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Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards and Company.
January 5, 1939

Dear Edwards' and Co:

None today yet,--the mails have been slow from London, owing to the worst weather recorded for this country, delaying mails and all sorts of Transport. Today we have the strongest worded speech from Roosevelt they have ever heard in the House, showing clearly what they are prepared to fight for--their liberty or thot and speech Religion and international good faith; which is like a rallying note for the whole Democratic world against those in whose hearts is put the very opposite, for the general destruction and carrying out of vengeance on the shore of Rev. 28. The great Quake and Hail of Rev. 26 and 28 will be the answer to the Democratic peoples.

Meeting of Arab Nations and Jews in London is to be on Jan. 18th, bringing Dan. 8 and Rev. 9 into place. We still have sniping and ambush, but the bigger gang conflict is over for the present.  Much trouble in Syria, while Japan and Spain are coming into crisis period in the awakening of the Democratic world to their responsibility in facing the undeclared war spirit in the world  as a menace. So 1938 has been a big year for USA and the American continent,--and Jews have played a big part in bringing conflict on, both in Europe and America and here.  2,000 have been killed in conflict in Palestine in 1938, and about 3,000 injured.

1938 was a big year for the Virgin-Talent people. It was in Jan. 1938, George first revealed by letter what was in his mind and heart, ending in Percy and George coming here on Aug. 27--after a triumphal march through unregenerate territory and people, all the way and here making their claims known to people who knew not and cared less for the facts;  Percy witnessing to George, and George witnessing to Percy--using my name only as a cover for their wickedness. In Kilsyth they were under St. Clair's roof--brother-in-law, where George Walker met them, which was a historical meeting of three forms of hypocrisy, and three forms of my enemies.

They went to visit my older sister's family, in my name, as they were on way to Jerusalem. They (sisters' family) said to George they thot I was dead as I had not written them since New Year.  They gave George my sisters' photo, which George in attempting to give it to me, said they thot I was dead.  My sister died on Dec. 7, 1938 from the same heart trouble as George died from in Dec. 30, 1938 at 1:30 P.M. after attack at 8 A.M.  He died in Hospital so there was no need for inquest; was buried on Mt. Zion at 2:30 on Dec. 31st; Police guard of eight in a truck, four standing up on either side of coffin draped in the British flag. Government took charge of his effects and money in Bank-- $2,000 dollars, half of which was given to him by Percy on his going away to Eureka to return in Spring, bringing young George back with him to carry on their folly and iniquity.

George's roommate, who is from Belfast, came on boat with them and other Police coming to Palestine, had never heard my name till the 30th, when George asked them to phone me where I live; while he had been speaking about the place he was to fill in their lives in the next 3-1/2 years, and while Percy was filling the town and any he could reach with their cackle and claims as the Woman to bring forth the Man-child, and John. 

I did not answer phone as I was out, and only thot it was more of their attempts to get in touch with me.  They waylaid me at Post Office first time.  George came and put his arm around me and said, "You are Wull (sic) Irvine.  I am George Linn."  I said, "You have made an awful mistake and no hope for you, and to let me alone and not trouble me."  Then he wanted to give my sisters' photo and I refused it, so then he said they thot I was dead.  Then he sent photo and some letters, which I destroyed, and Percy sent by post some which I never looked at.

Next time George came slipping up behind me, and I talked for a minute or so to him.  He was cocky and quite sure of himself,--and asked after my health in a way that caused me to think I was not like him in that respect.  The next time he followed me out of P.O. to walk with me and I sent him to Hell and called him a damned fool, and turned off.  The last time I saw him in P.O. a week before his death, I advised him to go home.  Percy had gone and he was not looking so well.  Next and last time was when he was laid in the grave, and the Presbyterian Minister reading out of the Prayer Book and saying "Dust to dust," etc., etc., twelve Police looking on and the man who had been his roommate.

So all the marks point to him being outside in darkness, by all his associations and activities in Palestine,--buying presents and seeing the sites, as all others do.  They were at the Bethlehem Church of Nativity on Xmas Eve, and had a seat close to the High Commissioner at the service, his roommate told me.  I have never been there, and 3 years ago told an Arab friend, I had no pleasure in what had deceived billions of people now on the other side and tormented by their folly.  He came home sick and went to Hospital and was buried on same day in 1935, as George was buried in 1938.  He had been a troubler to me also.

Percy was in touch with the Arab R.C. waiter where I live, and made a bold attempt to get in here, came to my bedroom one morning to see me, and I ordered him off, but he gave them cackle and left a note for me.  I told him he was crazy, and told the Hotel people also, so I was not troubled with him anymore.  First time I met him and did not know him and he came forcing his attentions on, so I told him I would call the Police if he tried that game on.  He went away loaded with presents from Jerusalem bought by George and him, a very full outline of what we can expect from unregenerate people who have heard the Message, but not the Voice.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.  It has been a very wonderful year and a very clear ending in warning to all who will trifle with Man and Message,--which is God's Message from the Throne tho in very humble form, which makes it easy to trifle with by human nature; but "as the apple of His eye" God will protect His own.  But any honest heart for the Man and Message need have no fear, for all the promises of God are for them, who are blessed of the Father in having the nature of Jesus.  Psa. 32 shows what is our heritage—trespasses forgiven, sins covered, and no iniquity imputed to them and in whose Spirit there is no guile--nothing to hide.  This is our heritage and the opposite is for all the unregenerate world.  So don't look for too much outward righteousness if they have the righteousness which is by faith, or hearing and obeying God.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Smiths

January 22, 1939

My dear Smiths:

Thanks for your hearty letter, M.O., and Mrs. Cecil’s slippers.  I don’t know how far you enjoy caring for me, but I wish you joy in all you are and have been to me, for He says, inasmuch as ye have done it unto My Servant whom the world despises, ye have done it unto Me, the Carpenter of Nazareth, now on the Throne judging the World, while the Saints in Heaven cry –  “How long, O Lord, till thou arise and Judge and Avenge our  blood on those that dwell on the earth” (today) Rev. 4:10?11.  And white robes are given unto every one of them, same as are the Virgins Wise to the Marriage of the Heaven and Earth Witnesses, when He brings forth the Manchild representative of His Son, to rule the Nations and answer the prayers of the Saints there, while the whole hypocrite world are crying for Peace and safety or to escape His Judgments and Vengeance.  The 100 million Tribulation Saints, the fruit of the 2 Witnesses and Woman Body, are to be clothed in White Raiment – made white in the blood of the Lamb.

Psalm 32 shows us that all who are Blessed of the Father and begotten of God, or who have heard His Knock and Voice in these days, and opened the door to let Him come in and make them part of His Family and heirs of God and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.  Their Trespasses are forgiven, their sins covered, and unto them He imputeth not iniquity, and in whose Spirit there is no guile or any attempt at Hypocrisy or pretending.  In the Family there may be discipline.  But in Christ there is no condemnation as they seek to walk in only what the Spirit reveals in contrast to the Hypocrite Imitators whose outward righteousness often robs of much joy and peace because of our trespasses and sins and iniquity.  The difference between us and them is, that we have His Nature in spite of all our infirmities, etc.  They measure us by our trespasses, sins, and iniquities, and themselves by their outward righteousness, and so feed their dog, hog, goat, and wolf natures on our shortcomings, while our perfect heart desire towards Him is what He values, and can work on and in us to be conformed to the Image of His Son, or the White Robes.

The link between parents and children – the natural – is but typical of the Love, Care, and forgiveness – all else would weaken that love.  If we let Him come in to live in us then we can share or Sup with Him in all He is and has done and promised to do for us.  This is the meaning of Him Supping with us and we with Him.  A child in a family does not think that he ceases from being a son or daughter to the Parents, or that his trespasses will cause him to cease from being a Son or heir.  Humans may fail and cease to love, but never can or will God ever treat a true born child in His Family as a hypocrite son of Adam.  The word Blessed always implies that we have been born into His Family, and all we say and do, and His deliverances and forgiveness and covering of our sins, and casting them behind His back to be remembered no more forever, is but our birthright in Christ.  All the tender mercies parents show  to their own children in Adam, is but type of the tender mercies of the Father in Heaven and the Heavenly Mother the Spirit, towards those who are Babes and Sucklings.

The human babe needs many tender mercies in feeding, cleansing, clothing, guiding, protecting, disciplining, and perfecting,  but samples of what we are, need, and get, that we may some day be like Him.  So all who truly purpose to let Christ be born  and perfected in them, can never doubt His tender mercies to every honest purposed heart.

So don’t measure yourself by all the human prattles, innocent mistakes and willfulness of our own flesh and blood, and our surroundings, etc.  Babe’s and suckling’s troubles are very often healed and cured by the Mother’s Arms and Breasts and the toddler put on his feet again to have another try and tumble perhaps in spite of all his intentions to avoid the puddle and pool he fell into before.  But notice that tender mercies begin in being born into the Family.  David in one of his Psalms says, Can a Mother forget her suckling child?  She may forget, Yet will I not forget thee when thy Father and thy Mother will cast thee out.  Then the Lord (whom ye fear) will take thee up.  Human affection is but typical of the lasting care, Mercy, and Love of God to all who are born into His Family.

The whole Religious Scribe and Pharisee Hypocrites have made their living and had their power to deceive unregenerate people in offering them forgiveness, covering for their sins and excusing their Iniquity and pretence and guile.  And you can see how mighty it is to deserve dishonest towards God, unregenerate human nature.  But these things can only become ours through being Born of the Spirit and being made partakers of His Nature.  The first blood shed on the earth was that of Abel.  The last blood to be shed on the earth is the seed of Cain.  How can we offer God the Lamb Offering if we don't have the Lamb nature, and all our perfection of life and service and sacrifice can never be acceptable to God, if there is not the letting His Spirit come to dwell in us.  And all our outward imperfections can never sever us from the Love of God which is in Christ Jesus.

Romans 8 is very full and wonderful revealing of all our privileges and possibilities in Christ, or Christ in you.  If we are born of the Spirit, we will want to follow the Spirit’s leadings in contrast to the human thoughts and ways we see men live by, and which seems right to them, but the end thereof is death.

My love in Him to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Smiths

February 5, 1939

My dear Smiths and Co.

Only such as are the Blessed of God in having what Abram and Isaac had can ever understand what Psalm 103 speaks.  We can bless the Lord for what He is to us.  "Bless the Lord, O my soul, and all that (is within me) bless His Holy name" – which means that He wholly means all He says to, of, and by of the Spirit of Christ is not in us, how can a corpse have any feeling like a living person?  So to be dead in Christ and only controlled by our own thoughts and ways can never have any feelings and response to all He has made us as Sons of God and heirs and joint heirs with Jesus Christ.

The pearl diver does not think much of the danger or put much value on the Oyster when he sees the pearl when he opens the shell.  So when God finds in us the Pearl, all else is lost sight of in God's eyes.  So don't measure the Pearl by the Shell Case, for pearl shells are often not so attractive as those without pearls for the Pearl inside often acts like disease to the Oyster.

Diamonds are found in Black hardened mud, crushed and destroyed and thrown away in seeking the diamond.  So don't measure your value by all the known unworthiness of the shell and mud where He finds the Diamond or Pearl.  Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits - who forgiveth all thine iniquities, who healeth all thy diseases or that which  afflicts our Christian Experience from our human shell - who redeemeth the Life from the consequences of our being incased in a human body which can only end in the grave.   But the Pearl is perfected in Christ being formed in us, who Crowneth thee with Loving Kindness and tender mercies like as a Father and Mother shows in the human desire to see their own flesh and blood likeness in their children; who satisfieth thy mouth with good things in opening our mouth to speak what the Spirit prompts in us in Witness to others and in speaking out the very thoughts of His Heart and mind as we have fellowship together and in our intercourse with others, and talking one to another and thinking on His Name or what He declared to us by His own Well Beloved Son, Jesus Christ.

So that thy youth is renewed the Eagle's, which as it grows old finds it's bill impossible to eat with.  So it dashes it's bill on the rock and breaks off the hold horn  which hinders, so that it can use it's bill to eat by as when it was young again.  So it renews it's youth.  Familiarity with the things of God and our privileges often produces the same effect on us and we find a closed mouth hinders us from enjoying what we are in Christ; while to open it afresh gives us fuller enjoyment of all our privileges and renews our appetite and ability to use what He gives.

