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Buck, Eddie - January 6, 1933
McLane, Marion - January 13, 1933
Smiths - January 30, 1933
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Johnson, James - March 11, 1933
Canada - March 21, 1933
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Hulls - March 21, 1933
Fladungs - March 24, 1933
Arnold, Ken - April 3, 1933
Hansens - April 14, 1933
Youngs - May 3, 1933
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Edwards - August 11, 1933
Canada, Maurice - August  23, 1933
Pinamentes - October 24, 1933
Hearts - December 24, 1933
Chase,  Mrs. - December 19, 1933

William Irvine's Letter To: Eddie Buck, Weimer, California
January 6, 1933
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Eddie Buck:

Thanks for yours. I enjoyed your letter describing your experience up to hearing the Message of God, and one can see now it was all preparing you to be where and as you are. Perhaps if it had been otherwise, and all you could have or wished it to be, you would not have heard nor had ears to hear when it came. God is sealing 144,000 in their foreheads, in preparation for hearing, and that by many methods which reveal and destroy confidence in R.P.& E. Babylon, so we always enjoy hearing that people have been more or less disappointed in their human aims and ambitions and righteousness.

I enjoyed yours of 2 days ago, and the notes from your relatives in Sacramento. It's good to be kindly and friendly, and seek to lay a good Scriptural foundation in all who will hear, and notice in those who are thirsty - who are to get the water of Life freely, you will always find Isaiah 55 very useful as a guide in helping, and you notice "Let the wicked forsake his own way, and the unrighteous man his thots, and turn to the Lord." People have been filled by the Devil Serpent seed R.P. & E. poison, which has only left them helpless and hopeless, though they may be thirsty, and it's good to get rid of all their foolish, smart cracks, which men have been taught by many various means, but all of the Godless order, who could never do anything to truly help them.

I can remember 40 years ago today how dark my heart and mind was, and how full of all kinds of thots I had heard and gathered from many sources, by book and lip, and tho my life outwardly was envied by many, it was far from satisfying me. There is no peace to the wicked, or the man who has only his own or other's thots and desires, etc-- but to the man who is willing to let God put His thots and desires into his heart and mind, there is Life, light, peace and joy, hope and comfort, --never more needed than in these days. "As the Heavens are higher than the Earth, so are my thoughts than your thoughts, and my ways than your ways," is a true experience of all who let God begin to work, and cease from all their own thots and ways, which never has done anything but destroy all men who ever lived and died thus.

When you read Isaiah 55 and make plain to those who are willing to hear, you have opened up a mine of jewels, or Pearls for them, because it touches all the various things that hinder; and all that helps, and when their mouth becomes His mouth, you can see that all their words become effective in accomplishing His will and purpose. You can understand how long and patiently God has been in opening my ears and heart, to be able to Read the Book to others, so don't expect to master it easily, but let Him help you by His Spirit in getting clear on what's useful to others. You will find God - night and day trying to do this, and give you words and wisdom, love and grace in doing it. Jesus wants to put us on and use us as He did His own body and life, in bearing witness to men by the Spirit. This is His coming to Sup with us, that we may sup with Him, so there is no room for us being bumptious, big or hard to others, but rather patient and faithful in letting Jesus guide us in all we say and do in His name.

Too many letters are apt to confuse, rather than help, till a simple, clear foundation has been laid. Revelation 22 is very good along with Isaiah 55 for giving you much detail, and Rev. 17 and 18 is very good to show people what the R.P.& E. are, and what is God's mind about them, and what His people should do--"Come out of her my people"; and it becomes easy for those who have tasted of their tyranny and oppression and borne the burdens laid on them in name of being Christian.

You will find the Edward's safe guides in all things; while many others may seem brilliant, they have the safe qualities to be trusted.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Marion Mc Lane, San Quentin, Calif.
January 13, 1933

No address.

My Dear Marion Mc Lane;

Thanks for yours. It's not a wonder that you should be there, for it's His purpose and desire to save us from all that would hinder us from finding a place under His wings. To hear and obey is safety- to hear and not obey, is danger; and even your suffering may be helpful to others.
But never doubt His being willing to forgive and forget and be to you there, all He has promised.

So keep your ear and mouth filled with His Message to men for these days, and some day you will be able to witness to others of His faithfulness to you, even in San Quentin. And look for God to care for all your interests at home. You will find Him very merciful and patient- not willing that any should perish, but that all should hear and turn and find Life such as the whole Religious, Political and Educational world could never offer them.

So don't be panicky, but patient, and let God work your deliverance. You can read the Book, and have plenty of time to think and feel, which is God's way of deepening His Love and confidence in our hearts.

My love to you , and all in San Quentin, and write as often as you can, and get all the copies possible.

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. You will find it good to commit to memory Psalms 91: Psalms 103: Psalms 23: Psalms 1: and Isaiah 55: and Rev. 22: All these will be very helpful and useful to you forever. So don't mope or worry- which can only make your confinement the more trying. He never makes a mistake, nor will He ever fail to make the most and best of every man, - and what you can't do, is what He can and is willing to do for you.  So cheer up- "A just man falls 7 times, but he rises up again." That's the difference between a man that lets God, - and one who don't. W.I.

William Irvine's Letter To: Smiths
January 30, 1933

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Smiths & Co.

Thanks for yours. Hope the baby & mother do well & find His arm around them while His right hand is uplifted to smite His enemies who try to break the bands & cords wherewith He & His have bound them. Its hard to believe that His words spoken by His own are the cause as well as the witness to all His work in Wrath but we are made one by His Spirit in us as truly as if we were with Him around His Throne as in Revelation 4 & 5, so if we share His littleness in mens eyes we also are sharing His greatness in the Father's eyes & all who are in Heaven.

How foolish we would be to measure ourselves by what we are in our leastness & fail to grasp what we are in His Spirit being in us. Because we receive His witness & Himself in our accepting the Man & Message, which was but the link between our poverty & His riches in grace, Mercy & truth & we can see the need of the great work in that so few on the Earth as yet have either Ear or Eye to see His great work as He sits on the Throne of His Glory & we His Footstool in the Earth to give Him comfort. You can see how clearly they are all revealed in their expectations of getting better while all who are with Him can be as sure of it getting worse as He sits on the Throne.

What interest can we have in people whom He is slowly starving to death & preparing for death & hell & our words & witness are but the means of separating them either to share in everlasting fire or His Kingdom coming on the Earth. Our property is not around the corner but now we have it in our walk & witness by the Spirit as He did when here & if we are as foolish as His Disciples when He rose from the grave, slow of heart to believe all the things of Him for these days & its His job as it was then to give us the needed guidance & help that we may be able to enter into our reward & heritage in Him.

The head & horns of the dragon are not quite so shiney as they were a year ago but are finding them pointless & powerless to destroy what is being brought forth for their doom. You can see how easy it will be to break the nations in pieces compared to what it was years ago when they thought the world was their paradise & we could not mention all the many signs which prove it for they are legion today.

I hope you had a refresher at Xmas for the bigger & better things in 1933.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Mrs. Adams, New Zealand
February 26, 1933

Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Adams:

Thanks for yours. What ever you do, be careful to avoid any tho't or word which would hurt others who may be in the furnace these days. Lot & daughters were 3 who were saved out of Sodom, and like Noah are revealed as very far from passing the test of the righteous in their own eyes.

To have added one degree to the heat of the furnace into which the 3 Hebrew children were cast in which the Son of God shared while the world was looking on quite sure they were getting what they deserved would seem foolish today in the eyes of all who know the tests God puts His own to. We are being purified, made white and tried so that we will be quite free from any taint of selfrighteousness which is the most abominable thing found in flesh and blood on earth in every age.

