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Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Dave Dempster
January 5, 1930
Box 28, P. O.
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Dempster:

I hope you have a good New Year from His, and our, standpoint.  My birthday coming 7 days after New Year, as His comes 7 days before, has been impressed upon my mind these days, and may help to strengthen the conviction which has often been forced on me through these 68 years, that He had chosen me from the womb, which used to make me wonder in reading Jeremiah and other parts where it says so.  So much Scribe and Pharisee poison we absorbed, that it was difficult to see from this standpoint, for they always put such emphasis on their own good deeds and ancestry that we would be apt to lose sight of His eternal purpose being wrought out from the foundation of the world.  It reflects the more the glory on Him, and adds to our comfort and joy and all who are partakers of His grace and mercy.  This is a side of Theology which Scribes and Pharisees have tried to get at but only to their own destruction, as they always associate it with their goodness and religion; whereas the whole of His seed have borne quite the opposite mark.

The Prodigal Son has always been rather a puzzle to them, and quite contrary to all their practice, and can only be understood in Cain and Abel; as Cain and Abel can be best grasped in the Elder Brother and Prodigal, and Esau and Jacob.  “Jacob I have loved, Esau, I have hated,” and chosen in the womb.  Then, the Least and Little Ones. in contrast to those with perfect hands, feet, and eyes, bear the same marks.  Why the Least and the Little Ones should be what they are, and chose what they choose, in contrast, is very striking.  And it may all help us to see the Father has been preparing a Kingdom from the foundation of the world.

Why did Cain and Abel act as they did?  Esau and Jacob?    Joseph and his brethren?  Prodigal and Elder Brother?  Has there always been two seeds created on the Earth looking forward to the Kingdom of the Meek?  Chosen in Him from the foundation of the world is also a pointer that way.

Then, the 3 parables of Matt. 25 also show the operations on both sides.  Why would some be foolish and some wise; some wicked and slothful, and others good and faithful; some  goats and some sheep, who hear the Voice and His Servant as His brethren, who follow the shepherd and His Servant as His brethren, chosen to enter into the Kingdom prepared?  No doubt in each case, the result of their own deliberate choice.  But why the choice in the 2 different ways, with the same opportunity?

To say the least of it, it shows the wonderful creative power of our own choice, though there may be more behind that we cannot see clearly.  One seed whose only redemption could be by the blood, shed; while the others, have relied on their self-righteousness.

It is rather deep, but He may throw more light on it by and by.  It may only be struggling with old Calvinistic influence.  But the two seeds are so clear and distinct through the book, that one can easily slip into seeing one seed created for the present evil world to rule & Co., and another for that to come.  Many are called; few are chosen.  The last shall be first, and the first last.  The one seed exalters of themselves; the other, the humiliators of themselves.  There can be no doubt but that He has chosen a people from the beginning and fixed, clearly, His purpose and method.  It certainly is a great strength for all who are His to see this, but woe to all others who are left outside.  But it is, also, a fatal blow to all our self-righteousness, and reflects glory on Him for His grace and mercy so fully and freely ours, with all the reproach and cross bearing, which is the negative mark of being His chosen seed.

I don’t want to stir up your Presbyterianism, but it may help and comfort even the weakest, and can never discourage one who really needs help and who is often troubled by their own failures and shortcomings, which only perfect them more or prepare the vessel.  And it is very hard to believe that one of the Elect Seed would ever turn from or lose hope in God.  You can chew on it anyway, Dave, as you pedal about.

I enclose two cuttings, giving some idea of what’s going on,  on the Pacific Coast where the Living Waters used to flow  from my lips long ago.  And where we have only a very few today who can bear our witness.  But the whole facts speak loudly for what would take place in drought conditions, and give us a little light on the why of electricity in our age from water, just as the going to and fro in cars, planes & Co. speaks for these days, and also brings into relief even the results to steam power users.

Nothing but a shut Heaven could ever make men feel their position so terribly hopeless and bring to an end all their wicked devices to carry our escape on the Rock—God, as compared to the sandy foundation of all that is not God.  Our letter may point that way, and be the Meat In Due Season for all who are being prepared to seed the earth in the coming days.

My best love in Him,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Hooes
January 29, 1930
PO Box  28
Jerusalem,  Palestine.

My Dear Walter and Olive;

Xmas and Easter are the 2 days which remind us of Bethlehem birth and the Calvary experience with 33 ½ yrs. between - a generation of suffering such as the world never before or since has seen equaled.

Today many shall be purified, made white and tried, but they shall understand, while the wicked shall do wickedly, but they shall not understand.  Purified means of our own thots & ways, - made white means perfected in forgiveness & mercy to all, men (s) tried is the putting of these things to the test.  Its one thing to hear & witness,- quite another to have the test applied in personal, practical home life- for the benefiting of all who name His name.

People looking on at Joseph, Mary & Jesus today, recognise  the great honor God bestowed but few can understand the suffering which came to them because of this honor.  Your names & home has been much honored  of God these past years.  You can see that looking back very clearly, the Photo being only an indication, for He guides in all things.  Your Xmas tragedy  is only part of the test being applied to all who have been privileged to enter your home & hear Him speak & witness.  Surely the faith, forgiveness & mercy of Joseph was tested as no man ever has had more,- and Mary was either  the best woman in the world or the worst, but Jesus either the most honored or the most dishonored, but see the purifying, making white & trying they had at their 1st Xmas.  Is it not an honor to have had the agony of your present experience,- you can see that its been like Heaven & Hell blending or mixing in your lives experience, See how mercy & forgiveness & your faith has been tested. Failure where your own thots and ways have been allowed to operate, and victory where His thots and ways have ruled in conditions which you would & could not control  But His hand was holding all the time so that what seemed tragedy, should triumph by His mercy, love, & grace, leaving all to wonder, love and praise Him as never before.

Bethlehem & Calvary were very dark days from the outside, but glorious days in revealing God’s grace, mercy & forgiveness on the one hand, and the sure revealing of the hearts of men in their attitude to God, His purpose & plan & man then.  And the longer you live, the more will you see & value all your past & present experience and thank Him that you were made the objects of His mercy, and the instruments for the perfecting of all who have ears to hear, revealing all that we can be in Adam, and all we can be in Christ by His anointing, and the discipline & results in yourselves will only make His grace, mercy and forgiveness the true Hall mark of all who are His.

He never tests beyond what we can bear and you will be the abler and willing to bear witness to all men that love, mercy and forgiveness conquers all His and our enemies, because it brings God on our part, as surely as violation of mercy, love and forgiveness opens the door for the Devil, all his words, works & Brood who feed on the Devil’s devourings (sic) as a roaring Lion going about looking for victims to devour.

Every violation of the plain conditions laid down for the little ones can only end in suffering to us, as every violation of our witness spells trouble for all who offend, despise or refuse your witness.

If you could see what sorts of people will come to Jerusalem as the 144,000 you would not wonder at the discipline from His hand which will control all, and keep them in fear of trespassing on each other in any way.

The Lion & Lamb will lie down together (Isa.65) The wolf and lamb shall feed together, the lion shall eat straw like a bullock, and dust shall be the Serpents meat.  They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain. Isa.11: 6,7,8,9, you can read whats said of the man, the branch & rod out of the stem of Jesse, or David of today.

And what discipline for wolf, leopard, lion, bear,- to make it possible for them to treat the Lamb, Kid, cow, sucking child & asp.  This gives you some idea of the control which will cure the wildest of our nature’s sons.

People often wonder how it’s possible for bad & good to be gathered into the Kingdom, but under new conditions & sterner control and this is what we have to learn; for it will be part of our work to give justice to all, notice Vs. 3,4,5; so the very wildest will be tamed or die off as wicked, and the weakest will be protected from the strongest, so that what we find in Matt. 18: will be extended into the new Heaven and new earth.  If people will not forgive from the heart every man his brother he will die off, and make that the law of life.  He will smite the earth with the rod of His mouth, and with the breath of His lips shall  He slay the wicked.  Read the conditions laid down in the parable laid down in Matt. 18: and you will be able to grasp what danger there is for anyone who in place of  forgiveness seeks for vengeance on his brother.  So there is a double incentive 1st. God will not measure us by our faults if we from the heart forgive.  If we don’t & accuse & use violence then violence will be our portion and no escape, and that during the 1000 years.  This is what makes sure there will be peace & no war, for the man who develops wickedness will die off, So everything is well attended to for the great gathering.

My best love to both and all others.

Wm. Irvine 

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to:  Anna Edwards
February 13, 1930

My dear Anna:

Thanks for yours 10/1/1930.  You are now 13 and this is the 13 of February, 1930.  It’s quite wonderful that I should be getting a letter from you, which proves that you have been using your time wisely and well and now in the 8th grade, and you can’t do better than write letters in practical form such as yours is.  This is using the tools you have been given to build with.  You may think you are quite unimportant in the world’s eyes, but when we read the Book, we find quite a number of people who were shaping to become very useful and valuable in God’s eyes, and now are remembered and spoken of more than Kings and Rulers of their time.  I was at Jordan Valley on Sunday along with other 5 people and we saw the pool of Elisha, where Naaman, the great Syrian general, dipped 7 times and was freed from his leprosy and finds a place in God’s record today, and where 1000’s visit because of this fact being associated with the pool, but this story would never have been written in the Book, had not there been a little captive maid who was stolen away from Palestine and was slave in the house of the great man, and not more in years probably than you are now.  But she knew about a prophet in Palestine, whom God honored when others obeyed what He told them, and when she saw her mistress weeping over her husband’s sickness, she told them of the prophet – not the priests nor the prophets of Baal – only one man in Israel she remembered, which showed her parents had taught her to believe and honor the man whom God honored, though the world knew him not.  And so the little nameless slave maid is remembered today because she remembered the prophet and God, and you can be quite sure that your simple witness to others will not be forgotten as you see the whole world of great people smitten with wickedness, which leprosy is but the type.

Wickedness begins like leprosy in a white spot on forehead or hand, and eats its way till the whole body or members are destroyed and abominable to God, as leprosy is abominable to man.  The white spot on the forehead is being made to think we are better than others; on the hand, it’s people are being made to think more of their own works than they should and so they become superior and high minded, high handed and high hearted towards others, and such are excluded from God’s presence and fellowship, as the leper was not allowed to worship with others and had always to keep clean of roads and on the lee side when people were passing.  You can see how the great man was offended in Elisha not coming out to make a fuss in receiving him and sending his servant to tell him to wash in  the dirty Jordan, (for such it usually is, even today) compared to the clear water of the River of Damascus.  He was prepared to pay a great price or do a great thing, but to humble himself and obey God through the prophet was a great test, and after advice from one of his own slaves, he obeyed.  And when he came the 7th time; his flesh became as the flesh of a little child, or as one who is one of the little ones today, who surround the Least who is the prophet.  There were many lepers in Israel at that time, but none of them were cleansed – being too high minded and unwilling to believe in the prophet, and because their confidence was in traditions of men and the fake prophets – their thoughts and ways.  And so they perished of an incurable disease as men perish today in their pride and iniquity.  Read and master all the simple outline of the story and it will become a guide to you in all your future life and witness, and encourage you to believe that God will honor the very weakest attempt to get people to turn in their great need to God - whether through His prophet in Israel (of today) simple words, and even being encouraged to obey by his own slave servant who knew nothing of God or the prophet but was free from the pride which controlled his master.  And Jesus takes just as much stock in your witness as He did in that of the little captive maid who made the story possible.

My best wishes and love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.  You may copy and send.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  George Linn
March 8 or August 3, 1930

My dear Geo. and  Family;

Thanks for yours and all its good news.  The first thing that strikes one is how little Mr. Mc. and Mr. M. have for their long years of their own thots and ways, and how black and dark their outlook now and always and they are but two good samples, and them our “townies” are also a good sample of the difference.   I had a letter from Mrs. Hardie, and replied in a friendly and kind way and advised her to take all the guidance and help she can from McClaren and you.  For there is no other hope for any on the earth but to hear and obey what comes, not from Him on the Cross; which people can misapply  any way they like, but from Him who is now seated at the right hand of power, and coming in the clouds of Heaven as Judge of all men.

These are but samples of the whole world and now that we are into the last 7 years of the 2 years of the great and dreadful day of  the Lord, 23 can deal all the more surely and effectively with the most deluded of all the “Rapture people”  who hold the truth without the Love of the Truth, which is the test for all who profess to have His Spirit, and always revealed most clearly in their love for the Scribe and Pharisee element and their hatred of the sinner, for the Spirit in us can never make us different from what He was to the sinner and the Pharisee.  So their delusion is plain and perfect to all who know the difference and no other can expect to know.

Mrs. Noble, in Santa Ana, asked me what “idle words” mean and only now can I see through your own sorrow and/ suffering of many others which has been hard to understand, knowing that those who have witnessed most clearly  and Loyally have suffered most; and this has been forced home on me recently by Mrs. Pettys operation which was as near a shave as could be expected to recover.  The results of having  suffered many years from ulceration of the stomach and  the violent fight to avoid an operation till her stomach burst, and lodged the contents for days into the abdomen before it was recognized.  She is out of danger and coming at the time when I was writing on Lazarus, Martha, and Mary, and  the death and rising of Lazarus all help to focus my thots on the way of this, and the answer is in the drawing out the idle words by which men will be condemned and  the words by which men will be justified.

You can see how Lazarus’ sickness and death was the key to unlock many words both idle and the other, and led to the riding into Jerusalem on the asses with the Hosannas of the common people and the idle words of the Scribes and the Pharisees and the Politicals.  You know how the idle words of your enemies were many in your own case, and this has been marked in quite a number of others in Santa Ana in quite a number of queer ways which did not disturb me, but were hard to understand; but now add very much to my joy when I see how many different ways He has drawn out the idle words from those who had heard but were quite glad to find some excuse for doubting the value of the witness and the people who bear it.  The latest case in Santa Ana is one of the men who got into a fist fight and dislocated a man’s jaw and was put in jail with 100 others in a cell to whom he bore witness for two nights until bailed out on $500 bond by two neighbors with property

It was over a dead calf that was smelling near his home.   Some others got into trouble in their car and had been drinking and one got 3 months sentence, and in both cases their family has been very heartily giving the Message and still do.  There may be the element of needed discipline, but I regard it as more as the producing of idle words for it will double witness against all who have heard and rejected and also in their idle words flowing freely, for every word that men shall speak, they shall give account in the day of Judgment, for by thy words thou shalt be condemned, and by thy words thou shalt be justified, and so you can see its a profound test both to the witness and to those who have heard.

We have had plenty of bidding on the one hand to encourage, but I look on this as being directly for these days we are entering now, when the two thieves and robbers are on their way to Calvary bearing  their cross from 11 A.M. till 12 noon, when they were crucified and uplifted which is type for the whole world either to become convinced  as did  the thief on the right hand, or to be revealed in their  idle words as was the thief on the left hand side.

You can see there can only be two ways of it in tribulation 1st. year.   Either to be bearing our cross on the way to Calvary or bearing His witness from the Throne where He sits.   We must either be like the scattered Disciples and the women who were with Him; either under the clouds of wrath, or with Him in the Light of His Throne & presence & fellowship & this is the Key to the whole Message of Revelation.

You get a good contrast in the wailing women following the two thieves & robbers and His words to them which are for these days we are 4 days into; and the women and scattered disciples on the earth today whose feet are as it were on a sea of glass, singing the Song of Moses and the Lamb.  You get a very good contrast in Revelation, 19th. chapter, 1st. half and second half, showing the rejoicing of the one and the terrible tragedy of the whore.

You will have got from other letters details of the hours of His suffering as being guide to reading the 24 years which we are entering the 17 year, or the hour from 11 to 12 when they were on their way to Calvary, so I won’t burden you with that.

U.S.A. papers say that wheat has fallen in price 49% or from $1.40 to 80 ( ), & cotton from 20( ) per lb. since Hoovers nomination in June 1923, and you can be quite safe in saying that the wealth of the business world had suffered 40% all over.

A shipping Co. Director said that 7 million tons of wheat less had crossed the Atlantic this year than other years.  Argentina alone being short 3 1/2  million tons  in her export, and the fact that Governments are trying to save wheat, cotton, wool, rubber and oil prices shows how wide spread is the disease or calamity, and only now are the people beginning to feel the weigh of these things and all their attempts to save the sinking ship seems to aggravate matters, such as the effect of tariff walls, subsidies for the various articles, or the farm board methods in U. S. A. which are being copied in other countries.

So by the 4th. Aug. 1931, we will see people where they will not know what to do or where to go to escape, and Mother behold thy Son, and Son behold thy Mother, and John took her to his own home, will become our chiefest joy and hope and comfort.

My love in Him to all there,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
March 14, 1930
P.O. Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for yours 16/2/30. Glad you are finding it good to be there. Whatever will be helpful to Olive and Walter and family is all right. They have both been very hearty and loyal in every sense, and nothing can give me greater joy than to know that their joy is full and their health and happiness perfect and that you or I could be useful to them toward this end for it pleases Him that we should all enjoy His fullest mercy; when the world is tasting His wrath.

You may have seen my reading of Matthew 24 regarding the ruler over His household being made Son of Man to rule over all His goods, which makes it all the more easy and simple to read the whole of your experience and mine into the Book. And the highest He could give us is to become of similar reputation in all things to that He and His Mother bore and His Disciples shared; which is the true meaning of Least and little ones, and you know how hard was the battle in getting us into condition and position where we could be a true test to all men who hear. To be made samples of His Grace and mercy - covering the needs of all men on the Earth, is a powerful witness to His Almighty power, love and grace.

To be born of a Virgin is the master stoke of eternal wisdom - to reveal the hearts of men, religious, educated and political, and we could not be His test today for all such on the Earth short of being regarded and blackguarded as He, Mary and Joseph were, and all His true Disciples had to share in the no reputation and shame of it all. You will find all they said, thought and did to Him is the Key to what He says, thinks and does to the whole religious, educated and political world of today - Babylon.

They said He was a bastard and His mother worse than a harlot, is the Key to reading what He says in Revelation 17 and 18, and all through the Book this runs. Him taking vengeance and using the very same language, and treating them as they treated Him. They said He was mad and had a devil, why hear Him. Revelation 18 shows them a habitation of devils; a hold of every foul spirit; a cage for every unclean and hateful bird. They said He cast out devils by Beelzebub - the God of filth, which is the origin of the phrase Bull-shit, or bull to be polite. They said He was a wine bibber and gluttenous man, so you have seen prohibition operation all over the world.