The mark of the Blessed in Matt. 5:1-12 are the marks of the healthy child of God.   Psalm 103:6, the Lord Executeth Righteousness and Judgment for all who are oppressed in a world of ungodly people.  Verse 7, as He was to Moses and the Children of Israel He is for all who are as Moses and the Israelites.  He fights our Battles and deals with all who are our enemies because we are His Children.  With the marks of Matt. 5:1-12, The Lord is Merciful and gracious, Slow to anger and Plenteous in Mercy.  He will not always chide, neither will He keep His anger forever.  Just like a Wise Father and Mother towards their own children.  He has not dealt with us according to our sins, nor rewarded us according to our iniquities.  You can read on down the Psalm, and see what great things are for all who are His in contrast to the unregenerate Hypocrites around on every hand.  So cheer up and enjoy seeing how much He values and cares for us who fear and care for Him.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards

PO Box 696
Jerusalem,  Palestine.
February 11, 1939

My Dear Edwards and Company:

Thanks for yours and enclosures, I expect God’s  decision in the controversy will have satisfied both sides, and added much comfort to all who were the sufferers, and emphasized all who tried to give as the cause of the trouble,-- very merciful to all, and Percy's report of the success of his fools journey. So everybody had clear, full warning of the danger, so that any man or person who can hear the knock, and voice can open the door & let Him in to dwell in them, need  not fear the consequences of their past folly, or trifling.

The only solution for trespass and sins, and iniquity, and guile is to let God’s will be done in them.  I saw a man reading the Scripture, Old Testament, last night.  I said to him, “that was what the Jews were busy at when they decided to put Him to death, for it was done according to the Scriptures, which shows the danger of unregenerate people reading the Book without His nature and Spirit to guide them.  They can only find what justifies Cain in killing Abel, and the Jews in killing the Prophets, Jesus and the Apostles by the Jewish Christians.

The contrast of the Beatitudes gives us a full outline of the unregenerate of any and all ages. Poor in Spirit is the very foundation of any part of the Kingdom in us, or by us:  Mourning, because of the human nature in and around us, warring against the Spirit working in us.  If we were as perfect as we want to be, there would be no mourning.  Meek, those who can see and feel the vanity of all that men finds exalts them over and above their fellows, Matt.5:6, hunger and thirst after righteousness is the very condition of growth. Ver.7 the merciful are to find mercy, just as surely as the opposites can only find it not;  the Jews are a clear outline of what it means to be unmerciful and find no mercy, which is the key to reading their history and condition.  So any attempts to reverse this only reveals the condition of all who fail to see.  Its as natural as the law of gravity and applies to the whole world today as the shadows of coming wrath hang over every one and place. Ver.8, Blessed are the pure in heart, -- those whose purpose is to let Him live in and by them amongst men.  A pure human love may be very faulty in many ways, so in Christ, the heart may be pure, yet very far from perfect in its manifestations, but always willing to see and recognize rather than goaded on to better things than remain as they are, -- its the law of growth.

Blessed are the Peace MAKERS for this is but the proof of having the marks and contrast with the trouble makers of the unregenerate kingdom.  You can see that only such people as have found out vanity of all human life to satisfy can have the hunger and thirst which evidences poverty in Spirit; so you can see the difference in the Prodigal in contrast to those who need no repentance,--99.  This explains why Mary the prodigal in Jerusalem, became the brightest star in His Crown.  Wheresoever this Gospel He preached and the Gospel of the Kingdom to come and why the streets and lanes of the city and the highways and hedges are the most hopeful soil for the Gospel today, and the hopelessness of those who are satisfied with the many Gospel- Hypocrisy in the world, and the method of sealing people in their foreheads all over the world by giving them to taste of the vanity of all their religions of any sort,-- North, South, East and West.  Ver, 10 is the seal on all who have the rightness which lets God work in and by them.  Ver.11 to be reviled, persecuted & lied against for His sake brings gladness, Joy and assurance of reward, for so did all the Prophets.  Ye are salt, ye are the light of the world, to hinder the corruption of the R. P. & E. world, and the light to outshine the darkness of it, -- & in so doing so we glorify our Father in Heaven, or show the world the difference between The God of this world, the devil, and the God & Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Matt.11:28 shows all Religion but a burden, -- My yoke is easy, & My burden light, & brings rest to our souls, as we are meek and lowly in HEART.  How differently we felt about Mr Spauldings burial and that of George Linn, -- buried by the Police and Presbyterian Clergy, -- near where Judas hanged himself.

The lod(sic) man had sent me proof of his love and affection for me, whom he had never seen, -- the other had been a rebel and heartbreak for 12 months, who had known me all his life.  The one had only ears to hear and heart to obey what God gave through my lips and life, the other had only his human understanding of the Man and Message, leading on to the sad ending of his power to hinder, hurt and destroy others, covering his own unregeneracy (sic) and wickedness with my name.

With their eyes opened by death, how vast the difference in their experience and wide the gulf fixed, -- and both more anxious that others may hear and obey lest they should find out their mistake when too late.   The wedding garment will be to bear the same witness whether in Heaven or on the earth that John and I bear, and one can see how hopeless George or Percy would be, either on Earth or beyond death where the gulf is fixed between those who are robed in White and those tormented with the memory of having misused all their privileges, turning them to their own advantage and all they touched.  It’s easy to see the blight marks of Percy on all he had any power over, and so of George.  Their condition made it impossible to see, but those who have life can both see and feel it.  The dead in Christ know not anything, so the responsibility is on the living to be salt and light in the worlds responsibility is on the living to be the salt and light in the worlds terrible condition today.

World conditions are everywhere slowly ripening for the great day when the wrath clouds will burst, and the Son of Righteousness will shine forth in all His healing power, revealing the contrast between the wicked and righteous reward from Him who can never err, and who Judgeth between those who let Him in to live out His life by them and who don’t , but are the proud and wicked doers of their own will and works.  He does not Judge according to outward appearances but by the heart condition towards Him.  Conditions here and in London are far from hopeful of what the Nations so strongly - Peace and Safety.

The Pope’s death at this time may be but a pointer when Spanish war seems to be won for the Fascist powers, while the Democratic Nations will find it heavy on them to face world conditions, and the Bear looking on at both parties with only vengeance because of the many and oft repeated insults and jeers.  So we have 3 Fascist, 3 Democracies and 1 Bolshivik all clearly revealed and the Jewish needs and claims more forceful in a variety of ways, as if it or they were the bait on the snare or trap set for all Nations on the Earth.  Psalms 103 is good, helping us to express what should be the experience of all who are Blessed and we should value it and commit part to memory for it was the expression  of David’s heart in proof that he was regenerate.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
March 9, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards' and Co:

Thanks for yours and enclosures. The path of the Just or regenerate, is as the shining of a light of life which shineth more and more to the perfect day. The path of the unregenerate is like the shining of light which is darkness till they perish, and every thought and way is like slow suicide, ending in them being revealed as clearly and fully as was Judas in his attempt to blot out the record which he has been chewing over ever since he opened his eyes beyond the grave, where there is no illusion or delusion.

Darkness never comes to the light lest their evil ways and deeds should be made manifest, but rather burrows into the darkness of others like themselves seeking comfort and hope in their deadness, rottenness and confusion. The promise for all such in these days is in Isaiah 66, because they have chosen their own thoughts and ways and delight in the evidence of their unregenerate abomination. I, the Lord Jesus Christ will choose their delusions and bring their fears upon them, which shows they will even have fears of the consequences of their condition and we expect to see these marks of the fool upon all who are the foolish virgins as well as the whole R. P. & E. world, for they can have no part or lot but in and with the workers of iniquity and hypocrisy.

Any such who try to claim mercy and forgiveness are only adding to their own guilt and hopelessness, for all the promise of mercy and forgiveness are for the Just, Mercy Regenerate seed, while wrath is for all such as are unregenerate. You can see the foolish virgins will not be convinced of their condition till the Bridegroom comes and they hear from the inside, --I know you not, depart.

So all the abused and unused privileges will lure them on to their doom; but you can be sure that all who have the light of life will increase in understanding as they let their light shine day by day to those around.

We can only increase in light, as we use what we have. Increase comes from the inside, not from the outside, for its as the Spirit works and witnesses by us that our light increases, so don't think others' light can take the place of what He gives. When we find others with more light and ability-- that is only encouragement to use what we have and hope to be as they.

The perfect day for those who have light of life is when we grow into the image of the Son of G in fullness, or the fullness of the stature of Christ Jesus, and so inherit and be co-heirs with Him of all the possibilities in Christ. John the Baptist was the greatest of all born of woman or the human family, nevertheless he that is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he in the sight of them who sit on the Throne in Judgment when Revelation is being fulfilled and the Spirit making Revelation the Living Waters from the Throne in which the tree of Life is planted, and others on each side of the River fruitful and their leaves or witness is for the healing of the Nation or those who have ears to hear and obey on the earth, while the despisers and triflers will be disappearing surely if slowly. Paul speaks of himself being the chief of sinners, but he also said he had labored more abundantly than they all, his fellow apostles.

Don't worry about the evidences in the virgins of darkness and death working. What they do or say will only affect the foolish and create gratitude in the hearts of the wise that they have escaped the consequences so manifest in those who have been content to play the fool with all their many privileges. Goats will not feel their need of the Shepherd, and only see him as they see themselves, while the sheep will gather closer around as the woman who encompasses the man with the 12-star crown or the light which God has given him for that very purpose.

Knowing all who have ever professed to hear, it's very easy to see the two different crowds, and their marks are very interesting to watch develop, and the perfect day comes for both when the separation has finally taken place. The Goat can't change into a sheep nor can the sheep change into a goat, because the foundation of both depends on their hearing and obeying and choosing to do the will of the father and get life, or only say Lord, Lord and no heart choice or purpose, and only the end can reveal the true facts so long hid and the delusion so complete.

Conditions in the whole world are too clear and plain to those who have light of life, and too complex for all others who are to be taken in the snare. Next week is to end conference in London and no seeming solution other than that which we find in Revelation 9, and in Daniel 8. The Goats full of guessing,-- the sheep able to see what' written and to say, "Even SO, come Lord Jesus," as you have revealed to us and sealed in us, while the goats will be taking from and adding to in their presumptuous audacity. It's a great work and great results to follow as the days pass, to end in the greatest day of salvation and damnation--to perish or have everlasting life. The wicked to cease from troubling, and the weary to find rest in being rid forever of all troublers and triflers. The Goats don't love the Shepherd or he them.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to Edwards
Box 696 P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine
March 26, 1938

My Dear Edwards & Company,

Thanks for yours & many others. The World has got well shaken up in Germany taking over Austria and doing there what she has done at home; but making clearer evidence that war is coming world wide in spite of all that men can say and do to hinder Judgement coming to all Nations and every man on the Earth according to their works. So we don’t need to trouble about other peoples works, but rather give attention to our own, and see whether they are the works of the flesh or the fruit of the Spirit.

You can see in Galatians what a mess they had got into through some people that brought in Jewish Circumcision amongst the Gentile Christian people which was only a sample of what flesh & blood profession can be and do in any company of people. Read Gal. 5 and see what Paul said, “Why do I yet suffer persecution?” Ver 11 & 12. “I would they were out off that trouble you. Ver. 13. Ye have been called to Liberty, only use not Liberty as an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in, -- Love thy neighbour as thyself; but if ye bite and devour one another, take heed that ye be not consumed one of another.

V. 16. “This I say then, Walk in the Spirit and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh”. Ver. 17. Shows flesh and spirit are contrary one to the other, so that in the flesh you cannot do what the spirit desireth, or what the flesh desireth, if we walk in the Spirit. Ver. 19 shows what the works of the flesh are in their grosser form.

Ver. 20 shows the works of the flesh in the more dangerous & distrastrous form IDOLATORY; choosing our own Idols or those we prefer in contrast to others. Witness, Leader & Commander seems to be given to make impossible. You can see quite a number of Idols who have unconsciously have been so, as they appeal to some in divers ways. It’s clear from the Scriptures God has never chosen the man who would most appeal to mens liking or pander to them in their various likes and dislikes. Idols are man-made man-chosen in contrast to God-mad and God-chosen.

Ver. 20: Idolatry, then witchcraft, people have their dreams, signs, hunches etc. according to the superstitions they have been brought up in, and the flesh is always ready to use such aids which fit into their plans, purposes, likes or dislikes. HATRED is number 3 in such lusts of the flesh for people will love their Idol and hate some other.

