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Everitt, Ivor
- January 2, 1931
Lee - January 21, 1931
Kerrs - January 29, 1931
Grims - March 3, 1931
Morgans - March 4, 1931
- March 6, 1931

Dunbars - April 7, 1931
Hooes - April 23, 1931
Dunbars - April 23, 1931
Edward Cooney’s Letter To: Wm. Irvine - May 2, 1931
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William Irvine's Letter to Ivor Everitt
January 2, 1931

P.O. Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine.

My dear Ivor:

I hope you have enjoyed your Xmas & New Year 1931. If our hopes did not rise every year, how could Revelation be fulfilled to the world on either side of the great dividing line which runs through the whole Book & specially clear in Rev. where the battle lines are so clearly drawn & the forces on either side revealed, with the results of great conflict in Rev. VI & VII & also in chapters XVII, XVIII, & XIX. People may hate to hear or see it but its there & being wrought out before the eyes of all men, with no drones on either one side or the other. The papers were very full of Sign marks in, on 31st & 1st, of quite a wide range. The scandal snare of Xmas was a master stroke & now being repeated for these days with world wide results in His 2nd coming as in the 1st.

Calvery was only the sealing of what had been revealed as the secret of the hearts of the 3 prime movers of that day, Romans, Greeks, & Jews.

The Virgin, the stable, the cross & the Tomb have for ever the marks of all thats of God in contrast to the marks of the great of the Earth whose power was death, as His gift & power was life, which gives us a clear vision of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil. In the day thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die to God, which is all the more clearly marked in their attitude to the virgin Birth, the Stable & carpenter shop, the cross & the Tomb. Surely death describes their every word, & work. The prince of the power of the air killed the Prince of Life, whom God raised from the Dead as it had been in Birth, life, work & death. What a time of mourning we would have had at 1930 Xmas did men recall aright the signs then & now.

But they are hid from their eyes. The Great Red Dragon with 7 heads & 10 horns & 1/3 part of Stars on the tail & all their angels or Servants world wide is only a replica of what Roman, Greeks, & Jews were in that day, while the woman pained to be delivered is a replica of all that was & is recorded in the Gospels as of God.

The Dragon standing in all his power to devour the Child after the same manner as they received Jesus at His birth, if the Dragon & angels e very great & easy to see, we can by faith see Michael & his angels, 100 million on the Job in the conflict & the Dragon & Co. shall not prevail, for the woman brought forth a manchild to rule the nations & be caught up to God & His throne in spite of all that men can say, think or do. For they can only hasten the work & intensify the wrath, & out of it come the great company whom no man can number, with palms in hand & Garments white, washed in the blood of the Lamb, as the Rev.VI mobs are crimson robed through their scandalising & accusing of those who are being gathered to the Throne & made a dwelling place for God for Ever. How impossible for eyes to see these things apart from anointing which closes our eyes & ears largely to all the various activities of the Dragon as He hastens the great day, by all that men call news of the world - which is but the proof of the whole Book & all who were His mouthpiece in all ages.

Every sigh moan & groan & the whole creation, as they wait for the manifestation of the Sons of God is but the crazing & crushing & crashing of the old to its end, & the music by which we welcome the new & eternal.

Its quite striking in the passing of Lord Melchett the strong British Zionist Jew, & the passing of Joffre who filled the eye in the great beginnings in 1914, which may point where we are entering in 1931. You can remember King George's recovery turned from Jany 1, 1929 & his message of thanks on 22nd April which may be valuable to us in our expectations of His King set by decree on Mount Zion when John comes.

The events taking place must move all heaven & Hell as much as the earth is being moved even in its blindness. I notice they continue to speak of weather & natures activities as if they were abnormal in many places & ways. We had very fine weather in Dec. up to the 29th when we have had some rain but very mild for the time of the year & not cold. Glad to hear of your brother getting on the job to help you in the Battle for bread & place under the Sun as well as one in the greater Battle.

My Love to all and please copy.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to:   Lee
January 21, 1931

My dear Wallace:

Thanks for yours.  It’s good to see that from several quarters we have had the same marks of trying those who have ears to hear, and though all suffer somewhat, those who fail in forgiveness will suffer MOST.  It’s no small matter to get perfected in being to others what God is to us.  You can see the Lord’s Prayer covers all our needs, and no doubt was special for these and coming days as never before.  Forgive as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into trials, such as you have had, but deliver us from evil – or accusation and scandal of others and from others.  This is the washing our robes and making them white in the Blood of the Lamb, in contrast to the serpent seed, who dip in the great red cauldron of the Dragon’s blood, in being the accusers and scandalizers of others for their sins.

You can see how God created scandal and accusation of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus in His being born in a stable of a Virgin, spoused to Joseph, to reveal the secrets of men’s hearts who worshipped Him in Heaven and were the piercers of Him on the Cross.  He was the Prince of Life, the Tree of Life, which the Devil keeps people from hearing, eating, drinking, and living, by scandal and accusation of every possible kind.  For the flaming sword is in His Hand, turns every way to turn all who will give ear or mouth to scandal, from hearing the word of eternal life.  The scandal of Jesus’ Birth which Joseph, Mary and Jesus suffered is well marked in the scandal of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus.

Mary, the sinner of Jerusalem, whom they brought to Jesus, taken in the act of adultery, whom they said should be stoned, according to the Law.  He that is without sin let him cast the first stone, put them all to flight.  Where are thine accusers?  They have all gone.  When the Finger of God wrote condemnation in every heart.  Neither do I condemn thee, go and sin no more.  John 8.  The next time you see her, is at Jesus’ feet, washing His feet with her tears and wiping them with her hair, while Simon the Pharisee sat stricken dumb with his own self-righteous accusing heart.  Then you see Mary at Jesus’ feet sitting drinking more of the Living Waters she had tasted on two other occasions; while Martha is rebuked for her less desire to drink, which is the better part for all, and often very much hindered by self-righteousness – or being less a sinner than others.

Then you see Mary anointing His Body with Ointment for the day of His Burial.  While Judas and the disciples are in there saying it was waste and should have been sold and given to the poor.  So you have the scandal God produced as a snare to catch the wicked hypocritical world, and scandal of Mary, Martha and Lazarus.  Mary being the cause, and the others forgiving and sharing; and thus you see God’s purpose being wrought out on the Earth before men.  Jesus said, “Wherever this Gospel is preached, it shall be told of her (Mary the sinner) that she hath done this,” which reveals that the persons who will most value Jesus’ Blood and the forgiveness of God, are those who know most of what it is to be a sinner in the eyes of men Holy and Righteous.  Jesus said He was anointed to preach the Gospel to poor, broken-hearted prisoners, blind and bruised – or suffering from the wickedness of the Devil and his seed.  How can we truly turn from the god of this world to the God of Heaven, if we have not tasted of their wicked scandal and accusation?  He sent His disciples to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.  So be humbly glad you have been tried and the means of trying all others who claim the love of God, the death of Jesus, and the comfort of the Holy Ghost.

My love in Him to you and Alma,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Kerrs
January 29, 1931

My dear Kerr Family:

Thanks for yours (3) and glad that you had such a nice visit from Dunbars and the Haddix family and others - which always gives God a chance to feed us by each others mouths and ears - for it is meat to eat and water to drink that the world knows not of - when God speaks by us or others. And a hungry heart and life is always a feast to those thru whom God feeds them. We have watered and been watered - fed and been fed - "for men shall not live by bread alone - but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God". So when God can't speak we rob Him as well as ourselves and others. You know that feeling we have when we can't find any opportunity to speak - such is God's feeling also. He has been the lonely and silent God in all ages because men have no ear for His Voice and Message - while the air is full of the Devil's wisdom and guile in deceiving the whole world.

You can see how simple and clear becomes the whole matter in Rev. 3:20 " Behold I stand at the door and knock" by the Overcomer and company's hand - "if any man hear my voice and open the door I will come in and sup with him and he with me". It's the Lord by the Man and woman through whom the knock can be heard and His voice. You can see how loud the knock becomes when you see all kinds of clouds darken the heavens and earth today - and the wail is proof of the heart condition of men. So its ours to knock the harder the darker the clouds - and if men hear the knock by our guiding them to understand the cause for the wailing of the world - and purposefully give ear to His voice thru the Message - He will come into them and sup - or share their troubles - and they share what the world has for Him and His.

It was God speaking to the world thru Joseph and Mary in the birth of Jesus - and so today the man and woman who encompasses the man in having ears to hear and obey what's written and made prophecy by the Spirit given understanding of Revelation so long written and dark to all men till the time of the end. And the darker the clouds - the clearer the Light of God becomes. You see how well He warns all men in the last verse against all attempts to add to or take from the prophecy - which shows how perfect the work is even tho it may seem far from perfect.

