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Maker, Mrs. - No date 1932
Loitz - January 2, 1932
Petersons - January 3, 1932

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From: Beard, Robert - October 23, 1932
To:     Robert Beard - November 15, 1932

William Irvine’s Letter to Mrs. Maker, Vallejo, Cal.
(No date)----1932

P.O. Box 28, Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Mrs. Maker:--

Thanks for your printed testimony which was the best thing you could do to send me. As in Adam all die and all who are partakers of Adam’s nature, do as Adam and Eve did, encouraged by the serpent preacher. Your christian Baptist home, your church, school - was only eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. When you found nothing but death, eating of the Baptist branch fruit, then you tried the Salvation Army, and got the Spirit of the god of this world who runs the whole religious world. The fact that you could be a Salvation Army soldier and sell war crys, was proof you had the same spirit they had, and any that could attempt to do these things, in the name of Jesus of Nazareth, was surely dead to God and alive to the spirit of the Devil.

The Baptist cleric and the Salvation Army are two of the many serpent seeds on the earth. “The great big red devil”, is also proof you did not know the devil, who is a shining angel, always seeking to make people better than others and more zealous either in outward righteousness or profession. If you had looked in a glass you would have seen what the Devil makes men and you would not need to hear about the torment of hell, for you admit you were tasting it in being a soldier.

The whole world is lost and perishing because they are human beings, trying to be Sons of God by their own efforts and ignorance of knowledge about God by the Bible, and all sorts of means that fill the world and are used by the Devil to deceive the hearts of men and make them believe they are Christs, or by searching-find Christ. No man can, by searching, find out God, but all men like Adam try it, and the more they try, the further away from God they get, and from the man He sends to save them. It’s not what Adam did in the Garden, that makes us sinners, though that’s what the religious world teach and preach, -- but its having the same human nature he had, listening to the serpent, who is blind and unregenerate, pretending to preach about God and how to be saved.

You were only doing what Adam and Eve did - and so were dead to God in Adam, the surest proof was in your thinking, as old unregenerate false prophet Russel, that believing in Jesus would give life, without being born into the family of God by LIVING waters and spirit, thru the Servant and Man of God.

In Adam we need a living Father and Mother to give us of their nature, so we become human as they are, and do as they do, eat of the trees of Good and evil, in church and Sunday school. The whole religious world is the Garden, and the whole of their teaching is the tree of good and evil, the teachers and preachers and world--are the serpent seed, whom the Devil uses to encourage people to believe that knowledge about God gives life. Jesus said to the Pharisees, - “Search the Scriptures, for in them ye THINK ye have eternal life” and they are they which testify of me, or tell the need of the living one to speak words, that ye may hear and be born of God. So all that are in Adam, do as the Pharisees do, listen to some sort of religious serpent preacher, eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which keeps them from believing every God sent man who speaks words of Life. It was because they believed they were of God, they would not listen to Jesus or any man He ever sent. All false prophets work and speak for God, but God works and speaks thru the true prophet, but only when he is willing to do and be as Jesus was and did.

Faith,- which makes us live in Christ, or partakers of His nature, comes by hearing the word of God, or God speaking by a living man’s lips. How shall they hear without a preacher, or how shall they preach except they be sent. Can God send a man in Adam, who is dead to God, and who is not Christed? A good dog is better than a bad dog, so is a good man better than a bad man, but a good dog is no more human than a bad dog, and so a good man is no more Christian than a bad man, only a man can pretend and profess more than a dog can be human and so pretending. We have a world full of people in Adam, professing to be good, but all bearing the same mark. If you had been born of God thru a man sent of God, speaking words of life, you would have understood what being in Adam meant, and being in Christ, and so the Devil would not have been able to fool you as he did Russell and hundreds of others like him, who write books which proves they don’t feel their need of a living channel thru whom God speaks words of life.

As in Adam all die. (You found this out by your knowledge and profession) so in Christ Jesus (Not Jesus Christ) as you put it, for we need to be born into the family of God and be Christed before we can follow, believe, or serve Him. When you are born into His family, then you have ears and eyes to see and hear God: when you were born into your natural family you had your parents’ nature, ears and eyes to se and hear them, but all seeing and hearing in Adam nature, only plays us more into the Devil’s hands, and so makes it harder for God’s sent man to reach.

Flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God, any more than an animal with animal nature could find a place among humans. So you have been seeking the living among the dead all these years, and the proof of it is, you could tolerate the men who write books and preach sermons about things they never had knowledge of, by being born into Christ’s family of whom Jesus is head. Wicked - means all people in Adam who attempt to get life by eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, religion of any sort, quality or kind. So your 7 th day experience in Advents was only going to find you did not know that the Devil who speaks by other serpents, could speak to and in you when he had possession of your mind and heart, and so the voice that you thought was the voice of God -- was only the spirit serpent voice.

One of my holy Methodist friends broke an old woman’s arms and legs in healing her of rheumatism and was in jail as a murderer in Waukegan. He had been baptized with the Holy Spirit, following that voice, made that the excuse for not coming to hear me in Chicago, and the next day I read about the murder in Zion City. I have seen many bear witness and saw many tragedies of many kinds these 35 years and the world is more full of them today than in its long history. God must first speak to you thru a Man sent of God, the words of life, then being in Christ and passed from death into life, God can speak to you and thru you. BUT TILL THEN… IT’S THE DEVIL IMPERSONATING THE GOD OF HEAVEN, as we see in all sort of men and women who torment the earth with their silly cackle.

I was in San Francisco earthquake in 1906 and glad of that experience - God did not tell me to get out, He brought me in. I got out, no fear of the house falling on any man of Christ.

Heaven - is where Jesus the Carpenter sits upon the Throne, at the right hand of God, and no Pope, Priest, Rabbi, Pastor, Deacon, Elder -- or any other vermin can ever find a place there. Hell is for all who let the Devil deceive and rule them, as being Christian, while they are only human and their torment is only the memory of their folly, and the more books and literature and other babblings they did, the more torment, and the better it paid and the more people they deceived and the more power given them, the more torment.

I have kept a close eye on them for 35 years and warned many of them as to the sure end of their iniquity and folly and hypocrisy. You are very fortunate to be alive when Rev.22:1 is given out. The Pure River clear as Crystal (no mud there) proceeding from the Throne of God and of the Lamb. This is my reading of the words of Revelation by His Spirit which has taken me 13 years and only finished on February 22 nd and when I dropped on my knees to thank God for it, He sealed it with an earthquake, for my confirmation. If you will hear my reading as the little ones who gather around me as the Manchild can give it, - you will get life as you hear it as from the Throne of God. You can be sure of being heard and so eat of the tree of life.

If you will hear God, He will hear you, and you can witness to the 12 manner of fruits for the healing of the nations. Then you will know what being in Adam and what being in Christ means, as well as dead to God, for no one knows what that means, till he gets life truly from God. If you don’t share in the blessing, you will share in the cursing of Vs. 18-19, for there will be no more curse as you have seen in the past, thru all sorts of men filling the world with their iniquity, in the name of God and Jesus. For if any man will add to or take from the words of this prophesy,-- God will add to him the plagues of the Book, and take from him his part out of the book of life. If you get life, you will see how God has graciously granted guidance to you, to where you could hear and receive and prove it to be from the Throne of God for your salvation.

The great difference between Alpha and Omega is the Alpha message could be received and used in any way people chose, without any curse, at the present time. (beyond failing to be born of God); - but now:--”I am Omega - with the keys of Hell and Death,” if they try on their old game with the Omega message, they will find God add the Omega curse. The honest hearts who receive my reading of His sealed book, which makes it prophecy - will receive life and blessing, and have entrance to the Tree of Life. His curse is as sure as His Blessing. This will put an end to all darkness, confusion, strife and wickedness, hatred and bigotry, and destroy from off the earth the whole wicked seed of religious people, and leave room for the meek to inherit the earth for 1000 years. So be very grateful to God and those who are God’s for the privilege God has given you, and forget all about the past - as if it had never been. If you will hear God, He will hear you; if you stick to Him, He will stand by you.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Wm. & Mary Loitz, Placentia
January 2, 1932

Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Wm. Mary and Co:

Thanks for two both good, sober, simple and clear, which is always a good mark. For when we look back to where we were 12 years ago, its wonderful how full and clear and life giving has been all the various openings as dark sayings we have had, and surely Rev. 22: has been well fulfilled in the waters, pure, clear as crystal, flowing from the Throne of God and of the Lamb.

Tho its channel is an earthly one, and the Tree of Life in the midst, with its roots in the earth and in the water, and the Leaves of the tree, for the healing of the Nations He has smitten. And there is no other cure for any man in any nation on the earth, but to drink and live, and give the COME, to all others.

Come is a very different from -- Go Preach, to all nations and etc. But its Come all nations, drink and live. Ho every one that thirsteth, Come ye to the waters and etc.

So its a very simple Test, and Ho is by wrath, world wide, destroying all other confidence, so that they are compelled to see the folly and uselessness of all money and labour spent in seeking to avert calamity.

The whole matter gets simpler every day, and we can be sure there is no room for triflers, as in Alpha days. For the Message is double edged, and well Sealed, according to the idle or useful words which come out of people mouths concerning what comes out of His mouth..

People can make the Book say anything; and always good of whats evil, and evil of whats good. So they are well marked in Matt. 22: and judged since 1914 in Matt. 24; and now the final for every man and nation on the earth.

You can see the necessity for the separating of the foolish and wise virgins, before the bringing forth of the Manchild; and the getting rid of the wicked and slothful servants, ere the faithful and good enter into their reward.

If they had not been tested by the Leastness of the Man, they would have wanted a place when the Man began to rule the Nations with a rod of Iron and etc.

So we have moved along slow but sure all these years since 1916 when we came to see you all at the Lease, now no more; and what has any one got in any other way; even from their own standpoint, they have made nothing out of their wickedness. It was but a mirage to lure them on in their own iniquity and pride. Hence His wisdom in all that has happened.

My love to all who bear your name and His,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Petersons, Saskatchewan, Canada
January 3, 1932
Box 696,  Jerusalem Palestine

My Dear Petersons:

Thanks for your letter.  The cases you mention point clearly to the fact that people, although miss getting the healing, seem to get something worse.  The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil has filled the whole world with Scribe and Pharisee hypocrisy and Devil possession, such as you see in Babylon, Revelation 18, and also the Harlot preachers of Revelation 17.

So the Tree of Life of Revelation 22 will fill the whole Earth by and by; for those who hear and obey, and are rooted in God will be part of that Great Tree.  The Meek shall inherit the Earth. You can see the planting of the Tree by the River of Water of Life may have been slow, but it will grow very quick with its 12 manner of fruit every month, and its leaves, or our witness, is the only cure for the healing of the Nations, who may hear and live, or refuse and perish.

The Tree and its fruits of Genesis 3 is to perish, as truly as the Tree of Life is to grow and dispossess the old wicked Tree, with its fruits. So we are as positive in the Tree of Life, as we are opposed to the Tree of Death.  People may know nothing of the difference, but they are surely being  made to feel that the Old Tree has done nothing for them, but bring a world full of trouble, as truly as Revelation 22's Tree will bring Blessing of 12 kinds, and our words will be useful and helpful to all who will hear and obey them.

All who are obedient to God and Jesus can be sure of Life Eternal, and all who are against, can be sure of everlasting fire or mercy, or mercy for such as hear, and wrath for all who won't.  And even though we may be weak in our witness, that don't hinder God honoring it, nor arrive to measure our value by the estimate of men around us.  For God hath chosen the weak and lowly to bring down the High and Mighty, as in all ages this has been His method, that no flesh may glory in His presence, not even our own, for He will attend to us if we get puffed up in any way, for we are in danger of presumption, and so He gives us a little Fatherly discipline to keep us so He can honor us in bringing forth fruit.

We have plenty of people praying their heads off here through drought, when they need the latter rains to make crops possible.

My Love to all in the home.

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Emil Septic
January 16, 1932

Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Emil;

Thanks for yours (no date). Who ever said it would not rain till John comes, was fooled by the devil, who loves to make people speak by their flesh, rather than be guided by His Spirit.

There will be no rain after John comes, for 3 1/2 years. Read Rev. 11: and see by the Spirit for yourself, and all your questions should be answered by those who have had greater opportunity of sharing what the Spirit has given me for many years.

The proof that a man is a Prophet to those who hear is, - that they find the same Spirit teaching, that taught the Prophet. What is the value of hearing, if we don't seek to have the same Spirit Seal our witness. This is what the wise virgins with Oil in their vessels means, and no matter whether people hear or don't hear, we expect to enjoy Him give us words to speak by His Spirit.

Multitudes heard Jesus, and believed He was a Prophet, but did not use it right, and so did not get Life and Spirits seal. The serpent in the Garden, was the devil putting on the scribe and pharisee marks and methods to deceive them, by giving them knowing of good and evil. Its not this human need, but Life from God by His Spirit. The Voice of the Lord God walking in the Garden, is the marks of the true Prophet of any age.

The serpent and his seed are always native to the Garden, or religious world, or Babylon today. The apostles or prophet is always a stranger. Read Matt 23: and see what Jesus called the scribe and pharisees. Seed of serpents, Generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of Hell.

Every man who is possessed by the Spirit of the wicked one and a teacher of them, is serpent seed, - and God makes them all well marked by education, title, clothes, place and power amongst men, so we need not be deceived by any. Egypt was full of wise men, and all had their opinions about the creation and the Book. But Moses in Genesis, Leviticus, Deut. and Judges, gives us what the Spirit taught Moses, and so we can be sure the same Spirit will give us understanding. The whole religious world can only get strife.

Read what Moses says about Adam, and let God teach you. He made Adams body from the dust of the earth, and there were no humans, but plenty of animals, and gave Adam authority over all under him. There is no proof that there was humans on the earth, up to that time, and even much later; all else is just serpent bluff in name of Science, which is always opposed to God.

There is no answer you can give any man, that the devil in him won't contradict. Jesus never lost an argument, but it did not convince, but only made them the madder. Nothing but death opening mens eyes in Hell, can ever convince devil possessed people.

Read Luke 18: but they are all on one side there, as you can see, invading the stars and the soil. Serpent preachers in the rich man, as they like to be called. Gods man was the poor man outside the Gate, and the dogs, (men) licking his sores, but the rich man recognized he had water on the tips of his fingers, but not for the people who were in Hell, nor seen there alive, who despised Moses and the prophets. Not even a man raised from the dead, like John, would such believe.

It repented God, or grieved God, that He had made man on the earth and so He that made them planned their destruction in the flood of Noah; when men were just as audacious and foolish as they are today. The old Testament - Jewish Ritual with its priests and offerings, was to give people human samples of what to do, but Jesus and the apostles were the fulfillment of all that, and you notice He cleansed the lepers, but only one returned to give Glory to God, and thanks to Jesus. The gifts to the priests of the Temple, were types of the gratitude people showed to the Man of God for blessing received thru these witnesses.

Jesus and the apostles lived by this fruit, and you show similar marks of gratitude to the Least, who is the Prophet today, and by whom the sheep and goats will be known by their attitude to the Servant as the Test. Goats will honour the false prophets or serpents, Sheep will honour the Man who bears the lowly marks He bare, and so do it as unto Jesus. A Prophet can only be Prophet in his day and generation, raised up from amongst the people, or the Man whom Jesus anoints, and speaks to men by and from the Throne.

Flesh and blood shall not inherit the Kingdom, "means" no man, good, bad or indifferent, can have any part in the Kingdom, till he is born into the Family of which Jesus is the head. In Adam, or having Adams nature, all die, even so in Christ, all those who are born of God, shall be made alive to God, Jesus on the Throne and His prophet on the earth, in the Restitution or judgment days.

