that 1/5 part of MINE should be so spent; 120 into 600 = 5, and 12 into 60 = 5, so there are a few months to spare, as I am 63 and nearing 64. The 12 years from 1914 and the 7 years from my coming here are both Biblical numbers which we can't disregard. Think on the suddenness with which the war followed my being rejected by the Testy, for I can remember getting letters on the same days in which the war was begun which settled the whole matter & even then I told them the coupling of the 2 things together; tho I could not have given them any proof for that lay all ahead & could only be given me as comfort in my suffering; and I can remember well - finding out that the old things had no value for me, no matter how I tried it in preaching, praying, or reading the Book, and not till I began to see the foundation of the new things had I any real joy or comfort; and as soon as I had; I came up to Fullerton to share it with them and very soon found the 2 sides. Those who had ears & those who had not & what evidence we have had these years on both sides to prove our message.

I ate Thanksgiving dinner at the lease with some people who were not in The Testy but who had enjoyed being at the meeting the night before. How many are dead who had their chance & trifled with it & I'm sure all have had enough of either blessing or cursing these years to grasp its importance if they would only think for a moment. Think on the poisoned spirit & the iniquity & hypocrisy which swept The Testy as truly as the war produced it in the whole world. Then the words and works in each have been added proof of the death which took place and the loosing of the wicked one in Testy & world setting them at each others throats to destroy, rather than save; for that is the mark of the whole.

See how Ireland which had been as the Garden of God to The Testy & people was turned into a desert; so far as Testy was concerned & also its material condition.  If death, & disintegration is not evidenced in children to the oldest today, what can explain the condition which everybody deplores & cries out about. Why the desire to return to normalcy if they don’t recognize the death & disintegration going on, why all the prophets crying out that we are going from bad to worse, only to be dubbed pessimists. Why the cry of lawlessness, crime, pleasure loving & general folly. Why short & low dressing & bobbing, powdering, puffing, fighting & squabbling, increase of murder, suicide and all sorts of death dealing providences. Think on the material loss in gold & all other values, not to speak of the 60 million deaths by war, famine, pestilence & quakes. Why the war debts which hang around the necks of the people producing high cost of living & all sorts of complexes which make people tired, worried, & wearied & care-worn, neuresthenics which medical world say is the most dangerous of present disease conditions. Why birth control, prohibition, Bolshi & social unrest.  To see these things as the proof of death having taken place help us rather than to look on them as the signs of what’s coming.

Its dead not dying, and if there had been a few more righteous people it might have been delayed. But our experience has proved that there were about as few now as there was in Noah's day or Lot's day, and as we see the carcass disappearing by the Eagles in divers places it only shows how thorough the work will be by what we have had in the past. You know the feeling that people have when someone has been taken by death. They can't believe it & in many cases it takes long to accept it as a fact accomplished. All the bigness is as much proof of death as are the lower who are being ground down more than ever; for the eugenic sons of God & daughters of men who produced giants & men of renown filled the earth with violence so that even that the high ideals & big speeches & organizations, etc. are proof that we are as in Noah's death days for the worlds.

Only those who have life can watch & see the signs of decay in the dead. So its a good mark that we can so watch its vanishing, and as the only hope is Resurrection for those who see dust going to dust, so our eyes are centered on the New Thing which is being prepared by which the resurrection of the dry bones is to be wrought, but we can't loose sight of the need for preserving a living seed that may be the instrument, and this divides pretty well both Ezek., & also Isa. from the 40th chaps. So we are looking still & surer for all our 7 years watch that the disintegration will be completed and the Restitution of All that’s of God wrought out in His own good & perfect way.

Best love to all there,
Yours truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine’s Letter To:  Frank & Jenny Presbury
December 7, 1926
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Frank, Jenny & Co:

I was more than pleased with your letter and photo, which makes it more intelligible—our correspondence. Glad to hear of your wife’s desire to help you by deliverance. There’s nothing that can be bought today in the world which can be of the least service to you in these matters. Nor was there ever such a way of doing the Lord’s work in all ages.