It adds to our joy and confidence to see that it's the only thing that counts and there are no other conditions than having the message and giving to all who thirst or will have it under any conditions. The Spirit and the Bride say Come - makes quite clear who are the Woman Body - all who hear and obey what the Spirit saith unto the Churches. Who so heareth say Come even if there are not marks of them being the Bride - and he that is thirsty or feeling the need of Living Waters and whosever will let him take the waters of life freely and without money and without price.

So you see the value of getting clear of all the Alpha marks of outward righteousness in our witness to men. For it is not the Gospel to the Jews as in the Old Testament days ending in Jesus coming in fullness of their wicked times - nor is it the Gentile Gospel of the Apostles and Epistles - but the New Everlasting Gospel for the heathen and the uttermost ends of the earth. You can see how much Jewish law and form hindered them and how much the Gentile Christian world are blinded by all their words and forms and traditions. And so it blinded the Jews in Jesus time so the Gentile traditions hinder them in these days when the New Heaven and earth are being created by the New Everlasting Gospel which has none of His coming.

So now in 1914 this was finished - and all their preaching - baptism and breaking of bread came to an end - and we see Revelation of purely spiritual matter - meeting the needs of the whole world. As every eye sees the clouds even tho they may not understand - there is more or less fear and darkness - and so the knock and voice will have the more effect.

And its the more clear and interesting in that God tried to give the world the Gospel yo the Gentiles as it came at first - and this was His work by the Alpha witness which we bore and then finished it - when 1914 began to reveal the clouds which portend His coming and the end of the age. And as it took many years to get back to The Testimony and witness of Jesus at the beginning of the Gentile Age - so it has been a slow matter in getting to see clearly the New Everlasting Gospel to the Heathen world and uttermost ends of the earth that promises given in Psalms 2 to His Anointed.

I am very pleased to hear Mrs. K is feeling better in health and hope it continues and increases so that her fears and doubts will all vanish regarding her health and His power promises and goodness.

My love in Him to all three and all others.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Grims
March 3, 1931

PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Grims:

Thanks for yours of 6/2/31. It's always good to have personal seal - for you can see we have plenty of every kind in general all over the world which tho' they can't see they feel pretty bad now, and can't withhold the wail from top to bottom of civilization which they have prided themselves so much in. For if we had all the big bluff of these past 17 years before us in contrast to what used to be, we wld. not wonder at the judgments let loose in so many ways.

For the stouter their words, the heavier the blow and so we can see U.S.A. prosperity getting the sure as all others get it according to what He sees and we hear from their lips. And neither persons who suffer nor nations are affected enough with fear to make them hear, tho there is much more interest between the wail peeps out now and again. Man's general ideas about God and Religion with so many false prophets gabbling and writing, makes it very difficult to accept either the least or little ones witness as a personal test of their attitude to Him and His to them.

But it's too clearly written in the Book for us to have any doubt. That my hated name, condition and position should be like the ship's prow which separates the waters of the world's oceans & seas is a very sharp test but the separation of all nations will be by that name, which is the test for their attitude to Him and His name and whether they know it or don't know does not matter any more than the waters of the prow forcing its way - the hand of the captain guiding and all the power of God compelling.

Matt. 25 and its 3 parables is very comprehensive. So many profess to have light and witness and others claims talents, but the final test is their attitude to the Master expressed in their attitude to the man and will continue to the final separation of all on the earth by the 144,000 after the 2 witnesses have gone. The very hatred people show of the man or any being the measure of their attitude to Him is sure proof of their own wickedness even as you can see in what Abel was to Cain. So it's good to have our own personal share in their Cain expression in word and deed. If you put Ps. 118 into my mouth, you will find it very much to feed on and encourage us to expect new and greater things than in the past. Let the woman and 144,000 or Israel and the Sons of Aaron now say and all that fear the Lord His Mercies endureth for Ever. People generally don't doubt so much what He used to be and recorded in the Book in so many ways and places. But to believe He is today for us, what He is known to have been in all ages, and the sum of all His great mercies and Judgments is being repeated in living proof of His mercy or Judgments, for the whole book is one long record of the 2 things.

Ps. 101 is a never failing guide to such as will have mercy or Judgment according to their own words and works towards others. Privily slandering their neighbor is such a common occurrence people could not accept it as the test for mercy or Judgments. A high look and a proud heart, and they that work deceit or telleth lies in name of truth. A froward heart or one that's today one way and tomorrow different or a wicked person has little chance, or such as let a thing of Belial before their eyes to guide them in contrast to what God has given to guide in the Man and Message. To get good clear grasp of the fundamentals keeps us in safe and sure condition and position and with the Cain and Able conflict to guide us we don't go far wrong. I expect you will have a good deal of general news from copies which are very interesting.

My Love to all 3,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Morgan's
March 4, 1931
PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Morgans:

Thanks for your long letter which was all interesting, and I hope you have all found that there can be only one cure when children of different ages meet and talk. That in to forgive and seek to edify or supply what will give babes that which will enable them to see, say and be as others are who may be stronger through more and longer feeding, and greater exercise in the things of God.

People who have so long and so much heart only to Alpha truth of God's love and Jesus life and death as the way, truth, and life, are easy victims of the Devil's delusion in these days when Jesus is Alpha and Omega. The mercy of God to His disciples who hear and obey and the wrath of God to all who bear the marks of the piercers who put the nails into His hands and feet, and thorns on His brow, and scourge for His back and a spear into His heart. And it's easy to see how many profess to be His disciples in whats of Alpha and refuse what He is as Alpha and Omega in these days since 1914. They love Him who was, but refuse Him who is now the Saviour of all who hear and obey, and the wrath for all others.

You can see that being His disciples today must bear the mark of witnessing to who He is today, and this is the value of our reading of Rev. for its message is for the time of the end, which began in 1914. But you can see what Jesus was to His disciples after He rose from the dead, He is to all who are His today. But to the piercers there is wrath which He did not visit on His enemies who put Him to death then. God has always revealed His mercy and wrath, but not in the measure we have now when all nations are being separated into sheep and goats till Rev. VI and VII is the final ending of the whole matter.

You can see in Matt. 23, the marks of all who are goats, and the means used in wrath in Matt. 24, but in Matt.25 you see in the 3 parables the attitude of all who profess His name, 5 wise and 5 foolish virgins show the use made of what God gives in these days. The foolish and wise were all hearing the same professed light, but the wise had vessels and oil to supply the light, while the foolish were content with what they could get from others only, till they found themselves short of oil and had to go to them who sell or those outside the door, and you will find a world full of people who pretend to sell oil, both by Radio, Book and Preaching of all sorts.

To hear my reading of Rev. and not have honest heart to hear God so that He gives His Spirit to enlighten our darkness and fill our minds and mouth with His words, grace and wisdom. For you can see in Rev. 1-3 "Blessed is he that readeth and they that hear and keep the words of this prophecy when the time is at hand" and then in Rev. II and III you notice they will hear what the spirit saith to all who profess to hear. Every eye shall see the clouds in wrath but only such as have hearts and ears for God by His Servant and Spirit will find themselves under His wings and enjoying His mercy. Read Ps. 91 and see the secret place and the almighty wings, and also the warning Jesus gave in Luke 21:34-38. These are very clear and forceful words for these days. Also 1 Thess. V. is for our comfort and guidance.

The parable of the Talents, which shows every man will receive according to his capacity or the measure of his interest.. The one talent is for those who hear the message of the man, but who are content with that, and fail to seek to have God give him witness by His Spirit in their own hearts and so are profitless to God and man. They hide their talent in the earth or make all kinds of excuses for not seeking His Seal in themselves and in others either in loosing or binding, blessing or cursing. And you can see they have false conceptions of who their God is. A hard man and one that wants to reap where He has not sown, whereas the one talent man would not let God work in his heart to make him good and faithful in using His God given talents. The 2 gained other 2. The 5 gained another 5 and so were made rulers over many things. To trifle with God's gifts and blame God shows how foolish man can be in these things.

But the 3rd parable makes it clearer for all in that it shows all nations are to be Judged and separated in goats and sheep by their attitude to the Least of these who are His brethren, who is the test for all who name His name. Surely it was mercy of God which sent His own and only Son in human flesh to reveal God, and surely it's in mercy that Jesus chooses a man of our own flesh and blood to be a test for all who name His name on the earth till the work of Judgment is finished and Rev. VI and VII done. In as much ye did or did not to the Least ye did or did not unto me (Jesus), so its very easy to see the foolish virgins and wicked and slothful servants, and the goat marks or sheep marks in the practical interest they have in the man of His choice to bear the burden as He bore it of men's iniquity and Hypocrisy-- So the human test gives us great comfort or leaves no room for people to escape the consequence of their own folly, wickedness and slothfulness in the things of God.