In Christ, or born of God, and Sealed by His Spirit, there is no condemnation: in Adam, and not born of God, there is nothing but condemnation. Read Romans 13: The more religious people are, the more they believe in the false prophets seed. The deader and more hopeless they are, this is the meaning of eating of the tree of good and evil, they shall die to God.

You will find much help in reading Psalm 1: which gives us the marks of the blessed and the cursed. Psalm 2: gives us the marks of the conflict between East and West, the Kings and Rulers on the earth, and the Kings and Rulers in Heaven.

Blessed are they that put their trust in Him, and show it by their trust in the Man, who is set as King on Mt. Zion, where I write.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Joe and George Kerr (Death of Sarah Kerr)
January 19, 1932
From: P.O. Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Joe & George:

Thanks for 2 letters re the passing of wife and mother, a Heroic Spirited woman - of far more importance in the eyes & heart of God and Jesus than people or even yourselves could grasp. For in weakness of Body she had always been true to all that she knew to be of God since

I 1st. met her 20 yrs. ago - when she was going to N. Dakota to fight for her health. I always enjoyed her hearty letters and the unfinished one now bears the same marks. I'm glad you have found it easy, simple and natural to have a simple poor Lazarus funeral - and am sure you will enjoy reading Luke XVI and find in it far more than you ever thought was there. For it shows us what death does to both goats and sheep - and how vast the difference. The comfort of Abrams bosom compared to the torment of Hell and eyes open to see the vast difference. How cold a welcome to go anywhere and have no friend to take you by the hand and to their bosom. But Heaven out does all our earthly experience of welcome.

If she had come to Palestine would not I have welcomed her. But you can be sure Abram, the prophet, was not less interested in her than I would have been had her passing been to Mt. Zion where I now am set. It links Heaven and Earth today as nothing else can - for words often hinder. But the reality of one we knew and loved passing there, makes Rev. IV; & V; & Matt. 25; even more clear, strong and definite.

Mrs. Petty went on the Eve of Armistice 1930. So Sarah's passing on Xmas Eve fits in well. I was glad to notice Bob & Minnie, Wm. & Rose had all been linked up with the death of Mrs. Gerow, who was the 1st to go after hearing my weak witness and receiving. Then Nan Skerritt and now Sarah, and I'm sure it did the Hulls much good and was a link into the family and perfecting them after their other experience during the past weeks. Its one thing to read the Gospels in His Alpha days, but we are making a record quite as tender to His heart as we can find in the Book, and Sarah has no regrets today, not even the way we suffer in the flesh (she having put that off) and only can see and feel the values of what occupies all who are in that family circle that Babylon can never know.

He alone can feel for and with you having our flesh. You will see how Abram felt & spoke to the Rich man and such is her mind today. All else seems little in her eyes compared to the things which had filled her mind even in her weak body and bound up environment on the earth. There is no room for fanaticism, but plain practical recognition of the facts which count. I'm sure both of you will feel more drawn together and knit in heart and life thro her going than ever cld. have been. So live as one and enjoy the happy thot of seeing her when she and He come & all the Saints to earth to reign in 7 yrs., when the things which seemed to be but words and sentiment becomes the actualities and records for eternity.

You are fortunate in having Willie & Rose to be a strength & comfort to you & value them very highly for what God has made them to you under such conditions. I can't think of Sarah, nor would I wish to go & see her dust. The marks of weakness, but I enjoy looking into an open Heaven and seeing the Living company she enjoys & almost envy all there.

My Love,

Wm. Irvine.

The fact that she was separate not only from all that was Babylonian but to all that marks Malachi III Jewels is a very sweet thot. We can never grasp in our body what joy there is to all who have put off this vile body and in His presence.

William Irvine's Letter To: Skerritts
January 19, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for your 2, re the passing of Sarah Kerr, and she was a brave Woman as I saw 20 years ago when she fought off T*B in going up to N. Dakota. There can be no mistakes in such as are His House may suffer in the body through much we have gone through. Her Spirit and heart was always loyal and true to what she knew to be His mind, will and purpose. It's quite interesting to see how the 3 deaths, Mrs. Gerow, Nan and Sarah have been linked together in Wm. and Rose, you and Minnie; and I'm glad to see the Hull's sharing in this passing of a Saint. I'm quite sure Sarah has no regrets for herself, but sympathy for Joe and George, left in the Maelstrom of wrath working on the earth. I was looking on today at two funerals for I live in the midst of Cemeteries: Mt. Zion being used as a place of Burial in hope of the being nearer the place Holy at Resurrection. I also lived in sight of 3 cemeteries in Jaffa, so I'm quite at home in all the various forms and ceremonies, and they are very crude and tumble in the Moselem poor out of a box they carry them in; chanting he believed in God and Mohammed the Prophet which is their chant as they march to the graveyard.

I was thinking today how our burial fashion may be guided by what we read in Luke 16: "He was buried" of the rich man and Lazarus. The cost and show of the one who opened his eyes in hell being in Torment, and the poor man who opened his eyes in Heaven in Abram's bosom. The one had no person to receive or comfort him and the other had Abraham. There is much more in this than first appears and so we look for Sarah having as much welcome and care there as we could give her home, and you can see the interest in her ministry all the clearer demonstrated by what goes on between those whose eyes are opened by death. You will see many other hints and the only clear revelation we have in the Book of after death experience for both the Goats or the Sheep. All who are dead who have heard our message and witness are for us and their answer by Abram who was a Prophet and is still one in authority in Heaven.

I also was thinking today how many who talk about depression and hard times don't even grasp the fact that the Judge on the Throne is the carpenter of Nazareth whose manner of life was voluntarily working man's life on the commonest scale of payment and manner of life. So there won't be much sympathy for people who have been spoiled by too much worldly prosperity and too little appreciation of who He was and is. It points to the need of considering their own foolish extravagance which has only helped to make them suffer. For there can be much iniquity working even in human affairs through our envirement, as people have not much room to grumble till they come down to His level and manner of life. There may be much comfort from the contemplation of the carpenter and His lowly manner, eating and drinking. People are often very ready to try to cover up their extravagance in His Feast time experience in Cana. But that was only an interlude rather than His manner of life up to His anointing.

My love to both and best wishes for Big things in 1932.

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. "Consider Him" has ( a key word to Hebrews) much comfort under every possible trial and experience and fresh for these past days as ever.

William Irvine's Letter To: Moons, Burbank, Calif.
January 19, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Moons:

Thanks for yours. Glad you find a way to live. Remember Jesus was but a common carpenter, and lived on what most people would throw away, or waste or spend.

So He don't thank people who howl in U.S.A. and England because they don't have the way of gratifying their extravagant taste and habits, and this is true of most of the world.

He has given them a big opportunity to see what they would do and be; the more they got, the more they had no ear or heart for God.

Babylon leads into all kinds of extravagance in foods, clothes, houses and etc., - as you see from reading Rev. XVIII:, and now He is going to take all that away.

Politics, Religion, and Education, our so-called civilization, can never be satisfied. So its good to be down, and content with what He had, and the making most of it to make known His name amongst men, both as Alpha and Omega.

Jesus made Himself poor, and all His apostles, and said, "Blessed be the poor, for yours is the Kingdom".

The Devil fills the world with Babylonians, whom He makes rich and says, - "Blessed be ye rich, for ye shall never want." But Jesus is turning the earth upside down and making it empty and waste in His wrath, because the Harlot hirelings of Babylon, have taught people that love of Gold and its rewards, is Godliness.

Read Psa. I: and see the marks of the Blessed who don't walk in the counsel of the ungodly. But Godly preachers of the earth, who only laugh and scorn any man who has the marks of Jesus in his life.

So don't worry when you find living coming down to the level of Him who now sits on the Throne, but is still the carpenter of Nazareth.

Psa. II: shows the battle between the Kings and Rulers of the earth, in trying to throw off what God and Jesus is putting on them. But they can't escape or break His bands and cords, and He only laughs at their world wide attempts to do and be as they have been.

Matt. 25: is good guide for all who truly want to be safe and sure under His care.

My Love,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Jess & Clara Gruber, San Pedro, Calif.
January 25, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Grubers:-

Thanks for yours. It was great to hear about the M.D. & the Patient, who left his coat with him. A good sample of all of them; though it was breach of the moral law to keep the coat as you can see in Leviticus; either to keep a man's tools or clothing as pledge was wrong, it had to be returned before sundown, because he needed the tools to work with & his covering for sleep.

The rapture people now are beginning to find out they have been living in a Delusion & many millions there are who swallowed this & so made No attempt at provision for these tribulation days.

I had a letter from a R.C. friend in Jaffa, telling of the birth of a Baby Daughter, 9 lbs. along with this I had Mary Loitz's letter telling of the arrival of her sister from Oklahoma with 6 children, mother & hubby, who have been preaching there for the past 6 years. I expect they will now be LIBEL for it, but the memory of their folly & money for all preaching & work & NO RAPTURE. This is what reveals the cruel side of the Rapture for they were made to believe it was NO VALUE, having anything if they were going to leave it & be caught up to the Lord in the air. There will be a Rapture at the END of the 1,000 years & so shall all be forever with the Lord & the old earth BURNT UP.

Its in the Book, but to those who have not His Spirit they can only read it to their own MISERY, DISAPPOINTMENT & SUFFERING, for I expect they will suffer the more for their audacious attempt to read the Book without the Spirit & the MAN & MESSAGE of today. I mixed a good deal with the Penticostal People in 1918 & 19 ere I left for Jerusalem, so I know how Godless & Hopeless they are, and how much bluff & hypocrisy they practiced in deceiving all sorts of silly people who came from many parts for the Los Angeles climate.

You need not worry about your mountain Home as long as you can get a Fish there, stay with it. You have a long way to travel & I can believe you are as POOR as Jesus, the Carpenter, was even in Nazareth. A dollar a day in Palestine is big wages today even, & many live comfortably on that. But the Big Spell of prosperity has produced much False Appetite of all kinds; which makes it hard to come down to the Level of Living as Jesus lived; which may be His Standard of Provision till we find the way opened up for Jerusalem by John coming. Conditions everywhere continue to get worse, & 1932 is much worse in many ways than 1931 was either at the beginning or end.

Its good to seek to have His Spirit of Wisdom & Understanding in all that we have heard & in our witness to others. I'm sure you find Matthew 25 very useful for all manner of men, for it covers the Virgins, Servants, Sheep & Goats, Foolish Virgins & wicked servants would not be much help in separating the Sheep from the Goats, for they would prefer the Goats to the Sheep every time & so they must be revealed & separated ere the greater Work begins; when the Manchild is brought forth & John comes & the Two Witnesses' Work begins.

So don't choose too much how or what you will do but be willing to do what-so-ever yours hands find to do & do it with all your Might.

My Love to all there who bear Your Name & His.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Chapmans
February 12,  1932
Jerusalem  Palestine.

My dear Chapmans;

Thanks for your  January 19, 1932.  And Mr. Stevens enclosed, which is rich and good to have, because its the answer to your question regarding sin and wickedness.  You notice Jesus never accused once a sinner, and He never failed to accuse the wicked Scribes and Pharisees who marks for then and today you find in Matt. 23:  Their past judgment since 1914 in Matt. 24: and now in Matt.25:- shows you what they are getting and to get till they are destroyed from off the earth ere He comes in person to reign.  He is to sit at the right hand till He has put ALL His enemies under His feet.  There are 3 wars in Revelation , 8: gives you the 1914-1918.    Rev. 9:10 to end, the coming war which is the greatest of all history.

 (3) Armageddon, the armies are gathered together to battle, but no fight, for the greatest earthquake of all history leaves them standing face to face, poisoned by the gasses from the quake which destroys Jerusalem and the cities of the League of Nations.  You find this at the end of Rev. 16 and 5 months after, Jesus comes in person to reign and the great gathering unto Him from the ends of the earth, the fruit of the 144,000 who have been scattered when the 2 witnesses are killed, and so took back to where they came from, the New Everlasting Gospel they had heard from the lips of the witnesses.

The great matter for you to witness what you know is my witness & find God give you His Spirit as Seal.  This is what makes you to see & understand all the various sides to the simple truth for today in Rev.  This is the difference between the wise & foolish virgins who have heard my reading and the proof that my words are His which is the only proof that a man is THE PROPHET for today  in contrast to  a world full of fake prophets with the Scribes & Pharisee marks many, or few, of Matt. 23.

Ed’s letter is good from start to finish because he is all Wool to you & all wolf to me, Matt 7:- says “beware of false prophets which come to you in sheeps clothing, for inwardly they are ravening wolves”, and when there is danger of them having no food, they are ready to say or do anything.  If he had been a  wiser wolf, he would not have written his last paragraph about a happy Xmas, & getting money & presents, because he was trusting God for all needs.  The Harlot & all her family & abominations of Rev. 17:- bear these marks, when they are not able to get salary, then they take collections & when they don’t do that, they beg directly or indirectly by pretending to trust God to supply their needs.  You find it in all the religious people on the earth, which  is called Babylon, Rev. 18:- a habitation of devils & hold of every foul spirit & a cage of every unclean hateful bird, and Jesus, or Jehovah Savior says, “Come out of her my people”.

The groceries bill for the month is nearly paid, but street assessments, taxes, doctors bills still needs help from any who care to hear, & the 8 room house, & cement floor can’t be done on air.

But where would you find this in any of the prophets, or apostles letters.  Then why should people worry about any of their things when they may be raptured any day, according to the delusion God has put on all who try to read the Book, but have not His Spirit.

The rapture comes at the end of the 1000 years, and so shall we be with the Lord, not on the earth, which will be finished so far as His purpose is concerned, & burnt up.  So they are only 1,007 years out of their reading.

But this fool reading is common to millions on the earth, & so the more surely a delusion & snare for all who know the scriptures, but are not known of God, nor do they know God any more than did the Scribes and Pharisees who put Jesus to death as a false prophet for hersey (sic), blasphemy, & sedition which were the charges against Him.

They claim to be disciples of Jesus today as they claimed Moses then.  But are the seed of the serpent Generation of Vipers who cannot escape the damnation of Hell, in Matt. 23.

Ed’s finish to his letter reminds me of what Jesus, for Jehovah of the old Test., is the Jesus of the New, said, “On thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shall thou eat all the days of thy life”. & its coming to an end now when they will find it hard to breath to carry on their deceiving by beguiling  the people to accept their Godless reading of the Book.  The Scriptures is of no private interpretation, or can only be understood by a man anointed of God, as were the men who spoke what is written in the Book.

So you see people who are troubled with street assessments, taxes, and doctors bills and 8 room house alterations, are not included in the men Jesus said, “Go ye, preach, baptize and break till I come”.  He did not say it to the Scribes and Pharisees who use the Book to get bread in place of getting it by the sweat of their faces.

Its easier to puff and bluff simple people, pretending to trust God for your needs than to work.  If such men could read the Book why should we have 1000 different ways to be a Christian, all of them Babylon.  The 7 sects of Jews fought one another, but they all combined to kill Jesus.  So today what we expect from the 1000 of their need, for the servant of Jesus.  They are all against me, but I am against them all, as His mouthpiece. And I win no matter what they do, or say.  For a man ignorant, or learned in the Scriptures has no power to read them than a monkey to read a newspaper.

Paul was dead 30 years before God gave Jesus and He By His angel to John to write and give to the churches.  Paul had gathered out from the religious world then and to the 7 churches John was to give his message.  Rev. 22:18-19 has no reference to any other message than Rev. as written by John to read to those who hear and obey, as you can see, “I Jesus, have sent my angel reader, which makes the written truth prophecy, and to add to it means Plagues and death in our day of judgment, EVEN SO, come, Lord Jesus, means come as you have revealed by your reader, or Angel, Not as a world full of fools cackle and talk, for every one can see His coming in the clouds of Heaven and many are wailing because they are the piercers of today, the seed of those who pierced Him, and He don’t forget the kind of people who put the marks into the body that now sits on the Throne of His Glory.