Variance is number 4. You will see exactly the opposite and say and act so. What is spirit will be made flesh, and what is flesh made Spirit. So you see what a mess people get into, if they allow flesh to operate in the things which are of God. Emulations – Every one, person or party trying to outdo the other. Their wrath, angry feelings, looks, words and deeds, strife pulling the Man and Message about like some dirty rags. Seditions, parties for or against this, that or something else. Heresies, or some other than what the Spirit has given.
Ver. 20 is a wonderful outline of what’s possible to be of the Spirit by the Witness, Leader and Commander. So case from Idols, witchcraft, hatred etc and walk in the truth as God has given it by His Servant for your safety & salvation, and value very highly any real help which God gives by the Spirit through others, but beware of the works of the flesh as in Ver. 20.

Ver. 22 is a very pleasant contrast. The way to know the Spirit is by its works and fruits. Love, Joy, Peace, longsuffering, Gentleness, Goodness, Faith, Meekness, Temperance: these are the fruits only possible in regenerate people, as surely as the verse 20 marks will be revealed in the unregenerate. And its God’s work to reveal the two sorts in all who are the Virgins, either as foolish by their works of the flesh, or as wise by the fruits of the Spirit.

So choose wisely and well, knowing that by your works of fruit you will be revealed, made manifest and rewarded. So don’t be rash or hasty, for you must be found on the side God sees you belong to. The people to whom Paul wrote these words to, have long ago found out who and what they were and why, and so found their own place where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary victims of their wickedness have found rest. Your privileges have been great, so the consequences, wise or foolish will be all the greater. Some have been well revealed already and all will be in due time.

My Love to all

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to Pages & Co.
Box 696 P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine.
April 6, 1939

My Dear Pages & Co,

Thanks for several from New Zealand. 4th was beginning of feast of Passover for the Jews – on the eve the King Ghazi of Iraq was killed in car accident in A.M. The British Counsel in Mosul was stoned to death by a Moslem mob who blamed England for the death of their King – only incidents, but enough to show the spirit of the rising which took place 6 weeks ago & which is now being put down by the Iraq Gov.. There is also a strong anti French spirit working in Syria. We had 2 attacks on British officials in Palestine on same day which may be pointers to the extremist spirit at work in new directions.

What’s written in the Rev. IX of the Euphrates may read into those signs. The rumbling of the volcano of Rev. IX. The Lion of Dan. VIII is getting its wings ready for the destroying angel to pass over. The Bear hearing the command to arise & devour much flesh. The League Leopard getting its 4 heads in G.B., France, Russia and Poland. Dominion to be given to it while the 4th Beast is awakening to feel its strength in the American League of Nations & all 4 read as if for destruction. The Spanish war clean up of the Bolshi elements is going on at same time, while Italy, Germany & Japan like 3 Beasts trying to digest their past meals growling back at their neighbours whom they are seeking to devour.

In Jerusalem we have 3 feasts going on – Jewish Passover, Xtian. Easter and Moslem Nebr’Musa. While Noah & family type of the So of man & household are working away on the Ark while the 80 million in Noah’s day & 2000 million sons of God & daughters of men eat drink merry & give in marriage not interested in any warning which might come from the Lord who sat as King as the flood of water while we knew the flood is to be a flood of Blood a Red sea to be crossed in the coming days for the True Israel of God on dry ground, which the Egyptians unregenerate world attempting to do will perish.

Noah’s record is clearly prophetic for conditions to-day. They knew not till the flood came & took them all away. The Cain seed that had increased to & by the many with but 1 in millions 10 – as we are now faced with 100 million out of 2000 million – every man judged according to his works regenerate or unregenerate as in Rev. 22 – 12 works of the flesh or fruits of the spirit by a righteous & just Judge who can only see 2 seeds on the earth possible.

The Passover story in Ex. Is worth reading prophetical also & its History & Typology is perfect for to-day. Egyptian Bondage & oppression – making Bricks of mud & straw for the building of the great world to be destroyed in the red sea crossing now being increased in the rush on as the conflict between Moses & Aaron & James & Jambres, Pharaoh type of the Kings & Rulers of the earth refuse – the Lords command to let His people go. The hundred million will all be feeling the pinch. For they seem to come from the lower strata – Highways hedges streets & lanes of the cities mostly of the Heathen – on whose foreheads He is placing His seal.

The airplanes & Bombs suggest the Destroying angel passing destroying the First born or unregenerate, while the typified people keep the Lamb feast behind the door with its Blood-sprinkled witness to Egypt that they are not of the Religious world & have meat to eat they know not of - & unleavened Bread from Heaven in contrast to the Leavened Bread, or the human interpretation of the mind of God for to-day.

Their deliverance was due to obeying the Lord whose mouthpiece was Moses & Aaron Type of the 2 witnesses. It was the people who kept up the Historical deliverance – as the Lord’s people who crucified the one whom they professed to Love Honour & obey according to the Scriptures & then went home to keep the feast as they do to-day, & now we have the people who claim to honour the place of His death & all connected with its various phases by song & story form & words who are as guilty before Him as were the Jews, & by whom much blood has been shed in establishing their claim on the earth. So Passover & Easter go well together & have no use for the Least & little ones than ever.

Then we have the sword of Allah in the hands of the Moslem world against both Moses & Jesus: Historical followers preparing for the great conflict of Rev. IX & their own destruction for they are all the same piercers & kind who are to wail because of Him who sat as King at the flood, & delivered the typical Israel out of Egypt & brought them into a land flowing with milk & Honey; Typical of the future of the earth for the meek who are to inherit it when Death & the curse are taken away for 1000 years reign in Peace.

Genesis is the Beginning – of the human race & Rev. is the end of the human race ruling the world & the beginning of the reign in Righteousness as the earth has seen the reign of the wicked or humans who rule in name of God without His nature & spirit control. So these feast days are very fateful days & how little the world can know of its future foreshadowed in the whole world. The unregenerate to perish written over the whole earth, while in every regenerate heart Everlasting life – the sure & certain promises which nothing can dim or Blot out. Mal. IV is a fit finish for the O.T. record as Rev. XXII is a fit finish for the Easter people record, & also for the Heathen people who don’t know or value any of them, or either.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards' and Co.
March 30, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Edwards' and Co.

Things moving fast, but all according to program in (The) Book. Daniel was in captivity in Babylon when he got his Revelation which fits in today well for the Reader and makes it easier to read for today and couples up the fast of Ab which the Jews keep in memory of then and when they were scattered by Titus as the Diaspora, and reminds us of the day and time of the last war and the coming on 11-11-11, and we expect 39. Dan. 11:45 was made very clear in what the Kaiser did in planting his suite of offices and palace on the glorious holy mount where Jesus went from and where He is to return to and so couples up His going and coming with that building. First half shows his ambition and intention; the second half, his defeat and end, which also point to Hitler's beginning and end of the conflict of Dan. 11. And at that time with the marks of Dan.11 shall Michael stand up as in Dan. 12:1 etc. to be fulfilled in the time of the end.

Dan. 2 shows the cutting out of the stone without hands, to smite the Image of Civilization to be broken to pieces and become as the chaff of the summer threshing floor, to be carried away by the wind; that no place be found for them. The stone that smote the image became a great mountain and filled the whole earth--vs. 44--In the days of these Kings to be destroyed by what we read in Dan. 11, shall the God of Heaven set up a Kingdom which never will be destroyed or given to another. It shall break in pieces and consume all those Kingdoms and stand forever. In such short words we find the pride and wicked broken and consumed, just as we find it in Mal. 4:1, and the setting up of the Kingdom in those who love and fear the Lord and honor His name.

You notice in Psa. 2 the conflict between the Kings and Rulers of the Earth in conflict with the Lord and His anointed. Then the injunction. "Be wise ye Kings and Rulers of the Earth, be instructed; Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling; Kiss the Son (not the Son of God, but the Son whom the Son of God has anointed as His mouthpiece). Kiss the Son and ruler with the iron rod to break the nations, lest He be angry with you and ye perish from the way when His wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they that put their trust in Him on the Throne and His Servant on the Earth," anointed and given decree by John.

Dan. 3 shows Daniel's three friends share the honor Daniel had, ending in the fiery furnace and deliverance by the one like to the Son of man, who was with them outside, saving them and putting the destroyers in it. So the friends of the Son of Man may get into the fire but not to burn but to find out who they are and who He is--their Master, friends of God and Daniel to be tried and saved, enemies to be destroyed. Dan. 4--the downfall of the German Empire. Dan. 5--written for the greater Empire. Dan. 6--conspiracy against Daniel, cast into the Lions' den for his reading of Chapter 5, to be delivered, and his enemies cast in to be destroyed who were his accusers, their wives and families; which reminds us of root and branch in Mal. 4.

Dan. 7 shows the four great winds striving on the earth today, producing four beasts. Lion--England and Empire, lifted up to Heaven by the power of her airplanes, showing what will be revealed in the coming crash, and may refer to her work in Rev. 9:12-21. Notice the end--Lion with wings of an eagle, wings plucked and left standing on the feet of a man and a man's heart given to it.

The Bear--Russia, which devoured three armies sent to fight against Bolshevism being established, and raises up on one side, probably Europe, and they say to it, "Arise and devour much flesh,"--showing it was created to destroy. Yesterday Franco had won the war in Spain by Fascist and Germany help, which may be the sign of the greater conflict between Bolshevism and Fascism. The Commander-in-Chief of the Arabs here was killed on the 27th. Verse 6--the Leopard, spotted Beast--League of Nations. Notice its past weakness in having the wings of a fowl--a hen laying unfertile eggs with much cackle in the past, but now to have four heads--England, France, Russia and Poland--to unite the smaller nations as a Collective Security Fighting force, and dominion to be given to it. The fourth Beast, U.S.A., and its league of South American nations, --the body of the He-Goat coming from the West on the face of the whole earth--not touching the ground or an airplane army--led by England, the notable horn to fulfill Rev. 9/12-21, in conflict with the Ram of the East. Probably like a Holy war waged by Eastern people over the Palestine troubles which are but preliminary.

Dan. 9 probably refers to the 3½ years of the two witnesses, ending in their death, rising and ascending. Dan. 11 gives us the conflict between King of North and King of the South during the 7 years up to the great quake, which ends the whole with hail to finish what's left. His coming when all His enemies are finished from troubling the earth, as in Dan. 12:12. We naturally look for some nation or people to win, but it's clear that the whole is destruction of all in judgment by their own words and works and what's left by quake and hail, and His coming with His own to reign for 1,000 years.

These hints may help anyone who has His nature and Spirit to get some comfort in the troublous days ahead, and convince them that His purpose and program is being fulfilled, which cheers and helps those who claim and have right to the many promises to be fulfilled to His own in these judgment days. But in eating the meat provided, don't be like Eli's sons of Belial, want it raw and if they can't get it their own way, threaten to use force in taking it. There were regulations for sharing in the meat. As in I Samuel 11: 12-17, selfish, unregenerate use of the meat in due season can only end in death, rather than be life-giving and edifying to others. Conditions amongst all nations on the earth are very cloudy and dark the clouds, so look for the Silver Lining of His care and protection in coming days.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
April 13, 1939

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and all the enclosures – quaint and queer, if not wicked and others fruity with savour of the Spirit. How would you express in few words the gist of the whole matter?

In Genesis we find Cain killing Abel, the Lamb.  In Revelation we find a Lamb killing from off the earth the whole Cain seed as completely as it was done in Noah’s day, and as world wide as the Cain seed occupy the earth; while the Ark of Mercy by the Lamb seed will extend to the ends of the earth and offer protection and provision when all else has failed, to all who  prove to have ears and heart for the true God in proof of their having His Nature.  For it’s a family affair both on the wicked side and on the righteous side.  Gen. 3, 4, 6 and 7th chapters become very simple and easy to understand.  The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Tree of Eternal death to God, and the Tree of Life or Everlasting Life.  The Serpent leading to the one in contrast to the true anointed sent Servant, leading to the Tree of Life – Eternal Life.  The one with the subtlety of the Serpent, the most subtile of all that God has created, the other the feet of the Servant, or love slave, as in Jesus, and the Voice of the Lord God.  The Serpent permanent in the Garden – the Servant only passing through, a stranger and pilgrim.