My love to both and all who bear the sheep marks.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Dunbars
March 6, 1931
P.O.  Box 696
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Dunbars:

We have peace in India reported this morning.  Some of the papers in England say it's British surrender.  Others laud it as the greatest event since 1918, Nov. 11.  And along with that, we have the report of success of the USA, England, French, Italian and Japanese disarmament pact.  So you see we are ready for another stage and can watch and see whether the Kings and Rulers all mighty and high are greater than the Most High and Almighty, while His Anointed on the Earth are the Least and Little Ones-queer combination, is it not?  I wonder how we would stand the test if we were offered Hoover or King George's place on the Earth.  Would we be strong enough to feel that our leastness and littleness, which links us to the Most High and Almighty, was more than all the Kings and Rulers of the Earth could give us; and when we see the One who is Least is to be the separator of sheep from Goats in all the nations on the Earth?  And what men are to him, they are to the Most High and Almighty, is a real and simple test for all men.  So there is very little to tempt men in the way of flesh and blood, on which their salvation depends.

This makes the Strait Gate and Narrow Way much more than words, or doctrine, or profession.  But suits every honest heart on the Earth today, when the Wide Gate and the Broad Way seems less inviting than it ever did, and the clouds compel people to seek a shelter from
the coming storm, as we have seen in reality so many times.

"Behold I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my Voice and open the door, I (Jesus) will come into him and sup with him and he with Me,"  so giving Him a home in our heart and life becomes a very simple and practical solution of all our difficulties.  Surely the Passover becomes the more simple and easy to understand, for He can never allow His destroying angels to touch the home where He can dwell.  But it makes the matter the more responsible for us to see that we trifle not; for all such will find that what they are to Him, He will be to them.

You will find the last Epistles in the book-James, Peter I and II, and John I, II and III, and Jude are all specially for the later days; and so I commend you to a read of them for all.  1st  Peter 3, 4, & 5 are very good and useful.  I Peter 4:7 says "But the end of all things is at hand; be ye therefore sober (or sane) and watch unto prayer.  And above all things, have fervent (or hot) charity among yourselves.  For charity will cover a multitude of sins both in ourselves and others. 1st Peter 2,3,4,& 5 will be enough for all meantime, and give any honest heart a chance of knowing what will help them,, and what hinders His presence and power in them, by them, and for them.

I Peter 3:8-15 is wonderful to all who want the very best in life.  He that will love life and see good days, let him refrain his tongue from evil and his lips that they speak no guile-or words to deceive his own or others' hearts.  Let him eschew evil, or refuse to speak it or hear it, and do good.  Let him seek peace, and ensue-or go after it; for the eyes of the Lord are over the Righteous, and His ears are open to their prayers.  But the face of the Lord is against them that do evil, or try to hurt by word or action, others.  Verse 8 is very good"  Finally Brethren, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another.  Love as brethren.  Be pitiful to each other and courteous.

Fancy a fisherman saying these things!  But it was proof that the Spirit of God was in him, with him, for him, and by him.  And these words and the whole of the later Epistles in the Book is like a looking glass for all who would seek to be worthy of His smile and favor when the time is at hand.  So there is no room for presumption of any kind in these very dark days, if we would enjoy His very best.  Luke 21:34-38 is very simple in warning us from dangers that may rob us of our God-given privileges today.

To love the Lord thy God with heart, soul, mind, and strength is the best we can do.  And the test is to love your neighbor as yourself.  The words of Jesus puts it simple when He says, "whatsoever ye would like men to do to you; do ye likewise to them." So that even our own nature guides in how to treat others.

The wrongness of others is not meant to make us wrong; for if one gets run over by car and smashed up, we should think it right to help him have his wounds dressed and fixed, because we would like him to do this to us under similar conditions.  And because we have only one Master and He is rewarder, it's our job to do all and be all we can, in order to have His smile and be able to look Him square in the face and know that He will hear and answer our prayers, which are more valuable to us and the world than all else ever can be.

For we are dealing with the Most High and the Almighty One tho we may be but the Least and Little Ones in men's eyes, and are also His Witnesses to men and the hand and voice that knocks for His admittance to sup with us and we with Him.  And Sup means a guest.  He shares with us, and we with Him.  These are the greatest facts in the world today, so put them to the test and enjoy the results.

My love to all who may read this when copied.

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To Dunbars
April 7, 1931

Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Dunbars:

Thanks for yrs. We have not been left without plenty to feed our hungry wondering eyes & heart at Easter time, when the Dragon has been feeding on Husks as Easter passover & the Moslem feasts are on & many people from all over the world to share their threefold feasts for Jew, Xtian & Arab. They have been feeding on remembering what He did for us, rather on remembering what they did to Him, & now our Joy is full in the Managua quake, Argentina & the Glorious & Florida collision. The air smokes in various parts of the world - the pointers of which was in the rail smashes in Eng. & France recently.

I have His Reverend to dud into me day by day the claims of the Divine Body the Dragon with his 7 heads, 10 horns & crowns on the 7 heads. But he does not know that I am of another Divine Body - the woman of Rev. XII: 1-3. But it's interesting to see us sit together and talk together. He putting me right & warning me of the danger I am in, while the shoe is on the other foot all the time. But the things which are meat in due season for the one is poison to the other, for they hate to hear of all He is doing in fulfilling Is..63, and which we can say He had to do alone. For of the people there was none with Him, & so now He will value us all the more whom He has won & led to share in the great & marvellous works in wrath when the day of vengeance is in His heart & the year of His redeemed has come, V.4.

V. 5. I looked & there was none to help in this great work, and I wondered there was no one to uphold Him in doing it. Therefore His own arm brought Salvation unto Him, and His fury upheld Him in all He has done since 1914.

V. 6. I will tread down the people in mine anger & make them drunk in my fury - & and I will bring down their strength to the Earth. Surely a wonderful expression of all He has done since 1914.

V. 7. to 9. Gives us His tender mercies & loving kindness for His redeemed by blood & power. In all their afflictions He was afflicted and the angel of His presence saved them. In His love & pity He redeemed them, and bare them and carried them on his arm, shoulder and back.

V. 10-14. Shows us who and what they were to him even as the ch. of Israel were in Moses time. So the cure for them is giving them a witness, Leader & Commander as the Shepherd of the Sheep, which helps to read Matt. 25, Master & Servant.

V.16. Doubtless thou art our Father tho Abraham be ignorant of us, and tho (Israel the wicked) acknowledge us not - being neither Jew, nor wicked Israel, but the outcasts of both Jew & Gentile. Thou O Lord, art our Father, our redeemer. Thy name is from Everlasting the same.

V. 17. O lord, why hast thou made us to err from thy ways. Most of our friend enemies wld. reject such doctrine & hardened our hearts from thy fear (as we once knew it). Return for thy Servants sakes the tribes of thy inheritance, which indicates a change coming for us.

V. 19. We are thine. Thou never barest rule over them, the holy selfrighteous Israel. They were never called by thy name in its reproach and scandal & shame. Thy name of reproach was never called on them. You will enjoy seeing how Is. 63 leads on naturally to the cry of Is. 64. Oh that thou wld. rend the Heavens & come down. Notice how "presence" in wrath is the end of 1st. 3 verses, & you can see in both ch. how little help we can be to Him in His lonely work. For He is not only visiting His enemies in vengeance & fury, but gathering & nurturing His redeemed which has been our experience all along, as He did by Moses, the Ch. of Israel & Egyptians. He had as much trouble in creating faith in the ch. of Israel as he had in hardening the hearts of the Egyptians, so that they wld. rush to their doom in the Red Sea waters of deliverance for their victims. So we can understand the better all His working on His redeemed, while slowly tightening the snare on the wicked. We have been well cheered by all the various quakes in 1931, coupled with every form of wrath from natures loyal store house of power.

I am hoping to have a letter from you tomorrow. I had 31 today & expect a mail tomorrow again. My best Love in Him as I am going down to post in Haifa Town. We had 3 Jews killed & 5 injured by shooting quite near our dwelling place Sunday night.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Hooes
April 23, 1931
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Walter, Olive and Co:

Thanks for many with photos of the baby and your school history, which I got yesterday.  I'm glad you all move on so well in spite of so much dust and noise from His victorious march alone on the Earth, in the greatness of His strength. Decked out in His Rev. 1 glorious apparel, in subduing unto Himself all His enemies and conquering the Earth for the meek, who are to inherit it forever; for the day of vengeance is in His heart and the year of His redeemed has come. If it has taken 17 years and 160 million victims of our warrior King in wars, rumors of wars, quakes, famine, pestilence to convince His puny, blushing Bride that He is her Omega Bridegroom, as well as her redeemer and Savior, the Lamb of God whom we know only as the white robed at the right hand of God.