If the light that be in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness.  This is the light of the whole Babylon Harlot ministry on the earth today, and Ed is a good sample of the whole.  If in Peters day many prophets had gone into the world imitating Jesus and the Apostles, what do we expect today?  Matt. 28: 24-25 shows even in those days trying to usurp the place and name of the true prophets.

We have  had quite a number in Jerusalem in my 12 years here, but most of them went home hungry and some went out at U. S.A. expense, and they were all as sure as Ed is today and often I have pitied and fed them in their delusion and therecare (sic) many who are going to have a hard time even now, here and everywhere on the earth who still preach the Alpha Gospel which finished in 1914 when Rev. began to be fulfilled in the war of Rev. 8:

You have many false Christs in U. S. A. and all over the world, all saying come, and many have gone and found out the bitterness of the delusion.  Ed says its easy to follow the sensational , such as we have in Aimie and her 4 Sq. Gospel, healing and speaking in tongues in imitation of the old Alpha days, which is but the seal of Jezebel of  Rev. 2: - and surely we never had so much counterfeit Pentecostal (sic) work as during the past 17 years.

Son of Man is used in Ezekiel all thru his prophecy, Jesus (Jehovah Saviour) used it to the prophets.  A Son of man is not THE SON of Man, people confuse the Master with the Servant.  Gods revelation to man on the earth will only be complete when all  He witnesses has been fulfilled, the wicked destroyed from off the earth, and the meek ruling it for 1000 years.  When there will be no more Eds to contradict God’s servants.  What Ed said, the Jews said in Jesus’ day . We have Moses and the law is complete.

But in all ages the people perished when there was no vision by a true prophet.  Thru the false, many were the enemies of the true few.

The Jews are in Palestine for judgment and you may hear of it any day.  Then they will be given Palestine for 3 ½ years, and their Pres. Sir Herbert Samuel, who was here as High Commissioner, will come 2nd time and then when they build the Jewish Temple , he will be proclaimed their Messiah and speak in the Temple as God and do wonders as we see in the last half of Rev. 18:- The marks of the Beast is the Jewish sign used today…..

There can be no rapture of the church, for there is no church since 1914, and only such as have ears to hear and obey the Reader of Rev.  or the Witness, Leader and Commander He has given to people, can have any hope.  How could John, or any other, prophecy in Heaven or anywhere else but on the earth where peoples, tongues and Kings are found in Judgment days.  The two witnesses are the 2 olive trees, or those by whom men get the anointing of God and the 2 candle sticks standing before God of the earth (not the Heavens as Ed says).Acts 3: 22- Moses said concerning the times of restitution of all things when Jesus is to be in Heaven on the Throne of His Glory, A Prophet shall the Lord raise up unto you of your brethren (on the earth) like unto Moses, him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he saith unto you.  Whats the use of Jesus sending a Witness, Leader and Commander if it is not to be obeyed for their salvation as in Isa. 55: AND, it shall come to pass that every soul (including Ed) which will not hear that prophet must be destroyed from amongst the people.

Matt. 25: 31-46  The only visible thing, or man by whom the sheep and goats are to be divided by Him on the Throne of His Glory, is to be a man, the least of these My Brethren, and what man are to that man (the son on the earth) they are to Him, Jesus who is on the Throne.  So don’t cut off your nose to spite your face but read the end of Matt. 25: as well as all the rest of it, for eternal life depends on it and everlasting fire, which a good many have got the beginning of now, and the end wont be any more comfortable than today.

2nd  Thes.  Dan. 11: 36-45 and Rev. 13: last half of chapter and many other scriptures show the Anti-Christ will be the Jewish Messiah and President of the Jewish Commonwealth set up after the death and ascension of the 2 witnesses,  666 is the Jewish way of saying the same man 3 times, SAMUEL ------? Hebrew, So Ed can sit on the Hitler rook, but it wont hatch out a Jew.

Thus saith the Scriptures; is in every fools mouth, but a prophet can say “Thus saith the Lord”, as in Rev. 22:  We see the River of Water of life, pure and clear as crystal proceeding from the Throne of God and the Lamb.  Ed mentions the Lord using the Scriptures to defeat the Devil tempting Him. The Devil begins by saying, “If thou be the Son of God, command these stones that they become bread” This is the Serpent dodge in the whole Babylonian world, When men pretend to be Sons of God and demand that you feed them for the stones they throw at you by quoting the Scriptures to get bread without the sweat of their face.  Men shall not live by pretending to get bread by trusting in God. This is the Harlot  Method. The true lives by what proceedeth out of the mouth of God, speaking thru his lips  words of life to men who hear and obey them.  The Devil quotes Scripture to Jesus again, cast thyself down, it is written. He shall give His Angel charge over thee etc.  Jesus answer, it is written, thou shalt not temp the Lord thy God.  You see all kinds of men cast themselves down  to the Serpent level by trying to live by quoting the Scriptures to simple people to deceive and enslave them, as the Serpent did Eve in the Garden.  When any man does this he comes under the, “on thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life and you have millions of men using the Scriptures in this villianous (sic) devilish way, and plenty in Calif.  Who either live by salary, collections, or begging directly or indirectly, pretending to live by faith in God, only to be left to die of starvation, as the Harlot is Judged as in Rev.17:16-18.

3rd   temptation, He showed Him all the great possibilities in the world if He would fall down and worship him as did the Scribes and Pharisees then and now, Jesus answer,  It is written, thou shalt love the Lord thy God and Him only shalt thou serve ( and this means serve in the way Jesus did when here, ans as He taught all His disciples to do who were true).  Though the world became filled with false victims of the Devil even in Pauls (sic) life time and other Apostles when they were the means of killing.  The false have always killed the true, and this is where Ed and I fall out. BUT it is the false who are to be cleared off the earth with their millions this time in vengeance for all the blood they have shed in other days and now.

I have written this not only for your sake and Ed’s, but for all who can read it, and am sending it to Dunbars to copy and circulate to such as may benefit.  All  these points have been thrashed out for 40 years now, so there is no room for quibble in such as have any heart for the God of Gods and Jesus, or any who have ever had His Spirit given. Men can preach in Hios name, cast out devils in His Name and do all manner of wonderful things in His Name, but no man can fool Him into giving the Spirit which alone can make him live, walk, see, say and do as He did.  And the audacity of all sorts of foolish people pretending in name of baptising.  The Spirit is only proof of their Devil possession, and Satans opposition to all thats of God, for mens salvation.

We are 6 months into Tribulation and no Rapture, but millions under the delusion, finding starvation and desolation in place of Rapture.  S its a matter of looking around and seeing who truly know and are known of God as others perish by everlasting fire.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Grubers & Sessions
February 12, 1932
P. O. Box 696
Jerusalem  Palestine

My dear Grubers & Sessions:

Thanks for yours and a good sample of the muddy water people are asked to drink & bathe in, all the Harlot hireling hypocrites have to offer , & which the world suffers gladly, madly, & badly from.  I had another letter similar today from Mrs. Chapman.  I have written a 13 page letter in reply. Dunbar is to copy it for the benefit of others.  So you will probably have a copy.  The one you got was not worthy of an answer, But if you get to them put it in their hands.  He bears all the marks of the Wooly  Wolf  Jesus said was type for false prophets of whom He said beware, & not to give pearls to hogs, or dogs, for they would trample them under foot & turn and rend you who gave them.

Revelation was not given to John for 60 years after Jesus ascended, & 30 years after Paul’s death & most of the true Apostles.  John got the Revelation in Patmos when He was a prisoner rejected by the fake apostles & prophets who were many in the churches & world, even at that time. I was very comforting for John to have such a revelation of who Jesus is to be in the Judgment of all nations, when He is going to  put the whole Great World on one side & sheep on the other.  A wolf is always most dangerous when he fears you are going to take away His feed & leave Him hungry, & I guess a good many millions of them & their victims are finding the feed problem hard to face. The Serpent goes on his belly, & dust shall he eat, which means- he don’t need God- he has the Bible & can make it anything that fills his belly & gives him power over simple people to rob them & enslave them in tradition works & forms.  He gives them stones & demands Bread, for no man can give Life unless God & Jesus have given the Spirit & that can never happen to a Hireling Harlot Hearted Hypocrite.  Men, like them selves may lay hands on them 1000 times.  Jesus will never do it, & all the true Prophets were anointed of God & rejected by the fake Prophets.

Je - means, Jehovah,  Sus - means, Saviour.  When people fail to see that Jehovah of the Old Testy is the Jesus of the New Testament, they are very blind.  Why do we say the Lord Jesus Christ, if it does not mean the Lord Jehovah of the Old Testament & the Jesus of the New, & the anointed & anointer of all who are His today.

Jesus warns those who have His Spirit in Judgment days, against the many false Prophets & Christs who would trouble the World today, & we have a whole World full of them & because of their power the simple people perish through scorning the man who is the Prophet, & there can be only one till John comes to be the co-witness.  It would be nice to see the Old & New Testament killed & lie on the streets of Jerusalem, & there rise & stand on their feet & be caught up to God & His Throne, no wonder He is ashamed to put his name or let you know who is such a fool as to pretend to know the scriptures even the Scribes & Pharisees are ahead of such wooly wolves, & no wonder the people turn from them in disgust & leave them to starve &etc;. as in Revelation 17: the cure for all such, He will be looking for a mouse hole to hide a wolf when John comes, & you can see things fast ripen both in Geneva & China.  So we laugh with Him on the Throne.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  McNeals,  Oakland, California.
February 19, 1932
P. O. Box 696,
Jerusalem,  Palestine

My dear McNeals:

Thanks for yours (2),  Doris and Mum’s, both good and honest in their ring.  Revelation is the Message to the world since 1914, and if people don’t know, there is all the more need to tell them, and so a Reader is needed and given.

People’s pride is offended in the need for a Man anointed and chosen of God to read it for those who will hear and obey.  Nothing makes a man more conceited than to think he has the Book, and can read it for himself, or make a living by retailing it to a number of people he would call his congregation ,or members.

He never had any hireling servants.  He called such men thieves and robbers, as you can see in John 10:  They climb up some other way, but the sheep will not hear them, for they know not the voice of strangers, Jesus said, “All that ever came before me, or superior to me in manner of life, were thieves and robbers.”  They said of Him, He was mad and hath a devil, why hear ye Him, And so today people under the power of Babylon, say the same of His Servant, who is Least, and of all the little ones who bear witness with Him.

But judgment came on all them, and we are surer now than then.  The false prophets always climb up into high places in all shapes and forms, and bind burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders - grievous to be  borne, but touch them not with one of their fingers.  They want everything Jesus had not, and scorn the lowly manner of life of all who ever had the anointing of God, and go on in their pride and iniquity till death opens their eyes in Hell, when it’s too late to repent, or do anything to undo their wasted and wicked life in despising and rejecting all that would make them such as Jesus and the disciples were in the eyes of the wicked, religious scribes and Pharisees, then and now.

Jesus was not only the anointed of God, but He was the anointer and you can see what kind of people He anointed at Pentecost. They were all the same poor, honest, sincere people, whose life was outwardly like Him in manner of life.  The very opposite to the Scribes and Pharisees who prided themselves in their education, position and power over others.

Jesus in Matthew 11, says, COME unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, not with sins as the Pharisees say, but with the traditional burdens, and oppressive demands of Scribes and Pharisees, teachers and preachers put on them.  Take my yoke upon you and learn of me, for I am meek and lowly, (as the Scribes and Pharisees are high and holy), and ye shall find rest unto your heavy and hard, and their burden  unbearable.

It’s forty years since I began to find out the meaning of these words, and hypocrisy and lying of the Scribes and Pharisees of today; even worse than it was in Jesus’ day.  Matthew 23  gives you the marks of the whole Babylonian ministry of today. And Matthew 24 gives you the judgments He has been pouring out upon them since 1914, and now Matthew 25  is for today when the greater judgments are to fall on them as in Revelation 17 and 18.

The simple, sincere, lowly life Jesus lived in Nazareth as a carpenter, is the standard we should  seek to live by, and the same life and simple honest poverty He and His disciples lived, is the measure God and Jesus will reduce the whole world to, as in Isa. 24:  You see all the luxurious articles the religious Babylon people need for the worship and service of God in Revelation 18,  Jesus had none of these things; nor can any man have anything like these, and have the anointing of God.

So be content to be as Jesus was, and rejoice in His coming to dwell in you, and witness by you by His Spirit, and you will find it all work out for your Salvation, and that of all who hear and obey this Message.

Yours very truly in Him

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to: Ritzman
February 19, 1932

My dear Ritzmans:

Thanks for your (2).  I don’t need you to say you feel as well as ever, for I can see by your handwriting and hear by your words how your heart beats.  For we have more to cheer – who see as He sees because we hear what He says – than all the other cures and cackles which fills the air.  Prohibition was just one of God’s ways of revealing the hearts of men.  And it has worked well to show who are the ungodly counsellors and the accusers of men for their sins.  And surely they sit in the seat of the scorner so far as having ears for the Least and little ones who have His anointing.  Then peace and safety is even a wider world revealer of the hearts of men.  For tons of signatures were sent to Geneva from all over the world in favor of disarmament and no more war, which shows they fear another time like what He gave them from 1914 to 1918, and the Bands and Cords He bound them with which they are very busy trying to unloose.  Not to speak of the many other industrial and labor troubles they have on hand.

It’s good to see the papers daily littered by the photos of Kings and Rulers who try to fight against the Lord and His anointed.  “Why do the Heathen rage,” has a note of Irony or sarcasm in it, because it’s His work, who asks the question, while He sits and laughs at all their various plans and schemes.

It reminds you of Elijah telling the false prophets of Baal to cry aloud – maybe He is sleeping, or being interviewed, or out for a walk, and thus when they had been cutting themselves with knives, and crying till they were hoarse till 3 in the afternoon. But no answer because they would not hear.  So He would not hear them, whereas Elijah had no trouble in being heard and getting an answer in abundance; because he had ears to hear and obey.  So Proverbs 1 is a very easy chapter to read with these thoughts in mind.  But the beauty of it all is that we can see Him, for seeing all these things now on the earth and revealing them to those who had hearing hearts.  So they might be put on record for our reading and comfort today and also for revealing of those who have not His Spirit and can only muddle and mar even the written record in the Book; and then we have joy in being able to read and understand because we have the same Spirit that the Psalmist and Proverbs wisdom had.

The world seems very big till we get into touch with Him who rules the earth and world, then we can see from His standpoint.  You will find much of the Alpha Truth regarding the kind of life Jesus and the disciples lived, useful in helping us to understand why all the wise guys and big pots can’t see or understand.  If people are willing to get down to common level and not ashamed to bear His marks and reproach and suffer the scandal the Devil always pesters God’s tabernacles with – they refuse the lowly marks and so He refuses them in turn.  Hence He reveals it to babes and sucklings but hides it from the wise and prudent.  For giving His Spirit reveals, and withholding His Spirit hides it from them.  You can’t run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.  If we are ashamed of Him, He will be ashamed of us, is good old foundation truth that never can be shaken.

He only gave commission to men whom He had made like Himself in outward manner of life; and these He sealed by His Spirit; so that the very bigness of their attempts only rules them out of their condition for Him giving His Spirit.  For He not only was the Christ by the anointing without measure on the earth, but He became the anointer when He ascended to the right hand, and so no Scribe or Pharisee sharing in the anointing.