It's not in our power to fathom the why of God's dealings with others nor why Mary, the mother of Jesus the Son, should have appeared the biggest offenders in mens eyes in all the records of History. We can have little idea of the hatefulness of all the defiling influences which the R.P.& E. world traditions have made possible to those who are part of the woman body, nor the sufferings of those by whom He is seeking to purge us white and so to stand the test in our future witness to people who are quite below and outside all our British Standards.

That any person bought by the blood should ever fail in the smallest degree in measuring others by their sins or short coming is for ever rebuked in Matt. XVIII, and nothing can be more dangerous to trifle and tamper than what we regard as the sins of others. That Lazarus had to stink in the grave for 3 days, to cleanse him from his selfrighteousness towards Mary his own sister, and that Martha had to be rebuked for her failure to see that Mary was much more righteous than she in her heart; she had in understanding of the values which God values most ere the 3 could sit down at the table together with Him and eat.

Lot and his daughters were cured of any selfrighteousness in being saved by their after actions. The 3 disciples who went up the Mt. were cured of ever thinking their own selfrighteous thots going up. They were full of the echo of the store of scandal let loose to destroy the confidence of the 12. "This my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased - hear ye Him." What a rebuke for those who have been privileged when they were tested by the hurricane and wicked scandal which had caused the multitudes to turn their back on the Man whose words were eternal life to all who would hear, and you can see what a test they were put through, even the twelve who had not gone away.

Can you think of Elizabeth, the Mother of John the Baptist and type of the woman who is to bring forth the Manchild, ever having an accusing thought in her heart for what Mary was made to go through in world eyes in bringing forth Jesus. That the most honoured of God. Jesus, His Mother and Mary the sinner of Jerusalem should ever be linked together as the 3 who was most scandalized in all history, stand today and always as the purified made white and tried, and what a miserable show all the others made when tested but perfected by the sufferings of others. You can see the 3 on the cross and the one who got saved, was the one who had ears to hear in the midst of the storm of scandal surging around Him as He died for His own.

A God-like heart has been the rarest thing found in any age. So don't wonder at anything which may end thus and all else is but little value if He find not the echo of His own heart love and grace to sinners.

Rahab the Harlot of Jericho, David the King of Israel, and Solomon the wise, are 3 who stand out in the Old Testament story as those who suffered in being cleansed of all unrighteousness, and sample of those who will be most valued around the Throne of God.

Paul had to learn by the messenger of Satan to buffet him that God had still something to perfect in him, and the only answer he got was, my grace is sufficient. So never butt into what we may not be called to suffer. God knows His own business best, and may have very high honour awaiting those who have suffered most as sinners in the eyes of a wicked, God forsaken, devil possessed world. The far country in our prodigal story plays a part in revealing the depths of the love and grace of God as nothing else can do, and which will be made manifest in the coming days as never before. When we see the 144,000 gathered around the woman & 2 witnesses, then we will understand what Jewels mean.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  James Johnson
March 11, 1933
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear James,

Thanks for your sensible letter.  The least and little ones may seem very foolish in believing and speaking the Message of God and Jesus from the Throne by the Spirit.  But,  surely, our words come true, as sure as their big words and expectations in the new president of the richest country in the world, have been rudely shocked by the money panic on the 4th of March.  And all the world has been well shaken up, one way or another, about the same.  Japanese quake, tidal wave and blizzard; while they are at war in China, and leaving the League of Nations.  The burning of the house where the German Government sects [were] was a big thing also.  And, now, Hitler is in power, and only a matter of time till the Kaiser will return to his home, after being 14 years in the green grass of Doorn, according to God's promise in Daniel 4.  Many people, all over the world, had their heart and mouth set on the new president to bring prosperity.  And now, they will be standing like fools, wondering.

A man writes me asking me, "What does the sin against the Holy Ghost mean?" in Matthew 12.  If the spirit of God speaks what God and Jesus say from the Throne, and men say our words are from the Devil; this is the sin against the Holy Ghost.  And no forgiveness for such, only judgment according to the idle words, which come from their mouths. They may speak against us, for our imperfections as the Least and Little Ones, but can't escape, if they say what the Spirit witnesses is the work of the Devil.

I'm glad you are in touch with those who can be useful and helpful to you in passing on letters and sharing in your witness to others.  George Linn is in southern California, and I expect he will be helpful to many wherever he may go.

1933 is the 1st of the Crucifying years, so we look for big things in judgment all over the world.  And we have a good sample in the 2 months past.

You will find His work in witnessing will become more important every day, both in our song for those who blaspheme, or speak against the words of the Spirit by our lips, or in blessing to those who have ears to hear and obey.

 My love to all there,

William Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Maurice Canada
March 21, 1933

No address

My dear Maurice:

Thanks for yours and the others, all good and cheerful. The sacrifice on Mt. Carmel, by the Baal prophets and Elijah is very good as showing the power of numbers and authority, in contrast to Elijah alone. And you can be sure that Baal prophets or the master, owner, possessor prophets, who had feasted at the King's table, while the famine was on three years, had every facility for making a strong appeal to the gathered hosts, to see on which side there was a hearing ear in Heaven and answer by fire.

They used every trick in the R.P.& E. trade, but no answer. Notice Elijah took 12 natural stones, and laid the wood, not the driest by any means, for they had chosen 1st, and best, but he dug a trench round the alter, to hold several barrels of very precious water, and in a few simple words addressed to the unseen Judge of that day and ours, the Fire fell and licked up the offering and water which turned to steam and made a big show. So that the very disadvantages tended to help out the victory. He had obeyed the Lord, so the Lord obeyed him.

They had no ears to hear and so were not heard, and Elijahs mockery of their attempts is the best language we could have for all that's happening today on the earth. For there are but 2 ways today as then. They had trained men, and dressed stone altar, and dry wood. His sacrifice was drenched with water, but the Fire from Heaven did the trick. And so today - the cold water poured out on your sacrifice and all the difficulties only reveals the Baal prophets methods, in men's eyes and the wisdom of men, is foolishness in God's eyes.

The woman of Rev. 12; is clothed with the Sun and the Moon or traditional readings and ways - under her feet - and on her head a 12 Star Crown. And she pained to be delivered of the Manchild. So our job is to seek to bear these marks, which are but the vessel and the Oil of the Wise Virgins in contrast to the foolish who have all the outward appearance, but not the heart which He can dwell in by His Spirit.

So it's not what have been our privileges, but the use we have made of them, and you can be sure there will be none despised or left out, who can be part of the Woman Body - who have surrounded me - and will again surround me - around which the 144,000 will be gathered. You have a good sample in Fred and Mary Hull - to encourage you in seeking to be useful to others as Wise and Faithful Servants.

I like what you say about not being burdensome to others, and glad to hear you have a car and so fitter to spread out in helping all who can or care to hear.

March has been a big month in answering all the wise crackers whose hope was in the one man chosen by U.S.A. voters as Hitler is the one man choice in Germany. And it makes it easier to believe in God's choice on the Right hand in Heaven, and a man on the earth. Read Rev. 2: 18,29 and see Jezebel and her friends are to get death and Tribulation - while the Overcomer and Friends, are to rule Nations - and break them in shivers, and have the Morning Star to lead us into full daylight.

Stay strictly by whatever orders you get. This is always fundamental and use what ever opportunity He gives you under those conditions.

Cliff and Eddie's letters were good, and we have much to encourage us in the Quake and money panic - for both have spoken loudly to the whole world; and I expect Japan will lead on into the great war - if she claims the Carabine Isles, in Pacific - on which she has had the mandate since 1918. Other letters will fill in details.

My love and best wishes to all.