It makes us blush to think how He has had to do it alone, and without help or upholding by any, and even a very faint and feeble witness from the few who are His redeemed.  It leaves us but little room to boast but in Him who travels the Earth in the greatness of His strength, might to destroy His enemies. But might - all mighty to save her, and get her, and cherish His redeemed by ear and blood from amongst men.  Read and enjoy Is. 63:1-6, and surely we have much to rejoice in as we see our avenger at work on all our enemies, and you can be sure He will not hurt a hair on the heads of His own well beloved hearers and doers. Though we may find trying on our ears and the dust of battle in our noses, and plenty of weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth around us as He crashes His way in vengeance and fury from place to place, or in divers ways and places, planting His footsteps on the Sea and riding on the storm. While we stand on the Sea of Glass, as it were, watching His coming to claim His Bride and earth for His redeemed by blood and power.

The Song of Moses in Deut. 32 is words to our heart music, as we sing the song of the Lamb's victory over all His and our enemies. Every disaster and calamity reported in the press should be a cause of joy and rejoicing to us, as it means defeat and mourning to all our rebel neighbors. So Ps. 146 to 150 are necessary to give us the courage to share in His victories by all His strength and the forces of nature and angels who are His warriors, while we look on and know that He is coming by leaps and bounds to us as our beloved. Last verses of Song of Solomon. So let them say, or do or be what they would to us, we know He is ours and we His, and nothing can ever separate all who are truly for Omega, and witness to Him as such, no matter how feeble that witness may be.

He is conquering and to conquer till all is His, and we His Bride.  What a comfort and joy to Him it would have been all these 17 years, if we had been like good, loyal pals, shouting "atta boy" every time He made a good run and hit or won home. But He had to do His work for us with only a weak wail from behind the wall, or under the spectator's seats, while He was conquering for us the Earth for our inheritance and driving out the enemy and burning them by the millions. Yes, we will all say, "Praise the Lord" when the battle is won, and the Bride, blushing behind her fan is led to share His victory.

Ain't we some chumps to be almost afraid to squeak louder than our dry shoes, when He destroys by war, quake, famine or pestilence, and often we go to bed, lest anyone should hear us praise Him for His great Omega victory over His enemies. You can see how much He enjoys even the faintest appreciation of His work for us, and how surely He will recompense to any, those who would put their hand on our mouth when we want to mention His name as Omega, vanquishing His enemies and taking possession for us of the Earth, they, the wicked, have so long usurped in honoring every name but His, who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and made us Kings and Priests unto God and our Father, so don't be afraid to give Him an "atta boy" when He deserves it, and that will be everyday, even if the crowd laugh and jeer, it will cheer Him and make Him hit all the harder and travel the faster.

My Love to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S.  I notice New Zealand is quaking after 48 days, as He plants His Carpenter feet as He strides on to His Throne on the Earth, and it is Heaven and we share in His victory, even though we lay under the grandstand and squeaked His praises up our sleeve.

Wm. Irvine

William lrvine's Letter to Dunbars, Placentia, California
April 23, 1931

Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Dunbars:

Thanks for 2 from you. lf our message don't bring life, then they can only return to their Dog vomit, and to the wallowing in the mire of the Sow. And I'm more convinced every day, there can be no life today apart from Omega & Alpha message as in ls. 63, which leaves no room for doubt about Omega being 1st., as you find in v.1-6. The day of vengeance is in mine heart, and the year of my Redeemed has come. The terrible things written for vengeance is only equalled by the Tender Mercies and Loving kindness of God, revealed in v. 7-9, even tho it takes the severe discipline of 10-14 to reveal who are doubtless His children & and the final verses are very tender in revealing why we erred from His ways, and our hearts were hardened from His fear, that we might be the Least and Little Ones as the Test for Goats and Sheep and preparing our hearts for the cry of ls. 64 -"Oh that thou wld rend the Heavens, and come down that the M'tains & Hill might flow down at thy Presence."

Which helps us to understand the falling away period, when John & I are to rule the nations with a rod of lron. l'm sure you will find ls. 63 to 66 more easy to read now than ever & find it being fulfilled in us & our enemies. 65 - is a wonderful picture of conditions as they are today, with Hope for only such as (asked not for me) the careless, and those who were driven from the gardens and left Hopeless unto a nation that was not called by my name no religion or profession. V . 2- | have spread out my hands all the day since 1914 to a rebellious people who walketh in a way not good, after their own thots - a people that provoketh me to anger, continually to my face Sacrifiseth in gardens and burneth incense upon alters of Brick of their own making. Which remain amongst the Tombs, whited sepulchers, as in Maft. 23, given in detail, and lodge amongst or in monuments or great regard for the dead prophets and none for the living, walking in the traditions of the Fathers, rather than in the living truth of the Living God - eating swines flesh, rather than seeking for the shepherds voice and lamb marks, and abominable things in their vessels, which say stand by thyself come not near unto me. Phariseeism in all its ramifications, for I am holier than thou.

These all are smoke in my nose, a fire than burneth all the day. Behold it is written in Deuteronomy 32, The song of Moses, which gives you a detailed outline of the whole drift of the whole world, & specially the fulness of the Gentiles in the Latter days of vengeance & recompense for their Godlessness. You notice after Moses had spoken the words of his song, he was to go up to Mt. Nebo and die, only seeing the land a far off, whiclr gives us a hint of the death of the 2 witnesses. You see the disease & cure in vengeance & recompense to the whole earth in the latter days.

This helps to understand the song of Moses & the Lamb, when wrath and mercy are being revealed on the earth. When a man like unto Moses is raised up of the people to witness these things, showing the end was seen from the beginning. Deuteronomy 32 is the vengeance & recompense of their rejection and despising of His prophets & c. Ch. 33 is the Blessings of the 12 tribes, the 144,000 who are to be gathered. Ch. 34 is the Death of Moses & c. all being wrought out, either in cursing or blessing. The last 3 verses of Deuteronomy are good, as showing what Moses had as compared to others. But the Moses of today will excell all others in the manifestations of God, by and thro him in delivering His people and destroying His enemies. So you see how the truth opens up in preparing us for clearer witness to His great & marvellous vengeance and in Mercy to His redeemed.

I am sure you have enough in the last 3 chap. of ls. & Deut. to give you a feed equal to Elijah's when he got water and food in the desert, to strengthen Him for His long journey to Siana. We have revolutions galore, & no doubt He remembers Pilate & Herod as well as the chief priests, scribes and Pharisees and who and what they were to Him and His.

My love in Him to all,

Wm. lrvine.

Edward Cooney’s Letter To: Wm. Irvine
May 2, 1931
1 Kingscourt St. Belfast
Northern Ireland

My dear William,

Every time I ponder on the influence of God's Spirit upon my heart drawing me to God since that day I was born of water and of the Spirit, I can see God planned I should meet you, and by your lips hear words that helped me to understand better God's purpose in calling me, viz., that I should be conformed to the image of his Son and be built on the Rock of revelation from the Father to every simple-minded child of Adam, who like Peter desires to know and become like Christ the Son of the living God.

Christ will not build on any other foundation; and although flesh and blood may be a medium through which the Father, by his indwelling Son through the Spirit, may reveal, yet all such revelation must come to each individual child of God direct from the Father and thus be ratified as the Rock upon which Jesus Christ, the builder, builds.

The Bereans received Paul's word with readiness, daily examining the Scriptures to see if these things were so. Many therefore from among them believed the revelation that had come from God through his Son in Paul by the Spirit, because they examined the Scriptures. And they being of the babe, simple-minded class got revelation from the Father that the things spoken by Paul were so.

Those who begin to build on this Rock of the Christ, the Son of the living God, progressively revealed by the Father, need to continue to be subject to such revelation so as to be built up as part of the spiritual house Peter wrote of (1 Peter 2:5). How sad if one who, like Paul, had had this privilege should seek to occupy the place the Father alone should occupy, and claim that what comes from his lips or pen is Rock revelation, apart from its being ratified in the Holy of Holies from Christ's Father in Heaven to his seeking child.

I am afraid that a number of my fellow labourers have lost sight of this and have yielded to the Nicolaitan spirit, and thus have conquered some of God's people and caused them to become subservient to them. Dr. Schofield, although himself a cleric, has in his translation of the Bible given the true meaning of Nicolaitan, viz., conquereds of the people, from the Greek Nicao to conquer and laos the people. He gives this note regarding them: "They were the beginning of a priestly order that afterwards became the clergy, and divided a hitherto equal brotherhood into two parts, priests and laity." This discovery is interesting to me in the light of recent happenings. Why God hates the deeds of the Nicolaitans is because it gives man the place God alone should have.

I have been pondering on what John has written in Revelation and sent to each angel of the seven churches that they may each read the manuscript containing the message that they as angels or messengers were responsible to convey to the churches to whom the Lord sent the message by them through John (Rev. 1:3). "Blessed is he who reads." This would be true of each angel or messenger afore-mentioned, and also true of all who can read this revelation in the Spirit, because of being in the right hand of Jesus, and then pass it on to those who had ears to hear, and who through hearing would be blessed.