They can take all the name and place, words and forms, but they can never have the Spirit He alone can give.  The Cain seed look alright in men’s eyes with their vegetable offering, service and sacrifice.  The way that seemeth right unto a man but the end thereof is death.  If we are not willing to offer the Lamb sacrifice in life and service, then there can be no Spirit given.  The fire from Heaven which makes our sacrifice and service acceptable.  For God don’t ever accept raw flesh, it must be a burnt offering, by fire from Heaven.

And though many of all sorts offer strange fire of their own kindling it can’t deceive His eyes or nose any more than we would be by a painted fire, or straw smoke in place of the smell of a good dinner of Lamb and gravy and peas, etc.  The very pleasure we have in smelling a good, well cooked dinner, as I have done many times at your table is only the ritual by which we know what pleases Him, and what He can accept and be strengthened by.  For even we can add to His power and activities only by offering Him what is after the Pattern He revealed in His prophets and Jesus and the apostles.  Probably there are more people coming down to His level and that at which the apostles and Jesus lived and did their work by God than in any other age.

Which is probably preparatory to them having ears to hear and heart to obey and find God in His temple.  Proverbs 1 says the turning away of the simple shall slay them, and the prosperity of fools shall slay them.  And people who turn from the marks of the Least and little ones and turn up their noses because they have been made to see and hear what appeals to men’s nature and numbers.  So may be the bringing of the world down to His human level in manner of life, will prove their salvation if they will but hear and see rather than refuse and despise one of these little ones which believe in Him.

To be down and out with God is to be like Him whom He sent; to be anywhere or why without God is to perish.  It’s not that He has destroyed the material so much, as He has destroyed the power they had by material prosperity, for they have abundance but it has no value as in other days.  He has taken away the Godly power.  And if men don’t seek the Godly power there can be no redemption for any man, and so the Least and little ones are like a key to unlock the door into the Kingdom, or bar it to all who despise and refuse the key and door, which would prove eternal life to them, as it will prove everlasting fire to all who are the Goats.  So the Least and little ones, or the stone cut out of the mountain without hands has more value to it than at first appears even to us.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Bob & Minnie Skerritt
February 27,  1932
PO Box 696
Jerusalem,  Palestine.

My dear Bob & Minnie:

Thanks for yours. Always glad to hear how you are there.  We know there can be no change on the Throne of His Glory, no matter what men may say or do.  The Matt. 25: program goes through till the last goat & sheep are in their true place, and enjoying their rewards.  The foolish Virgins were very hot & anxious when they returned to find the door closed. They probably had been as cold when they went away as hot when they came back, showing how little they knew the value of their first privilege, till it was to late.  And I expect the Wise Virgins were as much surprised when they went with Him  to the marriage of the Bride, the Lambs Wife - the mother or woman who is to bring forth the Manchild who is to rule  the nations with a rod of iron on the earth, as He rules from the Throne in Heaven.

This shows that Virgin IS very much more than out of Babylon, but rather the wise in the place where Mary found herself when the Angel came to her and told her what she was, and what was to happen to her as the mother of the Son of God.  This throws light on Rev. 3: 20 supping with Him & He with us is s very intimate relationship compared to even being sheep.

Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist probably is sample of the woman who brought forth the Least who is to be the greatest when brought forth by the Virgin bride.  Elizabeth may be type of the woman who keep the commandments of God and has the testimony of Jesus.  My Alpha friends who are mentioned at end of  Rev. 12: as the Virgin bride and woman, is mother of the Manchild in his greatness. You can let it simmer in your kettle.

Matt. 25:6-7 with Matt. 25: 23-24, go well together. Also Psalms 1: & 2:  But I guess you don’t want these days, for plenty to keep your teeth  on the move.  The Arab Congress is to meet soon in Mecca to resist Imperialism, and the league mandates, gives us the near East end, as Japanese and Chinese gives us the far East.  While Geneva gives us the trend in the West imagining a vain thing in peace & safety, while the Kings and rulers are busy with financial cords & bands He bound them with in 1914 to 1918-war. All signs that the greatest war is just on us to the chorus of wailing which all nations have as they are gathered to be separated like a great flock of sheep & goats on the move not knowing whither they go.

My love to all.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Fred Harper
March 4, 1932

My dear Fred;

Thanks for yours.  It’s always best to part when our fellowship is not edifying or building us up in the Faith - and do it with a kind, forgiving heart on both sides; for there may be difficulty in oneness of a human kind.  I hope you are well on your own feet, for that’s where men grow strong.  To lean is always a source of weakness and temptation to those we lean on.  But always show gratitude to anyone who has done what they could for you naturally and Spiritually.  To do to others what you would have them do to you, is a great guide in making us considerate of other’s interests, feelings, and comforts.

This is the law in all service of Jesus, no matter where or when placed, and keeps us safe from doing to others what they might do to us, and so be as wrong as they are.  A forgiving heart is the surest mark of true fellowship with God in the Spirit, as an accusing heart is always indicative of Devil possession, or being wicked.  The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, and you will find that keeps us clear, clean and steady, no matter where placed.  Psalms 15, 24, and 101 are very good guide to keep in touch with God and Jesus. You will find all the Psalms  the very best reading, for they were written by David the anointed of God, and show his struggles and battles with all sorts of enemies of the soul that would please God and be useful to man.

The Lord of the Old Testament is the Jesus of the New, and our Alpha and Omega today on the Throne. So that all we read of Him in the Old Testament is in harmony and line with what He was, is, and ever will be. And one can have closer fellowship with Him today than even if we had been His disciples when He was here on earth.  And as we hear and obey, we can be sure He will hear and obey our honest desire in His service.  It’s very important to keep low, humble, and meek in all our dealings with men, and in giving them all the chance possible to hear, obey, and live.  We don’t trouble about what they say, any more than we would blame a corpse for smelling; for men are dead to God till they hear and live.

So don’t take their ways and words too seriously, but tenderly and truly seek to lead them from the place of Wrath to the Mercy place, where their wailings will be turned to joyous confidence in God and Jesus.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:   Hansens
March 4, 1932
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Hansens:

Thanks for yours, which came all right.  I was glad to see the photos enclosed of the few there.

It's always good to do all we do to the glory of God and obedience to the Lord; for otherwise, there is always danger of flesh--or human influence--creeping in, in the most subtle forms.  "Wicked" covers all that can come from our human nature, and you can see that there is no hope for slothful, wicked service; but to serve Him in all we say, think, or do, will get rich returns.

It's a personal matter in hearing and obeying, and no team work can ever be of such value to us, Him, or those who hear our witness, as The Spirit, by us, allowed to witness to someone who is dead and deaf to God.  It's a personal matter for them, also.  And He can never fail to reward according to what He sees in our heart of loyal service--No room for show-off.  Everyone is a centre of, more or less, activity, and in that circle lies our opportunity and privilege and responsibility.  And there we grow wiser every day, or more foolish, according to the use we make of our God-given place.

It's much more important to develop, by the Spirit, in our sphere, than to want greater opportunity and be less able to use it.  When people get too fond of bunching up, there is less room for God to work.  It's the person who has been most loyal to Him in personal, private ways, whom He will choose for larger and largest opportunity in coming days.  We are like calves of the stall today, being hand-fed, as it were, till the day when we will go forth to greater sacrifice and service.  So chew well all you get, and digest it, and keep in healthy condition for service.  You can see we are moving every day nearer the great day of opportunity and reward.  I hope you are all well in body, soul, and spirit.

 My love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Grims
March 12, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem Palestine

My Dear Grims:

I was very glad to see your grateful expression. Can the old gnarled trunk of the tree of Life in the midst of the River flowing pure and clear as crystal from the Throne of God and of the Lamb ever feel otherwise than glad of the branches which adorn its trunk and spread out as wide as the River, and ever spreading further by every drop of sap that as water becomes living sap to feed the branches, bear the fruit, and keep green the shade leaves for the healing of the Nations.

One Throne of God and the Lamb. One River flowing, one tree growing - but many branches and some of them quite small - but green and fruitful and leafy, and great need for the 12 manner of fruit every month as things change increasingly for the smiting of the Nations.

You will find John 15 is very simple and easy to read, tho we are not the vine as in Alpha days, but rather the tree planted by a river as Ps. 1 shows, and Rev. 22 gives us details of which makes the wise and foolish virgins easier to understand, as we can see dead wood and live wood on the tree.

The tree of Life in the East of the Garden with cherubims and a Flaming sword to keep the way of the tree of Life. The Leastness and little ones is the tree and its branches planted by the River of water of Life, bringing forth its fruit new and varied to suit people's needs according to increasing wrath. Even the cherubims and flaming sword that turns every way scandal and reproach can devise to hinder, is but the strongest assurance of what and who we are in these days and you see the hopelessness of all who are not living branches or wise Virgins bringing forth fruit and leaves, and branches growing 12 manner of fruit, and every month shows ir's a quick grower and spreads as far as the water flows.

These things would be dutch to any foolish virgin, or dead wood on the tree; but quickens our sap and increases our fruit and spread our foliage, which is the only cure for a wrath cursed world of nations. Even the wind blowing tends to loosen the soil for the water to develop fresh roots by which the branches and fruit and foliage is spread.

You will enjoy John 15 in the present sense, and notice all the same marks in the tree as in the vine. Ye are my friends if ye do what I command, - couples up Isa. 55 all the more clearly. This fits well when I remember as I do today, thru getting copies of a photo taken in Liverpool in 1919. You can see how your Mother was a branch, but it has added Olive and Christie and many more perhaps will spring from it, and when you see this figure all round you can see the dead branches and those with life. Ver. 6 - if a man abide not in me he is cast forth as a branch and is withered and men gather them and cast them into the fire and they are burned. Have we not seen this in so many cases; which is but the negative side of Ver. 7 - if ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what you will and it shall be done for you of my Father, either in blessing or cursing, as our message is different from Alpha disciples in that it's both Alpha and Omega. You can read the whole chapter with this help and get its comfort. If the world hates you, it has also hated me, etc. These things I command you, that ye love one another. How can a living branch fail to be interested in all the other living parts of the tree?

Because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world. Therefore the world hated you. The servant is not greater than his Lord, as the Son of the Son of God has much in common, tho different in quality, and it's comforting to see it become more simple and understandable..

The assessors attempt to compel people to put their money in the banks which are closing their doors, is tyranny of the worst kind, and even worse than Lang, the Bolshi man did in New S. Wales, now in liquidation or in receiver's hands or the Federal Gov. control in place of state. But it shows how hard hit the whole country is in its financial confidence, all proof of the effectiveness of His work. I can't see this will restore confidence but rather beget more hatred as has done prohibition. But it's the strong trying to eat from the weak and may effect the Republicans in the election even more than Prohibition. But every move can only end in more trouble, and the assessor may be sorry for his strong threat, which is even worse that in the war years. It's almost like racketeering in name of Gov.

I have been having some very interesting letters from some new people which I can understand you enjoy as much as I do. Every new twig is proof of another root having developed in the unseen part of the tree, which is the Godward part. I'm glad to hear you are all well and hearty in every sense and alive to even the frost and snow that obey His will. Psa. 146 to 150 are worth reading with Rev. 4 and 5.

My love to all 3,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Ethel Casey
March 18, 1932
New Zealand
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Caseys:

Thanks for your letter and all the details, which only makes for being one of the Little Ones, and probably, because your mother can stand the test, and you and Alice the suffering.  It has all come about in spite of high ideals, etc., and all I’ve written for Alice I would again for you.  The Least and Little Ones are they who have gone astray and whom He goes into the mountains to bring home, when the 99 is left with their 2 hands, 2 feet, and 2 eyes, perfect in their own sight, but no need of the Least One, who is the Child in the Midst, and test for all who will be converted and be partakers in the Kingdom.  The Publicans and Harlots shall enter the Kingdom, while the Children of the Kingdom—perfect in men’s eyes—will be cast out, even as in John Baptist days.  I have just been reading Matthew 13-25, and the whole outline is one and for today.

Tomorrow begins Holy Week in Jerusalem, when they parade to Bethany to welcome the Bridegroom, or to welcome the King coming to Jerusalem.  But there is little room for the Ass and Colt in such a parade of all sorts of clergy, and priests, and people who follow such.  You can see what a figure Jesus would cut in the midst of such pomp and pride of place, name and creed.  And it would be comical to find me in their midst.  They would consider me worse than a donkey.  Indeed, they all have a saying, that any man who would talk about being a prophet, is worse than a donkey.  How Jesus will love to go over all the various happenings up in Galilee, which is about 100 miles north of Jerusalem.

Matthew 13 begins the programme which ended on Calvary, and all between is full of richest truth for these days.  The Scribes and Pharisees who came from Jerusalem to investigate what they had heard was going on in Galilee, which led to the Transfiguration; the feeding of the 7 and 5,000;  the walking on the water of Jesus and Peter; and many healings, showed the power over the multitude which was scared away, when the Scribes and Pharisees came as Watchers.  Many closed doors and shut mouths and hands, which always overcame the Disciples, only three of whom were willing to go up the Mt. Hatton.  They were losing confidence in Him, and sleepy, tired, and hungry; discouraged at seeing the crowds melting after they had such manifestations of God’s power in feeding them--healing them, but melted through fear, when the scandal mongers from Jerusalem came with authority as Watchers to see all that was being done without authority from Jerusalem.

What a trial it was to Jesus to see even the 12 losing confidence; and only the Mountain could give God, and Jesus, and them a chance for recovery.  The face that was grieved, and His garments, which seemed to lose attraction for them, glistened and shone, when He got away from the atmosphere which was poisonous and stifling.  It was this which  made the mountains and wilderness so desirable.  You can sense, even there, the stifling atmosphere where the prince of the power of the air rules the crowds.  David wanted the wings of a Dove that he might fly away and be at rest.  But it’s good to feel that stifling Spirit around, for it’s the negative mark of His presence and power in our own hearts and words.  See how the Disciples welcomed Moses and Elias—wanted to have them stay in three little stone houses they would soon have erected for them.  And we instinctively fall back on Moses and Elias, when the atmosphere of the wicked seed stifle and blind our eyes through unbelief—through Babylonian mist and smoke  Then, the Voice of God spoke and said, “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.  Hear ye Him.”  This was God’s answer to the cry of unbelief in their hearts, and we can be sure of the same Voice, even today, though not the outward manifestations--the affect on the Disciples of the crowd going away, when they heard the Devil’s interpretation of all that had carried the crowd.

These good Scribes and Pharisees knew all about His birth and life, and had come primed, do doubt, to reveal the hearts of the mob and Disciples.  Jesus had “no certain dwelling place” means more than we can grasp.  This, or “a cup of cold water given in the name of a Disciple”  has more meaning; for this would be denied to all who were the few, by the many “Duds” revealed.  The deaf and dumb spirit, which Jesus cast out of the boy when He came down, is a type of what had happened to the disciples.  Their hearing, seeing and saying had ceased.  And so, they were either drowning or burning up with fear.  “This kind of spirit goeth out by prayer and fasting,” or getting away from the crowd to God and fasting, as the results of the Duds refusing to care for the needs.  You can never know who people are, till the scandal cloud is let loose and they would not give you either bread, or water or a place to sleep.   So your letter reaching me and your experience at this time is very enlightening and pointing to the near approach of our victory from being Least to being greatest in the Kingdom; and the Little Ones will share in it; and I have no doubt the deepest desire in your hearts there, is that the Child should be brought forth—the answer to all their scandal and accusation.