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Edwards
March 21, 1933

No address

Thanks for budget letter from Rose and yours with enclosures. The Arneson's letter is a good sample of many others if we were to hear the facts and if it's not hell it's purgatory for the poor girl. Don't forget to remind Rose of what she missed in marrying you. Rose's letter was very good and a fair sample of many experiences not so far ahead. The shooting and insanity are but proof of the terrible fear and confusion in many hearts which cover it up by a little bluff and coming after the death of the 3 in one day and Marjorie Skinner and Annie Smith about the same time, only points to His honouring our witness and removing the tormentors to be tormented.

But these things only point to how faithful He is to His words by our lips. If Rose had any secret hope in the New President the money panic may have been good for her and a suitable answer to all the high hopes they had in the one man of U.S.A. peoples choice. And the quake helped back up our witness both in Alpha and Alpha and Omega days in the 29 cities in S. Calif. which had such privileges for 27 years, on April 4th.

The money panic, quake and twister was like driving a nail in a sure place by 3 strokes of His hammer and helps to make Isa. 24 easy to read and believe and witness. The Frisco quake and the 1933 quake make Rev. 2; 18-28 - very simple. Aime Jezebel and Co. with their doctrine and depth of Satan as they speak is good description of world wide Pentecostal movement for 27 years, and the overcomer and co. fits into our expectations.

It will be interesting to hear details of both panic and quake and twister. Japan's quake, Tidal wave and Blizzard on the day they took Jehol. 2nd and 3rd March was like a pointer to what came on 3rd and 4th March covering the whole Pacific and probably helps us to see what Japan will be to U.S.A. over the Carabine 1500 Islands which Japan will claim because of having had mandate over them, which will also include the League as her enemy and a victorious Japan will not hesitate to fight for what she thinks is but her right and specially after the treatment she has received at their hands in general.

Every plunge that Roosevelt will make can only end in greater confusion and failure and his last attempt to control production to force prices up will seem a very foolish step when 3 1/2 years of drought looms up.

My love in Him to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Hulls & Boys
March 21, 1933

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Hulls & Boys;

Thanks for yours today in good shape, and with all the marks which gladden my heart and His, which is, above all other things, the true goal and aim of all our activities. Very foolish in mens eyes to talk like this, but its the facts, and very much in line with the whole record of the Book; and if Fred is in the wrecking business, so is God and Jesus - in both senses. For in as much as He can sup with us, so shall we with Him. Blasphemy in their eyes, to speak of Him being interested in your Trailer more than He is in the White House, where there is room for Pride and Iniquity, but none for Him by His Spirit, anymore than there was for Him in Pilate and Herods palaces when He was here in the flesh. There is Joy in Heaven over every flesh and blood Temple, or Home He finds on the earth today, when the Devil and Satan has their habitation in all that is Babylon.

I dont expect you look for much from me these days, when you have so much there to report of His work in the Money Panic, quake and Twister, to celebrate the New President, the one man in whom the U.S.A. hopes are centered. The one man Hitler in Germany, is another; one man Mussolini another, and quite a number of other one man rulers. Why not a one man Overcomer who is to rule the Nations with an Iron Rod, as there is one Man on the right hand in Heaven, with all power in Heaven and on earth, the Man - Christ Jesus - whom they sent to Hell by way of the Cross - to our scaffold used for the worst criminals, but whom God raised and exalted to His own right hand, to sit there till He has put all enemies under His feet, and surely they are all being put under Him.

We are looking for much detail of all the happenings by next mail, as we did not get much here. But 38 shocks in 2 days in 29 cities, must have made many hearts quake, in the midst of a Money panic, which affected the whole world.

I suppose George Linn was expecting to see a Movie Queen and Star by your letters and activities, but you and I dont cut much Ice in that world. I noticed they give Brisbane much praise for his hard work in keeping his 1000 word column going with a staff. But I have been doing much more than a 1000 word column, and dont get much paper notice. But I expect headquarters knows all the details, and every wrinkle in my old face, has a history all its own.. And if the world looked at my head, they would only see the crown of it, and miss the 12 Star Crown - which only the woman body recognise on the earth, and which has made it possible for them to be clothed with the Sun, and the Moon of Traditionalism under her feet.

Revelation 2: 20-28, gives a very simple outline of Aimee Jezebel, and her many friends, now in great Tribulation since March 3 and 4 - which only helps to bring out in contrast, the Overcomer, and those who have not known the depths of Satan, as they (Pentecostal rebels) speak. But power over the Nations, and Iron Rod Rule, and the Morning Star, are quite enough for us, and we are content.

Had a good letter from Maurice and Co., today, and the Edwards' report of Merysville, is very full of Throb and Thrill, in the things which happened there.

I am afraid Japan is going to give U.S.A. a big job in the Pacific, if they claim the Islands in Pacific, they have had Mandate over for 13 years. A victorious Japan, and the way they have treated her, will make History in the near future. And Hitler in Germany, will bring back the Kaiser, and also bring the Bear into Europe to devour much flesh. So there is plenty in sight for April as well as we had in March.

My Love to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

Tell the Moons not to trouble about not getting letters from Jerusalem, when they get so many sealed packets from Heaven. If they "chew The Cud" on what they get thru your letters, they will get fat and well fed.

My Love to them and all who don't get letters direct. W.I.

If I went to sleep for awhile, they will all get plenty to keep them going, by the happenings every day and every where. W.I.

William Irvine's Letter To: Mildred Fladung
March 24, 1933

No address

My dear Mildred:

Thanks for yours and photos which were very good and clear and helped to make the faces I love the more real.

Dorothy and you should become brick layers and joiners now that there is so many wrecked homes. You can see how one day of "His making the earth shake terribly" changes things, and the Banks of the greatest richest nation on the earth closed at the same time, and then backed up by a Twister in 3 states; but when you link it up with the other side of the Pacific, it makes it stronger, for it's but the signs of the coming world war storm, not far off. I expect I will be hearing many things similar to what I saw in Frisco in 1906.

March has been one solid month of great upheavals of all kinds in every department, which is God's answer to all their attempts to bring back peace - safety and prosperity to the world - and but adds to our joy - as we Sing the Song - standing as it were on the Sea of Glass - seeing His Wrath working in the whole world before our eyes.

The changes which have taken place in Germany - is probably greater than in U.S.A. For it brings the Kaiser nearer to his return from the green grass where he has spent his 14 years - and so easier to read Daniel V - for the coming days.

Then Revelation 2: 20-28, shows how Jezebel Aimie & Co. are in for Tribulation now - as sure as the Overcomer and Co. are to Rule the Nations with an Iron Rod and break them in shivers and have the Morning Star to lead us into full noon day Glory. How little these words mean to the whole world - and how much to us who have eyes to see through having ears to hear and obey His reading by my writing you.

Germany is but preparing the way for the Bear to arise on one side and devour much flesh in Europe while Japan - U.S.A. and League are trying to settle who is to own the 1500 Islands in the Pacific - Japan has had mandate for from 1918.

The world is full of puffing and blowing gas bags - who only disgust the suffering people every where - and can offer them little hope for the morrow.

I am enclosing a letter you might reply to for me as I have more than enough and can be sure it will be increasing all the time till I can get some of you here to help me.

Love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. I am sure George and Jean have enjoyed their visit and had it well sealed for it all came when they had nearly finished their work as my substitute. You will know what sort of English the world is going to speak in the future 1000 years - English with a Scotch accent. W.I.

William Irvine's Letter To: Ken Arnold, Marysville, Calif.
April 3, 1933

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Arnolds and company:

Thanks for Kenneth's and yours today. To have ears, heart and mouth for the Message of God, and tested by your attitude to the Servant - is enough to give all opportunity to be wise virgins. Details are the way the Devil and Satan has of hindering and troubling you. Sins of any kind give the Devil and his religious, political and educated people power to accuse, and you will find much of your old traditional teaching to torment you. Our business is to give all - good and bad the same opportunity of hearing His Message, and it's their job to make the best of it, either as wise or foolish. "Virgins" means those who are free from Babylonian power and fellowship. But the positive side is to seek to have Oil in our vessels, or to have God, by His Spirit, and witness by our lips.