John in writing to the assemblies or churches addressed them as thee and thou. Then in Rev. 2:7: "He that hath an ear to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the assemblies." "To him that overcometh" is clearly addressed to the assembly telling him that hath an ear to hear, and as a consequence overcome, that the Lord would give to him to eat of the tree of life etc. The same is true of verses 11 and 17 where the promises are prefaced by the same words. Therefore to hold that the promises of a pebble white on which a new name is written, which no one knew but he that received it, is only for one individual and no other, is a perversion of the meaning of the passage which clearly holds out the promise to all overcomers in that assembly, in fact to all who thus overcome in any assembly then and now.

I have also thought about the two witnesses in Rev. 11, said in verse 4 to be the two olive trees and the two candlesticks standing before the Lord of the earth. The candlestick in Zech. 4 seems to be the Jewish church, and in Rev. 1:12 the Gentile church. The two candlesticks of Rev. 11:4 seem to be the Bride composed of the Jewish and Gentile churches, spoken of under the symbol of two candlesticks, and two olive trees, and spiritually called two witnesses. So it would seem that the Bride clothed in bridal sackcloth will be martyred like her Bridegroom and be caught up after martyrdom. This agrees with Rev. 13:11-15. This is to take place in the great city spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, where her Lord was crucified, Sodom standing for fleshly sinners, Egypt for commercial, worldly sinners, and Jerusalem for religious sinners. In Jeremiah 5:14 it reads: "I will make my words in thy mouth fire, and this people wood, and it shall devour them." Compare Rev. 11:5. Fire goes out of their mouth and devours their enemies, and, in fact, in many parts of Revelation, terms are used in figure and need to be spiritually discerned.

At present we seem to be passing through a time typified by the fourth seal (Rev. 6:7-8). The opening of the fifth seal would speak of the time that Christ's Bride is martyred and joins those already gone before. "Their fellow servants" would be the two olive trees and "their brethren" the two candlesticks, standing before the Lord of the earth. The two prophets symbolizing the saint and sent one prophetic witnesses of the two candlesticks, and the two olive trees, or sons of oil, who stand by the Lord of the whole earth (Zech. 4:11-14). The opening of the sixth seal then comes, which speaks of judgment preceding Christ's millennial reign spoken of in Rev. 11:15.

Hope your health keeps good, and that as you at one time preached most clearly Christ who is the Alpha, so again you may preach the same Christ who is the Omega, progressively revealed from Alpha to Omega by the Father. The Alpha of his birth becomes known to us when born from above. Then as the power of his resurrection is known, we may become to his death conformed. This being for us as it was the Omega for him, so that we, like Paul, may become a key of the knowledge of Him, He being the only key of knowledge to the Father.

Last night I paid a visit to two women, one of whom had been much helped by you in the early days, but she spoke of being greatly disappointed in the course things took afterwards, not in your manner and teaching, but in that of others. She said something to me that confirmed me in the belief that I am contending for the faith once delivered to the saints. She said: "I was much reminded of Wm. Irvine and what I heard from him when I heard you preach in the open air." She said the truth was sweet to hear like what it was when she heard it from your lips. I was much gratified to hear this. But she seemed much disappointed to learn that you now preached another gospel.

I said to her my hope was that, like Samson, your hair might grow again and the power of God might return to you, and that more might be slain of the Lord through you at your death than during your life. She has been diving into Tom Payne and Ingersoll, but I think there is hope of her again being won by the truth that delighted her when she first heard it from your lips, and which attracted me by its sweetness as I have never been attracted before or since.

The wine of flattery which some would give is deadly. I find that to be considered an enemy of God's people by some of God's children overruled to humble me, and hope that, like Paul, I shall yearn after those who thus look upon me.

This flesh and blood revelation Satan has given you of another gospel which he stamps with the name of Omega in order that it may seem to be of Christ is misleading you and others through you. Hoping that you may return and be restored to stand before God so that separating between the precious and the vile your mouth may be God's mouth.
Edward Cooney

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Adams
June 7, 1931
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Adams:

Thanks for yours.  I hope you are feeling better and finding your Omega--Revelation 1--panoply in Jesus, equal to all the attempts and attacks from the Piercers, and opportunity for victory only.  For tho it seems new and strange to the world, we know the world has become as good for us, as it was so long looked upon as the Paradise of the Wicked.  For all the power of the Godhead is busy every day making the world a fit place for God’s hero meek to dwell in and on, while it gets hotter and more troublesome for all others.  They don’t and won’t believe it, but we will see it with our eyes, fulfilled beyond our expectation.

The Sixth Day Kingdom began in Genesis with a man and woman; so in Revelation, it begins the Seventh Day Creation on Earth with a man and woman, taken out of the man, to surround him and bring him forth in the panoply of power to deal with all His and our enemies.  That he is only human, is seen in the fact that it takes two, John and I, to be His Servants (Witnesses) supplying both the Heavenly and earthly, (perfect witness) lest men should think or say the Manchild is Jesus, rather than a man as Moses was with Aaron to speak.  One a Gentile; the other a Jew, but both redeemed from amongst Jew and Gentile, when their cup was full and judgment had come.

I had at my table the Director of Antiquities in Jerusalem, and Theodore McGowan, the young man who is, in the world’s eyes today, as the discoverer of the 30,000 year old baby skull found at Athlib, 10 miles from where I write.  These men got the fullest outline of present truth of any I have met in Palestine the 11 ½ years, tho I didn’t know they were being the most honoured in their profession.  They did not, so far as I know, discover the Manchild, though they may, later on, remember when its fulfillment takes place.

The child brought forth (not yet) is more important, a million times, than the baby skull they say is 30,000.  But it’s good to find God bringing them face to face with the past evidence of His wrath, in destruction, under the very nose of the man who is to rule the nations with a rod of iron and dash them in pieces as potter’s vessels, which they dig up to see how thorough was the work of destruction in other days.

Then, we had the chief woman Director of Welfare of Women and Children here for 1 ½ days, so I had quite a good chat with her, who had been at the Director’s home over the weekend.  So the two events together make me believe He was in both events and my opportunity; for it’s difficult to estimate how much pleasure He gets out of our witness to the nations, as they make their cross for the general crucifixion and ending of their pride and audacious wickedness.

I hope you had a good go with the Nicolaitains, but will find the strong end is not in the antiquities of The Testimony, but in our present invulnerable position and condition, when the whole world is wailing itself in the death throes.

The Pope’s Evangelical Letter and the challenge to the Socialist world, or the pink Bolshivism of Revelation 9:1-10, now well-revealed in what has happened in Spain, Rome, China--the Socialists Congress in Germany, ask two questions:  Is world depression the sign of the end of capitalism?  And is Bolshivism the flower and fruits for hope of coming days?  Both questions betray the mind of the Socialist world, but only adds to our confidence that His work is being advanced rapidly in the ripening of the nations for conflict, drought, pestilence and the plagues.

So give your enemies the full affect of the changes, all in our favor, and don’t try to convince Cain, but try to find Abel, no matter how much he may be hid from your eyes.  For He will always respond to the mind and Message of the Spirit.

My love to all 3 and all others,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Grubers
June 13, 1931
Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Grubers;

Thanks for yours June 16, 1931    it’s good to hear that it works for this is the practical test.  If you want to build a temple and destroyed it ( as they thought) but  He rose and is at God’s right hand  with all power in Heaven and on earth, and now since 1914 you see Him destroying all such people who dwell on  the earth and want people to believe that God has to do with building of  the stone and lime and all their various  trappings as they masquerade before men in the power of the spirit  or the wicked one.  Aimee McPherson & Ethel Duncan & Co. can show you how not to do it.

Isa.66 begins “Where is the house or temple ye build unto me, and  these things  I have made, unto this  man will I look for my Temple.   Unto him that a poor & contrite in heart, or who lives on my thought & ways, and refuses all his own thought  & ways & him that trembleth at my words, so I offer you a new pattern in being the Least on the earth, but the man in whom He dwells, & by whom He speaks Living words to all who will hear and obey, but you want to be a temple, so here is how He has fixed  (  ) for  you.

“Behold”  ( or see by what I tell you from the Book & message  of Rev.  “Behold” I, Jesus as Alpha & Omega, stand at the door of a man or woman knocking for all He is  worth  by all the things you see going on in what  since 1914 & now more loud than ever to awaken man to the fact that Jesus  as come as  Alpha & Omega - a New thing for the whole world, & to reveal  where His  Spirit is & is not - revealing the Ungodly hypocrisy on the earth in all their temple worship.  If any man or whosoever will be awakened by the knocking  & hear my Voice & recognize who is behind all the knocking & wailing in the world.  I, Jesus the Alpha & Omega will come in and make my home in him - and with him, & he shall find his home in Me or sup with Me and so you have built a temple in a few minutes which He lives in, & you live in Him & by Him, & you walk together all the time you’re willing to make Him feel at home with you, & He does the same to you, and this is not theory, but plain practical facts, & all the Scriptures tells you about the few who did this, & it’s for you as much is for me, & I’m not afraid of you robbing me, nor me robbing you.  Is this not worth coming all the way from Oregon hungry & broke?  I’ve been like that for 40 years & I’m not dead yet, & sooner the man is up against it the better & quicker the true temple of God can be made by letting the neighbors know who dwells in your temple, & what His business is on the earth.