Chapter 4 gives us the flesh and blood marks of those who have either of these experiences.  Cain tilling the ground, or human; Abel keeper of Sheep and offering Lamb sacrifice, at the end of days, or in process of time, they both offering sacrifice to God – the one to be rejected, and revealed in Abel being accepted.  Then the conflict begins, ending in one being the killer seed, the Lamb the victim.  Abel entering into the presence of the Lord, with Cain going out cursed from the presence of the Lord, with fear in his heart, the other’s blood crying for vengeance – as we see in Rev. 6, the Saints crying; “How long, O Lord, till thou arise to avenge our blood on them that dwell on the face of the earth.”  Told to rest for a little season till the servants and brethren or 2 witnesses are killed.  A Lamb on Mt. Zion refers to those around whom the 144,000 have gathered while all who are Saints on the earth will say – Even so, Come, Lord Jesus.  Last verse of Gen. 4 explains Gen. 6:2, “Men began to call themselves by the name of the Lord, as Sons of God.”  No Lamb nature, only offering the fruit of the ground and their own works and labor rather than God working in them to will and do of His good pleasure.

The earth corrupt before God and filled with violence, imagination and desire of the hearts of men was only evil, and that continually and so the end of all flesh had come.  As in Noah’s day, so in the days of the Son of Man, or in Revelation days we have been in since 1914, when the Son of Man was chosen to rule His household and give them meat in due season, and as ruler over all that He hath, even as Noah was ruler in his own home and family and preparing an Ark for their and his safety.  Vs. 13 of Gen. 4 is very clear and simple, “The end of all flesh is come before me, for the earth is filled with violence (THROUGH) them, and Behold, I will destroy them from the earth.” (MARGIN).  All this is prophetic for Revelation days to which we who understand say, “Even so, Come, Lord Jesus, Quickly,” in a short time do the work that you may come to reign over thine on the earth.  You can see the preparations for quick destroying of them going on everywhere which should be comforting for all who are truly His Sheep, while the Cain seed will with fallen countenance and angry looks and words see their doom coming and hate to hear of it, and hate those who told them of its approach, and express it in killing of the 2 witnesses because they have tormented the earth.

Exodus Passover story is prophetic of the deliverance of His true Israel and the destruction of their enemies, and so is good meat in due season, for all who care to hear and obey the same Lord that spoke through Moses and Aaron. Moses was the man of God and Aaron his mouthpiece who had been brought up in the brick fields under tyranny and oppression – typical of John and his Co?witness.  “Enter thou, and all that is thine into the Ark.”  Seven days before the storm breaks, probably points to John’s coming when the door is to be closed.  “The Lord shut the door of the Ark.”   Gen. 7:1, “Come thou and all thy house into the Ark, (FOR) thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation,” and in the Ark there was provision as well as protection from the flood of waters – now war, famine, pestilence, and plagues for the ending of all flesh from the earth, who say, Lord, Lord, but have not His Lamb Sacrifice acceptable to God.

Gen. 7:23, “Noah only remained alive and they that were with him, in the Ark.”  Chap. 8 shows the coming out and building an altar to the Lord, wrought, unhewn stones, and there he worshipped.  We can read these words historically but they are prophetical and comforting for all who can say, “Even so, Come Lord Jesus, Quickly,” as you have said, and every day seems to point to and emphasize these words as the world becomes more tense at the various happenings on the earth, causing them to take precautions to protect and defend their various human claims and interests – not realizing what they are before Him in their various feelings, thoughts, words, and actions towards one another.

So I hope it will only add to our fear, love, joy, and peace, as their fears are brought upon them.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards

April 26, 1939

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and others.  Death only reveals the fullness of what will take place on the earth in Jesus coming; the closing of the door of opportunity on the foolish, and the entering in of the wise to share in the anointing of God with the 2 witnesses on earth; while in Heaven it will mean enjoying the wait there will His coming to reign with all who are there waiting; while death (for the foolish) means the beginning to realize the fruit of their folly.  Matt 24:21-22 "Except these days were shortened there would no flesh be saved."  See how God is preparing the whole armaments of the world so as to shorten the work of destroying all flesh unregenerate from the earth.  Dan. 12 mentions the end in Vs. 4, 6, 8, 13, and Noah's story is the sample used, for it's perfect work in ending what men call the highest possible civilization, our R.P.&E. world, of all that's possible in human lives.  Dan 11 shows you the raging wars now being threatened, and At That Time, when this is going on, Michael the great prince stands up for the deliverance of every one whose name is in the Book of Life, or those who can truly say - Our Father, which art in Heaven - where record is kept and we have the earnest of the Spirit which gives us understanding and power to shine as the brightness of the firmament and turn many to the righteousness of Matt. 5, 6, and 7 - the marks of having everlasting life in contrast to perishing or everlasting death - all that's possible to humanity at it's best.

Dan. 12:2 - Many of them who were asleep in the many forms of dry as dust Serpent influence shall awake - some to everlasting life and some to everlasting shame, such as we have and will see.  The wise to shine and some to be very useful in turning many to share with them everlasting life - while the foolish who have failed to get life can only offer people what they have - everlasting shame, to perish as if they had never heard; and you can see it depends not on others, but on the foolish use they have made of the privileges God has given them.  The foundation of Noah's message was the fact that God was going to destroy all flesh from off the earth by flood, and this is the foundation for our message today.  If this fails to awaken people and create hunger and thirst for the living waters as in Isa. 55 there can be no hope for them, for we are nearing the END of the human race on the earth, no matter whether it be good, bad, indifferent, holy, or righteous.

So we have plenty of evidence in the world preparation and understanding from the Scriptures to convince any who have desire to escape everlasting doom.  To be wise in the light of what's written in Mal. 4:1, is to make sure that your name is written in the Book of Life - so shall you be under His Wing and Michael's protection and deliverance when the 1900 million are being made dung for the earth, and food for the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the earth.  For our name registered  in Heaven and sealed in our own heart and life and in being able to turn many to righteousness by life and light to you in using it wisely.  Vs. 10 of Dan 12 - Many shall be purified, made white and tried but unregenerate self-seekers even after being awakened shall do wickedly but none of them shall understand.  Wise can turn man to righteousness and others shine out clearly; but the foolish I have known have not one seed other than fools like themselves to perish and remember forever their folly and shame.  If fellowship does not find our name in the Book written before Him as in Mal. 3, what value can it be to anyone?  If  ( we are regenerate) our witness must end in turning some to righteousness and a place under Michael's protection and deliverance as our names are written in the Book of Life.

"Least and Little Ones" seems to suggest what will mark the wise - the foolish probably too big or too much of the human for God to be able to do anything in them, or by them, so their work will all be in vain for themselves and others.  Pride and Wickedness, seeking our own in His name in place of the things which please God and Jesus on the Throne and honoring His Spirit on the earth, are the fool marks of the whole human race now in sight of the END, - E-N-D.  Surely it's better to err on the being the Least, or the littlest one of the little ones than to bear any semblance to the foolish human race we find on every hand.  It looks today as if we were like Noah and family would be when the Lord gave them 7 days to enter the Ark.  There is no evidence that there was any controversy or confusion in the household of God in Noah's family.  While we can conceive of limitless confusion and strife in the Son of God family outside as they all strove for place in their various forms of pride and wickedness, and even amongst Noah's many family and neighborly relations, their folly kept them out where they might have been in.

No flesh and blood ties can ever bridge the gulf  between the foolish and wise, or put our name in the record kept before Him, or in the Book of Life kept for all who can call God their Father in Heaven.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.  Babes and sucklings in the family of God are wise and prudent are shut out no matter where or when found.  W. I.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to Pages & Co.
Box 696, P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine
May 6, 1939

My Dear Pages & Co,

Thanks for Eva’s & others. I hope you will all feel benefited by what I mentioned re the value of Bran which corrects the want of such minerals as found there & which is the natural food for all the organs of the body & which is revealed in most people sooner or later. It’s very easy to see what’s happening to all the world as they despise what God offers them to live by. But they prefer their own thoughts & ways & now we see the cracking up of their civilization.

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. They have chosen their own ways & their soul delighteth in their abominations. I also will choose their delusions or devices & will bring their fears upon them. Because when I called none did answer, when I spake they did not hear. But they did evil before mine eyes & chose that in which I delighted not. Isa. 66 – 3 & 4 in contrast to those who tremble at His word v5. What hope is held out to those who Tremble at His word & are hated for it – when He appears to our Joy & they shall be ashamed.

These are very full of comfort & strength as we see it so clearly stated why all delusions & devices found in all the world & the more extreme they are the better seen in revealing them. The hurry & bustle evidenced everywhere in preparation for shortening the work of destruction is amazing while they feed the spirit of hatred by their words & deeds towards one another. The greatest of the human race chosen to be the Least in men’s eyes & by which the goats & sheep are being separated one from the other by their attitude to Jesus, the Lord & Judge of all by their attitude to the servant.

Zech. XIII – 8. In that day shall the Lord defend the inhabitants of Jerusalem & he that is feeble – margin says abject fallen among them shall be as David & the House of David as God as the angel of the Lord before them. Notice in verse 10. They who have despised the Least one will find out there mistake & they shall look on him whom they have pierced & mourn for him as they would for their own sons. Showing that they will only begin to see whom they are & whom we be , who are David & King of God’s Israel whom we have as Jacob been gathering the beginnings of in the household of the Lord whom we have fed & led and ruled as his Witness Leader & Commander.

This fact makes David’s Psalms the more easy to understand for David was but the type as head & King of Israel who defeated all their enemies & who led them out to victory & in to safety & protection as Prophetic of the greater David & Israel of Rev. So the Psalms are but the prophetic food for these days & the greater value as we need them most. See how perfect Ps 1 & 11 are for our day, work & generation & all through we find all possible experience met in the various Psalms ending in the Last Praise the Lord Psalms even as we find in Rev.

This makes David’s life the more interesting to read as he was the least in his father’s family & despised of by his 7 Brothers when Goliath of Gath defied the armies of Israel type of where we are to-day in the stone cut out of the mountain to smite the great Image of Daniel II on its feet of clay & Iron the Nazi & Fascist feed on which the Image stands to-day. National Socialism. But a sign of the coming crash.

David had 5 smooth stones in his sling Back, but only one was used to smite the giant in his forehead & then take the giant’s sword & cut off his head. David was least in his least family of Israel & became the greatest King Israel ever had prophetic of what’s to come. David in the cave Adullam is type of where we are to-day when he had 400 men in debt discontented and agreaved in many ways because of the Tyranny of Saul. Then David became King for 7 years in Hebron & finally reigned over all Israel all pointing prophetically to the great days ahead.

You will enjoy reading his life & work in the light of coming days when the stone cut out with hands is to become a Mountain & fill the whole earth. 5 smooth stones in the sling Bag for the Golden head of the Image, the breast & arms of silver Democracy. Belly & Thighs of Brass. Republicanism Legs of Iron Bolshevism & feet of clay & Iron. Socialism & Bolshevism or Nazi & Fascism. So the great Image of our world civilization is about to be smitten fall & be broken & scattered like the chaff of the summer thrashing floor – showing what God can do through the Least & little ones when the set time has come & the anointing by John’s coming.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to Pages & Co.
Box 696, P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine.
May 14, 1939

My Dear Pages & Co,

Thanks for Mum’s & also Eva’s & Mrs Adams. I hope you will all give Bran a good try as I find it very useful to me & many others when most other things fail to meet our needs in feeding our often starved organs which do the work of turning starch sugar & Protein into energy for our daily jobs. It’s like running a motor on defective Lubrication damaging the engine & weakening its power while using more Gas per mile, & adding money for repairs to mechanics who are in most cases Doctors, some good & some others wise like mechanics.

We are promised report on Arab Jew question on Wed. 17th May, so we are getting a little nearer our goal, while the anti aggression forces are getting ready. But all like putting on Goliath’s armour to defy Israel of God & make room for David to step out with stick & sling & the smooth stone to smite the giant in his forehead – not in his heart & also to smite the Golden 5 power Image on its feet of Iron & clay – National Socialism & in doing so bring down the great 5 powered Image of Gold to fall & be broken & scattered like the clay of the summer thrashing floor.

The stone to grow & become a mountain over the other mountains as in Isa. II. 1-5 & fill the whole earth. The rest of Isa. II shows why He has forsaken the old Israel & Judah, the flesh & blood Israel so many think can enjoy the promises given to regenerate Israel whom the Jacob & David of t-day is to gather, feed & rule over for Ever. It was not David’s sling & stone that gave him victory, but his relationship & attitude to the Lord God of Israel. Not by might or power but by my spirit as in Zechariah IV.