The marks of the Woman who is to bring forth the Manchild, is to be clothed with the Sun or have the Light of God in and by us to others; and the Moon, or traditional religious , political and educated - under our feet, and recognize the 12 Star crowned head - the Man around whom the Woman Body is gathered, and the great desire to see the Manchild brought forth. All future details are covered by this, and we know it's Him working all things in all. So don't trouble about these details for such is what you find God by His Spirit speak and make clear to you. No part of the Woman Body can fail to be gathered to Jerusalem.

When you find people make their choice to remain in Babylon or on the left hand, or against what we know comes from the Throne, what benefit can it be to them to argue or discuss what they despise? Try to have good solid Scriptural ground for all you say and do and be; you will find all other things easy to fit in. It's more valuable to you to use all you have, than to trouble about what is ahead. One false-hearted foolish virgin was troubled years ago about whether she should bring her feather-bed to Jerusalem with her. She is now a fully fledged goat in the 7th Day Advent church.

And don't forget there may be foolish virgins and wicked servants hearing the Message today till John comes from Heaven and all things are made manifest. Conscience is very much what our teaching makes us. The people who kept the Sabbath and all the Commandments thought it right to kill Jesus; so cheer up and be filled with His Spirit as you witness.

My love to all in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Hansens
April 14, 1933
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Hansens:

Thanks for your sensible letter.  I would keep it, for the law was passed for such as were taking from the bank to hoard.  It's good you have a way of living; and it's good to stay there till the time comes to move, which you will be given due notice of.

Take all the Message from the Throne and make it your own, and all your questions will be answered fully.  And Maurice can give you all the help you need, better than I can by letter to you.  Isaiah 55 is very good and simple to guide you in what to do with the living waters, which is His Message from the Throne, as you can see in Revelation 22.

Maurice is a good sample of how to be zealous in the service of God in these things, which mean life and death to all men on the Earth.

 My love to all who bear your name,

William Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: R.D. Youngs, Salida, Colo.
May 3, 1933

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Russell and Vera:

Thanks for yours and photos, and the appreciative spirit shown, reveals the stirrings of new life by the Spirit. Meeting and enjoying the friends in California was not accidental but rather proof of God's arranging matters for your mutual benefit. For it was as much a joy and stimulus to them as to you, and the quake was like His seal on it all.

And God has written Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin over U.S.A. by the 2 wrecked blimps off New Jersey, as He did in 1921 & 1933 over England in the wrecking of 2 airships; and in the 1921 & and 1933 wrecks we had the best airship in Europe and the best airmen - as happened in the New Jersey wreck. You may find somewhere a letter I wrote on the 5th of Daniel; and the figures I got out of the British wrecks which made them read into Daniel 5; and coming when the world is looking to U.S.A. for a lead out of depression, makes quake and wreck the more answer to their big words.

The Pope's Holy year was well marked in Europe as the wrecks marked U.S.A. German treatment of of the R.P.& E. Jews is a very significant fact, for 1900 years ago they were the leaders in the greatest Tragedy of all History. So Roosevelt calling it a Tragedy to U.S.A., while England was calling the trial in Moscow a great Travesty of Justice--both words remind us what took place in Jerusalem 1900 years ago.

And to see the most R.P.& E. Jews in the world treated as they are at the same time, brings the 1900 year old facts before our hearts and minds as nothing else can, for the day of vengeance of our God is over all the earth happenings today, and one can see the only place of safety is under His Wings, because wreck and ruin marks every part of His Universe - or the earth part of it at any rate, and only samples of greater things at hand. To fit all that's happening into His plan and purpose, is for our comfort and hope. The deader and blinder men are to all that's happening, the greater the need for them hearing, and He will ever Seal it to them personally and also worldwide--for all their hopes in other than God must and is perishing before our eyes.

I have noticed the bet way to remember anything is to repeat to others what has impressed itself on our mind, and we can always rely on the Spirit of God to give us words and wisdom, tho we will never be satisfied that we have done it perfectly. But it's the value God puts on our efforts that counts, and gives us a taste in ourselves of the Joy in His heart in finding one willing to voice His Message to a Godless world being destroyed - because they have no room for Him in any way shape or form.

I was nearly up at San Diego in 1916, but have no air experience, but from observation I would consider it safe in proportion to our mechanical skill and efficiency in keeping machine fit--then a cool level head in the air and horse sense about the weather. I have noticed that swelled heads have caused more crashing than anything else. For under His wings there can be no place for the pride and vanity so often associated with flying.

Our weather is very hot and dry and the scarcity of water in whole Jerusalem district, and likelihood of locusts to fulfill Joel 2 any day. I could have enjoyed a few bones amongst the friends you met in California, after being for 13 1/2 years here with none such.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S. March 4th and April 4th both brought very decided work marks, so tomorrow is 4th of May, and we are still hungry for more signs of His coming in the clouds of any or all sorts. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Chiarattis
May 6, 1933

My dear Chiarattis:

Thanks for your 2 letters.  You are fortunate in being free from Babylonian bondage, for it’s the first step to being able to hear and value what God is saying to the world today as the test for their attitude to Him, which makes us either sheep or Goats, for or against Him.

And you have been fortunate in having many there who can help you to a full understanding or revelation, which is the Message; wrath to all who are the R.P.&E. world, carrying on their vain show in name of God and Jesus, but who have the spirit of the wicked one in them - as at Calvary 1900 years ago.

You will find the Scriptures become very easy and simple to read, because of His Spirit coming to dwell in you, and all who will hear and obey.  Open thy mouth wide and I will fill it, is His promise to all.  So don’t let fear of any kind hinder you from open-mouthed witness.  You will learn some new thing every time you open your mouth, and God and Jesus will become more real to you than any other thing or person you can see, for He will dwell in you and share all you have, and you share all He has.

If Jesus had come to your door as a man, you could open and invite Him in to sup with you, and so you could share what He had; such is the promise of Rev. 3:20.  We have been made to believe that it’s for a certain high-toned class of people; but it’s quite the other way, for He is still the Carpenter of Nazareth and on the level of the commonest working man.

So there is no room for swank or pride, but just a humble, honest man, ready to serve God and man in the things of God on the earth today.  And you can be sure that His promises will not fail for all 3, for children share with the parent whether they are right or wrong.

So fear not any man or thing, but fear and honor God in all you say and do, and so find shelter under His Wings under his conditions; and by love serve one another and bear ye one another’s burdens and so fulfill the Law of Christ, and every one seek to bear his own burden.

My love in Him to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Skillington & San Pedros
May 20, 1933
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear San Pedros,

Thanks for several letters.  It’s good to have such good times together, but the separating of the sheep and goats points to single file being the method of His working.  You can see the Foolish Virgins would be fondest of being where they could get oil for their lamps from others, who had it, but the time came when everyone had to oil and trim his own lamp.

Meeting and bunching may hinder people from finding out who they are and what they have from God.  The fact is that the River and Tree was the work of one Man, and so scattering is better than narrowing.  And you can see that every branch in the tree had to bear its own leaves and fruit.  And room to grow is always necessary in a healthy tree, or a broad, flowing river.  “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the Law of Christ,” is coupled with “Every man shall bear his own burden,” which is the human mark.  There is always danger of leaning on the human, rather than on God, who is the ever-present, and all-powerful One.  We value fellowship with one another only insofar as they can help us to stand on our own feet, bear our own witness, leaves, and fruit for all times and circumstances.  In the coming Kingdom, no man shall need say to his brother, “Know the Lord, for all shall know Him, from the least to the greatest."