You can better sense what I have gone through by your own experience, now, which you never [could] have known under old conditions.  I know how much suffering comes from the conscious weakness and guile in men’s eyes.  What better test could there be for such as bear the marks of Matthew 5, 6 & 7 revealing the Blessed and the Cursed, as no sermon or doctrine could ever do; and surely the separation of the Wise and foolish Virgins; Good and Faithful Servants vs Wicked and Slothful, and Sheep and Goats.  What shall we do with this family?  Will mean the final test for all who name His Names, and results will be accordingly.  These words have been so long penned, that people are apt to think they are forgotten, but there we have the Law of the Kingdom now to be set up on the Earth.  I know your hearts can echo His, “Behold, I come quickly.”  “Even so, Come.  Amen,”

My love to all there.

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Percy Abbott

March 29, 1932
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Percy:

I enclose a letter for Mrs. Corbett, which you can mail to her.  W. Pattison’s letter bears marks of deceit, for I gave him no authority to be as he is today, no excuse.  But let it lie at that, for we are not Judges, but witnesses to all men, and best to keep clear of all accusation and scandal, no matter what is the cause.

It’s not ours to influence people, but let them hear and obey or trifle and refuse.  God and Jesus on the Throne has reward for all according to what He sees in their hearts.  That’s the reason I don’t trouble about what use people make of my name or what I write.

If you think you can be useful to any anywhere, then you are free to go.  But it’s best to avoid complicating matters or mixed up in the field.  This is where confusion comes in, if there be not confidence, but there is plenty of room for witness to the Tree of Life, as we see the full fruitage of the Tree of  Death in the Garden, revealed in Rev. 17 & 18 as in rain and drought, it is easily seen who gives and withholds.

There has been plenty of wailing during holy week, with fasting and praying by all here, and the 2 priests say its God punishing the people for their sins.  Maybe it helps to reveal the ungodly counselors who are always standing against the sinner, and sitting in the scorners seat towards all who are His anointed.

The Tree of Life is the Least and Little Ones gathered around him, the Manchild Overcomer, the stem and branches, which have roots in God and Jesus, and fed by the River of Water of Life, producing branches and fruit and leaves. The Tree of death in Genesis III was marked by refusing to hear and obey God, and so they who don’t surely die, and remain hopeless in every age.  It fills the whole earth with its dead-wood branches.  But the Tree of Life will fill the whole earth with a meek and obedient seed, even as they are in Heaven around and before the Throne, as we see in Rev. 4:11 and  Rev. 5:12-14

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Harry Martin, Burbank, California
March 31, 1932
Box 696 P.O
Jerusalem Palestine

My dear Harry:

Thanks for yours.  Glad to hear you have work, which is God's blessing in these days.  And be wise and keep clear of all that's wicked or hurtful to others in word and deed, for we are in big days for every man on the Earth, who will either get reward for his wickedness, or His mercy to others.

You can read the whole programme in Revelation 22:12, "Behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according to his works...," good or evil.  So, to do to others what we would like them to do to us, is a safe guide for all, and to avoid all that we would not like done to us By others.

Vs 13 shows who He is, "I am Alpha and Omega," the giver of mercy or wrath. Blessed are all they that do His commandments, as in Revelation, that they may have right to the Tree of Life and entrance by the Gate into the City.  You can see there are no dogs or sniffers after rotten flesh; nor people who do the Devil's work and put God's name on (Sorcerers;) Whoremongers, who have fellowship with the religious leaders, who put name of God on their hireling service of God; nor Murderers; who hate and hurt and turn their back on us For seeking to honour what His spirit puts in those who let God; nor Idolaters, who worship God by man-made helpers; and Whosoever loveth and maketh a lie, or  contradiction of what He reveals by Revelation to His Reader and those that hear them.

"I, Jesus, have sent mine angel to witness these things" to those who are outside of Babylon, or churches, which means they who have been delivered from the religious world.  "I am the root of David," or the source from which David's anointing came and, also, those who have had same anointing since, "And the bright and Morning Star," or those who have light for the New Thing now at hand. "The Spirit and the Bride say 'Come'."  All who have the Spirit, say "Come." All who have the Spirit are the Bride, or the woman who brings forth the manchild, or the Wise Virgins, in contrast to the Foolish, who have not the Spirit, say "Come."  And let them who heareth, say "Come," for there will be hearers, who are not the Bride, and let the thirsty say "Come," those who have found that there is no help, but in what comes from God, and "Whosoever will, let him take the Water of Life freely, for there is no other remedy provided, and woe to such as try to add to it or take from it.

My love in Him to all there,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Loves, Bellflower, Calif.
April 24, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Loves:-

Thanks for both letters. I'm sure Mr. Love will feel the better of his rest and change and the skilled care there, which was necessary. For nerves and such troubles are very hard to control, and easy to upset and not always easy to understand.

We are having a drought which spells famine for the Bible Lands from Equator to Black Sea and from Mediteranian Sea to Indian Border. This our 74th day since we had a very slight rain and this is the latter rain period which means everything for Near East countries owing to heat coming early and burning up what ever is on field.

You can find good reading for it all in Isaiah 1 to 24, which gives you the causes in wickedness and the cure in Judgments. Isaiah 3 is for Jerusalem and Judah, chapter 15 and 16 in for Moab and Ammon across the Jordan, now called Transjordania. Damascus Syria is 17 chap. 18 and 19 from Med. Sea to Equator. Chapter 23 is for Tyre the great shipping port of the Near East in Bible times and all these places are but types and signs of what the whole world is going to have according to their Judgment in His Sight who cannot err.

We are beginning Jewish and Moslem Holy week today and 3 Xtian sects. So we may have it marked as well as Holy week in March when the U.S.A. Tornado did so much damage. The S. American quake was a very spectacular affair and widespread over 3 or 4 states and I notice Political troubles in Peru and Chili. Unemployment troubles in New Zealand and New Foundland. Ireland and India are also troubling G.B. While U.S.A. has a big job in balancing their Budget and Hoover willing to be president at a Dollar a year, a very big thing for him and a good example for all who are having too much when so many are having too little.

You will find your difficulties very small compared to many places and people on the earth. For Drought in the Bible lands is a very severe ordeal because they have nothing to fall back upon like so many other countries and its harder today to get help in national trouble than in normal times. New York the richest city in the world is very badly hit with 800,000 people in need and must have 25 million dollars before June to tide them over Summer.

Hoping you will all be re-united and Happy by my letters arrival.

Yours Truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Morgans
April 29, 1932

My dear Morgans:

Thanks for your interesting letter and bill. Bible with the Serpent or Harlot Preacher is the Tree of Death of which God said In the day ye eat thereof, ye shall surely die. Genesis 3. The Garden is the whole Religious world. The fruit of it is Rev. 17 and 18. The Harlot ministry of the Babylonian Religious and Political world, to be destroyed and now in process. The Tree of Life, of which if a man eat, he shall live, or find the Spirit of God in and with and by him in witness to others. For the Leaves of the Tree is the only cure for the nations now gathered before the Throne of God and Lamb; from hence comes the River of Water of Life, by the Spirit and man whom They use to read Revelation and make it prophecy.

Any attempt to read and understand the Book, depends on whether the Devil by a Serpent guides us, or a man chosen and anointed of God, to read and make it plain to such as are willing to obey, and who are hungry and thirsty enough to eat and drink the bread and water from Heaven. The devil always encourages men's pride and thoughts, and discourages all true humility that would make them hear His choice as the man who is to be least, and also the littleness of those who hear and obey the Man's reading.

This is Good Friday for the Jews, Moslems, and 3 Xtian sects in Jerusalem; as we had Holy week a month ago for protestants and Roman Catholics. So we expect great things shortly, and even now we are in our 83rd day and no rain on the whole of the Bible lands from Equator to Black Sea, and from Mediterranean Sea to India's border. But it has come so quickly and snare-like that people outside have heard. little of it, But the conditions over 400,000 square miles are very serious, and Isaiah 1 to 24 is the only record that could give us any real idea of what we have the beginning of, and it's final end in Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Arabia and Ethiopia.

The simple truth is, there is nothing but slow starvation and death facing the whole world in Judgment, and no hope but for such as will hear and obey (not what has been) but what comes fresh and clear from the Throne of God and the Lamb. Isaiah 55 and Rev. 22 makes the whole matter easy and simple, and the world is like the 2 Thieves on the Cross today, and either they will hear, and be on the right side and live, or refuse and follow the Mob and perish from off the earth, as well. as forever.

My love to both and the Canons as much as any,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Skerritts
May 26, 1932
No address

My dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for yours. Glad you are enjoying your trip to Arizona and the others benefiting. It's good to see how He has filled the highways and hedges through world depression after we have been giving in streets and lanes of the city, our invitation to come to the marriage supper of the King's Son, but it was the poor , halt, and maimed and blind -- or those who bear the marks of Matt. XVIII -- who had no righteousness, nor too much prosperity to hinder them -- and now it's those who are practically down and out who are the most hopeful, and compelled to fear, hear and obey, and we have quite a number of letters from such people. There are said to be millions on the road, which only points one way.

Luke XIV is very easy, simple, and clear ro read, -- one Lord, one feast, one servant, one supper. The servant had given the bidding to those, who, when they came at supper time refused and abused, and so the anger of the Lord to the Testimony people, for Babylon is not invited, only their outcasts. So you can see the one Servant in the bidding days, and then at the supper invitation.

But Matthew gives you Servants which fits the little ones -- who, poor, maimed, halt, and blind as they were -- have found a place in the giving the "come". But you will find it very rich eating and drinking today, for it covers where we are at and what is on hand, and why, and the 2 suppers at the end in 19th Rev. is good, and what a contrast.

I am glad to hear such good reports of Anna, and have always enjoyed her letters. None of these men shall taste of my supper is very conclusive for the whole testimony people, and the casting out of the man who came in not having on a wedding garment leaves no room for hope for any who try to hang onto the old Testimony and refuse the new wedding garment.

Ps. 127 shows the House the Lord builds and watches over is safe and sure, and Ps. 91 covers all our needs in these days when the terror by night and the arrow by day marks the whole world, and so only proves we are in the time when these promises were given and now conditions fulfilled as a sign to us.

My love in Him to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Mitchels
June 14, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

Thanks for yours(2). We are certainly well into the great day when people world wide will either face starvation and death, or hear the invitation to the marriage supper of the Kings Son -- coming the second time to be married to his bride, wooed and won by His presence and voice, earth born, but blood washed and made white, not in our own righteousness, but in His and sealed by His Spirit.

This is the great event of all history and foreseen and planned from the beginning, and now to become fact above all others for 1000 years, when the whole harlot hearted Babylon and all that is wicked will be cleared off the earth. You can see how all else is but cackle of goats as they bluff one another and cry for their various reforms and reliefs, while despising what He has prepared for those who will hear and obey Him.

Psa. 91: is for these days, and he that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide in the shadow of the Almighty. Vs. 2, "I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge from the storm, and my fortress (when the enemy attack us). My God, in Him will I trust". Vs. 3, "Surely He shall deliver thee from the fowler. (or the devil, in various ways to deceive), and from the noisome pestilence ( the many forms of delusion and illusion around us). Vs. 4, "His truth (from the living God and the Lamb on the Throne) shall be thy shield and buckler" (in conflict between light and darkness, -- that which is the tree of death and that which is the tree of life, and you can see in vs. 5 and 6 the four forms of warfare between class and mass.

"The terror by nite (in crime and kidnapping, and general violence) and the arrow that flieth by day (in the gunplay, for disease germs will be used in the conflict, nor the destruction which wasteth at noonday) in the sabotaging of means of transport which is sure to come.

"A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand, but it shall not come nigh thee".

You can read the whole Psalm and commit it to memory, so that you may be refreshed by it every day, as you see it being fulfilled before your eyes, and reported in every paper, the great happenings between class and classation and nation, and no possible let up but in hearing and obeying Him.

My Love to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Ritzmans
July 6, 1932

No address

My dear Ritzmans:

Thanks for yours. Glad to hear you are all enjoying conditions--while the world rumbles and tumbles, knowing not why, nor whither they go--nations and persons alike.

The Throne of God and the Lamb is firmly established, both in giving Life and showing Mercy to all who will hear what they witness to in mercy, for they who fear and hear the Throne and wrath, death, and Hell, to the whole world who are enemies by their wicked, selfish interpretation of all that God has revealed in past ages.

They worship the God who has been, and refuse the God who is expressing Himself according to all the Prophets, and summed up in Revelation and given by a Reader to those who hear and obey for their salvation.

An honest, sensible person with any regard for Truth from the mouth of God by His servant, can see the need for what is written in Revelation to end the darkness, cruelty, strife, and violation amongst nations, men, and races and religion. But being rebels, seeking only their own, they can't see any more than the Angels who fear and tremble (James 2:19) as He rains on them blow after blow in His wrath.

Men also fear and tremble today, but are reserved in chains of darkness in refusing the only Message of Life because it does not come thru their man-made false prophets and traditions. Matt. 22 and Luke 14 gives a very clear outline of His purpose these 40 years past.

The Servant who gave the Message for 20-odd years, which caused many to be very sure and proud in the knowledge of the day coming when the Marriage of the King's Son to his earthborn wooed and won Bride of all ages, blood washed and Spirit sealed, would take place--which has been God's purpose from the beginning.

But the same Servant was sent at Supper time to tell them whom He had bidden to come, for all things are now ready-- but they made light of it and went their ways to what they thought was sure, not believing that the time had come; and some were worse than others, and abused the servant and servants and slew them (with the sword of their wicked tongues) and so the Lord was angry and sent forth His armies, and many such people were slain, and many others suffered for their wicked, foolish attitude to the Man and Message.

Pontius Pilate brought Jesus forth as the "Man" and then the "King". So Luke gives us "A certain man" and Matthew says " A King made a marriage supper for His Son and bade many"--the King and Man on the Throne was angry, and said none of those who were bidden and refused shall taste of my supper, for they are not worthy. But go into the streets and lanes of the city and bring in the poor, halt, maimed and blind--and such have I done. For only such as were in that condition, spiritually and righteously, had any ears to hear.

These are the "little ones" who have shared my Least-ness and not been hindered by their own self-righteousness in works, walk, and light---the opposite of those who are rich and increased with goods and have need of nothing and know not that they are poor, miserable, blind, and wretched. But yet there is room, not for such as remain in their self-righteousness and self confidence, but for such as have been driven by economic conditions into the highways and hedges--which so clearly marks today everywhere, and we have daily letters from such people who are down and out in every sense, and who have come to an end of all their hopes from the various people and places that deceived them in the past days.

So it's a great joy to see it all being fulfilled to the letter, and when we--servant and servants--can give them the Message to "Come" to the supper, for it's either a fast unto death and hell for the world, or a feast with Him and His for 1,000 years; and it's better to eat and drink what comes from the Throne, and live--rather than to be made feed for the wild beasts and birds at the supper of the Great God as in Rev. 10.

You can see today what great attempts are being made to carry on the wicked feast of the rich eating the poor, and the poor eating the rich--and the governments eating both--but starvation, death and hell staring them in the face everywhere.

So happy are the down and outs, in the highways and hedges--for they are nearer to fearing, hearing, and obeying - and so life--and all it means for them is at hand and they begin to share in Mercy from the moment they have true honest ears and heart for Him and His, Man and messengers.

So we near the day when the feast will begin for all who will put on the wedding garment and not be ashamed of the Throne and footstool and fellowship of all who are truly His.

The terror by night and the arrow by day, and pestilence and disease germs used in the class war, and the destruction which wasteth at noonday by cars, etc., only prove that Psalm 91 days are here for us.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Mrs. Mc Collum
July 7, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Mrs. Mc Collum;

Thanks for yours. You do the witnessing, but not to religious people, and let God and Jesus do the battling...when we do our own fighting, we hinder Him doing it for us...but our mistakes help to give us experience of who we are and who He is.