Freely ye have received, freely give was His message to his disciples on this matter and He has not changed His mind or ever will. So it’s not hard to know what’s of the devil, for all seek their own and not the things that are Jesus Christ’s. Paul had to write of those who were false professors and false prophets. I am just as sure as I write, that if I tried to sell His truth or Message, or you to buy it, It could not be got for the Spirit would not give me, or give you understanding of what I would write and the light you might get would only be darkness such as fills the whole world. When and what God hides, who can see or find? He has hid the things which He gave to His own of all ages from the wise and prudent, who always have sought to buy and sell the truth of God.

I wrote Mrs. Walker tonight some on Malachi III: 15-17. You can see what’s happened to the world by the 15th verse, but what a contrast in the 16th! How intimate it is! It’s like a lover speaking to his sweetheart and the very best picture we can have of what He desires in us is what a fond lover expects from his love. She never tires of speaking of him and thinking on his name in-between. Name just stands for all he is known to be to her and fear of the Lord is best grasped by the attitude of a true wife towards her expected husband. And sweethearts all love to speak of their lovers to others who have the same passion when they meet, for who else can understand lovers but those who are in love?

You will find the very best way to understand the whole of the truth of God, on any point, comes best through human parallels and parables. For all human life is but type of things spiritual and eternal. Even divorce is only proof that love never did truly exist and union under all trials and conditions only proves true love. An absent lover would greatly enjoy hearing his love say, and more, what she thought about him and all that concerns him and his life and work, so the Lord of Hosts, who is over mobs, nations and continents, loves to hear what we say and think about Him and His world these days, when we speak one with another. And so there is a record kept. They shall be mine in that day when I make up my Jewels (which is now), for He is making up, or gathering, His jewels around the Manchild when he is the least, like the babe in the midst of the Woman of Revelation XII, who is to be brought forth as the Manchild to rule all nations with a rod of iron and dash them in shivers as clay vessels are, when smitten with an iron rod; and when the work is finished, to be caught up to God on His throne.

The part I wish to emphasize most is, I will spare them as a man spares his own son that serveth him. So your 3 lovely children can help to make this plain. You know how you can’t help loving your son and what dreams parents have for their children’s future; but for one that serveth them in the way they want, what love, care and interest you can have in such. This is the picture given here and you cannot strain it. (I will spare him) Who would not spare such a son and what does spare mean but that He will not test you beyond what you can stand and care for your interests as much as you care for Him.

We have been polluted by all sorts of false professions, which He could not honour, till it’s hard to find those who will so love and honour Him, that He can honour them. You little dream of the possibilities of your meetings, talking and thinking these days and I pray you be as hot and sincere as you were in your lovemaking, so that He can honour you as never people have been honoured in all time. For such is your privilege and this is the purpose for which I exist as His servant. And under the condition here, when you have a wife and children and a simple life where you have the very best conditions, and you can use them as guides to help you into the love activity in Him, which He delights to honour, just as surely as His wrath will wreak His vengeance on all the hypocrisy and empty professors who talk love and walk in their own iniquity.

I don’t ask you to be angels, but just plain people with a sincere heart interest in all He is doing on the earth. And don’t be afraid to speak out and interest yourself in all that’s His work on the earth. You will find the spirit of God shed abroad His love in your heart and give you great understanding and vision of all that He has done, is doing and going to do. Only keep simple, sincere and honest towards Him, for you know how He must be sick of all else. I will spare him as a man that spareth his own son that serveth him. Let the spirit of God give you the fullest meaning of this in your heart of hearts and you can be sure of it as if it were written history, for His promises are all Yea and Amen to those who are His Jewels.