City and national life is the Devil’s snare for all men; organized, so that the strong can control and fleece the weak.  This will all be reversed, and no city life, as we know it today, in the Thousand Years.

Read Isaiah 55.  You can see, as people get their own, the River widens, rather than narrows, and deepens.  It’s not what we know of The Message, but what we know, by experience of God that counts.  So aim at this and encourage all to do the same.

My love to all,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Arthur Ives
May 20, 1933
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Ives:

I don't see any reason for you to leave the Navy under present conditions. I would stay and honor God where you are.  He will open the door, when it's ripe for you to quit, but the choice is yours.  And if it be His will and purpose for you to leave, it will work out all right.  But if there be other, and selfish, motives, I'm afraid it won't matter much what you do.

You can see everything ripening fast for the destruction of the whole. The discipline in the Navy is better for you, than the general rot, which we see on every hand.  And people are looking everywhere, but to God, for deliverance; so they are sure to be disappointed.

You will find it good to cultivate good sense, and humor in bearing witness to others; for if we lack the human touch, we will find plenty to hurt & annoy.

 My love in him,

William Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Arthur Ives
May 20, 1933

No address

My dear Ives:

I don't see any reason for you to leave the Navy under present conditions. I would stay and honour God where you are. He will open the door - when it's ripe for you to quit. But the choice is yours and if it be His will and purpose for you to leave - it will work out all right. But if there be other and selfish motives - I'm afraid it won't matter much what you do.

You can see everything ripening fast for the destruction of the whole. The discipline in the Navy is better for you than the general rot which we see on every hand. And people are looking every where but to God for deliverance. So they are sure to be disappointed. You will find it good to cultivate good sense and some humour in bearing witness to others, for if we lack the human touch - we will find plenty to hurt and annoy.

My love in Him to you,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine’s Letter To:  Hulls
June 2, 1933
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Hulls and Boys:

I had one from Maurice & Co. today and one yesterday.  I hope Ernest and John get into work soon, for nothing is more solid footing for them.  The Eaglets love the nest and find it awkward, when they are taught to use their wings.

I had many experiences of this sort.  Looking back over 20 years, it was a big job to gather, mother, teach, guide, lead and scatter over the world, a seed in Alpha days.  But I managed it.  It was hard to get people to see, feel and do what I had done in starting alone, and finding room and people in the world for my Message; and once people tested it out, they found it possible, just as if the world was virgin soil.  But it was the way to reveal the strong from the weak.  And my job was to lead the way so that others could follow and find, that what was possible to me was, for them, comparatively easy, if they faced it.  And once a year I visited them to cheer, strengthen, and supply what was lacking in their witness.

I was forced to smile at Maurice’s reading of the will of God in the cars going wrong as a sign to go back to the Nest in the South.  Maybe it was God’s way of giving them a new field--where the cars broke down.  For God never goes back; always forward in His leading and guiding. And weakness is always in erring on the human side.  For an Eaglet has to learn to pick as well as fly; and the mother and father birds are forced by nature’s demand to let them go to prepare for another brood.

So I’m looking for further developments.  But it’s always a voluntary matter, and much better for them to scatter and find their way and so be able to open up paths for each other.  Where one may fail or be weak, all the friends they have will be looking to see them fly and pick between the 2 nests, rather than from one nest to another.  It’s in giving God a chance to prove Himself faithful to the faithful in speaking His words to, and where they have not been before.

I can remember seeing some who made (the) most fuss in having everything clear and plain, finding it harder to go and do His will, than many others with less knowledge and ability.  While we don’t believe “Go preach,” is the same today as in Alpha Days, we know that all the stirring up of the whole world is in preparing some to hear, and some by whom they can hear, the Message. “When you are persecuted in one city, flee to another,” gives us wisdom to move where the enemy is less stirred up;  and “shake off the very dust of your feet against them,” as a witness against them.  For His words shall not fail to accomplish His purpose.

A car is not always the safest way to move, and may be a snare, as well as a convenience.  I know your mother heart twice told, will feel these things, but you can see mother value has two sides; I know how much temptation there is to bunch up.  And let the burdens be to the burden bearer, which would benefit and strengthen those who are being trained for service and reward.  Wise and Foolish Virgins precede Servants, good and faithful; wicked and slothful.  Both were rewarded: one according to the use they make of the witness in themselves; the other, according to the use they make of their privileges in witness.  The weaning process is always painful, both to mother and child.

I had a letter from Mrs. Simpson, and one can see what a mixture people are in, when religious and traditional interests are still clinging to them.  They overcame by the Blood of the Lamb—to cover all their own self-accusation and unworthiness; the word of their testimony, which gives them proof of His seal in, and on them; and they loved not their lives to the death, has much meaning, for it shows the need of resolute courage, rather than shrinking from the conflict.

I had a letter from Washington today.  The lady says her husband is in bed sick, because of the depression.  And I notice this in many ways.  People make depression an excuse for their own weakness in facing the new conditions.  So encourage all to brace up and seek the crust that is sure to all who face the battle in both senses of the word.

My love to all there,

William Irvine

Isaiah 43 is worth reading, for it gives us some idea of His care for all who are truly His.  And it don’t show that we will not find waters, rivers, fire and flame.

How often I was seasick before I went on board some old 3rd class ship, cooped up with all sorts of people.  But GO was the word, and I went—no matter what the cost was.  And the going was the way that gave Him His opportunity to show He was honourable to me, as I was to Him.

There were always many who looked for the nest and rewards, rather than the path that was as lonely as the path He trod to the very death as a criminal.  And all our words are tested by the practical test.  So cheer up, our best days are ahead; never behind us, as the Devil would make us believe.

I went to swim with a 30 year old Jew, who had been a Captain in the army.  Some boys were doing some high diving, so he wanted us to have a high dive.  So when we got up, he saw rocks in the bottom and balked; but I went in—careful to keep clear of the rocks, and he looked very silly.

So go in, but beware of the rocks, which can either break your neck, or courage, if you don’t use your head, which He has given, and in which He puts his thoughts and ways.

W. I.

William Irvine's Letter To: Maurice Canada, Colfax, California
June 3, 1933

PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Maurice & Co.,

Thanks for 2 from you all this week. Glad you have had a taste of all the friends in So. Calif., as well as the North. It no doubt was a test for all of you and the truth you know. But our hope is in that God is in, for, with and by, to all you can reach in earning your daily bread. For people must be perfected both as virgins and servants to qualify for the great works ahead. This is the opposite of "Go ye into all the world & preach the Gospel" as in Alpha when the Disciples lived by the Gospel, but never by hire.

You will find much help in reading how the Lord by Gideon delivered Israel from the Midianites, or strifites, for because of strife in Israel He brought in the Midianites to rob & oppress them. Notice the qualities of Gideon thrashing wheat by the wine press which was always low down, as the threshing floors are high up. See what he tho't of himself, - "My family is poor & I am the least in my fathers house". Read Judges 6 & 7. See what the Lord tho't in contrast. "The Lord is with thee, thou mighty man of valour." Gideon wanted a sign & prepared a sacrifice, flesh and unleavened bread & broth, which the fire out of the rock consumed. It looks like wasted food. And see the fear in his heart which the Lord had to quiet, - "Peace be unto thee, fear not, thou shalt not die." Then the Altar & sacrifice in secret by night lest the family & neighbors should hinder, who wanted to kill him when day had come, & they found their Baal Altar & grove down. His father said Baal should be able to plead for himself. Baal stands for the whole R.P. & E. people today. The Spirit of the Lord came upon him, & he blew a trumpet and 32,000 responded, and the Midianites were gathered in the plain ready to battle.