Religious and political influence everywhere - such is White Horse righteousness, as Bolshi is Red to resist them. The war they made on Him, He has been making on them. They sent out witnesses to watch & bear false witness to Him - such fills the world today, for the Russia, China, India, U.S.A. and every other, men spy on each other as never before, and are paid for it, and no end of deaths as the outcome - even as it did to Him.

They shut the door on Him and His, and made Him homeless on Mount of Transfiguration, and without money or feed to pay taxes. Is it not very clear why so many have been made homeless, feedless, moneyless, and unable to pay their taxes? They said He was the friend of publicans and sinners, such He creates by going to and fro, and increase in knowledge; turning men from their traditions of their fathers, -by car, cinema, talkie, radio, etc. They said He was a heretic., is it not very clear how many are heretics today? They said He blasphemed; are they not on the increase everywhere? They said He was a mover of sedition; is this not manifest everywhere? They said God did not hear Him - being a sinner. Is there many being heard today? They cried away with this fellow from the Earth, after a mock trial. Is it not being done in every corner of the Earth?

They laughed at Him. Is He not laughing at them, and are men in high places not being made a laughing stock before the world? They said He was destroying the people and must die. Is there no signs of destruction on the Earth? You will find this line of truth very helpful in reading Revelation and the signs of the times, and helps us to read all He said during His last week, when He spoke and looked forward to the day of vengeance of our God and the Lamb, and you can better understand His tender mercies to all who will hear, from reading the care He had for His Disciples, which makes it all prophetic of our day and generation. And you can the better grasp the ten appearing after His resurrection as specially for our comfort in these days, including the meal with the seven at Lake of Galilee, and the going up.

I enclose photo taken in the center of the wilderness created 3500 years; when Abram and Lot were His mouthpiece to the two great Cities of the plains, and where He will feed the Woman and the 144,000 when their time comes to flee into the wilderness, for Jordan Valley has always been the Prophets' paradise, as Jerusalem has been their prison house and Hell. Zechariah 14 shows you the wilderness becoming a Garden and the Dead Sea a place of fish, by the splitting of Mount of Olives and its waters flowing out when the world is famished, - fulfilling Isaiah 35.

My best love to all there, and His richest blessing,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Roscoe and wife
March 18, 1930

P.O. Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Roscoe and wife:

Thanks for your 2 letters. What I want to know is, if you had been the thief and murderer on Jesus right hand when He was crucified, would He have said to you, "Today shalt thou be with me in Paradise" -because you have confessed me before men - when other people were crying - "Away with Him", and mocking Him. If Jesus died for the sins of all men, who can lay them at our door when we take shelter under His wings by confessing Him before His and our enemies. If you had gone to the Priests then, who were as they are now, bluffers all of them - they would have said, "You must go and be put to death for your sins". Jesus knows all you ever did or could do, and speaks in mercy, love and grace to you as to me, and all who hear, will not only find what they need to cover the past, but also for present and future, which will become worse for all men and no hope or help if they despise His offers of mercy to all who will hear and witness in obedience to Him.

Jesus said that in these last days the publicans and harlots would press into the Kingdom, while the "so-called" children of the Kingdom would be cast out. You can see the one thief joining with the crowd who jeered at the Bastard being put to death as a pretender, heretic, blasphemer and mover of sedition. The other one said - "We indeed suffer justly, but this man has done nothing amiss", and said - Lord remember me when thou comest into thy Kingdom, or Kingship, and all men are today either on the right hand side or the left hand side, - either for or against Him, and now He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, and taking vengeance on all men who are the same as those who crucified Him. All they said of Him, He now says of them, and all they did to Him, He is now doing to them.

Read Rev. 17 and 18; and see how it covers the whole Religious and Political people on the earth. Joseph and Mary went to be taxed, and now you see the whole world plagued with taxing officers of all kinds. This is His judgment on the world and a sample whereby you can understand all you see going on. Capital and labour is only another of His vengeance stunts to make men set up and take notice that He is master and Lord of all men, and can do as He chooses and neither one or other escape.

There is just as much villainy on the side of Labour as on Capital side, for men forget that He said from the beginning to Adam, -"Ye shall earn your bread in the sweat of thy face; just as most labour would do it in the sweat of some other mans face; just as Capital does. They all want more money and less labour. So dont be bluffed by either one side or the other, but put your confidence in Him and He will deal with all, and give you a square deal when they all get theirs in the neck.

It wont matter much whether you are a labourer or capitalist, when drought is on the face of the whole earth for 3 1/2 years. You will need to find His place in the Wilderness where He has commanded to feed them there, as He has commanded to starve all others. We dont know these things by what we think or hear around us, but from my reading of what He speaks today from the Throne as in Rev. 22. So wake up and buck up and find His O.K. rather than wait for His K.O. as most people are doing, for He will convince all men till they say- "The great day of His wrath has come, and who shall be able to stand". Rev. VI: last verse.

Best love to you,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. They said Jesus was mad and hath a Devil why hear we him, so now they are all mad and have a Devil, as you can read in Rev. 18: 2, or if you meet or can reach any of them - Jew, Gentile, don't be slow to tell them. Never mind if they think you are as big a fool as Jesus was in the eyes of the whole wise, wicked people then or now. W.I.

Its not what Hoover or the Pope may say, but what Jesus says that counts in the whole world today; and I'm only His Servant to make it plain to all who will hear and obey, that they may taste and see that the Lord is gracious as most others are grievous.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Cornett - This maybe should be Corbett???
March 18, 1930
P.O. Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Cornett,

Thanks for yours.  Write all the insurance you can to earn your bread.  There are a world full of people who have no hope but insurance, but it will end in smoke, for people can’t eat money and the day is at hand when God will save no man.  But God can, and will, give all a bite, when the others are dying like flies.  So you have a double insurance to offer men, and don’t attend to the one and forget the other, whose promise is greater and surer than all the insurance companies in the world.  And your position leaves no room to quibble about the matter, for if you represent only the New York promisers and neglect the other, you will get His answer either way; and not one exception on the face of the whole.

He came as the mouthpiece of God to men; and coming by a virgin, they said He was a bastard, and kept it up for 33 ½ years.  His mother, being looked upon as worse than a harlot in seeking to cover her fornications by lies in the name of God.  No respectable, responsible, educated, religious or Political people ever had any ear or face for them; but such as did, got all the blessing God hand then, and offers now.  Read Revelation 17 & 18 and you can see that the very things they said and did to Him and His, He says now of them.  And only woe and death for every seed of them.

You would think it strange that He would choose one man and mouth by which to give His offer of mercy, but that’s needed at the end to match what was at the beginning.  So my job is to read to all who will hear, what He has given us in the Book, and now giving understanding of, by His Spirit, to all who will honestly hear, obey, and witness.

So you can read up all the woes in the Book and the Blessed of the Book, and choose for yourself.  And He will give you exactly what He sees your heart worthy of.  And you can bear the same witness to all men.  Never mind  how big a fool you may seem to men, or what they do, to you or say.  He will honor you the more men dishonor you, for honoring His words of warning to a world doomed and passing.

My best love in Him,

William Irvine 

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to:   Richmond
March 20, 1930

My dear Richmonds:

Thanks for yours.  Children’s troubles are common.  The younger things are the more liable to be attacked by the fruits of all men’s iniquity in Body, Soul and Spirit.  The iniquities of the fathers are visited on the children; in other words, what we are, is transmitted to them.  But He shows mercy to thousands of them that love Him and show it by their ears and obedience to Him or those through whom He makes Himself known.  As children reveal the parents, so we as His, reveal our relationship, it does not run in the blood, but in all who like Abram, have ears to hear and obey voluntarily what He says.

This is the day of vengeance of our God and His Son, and all who fail to get mercy will suffer according to their heart attitude to Him, and there is no escape – one or any.

Jesus in Rev. 1 is equipped for this great work, in contrast to the Gospel Jesus.

The fact that you don’t even have a Bible to read is against you, so get one and make no mistake in using according to the help you have received, and share in the blessing, and you will find Him as much interested in you, as you are in Him and His.  There is no compromise in the matter.  “One shall be taken, the other left,” shows it’s a personal matter, no matter how associated.  Read Matt. 24 and see the facts clearly stated by a man who feared not death in revealing the mind of God for these days, but who was regarded as a Bastard and treated as such by the whole social set, religious and political world.  And so now is King of Kings and Lord of Lords, giving all men their just reward.  So you don’t need to fear but in failing to appreciate your privileges.

The Bible is not a religious book, but rather the only Book which shows us that the religious people have always been the enemies of God and Man, and all who were His witnesses were hated, persecuted, and many of them killed.  But the Book is of no value apart from the Spirit of God to give us understanding of what He witnesses to by His Sons and Servants.

There are no religious people in Heaven.  Hell is where they all find out they were all always wrong and the wisest and holiest the most so.  Read and get to understand Rev. 17 and 18 and you have plenty of warning and proof of the whole world fabric and what awaits them.

People who reject God and the Bible because of the misuse made of His name and Book, don’t fight against the God of Heaven or men spy on each other as never before, and are paid for it, and no end of deaths as the outcome – even as it did to Him.

They shut the door on Him and His, and made Him homeless on Mount of Transfiguration, and without money or food to pay taxes.  Is it not very clear why so many have been made homeless, foodless, moneyless, and unable to pay their taxes?  They said He was the friend of publicans and sinners, such He creates by going to and fro, and increase in knowledge; turning men from the traditions of their fathers – by car, cinema, talkie, radio, etc.  They said He was a heretic; is it not very clear how many are heretics today?  They said He blasphemed; are they not on the increase everywhere?  They said He was a mover of sedition; is this not manifest everywhere?  They said God did not hear Him – being a sinner.  Is there many being heard today?  They cried away with this fellow from the Earth, after a mock trial.  Is it not being done in every corner of the Earth?

They laughed at Him.  Is He not laughing at them, and are men in high places not being made a laughing stock before the world?  They said He was destroying the people and must die.  Is there no signs of such destruction on the Earth?  You will find this line of truth very helpful in reading Revelation and the signs of the times, and helps us to read all He said during His last week, when He spoke and looked forward to the day of vengeance of our God and the Lamb, and you can the better understand His tender mercies to all who will hear, from reading the care He had for His Disciples, which makes it all prophetic of our day and generation.  And you can the better grasp the 10 appearing after His resurrection as specially for our comfort in these days, including the meal with the 7 at Lake of Galilee, and the going up.

I enclose photo taken in the center of the wilderness created 3500 years; when Abram and Lot were His mouthpiece to the two great cities of the plains, and where He will feed the Woman and 144,000 when their time comes to flee into the wilderness, for Jordan Valley has always been the Prophets paradise, as Jerusalem has been their prison house and Hell.  Zechariah 14 shows you the wilderness becoming a Garden and the Dead Sea a place of fish, by the splitting of Mt. of Olives and its waters flowing out when the world is finished – fulfilling Isaiah 35.

My best love to all there, and His richest blessing,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Mother and Daughter Hess
March 24, 1930

P.O. Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Mother & Daughter: (Hess)

Thanks for yours 7/3/30. Its good you have met Dr. Abbott, & I hope you have been able to grasp the foundation of the whole. Rev. is a programme for the judgment of the Nations, God gave it to Jesus, and Jesus sent it by His Angel to John, & he wrote for the time when it was to be fulfilled & Blessed is he that Readeth & they that hear the words & keep them of this prophecy, for the TIME IS AT HAND, Rev. 1:1-3.

This was quite impossible for anyone to understand, till the time was "at hand", & the Reader given understanding to read it to those who would hear & witness it to others, which is the test of obedience, & all who do will find the spirit give them understanding & utterance, and so assure them of His promises, which are scattered thru the whole Book, to cover all our PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE needs. You can see how different Jesus appears to John, from what he had known Him to be when on earth, for He is revealed as Alpha & Omega. Alpha, meaning He is still the same to all who hear, as He was to His disciples, but as Omega He is equipped to deal with all His enemies today, who bear the same marks, as His enemies did, when He was here amongst men, on the earth....

The Reader is to be Servant of Jesus, & Prophet of God, for these days, & the Living Waters from his lips or pen, is the pure River of Water of Life of Rev.22: & you can see how Jesus witnesses to its value, & danger of trifling with it, in adding to or taking from, & all who are His will gladly say, "even so come Lord Jesus" as you have revealed in the Book of Rev., & made plain by your Reader & Servant. In Isa. 61: you see both the Alpha Master, & also the Servant of Jesus as Omega; vs. 2 shows Jesus proclaiming the acceptable Year of our Lord, & began His Witness by reading these words, but you can also see today the day of vengeance of our God, & to comfort all who mourn. Vengeance means an eye for an eye, & a tooth for a tooth; in other words, all that the Social, Educated, Religious & political world were to Him & His Mother & Joseph, He will visit on them who bear the same marks today on the whole earth.

This began in 1914, & explains the why of things during the last 15 years everything that made them suffer, is now in operation on the earth. Caesar had commanded all the world to be taxed, and you can see the whole world groaning under taxation of every kind. Joseph & Mary had to take 3 day journey to Bethlehem under very trying circumstances, so you see how many are made to suffer in similar ways, tho by varied means during the past 15 years, thru obedience & compulsion of the Rulers of today; there was no room in the Inn, tho Mary was the most honoured of God women in the worlds history; you can see what the Romans, Jews, and Greeks in their power, religion & education were to them revealing their heart condition towards God & humanity.

See how terribly the world has had to suffer these past 15 years, in the very same way, all over the world, by war famine, pestilence, quakes & acts of God in nature. Every department of human life has been put under officials, till its made the world groan &sigh. The sneering, leering of the officers as they made Joseph under demand tell who is this woman and child, & what is your relationship to them; and they registered Jesus as a Bastard, & His Mother a low deceitful lying woman, & Joseph a fool, and so we have had similar condition for both men & women during the past years, & most trying to ordinary common people, who have no redress or means of escape.

This bad reputation followed Jesus all His life, and brought about His death: so you can be sure these conditions will get worse till the whole world has tasted what they gave to Him & His, & we get a little share of it in being His Servant & disciple, but those who gave us to taste their scorn & reproach find it a very dangerous thing. To offend one of these little ones that believe in me, means a millstone around the neck, & deep waters to be drawn in. To despise one such is to have the anger of God the Father visited upon them by angel ministry. To reject them & their message is to be bound in whatever way He chooses, & according to their heart and lip to us & Him. I give these few sample so that you may be the abler to see that all they said and did to Him, He is now returning to them who bear the same marks. This is OMEGA WRATH of God & the Lamb, & you can read the papers daily & see how it is being accomplished. There is no escape for any person on the earth, but in being willing to hear & obey His Message; read by my spirit -given- understanding.

To become my disciple, is to become one of His disciples, & you can see how it changes from wrath to mercy automatically. Jesus is Alpha to all who hear , & Omega avenger to all who refuse to hear, & what people are to me, they are to Him, & vice versa. ( Matt. 25: 40-45) In as much as ye did it, or did it not to One of the least of my Brethren, ye did it or did it not to me, are Jesus' words.. & so men are blessed in hearing & being one with the Servant, & cursed in turning their backs & ears on him. You can see what He thinks of the whole religious & political world, READ Rev. 17: They said He was Bastard & and His Mother Harlot. This is His answer to all such people today.

They said He was mad & had a Devil, and so you can see what He says about such in Rev. 18: 2-3. He says they are habitation of Devils, & hold of every foul & unclean Spirit, a cage of every unclean & hateful bird; so come out of her my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, & so get the plagues, which vengeance demands on them. From these thoughts you can read much of the Book, & understand whats reported daily in the papers. You will find all His fullest & richest Blessings come your way, thru hearing and confessing these things to others. Isa. 55: is useful to read.

My love to both, yours very truly,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine’s Letter To:   Dunbars
March 24, 1930
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

Thanks for yours.  It’s good to have a shout of victory, when one is accustomed to hear only wailings.  I live on the road to 3 cemeteries, so I am well acquainted with what wailing means by hearing 3 different kinds of it all the time.  And by every post, I hear it in a variety; and by the local and all other papers.  So why should I not read Revelation 1:7 in the light of that, as the leaps and bounds of the Bridegroom coming for His Bride, as in the last chapter of Song of Solomon, and which has been so fully elaborated in Revelation and through the whole Book scattered, and in the past 15-½  years fulfilled.

"Clouds" is a very big word, for in no two seasons or parts of the world are clouds the same and always changing and hard to read, though enough is known to point to fair or foul weather.  Jesus said to the Pharisees, "Ye can discern the signs of the weather, but can’t read the signs of the Son of Man’s presence.  There shall be no sign given you but, as Jonah was 3 days and 3 nights in the belly of the Whale, so shall the Son of Man be 3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the Earth."

Matthew 16 is good to read.  They were looking for a sign which they could recognize, similar to the signs they each recognized, or a repetition of the signs such as they were on the dead prophet’s lives, Moses, Elijah & Co.  The wicked and adulterous generation always seek after something they can see, rather than have ears to hear God speaking and be guided to see God working.

Matthew 12:39-42, the men of Ninevah shall rise in judgment against you, for they repented at the preaching, or witness of Jonas, and the Queen of Sheba came from the ends of the Earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon she had heard about.  Then, 43 to 45 show how the Devil deceives Scribes and Pharisees—hypocrites by going out of them as an unclean spirit and coming to dwell in the clean house in his 7-fold power.  Then, notice the mark of those who are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh—they that hear and keep, or do, the will of My Father, which is in Heaven.  John 15:14, "Ye are my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you," which helps you to understand the value of the Witness, Leader, and Commander.

You can see the Ninevites did not trouble about how Jonah got there, but obeyed his voice.  If they, the Ninevites, had taken up with the fishy smell of the man who had been compelled to come by the Whale, they might have missed the man, message and voice and so perished.  But they heard the man, message and voice and obeyed it; and Jesus had fishier smell by his birth, and upbringing, and reputation than Jonah could have, for it was to lead Him to His death on the cross.

Queen of Sheba was not attracted by what she saw, but by what she heard of the wisdom of Solomon through his having chosen a hearing heart in preference to all other honor offered him by God, and which Jesus had in pre-eminence.  And so my Jonah experience is being given the Message and compelled to get the place and condition where I would give it, and the final ending in the death of the 2 Witnesses is all in line with that.  And the Queen of Sheba is but a type of the Woman who will come as the Bride to see and share in the honor of the Bridegroom of Revelation 21.