Best Love and Thanks,

Yours very truly in Him,

William Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Mrs. Lilian Walker
73 John St., Hanley,Stoke-on-Trent
From: PO Box.553 Jerusalem,Palestine.
7th Dec.,1926

My Dear Mrs Walker,

Many thanks for yours. Glad you have the privilege of friendship and fellowship with so many there. For the Bronchial boy, give him a tablespoonful of lemon juice 6 times a day, pour it over his throat if possible, feed him dry food and not to much slops, wash chest and shoulders every day with cold water, and not too much soap, teach him to hold head up, shoulders back and breathe deep, put your knee between his shoulders high up and pull his shoulders back gently but firmly every day once, and let him run in the open air as much as possible, and dont talk of his trouble or pamper him to much. Fruit and vegetables, bread and butter shd be his food, and under no circumstances give him potato. Brown bread is better than white,& not much sweet stuffs at any time, even sugar in tea is better scarce than plentiful.

People are very apt to think that when we say the Lord will be a father to the fatherless, a husband to the widow, this has been so often and much in the mouths of the false prophets, and never fulfilled, that one is apt to read it in the same sense. But we are not as they or theirs were. But are as Malachi describes the jewels being chosen out of the whole world. And you will do well to read and ponder over it very carefully. For its the most important love letter you ever read. If you are to be part of that few being gathered out as the seed from which the Gospel is to be preached in Omega days. If you grasp whats written here you will find it meet your needs in a way nothing else can do, never mind the work and labour and drab surroundings of home, children, or factory. For the people whom Jesus gathered around Him were not favoured in the eyes of men, or by their natural surroundings, nor had they education or privileges greater or as great as those around them. Its the heart attitude to Him the King who sits on His Throne with all power that counts.

V.15 shows what the world are and get. V.16. shows the heart conditions He wants. They that feared the Lord. Just fear such as a woman wld have of a good loving husband, spake often one to another (of what was in their hearts).Just as a loving wife wld speak of her loving husband. And the Lord hearkened. Its true that He that sits on the throne, wld deign to listen to your conversation, and write it in a book of rememberance (lest He forget) and so that He may have proof that there are some even to-day, who consider who He is, and who honour Him in days, when everything and person is used to honour devils and men, of all sorts and sizes.

No lover ever was more jealous,or more comforted in a woman, whose heart was His, than Jesus is today towards those who speak sincerely of who and what He is doing as Judge of all men on the earth. To fear the Lord and think on His name as Judge of all the earth, is the one thing by which He knows our heart attitude to Him, which is the greatest thing in the world. They who so love and express it, shall be mine saith the Lord of Hosts, who is over all the earth, nations and men. In that day, when I make up my jewels or when the marriage of the Kings Son takes place on the earth, when He comes from Heaven. And I will spare them (these days until He comes) as a man spares His own son who serveth him.

Now let these things into your heart, and let them work in it all the time, even as when you were in love with your husband before marriage. You will find the Spirit of God make you alive, and give colour to all your trials and troubles, which will become as nothing in comparison. You need not think or trouble about the past nor the future, when you have a lover whose love is constant, true and all power in Heaven and earth, and the Judge of all men. Tho the world around know him not or care for, or think on His Name. He is all I have and want or care for, or hope in, you cant overdo it, and you will find few who care to hear of it,but the few who meet to enjoy, chatting over the things, which He loves to hear.

You will see the value of talking over all the things, which He is doing in Judgment on the world, and all the things which He witnesses to by His man, tho the least amongst men, is the man by whom He is testing people these days. In as much as ye did, or did it not to Him (the least of these my brethren) Ye did or did it not to me. So you can see how much depends on your attitude towards me, which is the only test there is in the world to-day, by which men can be tested, and the reason I am where and what I am, its a very human, but one which makes the whole matter very simple and real, and I am sure you will find many marks, which will convince you if you truly and sincerely put it to the test.

Dont think about yourself, good, bad or indifferently, think about Him and me His Servant, and what He is doing and what I am reading to you and you will find that He has much in store for you, that you can never dream of. The days will pass lighter, and more joyous in heart, your difficulties He will share. Labour will be lighter, and fellowship sweeter, and you will have plenty to feel, think and say also, only speak out of a pure heart sincerely. Pure heart simply means the same kind of heart to Him, that every man expects from the woman he loves, one, only, always, altogether, other things will all come right. If you love Him, as He loves you only, always, first, last, and best, and such is my desire for all who gather there.