Now I come to the part which is most important for you & Co. You notice there was no presumption in Gideon, as seen in his spreading the fleece twice. See now what the Lord thinks about numbers in such a conflict. So the fearful & afraid, - 22,000 were sent home. Then the water test, when only 300 were left out of 32,000, - 1 in 107.These 3 tests are being applied today and every man is revealed. The great number always are more afraid and fearful of consequences to themselves, than results & victory for God. But half as many are fonder of the living water than they are of the fight. Those who lapped the water out of their hand like a dog were the chosen of God to put the R.P. & E. world to flight. Fearful and afraid of consequences, love for crystal clear water, & plenty of it. I notice many are more anxious to go & hear more & drink it in, than to dog-like take what they need by their own hand & be readier for the battle than anything else. This reveals how He reads the hearts of all who have heard the trumpet blast; and according to what He sees there will be the reward & confidence.

"How will it effect me & my home, business, etc. How will it effect my honour, good name, feelings & prospects & how much will I get out of it all." But it was those who had little thought more than a dog would have, who were chosen & divided in 3 companies of 100 each to surround 3 sides of the camp of the Midianites, trumpet in hand, a vessel, victuals, & light in vessel. Blow the trumpet & say: "The sword of the Lord & Gideon," not the reverse. So at midnight the 300 blew the trumpets, broke the pitcher, & held the lamps in their left hand, and their trumpets in their right to blow withal and cried, " The sword of the Lord and of Gideon," and they stood every man in his place and the Lord set every man (Midianites) sword against his fellow.

And what a confusion will come into the R.P. & E. camp when that day comes, and not far off I expect, - no rapture & no prosperity around the corner and all their vain hopes gone. Then the fearful & afraid & the water drinkers come down to help in the pursuit, & some even chided Gideon sharply for not calling them to the hot spot. But you have enough to enable you to see why of many things and what we look for when the victory is won. And nobody but our own selves can choose the part which will supply the present need, & bring the strife amongst the Strifites.

So choose to be a 9 rather than one of the 22,000 or the 10,000, for you see the need for quality rather than quantity, men who stand on their own feet, in their own place, with their own victuals, vessel, light & trumpet, - rather than one of the mob & many.

My love & best wishes,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter To: Edwards, Vallejo, Calif
June 6, 1933
No address

My dear Wm. Rose & Co;-

Thanks for yours 2 by 2 and the comical letter from Gesto. Its like Rip Van Winkle waking up after 28 years sleep. I wonder if they are still thinking about building churches - people have been so insured in spending their money in buildings they almost feel lost if asked to be a Temple and have the church meet in their homes. But even that's finished and every witness is now on his own, to find his own food and bear his own witness, standing on his own feet, in his own place, lamp in their left hand, when the vessel is broken, and the trumpet in right, blown with all his might saying, "The sword of the Lord and Gideon is upon you," and they every man began to slay each other who are the Midianites, or strif-ites, of the whole R.P. & E. world today.

I enjoy writing Judges 6: & 7; to Maurice & Co., for they need to waken up to the fact that the way to witness is to find a job and there witness, and so with Joe. The 32,000 were reduced to 300, who lapped the water out of their hands like a dog would, the fearful and afraid and those who were fondest of the water were the unfits for the battle, and so today, one can notice similar marks in the many. They are more anxious to go and hear, than go and let Him speak more clear and loud to the Midianites; it says the 300 took vessels with fire brands in them, and brake them in unison with Gideon. This may have a future tense, but the training is now, and leaves no room for doubt whom are worthy to have the reward in striking confusion in the camp of their enemy. For He reads the heart and can see where the selfish fear and alarms hinder, and where their concentration is in getting waters rather than making war.

When the rout began in the Midianite camp, then the others could be called to share the Victory, and they rated Gideon sharply for not calling them to battle, and he was very meek and gracious in his reply, lest they should stumble and miss sharing in the victory. It's an old story, but fits into the truth for today very closely when you study Gideon and his various moves. I wrote it more fully and sent it via Dunbar to Maurice & Co. You wld think the battle and truth today depended on them who are the 32,000. You can see the oneness in the 300, in contrast to the "Every man's sword against his fellow in the Midianite camp," and the weakness in the 32,000 (less the 300) who were not fit for the battle. You can see how open the door was to all sorts in Alpha days, and so their fruit and failure was easy for the devil to snatch and catch when they were sure of bread and water which they had never produced.

Gideon's unity with the Lord and His Angel, made the sword of the Lord and Gideon possible, and the 300 were as solid with Gideon as he was with the Lord. You can see what a powerful witness or trumpet will be when John comes and the sudden destruction no longer around the corner hid, by 2 men and 2 conferences from their view. The well organized feasting and boasting Midianites camp will get a great surprise, when they find all their plans miscarry, and our Light and Trumpet put terror and confusion into all. This Gideon was poor in the smallest tribe, and the least in his father's house, but a man of valour and mighty in the Lord's eyes, indicated in his threshing wheat by the wine-press, when it meant facing death at their hands.

Everything is pointing our way, and we are glad for all the battles you have fought, and the victories He had given these years since we were at Gesto. Gideon's sacrifice at night and the destroying of Baal's altar, and the graves where the Baal worshippers camped is very like our work - very much in the dark in our attitude to the R.P.E. world in Alpha days, which caused the neighbors and villagers to demand his life. How different Gideon would feel after the rout and destruction of the Midianites, and the leading the fearful and afraid and the water lovers to share in the victory, which began in a Man, then 300 men and then all Israel. The story of John and Betty killing the bear, Betty with the broom and John telling her from the stair head where to hit the bear - is still worth repeating.

Though I still think if you had married an Irish girl, it would have been better for you when you return to end your days in Ireland for it's not a country where they have much sympathy for foreigner. But this is private and out of pure sympathy for you. The Morgan matter dont look well for the U.S.A. Banks and Big men.

My love to you and her and family,

Wm. Irvine.

P.S. Jewish Penticost 31st. May was well marked by a shower of rain which destroyed the olive crop, as 2 days heat did last year just when the fruit was beginning to form after the flower, and the early rain in Sept. did the work more directly than the heat in May, finishing their hope in cereal crops, N. & S., and also emphasizing the water famine in Jerusalem and environs. The whole of the Bible lands are pretty much in the same conditions. We had also the report of the four-power pact on the same day, which is the 4 heads of the Leopard of Dan. 7: which began in 1920 with the four power Supreme Council; England, Italy and Japan. Now Japan is where Germany was in 1920, and Germany is where Japan was. The Manchukes took the Valedavostok rail plant on same day, and all Roosevelt's plans and schemes are still diverse from the other three Beasts.

Your advice to Joe regarding the small shop and repairs he can do is God's wisdom and I endorse it.

W. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Maurice Canada, Sacramento, Calif.
July 1, 1933
Box 696 P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Maurice and C.

Thanks for yours, Charles, and Eddie, all good. We expect all who are Sheep to begin to find out that the kingdom is now theirs to inherit. For the Economic Conference is a fact, proving that the Son of Man has come in His Glory, and all the Holy angels with Him, to carry out His promise to all who are Sheep, so that we may expect the whole world to find out now--that what He said 1900 years ago before the 70 council in Jerusalem, on Mt. Zion 200 yards from where I write, has been fulfilled and is the Historical fact - which means life and death to the whole world.

So all He said to His Disciples is for us today. Matthew V, VI & VII is the best guide for all, both as to their reward and that of all their enemies. So you don't need to war with them, He and His 100, million angels are more a match for all who will be our enemies and His. So we are plunged right into the thick of it with our ears open and our eyes comparatively blind with wonder and surprise.

I expect we will have no more of the many excuses of all kinds. For there is perfect health and fitness, protection and provision for all who will put the things of the Kingdom first, with no other self-seeking motives, plans or purposes So don't anchor around Weimar when the world is open for all who have His Message and Inherit His kingdom.