You will notice that Matthew 12 deals with blaspheming against the Holy Ghost.  And note verses 31-37, it’s for our day more than for any other.  Every idle word men shall speak in blasphemy, he shall give account in the Day of Judgment.  "For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."  So you see how much depends on what comes out of our own mouths regarding the Man, Message and Voice.

So you can read over these 2 chapters, Matthew 12 and 16.  They may be useful to you, and more so, as the wailing increases.  You can see that Jesus and the Reader are to be sealed at the end, not at the beginning, when people might have been impressed by what had happened, so feeding their wicked eyes and hearts.  So it’s hid from all but those who have ears to hear and heart to obey God, which is faith of God.  And you can be sure everyone will get according to their faith.  You can see what a snare it is when people want the rewards of faith, rather than the faith which brings the reward.  But the hearing ear and understanding heart is the great foundation for all God ever promised or gave to men in every age, and all that would hinder this, is only the test of our faith.  So let everyone beware of anything which would hinder hearing, believing and obeying the Voice, Man and Message, which brings them into Revelation 1:3-6, for there is only 1:7 left with its clouds and wailing.

My best love in Him,

William Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Miss Heap, England
March 26, 1930

No address.

My dear Heap:

Ivor Everitt sent me on your 2 letters which betray sincerity of the same quality as brought Nicodemus to Jesus by night for his position and condition made it dangerous to identify himself in the slightest way with Jesus, who thro being born of a virgin as a sign to reveal the Social, Educational, Religious and Political world heart condition. He was labeled Bastard and His mother worse than a harlot and so taboo as the Son and Servant of God to all who were looked upon as trustworthy.

Which God did they worship and serve and what Spirit did they have to lead , guide and reward them in their attempts to read the words of the true God and His servants? The God of this world has always been the Devil - whose activities have been centered in and expressed by the whole religious world of all ages, and never so more clearly than now, as you can see from reading what God and Jesus say for today in Rev. XVII and XVIII. Which God controlled the Sons of God and daughters of men in Noah's day? Was it the same God that revealed to Noah and spake warning words by Him which they would not hear, but only mocked till the flood came and took them all away - which God was worshipped in Sodom? which caused them to reject and despise - the God of Heaven speaking and witnessing thro Abram and Lot.

The Dead Sea and its wilderness around it for past 3500 years is a warning to men, and Jesus coupled up Noah and Lots days in warning for these days, when the Son of Man is to be witness to the whole world, and Reader of Revelation to them as it is being fulfilled, as in Noah's and Lot's day, so today people go on listening to a world full of false prophets and teachers never dreaming that God would fulfill His promise and give them a man to make plain what His programme is for the last days, when in vengeance He will destroy from off the earth everything wicked.

Wicked men have always been revealed in the same way by their attitude to His anointed servants of any age. Abel, Noah, Abram, Moses, Elijah, Isaiah, Jesus and the apostles and we have plenty of evidence of the awful Judgments which resulted from their rejection.

You say many ways lead to Jerusalem and such is true. But Jerusalem or Babylon the Great, Mother of Harlots and all abominations of the earth is a Mystery. Jesus wept over Jerusalem and after giving the sure marks to be found on all such as in Matt. 23, your house is left to you desolate - no God in the whole religious world, and ye shall not see me (Jesus) again till Ye say - Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord. This is not for Jesus - but His servant whom He said would send before the great and dreadful day of the Lord's vengeance - where He gives an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, all they ever said or did to Him is being meted out to the whole Social - Educational, Religious and Political world, and we have 15 years of it with dreadful results over the whole earth and now waiting for the greater which will convince all men the great day of His wrath has come and who shall be able to stand.

Distress marks all the nations today to waken such as can be and create thirst for living waters of Rev. XXII which no man can trifle with and escape.

The God of this world has always been very charitable to his own, but very much the opposite to all whom God ever sent to give men a chance of escape from world wide arms of the Devil. All men are religious more or less, this marks them off from the animal creation. But only such as hear the voice of the Lord God which never dwelt in the Garden of men's religion and is still the voice calling men out of Babylon or Jerusalem, "Come out of her my people and be not partaker of her sins." " That ye receive not of her Plagues. Babylon has fallen and become the habitation of Devils, and a hold of every foul Spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird", and the whole earth is drinking today the wine of the wrath of her Fornication.

This is the message of the angel sent from Heaven to warn men. So don't feel annoyed if it disturbs your slumber, and tries to take you from your garden and nest before He destroys in vengeance all men found in the condition men were found in when they regarded Him as a Bastard and His mother worse than a harlot for 33 1/2 years and finally killed Him according to their reading of the scriptures. Matt. 24, wars and rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, quakes and all kinds of natural violence has been only giving men His vengeance for what Mary and Joseph and Jesus had to suffer at their hands. So wake up and give ear to God in record given and the witness borne and the signs of the times being fulfilled before your eyes every day.

Jesus went to the wilderness for 40 days - not to the synagogue or temple or Jerusalem. John the Baptist was the voice crying in the wilderness, prepare ye the way of the Lord and you can see what a snare it is for men to try and imitate these things in the garden hiding amongst the trees in their fig leaf righteousness.

Elijah was in the wilderness and God was with him and in him not the 850 prophets sitting at the Kings table. Moses was a man of the wilderness enduring as seeing Him who is invisible before he could be any use to deliver men from the Bondage of religious and Political Egypt which was but a type of the present world conditions. To read and try to understand the words of the prophets in the religious atmosphere of any age has been fatal and never more so than today. Let us go forth unto Him without the camp - bearing His reproach. All the true seed of God and His prophets have been anti-religious as all Belial seed and false prophets have been pro religious and all their outward righteousness, but the means of making them shut their eyes and ears to the God of Heaven in Mercy and warning.

There are no religious people in Heaven. For it's their multitude and variety of iniquity and hypocrisy which makes the torment of Hell possible. I don't write these things to grieve you but because of your seeming sincerity.

My love to you in Babylon from outside the camp, with the Family of God.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Kims
March 27, 1930

My dear Kims:

Thanks for yours and Laura’s.  The air is full of groans these days from unemployment, and heavy taxation, and general interference with people’s liberty in many different forms.  All the answer of God, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost in vengeance for all the social, Scribe, Pharisee, and political world did to them in Alpha Days, when He came, born of a virgin in a stable, cradled in a manger.

You can see Pilate, Herod and Caesar all mentioned in His life story; and all His enemies from birth to death.  And so you see how much the Kings and Rulers of the Earth have suffered these past years since 1914.  You can see the Scribes and Pharisees also suffering in the going to and fro of men on the Earth by all sorts of means and the increase of knowledge, which has caused the people to lose confidence in the claims and traditions, so freeing them from bondage, and breaking their power, and leaving the people free in the highways, both of tradition and from self-righteousness, which is the greatest hindrance.

You find more people every day who are like the Publican and Sinner, with no pretense to religion or confidence in any such people.  And some are thirsty for the Message, for Jesus said to go to the highways, and to the good and bad alike; that from them, may be gathered the guests for the Marriage of the King’s Son.  Read and understand Matthew 22:1-14.  You can read the rest of the chapter and see how the Scribes and Pharisees tried to entrap and entangle Him in His words, as they do us today, when we give them the simple witness.  But by the Spirit and simple witness, He was more than a match for them all.  And such is our privilege in witnessing; even though they may fulfill Isaiah 53 in the way they treat us, as they did Him.  You will see all who have heard our report and to whom the arms of the Lord in vengeance has been revealed, began by seeing us as a root of a dry ground with no form of comeliness or anything to make them attracted to us but the growing power of the Message and its fulfillment.  This is our joy in bearing the marks of the Least and Little Ones.

My love in Him to all there,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:   Grimms
March 28, 1930

RE:  Last time Wm.I spoke at a Convention

My Dear Grims:

Thanks for yours, 1/3/30.  It's good to have such a discriminating and appreciative appetite.   The mark of a healthy, Wise Virgin, whose hope is to be the Bride of Rev. 22, when you would naturally think we know all about the Truth for these, it becomes sweeter, fuller, and more clear everyday; and the last is better than the first.  Only this week did I begin to see that 1914 will prove to be 1 A. O. [Alpha/Omega] as Jesus' birth was 1 A. D., and the Gospels which had been much less to us these past years has become again full of thrills such as they never had before.

Caesar Augustus decreed the whole world should be taxed, and you see the beginning of revealing [the] hearts of the whole social, scribe and Pharisee-Political world in Joseph and Mary going to be taxed.  In 1914, the babe had become King of Kings and Lord of Lords as in Rev. 1, and decreed the whole world should taxed and surely they have been, and by war, rumors of wars, famine, pestilence, quakes and general violence of nature.  He has been giving them vengeance for all they gave the Heavenly and earthly trinity in 1 to 33+ A. D.  Mary's 3 days journey on the donkey, which should have made them ashamed, has been visited upon them 4-fold and worldwide when you see all the various trekking, which people have been forced to by such 15 years of trouble.   There was no room for them in the Inn.   How many have found their nests and all their comforts gone from under them under every possible trying condition.  You can see 4 Caesar is made to suffer for the one, Kaiser, Czar, Sultan and Emperor of Austria-Hungary, all put down in ways we could never have dreamed.

Kaiser was the head in Europe of the Protestant world, Czar was the little father of the Greek Orthodox Christian, who are the Eastern church, as Rome is the Western European.   Sultan was head of the Moslem world, and Austrian Emperor was chief  of the R.C. world powers,  so you see them get it both in church and state, which helps us to grasp Rev. 17 and 18.  Herod sought the young King child's life, helps us to see all the suffering they have had.

Herod commanded all the children under 2 years of age in Bethlehem to be killed, thinking in this way to wipe out the babe who had been born and witnessed to as King, who to Him, disgust and insulting was registered a Bastard.  When we see what happened so cruelly to the Czar and family, you can see and eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and 4-fold in vengeance, and His arm is stretched out still, as you read the last half of Rev. 17.  Joseph, Mary and Jesus had to flee into Egypt and obscurity, being warned of God.  See how all those blue-blooded people have been driven from home and privilege.  You can see how the Heavenly Trinity looked on and felt and feel flow, as they saw the earthly trinity treated as they were, revealing the hearts of the civilization--Union of Church and State with all its boasted educational privileges in Legal, Historical and Religious glory.

You know the worst and most dangerous insult to a man or family is to call him the son of a bitch; and how many deaths have taken place through using this phrase, which was common to Jesus His 33+ years? Though not always voiced in the same exact words, it was always this meaning used to defeat the Heavenly Trinity witnessing to them. It's when we grasp these things that we can understand the language used in Rev. 17 and 18, the horrible vengeance which we see finished up in Rev. 19.  And this gives you the key to reading anew, and with fresh interest and thrill, all that was ever said or done to the Earthly Trinity, who are the heads of the Trinity to which we belong, and the reason why of our leastness and littleness in men's eyes is to convince and give proof to God that the world is the same today in heart as then.

Is. 53:  "Who hath believed our report (in these) days, and to whom has the arm of the Lord in vengeance been revealed?"  See how every word in these verses following has been the experience of the Witness, and all who have believed and had their eyes opened to see His arm in vengeance stretched forth, and you have tasted some of these marks, and they were truly painful to us as they were to them whom we witness to.

The last time I spoke in convention was from Isaiah  53, and how sweet to see it now, in contrast to the bitterness of it then, and the joy I have today compared to the time I saw you in Dunbar's, only gives me a little message of the joy He has in those who share His rejection and treatment, and the least is a good sample of what has been and has to come.

My Love to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

I won't spoil it by giving you too much, but know the Trinity of God and your own hearts will fill in details.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Rings
March 28, 1930
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Rings:

Thanks for yours (2).  I had one from McCall and replied fully, so that you might have plenty to make clear and plain to him.  The Gospel record begins in 1 A. D., but the Alpha and Omega record, or Revelation, begins in 1 A. A. O.[Alpha And Omega], and people will begin to find this was of reckoning by-and-by.  This is the Acceptable Day of the Lord, and also the day of vengeance of the Trinity of Heaven for the way they treated the Trinity on Earth as recorded in the Gospels.  All they ever did or said of them is being visited on the same kind of people on the Earth, who show it by their attitude to the Least and Little Ones.  Read Isaiah 53 and see how true it is.

You know how dangerous it is to call a man the Son of a Bitch, and how flesh and blood is stirred to vengeance and has often ended in a murder, so you can grasp, from this, the feeling of the Trinity in Heaven towards the class of people who did it then, and who do it today, in milder measure, to all who are His Earthly Trinity witnessing unto Him.  This takes the whole matter out of the historical setting, though rooted in 1 A. D.

Caesar decreed the whole world was to be taxed in 1914, or 1 A. A. O.--the babe King, who was not King of Kings and Lord of Lords, decreed the whole world was to be taxed and enrolled; and so you see the job has been well begun, and many are groaning and sighing and don't know what hand to turn to.  And you can see, as in 1 A. D., there can only be 2 sides on which our name can be enrolled.  Caesar of 1 A. D. and the 4 Caesars of 1 A. A. O. of 1914.  The Kaiser’s head of the Protestant Kings in Europe; Czar or Caesar, the “Little Father,” or Caesar, of the Russian, Orthodox Greek, Xtain Church; the Sultan of Turkey, the Caesar of the Moslem world, and the Emperor of Austria was the King-Patron of the Roman Catholic world.  You can read into it what suits you; but you see an eye, for an eye; and a tooth, for a tooth; and 4-fold given.

Herod killed the children under 2 years age in Bethlehem as he sought to kill Jesus, the Babe King whom he regarded as an insult.  See what the Czar and family got and you can couple them up.  Read what Joseph, Mary and Jesus got, and you can see how many millions in the world have got the same these past 15 years by war and rumors of war, famine, pestilence and quakes, and all the other violences of nature.  And His arm is outstretched, still, as you can see from many quarters.  And you believe that the Heavenly Trinity would hurt the Earthly Trinity, then or now? Never possible; as surely as their enemies will get vengeance, so surely will those who share His reproach will find mercy.

You will find it very thrilling to read all that they said and did to Jesus and His on the Earth, as the key to reading all that's happening, has, and will happen.  Their scandal went on to the very end of His 33½ ending in death.  So shall it be for them.  There can be only one end for all who are enrolled on the wicked side, and no escape but giving ear and heart and finding enrollment on the Heavenly side.  So it all becomes the more simple.  And whether men are good or bad in the highways, if they bear and obey the invitation to the Marriage Supper of the King's Son, and bear the same reproach and witness, there can be only one end to it for us.

My Love in Him,

William Irvine

Chuck going to Venezuela is all right, but the health problem is worth considering; and you can't put too much into witnessing for Him.

Unemployment gives you greater opportunity than you could have in ordinary employment.  So use the Highways and you may find out this will solve many of your difficulties, and offer solution to many others.  Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Thomases
April 1, 1930
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Thomases:

Thanks for yours 3/3/30.  You will find your gladness always comes from Him who sits on the Throne.  Whether through your own lips or mine, it's the same Trinity speaking to all who will hear.  And all who won't will be as sure of K. O. as we are of O.K.  The Babe King, whom the Shepherds found wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger, is now King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  What a contrast between Jesus in beginning of he Gospel Story, and in the beginning of Revelation.

Then, you get a very beautiful contrast between John 19.  Verse 14 says, Behold your King, after they had shown themselves in their Devil-possessed condition.  Read last half of John 18 to help the contrast. But read Revelation 19 and see where He is and where they are who are today as they were.  You get a good, clear contrast between and the woman who were with Him and His Disciples in the 1st half of Revelation 19.  the Marriage of the Lamb to His wife the Bride, and Blessed are all they who are called to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

You can't do better than read John 19 and Revelation 19 and see the sorrow turned to Joy.  You will find all the Gospel Stories 1,000 times more interesting now than ever when you get the key; for it's vengeance on all such people today on the earth as would bear the marks of His enemies when He was here, and you can be sure He can't make any mistakes.  For His eyes of flame can see through and through, and His feet still remember how terrible was their wickedness to Him and His.  So that even the little sufferings we have, as in Isaiah 53, are only slight occasions to provoke His wrath on people who either despise, offend, scandalize, or seek to hurt and resist us for our witness in word or deed.

The Least and Little Ones are such, so that we may bear some likeness to what He and His were, and so be a living test to reveal the heart attitude to the Trinity of Heaven, and reveal the same Trinity of Earth marks you find in Jesus, Mary, and the Disciples.  People may not see the need for such a Trinity as the Least and little ones, but He does.

And by that, people will stand or fall--get O.K. or K. O. to the last man or King on the Earth.   You can see what the Jews and Romans were at the end, as well as at the beginning; and all through, you can see Him separating and preparing them for the final expression of their wickedness.

See how big Pilate was in asking, are you a King?  To this end I came into the world, that I might bear witness to the truth.  Every one that is of the truth heareth My Voice.   And so you can say the same is true today, for all who hear the same Voice through the Servant; through the Master.  So the same Test is applied today as was then.  But the consequences are exactly the opposite now; for 1914 began the Day of Vengeance, as 1 A. D. began the Day, or year, of Acceptance.  And when you see what He has done to the 4 great Caesars, who were controlling Protestant, Greek, Roman Catholic, and Muslim Religions--Kaiser, Sultan, and Emperor of Austria and many other minors; with the 120 million dead, and uncountable wealth gone out of experience. But His arm is not tired yet; but outstretched to give them more till the final K. O., when they will all have perished from the Earth.

My Love in Him to all

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Dunbars
April 24, 1930
P.O. Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Dunbars:

Thanks for yours.  I'm not very much surprised at hearing you may have a holiday after 16 years, and He and I know you have not spared yourself in His business, which is bigger and more lasting than any other.  So take whatever comes and from His hand, for we are but Babes going over new ground and seeing new things.

Wilson McClung was asking Mrs. Adams in Auckland how I lived, which shows how little they know of the greatness of His grace, and mercy and peace to all who are His.  When you read Revelation 1:4-6 and see how it covers all our needs, and who is the Speaker of these words:  The faithful witness, 1st begotten from the dead, and Prince of the kings of the Earth unto Him that Loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and hath made us Kings and priests unto God and His Father.  To Him be glory and dominion forever and ever and ever Amen; His seal from Heaven.  This is for all in Verse 6, Behold, see by the Spirit, and record, and signs.  He cometh not in a day or incident, but in clouds of war, famine, pestilence and all other violent phenomena which will make the wail, who pierced Him and all kindred or similar people on the Earth.    Even so, AMEN.  The same seal which is for our blessing is for their cursing.  God's "so let it be" is as true as most men's "Amen" is spoken lightly and frivolously.  And you can see in our "so let it be" we are sealing his words and work,  for no matter how hard it seems, we can't but enjoy it.