Best Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Love never makes excuses, or lets things stand in the way, of declaring and showing it. There never has been any person, who cld get so much out of loving, as those who love Him. W.I.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to:  Bob Lauchlin,
Adderly Terrace, Longton, Staffs, Eng.

December 17, 1926
From: Box 553 P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Bob,

Many thanks for yours, and parcel. The belts are very good in construction, and even better than those which used to go round the whole body. Tho its good to protect the liver from chill, which is as important as the kidneys. The drawers and vest method of clothing, which is common to England, is better for warmth than the U.S.A. method of having combinations, which are cooler and more comfortable to wear, where there is real disease of the kidneys. I would think a piece of tweed wld be good, or a piece of chamois in windy weather. But I'm feeling fine and benefited by the book, which Ivor sent me on foodfruit and Lemon juice.

We lost 15% of our orange crops last week, which means 200,000 cases of 100 less for Eng. So you see what a few days can do, when the wind blows, or the weather freezes such as I have seen in California, when one night wld cut down the crop at any rate from 20% to 80%. But they have heating apparatus there, which they don’t here, so that when ever zero weather threatens, they turn on the heat, by lighting crude oil lamps, which fill the air with smoke for miles around.

Genesis 24 has been very full this week of good things, and I give you a little sample, which you can multiply by your own oil or salt. The difference between oil and salt is that oil is only good for giving light, whereas salt is good for protecting you from the corrupting influence of your own ways and thots, and also of those around us. We always suffer from the want of clear definition of the difference between sin and wickedness. The former of which is less deceptive than the latter, for only a fool can mistake sin for righteousness, while wickedness never seems to be anything but righteousness in our own and others eyes. So salt I take it is more meant for the Spirit of God in us, which keeps us from the wicked one, and His seed influences.

Abram was old and well stricken in yrs, like the world, and the Lord had blessed them in all things, surely the world has been blessed in all things for 6000 yrs. Abram said to the eldest servant of his house, who ruled over all that he had, and who had been thot by all to be his heir. Matt. 24 helps here, put your hand under my thigh, so that he could detect if his servant was true in his swearing. For had he not, Abram wld have felt the impulse at once, better than if he had been holding his pulse, or looking in his face. V.3. Swear by the Lord God of Heaven and earth, as you see in Rev.4-5, that thou wilt not take a wife of the Caananites, the wicked seed of the land, which shows how He does not want any Caananite in the woman body, no matter how fair they may look. V.4 But thou shalt go into my country & kindred and take a wife unto my Son Isaac, whom God had given to take the place of Eliezer. V.5 If the woman won’t come, will I take Isaac there. NO. Beware thou lest thou take my son thither, which gives us no room for compromise in the matter today, and makes sure that Jesus will not come to take His bride out of the world, as so many fools say.
II Thess 2, note also V. 8 of Gen. 24 V.6 The Lord God shall send His angel before thee in this matter, and thou shalt a wife from thence. Abram heard the voice of the Lord, the woman, the voice of the servant, which gives us present day conditions, the reader and hearers. This gives us some idea of the part Michael and his angels play in gathering the woman round the man, and protecting him from his enemies. V.6. If the woman whom you ask come not, then thou shalt come not, then thou shalt be clear from thy oath, showing my part in the matter, and which I have always felt I have no use for any other relationship to people than the one main issue. V.7. And the servant swear, and you notice no time was lost in making a practical start with camels and gifts, on the 600 mile desert march, which is never mentioned, seeing all other things are of little account and ordinary. V.10-14. He makes the camels to kneel by the well, and prays in his heart, and makes the conditions which no doubt the Lord inspired. There was to be no forced services or trickery, straight forward human activities in line with the conditions of the people, time, and country. And it came to pass that Rebecca (a noose reminding us of snares), the daughter of Betherel (a man of God), whom Mileah (counsel) bore to him. He was the son of Nahor (snorter). No doubt referring to his attitude to Abram, when he went west following the voice.