Nothing can be so effective in convincing the world than the Kingdom Blessings manifest in our lives. The Sheep will become Healthy, wise, effective, and fit. But let us not be presumptuous, but wise as serpents and harmless as doves. You can see there will be no conflict between sheep and goats when separated one from another, any more than we can save the goats from Everlasting fire or shield them from its power. It's ours to stay under His wings and see the reward of the wicked as it never could be till now.

So the Disciples prayer becomes a perfect guide to all that He is to us.

Psalms 100 is good as our song.

My Love and Best Wishes for all,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: George Linn
July 28, 1933

My dear George & and Family:

Thanks. I'm glad you are on your feet. You know how a man feels when gripped and can't relieve himself. He'll sweat and choke with nerves. This is similar when the heart feels it can't do its job. It struggles and nerves has much to do with it, influenced by fear. For this is the chiefest mark of all heart trouble. How is your blood pressure? Attention to circulating the blood, aided by a gentle rubbing all over the body and daily exercise, either in bed or on a chair or on your feet. And avoiding what was once so easy - violent exercise, and very simple and easily digested food, not too much or too often. Paint some tincture of Iodine on your neck twice a week and let the blood take it up. Iodide of Potassium, or a drop of Tincture in water, or Phullosen, all help to clear the arteries and make it easier for the heart to do its long job without a holiday. Just as a child is anxious to grow up to be a strong man, so we go the other way, and have to learn to be a child again in our habits. I have a six weeks old kitten and it's learning new tricks and greater efforts every day. But the old cat takes it quite easy - unless there is danger to the kitten.

Fernie revival is like going to the poor house for a whole town, like the whole world today. I read the speeches at the final meeting of the Conference - pretty much like the conversation on the way home from a funeral, just as the 12th of June was like what we expect at a wedding spread and plenty to eat and drink. Matt. 25: 31, 46 - is very much easier to understand.

Fast of Ab for the Jews comes on Aug. 2nd, the day England decided to enter the war. So I expect Jewish Judgment days have been prophetic of Gentile days as in 1914, and now again in a world-wide sense; for they speak about a war on depression as the general programme for all nations.

Jews have lost 6 leaders since the 34 years old Idol of Zionist Jews was murdered on 16th of June.

Our water supply suffered more thru the burning of the pump house on Saturday. S.W. Africa has lost 10,000,000 sheep, and still very badly off for rain, which don't come for a month or 2 yet. So they are like Palestine and the whole Near East, praying for rain and only getting plenty of wind, as we are here.

Fountain's district is quite interesting for it used to be one of the best wheat growers. The Malachi IV ; oven seems heated in quite a number of places, and U.S.A. in particular got well hit. And I notice in Wall Street crash last week end, and was worse since 1929. So we will see what progress the economic war makes after August 2nd. And it may be as big a surprise as 1914 for all of them and none prepared for it. I suspect Roosevelt's audacity will get a clear answer in wrath as Psa. II , puts it. But Mal. I is perfect definition of what everlasting fire means. We had two fires in large houses this week as well as the pump fire, and the police have discovered 2 Terrorist organized bands - one Jews - and one Moslems.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Tusseys, Orleans CA
July 28, 1933
P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem,  Palestine

My Dear Tussey Family;

Thanks for yours. Glad you had ears for God’s Message thru the Wilder’s.  I hope it makes you one of His Sheep, for that is the only hope in these hard and trying days.

Read Isaiah 55: and get to understand it, which is very easy and simple for all who are truly thirsty  for the Water of Life, or the Message of God, which gives Life, Light, Hope, Joy and Comfort.

The great Conference in London, was Jesus gathering all Nations before Him to separate them into Sheep and Goats according to the way they treat the Man and Message of God.  So now we look for it to become easier for the Sheep, and harder for the Goats.  You can read Mal. 1: and see what the proud and wicked are to get. Verse 2 & 3 shows what the Sheep are to get.

Get in touch with all you can of those who are Sheep, and you will learn more to your joy every day.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

P. S. Read Matt. 26: 57-68 with Matt. 25: 31-46  which shows Jesus on the Throne as He said He would be hereafter.  So now we know by what has happened since 12th  June, the Program.

William Irvine's Letter To: Mr. Marcus
July 28, 1933

No address

My dear Marcus:

Thanks for yours. You don't need to wonder at them saying you are crazy or foolish. They said all these things about Jesus - and crucifyed Him. So now it's His turn to crucify them.

On June 12th - Jesus on the Throne in Heaven - gathered all nations before Him to separate them into Sheep and Goats - and reward them according to the way they treat His Servant.

Read Matt.25: 31, 46 - and see the reward for the Sheep and Goats. This was the meaning of the great conference of all nations in London. Sheep will hear and obey the Man and Message. Goats will do anything else - and get everlasting fire.

You can see in Malachi IV: the programme for today. Heated as an oven to burn the stubble - who are the proud and wicked people, who call you crazy and scandalize. Verse 2 & 3 - shows what is for all who are fearing His name.

Ger in touch with as many as you can of the Sheep - and get copies of letters of mine - which will help you and encourage - and if you keep your mouth open - God will give you words and wisdom to speak to others more every day. And times will get better for you - and harder for all who are goats.

Isaiah 57 - is very simple to read - and easy to understand - for yourself and all who you speak. Psalms 2 - is also good to give you some idea of world conditions.

I hope to hear that you all begin to find Him show you favour in every possible way. And you can be assured that He will hear and answer your prayers now - as truly as you have ears for Him.

My love in Him to all there.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Mrs. Sarah Whicker
August 4,  1933
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Mrs. Whicker:

Thanks for yours.  All you need to know today, you will find in Matt. 25:31 - 46.  Jesus as Son of Man is on the Throne of His Glory, and all the Holy Angels with Him.  And all Nations gathered before Him, to be separated into sheep and goats, according to their attitude to His Man and Message on the earth today.  Sheep to inherit the Kingdom, and goats to get everlasting fire.

Malachi  4: gives you a clear idea of who are sheep and who are goats.  And you find Elijah mentioned as the prophet or Son of Man on the earth today, to bear witness to what’s happening and going to happen to all men.  The proud and they that do wickedly and have no use or need for the Man, to be stubble, to be burnt up, leaving neither root nor branch, parents or children.  While to the sheep shall the light of the new day shine forth to meet all our needs.

My love to you and all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards (Vallejo, California)
August 11, 1933
Box 696, P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Wm., Rose and Co:

Thanks for yours today.  Glad you had such a time and hope it puts pep into some of them.  Mrs. Manley is always hearty.  Had a good letter from Mitchells and Mrs. Buckman; also the other lady, to which I replied.  They have all had enough to make them effective, if it is used for others.  People are more inclined to look for people who will hear, than to bear witness to all, for it's a worldwide job, and embraces every man on the Earth.

I was called into hotel today, to talk to some Australian religious people; preachers I expect.  They had a brick from Rahab's in Jericho. So I told them, the most important discoveries they make is all proof that God destroyed what had been built by men in their pride and iniquity, and would have not have been found, but for destruction coming suddenly upon them in many forms.  God's purpose in scattering the Jews to the ends of the Earth was that they might bear witness to God's faithfulness in fulfilling His curse on them, according to promises after they had killed Jesus and the 10 Apostles by 70 A.D. The Jews make a black fast on 9th of Ab, when they cry at the Wailing Wall for the restoration of their Temple.  And people but never refer to why this took place, beyond blaming Titus, the instrument of God in vengeance. Nebuchadnezzer was the instrument after they had killed Isaiah and abused the Prophets.

I found them Rapturists, so I gave them a good dose and left them at lunch, quite sure prosperity and peace was coming--rapture for the Bride, whom Revelation calls the Whore and Babylon.