Scribe, Pharisee and Roman Politicians put the marks in His hands, feet, head, back and side, and their kindred are still on the earth in the Educationalists, Religionists and Politicians, and what He has done in Europe in the casting down of the Caesars, He can and will do on the whole world.

In Jude 7, you notice the phrase, ”suffering the vengeance of eternal fire,” which was so complete that it stands dead today after 3,848 years as a warning to man; and now kept before the world by the Jew's attempt to exploit its riches in potash.  Archaeologists etc., have never found one trace of Sodom and Gomorrah, but the site is unique in all the world's surface. Then you notice the massacre in Hebron of  76 Jews draws attention to Abram 5 record in Genesis, which covers 25 years from Abram came into the land at 75 till Isaac is born at 100.  Then, the dates at head of page are 1918; 1913 & 1898 B. C., which link up well with 1914,  1918 & 1939 A. D.  But we don’t put stress on the dates so much as the events.

Genesis 12, called out of Babylon.  Genesis  13, came up out of Egypt in 1918 B. C., Lot and him separate, Abram to the hills with the promises, Lot to well watered plains to be destroyed when he is taken out.

Genesis 14, the battle of the 4 kings against the 5 kings-- the war and its consequences to Lot, to be redeemed by Abram, my work in Restoring the few who were with me after the war.  Genesis 15, "Fear not Abram, I am thy shield and thy exceeding great reward." An old man and no heir, but out of his own  bowels is to come an heir and seed like the stars of Heaven and the dust of the Earth.

Notice the sacrifice. Burnt offering (young Heifer); Peace offering (goat); Sin  offering (ram); and Trespass offering (dove and pigeons), divided probably, indicating the acceptance of my Alpha and Omega sacrifice, and when the fowls, or unclean birds, came down upon them he drove them away, and when the sun was going down, a deep sleep and horror of great darkness fell upon him; my experience these years.  But when the sun went down at the end of the day and it was dark, behold, a smoking furnace and a burning lamp, probably my work and John's, for he was a burning and shining light as the Manchild is to be like a smoking furnace.  Thus you see my sacrifice, waiting and watching, deep sleep and horror of great darkness as it has dawned slowly upon me all that's taking place.

Genesis 15:18, the covenant of the land from Nile to Euphrates, the New Jerusalem, 12,000 furlongs, Revelation 21. So the sun going down and darkness is but the sure mark of the coming of the smoking furnace of vengeance and the burning lamp of life in the 2 Witnesses, which makes the New Jerusalem 15,000 miles square possible, or in the fulfilling of Rev. 21.

Genesis 16 shows you the natural seed of Abram by Hagar, which seems to cover the gathering of the 144,000, out of  which will come the Bride, or those who follow the man, and those who follow God and the man for both seeds must be His own, but there are promises to both.  This takes place when Abram was 86, or 11 years in the land.

Genesis 17, you notice Abram becomes Abraham, Father of many nations, and Sarai becomes Sarah, Princess, Mother of nations, and circumcision the sign, probably the come out of her my people, separate from Babylon and separate unto God and His servant and message.  Abraham 99 and Ishmael 13 when circumcised, 19 years from time he came to Palestine.

Genesis 18, this makes the work the simpler and easier to understand the Lord and His 2 (men) Angels.  Genesis 18:17, shall I hide from Abraham the thing I do, seeing Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him, for I know him?  So the very knowing of what's going to take place.  The world is proof, and Abram pleads for the righteous.

Genesis 19 - The taking of Lot out of Sodom by the 2 men.  Read Revelation 19 along and see the Bride and they that are bidden to the Marriage of the Lamb made ready, while you see the 2nd half of chapter only slaughter and death and eaten by the birds and beasts, which shows they are inter-read [inter-bred??].

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Trails
April 17, 1930
P.O. Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Trails, all:

I have quite a number of letters from you there, so I thought I would make one do all of you, for I have many on hand to answer.

You will find John 17 very good as it gives you truth for all who had ears in His day and ours.  This is the Bride, the Lamb's wife and Woman of Revelation 12:1-3,  contrasted with Babylon the great.  Mother of Harlots and of all abomination of the earth, and her royal lovers with her bastard sons.  This is Jerusalem and all the cities, etc., which are patterned after her. You can see them beginning to tear her flesh in Russia these days.  Then, John 18 gives you a beautiful contrast between  them, and Revelation 18, where Babylon is fallen and becomes a habitation of Devils, a hold of every foul  spirit and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird, and its doom sealed.

"Behold, the Man,"  (John 19:5), "Behold, your King," Vs. 14 is good.  The marks in His side, hands, feet, head and  back are all reminders of what the whole Educational, or Scribe, World are; Pharisee or Religious world, and Roman or Political world is, then, and now.  And He is not  likely to be deceived by all their bluff and profession.

Revelation  1:7 - "Behold," (see by the Spirit giving you understanding of the Book and what's happening since 1914) "He cometh."  Not an act of an hour, but a whole series of events leading up to it,  "and every eye shall  see Him."   You can see how blind they are yet, compared  to the day of Revelation  6:15-17, when they will all  confess that "the great day of His wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand."  They and their kindred on the Earth who pierced Him shall mourn and wail because of Him, and you can hear the wailing increasing on every hand, as they recognize there is something wrong with the world and its affairs, which men can't put right.

John 19 and Revelation 19 is a powerful contrast.   You  can see the crime and the cure,  the mourning and the rejoicing.   The weak become strong, and the strong weak; the hearers the Victims, and the victors of John 19 become the victims.  The end of John 19, the burial scene in contrast to the King of Kings burying His enemies, or giving them to the birds and beasts to devour, the supper of the great God (Revelation 19:17-18).

Abram's life in Genesis 12 to 20 is good, and a guide to  present conditions since 1914.  You notice in 1918, 1913 are mentioned at the head of pages as the central dates,  life and witness.  This harmonizes with 1914 and 1918 A. D.    Abram left Babylon when the Lord called him and was 75 years old when he came to Bethel and went down to Egypt and came up the following year, when Lot and he separated, which marks 1914 A. D. well in my experience.

Genesis  14 gives you the Battle of the 4 Kings against 5, which is the war of 1914; and you notice Lot taken captive, and Abram delivers them as I did those who are with me.

Genesis  15 - My experience these past years in waiting on the promises to be fulfilled, and become the heir or getting a seed by the Woman or bringing forth of the Manchild.

You notice Genesis 16, Hagar becomes the mother of Ishmael, this is the 144,000 seed.

Genesis  17 shows Abraham, a new name meaning "Father of Nations."  And Sarai becomes Sarah, "Princess, Mother of Nations," the Bride seed.  Isaac is type of those who are born of God, those who hear and let God work in them.  Ishmael, type of those who are born of my witness to them, those who hear me, but don't hear God.  The difference becomes clear in Revelation 19 where you notice it speaks about the Bride, the Lamb's wife, and then those who are bidden to the marriage supper of the Lamb.  Circumcision is the mark of all who are cut off from all contact with the Harlot world. You see Abram on the mount, Lot in the well watered plains of Sodom, to be made a wilderness, as the whole will become later on with Lot & Co. taken out to safety.  1896 is 20 years from 1918 B. C.  And in that year, Sodom was destroyed, which gives us some idea of the time of  the Two Witnesses and their work finished in gathering out the 144,000 of Revelation 14, when the Two Witnesses are to be killed, and the earthquake of Revelation 11 take place.

The massacre in Hebron last August is helpful in drawing our attention, for this became Abram's home and where Sarah was buried.   Then the Dead Sea concession given to the Jew to exploit its potash for fertilizer, is also a good sign to draw people's attention and look up Abram and the destruction of Sodom.

Genesis 20:7 shows Abram was a Prophet.  If so in 1918 to 1898 B. C., why not get one in 1914 to 1934 A. D.?  These things can be grasped only as the Spirit gives you understanding, but are very comforting to me and all who can get a look in.

I am very pleased to hear of all your activities, and it's good to share in Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53 marks, which remain in His body today, to remind Him of who are His enemies to be destroyed today.

My Love to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

P. S.  If you did not get offenses, how could people get the order of the millstone about their neck?  If you did not get displeased, how could the Angels minister anger of the Father?  If you did not get rejected in your words, how could you expect binding or loosing results from your message? W. I.

Genesis  20 - Abram goes South after the fire had destroyed, and notice God 5 care for Abraham and Sarah.  Verse 7,  He tells the King he is a prophet.

Genesis 21  - Birth of Isaac and the adjusting the difference between Hagar and Ishmael with Sarah and Isaac, or the Bride and those who are bidden to the marriage of the Lamb, or the separation between those who let God work in them and those who only hear me.  You notice in verse 22, the kings recognize that God is with Abraham in all that he does.  Then the trial of Abraham's faith at the temple area in Jerusalem seems to cover the death and ascension of the 2 Witnesses; the offering of his only son, Isaac; the binding; the knife, sheathed; and the finding of a ram caught in a thicket by its horns; the rising and hearing the voice; and ascending, or unbinding, with 7,000 killed in temple area, where they had gathered to watch the men rise according to what they had said before; and the destroying of the Mosque and Temple area by quake, death swallowed up in victory and their stone and lime destroyed as they had tried to destroy God's temple in the two witnesses.

You can see the Jews today expecting to have these promises given to Abraham in Isaac become theirs, while the Arabs are trying to have the promises given to Ishmael made theirs, each in their own way reading it into the flesh nation, rather than see it fulfilled in Abraham of today.  Hagar and Sarah, Ishmael and Isaac who have ears to hear and obey the message of the everlasting God.  So you can see what a snare and delusion is all their reading of the Book to all who are flesh, and what a source of comfort, hope and help it is to all who hear and obey God and Abram.

What you say of Fuller is what I expected from him; it's only a matter of bread and  butter.  But the well-watered plains will be destroyed while the promises given and offered to them will be all that's left for any.  So let your heart rise above all that's around you and keep busy in the things that count, so shall you save yourself and those who hear.  The same wail comes up from the whole earth these days, and we have not less than 100,000 men fighting locusts from the Nile to Euphrates, and no doubt great damage must be done to crops all the way.  India and China, Russia and every place has their own clouds and wail and mourn the common music.

Best Love in Him to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

You can copy this and send it around and save me some.  W. I.

William Irvine's Letter to Mrs. Clemons
May 3, 1930

No address

The day of the Lord in Judgment began in 1914 (read Dan. 12). God is preparing people to have ears to hear Him by His Servant and reader of Revelation.

The 6th Chapter of Revelation is the opening of the sealed truth of the book to bring judgments on the earth to destroy all those who will not hear and give life, hope, comfort and peace to all who will hear. Rev. VI Religious world, & State united to enforce their selfrighteousness on all men. Prohibition is one of their works. You see them in London now, trying to bring about no more war. The Red horse and rider is to take peace from the earth. This is Bolshevism to resist the white horse selfrighteousness. The black horse is food and drink control, which has added very much to the cost of living. It also controls luxury. Now unemployment adds to its terror.

The 7th seal is opened in Chap. 8 and is the war chapter, giving details of the war in 1914 to 1918. Revelation is a programme for the judgment and period from 1914 to the end of the coming 7 years of tribulation, and my job is to read it to those who will hear and obey, that they may escape whats coming on the face of the whole earth and all men will either get cursing or blessing according to their attitude to my reading by the Spirit of what God gave Jesus and Jesus sent and revealed to John that he might write it so that when the time came I might read it to such as would hear. (Read Isaiah 55 and Rev. 22.) Give up all your thots and ways and let God guide and lead you into His and you will be more than delighted with the results.

Don't worry about your physical health, seek first to live by what God reveals and then all else will follow. God's ways in these days is producing conditions that we can't get out of by our own or others thot's and ways, and so making us thirsty for the living waters which He has given by His Servant and those who hear and keep his words.

So its quite simple and easy and will fit you and meet your every need and there is no other way of escape from judgment as it was in Noah's day but to hear what God says and obey it.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Grubers, Riverside, California
May 19, 1930

P.O. Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Grubers 3:

Thanks for your letters & Photos which I enjoyed. You have good reason to be joyful all the time, & all who have ears to hear, for the only proof we have any part or lot with God & Jesus by the Spirit, is that we can see His double work in vengeance & redemption going on every day, - The victims of His vengeance wailing louder & longer all the time, and His redeemed in fullest comfort, joy & hope rejoicing as they see daily & hourly & in every way & place His mighty works in judgment on all men who will not hear & witness to His works in wrath as well as in mercy to all who do hear & obey.

That a few simple people with ears to hear should be so blessed & delivered from Judgment around them, is only in harmony with what we read in the Gospel.

So fear not, but put it to the test & give Him glory by letting all men know. Those who make you suffer in any way for doing His will & work - let them look out, for none can escape His wrath; so be simple & sincere to God & man in your witness & nothing can hinder you, - & don't measure His mercy to you by His severity to those who are your enemies & His.

People who expect God to cease His wrath ere the job of clearing the earth of all who refuse to hear & see His work going on around them day by day in wrath, - will be convinced if they never hear - for He says "every eye shall see Him coming in clouds of every possible kind, & they who pierced Him & all kindred (or people like them) shall wail because of Him" and people don't wail for nothing - but for something directly from His hand - to convince them who they are & who He is & to confirm our words, no matter how few & feeble they be.

The more pride & iniquity people have, the surer they will get what's coming to them from His hand & specially when they offend, despise or reject our simple witness: and after 17 years of it, there is no room to doubt what's to follow. So don't worry about anything or whether you play football, which is good exercise for growing youth . But do it with your mouth open at all costs & at all times - and when the battle is over & the victory won, you will be able to say "Praise ye the Lord, Oh My Soul" for all His mercy & grace which He hath showed you, while you have seen many suffer the consequences of their wicked heart revealed by their attitude to you, because you have Him who is Omega giving wrath, & Alpha who shows mercy to all His disciples.

My Love to all who bear your name,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Skerritts
May 20, 1930
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for yours, very appreciative of His Mercies in giving understanding of His wrath.  I expect your health depends very much on your feeding.  Too much and too rich are the two dangers, and when you were working hard,  I guess there was more likely-hood of such being possible.  Ford's experts say that fruit for breakfast, meat for dinner or lunch, and some starch for supper is their best advice, and not, at any time, too much of either, nor too much mixture.  I find meat and carrots makes a good meal and easily digested.  Fruit of any kind in the A.M. with a little brown bread with butter with tea or cocoa keeps me in good shape.  But be sure; it's your stomach and, bowels that generally affect lungs and heart, and so the cure is attention to this, and eggs is often to blame, for they are easy to get down and very rich.

You will find in a nutshell the whole truth for the whole Earth in Revelation 1:3-6 and verse 7.  What riches in 3 to 6 we can only grasp in part;  but we have had enough to give us a taste, and so able to appreciate it the more as we go on.  Blessed is he and they that hear and keep, etc. is detailed in Grace and Peace from Him who IS, which is the real test of those who hear and hose who don't.  If it had been put, Him who WAS, then we could have been living on all the past things revealed, but it's the living link which counts, or the hearing of what He has said by the Spirit, now given to understand - we have always tried to, emphasize the living link, and more so now than ever in being able to understand Him who was, and is to come.  “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God” is being made truer today than in any age, and as you see the bread disappear from the table, so the greater value becomes the living words of the living God; and from the Seven Spirits which are before His Throne, who are doing all that's His will on the Earth;  and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness whose every word we can rely on; for He sealed it with His own death and life from the grave they put Him in.

Many have died for their witness, which was not,  and could not, be honored of God.  But the test is in being the first begotten from the dead, which rules out all false prophets and proves the value of His sacrifice compared to all others; and is now the [---] of which explains His power over all that’s on the Earth, and which was so clearly manifested in the removing from Earth, and which was so power the 4 Caesars of Europe in  the Kaiser, head of the Protestant world.  The Czar of the great Greek Orthodox Church,  which dominated the East and was most powerful in Jerusalem.  The Sultan, who was the Caesar of Moslem in world, and Emperor Joseph, the Caesar of the Roman Catholic world, or the sword behind the Vatican pre 1914.

You can see how He raised up the basest of men and put them in their place, which helps to read Daniel 4 as a sign of the times.  Unto Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and hath made us Kings and Priests unto His Father; to Him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. AMEN.  Behold, He cometh - as such - with clouds;   and every eye shall see HIM, And they which pierced Him, and all kindred, or people like them, shall wail because of Him. I am Alpha and Omega, etc., The Almighty.  So you can put in those who hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches, and The promises to them, and the Overcomer and find a very simple, clear outline of all our grace and peace, and what it covers.  The clouds and the wailing are meant to open the eyes of men to see Him whom we witness to and their piercing of us who witness is like a looking glass in which they can see themselves as the Piercers, and covers all they did to Him and His for 33½ years and continued to do in the Apostles, till all were martyred except for the one who was kept till His coming, to be so accepted as the writer along with the reader, whose death and rising will be proof of their faithful witness, and so perfect those who hear for the final witness to the whole world to the End, when He has fully and clearly put His enemies under His feet.

I'm sure you will find many more ready to hear as the clouds descend, and wailing grows louder, and they may come to value witness, witnesses and those who are with them all the more; for it's to be world-wide in gathering the 144,000; and then world-wide by the 144,000 after they have seen and heard the two witnesses and seen them accepted.  So it gets stronger and more victorious all the time and nothing else matters; and when you see a little discipline amongst those who hear, it's only for their and our perfecting to correct the rash and strengthen the stammerers.

 Best Love to Both and all others,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Olive Grim
May 21, 1930
P.O. Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Olive:

Thanks for your kind spirited letter, full of appreciation, unknown in the world today.  A year ago I was at Haifa over the weekend, and the Jews were all, literally, mad over the news report of Labor Government coming into power, and very thankful for the King's recovery after his long illness.  I notice, again, the King is suffering from Rheumatism, but the Jewish wailing today is world wide and never was louder [than] all these past 16 years. And the world is echoing with wails of all kinds.  They all expected so much from labor and have only got the more confounded all round, and the recent large elections to fill seats vacant through death has gone to conservatives.  *Amy Johnson’s airplane flight to Australia is about all they can see to rejoice in, and 250 millions go only to seek comfort from cinema and talkies, while churches mourn their vanishing numbers and power; and U.S.A. is in trouble over 10,000 increase per year and very bad preparations made for them.