Matthew 22 and Luke 14 gives you all the guidance you need, and you can see the invitation to the marriage Supper of the Lamb, as in Revelation 19 verses 1 to 19 is for those in the streets and lanes, the highways and hedges, or those who are outside of the religious assemblies.

So don't waste word -dropping with religious people......let them take their medicine in wrath increasingly every day.

You have plenty around you who will be getting hungry and thirsty for God's Message...who have lost confidence in all that's religious and political. John 19 gives you the 2 kinds. Those who will share the Lamb Supper, and those who will share in the supper of the great God. Attend to what God and Jesus says from the Throne, as in Revelation 22 and share in the protection of Psalms 91 and see the reward of the wicked around you every day.

Best Love,

William Irvine

(battling..or fighting..or arguing..all the same)

William Irvine's Letter To: Mary & Wm. Loitz, Placentia, Calif.
July 15, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Mary & Wm.:-

Thanks for yours. Sorry to hear your eye troubles you. I remember meeting a lady from S. Africa and I could not tell the paralyzed eye from the good one, and she was very Happy and hearty. I notice you don't seem to have tried Chiropractor. They say that this eye, ear and nose trouble very often comes from some of the bones, "vertabra" in the neck being slightly out of place and I have seen people put right in one adjustment. So get an XRay of the neck and you may find the source of your trouble and cure at once. Have you ever had either a habit or accident which would make this possible. But put away all fears from you, and look on the matter sensibly- for fear has more torment than anything else and we know that all who hear and obey are in for the Supper of the Lamb as surely as they who don't will and have been sharing in the Supper of the great God from 1914 to 1938 when Rev. XIX will finally be fulfilled.

Jesus kept the Supper with those who had ears to hear a day before the Jewish passover knowing His Hour had come to be glorified. John XIII to XVII is for all such, with Judas as a Sample, of those who try to hear with a Devil possessed heart and mind. Still open to the Scandalisers- as Lot's wife had the same marks, and the foolish virgins and wicked Servants. which shows they will be well revealed. In 24 hours He was buried by His Sorrowful disciples who should have been rejoicing but for their unbelief and mis-understanding. He was Hurried into the Tomb, so as not to spoil the Holy Hypocrisy of the Religious

Political and educationalists who killed Him and went Home to honour and worship in Heaven in Reciting Psalms 120 to 132- which is their formulas as they remember what God did in honouring those who had ears to hear Moses the Man of God, and who showed their obedience in the way they kept the Supper, which had the same results then as today in the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and the Supper of the great God. You may find benefit also through Electric and violet Rays as well as plenty of massage with oil on the neck & face side affected.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Fred Harper, Rockaway, Oregon
August 5, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Fred;

Thanks for yours. You don't need to trouble with Religious, Political or Educated people, for such have no invitation to the Supper. They will refuse. Matt; 22: and Luke 15; gives you the marks of these to whom its to be given, such as have found out Religion, Politics and Education can do them no good.

So keep clear on those who fear, and so will hear and obey. The Highways and Hedges are being filled today by people who have found only oppression and disappointment in all the various forms called civilization.

The Supper of the Great God, is for all such as bear the Religious, Political and Educational marks, the oppressor class. While their victims may fear and hear, and share in the Supper of the Lamb of Rev. 10.

We are now into the 19th year of Judgment, and the 2nd year of Tribulations, or the year which marks the hour they lifted Him up to die on the Cross.

So its well marked and we can see war coming between East and West as in Daniel 8; Rev. 9, 10-24, and Zach. 12-14.

My love in Him to all who hear and obey,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: George Linn,
1346 -12- East, Vancouver, B.C. Canada
August 23, 1932
From: PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear George:

I was very much more than pleased to hear through Jean's to Fountains, that you were content to stay away from the Throne of Rev. 4-Ch. for a little while longer, for though we have many others and need people who have ears and mouth, NONE I value more than my Townie Co-worker, and no one could ever doubt your honoured place in the Kingdom of God, being set up on earth, and none are more worthy in Heaven.

Heart trouble is often more an indication of other conditions than an actual disease, so find out whether your arteries are hard and choked, and so make more work for the heart- If so then Iodide of Potassium is the best specific (or Phyilosam, which is more expensive) an ounce of Iodide in 2 quarts of water, and use it in teaspoon of this in a glass of water - a dose after each meal - increasing the quantity as you feel the need and useful.

I have been using this off and on all these years, then stomach and kidneys and liver are all very apt to cause stress on heart as you have been in good or bad condition, and of course your bowels are the greatest source of comfort or trouble- then reasonable exercise in recovery is very important- walking is my greatest comfort these days, so I am either writing or reading, walking or sleeping, or sunbathing in my room, naked, and the battery on and find myself in pretty good condition in spite of 1000 things which would have pointed to my doom & the devil never gets tired of tormenting with fears and doubts and troubles of all kinds, this is his work as Satan, and mostly thru those around us night and day. Satan is always ready to oppose, to accuse and despise, discredit, and dishonour in many ways by either looks, words, or actions, but its what He thinks who is on the Throne, we go by, and NOTHING else.

I did 23 kilos or 15 miles on road without a stop - a week ago, so there is great hope for you being fitted and fitter every day than ever for a good, good time. I usually do about 40 miles per week, and always feel refreshed. But your job is to get your arteries cleared, slowly but surely and dont think along the lines most people would have you or lead you to.

I find getting on my back and shoulders with my hands under my haunches and make my feet go as if pedaling bike, is good for clearing head, heart, and lungs as it forces new blood into them and so displaces the old.

Things are ripening fast in Arabia for Rev.9-12-21, and Isaiah 3, Zech.14 and Daniel 4 is coming to its end in Kaisers return to Germany in Nov. which brings Dan. V into view as the New programme and you see Daniel address to Belshazzar concerning what happened to Nebu. the Kaiser links the 2 together well, so we have nothing to fear and hear, but God, who cannot lie or deceive us in fulfilling the more severe end of the 24 years- and this the 19 year or hour when Jesus was uplifted to die, so we can see the world suffering, and consequences increasing very rapidly since Aug. began.

The 2 Suppers at the crucifixion and in Rev.19 helps to give us clear outline of the whole period of judgment and John 13 - 17 is for all who are at the supper of the lamb, and the R.P. and E. supper of the Great God is as terrible as their treatment was of Him when they put the spear into His side to hasten Him into the Tomb. So they could go home and keep the feast in Honouring Him in Heaven, whom they crucified on earth. So its their turn to find God honouring on earth whom they despise.

My Love as always to you and yours.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Gordons
August 27, 1932

My dear James, Liz, Mum, and Co:

Thanks for yours, always cheery, and confident that He knows all things and can never make a mistake. He remembers that we are dust, and like as a father pitieth his children, so the Lord pities them that fear Him.

It's a big job making a Man to know the care of the Shepherd, the love of the Spirit, and the Father Heart of God. And the Prodigal chapter (15th Luke) was the preparing of the Son of Man who was to seek and save the lost ones, for it was the first step towards being partaker in the Supper - to be lost and found by the servant. How could I ever have said "Come" to the poor, halt, maimed and blind, if I had not learned by experience God's care of me, when all others cared not. So Luke 15 shows the preparation of the Servant of Luke 14, and you see the contrast further detailed in Luke 16 in revealing the false prophet and the true. How often we tried to read these things, but only made a guess at the truth of them till experience made them our own.

Matt. 24 gives you the contrast also between the good and wicked servant. The one lost sheep more value than 99 just persons. Many people would rather be one of the just 99, rather than have the heart of the Shepherd for all who have gone astray that they might have ears to hear His Supper call.

To know God and Jesus Christ whom He sent is life Eternal, all else is death. And the more people know about God and Jesus, short of knowing by experience, is deeper death. You can see all that the Disciples went through with Jesus, was but working into them the heart and mind of God, and fitting them to share actually and practically all that John 13-17 offers them. How dark it all seemed, till up from the grave He arose a conqueror forever by the power and choice of God.

It's truly a New Thing - to take of the debris or dust of the whole R.P.& E. (Religious, Political, & Educational) world and make a Man, and out of him create or gather the Woman, and to say "multiply and replenish the Earth and fill the whole Earth with such a seed." Surely it bruises the Serpent's head and leaves him in the hole - blind and dead to all His great power and purpose.

I expect you will enjoy some other letters I have written this week-end to Aussy [Australia] and New Zealand. Things are slowly taking shape in Arabia to fulfill His purpose, and we find much to encourage in many who are now hungry and thirsty; who were once cold and callous.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Kelly
September 9, 1932

My dear Kelly:

Thanks for your card. By 40 years experience and 1000 marks that prove I am the Prophet. After people are down and out in the highways and hedges, or in the streets and lanes of the cities, my Message brings them all they need till they see His face when Jesus comes. Many have proved my Message is God's Message of life and death to all who hear it. The world is full of false prophets, who know it not, nor do their victims any more today than in Noah's day, and it was too late when the flood came. If you had asked Noah such a question, he would have left you to find out with the other 80,000,000 who did not believe he was a Prophet; or Abraham; only 3 believed Abraham was a Prophet out of 5 cities, the greatest in the Near East. They who did not believe were convinced by the earthquake, and were covered by the Dead Sea. Those who were drowned in the Red Sea did not believe Moses was a Prophet.

Read Isaiah 55 and see where you come in at, for it is more important that you find out who you are, than who I am, for if you don't find out that you are perishing by God's Judgment now on all men on the earth, you will be quite satisfied to fool along with the mob.

My Message is only for people who are hungry and thirsty, in spite of all the Religion, Politics and Education in the world, in power to dominate and deceive. So get in earnest and find out what the Book says, and what I mean by my reading. Then you can be sure of who is the Mouthpiece of God for today. You can see conditions fulfilling all God has forewarned men of -- but yet the whole false Prophet would give us everything that is contrary to the purpose of God.

My love to you -- hear and your soul shall live -- then only can you be sure of who is God's Prophet today. Dead men can't know anything.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Harvey Beard
October 12, 1932

My dear Harvey Beard:

Thanks for yours, 19/9/32.  If all the young men of 18 in the 2000 million world had heard His message from the Throne today, they would all naturally write as you write.  The God of the whole Religious, Political and Educated world is the Devil.  It’s preachers and teachers are Serpent seed, who deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden, which is type of the religious world.  God said, “Ye shall not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good or Evil”, or attempt to read the Truth of God without the anointing of God, or Light without Life.  No animal is religious, all men are.  The Serpent showed Adam and Eve and convinced them that it was good for both of them for food, pleasant to the eyes and a Tree to be desired, for it makes wise.  This is true of all religion, and when their eyes were opened, and they saw they were naked, they put on garments of fig leaves, or outward righteousness, which all religion stands for, and they were quite satisfied.  But the Voice of the Lord God walking as a stranger in the Garden, came and called them, rather surprisingly, and they hid amongst the trees of the Garden.

You notice how smoothly the Devil, by the Serpent, wooed and won them to doing what God had said they were not to do, and convinced them they would be as Gods, knowing good and evil, as religious people all do.  He cursed what they had blessed, clothed them with coats of lamb skin, and put them outside of the Garden to do for others what He had done for them. Their two sons born to them reveal the two choices that we can make.  Cain’s offering being all that a religious man’s can be without hearing the Voice of the Lord.  Abel’s offering, the result of hearing the Voice and obeying, and suffering for it at the hands of his brother’s anger and wrath, to the death.

In Noah’s day, the sons and daughters of men were following Cain’s pattern.  The Lord spoke to Noah, but they had no use for His Message by Noah, but went on just the same, saying all things are just as they were from the beginning, till the flood came and took them all away.  So shall it be in these days of the Son of Man, bearing the Message of Revelation to them, from the Throne of God and the Lamb.

Ur of the Chaldees was the center of the world religion, politics and education, and the Lord spoke to Abram, and he obeyed and  got out with all he had and became the Prophet of God, and only three people in the five cities of the plain were found to have ears for His Message and fellowship.  And now the Dead Sea covers them, and the jews  (sic)are making money out of their ashes in producing various materials by their chemical skill in the Dead Sea Works.

Moses was educated in all the arts, etc., of Egypt, which was the center of Religion, Political and Educational power. Was a  man mighty in word and deed in the R. P. &E. center of the world.  But he chose to suffer affliction with those who had heard and obeyed God, rather than enjoy the pleasure of sin, or not hearing and obeying God for a season.  The Lord took him to the desert for 40 years as a fellah, and sent him as His mouthpiece to deliver the oppressed from the oppressors, who are always the R. P.&E. people of the day, and so on through the whole Book, the conditions of the Garden, and seen in Cain and Abel, continues.

You can see Jesus at Supper in John 13, before His crucifixion, with eleven, who had ears for the Voice of the Lord God through Jesus’ lips.  And Judas  trying to ride the fence, and falling down a steep place, and his bowels gushing out, or revealed him.  He did what most people do who hear and don’t obey, and sold for four dollars what cost the Son of God His life.  The R. P.& E. powers who crucified Him are but what the Devil, by the Serpent Seed can do for all men.  They went home to worship Him in Heaven, whom they had refused to hear on the earth, Cain-like, angry, and murder in their hearts.  The Devil today uses Baptism and breaking of bread to gather people into Babylon or the R. P.&E. Garden.  It’s little value what our thoughts and ways are.  God and Jesus are speaking to the world in Revelation for these days.  And Rev. 17,18, and 19 are plain for all who will hear and obey, and who can escape?  Either hear and obey and find a place at the Supper of the Lamb, or be left to the Supper of the Great God, when He will make the whole R. P.& E. world, food for the beasts and the birds.  What hope can there be for the R. P.&E.  when He is going to rule the nations with an Iron Rod, and break them in shivers as clay vessels, one against another?

So awake, thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and the anointing of God will give thee the Light of Life.

My love to you in Him,

Wm.  Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Patrick Donaghue
October 18, 1932

No address

My dear P.D.

Thanks for yours. No man that has ever truly tasted of what His Spirit witnesses to us, or by us, can ever cease to value what He speaks, as if His breath were warm on your ear, and only those who are willing to hear and obey at any cost can ever expect to make much progress in step with God and Jesus in Spirit. It's a real partnership with Jesus and all who are His.

The possibility of being a foolish virgin or wicked and slothful servant in Matt. 25; as a warning even to those who have heard. He is Judge and rewards according to the value we put on what He freely and fully gives to meet our needs in days when all others are under wrath, and everyone shall taste of wrath to death and hell, who will not hear and obey Him.

My people shall be willing in the day of His power, He says and every word He will fulfill either in mercy or in wrath for He can not deny Himself.

A pure heart, or a heart that only desires to please Him in all things, can never fail to see God working thru, by and for in all things.

Read Matt. 5: 6: and 7: for light on who are to find these things true. All hypocrisy and iniquity, or our own thoughts and ways, can never get anywhere. For He gives every man according to his works and motives and affections or heart desire. I will judge everyone of you according to your works.

Thee is no room for doubt or fear, the battle is fought and the victory won, in that you can both hear and see what He is doing everywhere everyday, and as we trust in Him and His work accomplished on Calvary for all who have ears to hear, we can bear our witness and pay the price, knowing that as surely as He arose from the Tomb to the Throne - so shall we be with Him, and there can be no hope for the crucifiers and those who try to seal the Tomb today - as they did then, nor for the soldiers and such as wanted to keep Him in the Tomb.

My love in Him to all.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Fladungs
October 21, 1932

No address

Thanks for yours. What you write about the car troubles is just Him revealing the foolish virgins and wicked and slothful servants who hear and believe, but don't put His interests first. But rather seek their own and leave Him and His interests 2nd. For Him to come to sup with us and we with Him is a fair partnership with reward promised to the man who truly fulfills his part in the bargain or fellowship. If the running about in a car for pleasure, or visiting only to cackle and talk over the truth is all - then the world is full of that.