Goliath is type of the great unregenerate power that defys Israel of God for 40 days. It’s interesting to see Goliath’s Might & armour in which the unregenerate Philistines trusted as the world does to-day, & the mighty sword which was to cut off his head when he fell to David – as the great Giant of to-day armed is to fall to their own armour. Rev. 13 – 10 shows where our confidence & patience is to be placed in contrast to the great beast being brought into place & power. V2. Shows a Leopard (sotted Beast) feet as the feet of a Bear, Russia, and his mouth as the mouth of a Lion – England, & the Dragon religious powers – all back the beast in the name of God. V8. Shows all whose names are not in the Book of life will worship him. This is what you see rising out of the sea of humanity. V3 is the coming into power of the Jews people. The head wounded to death for Killing of Jesus & now to be restored to power as a commonwealth with Palestine as headquarters.

You can have a read of Rev. XIII now as it seems to be what’s being formed for the coming years in Palestine, in combating the aggressionists. You can see it’s the Gentile powers, for they are to tread down Jerusalem for 3 ½ years & then hand over to the Jews the 2nd Beast of rev. XIII & who are to rule Jerusalem for 3 ½ years till the great quake ends their regime as in Rev. XVI. Tomorrow 17th the London folks or the mouth of the Lion will say what’s to take place so far as the Jews & Arabs is concerned for the next 5 & 10 years.

Jews are to be allowed to come 75,000 of them inn 5 years to make them equal to 1/3 of the population – which don’t please them or the prospect of ending Mandate. But you noticed the head wounded to death is to be healed, which means the Jews will be given Nationhood as a world people with headquarters in Palestine & a President & their own Government. They threaten Trouble in various ways to England & the world which may provoke Rev. IX – 12 to end. But we can be sure all that’s happening is what’s recorded in Rev. XIII & you can see all that’s said about the new Beast coming up out of the sea of human race on the earth by reviving the League Leopard by aid of the bear & Lion of Dan.

VII ending in the Jews coming into the power as the little horn when the great Gentile Beast is to leave Jerusalem after treading it down for 3 ½ years – which makes possible all that’s in Rev. XIII – 11-18. Notice the Beast will be against the saints & all whose names are not written in the Book of the Lamb will worship the great Beast. V9 & 10 gives comfort & hope for all who are written in the Book of life of the Lamb from the foundation of the world – for our patience & comfort, showing they will all pass whose names are not there & that by their own hands.

The Dragon 7 heads & ten horn of Jer. will give the Beast welcome power & great authority. Who is like unto the Beast shows they will be trusted & honoured till the time of their Breaking & Retiring after Rev. IX. – 12 to end is finished. Dan. XII gives us what the 4th Beast will do in finishing up what the others begin. Notice there is no hint of the German Italian Japanese Axis, nor any mention of them beyond what’s written on the Bear arising to devour much flesh, & what we read of what takes place in Dan. XI conflict in the Mediterranean by the King of the South & King of the North.

Goliath mean conspicuous in contrast to David Beloved & anointed or unauspicious.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Thanks for ________ & Mrs Adams & P.O.O.

Love from us all & thank you for your letter. Mum

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards and Co.
May 16, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards' and Co. :

I expect yours tomorrow. Seventeenth of May may be a bigger day than at first appeared. The Arab, Jewish Government of England report on their proposals for Palestine disappoints Jews and also Arabs, in that it puts off the final settlement as to Palestine independent government for 10 years, allowing 75,000 Jews to come in, in 5 years, making total Jewish population 33-1/3 percent of Arabs. But Rev. 13 becomes like the program --verse 1. "I stood on the sand of the Sea," or on dry land, not in or on sea-- which shows sea to be the human race. "I saw a beast rise up out of the Sea having 7 heads and 10 horns, and on his heads names of blasphemy," or in the name of God. The Beast like a Leopard (spotted beast of Dan. 7) become with 4 heads and dominion given to it. Feet were the feet of a Bear--you can see how much stress they are putting on Russia coming in to defend the near East in Europe and Asia .

The Beast's mouth is the mouth of a Lion, or what England stands for. England , France , Russia , Poland , Rumania , Greece , and Turkey may be the seven heads and ten horns or armed powers included in the get-together of the Anti-Aggression powers. You notice the fourth beast is not mentioned. The Dragon of Jerusalem gave him his power, seat, and great authority—probably showing Jerusalem will back and recognize and rely on this combination for their protection. Verse 3—“I saw one of its heads wounded to death,”—the Jewish head with no place amongst the nations, now to be given world recognition as a commonwealth with a President and Jewish Government for the Jewish world; though Jews are only one-third part of the Arabs in Palestine, they will have power over and for all their people, and a national home in Palestine.

“All the world wondered after the beast and they worshipped the Dragon” of Jerusalem which gave power to the Beast and they worshipped the Beast saying “Who is like the Beast and who can make war against the Beast” –showing it will be a great success in general eyes, speaking great things and blasphemies and power to tread down Jerusalem for 3-1/2 years as in Rev. 11:1, till they hand over to the Jews as the other Beast comes up out of the Earth, two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon, claiming spiritual power and recognition.

You can see how the whole changes taking place, and centering on Jerusalem , the disappearing of the great beast and the Little Horn taking place till the great quake. I expect Rev 12 will parallel Rev. 13. You can see the saints suffering, verses 6 and 7. Verse 8 shows all who are dead to Him worship the Beast. Verse 9 and 10 is our confidence.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards' and Co.
PO Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine
June 4, 1939

Thanks for yours, both good and all the details noted. Your going to have a look at the flock and Minnie going where it will be most congenial for her with the baby, and a field of usefulness.

The Leopard with the feet of a Bear and a mouth of a lion seems about to be fact, the talk about getting Russia into the Leopard body forces attention on the world. Seven heads and ten horns is very clear in the number committed to take their place. Jewish troubles now provoke the Moslem world, as does the half of the Arabs who accept the white paper. The coming of shiploads of immigrant Jewish Refugees is also an inciting cause. I notice today 30,000 R.C. Congress meeting in Belfast . They mention the fact that Syria used to be a Moslem country, but the Lebanon partition is largely Christian, another inciting cause. Then the Turks getting Sanjak district in Syria - another troublemaker, while Turkey has promised 250,000 troops for the Mediterranean coast, will not be looked on favorably by the Moslem Arabs, but rather add to the preparedness of the 4 bound Angels--all pointing to Rev. 9:12-to-end conditions.

Jesus' answer to the High Priest's demand, "Art thou the Son of God?" "Thou has said, Hereafter ye shall see the Son of Man (whom you look on) as the Son of Man, sitting on the Right Hand and coming in the clouds of Heaven." - Rev. 1:7. No doubt the truth He spoke for the judgment period hastened their action in killing Him, as it was undermining their people and nation. "This generation shall not pass 'till all these be fulfilled," or this human generation on the earth shall not cease from being what they are revealed to be, till all these things be fulfilled. "Heaven and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away." Luke 21 is very full and the advice to His own at end is worthy of care and thought.

It's to come as a snare on all them that dwell on the face of the earth, and this snare is being cunningly laid for the whole generation of humans, while "Ye who have been with me in the regeneration" are to be rewarded with power. "Generation" seems to stand for all who are the seed of Adam, and "RE-GENERATION" for all who are the seed of God, and one can see the battle on between the two seeds in Cain and Abel, and all thru the Book and History; and any suggestion that the Regenerate were to inherit the Earth always stirs up the killing spirit in the Generation people. The world always loving its own and hating those who were not recognized as of them.

You can see the Uniformed Serpent seed - with marks of honor from the world, are in contrast with the Non-uniformed, un-recognized and dishonored. The one with the authority of the devil as god of this world, and the other honored of God. The manifestation in Jesus and the Disciples and Apostles in contrast with the Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, is too plain to see need for explanation. The Stone Temple Priesthood etc., in contrast with THE TEMPLE and temples of flesh and blood, homeless wanderers on the earth - in contrast with the established, recognized, honored and provided for by the Goat World of every shade.

Zech. 12 shows Judah and Jerusalem as suitable start for the great conflict -- "Where also our Lord was crucified," and now the headquarters for the Dragon. Zech 13 shows the effect on the false prophets. Chap. 14 giving us details of what is to take place in the Lord becoming King over all the earth--one Lord and His Name one, and one tongue. Can we wonder that the various places and what they teach in the Book should be hated and their wrath manifested at every mention of the fact, or detail as given in the Book; and specially in the record from the Throne, which God gave Jesus, and He by His angel to John, to be written and to be read when these days were at hand--and the Salvation of men depends on whether they say, "Even so, come Lord Jesus" or quabble, add to or take from His revealed purpose and program.

We have heard much of the wounds in His body by the Generation. Zech 13 --see the wounds in the bodies of the false prophets of Palestine , received in the house of their friends, whom they found out as deceivers when 2/3 of the people shall be cut off and die, while a third shall be left therein to be refined and made fit to share in the Re-generation. We often have our spirit clouded and depressed as we see the power of the Generation deceived, rather than to see the victory to be ours, in the great day at hand, when they who say "Peace and Safety" are to be revealed by the very fact of World War, and coming here will speak loudly to the world and the reaction will all be in our favor, showing that the fulfilling of our reading of Rev. will speak louder than any effort of ours could do or be.

So what we see and say today will prove to have been the 12 manner of fruits per month, now to bring the harvest for Regenerate and Generation peoples.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards' and Co:
June 10, 1939
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Edwards' and Co.

Thanks for yours past week. Glad you have been around trying to help all who feel hungry for the righteousness which is by faith, such as Noah had which saved his house and condemned the world who were full of righteousness which was not by faith. Acts 3. 21 speaks about the restitution of all things, which (all) the prophets have spoken of since the world began. The day when Zech. XIV speaks of in verse 9, when the Lord shall be King over all the earth, His name one, and one tongue or language-- the tongue of His servant on the earth when that change is wrought.

Ephesians IV. 4. 5. 6. & 7, and the whole chapter shows the oneness Paul spoke of as the mark of the whole body of those who are possessed of His Life and Nature and show it by their desire to be conformed to the image of His Son, which was God's predestined purpose from the foundation of the world. You see in Him what God's pattern and purpose was always, while His enemies reveal the generation or sort of people who are to pass out to make for such as were His disciples at that time sample for all ages even in their weak condition when tested.

Luke 21, 29- 36, when you see the trees, (fig and all the trees) spring forth, then know that the summer is nigh. Likewise when ye see these things He said were to be signs of Judgment on the earth, as in Matt 24, and other scriptures, know Ye, who are His own seed, that the setting up of the Kingdom is at hand. Verse 34 (VERILY) I say unto you, who have His nature and Spirit, this generation of people, or the sort you see in Jerusalem as sample of this sort, shall not pass away from the earth till all these Judgment have been fulfilled which I have spoken, and for which they want to kill me, "Art thou the Son of God'?" Thou hast said. Hereafter shall ye see the Son of God, now Son of Man, sitting on the right hand of power and coming in the clouds of Judgment which all the prophets have spoken of since the world began, and by which He was seeking to gather out of the unregenerate generation of all ages a people who would be one with His Nature, witness and a purpose, and our privilege is to be witness to its fulfillment on the earth in our day.

Luke 21, 36. Watch ye therefore, and pray that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all those things that shall come to pass in the destroying or passing of the sort of people who cried- away with Him, crucify Him. Now it's His time to say-- away with them, who are the same sort from the earth in proof of who is on the Throne and who was put on the cross as a criminal to suffer death at their hands revealing what unregenerate humanity is at its very best and most out-worldly righteous condition.

These words had no meaning for those who did not live to see the judgment fulfilled before their eyes as we see in part today, and in coming days till it's all fulfilled. How foolish we would be to see so much preparation and partial fulfillment and fail to see its meaning value and purpose and opportunity to bear our witness to all we contact as well as true heartedly say, Even so, come Lord Jesus, and in short time fulfill thy purpose and hasten the day when thou wilt be king over all the earth, and His name one, and one tongue, when no man will need say “Know the Lord”, for all shall know Him, least and greatest, -- a simple statement of facts only known to those born and taught of God but verily true.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

P.S. You can see from Eddie Cooneys where he still is and what confusion in his reading of himself and others into the Man and Message of today….I wrote him a year ago, and this is his reply, and reply to all their own claims out of their own mouths. I will give him chance to come and hear what I have to say, as Alfie did everything in his power not to hear what I had to say. It was like committing suicide to see his folly and that of the other man.