England has been closing and selling quite a number of her prisoners, which makes the contrast all the stronger, and prosperity and prohibition has been the cause, very much, for the increase of crime, etc. I expect Indian and Palestine prisons will be very much overcrowded.  Fighting locusts has kept the Labor market quite normal this year in the whole near East and makes the stopping to Jewish immigration all the more aggravating to them. I don’t know a single thing or place that does not seem to add to the wail. Cheap money at 3% has only made it possible for the Bears to get bit in Wall Street, as the Lambs got bit last year by the 15% money call, and that in the face of the paper's attempt to boom defeat.

The Naval conference has only ended in a general wail. Every move they make seems only to end in unemployment. Rationalization, which means more science applied to production at lower costs, while the markets are glutted with over production and under consumption.  High tariffs all over seem to cut both ways in feeding the rich and starving the poor. But whatever Education Religion or Politics operate, it's only to make it worse all around,  proving who is behind all the operations in the world.  The Heathen of the East rage and the People of the West imagine a vain thing, while the Kings and Rulers take counsel to stone off His clearly revealed purpose of Judgment to all men who pierced Him, or are their kin on the Earth today.  To hear, be loved, and washed from our sins in His own blood, and made Kings and Priests unto God and His Father is a strange contrast to Ps. 2, and Revelation 1:3-6 is a very soft bed to lie on; free, full and forever.

Grace and Peace from Him who IS, was, and is to come sounds good compared to the wrath clouds and wailing of those who are being cleared off the Earth for such meek as enjoy grace
and peace.  And when we see it from the Father and Spirits, 7, before the Throne of Him who was and is the faithful witness then and now, who rose first from the dead when they had vented their wickedness fully on Him and is now the Prince of the kings of the Earth, setting down and setting up whom He will, as has been so clearly seen in these past 16 years.  It should be easy for us to give glory and dominion to Him for Ever and Ever and AMEN.  It's deeper and more hearty every day as we see Him bring down all that's high in men’s eyes, and in a world wide sense so that we can see it no matter where we look. They call it a world slump, 30% now and increasing every day, but; as their mouths open to wail, ours will open to give Him glory, as His Kings and Priests whose words are made effective on Earth and as Priests made effective in Heaven

John shows Jesus scourging them out of the Temple at His 1st coming to the Feast at Jerusalem, while Matt, Mark and Luke give you His scourging them out when He rode into Jerusalem for the last time, and no doubt they are type of the Alpha scourging of the world in 70 A. D., and now in Omega Days when He is riding on a donkey and colt fast into Jerusalem as King of kings and Lord of Lords, and Jewish destruction, scourging and suffering is only a sample of the greater to be and being fulfilled now,  today.  We are apt to make it a future thing and despise and fail to enjoy His work during past 16 years. Is not a day or the day of the Lord 24 hours,  or 24 years? Which helps us to grasp what has been and what's to come.  The week of Pentecost is the last 7 years in the midst of which the 2 Witnesses will be cut off.

How little we were able to read Rev. 1:3-6 compared to what we can see today, and look back over 16 years what clouds and wailing there has been, though obscured from our vision, largely; but how clear today to all who hear, is the past,  present, and future, and how good it has been to see Him give us personal signs in binding and loosing as proof of our Kings and priesthood unto God and His Father, which means He will be to us what He was to Him.  When we look back over past year since we saw the King of England, made a sign to His kings and priests and the opening of the Ark by Noah on 1st June this year, it surely gives us thrills and throbs, and a deeper AMEN to v.6 and v.7 glory and dominion to Him who was slain, and clouds. and wailing to them who slew and all their kindred on the Earth.  They said He saved others, Himself He cannot save.  If He can't save any, He will destroy them.  Let them get away from His wrath clouds, or their own wail is His answer today to what they said as He put Himself in their power to show what Scribe, Pharisee and Politics is to God. You can copy and spread this also.

My best Love to self and all others,

William Irvine

Historical note: Amy Johnson, British Aviator  (July 1, 1903 to Jan. 5, 1941) Miss Johnson was dubbed "Queen of the air" by British press. On May 5, 1930 she set off on a solo flight to Darwin;  eventually missed the record by three days.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Sheeleys
May 27, 1930

Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Sheeleys:

Thanks for yours of April 30, 1930. I must congratulate you on long married life and large willing family. It's only when you contrast it with so many other marriages that you can see the difference, and the fact that He gets glory out of your witness to His grace and peace these past 2 years, is quite joyful news to me and Him.

Some times in our witness to the world of His coming with clouds and every eye shall see Him, and they that pierced Him shall mourn and all such kindred on the earth because of Him, Revelation 7. We are apt to forget the other side which is as comfy as theirs is terrible. Verse 3, to 6, is like a string of pearls to hang around the neck of all who are His honest hearers, & whose purpose is to honour Him above all else. And surely the Trinity of God are worthy.

Our hearing is like the string which holds the pearls, & all else is as free as the gifts of God which are most valuable. But the Pearls are of great price and value, and more so in these days, and more so in these days, of such as the world never had before and never will need again, because the troublers will cease from troubling & the weary will be at rest. Grace & Peace from Him who is, was & is to come. Past & future friendship is not enough to meet our present needs, but a friend who is now, appeals to every honest heart. All He ever was to others & will be in coming days, He is to us today & to All who honestly give ear to His Voice & Message by His Reader. For I can only be like the Servant who puts food on the Table which He has so freely and richly provided, and invite all to eat who are hungry or thirsty.

If you can grasp the Love feeling Jesus had for those who were Disciples as He hung on the Cross between two thieves & the great desire He had that they should not be disturbed in heart by what they saw going on, then you will know what He means by Grace & Peace, and now when He is in wrath seeking to destroy the Piercers & all their kindred, He wants us to know that none of these things should trouble us, for He who is Almighty is for us as He is against All who are His & Our enemies.

The 7 Spirits which are before the Throne are the Powers operating in the Universe to make it His Home in and with us, & from Jesus Christ the Faithful Witness both to His Friends, & enemies, who rose from the dead in spite of all they did - & is now the Prince of the Kings of the Earth (over All) that's in Heaven or on the Earth. Unto Him that loved us (All who hear & Obey Him) & washed us from our sins in His own Blood & hath made us Kings, & Priests unto God & our Father - to him that did this for us (who hear & obey), be Glory & Dominion for Ever & Ever Amen. These are the Pearls or witness we bear before men, & the feathers which make our nest in these troublous times.

So wear them openly till people admire & can't fail to recognise whose we are & whom we serve. All else is but dross. So we can afford to be Gracious & Peaceful to all we meet, whether they share in the Pearls or the Perils of being His enemies. I am sure the next year of your life will be much more gracious and peaceful than the past two, as you enter into your inheritance in Him.

My Love to all who bear your name & share His Grace & Peace,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Loves ( Sr. & Jr.)
June 5, 1930

P.O. Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Loves:

Thanks for Mary's & yrs. It's good to see the clouds spread lower & fall thick & fast, for they only prove He is coming. Rev. 1:3 says Blessed is he & they who read & hear the words of this Book, & you find the outline of what it means to be blessed in v. 4 to 6. Grace & peace from Him who IS, was & is to come & from Jesus Christ, the Faithful witness & 1st begotten from the dead in His own right, having faced being put to death as a criminal for His witness & now He is the prince of the Kings of the earth who loved us & washed us from our sins in His own blood & hath made us Kings & Priests unto our God and His Father to whom be glory & dominion for ever & ever .- Amen

You will find it very much more helpful to be looking at Him than ourselves or others. You can see in v.7 what it all means & the echo of His coming in the wail that will go up from all who are the kindred of those who pierced Him & marked Him as the avenger of all the wickedness on Earth on them who dwell here today.

As you read the story of His death you can see He was the center of it all & now when you read today the record of His vengeance don't put yr.self amongst the crowd who fear & wld. flee if they cld. from the consequences of their attitude to Him then & now. You can see all His interest was in those who had been His true disciples then & surely now He can't make any mistake. Its Pilate & Herod & Co. who are getting their backs scourged today & their crowns turned to thorns on their brow, & their Royal Robes are notable, but to mock them as they did Him when they said Behold the man. So today he says behold the men in whom yr. confidence was, & is put, & behold yr. Kings & rulers. How powerless they are as He drives the nails into their hands & feet or workers of the world. For He is dealing with both capital & Labour, the rulers & masters, the ruled & servants. And our hope is not in them escaping, but in our being counted worthy to escape what they can't It's the test being applied to all men on the earth as to their attitude to Him who IS.

So don't fear but rather rejoice as the clouds spread & darken, Meditate on V. 4 to 6 & see the provision & place for all who are His, whom He loved & washed from their sins in His own blood & hath made us Kings & Priests unto our God & His Father to whom glory & dominion for Ever & Ever AMEN. Those who fear Him have nothing else to fear Just as the opposite is the case.

You need not worry people about the matter if you have given them the truth - He will look after it & make no mistake. Everything is working out very speedily today, which are the big steps in His coming and the Carpenter is always nearer us in our daily walk than the priest can be to those who honour him.

Locusts have been very busy in Palestine since Xmas & great efforts to fight them going on from the Nile to the Euphrates. When people try to scare, just give them the truth in all its fullness no matter who they be or where. But let it be a real fellowship with Him who is, was & is to come or is coming in all you see taking place, which is the solution to all the difficulties. If you are valuable to Him, He will be the more so to you. So you need not wail no matter how dark the clouds get or are.

With best Love in Him to all.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Loitz
June 14, 1930
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Mary & Co.:

Thanks for yours.  Read Psalms 15, 24, and 101, and notice that one breath of accusation of others for their sins, either getting out of your mouth or into your ear, is more dangerous than all the sin of your life.  And this is where people may expect discipline; and the reason, often, for them being tested.  The purifying, and making white, and trying is in this direction.  All who are around the Throne, from Abel, to the last man, were accused of their sins and counted worthy of death by those who were blind to the value of His blood, shed for the sins of all men, past, present or future.  And the greatest victory we can ever have, is to be able to be amongst the best or the worst, and yet not a breath of despising or accusation, either in our mouth or received In our ear. For any such makes it hard for God to speak, and men to hear, which is the only hope for any man's deliverance, either from his sins, iniquities, or wickedness.

Ps. 32 gives you a good outline of God's dealings with such as hear: transgressions, sin, iniquity and guile, are all various marks of what we need to get rid of to enjoy His best.  And our own thoughts about others transgressions and sins is more dangerous to us, than their transgressions and sins are to them.

God's great desire is that we should be like Him to all men; and this is the line of reading His dealings with us.  Men suffer from the wicked world for their sins, and so our business should be to keep the way as open to God as His blood has made it for all men.

Thou art my hiding place; thou shalt preserve me from trouble; thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance.  I will instruct and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go.  Be ye not as the horse big flesh,) or as the mule (stubborn flesh,) which have no understanding, whose mouth must be held in with bit and bridle lest they come near unto thee to bite.

Many sorrows shall come to the wicked, but he that trusteth in the Lord, MERCY shall compass him about.  Be glad in the Lord and rejoice and shout for joy, all ye that are upright, or as God is to others.

My love to all,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Percy Abbott
June 21, 1930
Jaffa, Palestine.

My Dear Percy and Co:

Thanks for yours, many, and bills.  I have sent on your niece's letter to Walter and I am quite sure they would welcome a visit from your niece or be willing to help her by letter.

You can see in John 2 the marriage party, and changing the water into wine, ending in Him going to the feast at Jerusalem and scourging out the Money Changers, and all who bought and sold sacrificial animals; which gives some idea of what has been happening since 1914 to all who, by gold, and by their professed varied sacrifice, serve God in the world's way.  Take away the getting and giving of money from the whole R.P.&E. world and there is not much left; but the sacrificing animals were also bought and sold.

Burnt offering covers all who profess to be accepted or acceptors of God.

Peace offerings cover all who profess to have fellowship with God.

Sin offering, all who claim forgiveness of sins by the blood.

Trespass offering, all who claim to be right with God and man; and the Dove covers all who claim the blessing of the religious world on their births, deaths, and marriages, etc.

We have been like the whip of small cords in His hand towards all such these 16 years.

He said, "Destroy this Temple and in three days I will raise it up again."  This was His answer to who and where His authority came from; and the proof to His Disciples was in water being changed to wine, which they drank of and so were with Him; and all the authority we claim is "just that" the water has changed to all who are the Woman Body and family and disciples of Jesus in our day.

England and USA lost more money value in one year than in 4 ½ years of war cost them; and the world slump is even as great to all others, and their religious people, and hopes are all in confusion and wailing as they find Him reject all their sacrifices and dishonor all their claims and cast down all their hopes and leave them wailing.

But the scourging of Matthew 21 is the more important to us today, the setting for which you find in John 11 and 12:  the home and family of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus; Mary was the woman who was a sinner of Luke 7, anointing His feet, washing them with her tears and drying with her hair before anointing.  John 11:2 is proof of this and her anointing His body against the day of His burial is added proof.  John 11:2 would not have been written but to connect Mary with the sinner woman of Luke 7.  You can see why Mary was Mary and Martha was Martha, who had forgiven even as Jesus had, and the why of Lazarus being dead and raised, who also had the same marks as Matthew 18 gives the least and little ones.

Mary Magdalene was the very opposite of Mary the Sinner, religious, self-righteous, unforgiving, accusing, condemning, despising, and scandalizing; the perfection of a devil-possessed woman.

So in the three Marys you have the best in God's sight in Mary the Mother of Jesus; Mary Magdalene, the best in men's sight; and Mary, the sister of Martha, the worst in men's eyes and no doubt sample for the woman who is to bring forth the Manchild.  This adds luster to the house of Bethany, whose foundation is in Luke 7, and the very best companion picture to Luke 15; and the contrast with Simon the Pharisee, devil-possessed and having all the attributes of Mary, out of whom went 7 devils, and who became such a central figure in the piercing and rising.

So John 11 and 12 makes a very good setting for the Matthew 21 riding into Jerusalem on a colt, the foal of an ass, whereon never man sat (probably the best description and definition of the Overcomer of Revelation) and John makes a good mother ass, for under God I owe everything to John, as did the colt, the mother ass.

Lazarus' sickness, death, and 4 days stinking dead is a good test and perfecting of the faith of Mary and Martha, the part probably of the Woman, who is to bring forth the Manchild.

You can see the effect of Lazarus' resurrection on the house of Bethany and the common people, and the authority to scourge again officially, the Money Changers and religionists, who change and buy and sell; making God's house a den of thieves, rather than a house of hearing and being heard, of flesh and blood, and so we can see what a joyous day lies ahead for all who are His common people; Blind and Lame and the Babes and Sucklings, out of whose mouth He perfects praise; while the Devil, and all under his power, will wail and gnash their teeth and have murder in their heart.

Jesus is now on the Throne and the whole religious, educational, political Piercers are on the cross, as thieves and robbers of God and man.

Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Christie Grim
June 23, 1930
Box 28, P.O
Jaffa  Palestine

My dear Christie:

Thanks for yours.  I am not sorry but glad that your spirit is stirred by the piercing of the Piercers who pierced Him.  Education, Religion, Politics is the same thing in every age and has been the medium for all the tyranny that has ever been on the Earth, but never more clearly revealed than when it came in touch with who, or whatever has the anointing of God.  For it is the same trouble which was between Cain and Able--the first pair born of the same parents, in the same home and having the same possibilities.  But the Carpenter is on the Throne and coming by every tick of the clock and crash, whether it be in Wailing Wall Street of New York or the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem.  If we were blind-folded and wadding in our ears, we could not shut out the clouds and wave upon wave of wrath, which is making all men wail on the face of the whole Earth.

Mary and family, Jesus and Disciples were invited to the wedding at Cana of Galilee, and when they had celebrated the earthly wedding, the water pots were filled to the brim and became wine to all, by the obedience of the servants filling and drawing out, and bearing to the Governor of the feast.  But how few notice the outcome of it, in Jesus and all the Feasters going down to the feast at Jerusalem and scourging out the Money Changers and those who bought and sold; making the Temple a Den of Thieves.  And when they wanted to know why, and who gave Him authority, His answer is good:    Destroy this Temple, and in 3 days I will raise it up again.   You see the True and False Temple in conflict and he is Master.  He made a whip of small cords, The Least being the handle and the Little Ones--the cords, tied on securely, and a knot on the ends to make them nippy.

They were angry, confused and stampeded then, but that was only speaking about the great day when His wrath would be poured on all flesh.  So you need not wonder at what's taking place, neither in the rage, nor confusion you see in all who bear the marks of the Piercers when from your lips come the words which are like knotted cords on their gifts and professed sacrificial lives--burnt, peace, sin, trespass and dove offerings , which are but the various professions which they all make who name His  name, and all who have drank of the wine made from the water, which is the seal of His anointing, are known by being the cords of the whip in His hand and my wooden handle attaching them.

People wonder at the attachment the little ones have for me, but you can see the stick--the cords well bound on by a master hand, and everyone that's attached - a knot, which people feel and don't like; for its effects became manifest every time.  They scourged His back and so now it's their turn.  They crowned Him with thorns, now it's their turn to find  that their very thoughts and words produce suffering for themselves.  They said, “Behold the man,” He says,  “Behold the men--Piercers."  They covered the pierced back with a royal robe to hide the blood, still they do it to hide their own suffering,  little dreaming that our words get stronger and their sufferings only increase, and you can be quite sure that all you see going on around you is the direct result of your witness as His scourging is being applied by the outstretched arm that holds the stick as that stick holds and wields the scourge of small cords.  You don't Find that they took the scourge from Him, or that some small cords got loose, or that He threw it away; for He needed it again for the final application in Matthew  21.   So the scourging you have seen, is only John 2 in statement, since 1914.  And now we are nearing the greater, when He rides into Jerusalem on a colt, the foal of an ass, whereon never man sat, a very good description of the Overcomer or the handle of the scourge, and the mother ass—John, to whom I owe everything under God;  for my braying has been a repetition of John's braying. which caused his enemies to think he was mad and so they released him from Patmos bellowing, and his Revelation Message as the result of senile decay.

You will need to read John 11 and 12 to get the connection of Mary the Sinner of Luke 7, who was well known in Jerusalem and who anointed His feet after washing them with tears and kissing them--and the hairs of her head, so unworthy in the eye of Simon the Pharisee.  Martha is a sample of the forgiveness of Matthew 18 which was as full as Jesus'  forgiveness and so of Lazarus and so we have the setting for the ride into Jerusalem and the final scourging.  Mary and Martha type of those who are the Woman of Revelation 12, the good and bad gathered out of the highways for the Marriage of the King's Son and guests.