The Message is meant to give people a chance to have a heart for Him which He can seal by His Spirit coming to dwell in us - and witness to others by us - and reward us in adding to rather than getting weaker - and unemployment is but a bigger opportunity for serving Him in giving what is for the healing of all who can be healed amongst the Smitten Nations. And the holidays given by short week is our opportunity for greater effort in reaching those who are idle and almost homeless.

You can see how cares of this world and love of pleasure are warned against as our enemies in making sure our position in being worthy and standing before the Son of Man. So if we have been slumbering and sleeping in our wait - it's good to waken up and trim our lamps for the greater things ahead - and beware of those who have not OIL in their vessels through their seeking their own only in the things which are His - and the only hope for the world. So where ever there is a man in danger of losing his home and feed - there is an opportunity for service and reward.

For the Bum order who never had any purpose to earn an honest livelihood and have a home - may be the most hopeless class - while those in the H. and H. through no fault of their own but as victims of the Wrath being poured out on the earth because of the R.P. & E. ruling classes. So there is greater possibility than ever to Witnessing and even to such as have heard but not heeded in the past - when what we told them has come upon them.

So it's good to have His interests 1st. in all our moving to and fro - and the more definite our efforts the more likelihood of results. Even to go to a village where there is some one who hears and try as stranger to get a few neighbors to come in and hear will be a good way to work - and even the weakest can be useful if definite purpose. Where as to drift along aimless with pleasure leading us of any kind - will only leave us in the hole.

We have been learning all these years that we may be able to show people the why of world depression in a way that they can grasp - and we can't make it too easy - plain - clear and simple which is the leaves of the tree. Dead wood will have no living leaves - and it's very often because the leaves are withered and roots dying that there is no live wood - fruit or green leaves. We have evidence in a few places that greater effort produces better results both for them who make them and in results to those who hear.

My love in Him.
Wm. Irvine.

It's very easy to slip into seeking our own and not the things that are Jesus Christ's, & the 5 wise & 5 foolish & the good & wicked servants prove that many will do it today, as they did in Alpha days, and it's ours to err on His side rather than drift with the wicked.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Corbett
October 26, 1932

My dear Mrs. Corbett:

Thanks for yours. The washing on Sunday is only one of the many things which the Devil tries to enslave people by, like keeping the Sabbath and the Ten Commandments.

Jesus said the Sabbath was made for man, not man to keep the Sabbath as the Pharisees taught and beat the people with.  God gave the Sabbath as a day of rest, one in seven, that men might find some time for themselves to use as they choose, and it’s for both man and beast as well as machine.

But like all God’s goodness for man, they turn it into a whip to scourge men, by making them believe it’s a day to go to public worship, and be fed stones in place of bread, and to be accused and condemned, and bled by the wolfish false prophets.

Many a poor man and woman have found it the only day they could clean up and attend to their home, being over-worked during the six days, and not much pay for it, and then could only get little relaxation and fresh air.

I got my ears boxed many times for whistling on the Sabbath day, and dragged to church to listen to a man who was loafing all week, and talking proud words through his hat on Sunday to deceive the people. Although he was so ignorant of God and His Word of Truth that he did not know that he was one of the Religious, Political and Educational people who crucified Jesus, then and now, and you can find them everywhere today doing the same thing.  They have brought the wrath of God on the world in every age, 80 millions like them were drowned in the flood, and five cities in Jordan Valley lie under the Dead Sea, etc.

Because of them (the R.P.&E.) the false leaders, all the judgments in the Book came on the world.  So give them no quarter, and you can be sure that all people who are fond of going to meetings are on the way to Hell, no matter what they call themselves, or say or do.

It was such people who rejected and crucified Christ and would do it again, and will show it by what they will do to God’s Witnesses.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Veva Young, Salida. Colorado
October 28, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

Dear Veva Young;

Thanks for yours today, and very glad that you have had the message so clear and simple from so many around, and you will find it good to correspond with those who have been most helpful to you and so get the benefit of what they know & also copies of letters, which may be helpful. You will find as you open your mouth to give simple witness to the fact that God and Jesus are judging the whole world today and separating into sheep and goats - right and left - or For or Against Him, and that by the Message and Man who is the Reader of Rev., by the Spirit to all who will hear and obey.

Isaiah 55 is very simple and easy to find guidance from. The HO Man is the Witness, Leader and Commander for the people who will hear--and people means people, not the Religious, Political and Educational rulers of the people, but those who are their victims of their many forms of tyranny and oppression in name of being their benefactors--for you will find out that the sheep and goats represent the oppressed and the oppressor class.

Babylon in Rev. 17 & 18 stands for whole Religious, Political and Educational world who were the kind of people who were His enemies when here--who had no use for Him--refused His message & person--& during His whole 3 1/2 years of ministry only planned to kill Him and finally did it--piercing His heart with a spear to get rid of His body off the cross that they might begin their holy feast in keeping passover in memory of what He had done in delivering Israel out of Egypt from their oppressor. They worshipped Him in Heaven whom they had crucified on the earth. So you need not wonder at the blindness & hardness of the R.P.&E. people whom you meet---nor trouble about them having no ear or heart for your witness, for it only reveals who and what they are to God and Jesus- while all the time making you believe they are superior in their holy hypocrisy & political craft, wisdom, or in their intellectual powers.

God drowned 80 million such people at the flood who had no ears for God's man-- Noah-- & destroyed 5 cities of the plain who had no ears for Abraham-- God's prophet -- or Lot who was with Abraham, & it was the pride of Egypt's R.P.E. whom He drowned in the Red Sea. But we have been so long accustomed to hear and see such people leading & ruling the world that we find it hard to believe they are what God and Jesus says they are-- but when you tell them they soon show they are angry just as Cain was with his brother, as they have been with every person who had any anointing of God. So be wise, clear, simple & firm in your witness and you will find the best people to hear are those who are finding it hard to earn an honest living & keep their head above water. The Bum order who never had such ambition, are not likely to be more than wolves, rather than sheep who love the Shepherds voice.

I can't recall any address in Colorado, tho I have written to several at different times. But you will soon find some honest ears & if tactfully dealt with, they will respond for it's their only hope. You can read Isaiah 24: & see what His purpose is for the earth & world. The Book is full of Truth for today once you get the Key. I shall always be pleased to hear from you and try to help you along.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
November 9, 1932
No address

My dear Wm., Rose and Co:

Thanks for yours and for Big Bill, which was a surprise to me. But glad you are able both in heart, will and pocket to so declare your confidence in Him and me.

I think this is the day the Kaiser went to Doom and the Election shows what a big stalemate and confusion reigns in Germany. Even more than when he went away 14 years ago. So our hopes is for them deciding to bring him back, but all proof of who reigneth in the affairs of men and nations.

I came back to Mt. Zion, my old quarters before I went to Harb's place in March, and may help to wake them up a little, for the Arab psychology is very different from ours, and the general attitude of Jew and Arab is still very full of strife and hatred.

You will have no need to think about building in Palestine for the whole country will be open for His ones in His own time as you can see from Isaiah III; IV & V. I put the money in the Bank so that it will be safe till needed as revealed in days to come.

Palestine is in bad condition in many ways and no real rain yet which would insure a crop, tho the stock are benefitting by the storms we have had, which did much damage to roads 10,000 in Jericho - Jer. road alone and I notice the same storm marks many places about the same time; so that what would and should be blessing seems to be cursing, and people notice and confess the fact.

George Linn wrote to the Kilsyth Chronicle, which tho little, will cause quite a revival of old religious strife amongst them. I also had a letter which shows the Pentecostal confusion and strife in several directions, the result of my witness in Kilsyth 40 years ago.

I hope you have been able to get in touch with Weimar people, which would help to strengthen them some. Conditions in Eng. have become more bitter like all other places and we can see everything ripe for big developments soon. Nov. 11, is the day Noah was told to enter the Ark and 17th the closing day, with 40 days finishing after Xmas. So we can't but rejoice at all the various things we see growing like a tree to be hewn down and cast into the fire.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Westlund
November 22, 1932

My dear Mrs. Westlund:

Thanks for yours. It doesn't matter whether we do right or wrong. If we have no ear or heart for the Living God and Jesus on the Throne today, we perish in our righteousness or wrongness. The Truth for today is Revelation which tells us what God is doing on the earth today in wrath on all who bear the marks of those who crucified Him when on the earth. The Truth is a person, not some wrong or right sentiment; to know Jesus as a person by His Spirit is to know the Truth and He will teach us what Truth is; all other attempts is but selfrighteousness, and the more we have of that, the blinder we get.

Read Rev. 3:20 and see whether you have heard Him knocking at your heart's door and if you have heard His Voice and opened the door that He may come in to sup with you and you with Him. This settles the matter and all else becomes easy and simple; all excess is hurtful, both in eating and drinking.

There was music and dancing at the Prodigal supper, Luke 15. The whole Religious world says it's wrong to smoke, but Jesus was mixed up with the sinner class, who were not religious, and I expect His friends today may bear the same sinner marks in the eyes of the Religious people. Most people who work don't need to dance, but many people would be the better for a dance every day; it would save them from being lazy - and often ugly with fat. It's a work of mercy to save the crops if need be by working on Sunday. Sunday was made for man as a day of rest, to be used at his discretion. But Religious people make believe man was made for the Sabbath. Only people born of God into His Family can find a place in the Kingdom of God, just as we enter the human Kingdom by natural birth. Baptism is used today to gather people into Babylon of Rev. 18, and so come under judgment and wrath of God. But you are on the wrong track in all your questions, so the boys may be able to help you further.

My love to you and yours,

Wm. Irvine

It is life eternal to know God and Jesus and whom He has sent, John 17. Isa. 55 is for these days and if you feel the need of a Witness, Leader and Commander, and are hungry and thirsty enough, you may benefit from the young men coming to talk with you about how to know God and Jesus, so I hope you will get where you will understand by the Spirit and witness of those who have it.


Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Casey
November 28, 1932

My dear Alice and Ernie:

Thanks for yours today and it's hopeful reading of facts. Glad to hear Ernie has got his papers and also that you enjoy the rest of sweet anxiety free labor - for I know a little about this also.

It's 13 years yesterday since I came here alone and with not one real friend so far as the Truth we know today is concerned, and it was great to get away from the old Testimony Blah which marked most of the friends I had. Even those who had some ear were full up of the old Alpha ways and thoughts, so it was a battle alone to convince and convert them from their bigness to being willing, glad and eager to share of my leastness. Your letter brought back Mary and Martha, when Mary sat drinking in what Martha did not feel the need for, or value. God has to create the appetite in all things before He can feed them, and so you can see the base of Mary's fellowship was quite unique and impossible to Martha; for we can only know by experience the grace and mercy of God. It's one thing to hear the truth, another thing to be able to make it our own; and Jesus' rebuke to Martha has not been much understood. For it means that it's much more important to be in position and condition for receiving from God than to be able and willing to give in service. Obedience is better than sacrifice, and to hearken than the fat of rams offered to Him. The greatest difficulty always has been and is that of being able truly to interpret and give to others what really is in the heart of God and Jesus; and at best we are but babes apart from the experience which sounds the depths of our own heart and that of God in meeting the needs of others. Paul's thorn in the flesh was of the Mary nature and but for His perfecting and rejection by the churches he had formed; and he had sought deliverance, but none came, very much to his surprise, for Paul had been of the very most self-righteous sort, and what Mary began with, Paul finished with. My grace is sufficient for you, was what he had to learn in order that he might be able to comfort with the comfort of God, those who were tested.

But don't expect people to be able to understand these things, who have not been given them. Some day when you have to comfort many of the 144,000 who are in the grip of these things today, you will have your reward, and I'm quite sure Mary felt the hollowness of Martha's experience and Martha always would feel more or less the difference. And as in the human family, there is a time when we learn many things impossible till we reach the condition and time for them to be revealed. Old Test'y experience and interpretation of people, etc., don't help, but often hinder; and I've noticed that many of the Test’y people in Omega things mix them up to their own hindrance and I've had may occasions to correct people with Testimony experience in their attitude and dealings with people who know nothing of Test'y truth, and we can see that the publican and harlot class who are to press into the Kingdom of God, while the children of the Kingdom will be cast out, demands a deeper experience. The old idea of R. P.& E. and Test'y of - Repent of your sins - never was right. Repent means turn from that which is the R. P.& E. devil; and in turning to the God of Heaven all else becomes easy and simple, and many of the new people are clearer on this than are the Test'y part of the Woman.

My love in Him to all there,

Wm. Irvine

NOTE:  R. P. & E. = Religious, Political and Educational

NOTE: The Testimony  or “Test’y” = “The Truth”  the church body he left;  from “The Testimony of Jesus,”  the name they took in British Isles during WWI.

William Irvine's Letter To: Veva Young
December 18, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear V. V. Young;

Thanks for yours, good and hearty. The details are all interesting and the fault is the R.P. and E. powers now under Judgment and causing the whole world to suffer--and hope - only for such as will hear the Message of Revelation from the Throne as to how these present happenings are on the Earth.

The Wrath of the Lamb and the Wrath of God in avenging what they have always been to God and revealed in what they did to His Son whom He sent-- the test for all who hear and obey what He says in their witness to all men as to what He is doing today.

The false prophets all love to cackle and talk about the love of God and the death of Jesus--but fail to see and say that the end of the age has come when those who bear the marks of the kind of people who killed Jesus are now to be Judged and cleared off the earth that the Meek of all ages who honoured God and suffered at the hands of the R.P.& E. people may inherit the Earth with Jesus for 1000 years.

Rev. 1:7 - Behold, He cometh with clouds of all sorts and every eye shall see Him--and they that pierced Him and all such kindred of the Earth today - shall wail because of Him coming in Judgment as He told them when they were plotting His death. You can read Matt. 26: 64 and see what He told them was coming-- and His reply to the Chief Priest who asked Him Art thou the Son of God. His reply, Hereafter ye shall see the Son of Man sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of Heaven.

The high priest rent his garment and said - what need have we of any more evidence? "He is worthy of death" - came from the 70 worst men in Jewery of that day, and they would and will do it again to the Two Witnesses of Rev. 11, in proof that they are the same kindred; and this covers not only Jews but the whole Religious, Political and Educational leaders of the Earth--whom you will find are the enemies of the Witness and witnesses today. While you will find their victims in the Highways and Hedges--the only sort who have any ears for His Message of Mercy, for He will shelter and protect all who have ears, as surely as the others will perish. Psalm 91 gives you a good outline.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

You will find Him give understanding by the Spirit and words when you open your mouth to witness--this is the proof you are the wise virgin order, in contrast to the foolish virgin and wicked, slothful servants of Matt. 25. Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it, He says to all who will hear.

I have worked for 62 years and never been unemployed and never failed to find a way of proving my value to men, which is the surest way of getting from God and man our share of the fruits of labor--and this is true for all who are the human race, but His Wrath now has changed those times. W.I.

William Irvine's Letter To: Westlunds, Auburn, Calif.
December 19, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Westlund Family;

Thanks for yours today from Mother and I enjoy all the details you supply and especially the fact that you have found a little of His great unspeakable mercies which are as sure as His wrath is on all who will not hear and obey in giving His Message to others. Its simple and easy to give our hearts and life that He may speak His words thru our lips and we share in all that's His as the Almighty One.

If He can find a home in us, we will find more than a home under His wings, Ps. 91,makes it very simple and easy for all to see their privileges and rewards as well as to be able to see the reward of the wicked round about us as His wrath works in many ways and forms.