The 12th of June is about the same date the Austrian Crown Prince was killed, which led to war on 27th of July, 1914, when Russia mobilized. So 12th of June to 27th July (45 days) may mean the bigger was on hand soon.  And Fast of Ab was in center of the 7 days from 27th to 4th Aug. in 1914 and 1933.

It's some joy to see 19 years ago, how they marked the Son of Man on the Earth by excommunicating him, or cutting Him off from food, water, clothes, home and friends as they did 1,900 years ago to the Son of Man now on the Throne of His Glory, and all nations gathered and separated, one from another, by their attitude to the Son of Man on the Earth.  And am sure you are not sorry to have been put in the same place by such cruel, wicked zealots of Satan, as they have proved to be.  But I expect they are feeling the pinch of being Goats these days, though we may not hear much of them.  George writes that he enjoyed his trip with family.  Have always some new letters, rather good and hearty.

I notice they expect to build some battleships in U.S.A. soon.  Ireland seems in for trouble, Cuba and Iraq also, with 10,000,000 dead from in several districts in Russia, and Hitler still going strong, and Jews worldwide doing their best to find a place to shelter the victims, all mostly very clever, cultured people as usual.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Maurice Canada
August  23, 1933

My dear Maurice:

Thanks for yours. You have been long in finding your feet, and the values, which are eternal. No doubt your ambitions were dangerous. But never mind that; we have all to learn and find out practically, what it means to be one of His witnesses in a Godless, Devil-possessed world, which has shaped and fashioned the whole civilization.

I'm here after 40 years, to bear witness to such conditions and have plenty of wrinkles in proof of the conflict. I never was without plenty of work, and more rather than less, and always could make more than others in first 30 years. And since that, have done plenty of hard work - even without any reward but to further His interests.

To have to spend all night in a park on a seat, or on the ground eating with vermin around, and no money, has no terror for me, for I have done it often in harder and more trying conditions, on boat and train, with only one object.

Mother and sisters can be heroines or Humbugs when it comes to fighting such a battle. And I have had plenty of experiences like that. My mother broke her heart in trying to hinder me from doing what I did. The minister would come to comfort by speaking evil of my attempts to do what he thought impossible, and offered me his pulpit if I would cease. My doctor came personally to tell me I was killing my mother by my conduct; and all my relatives tried to blame my activities in fighting world, flesh, and Devil, in going against the whole R.P.& E. powers on the earth - and I am all alone. But both Mother and Father on their deathbed said I was right, and the best son they had.

And millions who tried to hinder, harass, hurt, despise, annoy, and make my life Hell in 1000 ways, are now remembering in Hell what they and I were on the earth. So don't pity yourself, or blame others; but rather remember the Treachery of all that is flesh on and in you when it comes to putting the Trinity of God in their true setting in your life.

Many people I have seen tested in Alpha and Omega days, whose shiftlessness and uselessness was their only fight and cause for difficulties, which were not the result of God working in them; and some of the weakest became strong, and some of the strongest went down and out. The blood in our veins is a record of  3 generations of R. P. & E. influences working on them. So it's a miracle to find it possible to be conformed to the Image of His Son - even in human affairs - which will always fight for the mastery in our lives when any attempt is made to give God what is His own by Creation, Redemption and Possession.

Jesus did not set before His disciples a crown of Honor, but a crown of Thorns and Cross on which to die at the hands of cruel and wicked men in name of God and the Scriptures. But we are come to the crowning days of the Son of God, Son of Man at the right hand, and by the test of the Son of Adam, Son of Man on the earth.[--?--]  So let nothing - neither your faults, failings, weaknesses, or aught else - swerve you from His purpose.

My love to you in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter To: Pinamentes 
October 24, 1933

No address

My dear Pinamente's:

Thanks for yours. The best way might be to see a skin specialist. But you may get some help from mollasses sulphur and cream of tarter - equal parts take a table spoonful per day, more is better than less - or iodide of potassium 1/2 ounce in quart of water and tablespoon after meals - this deals with the blood. Get the matter out and well cleaned well from the roots. Flour of sulphur ointment may be useful.

I'm sure you will enjoy your liberty after the bondage of service. It's good you have work for both these days when so many find it hard to live. I expect the N.R.A. test will soon be on and we will see whether to laugh or cry.

We have troublesome times here over German Jews crowding into Palestine which the Arabs resent very much and trouble took place on 13 - and another demonstration on coming 27th - you know the whole world is pretty well on its last legs for peace.

My love to both.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Hearts
December 24, 1933
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Hearts:

Thanks for yours.  Never be surprised or discouraged, no matter who disappoints.  I have learned this by experience as His Servant, more than anything else.  I sent on your letter to Mrs. Adams of New Zealand for answer, because I was tired and weary and thought she would be willing and able to help you.

To hear the Message from the Throne of God and Jesus, and obey it by your witness, does not mean we understand all detail; but, rather, that we accept it as a whole and can afford to wait His revealing and unfolding it before our eyes.  And our general comment and consent in “Even so, Come Lord, Jesus,” and our understanding depends very much on the use we put to what He has already revealed to us.  It’s what a variety of results we find in the various people.

Matthew 23rd, 24th and 25th chapters show the Man at the end of each chapter, and the value of that Man.  And that depends on The Message understood and given to those who hear, and the use they make of it to others.  You can see wise and foolish, good and wicked servants will find their reward.  And by the Witness, the world will be separated into sheep and goats, as they witness to the Man and Message, for the twain cannot be separated.

The stumbling stone and rock of offence must ever be The Message.  They killed the Messenger of the Covenant, Jesus, in name of honoring God. So today, people reject both Man and Message under the guise of honoring God and Jesus in Heaven.  They have ever stumbled over the Man, and more so in these days, when it’s the test for the whole world, applied by those who have become part of the Tree of Life, whose leaves, or witness, is for the healing of the smitten nations.  You see the man with the 12 star crowned head, gathering the Woman Body around him to be his comfort, till he is brought forth as the Manchild, when John comes.

Let nothing trouble you.  Seek to have the life, which is light, and comes by His spirit to all who hear.  Obey, and keep the Moon under your feet, which means no use for any old cackle of the Religious, Political and Educated.

My love and seasons greetings to both

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Mrs. Chase,  Orleans, Calif
P.O. Box 696

My Dear Mrs. Chase;

Thanks  for yours and Mrs. Tussey’s today. Its a great joy to have anyone who has ears to hear of the Man and Message from the Throne of God.  And you can’t separate between—any more than you can separate between God and the Lamb, who are on the Throne, which means that God and Jesus are one.  Jesus revealed the Will of His Father, and being crucified for it raised and seated at His Right hand with all power in Heaven and on earth, and so Judge today of all men.

As Jesus was the Test for all Mens attitude to the unseen God, so today the Servant of Jesus has the Message from the Throne given Him by the Spirit, and so able to read Revelation as the Message, by which men show their attitude to Jesus and to God.  You will find the Man and Message and who can benefit by reading Isaiah 55: with Revelation 22:  And note Matt. 25, which gives the 3 different separatings which take place by it.

The foolish Virgins and wicked servants don't know its value, and trifle and miss all they were meant to be and do.  So the Sheep and the Goats are revealed by the use men make of the witness of those who are the wise virgins and good servants.  So be honest and earnest, and you can be sure God will give you His Spirit and honour your words to others, either in making them Sheep or Goats.  Sheep to inherit the Kingdom and all its blessings; the Goats to get everlasting fire and torment and more Judgment.

Don't worry about your husband's attitude for there are many today who still have hope in something that the-------will be contained later on.  If they are honest------------from fighting against God and His Servant, -----honor the Message of Life to all men, which is the leaves of the Tree for the healing of the Nations suffering under ---the wrath ----in many------of the Kingdom of God on the --

My Love to you and family

Wm. Irvine

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