Lazarus is the head of the Woman, where Jesus and His Disciples were wont to stay when there was no room for them in Jerusalem at the feast.  Lazarus' sickness and stinking in the tomb 4 days was only the opportunity for the Glory of God to be manifested, and His Son honored, and so today, you need not wonder that people should think me ill or dead and buried and stinking in the tomb.  Jesus wept when He saw the unbelief even of Mary and Martha and their distress over their dead brother, who was the very setting for the entrance into Jerusalem on the ass and the Hosannas and welcome of the common people.   Babes and Sucklings crying, “Hosanna; blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord,” and as the Son of David, to scourge out the Money Changers and the sellers and buyers in the Temple area.  They put the Scourger on the cross, but now the Scourger puts the Piercers on the cross, because He now is on the Throne, and we in His hand as the scourgers of the whole piercing world.

U.S.A. and England has lost more since Armistice than the war cost them, and if we could sum up all the East and West has lost, we would understand what the overturning of the tables of the Money Changers means, and all the driving out and casting down of the sellers and buyers, and when you see the world's hands and feet being pierced in unemployment etc., you need not wonder, and when you see the work of the Iron Rod in the hand of the Manchild, you will think it as effective as was the spear of the Roman Soldier in revealing the tact of His death, which was as voluntary as their death will be compulsory.

Mary, the Mother--purest on Earth in God's sight, had become the worst in men's eyes for 30 years.  Mary the sinner of Jerusalem was the worst in men's eyes and has become the best in God's and Jesus' eyes, while Lazarus and Martha had become perfect in the double sense of cutting off their self-righteousness hand, feet and eyes, and been perfected in forgiveness, even as Jesus in His and their attitude to Mary.  Mary Magdalene, out of whom went 7 devils was the most perfect in men’s sight For her zeal,  fanatical, self-righteous, despising, accusing, condemning, scandal-mongering,  but became the popular instrument in pubic, as Mary the Sinner was in private.  Notice how Mary the Sinner is always as unseen to public eyes, as Mary Magdalene was in public.  She and others ministered to Him of their substance going down from Galilee to Jerusalem and then at Jerusalem you can see her with Mary the Mother and Mary the Sister of the Mother, and then at the tomb to anoint His body and 1st to hear and see and report to the Disciples.

Mary the Sinner revealed Simon the Pharisee in the washing of His feet and anointing them, and also revealed the heart of Jesus, and so of  God.  Mary sat at His feet more hungry and thirsty than Martha was to feed Jesus, or Jesus to eat.  Mary sat still in the house when Jesus was coming, while Martha went forth to meet Him.  Mary anointed His body against the burial, and revealed Judas, the devil-possessed, and his influence on the Disciples.  And of her, Jesus said, “Wheresoever this Gospel is preached,  it shall be told of her that she hath done this."  There are great and Tender thoughts, beyond the comprehension of our human nature, and reveals the value of a sinner in perfecting and, forgiveness and destroying our self-righteousness. that we may be purified, made white and tried; so fitted for fellowship with God the Trinity.

My Love in Him to all there,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:   Grims
August 1, 1930

My dear Grims:

Thanks for yours and the items which I note and welcome.  Mary is a good sample of many these days, when we are passing from the 16 years of Beginning of Sorrows to Tribulation 7 years, which will be The Great and Dreadful Day of the Lord in vengeance for the great day, when they revealed their wickedness towards God in what they said, did, and how they did it to Him, in that memorable 24 hours from time he sat down to His last meal with His disciples, till He was in the tomb.  All of which was done so secretly and wisely, that the people knew little about it, till it was an  accomplished fact.  And so, He is playing the same game in it coming like a snare on the whole Earth.  And only when we can look back upon these 16 years, can we see how snare-like it has been, and so the future 7 years will bear the same mark.

The 10 days from July 26 to August 4, 16 years ago, were very fateful, and the silence in Heaven for half an hour shows, now, what a big job was on hand, marking the end of the old and the beginning of the new, when the 7 angels prepared to sound the various developments to the very end.  All according to plan and programme, with all Heaven's angels and nature in perfect harmony and loyal to God and Jesus.

It's worth reading and pondering the 4th, 5th, 6th of Revelation and see at the Easter time.  Time, night and day, is about equal-12 hours night, and 12 hours day, so they sat down to supper as soon as stars could be seen in the sky, which is the Jew's way of knowing when the new day is beginning, 6 p.m.  Read over the supper, and washing of feet, and the truth He gave them in John 13 and 14, which took 2 hours.  "Arise; let us go hence..." and so at 8 p.m., they began their walk to Gethsemane, about 1/2 hour, and he gave them John 15 and 16 and finished in the Garden with the prayer of John 17, to watch for one hour for Judas coming quickly, as He had told him.  When Judas went out, it was 7 p.m., so at 9:30 p.m. Judas came with "Hail Master!" and kissed Him, which shows they did not even know Him by sight, but only through the reports from others, which shows how hatefully unjust and biased they were; and by 10:20 p.m., He was up in the Jewish guard room on Mt. Zion.  This covers the war period from August, 1914, to 11th November-Armistice Day-1918.  And the course of the war was very much along the same experience He had gone through, and my experience was ditto with the Testy people.

1917 was a real Gesthemene year to the Allies, when French and Italian troops were mutinying and the German's sinking shipping, and, finally, Russia betraying them in retiring from the war through German intrigue and money-through  Lenin and Trotsky--and the hope of getting out of their war and personal debts, and confiscation of all allied property, but U.S.A. came to the rescue.  But every throb of pain Jesus went thru, he put them all through, and you will find Russian experience will end very much

like Judas, who hanged himself, and the rope broke, and his body fell down, and his bowels gushed out, when he hit bottom.  It's good to notice this year, that the Jews keep Fast of Ab on August 3rd, in memory of losing Jerusalem and the temple on 2 occasions by Nebuchadnezzer, and then by Titus in 70 AD, and it was this fast last year, which led to the riots on 23rd August.  English ultimatum to Germany expires 12 p.m., 3rd August, 1914.

From 10:20 to cock crows at 3 a.m. you see Jesus being smitten, mocked, spit upon, blindfolded, and beaten, while Peter had denied him 3 times.  This covers the next 4 years to 1923, when we had the Japanese quake on 1st July, and in the interval China had buried 20 million by famine, and Russia, 10 million, while the treaties after the war was very much a matter of smiting, spitting on one another, etc.

You will do well to read the 4 gospel records of the 24 hours and become familiar with each period.  This is better for all, rather than fooling about and cackling too much in such serious days as we are now entering.

Then, from 3 am to 6 am, He was before the Jewish Sanhedrin, and the false witness, and at 5, the High Priest asked Him why He answered not, and you can see His reply:  "Thou sayest it; and hereafter, ye shall see the Son of Man on the right hand of power, coming in the clouds of Heaven," which made the High Priest rend his garment and ask, "What thinkest thou..." of the council who said "He is worthy of death."  And so, at 6 am, the whole multitude arose and led Him, bound and shackled, to Pilate's judgment hall-about 1/2 hour distance for a crowd.  This was well-marked in 1926-general strike in England.  Criminals could not be judged by Roman court, except between sunrise and sunset, so Pilate examined Him and found no fault with Him, and so went out at 7 am to the Jews, who were too holy to defile themselves at feast time going into Pilate's judgment hall.  But they cried, "Crucify Him," and so we had the Palestine quake on 11th July, at 3 p.m., 1927.

Then, Pilate sent Him to Herod, who was ruler, or Governor of the North of Palestine, and this occupied 1928, or the 14th hour, in which we had drought here and were shipping water 50 miles to Jerusalem.  For every time Jesus felt thirsty, and nothing to drink, He has given the world drought.

Then, at 9 am, Pilate, trying to save Jesus, said, "I always release to you a capital criminal at this feast time, will you have Barabbas, or Jesus?"  Barabbas was under sentence of death for sedition, insurrection, murder and robbery.  So they cried, "give us Barabbas...but crucify Jesus," and so we had, in 1929, sedition, insurrection, murder and looting let loose in Palestine to mark the hour of 9 am to 10 am, during which time Jesus was being scourged, crowned with thorns, and a royal robe put on Him by the soldiers to try and make Him confess His guilt.

At 10 am, Pilate brought Him forth and said, "Behold, The Man..." scourged, and thorn-crowned, and a royal robe in mockery on Him.  So they cried, "Away with Him!" but notice the scourging, and thorn-crowned men in authority, and how mockful their royal robes have been since 1929.

From 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., they were making their crosses, which was part of the punishment for all who were crucified.  So, at 11 am, Pilate brought Him out to them again in a final appeal, and said, "Behold, your king."  But they said, "We have no King but Caesar; crucify Him."  And so they began their journey from Pilate's judgment hall to Calvary, with the women, wailing behind them, and a great crowd.  He turned to the women and said, "Wail not for me, but for your children, for it shall come to pass, they shall say 'blessed are the barren,' and they shall call for the mountains to fall on them and cover them...", showing how clearly He saw the days of vengeance now on.  If they did these things in the green tree of their wickedness, what will it be in the dry, when it's ready to be cut down and burnt?

So, at 12 Noon, they nailed Him to the cross and uplifted it, and darkness came upon the face of the earth from 12 to 3 p.m., which points to the dark days ahead a year from now.

This year, everybody will be feeling their cross, or consequences of their own wicked, foolish, Godlessness, as did the 2 thieves, who are but type of the whole race.  The one on the right became honest-hearted and found mercy; the other perished, which shows the affect of the sufferings ahead on many.  Mary, His mother, Jesus said to, "Mother, behold thy son, and son..." (to John) "...behold thy mother.", and so, John took her to his own home.  Seems to point to the time when the mother of the Manchild will find a home where John finds his, when he comes to prophesy with me.

And so, you can see the cause of the world slump which is marked by the Wall Street crash in November 1929, about Armistice Day, which seems to baffle the experts so much, both in finding the cause and cure for such.  For unemployment is only the effect, not the cause, for Capital is worse hit than Labour and you can see both bearing their cross.  And when they get there, both hands (or Labour) and feet (or Capital) will find the nails make their hopes and progress impossible, and the dark days, and dying days, will have come, which men would have thought impossible, even as did the 2 thieves before they got to where they were.  Mary and the women, who had ministered to Him on His journey to Jerusalem, stood first, near the cross, and, then, far off.  The Disciples were scattered, and so it's the Woman's job today to see it all taking place before their eyes, with hope in their hearts and His assured mercy and peace.

The quake in Italy and the typhoon in Japan Sea were well-tuned and draw our eyes to Him on the throne, and all His power on the Earth, and the great variety of other happenings.  I have written you pretty full, so that you may be able to get this copied and give to all who care to hear and see His work on the Earth these past 16 years, and now the coming 7 of Tribulation.  I'm afraid the Rapture People are in for disillusionment.

Best love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Charles Terreberry
August 2, 1930
Box 28,  P. O.
Jaffa,  Palestine

My Dear Charles:

Thanks for yours July 13, 1930.    I expect your gift will come all right, thanks for your hearty expression and desire for my 69th year, and the best of all of them every way.     These 10 days from July 26th to August 4th are the days, 16 years ago, we had slipped into the great and dreadful day of the Lord, which continues increasingly severe for 24 years--    one year for every hour of His suffering from Sundown, to when He sat down to His Last Supper, till He was in the Tomb the following Sundown.

So, now, we are beginning the 17th year, or the 17th hour of His suffering when He began to carry their cross to Calvary.  He was nailed and uplifted at 12:00 noon; and darkness came on the Earth from that, till 3:00 P.M., when He died.  He is now on the Throne with all power, honor, riches, wisdom, glory, and blessing, as you can see from Revelation 4 & 5; and the whole world are summed up in the 2 thieves--one on the right and the other on the left.  Hope for all who will be made to confess their guilt and His righteousness, and call on His name, as did the Thief on the Right, no hope for any others; so suffering will compel many to see where they are, and why He is.

The Disciples and the women who stood and saw Him die are type for all who are truly His and my disciples, or the Woman of Revelation 12, who brings forth the Manchild.  16 years of beginning of sorrows, when trouble has been in divers places here and there.  But the Tribulation--7 years will be world-wide in war, famine and pestilence and plagues.   So you can see what you say of the United States and Canada is true of the whole World.  They call it a world “slump", and all men will feel the cross, or consequences of their actions, during this year, increasing to nailing their hands in no hire for man or beast; and their feet, in them not knowing where to go or what to do.

You will find more people ready to hear what you have to say by this time next year; we will see John from Heaven and the gathering of the Disciples and Woman Body to Palestine.

Jesus, when lifted up said, "Mother behold thy Son; Son, behold thy Mother" and John took her to His own home, are prophetic words for the gathering of all who have been His and mine and had honest ears and mouth to hear and obey and confess it to others. You will get copies which give you much fuller detail through others.

With Best Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Fountains
August 2, 1930

PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Fountains:

Thanks for yours.  It's good to find your religious and political neighbours pretty well cut off from you.  Which may be the cause for them having dry time.  But don't let even that trouble you, for we are now entering the 17 hour of His sufferings; and so the 18th year of Judgment; and now the 1st year of Tribulation, which is the last 7 years.  From 11 to 12 noon, Jesus & Co. were bearing their cross to Calvary.  The past 16 years was Beginning of Sorrows, when wars and rumours of wars, quakes, pestilence and famine were in divers places.  So now it will be worldwide, whatever comes and so the world slump – for they have great overplus of food and supplies, but no market.  And probably next year it will be the opposite.  No food and plenty of market.  At 12 noon He was nailed to the tree, and so darkness will be on the earth from 12 to 3 noon, which means dying conditions for all.  When there is no hire for man or beast, and people not knowing where to go or what to do.  From 10 to 11 A.M. they were making their crosses, and so we can see that men have been making their own form of suffering by their own wickedness.

At 12 noon when Jesus was nailed and uplifted, He looked on His Mother and said, "Mother, Behold thy Son, and Son, behold they Mother,"" and John took her to his own home.  Which may prove to be prophetic for this time next year, when John will have come, and the Woman be invited to come to Palestine.  So you need not trouble about the children.  Give them all the help you can there and aim at selling your place as best you can and keep ear and eye open and don't fail to witness to any you can.  You can see how well marked these days were by the quake in Italy and the typhoon in Japan.  Nor worry about who hears or don't hear.  They will all feel the load get heavier and the surer their sufferings – for the 2 thieves are type of the whole world and what the suffering did for the one on the right hand, it will do for many on the earth.  It's good to see Jesus on the Throne and the 2 thieves and robbers under their cross of their own making and the wailing women behind, and notice what Jesus said to them which proves it's for these days.  You will probably have seen mine to others which gives more detail of the whole program.  So read it up and enjoy John 13 to 17, along with the 4 gospel records of crucifixion, which will guide you in understanding.

My Love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  George & Mag, New Zealand

August 7, 1930
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear George and Mag:

Thanks for yours.  It’s good that we should be able to  read, now. The day has come that shall burn as an Oven; and all the proud and they that do wickedly shall be stubble (no fruit) and the day that is come shall leave them neither root nor branch.  These are stout words when we see USA get their crops burned up before their eyes from July the 4th to the present.  Just 40 days from, they were celebrating the 4th July  (which cost them 404 lives in 3 days), boasting their independence, when they said Peace and Safety, which was ratified in England, USA, Japan on 21st.  Followed by the Italian quake, Japanese and Korean typhoon, which took about equal number in dead, injured and homeless.  While in England, Aussy and many other places had their several marks with four-point war in China; with Indian trouble on the increase.  Turks, Russian Kurds, and Iraquis in the soup also.  So, “Sudden destruction” was well marked all July.  Temperature was over 100 degrees in some parts of the states.  Canada, also, has been well hit.  So the Oven has been heated in the very center of the world’s most developed farming centers.

Last Sunday and Monday, reports of 15 million people’s crops being badly affected; and this, with 7 million unemployed, gives us plenty to see the mild panic on.  And the President canceled his holiday to see what was to be done.  Wheat has fallen 40 per cent import—2 years, which has left the farmer’s on the rocks, and so prepared them for the Oven.  And we know the pride and wickedness of USA has been well marked with their boasting prosperity.  And, also, their prohibition, the result of which, is that crime is better organized and has a bigger income than the U.S.A. government.  And so we can see more clearly the Black Horse  Rider of Rev. 6: food, drink control, health and luxury control.  Unemployed jump up--million more in England and Germany in one year, is a powerful thing when we know the efforts to cut it down.  Finding on 10th Sunday the united report of England, USA and Germany is very striking, for they are the very center of education, religion and politics.

Mussolini and the Pope are both reported to be suffering from Cancer. And Italy had quake, tornado, which took 20 lives on 14th; another in Naples, which killed; and, also, houses suffered.  The Indus River in Northern India has been in serious flood for past 6 weeks; and, today, 3,000 are reported.  And 1,000 villages washed on in Chili and Manchuria.  And the Oven has been even hotter in USA since 1st August. On 10th August, quake in Spain.  And the Yemen on Red Sea with heat wave in Iraq, which took 60 lives by sunstroke.  These and many other things only point to the fact that we are now in the days when the Oven shall burn up the stubble.  And the more we see the reward of the proud and wicked, the surer we are to find increasing reward for all who fear his name.

Their idle words will be many, and for every idle word men shall speak in these days, they shall now give account.  And USA, and England, and Germany are likely to speak most idle words.  So it’s ours to speak the other words, which are given by the Holy Ghost.  All manners of sin and blasphemy against the Son of Man or men shall be forgiven, but to speak against the Holy Ghost can’t be; now or ever.  For His words and witness is life to all who hear and obey.  And death to all who refuse and speak these idle words.  No doubt the many weaknesses seen in the witnesses lately, of many kinds, has produced many idle words now under judgment. But we are passing from the oft ending despising, and rejecting Least Days into those when we will be justified before their eyes and rewarded, while they will be rewarded for their idle words.  For by thy words thou shall be justified, and by thy words thou shall be condemned.  So we expect increase in Grace and Peace, and greater power in our kingly and priestly office.  So as His Kings, keep your mouth open and give the Holy Ghost witness, which is the seal of our Kingship.  And keep using the priestly office unto God.

Unto you that fear my name, shall the sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His wings; and ye shall go forth and grow up as the Calves of the stall.  And ye shall tread the wicked, for they shall be as ashes under the soles of your feet in the day that I do these things, saith The Lord of the whole human race.

I will not write so many personal letters, but hope all can have a read of those I do write.