2nd Thess. 3-6; There are many in Pauls day who were not obedient to what Paul had told them as the Alpha Truth for that day, and they finally became so many that they were the means of rejecting Paul and all the other true Apostles. Just as today we are to have foolish virgins and slothful servants (wicked) who are to be shut out with the goats, you can see the church of Rome, and all the other religious people use these words of Paul in the beginning of Alpha Gospel days to cast out any who will not obey their traditions, but we are not living in Pauls day nor in Alpha Gospel days, but in Alpha and Omega days as given in Revelation.

So expect all religious people to try to snare you into obedience to their Traditions which are as contrary to Jesus and Paul as were the Scribes and Pharisees then and now. Jesus is now separating the nations into sheep who hear His Message and Man today or those who reject them and it means death to either add to or take from the words of this prophecy and don't wonder when you find few to hear and fewer to be willing to receive and obey the message, for they only prove how Godless and wicked the whole religious, political and educated world are as Jude said they would be and as they were in Noahs day, you will find your future as bright and hopeful as it becomes dark and distressful for all others, no matter how many false prophets cackle and talk of peace and prosperity around the corner.

1900 years ago in 33 A.D. they crucified Him, now its His turn to crucify them, and give them death and Hell- this is the simple message of God to all men.

My love to the whole Family,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. The Message is not for the Religious, political and educated people, but for the kinds Jesus said would be found in the streets and lanes of the cities and in the Highways and Hedges, not in any of the favoured places or people of the Earth who all are just today what they were when they crucified Him.

The Pope in Rome has intimated to the world that 1933 is to be kept as the Holy Year in memory of them crucifying Jesus, little does he know that it will be Holy Hell for all R. P.& E. people in spite of a new Presidential for U.S.A.

William Irvine's Letter To: Loitzs
December 23, 1932

No address

My dear Wm., Mary & Co:

It's good to have anything like a mile stone or land mark to measure by and so we think Xmas and New Year good and useful. But Wm. letter is also one by which we can register our where about after all these very trying years since we saw each other face to face, and what mercies we have had when we look around and see what has happened to so many who once held their heads higher than ours. What slaughter of all their hopes and ambitions and swank. But our reward is in who and what we are is beyond compare. In that we are found in the plan and purpose of God being carried out on the earth.

It's one thing to read Revelation quite another to find ourselves in it in the best and truest sense of the word. Part of the woman body, gathered by the 12 star Crowned head - clothed with the Sun and the moon under our feet. And your greatest desire to see the Manchild brought forth to rule the nations with a Rod of Iron and be caught up to God and His Throne. If Mary the Mother of Him was dishonoured by men, she was honoured in being the Mother of Him who rose and is now on the throne. So I can't wish for you more than to have had a part in caring for the servant who is to follow His Master to the throne as well as to death.

My love and best wishes for all who bear your name and His and mine forever.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  William & Mary Loitz, Placentia
December 23, 1932

No address

My dear Wm., Mary & Co:

It's good to have anything like a mile stone or land mark to measure by and so we think Xmas and New Year good and useful. But Wm. letter is also one by which we can register our where about after all these very trying years since we saw each other face to face, and what mercies we have had when we look around and see what has happened to so many who once held their heads higher than ours. What slaughter of all their hopes and ambitions and swank. But our reward is in who and what we are is beyond compare. In that we are found in the plan and purpose of God being carried out on the earth.

It's one thing to read Revelation quite another to find ourselves in it in the best and truest sense of the word. Part of the woman body, gathered by the 12 star Crowned head - clothed with the Sun and the moon under our feet. And your greatest desire to see the Manchild brought forth to rule the nations with a Rod of Iron and be caught up to God and His Throne. If Mary the Mother of Him was dishonoured by men, she was honoured in being the Mother of Him who rose and is now on the throne. So I can't wish for you more than to have had a part in caring for the servant who is to follow His Master to the throne as well as to death.

My love and best wishes for all who bear your name and His and mine forever.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Edwards
December 28, 1932

No address

Mt dear Wm., Rose and Co:

I hope the sale goes well as all else seems to be everywhere. The rain expected in Jerusalem at Xmas blew over and left us with clear cold dry weather producing added wailing, and prayer fro rain - for if it don't come soon the whole hill country will be dry for men and stock not to speak about crop conditions.

The popes in Rome by B.C. has declared 1933 - April 12 - as the 1900th anniversary of the crucifixion and asks a year of remembrance and suggests that Mexico - Russia and Spain are crucifying the church - which is the more interesting owing to our reading of the 12 o'clock or 19th year as the uplifting of Him on the Cross and now it's Him who uplifts the R.P. &E. world. All reports are that 1932 has been the worst year of depression and so Isaiah 24 - becomes the more valuable truth.

Von Papan had written into some of the emergency law in Germany that the Kaiser was not to come back - has been taken out by the new Gov. We had a nasty bomb thrown into a Jew house in N. killing a boy and wounding the father. Barcelons fire seems a big thing and I notice a bad mine accident in the U.S.A. but am looking that 27th will be well marked as it's the 40th day from 11th Nov. So it all comes our way and our job is to appreciate it.

Had 2 new and good letters from Van and Grand Forks - which always give one cheer. Had another from Gus Petterson - Aust. giving R.C. and Alphie a good going over. They seem to have blocked his going to Norway as their Rep. so he is giving them a little of his Satanic majesty and wisdom. I sent it on to J.J. West for his predilection. Tourists were not very many and did not stay long owing to cold weather, they rushed to Egypt.

Dunbar seems to enjoy his 4 days per week and I hope it may give them all a better chance of working in the spreading of the message in the H. and H's.- which are very full now and getting cold, will make it worse for them. Hoping you have all had a merry Xmas in His sense and a Happy Memorial year of His being put to death.

My love with cold hands to all there.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Grims, - Fullerton, California
December 30, 1932

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Grims:-

Thanks for your hearty cheerie letter, and I'm sure as the days go by you will be gladder every day that you are as you are. For it must be heart-rending to leave a house, husband, and family and driven into the Highways and Hedges and specially when they have not one ray of hope of it getting better - only the Blah and blather of the R.P. & E. deceivers and blind guides, and the gaping ditch to fall into.

The Pope had an inspiration on 21st. Dec., to make 1933 Holy year, in memory of Jesus being crucified 1900 years ago. So my reading of this being the hour marked by the year - 12 noon- when He was uplifted to die - and died at 3 P.M. So the Pope has helped out in our reading. They expect 100ds of thousands to come to Rome, but I'm afraid they will all find it the year of His beginning to crucify the whole R.P. & E. people, or the falling away period spoken of in II Thess. II, and also gives us encouragement to look for John soon.

If He dwells in us and sups with us we must be interested in all thats in the mind of God and the Lamb on the Throne. He gives us a body and breath that He may find a Home and willing service - all else is futile. But its as Alpha and Omega that He comes to dwell today, and we can't have Him any other way. No matter what foolish people say or do. This is the very reason we draw our breath and our heart beats, and the separating line between the whole human race - & no matter what neighbors or enemies can say or do, we are more than conquerors in having Him sup with us and its not empty words, but the very essence of our lives. So it may look foolish that He is allowed to bear His witness through our lips even as it comes from the Throne, but thats the only way God knows of living and speaking on the Earth to men.

So it's quite as Big a miracle as was the Babe in Bethlehem - Born - which so many have been celebrating in various forms of folly and pride. I think we are in for a very Happy New Year, as its the crucifying year for the others who have no room for Him in them. He has been knocking very loudly at the door at Xmas in many ways, and places, and as we look for some being compelled to hear and open and we have had a quite a No. of new letters.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

I think it best to let the Harbs alone, till we see whether they get victory over their Arab cunning craft and creed, which marks them presumably and which made me feel it best to leave them. Its the mark of the whole Palestine Holy Land people - who have been accustomed to practice on outsiders for many centuries - through so many pilgrims coming and missionaries of many kinds.


Robert Beard's Letter to: William Irvine
October 23, 1932
Marysville, Calif.

Dear William:

I would like to know some things.

(1) What are the proofs of your divine inspiration?

(2) Why is it that God still answers prayers to those who are in the Church, if He no longer recognizes it? of course, before a prayer is granted, the supplicants heart must be right towards God, and the prayer must be according to the will of God.

(3) Can it be proven that the Jezebel of Revelation is Aimee McPherson? The conditions given are ambiguous enough to cover a large number of cases.

(4) What was the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes so strongly condemned in Revelation?

(5) If your claims to be true, can men still be saved by repentance from sin, and faith in, and obedience to Jesus Christ?

(6) Why is it that those who claim to be the Little Ones are very lax in moral standards? one case I am thinking of is abhorrent to me. He knows better and used to do better, but now he smokes. Nicotine has a way of getting a man in its power. Paul says to take heed about destroying the Temple of the God, which is our bodies.

(7) Why are the church supported ministers so strongly condemned if it is ordained that "They who preach the Gospel should live of the Gospel?

(8) The Bible says, "The just shall live by faith." But that which is known is no more faith. Is not your prophecy doing away with faith?

(9) Who is the Beast and the False Prophet of Revelation? What is the Beast with the number of man?

(10) If the Church be wrong, what would be the results of weighing the evidence and deciding to stay in the church and try honestly and truly to serve God there?

(11) What is God's plan for the ages?

(12) What is God's plan for the present age?

(13) What about the prophecies contained in the great Egyptian Pyramid at Gizeh? They appear to be too wonderful to be coincidence, predicting to the half day the beginning and the end of the world, war, etc.

(14) Where is the Scripture concerning snares and delusions, and what is the meaning thereof?

(15) What is God's plan of the immediate future regarding the Least, the Little Ones, the 144,000 and the countless millions, also the two witnesses? Why does Christ appear with the 144,000 in Rev. 14:1 if He is not to come till 1938? And the Prophet speak of Christ standing why does on Mt. Olivet at the time of the earthquake that shall split it in two? According to what I have heard, that earthquake takes place before the drought.

I wish you would answer these questions for me. I don't know who's right and I must find out. I want to know the facts before deciding, and then I will carry out to its  logical conclusion the course set before me. If you're wrong I have to know it, and if the church is wrong I must find that out too. God help you to answer me correctly.

                        Robert Beard

P.S. What I know, I have learned by bits and disjointedly, and I want to get this straight.

William Irvine’s Letter to: Robert Beard
November 15, 1932
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Robert Beard:

Read Is. 55 and see where you stand in regard to the Witness, Leader and Commander, and notice that they, the---

(1) Scribes and Pharisees, or Religious, Political and Educated people asked the same question of Jesus. God's anointed has never been accepted by any of those in their days. Read. Matt. 16 and see where you would have been then and now.

(2) The Devil always encourages people to pray, and believe they get answers. But you can see the whole world praying to stop the war, and give us peace and prosperity now. Is it being answered? God's anointed has always put hearing and obeying God first. Hear God as He speaks through His sent servants, and live, or go on in Babylon till the plagues answer all your questions.

(3) If God hides these things from the wise and prudent, who can see them? Even she [Aimee] can't see even though her life is full of Judgment.

(4) The deeds of the Nicolaitanes was false prophets putting their name of the work Paul the Apostle had done in preaching the Gospel of that day. People, Devil possessed trying to ape and imitate the God possessed.

(5) The Alpha Gospel finished in 1914, and the New Everlasting Gospel began. God never has two ways of saving men. But people who have, and had only the words and forms of the Alpha can never know the change which took place. Repentance means, all through the Scriptures, ceasing from the Religious, Political and Educated thoughts and ways. Let the wicked forsake his ways, and the unrighteous in heart man, his thoughts, and turn to the Lord, who is always outside the whole R.P.&E. world. Rev. 18 - Come out of her my people - is the repentance you need and fear the consequences. But it's better to suffer in coming out, than for partaking of her sins and plagues.

(6) The Devil and all his seed in every age have always pretended to be outwardly perfect. But in heart were full of hypocrisy and iniquity. The Devil, the god of this world, is a shining one, but it was the people who pretended to be morally perfect who crucified Him. And still you think about the mote in another's eye, and want to take it out, while a whole log is in your own, blinding you to your condition and position and danger. This is how the Devil lures men to death and Hell. Luke 13:1-5 is worth reading, and put your name in verse 5, and beware of the leaven of human ties and interests controlling you and making you resist the Spirit of God calling you to repent. Paul warns men, who are temples of God, not to defile the Temple. But Paul did not write these words to R.P.&E. victims, who were temples of the Devil and did not know it. You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

(7) The Lord said the Serpent and seed were to go on their belly, or be church supported ministers, as you call them. They who preach the Gospel should lived by the Gospel as Jesus and Paul did, but not as the Scribes and Pharisees did. They use the words of Paul to justify their Scribe and Phariseeism and bluff you. The true Church of God has always been outside of all you call church and ministry. Jesus called them thieves, robbers and hirelings. John 10 shows you the way to climb up into the sheepfold, and how to enter as Jesus did --by coming down.

(8) The just shall live by faith. How can you have faith and champion the Babylonian and whore ways of Rev. 17 and 18? To hear and obey God's Message for today by His sent servant is the only faith that can save from wrath. My prophesy, like Noah's, Abram's and Moses', is the only foundation for faith that can save.

(9) The Beast is the R.P.&E. body - Babylon. The false prophets is the whole Devil-deceived ministry, or whore of Babylon, and all her Abominations. The Beast with the number of a man is Jews and their Messiah.

(10) If you cling to what you call church, and what God calls Babylon, the keys of death and Hell hang at Jesus girdle for all such.

(11) God's plan of the ages is to clear the whole R.P.&E. peoples off the Earth, that the meek may inherit. There are no---

(12) Religious people in Heaven, never was, and never will be, or on the Earth in the Kingdom of God.

(13) Egyptian R.P.&E. Bunk and Blah.

(14) II Thessalonians 2, God's delusion on all who refuse His Message by my pen or lips.(15) The Least will gather the Little Ones to Jerusalem to help instruct the 144,000 from the four quarters of the earth. Jesus does not appear. It says in Rev. 14, not the Lamb - a Lamb is the witness, or least one when ready to be killed, rise and ascend with John to the Throne on which Jesus sits today. There are three quakes to be in Jerusalem. Read the Prophets and Rev. 11 and 16, which is the finish before Jesus comes. The true answer to all your questions is to repent and cease from all you have been deceived by, and live. What you need is Life, which will give you Light, and this can never come but by hearing His Message from the Throne, as in Rev. 22 and become part of the Tree of Life, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations He is smiting in wrath today all over the world.

You can notice in Ezekiel how often it says - His arm is stretched out still, after every form of Judgment the Prophet witnesses to, and the more severe Judgments are at hand, but heavier every day, till the whole earth is cleared of what you call church and ministers, whom God calls the Serpent Seed, who do today what the Serpent did to Adam and Eve in the Garden.

Those who are hindering you today will one day wish you had had ears to hear God, rather than be confused by them. They neither enter in themselves, nor will they let others. But their wail will be as it was when the door of the Ark of Noah was closed, and the rains came down and took them all away who could not hear Noah's Message, as they refuse mine today.

My love to you in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to: Caldwell
December 6, 1932

My dear Mrs. Caldwell,

Thanks for yours. Revelation 3:20 says - Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man or woman hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to them, and sup with them, and they with me. So you see the only condition is hear the knock and voice, and open the door; and honestly let Him come to find a place to dwell, and where He can speak His words by your mouth as Alpha and Omega Jesus today. Many people are hanging on to Jesus as Alpha and refusing to see Him as Omega, the judge and avenger on His religious, political and educated enemies today on the earth. So they miss the whole matter, and are left to suffer and wail.

You may find your divorce helps you to have ears to hear; and maybe your marriage may be a help to you in bearing witness. But all your hope and mercies is in honoring Jesus as Alpha and Omega.

My love to you in Him, and all who hear,

Wm. Irvine

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