Hope you are back and enjoyed your trip- W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards' and Co.
June 23, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards' and Co:

Thanks for yours and others concerning your visit and value in S. California . In these days when the world is full of man-made pictures and art of all sorts, one's heart and mind can turn to the whole scriptural record and enjoy God's art in flesh and blood records of God-possessed and Devil-possessed peoples which Israel was made typical of--the Gentile or Christian age now coming to an end shortly and in short time as it appears today. "Remember Lot's wife," suggests the value of all the various peoples who have played their part, revealing their heart and mind condition, either towards the God of Heaven or the God of this world. Lot's wife shows, like Judas, the highest degree of deceit and being deceived, and Lot, Abram and the angels and all she had played her deceitful game with, were all victims, but God revealed her in revealing what was the controlling power in all her activities as He did Judas.

Luke 21, seems specially fitting for these days, 15-36, and probably much more detail than at first appeared. Read as historical for the beginning of the Gentile age, as in 70 A.D., blinds the eye, but when read in light of verse 24 for the end of the Gentile age becomes present day history, about to fulfill as prophecy. Rev. XI, Gentiles are to tread down Jerusalem for 3½ years of the 2-witness period, and the death of the two witnesses ends the Gentile period, bringing the Jews into control as in Rev. XIII:11. Ver. 15, 16, 17 & 18, 19 of Ch.XXI, are very clear for the experience of all who are His disciples with ears to hear and heart to obey. Ver. 20, When ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh, and this seems to be very likely soon and on the day, hour, month, and year. Some people say 72 A.D. was the year Titus took Jerusalem ,--39 years after His death and resurrection; this is the only indication I find for the year. But political conditions and promises will be over-ridden by a Holy war and account for 200 millions being on the job in Rev. IX: 12 to end.

Luke 21:21, When the armies appear, then those in Judea flee to the mountains. Judea is mostly plain on the coast and the Jordan Valley part; Jerusalem in the center or midst depart out, and let not people enter in Judea from Jordan to Mediterranean or the strip which seems to be the center of attack. Ver. 22, For these be the days of VENGEANCE, that all things written shall be fulfilled.

Ver. 23, Great distress in the land, and wrath upon the people. Ver. 24, They shall fall by the sword and be led captive into all nations, as was at the beginning of the Gentile age, and Jerusalem shall be under the Gentiles, as in Rev. XIII, made the Leopard with the feet of a Bear, just coming into place and the mouth of a Lion.

Ver. 25, Signs; Ver. 26, For the powers of the Heavens shall be shaken.

Ver. 27, Then shall they see the Son of Man coming in power and great glory, both to destroy and to show Mercy as in Rev. 10. Ver. 28 When these things BEGIN to come to pass, look up, lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh. As the trees in leaf and bud say summer is here, or near, know ye who are disciples the Kingdom is nigh at hand. Ye shall be hated of all humans. Ver. 17 shows how the great gulf is fixed. The haters and the hated. World extension of the gulf between Cain and Abel, and common through out the Gentile age, now to end.

Thirty-one days till 25th of July, and much can develop in thirty-one days, as we know from same period in 1914, in attempting to solve the war of 1914 to 1918. Ver. 27, is a very cheering verse on which so much of our hopes are centered, and which meets our needs as 20 to 24 speaks loudly to all others of its consequences. So 34 to 36 are very valuable counsel for all disciples.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Smiths & Co.
June 26, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Smiths and Co:

Thanks for yours. I hope both are finding better health for the long wait, watch and witness to the things coming on the earth, never to be repeated but final for the whole of the hypocritical human imitators in their fruit of the earth, which are abominable in His sight, and proof of their hopeless eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil which the serpent offers to all who refuse to obey as Adam and Eve did when they took of the tree of death. This experience is common to all the human race and prophetic of what the many have done and been in all ages, while Adam's second experience shows us what True Salvation means in hearing the voice of the Lord God and having a Lamb nature given us which makes our service, sacrifice and worship acceptable to God as we see in Abel in contrast to Cain hypocrisy with all the trimmings, which ends in him killing the anointed of God. 80 million Cain seed in Noah's day and only one of Abel seed - shows what was then and what is to be now in the greater judgments by fire, war, famine, pestilence and plagues and the great world earthquake and hail with fire and brimstone.

The fact that God gave the rainbow of promise to show that He would never again drown the world, is to show us it will never need such as we are now to have, and never have had such before, a time of trouble such as we never had before and never will again, and all the signs today point to it coming very shortly and as a surprise to the whole world. Ps. 2, shows us the Kings and Rulers of the earth setting themselves against the Lord and His anointed, expresses the whole activities and who can doubt the result. Zech.12:1 shows the Lord which stretcheth forth the heavens over our head and layeth the foundations of the earth under our feet AND formeth the spirit of man within him to make him be and do what ever He chooses to make them say and do in their unregenerate condition. Just as He works in his own to make them do His will and witness who let Him work in them to do His pleasure. The one for their destruction, the other for their salvation.

Ver. 2, Behold, see by the Spirit, those who have His Spirit - I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling (margin) says poison or slumber to all the people round about, when they will be in the (siege) against Judah and Jerusalem. You can see this refers to Zech 14: & which is the sure ending to all that has been taking place since the last war, out of which came the Balfour declaration, and man coming to the critical end. Ver. 3, in that day I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people, all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. Ver. 4, in that day (sayeth the Lord) I will smite every horse with astonishment. Horse stands for big fighting flesh of the unregenerates, and his rider with madness, and open mine eyes on the house of Judah and will smite every horse of the people with blindness. This explains why of much that is happening here in these days.

Verse 5. The governors of Judah shall say in their hearts, the inhabitants of Jerusalem shall be my strength in the Lord of Hosts - their confidence in the Jews being the majority and all fanatically religious and full of holy zeal because of this confidence. I will make in that day the Governors of Judah like to an hearth, red hot amongst the wood of humanity and like a torch of fire in a sheaf of wheat. What to notice most is that God can work in producing those conditions in men, which leads to the destruction. If these things are so - who can make war against the Lord who has such power and who has said so long what was to happen in the day of conflict between the Kings and Rulers of the earth, and the Lord and His anointed when the set time has come as repeated five times in this chapter.

In past month we have had 3 of the most painful submarine accidents in their history. U.S.A. , British, and France in Atlantic and Eastern and Indian Ocean , probably the most expert and experienced men in world on board, the most up-to-date ships ever built and under normal sea conditions, yet they dived to their death. One is forced to wonder, was God in what happened? and was this meant as a demonstration of the power He has over all that's human to be used in these coming days of war and conflict amongst the nations that His fear may grip their hearts as they see victory or defeat is in His hand.

My Love to all there,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to Edwards & Co.
P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine.
June 30, 1939

My Dear Edwards & Co,

Thanks for yours and others concerning your visit and value in S. California. In these days when the world is full of man-made pictures and art of all sorts, one’s heart and mind can turn to the whole scriptural record and enjoy God’s art in flesh and blood records of God possessed and Devil possessed people which Israel was made typical. Of the Gentile or Christian age now coming to an end shortly and in short time as it appears today. Remember Lot’s wife, suggests the values of all the various people who have played their part, revealing their heart and mind conditions either toward the God of Heaven or the God of this world.

Lot’s wife shows, like Judas, the highest degree of deceit and being deceived, and Lot, Abram and the angels and all she had played her deceitful game with, were all victims, but God revealed her in revealing what was the controlling power in all her activities as did Judas.

Luke 21. Seems specially fitting for these days, 15-36, and probably much more detail than at first appeared. Read as historical for the beginning of the Gentile age, as in 70 A.D. blinds the eye, but when read in light of verse 24 for the end of the Gentile age becomes present day history about to fulfil as prophecy. Rev. XI, Gentiles are to tread down Jerusalem for 3 ½ years of the 2-witness period, and the death of the 2 witnesses ends the Gentile period, bringing the Jews into control as in rev. XIII: II. Ver. 15. 16. 17 & 18, 19 of Ch. XXI, are very clear for the experience of all who are His disciples with ears to hear and heart to obey.

Ver. 20, When ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, than know that the desolation thereof is nigh, and this seems to be very likely soon and on the day, hour, month, and year. Some people say 72 A.D. was the year Titus took Jerusalem, -- 39 years after His death and resurrection, this is the only indication I find for the year. But Political conditions and promises will be over-riden by a Holy war, and account for 200 millions being on the Job in rev. IX: 12 to end.

Luke 21:21, when the armies appear, than those in Judea flee to the mountains. Judea is mostly plain on the Coast and the Jordan Valley part, Jerusalem in the center or midst depart out, and let not people enter in Judea from Jordan to Mediterranean or the strip which seems to be the center of attack. Ver. 22, For these be the days of VENEGANCE, that all things written shall be fulfilled.

V.23, Great distress in the land, and wrath upon the people.

V.24, They shall fall by the sword and be led captive into all Nations, as was at the beginning of the Gentile age and Jerusalem shall be under the Gentiles, as in Rev. XIII, made the Leopard with the feet of a Bear, just coming into place and the mouth of a Lion.

V.25, Signs. Ver. 26, For the power of the Heavens shall be shaken.

Ver. 27. Than shall they see the Son of Man coming in power and great glory, both to destroy and to show Mercy s in Rev. 10, ver 28. When these things BEGIN to come to pass. Look up lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh. As the trees in leaf and bud say summer is here, or hear, know ye who are disciples the Kingdom is nigh at hand. Ye shall be hated of all humans, Ver 17 shows how the great Gulf is fixed. The haters and hated. World extension of the Gulf between Cain and Abel, and common throughout the Gentile age, now to end.

Thirty-one days till 25th of July, and much can develop in thirty-one days, as we know from same period in 1914, in attempting to solve the war of 1914 to 1918 Ver. 27, is a very cheering verse on which so much of our hopes are centered and which meets our needs as 20 to 24 speaks loudly to all others of its consequences.

So 34 to 36 are very valuable counsel for all disciples.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Smiths and Company.
July 1, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Smiths and Co.

Thanks for yours. Glad you benefit from Bran. You may find it affect heart, as it supplies feed for the whole organs of body which we don't get from the energy foods, common of most places and people. If any stomach pain after eating,- use McLeans stomach powder. A good rub all over skin in A.M. is good for the heart; as it stirs the circulation on the surface, walking is also good.

Matt. 24:42- 47 shows the coming of the Son of Man chosen on the earth. Luke 21:27 shows the coming of John as the Son of Man from Heaven. Rev. 10 and Matt. 25:31 shows Jesus as the Son of Man coming in his glory and all the Holy Angels with Him. I can't do better than encourage you to read Luke 21 --- 1 - 19 is for the past: and verse 20-36 is for present day and future, beginning in the desolation of Jerusalem. Jerusalem is now compassed by armies. You can't go in or out, but through military controls - with identification and travel pass -- North, South, East and West. Judea is from Beersheba and South-end of the Dead Sea up to Shiloh, 20 miles north of Jerusalem and on the coast of Beersheba up to Caesarea, 20 miles south of Haifa, where I expect to go in another week, but my address will be the same - 696 P.O. Jerusalem.

Flee to the mountains - shows there will be a rush when the 6th Angel sounds, and 200 million Eastern people begin to show the spirit of Zech 14, and the day of Judgment come that will fulfill all things written; for the prophets, all spake and we are comforted by the assurance of vengeance on all such people as have persecuted and killed His anointed seed of all ages. Woe to them encumbered with child or suckling babies; for there shall be great distress in the Land of Palestine , and wrath on the people - 2/3 of them are to be cut off and die - as in Zech 13.

Isa. 3 gives you detail of how it's to be taken, as well as Luke 21:24, "They shall fall by the edge of the sword and shall be led away captive into all nations" as were the Jews in 70 A.D. - for we are now at or near the end of the Gentile age. Gentiles are to tread down Jerusalem for 3½ years, or during the 2 witness period, as in Rev. 11:2. Then the Jews come into power and the 2 witnesses will be killed; this is the sign of the end of the Gentiles and coming of the Jews into power,-as in Rev. 13. You can see the signs in the sun and moon and stars, distress of nations and perplexity; sea and waves roaring, etc. These things will come to mark the vengeance days. Luke 21:27 - Then shall they see the Son of Man, John, coming in a cloud with power and great glory as in Rev. 10 and Dan. 7. This shows it will be seen and known in the world. Verse 28 - when these things begin to come to pass - Look up - lift up your heads; for people have almost made us afraid to tell them what's coming on the earth, and when told -trample under foot and turn to rend us in their rebellious unbelief, which makes us hated of all men and a trial to our patience.