Best love in Him,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Dunbars
August 9, 1930
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Dunbars and all others:

Thanks for yours.  I suppose, naturally you have a right to know the why of the many of the humiliating things which have been happening to many who have borne clear witness, and given signs of having ears to hear what comes from Jesus on the Throne in These days, specially, when the world is like the two thieves and robbers bearing their cross to Calvary, which began the 11  to 12 hour, or the 17 hours of His suffering, and the 17th year of the world's Judgment which is the 1st of Tribulation. We have all seen plenty marks of binding and loosing.  But why should we have to see and taste in ourselves such humiliating? Marks?

Mrs. Petty is just recovering from operation which the Drs. gave little hope for recovery from.  George Linn lost his wife some years ago and his eldest son, very painfully in both cases, the latter only 1 ½  years ago.  Another very faithful man in Australia has seen his business slowly dying for past year. Then you have had quite a variety of very humiliating things in that quarter, to some who have borne clear witness and seen binding and loosing.  At 1st glance we might say it was Discipline and that may be that element in it, but there was Another side, which is more important.  Mary said, "If thou hadst been here my brother had not died."  But Jesus said, "This is not unto death, but for the Glory of God."  And you can see the effect it had on the common people who welcomed his riding into Jerusalem on an ass and colt, the foal of an ass.  And the effect on those who were the enemy--people who only looked on these Things as an occasion for speaking their evil, idle words and plotting His death.

You can see the effects on those who are made to suffer.   It's apt to close their mouths and weaken their witness, and so is a real test for them.  But it opens the mouths of all who are blasphemers against the Holy Spirit and witness from the Throne of God.  And so they pour out their idle words.  To speak against you as His witness or against the Son of Man can be forgiven; but to speak idle words against what is the Spirit of God witnessing can never be forgiven in this world, nor that to come. And so by their idle words will be judged.  This is something more than has been in binding and loosing days of the past 16 years of beginning of sorrows.  Your humiliations only add to your leastness, and make it easier for people to blaspheme against you and your message.

Read and understand Matt. 12, and notice the last verse: He that doeth the will of my Father, the same is my mother, brother and sister.  Even His mother and brethren who knew Him so long as Jesus, had their doubts about Him after His anointing and gathering of the Disciples.  But it was they who heard God speaking through His lips and obeyed them who were the true trees.  And their witness was the fruit which proved who they were.  For a corrupt tree cannot bear good fruit; neither can a man, or tree, bear corrupt fruit who has got life through hearing. By their fruits ye shall know them.  The fruit here does not mean the humiliating things of our leastness, which cause many people to blaspheme against us, but rather the witness and understanding we have, through receiving His Message and bearing it to others as best we can.   Every idle word that men shall speak he shall give account in the day of Judgment (where we are now).  For by thy words shalt thou be condemned, and by thy words shalt thou be Justified.  So don't measure yourself by the idle words which men may speak of you truly in your leastness; nor measure yourself by your leastness, but by The Message from the Throne, which is God's Message of Life to you, and to which you bear witness in your words.

It may seem almost comical and pathetic for a man to bear the Message to fellow prisoners in Jail or like Mrs. Petty, to bear witness in hospital to clergy man who had come to comfort her, or George Linn to bear witness after his son had been burnt to death in a car smash when alone.  Or for anyone who is out of work or health.  But it's a real test to those who witness and to those who hear, and now more real and true than ever before.    You can see how true this was in Jesus turning to the women who came behind them wailing.  Weep not for me who am suffering for being the witness and mouthpiece of God to an evil and crooked generation, but weep for your own sons.   For it shall come to Pass,  as it is now, they shall say blessed is the barren and the womb that never bore and the paps that never suckled, etc.  So don't let your leastness in men's eyes make you dumb, but rather rejoice that you can share with Him who is not now on the cross,   but on the Throne, and who knows every mark we bear today, and will not suffer any who hear, to bear more than they can stand in perfecting them, and drawing out the idle words of all who measure God's Almighty powers by our weakness. And the other side is not to invite discipline from God through our presumption or disobedience.  You can see the women and Disciples scattered amongst the crowd on the way to Calvary, and such we are today.  But with fellowship with God and Jesus on the Throne by the spirit of God and His witness to men on the Earth.

You have in Mary the Mother, the marks of the wise virgin in whose heart or vessel is found the Oil for their light - hearing. In Mary, the sinner of Jerusalem, you have the marks of our humiliation in various, and devious, ways.  And you can see her public confession and anointing of His feet as a guide to our witness, and which reveals the wicked hearted Pharisee and his idle corrupt fruit.  Then in Mary Magdalene, out of whom went 7 devils, you see the woman clothed with the Sun and the Moon under her feet; for she had been very zealous in religious.  And how those 3 women would provoke the idle words of all who knew them. Outwardly, the weakest things on Earth; inwardly, the truest in God's sight.  They were, with the Disciples, what they were for our comfort and blessing today, as He was for our comfort and hope.  And we have much more to cheer, strengthen and help than they had.  For we are not at the crucifying of the Son of God, but that of all who are His enemies on the Earth.

You can read what the Harlot gets in Rev. 17, 18 & 19, but don't miss what is our part in Chapter 19 as the Bride and wife of the Son of God.  So make yourself ready by that which He has provided in the white raiment of our witness, in contrast to the Harlot raiment of the whole religious world.  And you can see they are not yet raptured, nor likely to be, for the rapture people are the most wicked of them all.  In a year from now we will understand what Jesus meant when He said, Mother, Behold  your Son (John); and Son, Behold thy Mother, and John took her to his own home, which shows John, her and the woman ready and the home to receive her. And you need not be over anxious of all that lies between now and then, but soberly and wisely make yourselves ready with all He has so fully provided for all who have ears to hear and heart to obey.

Try and give a copy to all.

My Love to you 4 and all others,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
September 3, 1930

My dear Willie, Rose and Co.:

Thanks for your hearty letters.  Only a month of tribulations and how much has been wrought.  All snarelike to keep them from getting scared and to bring out all their idle words and reveal their iniquity in their ways and plans to stop His great work.  They began at 200, then 300, then 500 and now 1,000 million loss through unprecedented drought.  They don't see that storm and floods have been as destructive as the drought on crops, etc., and scattered over the whole earth.  And politics and news interests are all trying to hide it.  The Daily Herald in England on March 3, said there were 16 million unemployed in the world.  This is but a weak estimate of the suffering through labor troubles, caused largely by labor control throttling or trying to throttle capital.  But both producer and consumer are being slowly bled white in what's going on, owing to overproduction of materials and products, food and clothing.  So when they have laid in all the cash, they will find it very hard to find food to buy.

Hoover signed peace and safety on July 21st, when Washington was sweltering in heat and had been for 11 days out of 22 days over 100 degrees.  These are Examiners figures.  Australia is in the biggest plight of all, through their labor (clay-iron feet) government.  They are practically bankrupt and no way out.  Through added hours and reduction of taxes they have reduced wages 25% with 10% unemployed and no way of producing goods for export to pay interest outside and nobody willing to risk increasing their loss.  While Red Labor demands 36 hours a week and 28% increase in wages as their solution.  The best ship on the Pacific Canadian and Australian trade route had to sail with 100 passengers and 1,000 tons cargo instead of 300 passengers and 5,000 tons, which would mean 10,000 pounds loss in one trip.  Not one car aboard her.

Our mails here from England have only been once per week in place of three up to three weeks ago, which no doubt, is caused by trade to India, China and the EAST and Australia being badly hit.  But we only see the straws.  Bank clearance in the U.S.A. big cities were down 3% in last week in July.  Railways also finding big slump in U.S.A. and England and all over you would think they were Christian Science people, thinking to cure matters by refusing to see or believe it.  Politicians and newspapers covering up for fear of trouble to themselves, through losing votes or advertisements.

Arthur Brisbane's column is very good and comical reading, for he sees so much he doesn't want to see and in one place gives warning and another place boost as the cure.

On Armistice Day they got all they wanted and it's proof is in that they try to forget the slump.  Many of the hotels of Europe and shootings in Scotland have told the tale in being left empty, though they hide as best they can.  A good business man puts on his best suit and a flower in his button hole when business is bad.  A grocer in Indiana put crepe on his door and all the people came to sympathize, to learn that it was business that was dead and so they helped to revive it, for one day anyway.  It was reported that 130,000 workers had returned to work in Detroit car works.  They did not say or see why, or where they had been.  In East Sask. where they had some crops ready to turn to harvesting, storm came and mowed them.  England and France have had a good deal of this crop destruction.  N. of Ireland are very sore over the fall in prices below the cost of production.  In England and Scotland they were dumping last years potatoes in the sea, owing to prices having made them valueless in the markets.  I see one place where they sold potatoes for 6 cents per sack, sack included.  This is the part which hits farmers worst, leaving them poor and bare and unfit to buy the surplus products of the factory, while both the wholesaler and retailers hold the money bags.  The big corporations and chain stores have destroyed the smaller trade and hit the Jews hard all over the East.

Aimee McPherson came to Jerusalem in April fooling around.  Little did she know that I had been in Los Angeles 24 years ago in April 1906, with the quake to keep it fresh in my mind.  They rejected and rebelled against Jesus in His simplicity and so formed the Pentecostal movement and spread it over the earth.  And since my coming here Aimee has organized it as The Four-Square Gospel and The Temple as headquarters.  On August 3rd she preached her last sermon and was going to rest and write a book, became blind and a nervous wreck and two weeks after she broke her mother's nose in a wild attack.  So you see we were not left with only the outward marks, but had August 4th made clear in the casting of Jezebel into a bed and them with her into great tribulation.  "I will kill her children with death and all the churches (or places where my feet have trod) shall know that I am He that searcheth the reins and hearts and will give to every one of you according to your works."  So you can see The Testimony People are included in the churches, as well as Jezebel and company.  "But unto you I say and the rest in Thyatira, as many as have not this Jezebel doctrine and which have not known the depths of Satan as they speak, hold fast that which ye have till I come."  So you can see Jezebel and company, The Testimony and me and my hearers as Overcomer and they that hear and obey.

Great Britain was Ephesus.  My first trip to the Eastern U.S.A. was Smyrna.  My first trip to South Africa, Australia and New Zealand or the southern hemisphere was Pergamos.  Then my first trip to the Pacific coast is Thyatira, so well marked in Jezebel and company verses the Overcomer and company.  Western Canada becomes Sardis.  Eastern Canada and Newfoundland become Philadelphia and my witness in general these past years to all, Laodicea, as the Amen faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God.  As these 7 names covered the work of Paul in his three journeys, so they may cover my work in preparation for what is now mine.  For I don't expect there would have been anything apart from where my feet trod and there are many marks throughout the 7 messages which prove this and also help to show that the angel of Alpha Days becomes the angel of Omega Days.  I had written a letter which would probably reach Aimee about August 1st and also wrote her direct on the day before I saw report of her mother's trouble.  So it may have hurt her badly.

But Malachi 3:15 shows where they all have been for past 16 years and where we are today is very clear in  Malachi 4:1, 2 and 3 and we have no doubts, but we can claim and look for these things happening, both to them and us.  To have a few in Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand, California, West and East Canada is quite interesting and there may be a few in Eastern U.S.A., though I don't know of any.  But clearly Thyatira is the Pacific coast and now we can wait patiently and see the results there and also in the churches in general or The Testimony.  And Laodicea covers well His Amen and true and faithful witness period to them all and the beginning of the creation of God.  "As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore and repent.  Behold, I stand at the door and knock, if any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in to him and sup with him, and he with me," which explains the feast which He has always spread on our table.  So be guided well in your witness by Malachi 4:1-3 and Revelation 1:3-7.  Though Malachi 4 probably is the best and clearest for explaining why the world is like an oven and the proud and wicked stubble to heat it up and burn them up, leaving neither root nor branch.

My love in Him to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Percy Abbott
October 3, 1930
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Percy:

Thanks for yours.  Forget all that’s behind and never touch it, so shall you find the only peace you can have.  looking back, I would not change any word or any action of others; nor mine, for the world today, seeing where we are and what is our possibilities.  My 37 ½ years have been chuck full of such things as you refer, but surely, they work together for our good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose, which is to conform us to His image of His son, which is but theory to most people, but a very practical, and often painful, experience on our part.

Last month and this [in 1914] were the 2 months I was fighting my Waterloo, in getting away from the affairs of the world and all its enticing, ensnaring, alluring entanglements.  It was like Moses leaving Egypt, tho I knew it not.  And the most bitter part of it was from the best natural and spiritual friends I had. And it’s been like a battle field ever since.  But the victory is in sight, and everything is easier and more possible, because of all I’ve gone thru.

You will find the Serpent, Devil, and Satan always work along those lines to rob you of much peace, joy and comfort and hope, even to weakening of your body thru worry.  And such is not the experience of others; but the more He can sup with us, and we with Him, then the more the accuser will attend to us.

When the Disciples returned with the proof that God was in, with, and by them, Jesus said, “I saw Satan, as lightening, fall from Heaven;” and He gave them power over all his [Satan’s] power.  “Behold, I give you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, (of the human kind,) thru whom Satan works to hinder us being useful to Him; and over all the power of the enemy, in whose arms the whole world lie; and nothing shall, by any means, hurt you.  And rejoice that your name is written in Heaven;”  and the endorsement—even by Satan & Co., on the Earth.  And, surely, our experience in The Testimony People fulfilled these words to the letter.

The Devil never troubles me about the future; but always by the past of my whole life, if, when sleeping or waking, I begin to let him do or have any say.  I suppose being who I am makes him concentrate more on me than any other; and I expect he don’t forget any who are with me, anywhere; anytime.  And we could not be able to read Revelation 12 but for this experience.  It would be foreign in our understanding.  And don’t expect that most others around you can have more than a taste of this.  But it’s good to have them have some in their own measure and way.  And Revelation 12 is where, and what, we are specially interested.  And you can be quite sure that the battle between Michael and his 100 million, and more, Angels of Revelation 5 in conflict with the Dragon and his Angels  circle and centers around the woman and Manchild being brought forth.  But tho they war, they prevail not.  Neither was there any place found any more in Heaven.  So our hope of deliverance, even from much of the past and present conflict, when our salvation and strength and the Kingdom of God and the power of His anointing; for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accuseth them before God DAY AND NIGHT.  You can see what a change our experience will be soon, compared to what it has been when the wicked will be like ashes under the soles of our feet, rather than serpents and scorpions, as in the past.  Meantime, stay where you are, and as you are—glad in heart for all you have and are, as I am.

Best love in Him,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to dear Friend -----------------THE NEED OF A PROPHET
October 11, 1930
PO Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Friends;

Thanks for yours. The world is full of false prophets and prophecy, and every man seems to walk in his own thoughts and ways, iniquity and hypocrisy, so why not the need for a true Prophet? And don’t think God will ask any man in the matter.

The Book is full of proofs that such a man is to be Prophet or Mouthpiece of God for these days, if people can’t see, then it is proof that they have no light, or worse, the light of them is darkness.

We have had 17 years of the beginning of sorrows according to what Jesus said in Matt. 24, etc. in diverse places and now we are to have world wide war, famine, pestilence and plagues for 7 years to end the whole fabric of religion, racialism and the language babel on the earth. What began at Babel is to end in the destruction of Babylon as you can see from Rev. 17 and 18. The Reader of revelation and those who hear his reading are the New Seed for the Kingdom of God being set up on the earth.

You can see in Rev 22 what it will mean for all who either add to or take from the words of this prophecy, by the reading of the Book by the Man. A Prophet is a man on the earth for whom the Spirit of God is to see, hear and witness. People always loved the dead Prophets, but either did not feel the need of, or give ear to a living Prophet.

Jesus is on the Throne in Heaven, and most every form of righteousness on the earth is carried on in His name, and backed by His written record; SO WHY NOT A PROPHET?

Isaiah 55 is a record of this servant, whom Jesus makes Witness, Leader & Commander, for all who will hear Him. People’s attitude toward God, Jesus and the Spirit is known by their attitude to the Servant. All who will hear my reading of Revelation, which is the program of Judgment of all man from 1914 to the end, will find a place of shelter, provision and comfort. All others will perish from the earth. This is the reading of the whole Book, as it was in Noah’s time to now.

My best wishes for you, Hear and your soul shall live, refuse and perish.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Pettys
November 11, 1930

My dear Mr. Petty and Nancy:

Thanks for your wire, received just after posting one to you, which gave my human feelings a throb, followed by a thrill, when I thought of what it meant for you, and her whom we loved and miss; but whom He loved more and has honoured beyond what we can fully grasp.

Your wife and mother [Gertrude Petty] was my best friend; keenest and most loyal in grasping all that has come from Him through my lips and life for 37 years.  And if I had to choose a representative to any court on Earth or in Heaven, certainly she would have first place.  And that is my joy and comfort.  And her lingering, suffering, heroic months only writes it the deeper in the hearts of all who have ears to hear.  And brought, and will bring out, many idle words, which will be serious in consequences for all who speak, and so be double-edged for all.  Only remembered by what she has done, is a poor, weak, foolish expression of a human kind, compared to [being] remembered by what she is, and where she sits, as heartily welcome round the Throne by the four and twenty, as we miss her presence and fellowship on Earth.

“My God, why hast thou forsaken me,” is the anguished cry of all that’s human--even the most valued in service, after fighting the good fight; keeping the faith; and running the race to the end and crown won; but when we see the stone rolled away and the ascending up, we see the glory of man--The most humiliating death, and the stamp of immortality there forever.  Can you vision the humiliation of all those around the Throne in their death and putting off of the mortal and corruptible, to put on the immortal and incorruptible?  Can you see John, 96, frail, feeble, and few friends totter his last steps—written his last words, and the Temple of God crumble to dust?  But though unknown by any earthly mark are all of them, the words they wrote and spoke and suffered for remain more powerful and effective today to the whole 1800 million, than any other monument, and thrill and throb with life today, as they never could before.

While you are laying away the dust, sadly and sorrowfully, the 24 Elders rise from their seats and each willing to make room for her we mourn, but they, as gladly, as we, sadly.  And I’m sure her good sense will remain with her for she will know to take John’s place and seat, and so help them to know what we are so eagerly expecting.  And when he comes, we will, the more, rejoice at her going for it opens Heaven in a double sense, and quickens all who have ears to hear and hearts to understand.  But who could doubt how eagerly the Saints in Heaven will listen to a witness from Earth as to conditions here.  Are they not as anxious to hear and welcome, as we will, and are, to hear and welcome John?  And can he come in our midst without a very definite seal on the words I write to comfort and cheer you and me?  So it’s all like putting into practice and to the test, all we have been learning, and who can doubt His looking over all who are the Woman Body and making His choice to fill John’s place in Heaven till he is honoured at the side of Jesus, when the 2 Witnesses ascend up to sit right and left of the glory-crowned Carpenter of Nazareth.  So, “absent from the body and present with the Lord” becomes even more glorious in the light of present happenings and conditions.  And what a load it has lifted off you two, and me, also, for it’s been such to me; and like weaning us from her, and wooing us for Him--her long, patient, courageous battle.  Her letter today was very sweet and precious.  I will keep it, and it may please John to have a look at it.