Rebecca came to the well (where water was to be had) with her pitcher on her shoulder. I have noticed how very easy it is to fill a pitcher when it is empty, and purposed to be filled, with water from the spring well. The damsel was very fair to look upon. I have noticed many come who tell you of their large experiences in the religious world makes them very unattractive and hopeless. A virgin not known of man. See the similar marks in Rev.14, how hopeless people are who have been filled up with the Harlot ways, and interpretation, and we are glad always to find virgin soil to hear the words of life. She went down a very important matter for most people. And filled her pitcher sizes differ, but the going down and filling, and came up to where the servant was (and he was an old man) comparatively speaking. And the servant ran to meet her. Another mark. How glad one is to see those who bear the marks, which the Angel and the Lord have made so clear, as those of the woman, who is to be His bride. Isaac means (laughter), which helps to give us a link with Ps. 2.  He that sitteth shall laugh, quite a test for a proud hearted damsel even in the East. But the best way to reveal the Spirit of those who are the woman, and seen in the willingness to write me, rather than me write them.

And she said, drink my Lord or master, and she hasted no delay, and let down her pitcher where he cld drink. Another nice point, I have noticed in those who bear marks, its easy and refreshing to hear from them, and when done she said I will draw water for thy camels, until they are done drinking. There was willingness to be useful in the whole matter, and all the time, the servant was wondering if this was the answer and this woman to his long anxious journey, and when she had proved her worth, after a good many pitchers full had been given to 30 thirsty camels and men. Then came forth the gifts, Earings, or rather a jewel for the forehead, and 2 bracelets of gold. People often wonder why they don’t get the ear and hands for these things of Omega. But you see the reason, and have seen it in many people. Whose daughter art thou?, a very important question in these days. For she was not to be of the Caananites or wicked, whom we know best by what the Lord said was to happen to them, when the Israelites came into the land.

Is there room in thy fathers house for us to lodge in. You see how important it is that people shd be willing to openly confess where they are and what their quest is. I am daughter to the man of God, and counsel, through the grandaughter of old snorter, and you can apply this very widely and wisely, for most people are snorters, and very little chance for them, apart from the man of God and Counsel from God, which are joined together. We have both straw for beds and provinder to eat, enough room to lodge. And the man bowed down himself, and worshipped the Lord, who had made it all possible by His mercy and truth, for I being in the way (along 600 miles of desert track).

The Lord led me to my masters brothers. This couples up well with Matt.25. And the damsel ran and told these things to her mothers house. Then the brotherly welcome, when he saw the jewels on her forehead, and the bracelets, and heard her story. He said, come in thou blessed of the Lord. The servants only reward, and only for a night, for in the morning the start must be made for Isaac, tho the wise old mother’s plea for 10 days to see if she changed her mind, wilt thou I will go with this man. You can make the most of the rest of it. The whole story is full of heart thrills for any who have salt enough to grasp the heart qualities of the servant and Rebecca and the brother, and the future will declare the greater glory of our going to meet our Isaac, in whom the seed of God is to be known. For only in Christ can there be any hope for anyone.

William Irvine's Letter to John Galloway, Scotland
December 22, 1926

P.O. Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Galloway:

Thanks for yrs of Dec 13, 1926. Its only when we have known a little of God working in us, that we begin to know what flesh means, our own or others, and its always opposed at every turn to all thats of God. I am alone after 33 yrs nearly 34, for I have 2 birthdays in Jany 7th. & 8th., and have not one of my flesh and blood with me these days, tho many of them professed and do profess, and were with me in Alpha days. But Gods way of testing men finds them out & tho they may feel a little uneasy now. It will be a long memory for them to look back, and see how cheaply they sold all that was of God on the earth for mens salvation.