Ver. 29 - as the buds and leaves of the trees tell us that summer is nigh, or know the kingdom of God is nigh at hand, as in Mal.4:2- when all the power, Jesus showed in His ministry, will be manifest in and to all who are His. So we will see the power to destroy and the power to save operating together on the earth. I need not read the rest of the chapter. It's all personal and plain to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. But take heed - watch and pray that ye may be counted worthy to escape what's coming on the earth as a snare.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edward & Co.  
P.O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine
July 2, 1939

My Dear Edwards,

Thanks for two and many others this week, which is very cheering after your trip, and Minnie's move to Vallejo.

Tension in East Europe and here all speaks very loudly in favour of His programme in vengeance being at hand thots the world sleeps on in their own thots and ways, little knowing why of all the threatened troubles which are as never before and never will be again, the Kings and Rulers of the earth all get to carry through their own plans, knowing not that they are all against the Lord and His anointed and all thinking to succeed when they are all into a snare out of which they can never escape, to find out the meaning of the Keys of Death and Hell at His belt, -- there as a warning to all who are His enemies, no matter what their profession or results have been. And happy or Blessed of the Father with the nature of His Son, to be able to see these things as the fulfilling of all that's written in the Book of the time of the end.

His disciples today will find His words very comforting as far as Judea and Jerusalem go. The fact that 1913-18 War chapter gave so much literal detail in the description of the 1st angel battlefields and the 2nd angel number of tons of shipping and submarine loss, is now wonderful comfort in reading the details of coming days and specially in this so in Rev. IX. -- 200 million and 1/3 part of them to be killed and in 2/3 to be cut off and die as in Zech. X111, much mourning and wailing over the treatment of His Servant, and the fountain opened for him and company.

The refining as Silver and Gold, will be cleaning up of all false Prophet influence, power and authority, decorated with a hole in their hand, reminding us what put the holes in His hands, feet and back and brow. Luke 21. 20-36, is amazing today, when we have heard so many readings of it by the blind, false Prophets of all sorts, and its literal reading covers all the possible needs of those who are His true disciples, to be what's written in verses 12-19, is very wonderful and find all they said and did to contradict our witness behind our back, was but turning it into our testimony in His sight.

See how it has reached Kings and Rulers, synagogues, relatives and friends, their very response being proof of its value in His sight as our testimony to Him on the Throne. "Hated of all men for His name sake--not a hair of your head to perish," and the calm confidence of In (YOUR) patience posses to your souls. Look up and lift up your heads, for your redemption draweth nigh, and the Kingdom not far off when the powers, He and His revealed, will be fact, for us and all who will share it.

The warning in verse 34 is very wonderful in its detail and gives hope for some who might look from the outside as hopeless, if they fail to beware in these days. Ver. 36, is very simple and clear and not Pharisacal in any way. Ver. 20 to 26 shows how the world will be convinced by what happens in Jerusalem and Judea and also in the universal signs or 25 and 26 in terror. Ver. 27 shows us they will see John come in (A CLOUD), not in clouds, as it said of His coming in revelation 1.7. which covers the whole activities since 1914, and you can see how it will affect us in our relations to men, They look up and lift up their heads now, they will look the other way and as they once did in passing or meeting us, and this detail is quiet wonderful.

I was speaking to an Indian Hindu the other day in Post Office he said its blasphemy. I said they killed Him for saying it. He referred to others who were Prophets. I said we will be sure of whom He was amongst all the Prophets and Idols, when His words become fact before our eyes in wrath and judgement on the earth, and this is true worldwide, and shows how it will be possible for the 144,000 and the great number whom no man can number.

Malachi 4. Becomes very clear now when the Oven is being heated for the proud and wicked who hold their head high at every thought of His Witnesses, but the summer is nigh, as sure as buds and foliage indicate on the trees and helps us to read and understand ver. 2 & 3 and John's coming influence on all who are His true seed.

I expect to go to Haifa next Sunday, 9 th July, but 696 Jerusalem will be my Postal address till I tell you.

You will be well able to read Luke 21. 20-36 by what I have written before, so wont trouble more. Thanks for Ann's and Minnie's letter and others and all the proof of the value of the help you were able to give those who were hungry and thirsty for it, either by letter or word of mouth.

My love to all.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to:  Edwards & Co.
August 16, 1939

My Dear Edwards and Co.:

Thanks for yours and many others.  Hope you are both benefiting by your hill-home stay and others getting a little drink of the Living Waters and breath of God--who have ceased from men with their breath in their noses.  Conditions worldwide are like the lull before the storm, but storm is sure and not far off, and the nearer when you hear the unregenerate cackle in prayer and preaching and teaching as I do every meal and every day from three Presbyterian preachers--one my own age, and two younger, and their wives and satellites.  It's comical if it were not so serious to hear and see the inside of all they stand for, with, and by.  The other Missionary elements are also represented, all keen on Arabic, Hebrew, Greek and tradition and history of every sort, but weak in the spiritual grasp of the whole book; strong on education and hopes from the political world, etc., and one can only see them as bluffers pretty much, though they would put the shoe on the other foot, and it's laughable to find them all ready to join up to defeat the Overcomer in any shape.  

I had a Doctor as roommate for two nights, a New Zealander and very successful in hospital work in Nazareth.  I had called on him about 13 years ago, and he had been anxious to come in touch with me for his own purposes.  So I gave him something to think of in his spare time before he knew he had got it.  But one very clear mark in all is to find they don't even have the Alpha Gospel, but just the same old cackle about the fall of Adam and restoration by believing in the cross and the blood; but all very definite possibility of no other than life in the flesh (spirit, soul and body) and so hypocrites with all their audacity, but it takes the two witnesses' work the more necessary and sure to the two men who have most loyally followed Him in His way, truth and life; and the very prospect of 100 million and 1 million ministry is quite easy to see possible, for it's but giving to the whole world what He gave to the Jewish world in His day, and as the natural ending or Omega, last, and end of His work in two men who tried to follow in spite of the great, unregenerate hypocrite world, and sealed by their death and resurrection as was done in His own life.

It cheers one in looking back over the 22 years we spent in the Alpha days and make it the more real and sure.  It's been refreshing to have so many to talk with, even of our days pre-Omega, which they can't resist, as it is so strong and powerful in contrast to all their work, like dogs on the chain in contrast to dogs on the hunt, and when you have chance to counter their attacks—"Why don't I learn Arabic, Hebrew and Greek?"--with Him as King over all the earth, His name one, and one tongue, English with a Scotch accent, the tongue f the two witnesses—it gives them something to think of in spite of their audacity.

So I can see His hand still leading me as it looms out clearer in the whole of my past life.  The very disadvantage of professing through JOHN McNEILL, and then taking the way of believing in Jesus as my pattern and Master, and when we come to read or talk Matt. 23 to 25, it's powerful, for it was His last to the Disciples, which sealed His doom though it was secretly planned.

Paul's life also in a wonderful stone (?) to beat them with, for that's about all that ever happens to them.  So it's queer company to have three clergy and two doctors and an American Negro professor of Wilberforce College, Ohi0, USA, as your nearest table companion.

Hope you are all well,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards' and Company
September 8, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Edwards' and Co:

Thanks for yours yesterday. Glad to hear favorable reports of your visit in Southern California, and hope you find others as appreciative, and above all, Rose beginning to Bloom, and the children doing so well. I expect weather in Arizona will cool off a little, but you will know what's best regarding the hill house.

Forty days from Fast of Ab, 25th of July at 11.00 a.m. and ten days from Jewish New Year, or 11 days, as 14th is really New Year's day in our reckoning. I crossed the Atlantic on September 5 in 1914, and came back on same day in 1904 and 1905 visit, all without any purpose or intention.

I enjoyed Psalm 71: on Sunday afternoon, and noting how much fits our old age and experience and the hope in David and Mt. Zion. Then read Psalm 70 and 72; and noted last verse in 72: "The prayers of David the Son of Jesse, are ended, "which was very suggestive in reading back through other Psalms as far as Psalms 51, I hope you may catch the meaning of what lies between Psalms 51 and 72:, for they have much valuable Truth for our experience and days.

Psalms 73 to 90 gives us a change worth noting.
Psalms 93 to 100 is quite another story of the Lord reigning.
Psalms 101 to 118 is full of wonderful Truth.

The son of Jesse, or the son of a nobody, but he was the anointed and showed he knew how to use it. Notice Jacob, Israel and Joseph are also mentioned.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S. Photos I got were good. Short, clearly written letters are favoured by the censor. W.I.
It will be well for all to take notice of what he writes regarding letters being written short and plain, and with ink is better for Censor purposes. You notice he makes no mention of War conditions, so that should guide us. And as he has said before, its good not to send Currency. Post Office Money Order is better and safer.
W. Edwards.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Edwards and Co.
September 15, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Edwards & Co:

Thanks for one from K. Schulze today. Psalms 119 is the Alpha and Omega, giving us the marks of all who have true faith. "Blessed are the sincere, perfect, or undefiled in the way", who walk in the Law of the Lord controlling them by His Spirit working in them. It speaks about His Law, His Testimonies, His Commandments, Statutes, Precepts, in every verse of the A. B. C. and X. Y. Z. of all true Christian experience.

Psalms 120 to 134 - the Psalms of Degrees, repeated by worshippers as they went up the14 steps to the Temple (of stone and lime), type of the steps which mark all who will find access to the True Temple not made by men's hands, but His. Psalms 120 shows getting rid of a lying and deceitful tongue is the first step, and you see in Psalms 133 and 134 the oneness produced in letting God work in and by us -- in going up to Zion's Temple, where David's hope were, and are all centered today.

Notice how praise and thanks is the mark of Psalms 135 to 150. The Songs of the True Israel of God, gathered from the ends of the Earth. You will get much joy and comfort from these Psalms which are specially for today.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine,

P.S. The Psalms of David are far more prophetic than most people imagine as David was Overcomer of all Israel's enemies, and Solomon built the Temple or House of the Lord. Wm. I.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards and Company
September 20, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours August 15th, 1939. Whatever seems best for you there, is all right. Glad you were useful in Eureka. Give all, all the chance you can, for the time seems short. The sixth Angel of Revelation IX: 12-21 has not yet sounded, but it seems the Bear is now to devour much flesh.

I have been enjoying Isaiah very much recently, as it deals with the time of the end, both of old Israel Judah, and the coming of the new at end of Gentile age. Friends last night at supper read Isaiah 50: which is a wonderful promise to Isaiah, and quite in line with all true experience; but they forget to read Isaiah 20: and see how He looked in men's eyes, and in Isaiah 53: which gives a full portrait of Him as a Prophet, and of all who ever were or would be in men’s estimation.

The Truth of Jacob and Israel's few poor men and the gathering of the True of Israel tribes in Revelation VII: are very rich and rare when we see how blind men are to all His purpose.

The Psalms of David from 1 to 150: seems to be prophetic for coming days and present experience as Isaiah is of Jacob and Israel. In both cases its generally mis-read and made historical, while its chief value is for now and coming new days. All your last two U.S.A. mails were censored, and you can see what they say regarding sending money in letters. New Zealand and Australia mail has been slow past week, but on the whole mail does well when we consider the long stretch and difficulties the way today.

Great Britain and Empire have never shown calmer and more determined spirit in facing what is a great problem and must be solved, and the Navy have begun their work quietly but resolutely and effectively. From photo, you both look well. Rose has, and hope will, improve. Letters have been very good from down South, which is good. Surely world conditions should appeal to any who have any heart. I am sure you have oceans of truth in the Book opened and sealed; so you can't fail to have plenty to eat and drink spiritually. Roses' handwriting is much easier for Censor than yours. Anna's letter and Philips, enclosures, were good.

Excuse short note.

Love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Smiths  
Box 696 Post Office
Jerusalem, Palestine
September 22, 1939

My Dear Smiths & Co

None from you this week. But USA letters are coming as usual & we expect yours any day though we know there is general curtailment. Its easy to see that Rev 9. 1-11 is going on in the Great Conflict but last half of rev 9 – is to begin in the Euphrates & will also fulfil Luke 21. I notice twice mentioned 5 months in Rev 9 1 to 11. Which may give some indication of what will take place in present trouble. But its clearly not the 6th Angel sounding.