How much does it cost and how much to keep it up?  Nothing! It’s free full & forever, only be honest & sincere to Him, and there is no question asked about past, present or future.   He will attend to it all & He don’t & won’t dwell in a Scribe & Pharisee, nor do I ask any recognition for giving you the tip of how to build a temple like my own, for I have no patent rights, seeing He was the first to reveal how to become a temple for the Living God.  Freely we receive & freely give-  is the law in His Kingdom.

You will find increasing numbers who hear the knocking  & need to hear the Voice & open to let Him in.  If a known or unknown  millionaire came to a poor man’s house & knocked at the door & spoke & came, would we not think it would change things if he came to dwell & we refused to mention or honor his name?  But the person who comes is worth a world full of millionaires, for He has all power in Heaven & on the earth.

My love to you all,

Wm. Irvine.

S. Open the door, don’t try to see thru the door, He will make all clear and plain as you talk and  walk Him in you and you in Him.  Don’t argue, and always seek His welfare and interests—He will not neglect you but perfects as His dwelling place and you will tremble at His word, can’t help speaking about Him and for Him and by Him.

Wm. Irvine's letter to Anna Edwards
June 18, 1931
Vallejo , CA

My Dear Anna:

Thanks for your nice letter, which I sent on to Bud, a new boy in Minnesota, which his mother has ears to hear though his father has not. He may write to you and benefit by what Daddy has to tell them. I'm glad to hear that you enjoy what Daddy has to say.

The photos, both, are very good and I enjoy seeing you all well after these 12 years since I saw you and not one wail on or in you all, which is my joy and His, who made it all possible.

I'm quite sure you have not met anyone at school or out of it but your parents who could tell you the value of having a human body in which Jesus, as Alpha and Omega, could dwell, walk in and speak by, even as He did in His own body and life. But this possibility in all five in the photo and becomes the more wonderful every day to all of us and your joys and privileges forever depend on this fact being real. So don't measure yourself by all you see around or by what ungodly people would make you think was true, but is all to be destroyed when our value will shine forth as pearls compared to all the common rubbish around us.

My love and best wishes for Anna, John and baby Edwards whom Jesus knows as well as your parents.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Sessions
July 10, 1931
Box 28, P.O.
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Sessions & Co.:

Thanks for yours 12/6/31.  It's good to appreciate both ways and space between.  Victory is in the air all around His enemies, so don't always expect to be able to keep perfectly cool.  Isaiah 24 surely makes the world sit up and take notice; and Isaiah 25 makes us exalt and praise His name, so there is room for a little excitement.

When so vast and widespread is His power manifested in wrath.  The more we can grasp what's in each of these chapters from 24 to 28, the more wonderful.  We will be made to see His full power against all His enemies and for all who are His disciples and more; for Revelation 3:20 shows that we receive Him as Alpha and Omega, so that He sups with us and we with Him-- which is a mild sort of way of showing that we become His Bride, and He, our Bridegroom; called, chosen, and faithful--the Lamb's wife.

Even our feet and hands have not been made as perfectly nice as we could wish them to be.  When a bride don't clean up when married, she may only reveal the presence of love, or [it] may be bad training.  But He puts up with a lot if the heart purpose is there to let Him come to sup with us, and we with Him.  We are apt to think it's "what we deserve, we get," but it's quite the opposite way.  It's what He delights to be and do for us, out of a heart and mind which knows no selfish purpose or motive, that we may become as He--or one with Him.  Our needs are only His opportunity to reveal more fully His love and power.  And you can see how no selfish THOTS of man can ever adequately guide us into enjoying His best forever.  They must come from Him to us, so that a hearing ear and obedience is the greatest luxury we can offer Him.  This is faith; all else is BLUFF OR INIQUITY.

Psalm 40 is for the Bride, and you can see how sacrifice and offering, He did not require.  Mine ears has thou digged open.  And now the proof we are His is that we delight to do His will.  His love is within our hearing hearts--Verses 6 to 8--and we preach righteousness of this kind in the great congregation, or wherever found.  So "I have not refrained my lips O Lord; thou knowest" shows how much joy we get, and He with us, and others thru us who may care to share the blessing.  And even the world of wrath to others only enhances it.

Psalm 45 is the witness of the Bride to the Bridegroom and her experience is green at the end.  And 13-17 becomes more wonderful as we enjoy our relationship.  My heart is indicating, or boiling and bubbling up with good matter.  I speak of the thing, which I have made touching the King.  My tongue is the pen of a ready writer that don't need to stop for want of living words to write.  Thou art fairer than the children of men.  Grace is poured into thy lips; therefore is proof that God hath blessed thee forever.

Verse 10: Hearken O daughter and consider, and incline thine ear; forget also thine own people, and thy father's house.  So shall the King greatly desire thy beauty, for He is thy Lord; and worship thou Him.  These are wonderful and true of all who are truly His and obey in seeking to please Him, who is worthy.

So don't measure your relationship to Him by the desolation being wrought around you in wrath, as He prepared a place for Him and His on the Earth.  What He says happens whether in blessing to His own, or in destruction to His enemies.  And he enjoys seeing us fearlessly speak the words He puts in our mouths to all men.  Whether they mean life or death depends upon the words of their mouths.

My love in Him to all

Wm. Irvine

Wm Irvine’s Letter to Donald Symington, Ponteix, Sask.  
P.O. Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine
August 14, 1931

My Dear Donald,

Thanks for yours 11/7/31. I expect you have heard or learned the hymn “Dare to be a Daniel. Dare to stand alone. Dare to have a purpose true, and Dare to make it known,” but when you see anyone today do this, you find people very ready to turn them down and speak evil of them, when all the great men of the earth in Daniel’s day did not understand what God was seeking to reveal to them.

Daniel, a boy of your own age, was humble and simple and sincere enough for the Spirit of God to give him understanding of what God was doing amongst men and nations. If you read the story of Joseph in Genesis you can see the same things, and when famine came on the world Joseph was able to save many people’s lives by having saved wheat in Egypt because he saw the famine coming. Most people then and now were content to go with the crowd and follow false prophets who spoke to please the people.

All that has happened in judgement on the earth since 1914 has been written in the Bible for 1000ds of years, but only when the time had come and God gives His Spirit so that we can read it, see it, and say it to others, and so help people to understand the why of all these troubles (which are increasing) on the earth. If men will her from those who understand and read the Book to find out why and see it to be God’s Judgements on the earth, they will fear God and hear what He says and Obey Him and find hope and comfort. To refuse to hear and go on careless about the whole matter, when it can only make matters worse for them.

God is judging all men and nations to compel men to respect Him. Hear and Obey His Spirit and live, or refuse and perish. Men always love their own ways and thoughts and refuse God’s ways and thoughts, and He has always Judged men of this kind by War, Famine, Pestilence and Plagues. But never in the same measure as now coming on the earth world wide.

What you see around you there will become common to the whole earth when God ceases to give rain for 3 ½ years as in rev XI. Then, they that hear God’s 2 witnesses will find food and water, and they that don’t will suffer. And when men are hungry enough, they will find it easy to get over all their language difficulties, and you know that English is a very well known language on the whole, compared to any others and English is to be the language for the whole world after the Judgement is finished, even as there was but one language before Babel when God confused their tongues, as in Gen. XI.

So when Rev 18 is fulfilled there will be only one language on the earth. 144,000 from all nations will come to Jerusalem and hear the Message of God and help one another to understand it, and they will go back to their own countries with the Message of Life, and all who hear and obey God will live and others perish.

You can read the Parable of the Goats and Sheep in Matt. 25 and notice that all nations are to be separated into Goats who will not hear God or His Servant, and Sheep who will hear and obey, and see the reward for both. Sheep Blessed, Goats Cursed. This is going on today.

Don’t be surprised at the many who refuse to hear and see God’s Judgements on the earth, for it’s because men have ceased to fear and hear God that all the trouble has come. In Noah’s day only 8 people had ears to hear God, and all others perished in the flood, and so we are seeing the same things again.

My Love to you.

Wm Irvine.

William lrvine's Letter to Skerritts
August 24, 1931

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for your 2 which are brimful of what must gladden His heart as well as ours. For we are apt to forget the very close and dear relationship that exists, for which purpose we were created and Redeemed by His power and Blood and sealed by His Spirit, or Sanctified - that we might be His Bride, called, chosen and Faithful. We are apt to put Scribe and Pharisee emphasis on Faithful as meaning perfect obedience, but it rather suggests that we are made to know by hearing and understanding by the Sp. what is written in the Book and able to make it known to others.