The unrest and mistrust you speak of is only added proof that the days are proving that His words are being fulfilled, and its great joy to my heart to see so many signs everyday and everywhere, that He is true if all men are liars. 2.Tim.3.1-5 is good reading, which was true in the churches, which Paul had formed, and type of what we may expect in the latter or last days of the Gentile age. Lovers of their own selves, Covetous, Boasters, proud, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, (meaning they are halfhearted) and double minded in all they do and say without natural affection, truce breakers, can't keep their own word, false accusers, incontent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, highminded, lovers of pleasure, more than lovers of God, having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof. From such turn away was Pauls advice to Timothy. When he found these marks in those who professed to be Gods people, and so we can apply it to-day, to all who profess His name. Tho we see the general trend everywhere of the same sort.

If you know how many in the whole trouble making set who profess to be Christian, you wld be surprised on both sides. But it shows what the man becomes, who takes the name and trifles with the Spirit of God in his heart, and so becomes possessed by the God of this world, the Devil. The Prince of the Power of the Air, who ruleth in the children of disobedience to the Spirit of God. And since the Spirit of God ceased to strive with men in 1914. You see what a welter it has become, and can only get worse, but out of the death of the old, will come the new, and happy are all they who find no other hope.

In Rev.6 you get much to point to all you see going on as it gives the sevenfold new conditions, which He brot about for the Judgment of all nations. White horse, just means big white selfrighteous flesh, and Red horse, the same only the one who is out for blood, in avenging the wrongs of humanity. Peace was taken from the earth, and you don't need to look long for plenty of proof, of selfrighteousness and red vengeance flesh on every hand, and so you can read the others. But notice they are all working to death, as the whole 7 seals opened point, and when the 7th was opened, the war began, which is given in Rev.8, and since 1914 the whole 7 new conditions have been working for the destruction of the old heaven and old earth. Tho we look on the war as the greatest. Its not that by any means, for the other conditions have not been limited as was the war, tho it was the outcome of the 7 operating, which made the war possible, and the thing we see today.

For the 8 years peace have been even more disastrous to the world than the 4 1/2 yrs war was, and have more of a personal application. And in as you can see Big flesh put first, we can be sure that its the most deadly. We often think the Big red flesh is worse, but only in outward appearance. The real and most unseen cause for trouble is in the white flesh that shoots at anything and has a crown. So that He can Judge anything or person, and he goes conquering and to conquer. This is the imperialism of humanity of today. Bob can give you some pointers on the others. The 3rd horse is Black, and he that sits on him has a pair of scales. To give justice, but it is the justice which ends in death every time, and has produced high cost of living, and food control, for every man is seeking all he can get and nothing to give, and the strong only rob the weak, when its all worked out. The 4th horse shows you what follows death and hell, by sword, hunger, death like the beasts of the earth (wild beasts) but with human bodies.

The 4th (chapter) shows you whats taking place on the earth, and the 5th & 6th shows you God taking a hand in it, and the saints crying for vengeance as those on the earth have been doing. Its when we see the Lord behind the whole world trouble, that we get rest and peace, and see the purpose and objective of it all, the bringing to an end of whats tormenting the whole earth. Devil possessed men in name of God, being the wicked source of all, and God can do nothing to stop them, but let them devour one another, and so make room for the meek to inherit the earth in righteousness, or when He can rule all hearts, which is the only safe condition for man, nation, and universe. Just as selfrighteous, devil possessed men are the source from which all wicked has had its roots in all ages.

I was very pleased to hear that you enjoy going to 56 on Sundays. For I am sure you will be abler to see during the week where men and things are, and the glory which lies ahead for all who have any life or light these days, is greater than we ever expected to see or know on the earth. You can see if you read Ezekiel, who was to be on his side for 390 days bearing the iniquity of Rebellious Israel, and eating cow dung bread. That he did not have to rely on his feelings too much, but rather on the vision and voice, which he had heard. For tho we have comfort, which the world knows nothing of, we also know a little of what our flesh has to suffer, thro the iniquity which we find on every hand. Jesus said iniquity will abound, and the love of many wld wax cold, and we surely have plenty of evidence of this sort on every hand, along with the fearful signs and sights from Heaven. We had 6 horses struck by lightning some killed and some burned at Nazareth this week.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

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