The Bear has arrived on the scene so it may be to fulfil Dan 7. Writing so we can afford to watch & pray always that we may be Worthy to Escape those things which are coming on the Earth. Certainly the power of Democracy is being revealed. If only & mostly felt in words & the Navy is very able & busy in spite of some knocks. Which can only add color to their activities on world seas. Its difficult to control prices all over which if not would only add to the labour troubles. Though wages are more likely to be wisely handled than in 1914. If prices rise the enthusiasm amongst Democrates will make it easier to control for all by experience of last war.

I have been enjoying reading of Isaiah, has for Israel, Judah & for the End of the gentile age. Chapter 1 gives a pretty clear detail of much that goes on in the Name of Worship & Service & what He thinks of it & what will happen to all who fail to heed His Warning Voice. Chapter 2.2 in the last days who will be Exalted & who will be cut down according to whether they listen to men with or with out His Spirit, as in last Verse Chap 3 is very clearly for Jerusalem & Judah When the time Comes.

Chap 4 shows the Suffering of the victims of war & the victory for all who have ears for this Spirit Speaking Chap 5 gives us Woe in verse 8.11 – 18. 20. 21. 22 which reminds us of the 7 woes in Math 23. Chap 6. Shows what made it possible for Isaiah to see where the people were & Why of their Condition & gave Him Commission as well as message & whom it was specially for Verse 26 of Chap 5 is good as showing what His Ensign would be in Isaiah or the Prophet Cap 7 shows the Lord giving them a sign in the promise of Jesus, born of a Virgin & bring blessing as well as cursing.

I notice Aussey & New Zealand are both being active & reliable & South Africa is coming into line & will do her part certain it will be a great upset to the whole economic World & much suffering for the World as a whole, and that the result largely of the few wicked men who have shown little sense of the great responsibility resting on them.

My love in Him to all there,

Wm Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards and Co.
September 29, 1939
No address

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and others, and Mrs. Slaglo's nice sweater, perfect in every ways. We have had a sample of the poison of locusts of Rev. IX: when prepared like horses equipped for battle, and the sound of their wings as the sound of chariots of many horses running to battle; and its good to see that they have power to hurt men for five months only. England and France have shown their wisdom in the preparation for the conflict, and will come thru with the union of the Nations, or Leopard with the feet of a Bear and the mouth of a Lion, which couples up Daniel VIII: Lion, Bear and Leopard, to make the power of the Beast who conquers as Revelation XIII: backed by the Fourth Beast, the American last of the Nations as in Daniel VIII.

When the sixth Angel sounds Revelation IX: 12-21 becomes the program, ending when the two Witnesses, Paragraph: So John can't come till the first Woe is over, in five months, and the second Woe is ready to begin its work for 3 1/2 years. It gives us great comfort to see the end of the whole matter as in Revelation XIII: when the four Beasts of Daniel VII: have conquered the Destroying powers. "Who can make war against the Beast", though it means meeting destruction in a terrible sense.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards and Company
October 18, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards' and Co:

Thanks for yours. Had good mail last week. All quiet here, and strong all over Empire, which augers well for ending war in 3 1/2 month from now.

Enjoyed reading Ezra VIII: 21-23, Isaiah 52 and 65. John's coming can't be till 6th Angel sounds, as second Woe ends with the two Witnesses finishing their witness. If I can't write you weekly at any time, you can maybe supply what is lacking.

Habakkuk, Zephaniah and Haggai are good reading. Australian mail is not so often, but good when it comes. Give all, all the chance you can these coming months. People are more anxious to hear what Revelation says about the War, now it's on.

Had one from Percy, - same old man. I hope you are finding Phoenix cooler. Weather here is cooling off, and we expect rain about the 20th of October.

Hope you are well, and fit for the coming winter. My Love to you all and best wishes,

Wm. Irvine.

This is the first letter getting through since September 29, 1939.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
October 27, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards and Company:

Thanks for yours and many others this week. Glad you are finding everything work out clear and plain, and hope you will be able to enjoy some rest after your busy time in fitting into His purpose and plan.

Allied spirit words, and works all seem to favor them, while the enemy seems to get jittery and hysterical evidenced by their abusive language. Wintery weather will make defense easier and attack more difficult, so three months will soon roll around and bring the end of the present trouble.

Poland will suffer badly no doubt from what has been done. The book and all it contains for all who can read it will be fresher and sweeter than ever; and I'm sure you will be able to give any needed help to those who value it, and using what they have will add to its value to them, and those whose ears are being dug by what's happening before their eyes.

We are waiting for our early rains which set planting going all over Palestine -- more useful now than in former years. Every one seems to be solidly behind the Allies here, and the Neutral Nations seem relieved by what Turkey has done.

My love and best wishes,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
November 3, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards and Company:

Thanks for yours and others. U.S.A. mail has been more regular than others, tho now its getting more steady, as war clouds seem to have more of a silver lining for the Allies.

We have prospects of much needed rain for planting, weather cooler. Noah's dates in Genesis VII-II was on Oct. 29. The five months of this chapter, and the 5 months repeated in Revelation 9: may bear reading.

I'm sure you can be helpful to the friends by adding to my short letter in whatever way you feel will be useful. I expect you will find the way open for your hill house and a good rest after your long spell and wait, watch and pray.

Hope you are all well as I am,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards' and Company
November 14, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edward's and Company:

Thanks for yours and others, cheery and hearty. Much to cause our hearts to rejoice, as we see His hand at work amongst the nations, for the deliverance of all who have and will have His nature and spirit.

The Democracies have won out in the war of nerves and words. Tomorrow is the mid-day of the 5 months. It looks more like ending in 5 months from 1st September than any day since it started.

Only God could have worked out the much detail that favors those who are willing to suffer and risk all for freedom from what had become a nightmare to the nations from the two-fold dictatorships in name of giving liberty to her own peoples. But these are but the beginnings of the greater redemption awaitng the whole world, according to His purpose, plan and promises of the whole scriptures, and concentrated in Revelation message from the Throne today.

The anxiety resulting from world conditions, is opening ears for God's message as never before, giving opportunity for witness by the Spirit to all who avail themselves of it, while the forms of Godliness without the power is being revealed.

The whole scriptures reveal the conflict between words and forms without the power of the living God and those whose hearts God has touched and moved, and by whom He was speaking and working in. It's little value to admire the men God honored and used in His service, if we fail to give Him possession of our own hearts and live to be, say and do as they did in their day and generation.

So it's our opportunity to let God, the Trinity, live out His life in us as Jesus gave full revelation of in His life, death, resurrection and now from the Throne.

My Love in Him,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards' and Company
December 2, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards' and Company:

Thanks for yours and others with detail of your activity. Word today of Tom Petty's death, copy of letter and a Hymn he made, very much in line with much the Mission world supply and live by; but Rev. 11 supplies details such as will count to the whole world. So we can afford to wait the final decision of the whole world controversy of Cain and Abel, and expect two months more will bring definite change in War outlook. Hysteria seems to mark German sea and air activities, produced by European home conditions as well as from the outside, -- Allies' and Neutrals' attitudes.

The world is only wakening up to the actualities (Political) of the whole case, while the scriptural and spiritual values will dawn on them all, sure as conditions fulfill what's written in the Book. For all men say and do will only fulfill what has been said and now to be done in fulfilling the Book.

All the dominions and colonies have responded very heartily to the challenge. Russia is showing her teeth some, also, as Daniel VII suggests. The news from Aussey, New Zealand, U.S.A. and other friends is cheerful and hearty. Conditions here are quieter than they have been for past years. Winter so far has been mild and rather dry, --only about quarter of rain fall compared to last year which was specially good. The Citrus season has begun and we may expect markets to be slow owing to end of Spanish war and the present one begun. I expect U.S.A. will benefit from orders for air and other war material, and "Cash and Carry" will relieve their minds.

Hope you are all well and prepared for California weather if you move down to sea level.

My Love to all,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards' and Company
December 9, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Edwards' and Co:

Thanks for yours from Denver. Glad you enjoyed your visit, and they also. The lull in the land war is causing people to forget the protection given them from airplanes and gas, --but they could soon come to value it had they one taste of what is possible when we see how little consideration is shown to law or promise. The Hitler spirit is desperate and hysterical.

Developments by Russia and U.S.A. are quite in keeping with Daniel VII Lion, Bear, Leopard, and 4th Beast, to any who have tried to read them carefully --as the second Woe of Rev. IX: 12-21 reads well with Dan. VIII. It's good to see the 4th Beast, U.S.A., well stirred up over the Russo-Finland War. Wintry weather seems to have a certain amount of restraint in France and Finland, and no doubt time is sure to work for both, and against the aggressors.

The world's verdict on Kaiser and Germany in last war will be repeated in the present one on Hitler and Germany. He, or they, will come to their end and none shall help them as in Dan. XI, last verse. It will be like emphasizing what was said and done, and so clear the way for further action in the whole world from God's standpoint as Dan. V comes after Dan. IV.

I am sure you will be able to give much help to those who seek for scriptural base for what they expect from the present troubles on the earth. Australia, New Zealand, Canada are all more effective this time than last, and South Africa and other parts are not slow to toe the line; and from present signs the 5 months will end first Woe which began twenty years ago-- and now ripe for reaping. Canada seems to have had a very good crop and harvest this year, specially in Saskatchewan which has suffered badly for past ten years, --so the Rainmaker King was more than a name.

Hoping you are all well and benefitting by each others fellowship and help.

Best Love,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards’ and Company.
December 16, 1939
PO Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Edward's and Co:

Thanks for yours yesterday. Had several from Denver - very appreciative, with others from Southern California, expecting to see you about Christmas, not far off now. Hope you feel rested after your 2,000 mile drive. It was good to escape snow going and rain coming.

A little increase in War activities, weather seems to be on the side of Allies and Finland, but the Sea activities must be more trying. The world's spirit hardens against the aggressors, so we think still five months may bring decision.

Weather here is very mild so far and rain light. League of Nations has been reviving in Spirit and activity since Russia has revealed her teeth and desire to devour.

I see quite a number of my young relatives at the front. Looking at Psalm 139 today, shows its David's experience of how God chooses and prepared His Prophets, even when they don't know Him. He works in, on and by them in all the many vicissitudes of their lives as seen in Moses from birth to death, which is encouraging today. Psalm 71: 20 is very full when you read with Psalm 139:13-17; "shall quicken me again and bring me again from the depths of the Earth" even with gray hairs and age. These marks are as pat as they are in Daniel VII: I hope you can get the juice of these experiences of David and Moses.

They all speak very highly of your reading of the Psalms of Degrees, and as sure they will find increasing value in them as experience grows.

Citrus crop is reaching England pretty well, though short compared to last year, owing to Spain shipping more and with less transit costs. Our food supply is maintained and quite satisfactory, though unemployment hits some.

My Love and Best Wishes for all,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards and Company
December 27, 1939
PO Box 696 Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards' and Co:

Thanks for yours and many others there. Denver people enjoyed your visit very much, and the California people are eager to hear your message. Its better to encourage people to believe they have opened the door when they have professed to do, and teach them what it means, than to speak about opening the door every day, which tends to confuse. When they have professed to opening the door then we can encourage them in how to reveal it and have grounds of appeal to them. Their words and marks prove what they have done; He begins to work from within, and reveal to and by them.

“If any man hear my Voice and open the door, I will come in to him and sup with him, and He with me.” To hear His Knock and Voice through you, and they profess to obey, then you expect to see and encourage the fruits of it, which will give assurance, rather than uncertainty. This is very clear in, - “If any man drink of the water that I shall give him, it shall be in him a well springing up into everlasting life,” as we see in the woman of Samaria. Their assurance will increase as they open their mouths to others. Paul always took them on their profession, and encouraged the fruits of the Spirit in them.

Christmas has come and gone, though cloudy, there is the silver lining of the dark cloud for all whose Hope is in God. Mary forms a beautiful type for all who let God begin to work the good pleasure of His will in them. The birth guides us in the manifestation of what God works in us. Work out your own soul salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God that worketh in you, to will and do His good pleasure.

The Angels appeal to Mary is like the appeal to an honest hearted person to let God begin to work in and out the good pleasure of His will - another way of putting Revelation 3:20.

I am sure they will be enjoying your presence in Southern California, and I can only wish you all a very happy Christmas and the New Year 1940.

My love to All,

Wm. Irvine.

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