Just as we express our human nature in human ways so do we express His nature in us by our understanding and expression of the mind of God, I think. Him sitting on the Throne of His Glory and all nations gathered before Him and He as the Shepherd separating between the sheep and goats not between the sick goats and sheep and the healthy sheep and goats but simply between the sheep and the goats.

How subtle are all the little serpent tricks to confuse the simple issue. The sheep who have heard the Shepherd's voice and follow hearing -silly with all compared to the surefooted, wise, crafty, long eared hard head goat, who love the high spots as the sheep love the low places, and sweet tender grass near the River. Sheep may be scabby or have foot rot but that is the Shepherd's job to attend to them or else His loss. The mark of Cain is the goat marks, as the Abel marks are those of the sheep. Scribe and Pharisee Matt. 23 marks are those of the goats. Jesus and disciples are the marks of the sheep - the right hand. He is for us and we for Him. Goats He is not in or for and so they are against Him and He against them, with the everlasting consequences to the goats and eternal life of knowing God and Jesus Christ whom He sent and in the Servant least marks, which is the test for all who love Him.

2 Thess. 2 is now very appropriate to read as we are into the falling away period 27 days with the world wide marks in depression which will reveal all that's built on Goldy or Godly foundations make both manifest, the one to pass away and the other be manifested and last forever. Sand - in contrast to precious stones. Gold to walk on other than the earthly streets of the old creation. Cleaner streets and cleaner feet for all is the promise of the New Jerusalem. You need not mind the 2nd period of 3 1/2 years when the Anti Christ people will try to outdo all that has been revealed of God in the 2 witnesses, woman and 124,000. The falling away first which is generally applied only to Babylon, or the religious world also applies to Dan. 2, the smiting of the feet of lron and clay, as you see has taken place in London in the failure of the Labour Gov. So you will see the whole fabric fall away together.

The Moratorium of 1914, with Germany as it's centre is well marked again in the same way. But will be world wide this time as it was Europe wide in 1914, when the Golden head was dealt with in the Kaiser, Emp. Joseph, Sultan, and Czar coming off, so now the feet is being dealt with and all between must fall and make room for a Theocratic control as in Rev. 12, for 3 1/2 years, which breaks the nations as potter's vessel with an lron Rod, and is caught up to God and His Throne, that the Anti Christ may be revealed and finally destroyed and all who have been with him and for him. So 1st 3 1/2 years is the sheep being revealed inheriting the Kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world, and the goat Kingdom being revealed and destroyed finally off the earth. Jer. 30 and 31 gives you many glimpses of the 2, the true and false lsrael and Jacob.

My Love in Him,

Wm. lrvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Warren Hooper, Tacoma, WA
October 18, 1931
Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Warren:

Thanks for yours.  I note your past experiences, all of which may have been preparing you for being thirsty for the Waters of Life.

The Goats of Matthew 25 will be satisfied with the old religious cackle so common to humanity, but Revelation, as read by the Reader, when received and obeyed, will prove itself to all who honestly hear it.  For if we let Him come into us by His Spirit, we will soon find out that the Spirit will give us words, understanding, and wisdom.  This is the only way we can be sure I am the Prophet.  The Sheep are to have eternal life, or know God, and be known of God; just as the Goats are to be given over to cursing and everlasting fire.  And this is not a future matter, but NOW.  And, day by day, all can prove it either way.

He is the Judge, and cannot be fooled in the matter, so be sincere and honest, and find out His mercy to meet all your needs, and lead you in the way where people can see He is your Shepherd and King.

My love in Him to self, and all others Who are the Sheep of His fold,

William Irvine

William lrvine's Letter to Skerritts
October 22, 1931

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie-

Thanks for yours and also of yours to Smiths which was proper, They deserve rebuke for their
folly. People who have not been eating and digesting and getting the Seal of His Spirit will find
their own thoughts and ways upset them. But we expect foolish as well as wise virgins so we don't
feel any responsibility. lt's more important to be found good and faithful and useful to God and
man where they are every day than thinking about when and where they will be tomorrow. But the
sheep will get all the attention they need from the Shepherd.

I had a long letter from Mr. Peterson from Queensland, Australia, where he is trying to go again
forth to preach the Alpha Gospel and finding it hard to do it. I had to sleep out. But he is very
foolish and presumptuous man even in Testimony eyes. Some of Eddie's friends are on the same
track and find it harder than they did when they were eating the bread I provided for them, They
go back to the beginning of the Alpha days and want to imitate me. But though they have had
plenty of opportunity they have not done much.

You can see that the goats will contend for and go back to and hold on to all that has been from
the very beginning and during the 6000 years past. While they will despise and reject the new
thing by the living Prophet on the earth today - So the delusion of God covers all that's old - as
the Revelation of God will cover all that's coming from the Throne today by the man who is leas{
or who has shared the humiliation of Jesus then and now. "l will do a new thing.." means more
than people suspect and it's just the test of whether men will go on with their own thoughts and
ways - tradition and interpretations or cease from all that's Babylon and walk in the light of the
Lord from Mt. Zion - In the man who is the stone cut out of the Mountain without hands. Whose
words have been fulfilled in the smiting of the feet of clay and iron and the falling away begun.

People are apt to think great things are to take place when John comes .. but great things are
taking place now.. And the Prophet is here. But John will come as the Seal on the Prophet, with
the decree. But all who have ears to hear can be sure I am the Prophet only as they find it brings
the seal of God's Spirit in themselves and so are they who have ears to hear what the Spirit hath
been saying to the Churches.

Elijah has come and they have not had ears or eyes to see him or hear the Shepherd's voice.

You notice the Pentecostal people and most others are strong on the marks we find in the Gospel
and Acts and Epistles but that ceased when His coming began 1914. So their condemnation is
double in that the Alpha ceased in 1914 and the New Thing began. So all their Baptism and
ceremonies is sample marks of Babylon. And people who put the emphasis on the Truth they
have heard will be found out by their attitude to the man by whom it came.

There is no possible chance for any man who has not been interested in my welfare, as if it were
No words have been more prostituted than.. "ln as much as ye did it or did it not ye did or did
it not to me (Jesus)-- the King as well as Shepherd. So all their bluff about honoring Jesus in
Heaven and failing to do to me

Rest of letter is missing

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to:  Skerritts
December 11, 1931
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie,

Thanks for yours, 13/11/31.  It’s good that they all benefit when they hear, and so see where danger and safety lie.  And it will become increasingly manifest who are wise and who are foolish, and who are the good and who are the wicked servants.  And you can be quite sure the wise and good will feel their unworthiness more than the other, for audacity is one of the surest marks of Devil possession in the whole world.  The shame of our nakedness covers all their revealings.  Two things stand out more clearly in Jesus’ Alpha witness; that of never having a word of condemnation or accusation for the sinner, and never having but that for the wicked, righteous accusers of their brethren and others --men’s sins producing in them the condition which only God can meet, as they stood in the very way of such a thing being possible.

You can see how clear is the condition in Psalm 1; for the man who will overcome them all “walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly counselors, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scorners” of all that God has given for men’s salvation in this age: more so than any other.  You can see how this fits into Revelation 18 description of Babylon; habitation of devils in name of God, a hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird - or spirit, is a very wide description of what we have called the zoo of the Serpent Seed; in contrast to the Temple of God, and fold of the Sheep, and a place where the Spirit can dwell and have liberty.

You will see most of our readings have been along this line, though not always as complete.  And you can see the foolish have been very foolish, if they fail to have His Spirit dwell in them - the Lamb marks to others.  You can also see how foolish people are, and wicked, to have had such privileges as His Alpha and Omega Gospel, and only used it for selfish purposes, rather than the deliverance of others,  when the Judge has eyes of flame, and feet which burn as in brass, neither of which can be fooled or trifled with.  And if people can’t see what Babylon is, how can they ever have any hope for anything they have learned there?

The *Noble family are a good sample of the foolish and wicked; and I could see it working all the time in Mrs. Noble, and tried all I could to deliver her from her own thoughts, which has been imbibed in earlier days.  Hope you will have a good time in Riverside, and find comfort in new quarters.  It was good to have a helpful, useful time with Wm. and Rose, and so strengthen the bonds which bind, never to be broken; which is His greatest desire for all.

Best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

* refers to Annie Noble’s family

William Irvine’s Letter to Fishers, Santa Ana, Calif.
July 14, 1931

P.O. Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine.

My dear Fishers:

Thanks for yours of June 22, 1931. The more religious people are, the more blind and hard hearted they were then and now and no hope in that direction. Scribe and Phariseeism no matter what name its called by, is the work of the Devil to deceive proud hearts, and people who work iniquity or put God’s name on their own thots and ways. So you can find them all included in Matt.23, and the woes are the only promise they have that are sure.