Writing this on the A.M. of Armistice Day is interesting, and points to many other happenings which mark a new era in the 24 years programme, and a general speeding up of world events.  And when we see what science can do, it makes us all the keener for the great day at hand, when Salvation and Strength, and the Power of our Christ, and the Kingdom of God will be set up to meet the needs of a wailing world.

A very dear old lady, who had great heart for me and my Message in 1919, when I left California, died from Cancer following year, and it touched my heart very much.  Then, Mr. Skerritt’s first wife, who showed great heart, though I never saw her, died from Cancer five years ago.  And now Minnie Gerow is Mrs. Skerritt, and both very keen in their witness in California.  But I remember what a challenge it was, but I have greater comfort and confidence that the great day of victory is ours and at hand.  And we shall see these three again, and they will be as glad to welcome me to Heaven, as I could have been to welcome them to John’s wilderness home in Palestine.

I trust His Spirit will make these things life, comfort and joy to both you and all others who may read them.

Best Love,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Pettys,  Australia
November 25, 1930
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Pettys:

I had enclosed from R. Laughlin, Sr. & Jr., which you may care to see.  I expect there will be many such with are generally speaking more the human, but comforting.  I don’ expect any of the Woman Body who knew Mrs. Petty, or had tasted of her ministry, but would subscribe heartily to all the Laughlins say, But I’m sure then, and now more effective today than ever she could be on Earth.  And so, she has the desire of her heart beyond even her own expectancy.  It’s what he sees in the heart, wicked or righteous, that is to be rewarded according to Revelation 2.

 When I was carrying home a bundle of papers last night, I though what a bundle it would take to cover all that god and his army are reported doing on the Earth.  We are apt to get fed up with so much, that we are apt to lose power to digest it all, but through many notable things, always seem to remain.  I don’t know how Aussy [Australia] will think of the ____, but I’m afraid they were disappointed in the labor government’s attitude and the liberals even more so.

Financial troubles seem to become more marked everywhere with France in the spotlight for bank closings, (as they had been the envy spot, because of her being richest in gold), which some were blaming her for,  All the revolutionary countries frankly say it was the financial and industrial conditions which made them possible.  USA car people are forced to admit there will be a shortage of new cars produced of 5 million in 1930, which taken at 500 pounds each, runs into quite a big bill.

There is a big move on in Great Britain to establish family-farms on improved ground, but one hundred years ago, the people were forced from their small holdings to Canada, Aussy, and the USA by famine and poverty, and, now, are well-to-do in their larger opportunity; and better lands, which must ever be the cause for farming at home being a risky job.  It takes 7 pounds to put on the table, 10 pounds worth of farm produce, which points to the source of danger for both producer and consumer, as they have no power to control banks; wholesale and retail people today.

Though they recognize it’s slowly sapping general prosperity, high-priced labor and strong protection of labor on the one hand, coupled with the above, makes a formidable difficulty.  And attempts to cope with it, only adds to general taxation, which saps industry in general.

There can be no doubt that USA Prohibition did much to increase and glut her markets with products.  A retail man with many stores, suggested to Hoover to encourage every family to purchase $199 on credit, and so set the factories going.  But he did not say that the installment plan has been overdone for past ten years, and now they are reaping what they sowed in encouraging the people to go on with their orgy of pleasure to the tune of 29 billion in 1929, while all sorts of credits were tempting them to buy.

The speeches in the Round Table Conference on Indian Affairs proves that the Princes are forced to hold the knife at England’s throat; either full dominion status now; or forever, last is the eternal cry, with no consideration for the people’s conditions, in contrast to the other dominions.  And being driven home every day by general Indian troubles, they all have at back of their minds what happened in Ireland to stimulate their claims.

Both Arabs and Jews are getting, daily, more truculent and troublesome here and in London; and no doubt, from the echo from London speech on demands, will be heard from all the Eastern nations.  The chief Arab and Jewish papers have been closed last week, owing to their inciting articles on both sides, and that of a near-like nature.  The Zionist general heads are in conference in London and making very strong attempts to force her, either to give way, or to release the mandate with the threat of making USA their Zionist headquarters.

The agriculturalists, Arab and Jew, are all wanting help from the government, who propose to raise 2 ½ million pound loan for their benefit; and a move to start non-co-operation in Palestine by Arabs.  All of which points to them making their cross on which to find their, already sure, general business in bad; and increasing more serious, bankruptcies with so many new merchants, which they brought in through the boycott of Jews, which only meant a general reduction in  business for every man.  And no new customers, and the old hampered for money to pay.

There have been a good many cases of flu owing to light rains only, which feed it; as a good cold rain works the other way.  USA and Canada Winter came 50 days earlier and was quite severe from start, both in severity of blizzard.  And low temperature reaching as far South as Northern Alabama, where the houses of the majority can’t resist the cold and have little preparation, either in food or clothing.  250,000 people have had to get help and protection in Chicago alone, so I expect flu will have a good start there also.  1918 took twenty million from flu, which no one suspected till it was over, and proved to be pestilence world-wide.  Such is the so-called “world  slump,” and depression and discontent.  They see the effects, but never can dream of the cause behind everything.  MacDonald and Hoover are both making their cross and have few to sympathize, though let plough their way through the others hoping to get place and power out of their downfall.  But I suspect they, also, will find Daniel 2 the key to all their troubles.  And since Mrs. Petty’s going, I have enjoyed the more fully, the contrast in Revelation 6 & 7, which seems to blacken the black and whiten the white.

We had a little rain come down to wet the above, so you don’t need to worry.  Palestine needs a good, heavy rain to let farmers get started to plough and plant.  27th is my anniversary coming here 11 years ago; so we will see what the papers report these coming days.  Saturday, 22nd, was the King’s first sick bulletin two years ago.

My love to both and all others, and please copy for this is the only letter to Aussy this week.

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Butlers
December 19, 1930
PO Box 28
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Butlers:

Thanks for your very sensible, practical letter 26-10-30, and the snap photo, which helps intelligent grasp of who you are; And why you wrote is another good point in your favor.

There is nothing so good as to have given you a good substantial view of the whole matter from the scriptures.  This, you get to begin with in Isaiah 55, and the final of the whole work, you can see in Revelation 6, which shows what’s prepared for all who will not hear.  The last verses there show what the end will be of the things you see now only just beginning to be felt in wrath on the Earth.  They will call for the rocks and mountains to fall on them and hide them from the wrath of the Lamb; for the great day of His wrath has come, and who shall be able to stand?

The White Horse and Rider:  The self-righteous flesh who try to dominate in name of God.

The Red Horse Righteous(ness):  who are opposed at every turn.

Black Horse: which tries to control foods, drink, luxuries and all else; and

The Pale Horse:  What you see going on in the Far East, in China and India, are but the instruments of His wrath, which will end in Judgement, till men and kings and all sorts cry out, “Who shall be able to stand the wrath of the Lamb.”  whom they say is love, grace and mercy; but all such as had nor mercy for Him will find none.

It was the Educated, Religious, and Politicals who said He was a bastard and treated Him such, and, finally, put Him between 2 thieves, even after God had so richly honoured Him and His words by miracles they could not gainsay; which proves that nothing can convince a proud, selfish, wicked, devil-possessed heart.  And the only hope for them is wrath, till death has cleared such off the Earth.  And the more place and power they have amongst men, to deceive and use them for their purposes, the more hopeless they are, and the more power the Devil gives them to do this work.

If the blind and wicked lead the blind and wicked, both shall fall into the ditch.  You can see how wicked and proud false prophets, and college professors, and leading politicians are.  And no end to their audacity amongst men.  I noticed recently that Los Angeles has 60,000 statutes, old and new, on her books.  So you ought to be good, if men’s control could do it, but it only provokes the strong and oppresses the weak, while it flatters all who are in authority and tempts to corruption and strife amongst such as covet power and place amongst their fellows.  And all the Cain seed of all ages have used their advantage for themselves, and over and against others.  And the abuse is common to all those who have superior Education and Religious and Political claims over, and amongst, their fellows.  God made Adam a working farmer, and Jesus, a working carpenter, and men will be measured by that standard, rather than by the exalted standards which put Him to death.  These are the Piercers, who are to wail because of Him coming in Judgement on the whole Earth, which explains the world slump and depression, and 20 million unemployed; many homeless—homeless and in despair, even though we are only nearing the 7 years of Tribulation, or may be entering it.

Revelation 7 shows you the end of the work only beginning in a man and those who hear him and live by his Message, and is a New Thing on the Earth, as Wrath, such as you see, is a New Thing on Earth.  So the Witness, Leader, and Commander is for such as hear and find it a Living Message.  And round them will be gathered the 144,000 [to hear the] new Omega Gospel by the 2 Witnesses.  And when the 2 are killed, the 144,000 will be scattered to the places where they came from with the Message of Life to all who will hear.  And the final result is that the company of Tribulation Saints, who have washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb—who will stand before Him, when He comes to dwell in and with them, and reign over the whole Earth for 1000 years.  “Washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb” just means your willingness to be to others, what He is to you.

You can get a very simple outline of the whole in Matthew 18.  Sin, in thought, word, or deed, is common to humanity, and how could we ever know the value of God’s love and forgiveness unless we felt the need and value of what Jesus did on Calvary for the sins of men?  But how could we prove our willingness to be as He is, if we did not have others to forgive, and so be made white, in that we would be the very opposite of the accusers, who are everywhere around us, as well as around the cross on which they put Him?  And you will find the Spirit of God work in your own heart, and speak by your lips, when you witness to these things, which is your seal and approval.

You may think you are nobody, when you find that you are not part of the self-righteous White Horse, nor the Red, Bolshoi, fighters-for-their-rights; nor the food and drink, luxury and health controllers, or Black Horse.  And I guess you don’t want to be part of the Pale Horse and his rider—death and Hell following—the four different forms of selfish, devil-possessed people in name of Education, Religion, Race, and Politics.  But to be part of those who have ears to hear His Anointed, in contrast to a world full of self-appointed of all sorts and sizes, may seem a very small thing today.  But when you see the 144,000 gathered, who are being sealed by God in their foreheads as the true Jews, who are like Abraham, who had ears for God and obedience to what He said, this is the true Jews.  The political or racial Jews have no part or lot in the matter, except they have ears to hear like any other.  He is not a Jew, who is one outwardly, but inwardly, as Abraham was in Genesis 12.  To be one of that company, whom no man can number, who stand before His Throne, when all other racial, religious, and political bubbles are burst forever.  So make it a simple matter of clear choice, and go on to the end, and you can be sure He will not fail to give you evidence of His grace and favour, so surely as you see wrath around every day.

I will be pleased if you, either send this to be copied for others benefit, or copy and send to others who may know where to post them to, and so save me too much of what I get enough of, when nearing my 69th birthday, and the writer just beginning.

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Skerritts
December 31, 1930
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for your two, etc.  Your answer to Terreberry was perfect as far as it went.  Probably the suggestion of it's being better for a house to be burned than go on, was flesh, rather than spirit.  So you can forgive yourself that much and congratulate yourself on your reply.

If people could grasp what the first Christmas was--the setting of the God-produced scandal which He had promised through Isaiah, and which ended in Him being crucified as a bastard pretending to be Son and Messiah, sealed by all the miracles which God wrought through Him. Which only stirred up their wrath and hatred the more, while it tested all who had ears to hear the Voice of God that perfected them,  and cut them off from all else.  And this was repeated in all the 10 Apostles who became Martyrs, and Paul by his thorn in the flesh;" and no doubt had something to do with John being in Patmos.

The Tree of Life, kept by a flaming sword, is as much a symbol of God's Eternal Truth, as is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil a symbol of all that is the god of this world, the Devil.  The details of scandal and all confession tend in the wrong direction, while the Truth and methods of God in the Virgin birth are for all who have ears to hear and heart to understand and obey.  Its good to read the Apostle's lives as they are given, rather than reverse the order and feed babes what is strong meat--veterans being made the best for all.

Then, the Stone of stumbling and Rock of Offence, the Stone cut out without hands out of the mountain. The Man around whom the Woman Body is gathered must bear the same test as Jesus did to both the wicked and the righteous, who heard the scandal, but was not deterred from hearing the Voice and finding God set His Seal on them.  And you can see that only such can be helped by these things.  When Peter confessed that Jesus, in spite of all the scandal that Peter had heard, was the Son of God, it gives you some idea of how sweet it was to Jesus to find one whom the Father could reveal His Son to and in.  Then, the transformation on the Mount was the trial and test of their faith.  And you can see the five strongest were weak till they had the vision and Voice from Heaven, by which, the others were helped, and Judas made manifest.

You can see how the whole Woman Body will have the same tests applied for their perfecting, around which will be gathered the 144,000, in the same way and by the same means.  For you can see the wild beasts are to be gathered with the domestic to Jerusalem and His Holy house.  And you can the better sense the Great Red Dragon, 7 headed and 10 horned standing ready to devour her Child when born;  but she brought forth a Manchild etc., to rule the Nations and be caught up to God and His Throne, whom they, in their self-righteous accusing, scandalizing, would have devoured., And so you can see the Value of Scandal to reveal all who are and have the wrath of Revelation 6, and the purifying of all who are to stand before the Throne in Rev. 7.

Scandal reveals the mark of Cain on all who are the wicked ones, and hardens their hearts for the wrath doom   [NEEDS CORRECTION] for all such, just as it softens the hearts of all who will forgive their brother, even as God has, for Jesus' sake, forgiven.  Which is the washing of their robes in the Blood of the Lamb, and making them white and fit to stand before the eyes of the Eternal God, and enjoy His Presence and promises forever. Just as the wicked are eager for the details of scandal, so all who are of God will touch these things very lightly in themselves or in others.  Just as the scandal revealed Judas as of similar nature to the most wicked of the scribes and Pharisees, so you see the Disciples perfected by  Mary, the sinner of Jerusalem, who became pre-eminently the type of the Man, Woman and 144,000, and all the great company to be gathered before Him at His coming.

The Dragon and his angels are the accusers of all whom God has justified by the Blood of Jesus and the Spirit's Seal, so what you see developed in Canada and other places, is just God perfecting the Woman Body, and it’s a very New Thing and quite beyond any Alpha People to grasp or share in it.

Read up on the 3 Marys, and get a good grasp of it, and beware of your own weakness in handling it.  All unrighteousness is sin John says, but wickedness is revealed by people's attitude to other’s sin.  Those of God can see and pray; those of the Devil can only see and accuse.

My Love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S:  "Who made me a judge or divider over you?" - Luke 12:14, is worthy of a look-see, and will give you wisdom in dealing with others.  The parable shows that God is the unfailing judge in all things.  I enclose some letters, which you can reply to and supply what they  desire better than many letters from me.    W. I.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Loves
No Date (filed with 30's)
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

Thanks for yours (2), and also Mary and Dick’s; so one may do for all.  Better to rule our own spirit than take a walled city.  It is always the duty and privilege of married people to feed, and foster, and develop confidence in each other, that strengthens and increases as the years pass.  This can only be done by love and loyalty, which is sure to be our crown, rather than the rust and corrosion of time.  Relationship weakens, if not protected and strengthened.  Accusation and condemnation can never build up, but rather pull down and destroy; so God’s way is best both for past, present, and future relationships.  We are apt to think the human and devilish shortcuts are best, but God’s way will always prove best for every changing circumstance in life.  So cultivate that in all things, and find Him with us as much as we are with Him.  It’s little use having light in the house, if we don’t use it and live in it, so that we get full benefit.

The Virgins, Talents, and Goat and Sheep parables shows the 2 uses which can be made of the light, opportunity, and fellowship, so read and note the best and wise results.  To make sure that our heart condition is such that God can fill with His Spirit is the Wise Virgin’s choice.  To seek to profit by God’s gifts and be profitable to Him and others around us will ever be our safest guide to using all our opportunities and privileges.

To choose to have fellowship with the Servant of the Master at all cost will surely bring us eternal life as His Sheep; and notice, that selfishness as wisdom in seeking our own, rather than the things of God, can only end in revealing our foolishness, profitlessness and goatyness, with weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, rather than eternal fellowship with God in all that’s best.  And our personal choice makes the difference possible.

So choose life and peace, rather than death and torment, now and forever.  With God, everything is possible; without Him, Godless, which is vanity, now and forever.  So wait and watch, vigilantly, lest we miss the only hope in these increasingly dark, troubled days.

My love to all who bear your name,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Finchers, Grandview, WA
No Date (File with 30’s)
Box 696, P. O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Finchers:

Thanks for yours.  Glad you have heard some witness to the Man and Message of God for today.  Most people are quite satisfied with their own thoughts and ways.  Isaiah 55 is a guide to what my reading of Revelation is for, those who are hungry and thirsty for the Living Waters, or the Message of God, by the Spirit, for these days.  If they are still satisfied with what the religious, political or educational world can give them, there is no hope.

To hear the Message of God, as given in Revelation and to Read to those who will hear and obey, will bring blessing.  No person can be of any help to you unless they have His blessing, and the world is full of false prophets.  Not only the spiritualist, but all others who cackle today.  Read Revelation 22; see what it means to add to or take from the reading of Revelation by His Servant.

Don’t trouble about Questions.  Read Revelation 3:20 and hear what He has to say.  Let Him come in to sup with you, or share what you have that can be useful to Him in bearing the witness of God to the world, so that you may share what He has to offer.  You can read Revelation 11 and see what the 2 Witnesses will be to the world, either offering Life or Light by the Spirit, or death by famine, pestilence and plagues for 3 ½ years, and we expect John from Heaven any time now to be my companion.  It will be all very new and strange to you, but if you have ears for what the Spirit has to offer, you will soon find the whole truth simple and plain.  Hear all you can; read all you can; and witness to all you can, and find the Spirit of God give you words and wisdom.

Its for such as are outside the religious, political and educational world, in the streets and lanes of the cities of the highways and hedges, or the victims of the present wicked age.

My love in Him to all,

William Irvine

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