If you doubted a man’s insurance he might forgive you or even listen to your evidence to prove it, but to doubt their way of worship and service and sacrifice to God only provokes them to hating and turning their ear and back, and plotting even your death as surely as they did Jesus, and Cain killed Abel - and some might even believe their religion is not up to scratch today, but to tell them no religious person in any age had any hope of Heaven they soon show their horns.

And this is the trouble of the whole scripture and makes it easier for people to read and understand the Book, which is but a record between the seed of the Devil and the true seed of God in all ages. The Devil gathers people into religious world, and God gathers them out of it. So you don’t need to have any doubt about what Spirit is in men who are strong for their religious name, form ceremony; creed and traditions - and the Devil keeps people occupied in thinking their Religion is better than the man and co.

Confusion and strife, pride and vanity, Babylon stands for it all -N., S. E & W. You can read its nature nad marks and doom in Rev. 18, and the snare that God has taken all men who profess His name and walk in hypocrisy is by Jesus becoming Alpha AND Omega as in Rev. 1, and you can see Him outside the door of all men, knocking -- If any man hear His voice and open the door, He by His Spirit comes in to them to sup with them and they with Him which is the true mark of the Bride, the Lamb’s wife of Rev., and surely the Bride will know what the Bridegroom doeth, either in mercy or judgment.

Who can blame her telling it out heartily to all men and encourage them to also share mercy rather than find wrath on them which they can’t escape. So get clear and strong on your privileges and know that nothing can equal them in meeting your needs for coming and present days. So fear not what comes, but fear Him and in all things seek to honor Him. Let people take what they get for their reward in being your despiser or rejector.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine’s Letter to Mag & George Watson
July 21, 1931

PO Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My Dear Mag & George:-

Thanks for yrs - Glad to hear you are having a rest & change together. I hope it may be mutually beneficial. Little did the Germans know when they put over the door of their cave which had sheltered them during the war, Isa. 25-4. You can read it and see how they choose it to express what it had been to them. But only 200 yards from where I live. It brought to me much more than it appeared to them. For the Lord my God is very much more than even that V. expresses.

If you read Isa. 24 and see what the earth and world is getting and is to get, you will better understand what those who are in the secret place of the most high or those who have heard Alpha & Omega knocking at their door & awakened to hear the voice of Him who knocks & let Him come in to sup with them and they with Him. For the very foundation of Rev. is that He becomes Alpha in mercy to all who would receive Him in Alpha & Omega & prove their obedience by their letting Him bear His double edged Testimony by their lips & life. But Omega wrath to all who even tho they heard the knocking by all that happened since 1914 refuse to hear His voice by those in whom He dwells, choosing rather to hang on to their old Scribe & Phariseeism in word and form, which ended to all who can see in 1914, leaving them High and dry hopeless & dead as are all the Matt. 23 professors in the world under the 7 fold woes which is the curse producing Isa.24.

Their very hope of conditions improving in the earth and world, proving their doom being accomplished. The Lord is making the Earth & world as empty as He finds them empty of God, & full of wicked spirit by their own every word & action. Their deaf ear their blind eyes being but proof of what He sees the only hope of saving such as are honestly deceived and blinded by the God of this world. He maketh the world empty and waste & turneth it upside down, & scattereth the inhabitants as if they were being poured out of an overturned vessel. People & priests, princes & servants & masters, maid & mistress, buyer & seller, lender & borrower, usurer & their victims which explains much of the present world conditions of every sort. The Land shall be utterly emptied and spoiled. FOR the Lord has spoken it, not yesterday but today, according to the reading by His spirit for all who will hear. The EARTH morneth & fadeth away. World languisheth and fadeth away. The high & haughty of the earth languisheth. The Earth is defiled under the inhabitants on it today. Because they have transgressed the laws of His Kingdom while professing to be the children of His Kingdom.

They have changed the ordinances by their S. & Pharisee interpretation & broken the everlasting Covenant of hearing and obeying the living words of the living & true God, which proceeded out of His mouth. Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth & they left desolate burnt & few men left when the job is finished. But- O Lord thou art my God I will exalt thee and praise thy name & what a record of putting down the terrible ones & up His own whom He has cared for and protected from their storm & heat all these past years to all the victory in the stone becoming His mountain giving fat feast to us & wine un-adulterated to all who will share- to destroy the covering & vail over the face of the people & nations and reveals who are His true people & by whom cometh words of life & salvation.

My love to both,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Pettys
August 10, 1931
P. O. Box 28
Jaffa    Palestine

My dear Pettys:

Thanks for yours.  Its good to find your term of service fit into the whole program so well, finishing 44 years, with one, to find  a place in the 1000 years programme which has been His purpose from the foundation of the world.  It may seem like flattery, but to me its His Grace & favor, even as I regard Mrs. Petty’s going, as His acceptance of a loyal sacrifice and service.

What seems like the mistakes in the Prophets of God, has always been the means of revealing the secrets of mens hearts.  The Pharisee or Cain seed, or goats, always finding enough to blind their eyes, while the voice of the Lord God – holds, guides and comforts the true Able seed.

Cooney, the other day, was trying to prove my prophecy faulty, in that I encouraged people in  California to bury food;  so I gave him the above, and also showed him, that those who did it are best off today of any of the others there, while the only man that dug it up is the opposite.  It was a test, but those who stood it are my finest friends with most of the Seal of God.  To hear the voice is about the only difference between the false and true.

To allow Mary the sinner of Jerusalem to anoint His feet, revealed Simon the Pharisee.  To allow Mary to anoint His body for His burial revealed the weakness of the disciples, and found out Judas amongst  His disciples, are great Eternal Truths made manifest in His life and work of what are Gods ways, with all who have been His anointed, and gives us the reason for Cain being justified in his own eyes, in the death of his brother, and quite in line with Matt. 25:  In as much as ye have or have not done it unto the Least one, ye did or did  it not to me.

When I think of all I was to the whole Testimony and world, and what they have been to me, it gladdens my heart to see how perfectly God worked out His own scheme and plan in revealing the secret of mens hearts.  They grasp all that was the 30 pieces of silver, and rejected the voice of the Shepherd of the sheep, which is more than gold or any other possible value, while the sheep have valued the voice, and could not be driven off by any test from showing their fellowship, and bear witness to you that your friendship has been cheer beyond words, for no one can ever know all it has meant to me to be the Least of all His Brethren, or what it has meant to be Overcomer, these 40 years, -- so long and often in the dark, with nothing but His voice and unseen hand to guide thru and along a path quite unfamiliar to me, or any other.

Enduring as seeing Him that is invisible, has often been a comfort to me these 40 years, revealing the secret of mens hearts, which was a bigger job than at first appears.

We had the Y. W. C. A. Secretary from Cairo here.  A serpent and viper well marked, and she knew all the great Pharisee leaders of these 40 years; and so we went over them all by name, at various times.

But what a shock to her to find out I regarded them as the very people who had been most powerful to try and trap me from living by what Jesus revealed in His way, Truth and life lived out in human flesh and blood, to destroy the works of the Devil, and make me the Overcomer, even in the Alpha days, in preparation for the more subtle snare of Omega days.

But who could tempt me to change one jot or tittle of my life as I look back and see every step of the way His guiding hand and comforting voice and vision as they are revealed to their great reward & now to see all they did in His name, slowly disappearing as a wreck beneath the waves.  Ones heart is thrilled by the faithfulness of God and Jesus to all they ever said.  How vain is all human value in human things, compared to hearing the voice of the Lord God and obeying Him.

Thirty years to a day I had of Adam’ and Eve’s first experience in the Garden, till it seemed death would be preferable to life.

Forty years have I had of Adam and Eve’s second experience, which tho painful, has led to life eternal, and possibilities beyond  our wildest dreams.  That of separating  between all nations of the sheep and goats.  To give ear, heart, and will that our feet may be as the feet of the voice of the Lord God in the Garden in the cool of the day,-- is surely the greatest of all possibilities  for all who will hear.

Only when we see the value of tilling the soil only, and offering our best human service to God and man, can we realize what His grace and mercy has been to us, and how full and free can we offer it to others by our feet being used to carry His voice to a perishing hopeless world.

So as you review your forty-four years service, you can see eternal gain, in that His voice you have heard and followed to the outside of the Garden where you could till the ground from which you were taken, and thru eternity there will be results both in Hell and Heaven, as the outcome from both your lives, for I can’t think about them as separated.  Even now she is more to you than ever.

My love to both,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Morgans
December 18, 1931

QUOTE:  "…If they would not hear me because of my leastness, they would not have heard Him.  If they cut Him out of the Mountain Jerusalem, by word and deed, they will also cut me out without hands to begin with; and by hands, when the work is finished and we are ready to go to his right hand, who sits at the right hand of His Father.  For I am to Jesus, what Jesus was to His Father."

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