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Wm. Irvine's Letter to Pages & Co.  
Box 696 P.O.
Jerusalem, Palestine
January 24, 1942

My Dear Page & Co,

Thanks for yours & others from your land so far way. And yet we hear every day by radio how you fare, past 6 weeks has changed conditions very much. But its all only fulfilling what has been so long Written in Daniel & Revelations for the time of the End of present World Conditions.

Daniel 7 & 8 becomes very easy to read as we see the four Beasts now in operation. The Lion being lifted up from the Earth. The bear devouring much flesh on one side of it. The Leopard spotted beast now has 4 heads. England, U.S.A., Russia & China, and many spots of a defensive nature by which to win the War as in Revelation 13. The 4th Beast U.S.A. well described as strong Exceedingly compared to others & to have 10 horns or South America States with her as they come from the West on the face of the Whole Earth not touching the ground as in Daniel 8.

We can take comfort in the fact that this record in the Book was & is for our reading in the time of the End, or when the Old Heaven & Earth are to pass. Making room for the New Heaven & Earth which has been the hope & cheer in all ages for Gods people. The Spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus. So we see in Revelations 19. So to be able to see & read these things is very stimulating to anyone who has Ears to hear & Eyes to see His work in all that’s going on in a seemingly mad – bad world which Isaiah 24 gives us a very intimate glance at.

Japan has been very worthy of a place amongst her Axis friends & reveals the same Diabolical Spirit waiting her own doom in the very way she began. We enjoy hearing over the radio what goes on in New Zealand. It makes us feel at home in all that concerns you there.

Its good to hear you get letters from U.S.A and so you can benefit by what reaches them. Its good in your trials there to know that He is interested as much in your affairs as we are in Him & His. A loving loyal voluntary, friendly interest beyond our deepest need Revelation 12, is very good & shows the provision made for all in need of true Salvation & strength for all who are feeling their weakness.

For He always makes us feel our need before Supply.

My Love in Him,

Wm Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Edwards
January 14, 1942
P. O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards' and Co:

Expect to hear from you, now the way has opened again after the Japanese activities in [the] Pacific have been gauged.  The Lion is said to have reached equality in the air with Germany, and seen in what is happening in North Africa.  The Bear is true to Daniel 7, and devouring much flesh, and likely to devour more during the next few months.  The Leopard-spotted beast has now four heads: England, U.S.A., Russia and China, with 26 spots, and more to follow.  The fourth beast is now declared, and is likely to fulfill the whole of the points given: dreadful and terrible, strong exceedingly, great iron teeth and feet to tread and devour and stamp on those due for the vengeance they have provoked.

The fourth beast with ten horns gives us some idea of the number of South American powers who will be active, and fit out of the 17 states there--all those prophesies, which are now facts before the eyes of any who care to see and hear what the spirit saith, and surely point to the nearness of our hopes, which is like travail of the Woman body.

Isaiah 66:5-16 is very pat these days, and cheering for all who hear, and try to see what He says, in spite of all our fears and doubts.  The Mother and Child are both alike, victims at delivery, in spite of the promises given under such conditions.

I don't expect the four angels of Rev. 9 know who they are, but we can see four names standing out very clearly on each side, and each representing 200 million, so both claim.  But you can see whose horses are spoken of in the description given, and pointing to the fact that air superiority will win the 2nd Woe conflict; and the number given, 1/3 part of men killed shows how fierce it will be.

I expect you will be hearing and seeing much activity since 7th December; the way Japan began was an invitation to U.S.A. to show little mercy, as have the other axis powers done in many ways.  What Germany's next move is to be is not clear yet, but she must not take any risk in her desperate condition on the front, and also at home.

The comfort Jesus gave His weak disciples in their trial, and test at crucifixion, and on to ascension, are very apt and valuable to us as we see things happening.  They found out their own weakness before He gave power at Pentecost; the 10 days must have been real trying, but the end sure and glorious.  Our weakness or little-ness in ourselves is a necessity if we are to know all He is and has.  You can see how the mightiest of men in the conflict on the face of the whole earth.  The wait has not weakened.

My love and sympathy for all who are in travail,

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Jim, Liz & Co.  
Box 696 Post Office
Jerusalem, Palestine
March 18, 1942

My Dear Jim, Liz & Co,

I have been thinking of you for past days. I always feel very cheered by your letters. I find I don't have your Street address, so if I don’t get it soon will send it via Fred Smith.

It has been very comforting to find Matt. Gospels that of the Kingdom of Heaven which includes Sheep & Shepherds. Dog hogs wolves in sheeps clothing & goats to feed them to the very end as in Matt. 25 while the sheep will care for the shepherd. You will find in Paul, Peter, John, James & Judes last Epistles gives you these marks.

Jesus speaks of in Matt. 5. 6. 7. Showing the development of the few that were chosen out of the any called. But we fail to get the value if we apply these facts to the wide spread religious world rather than the development around those who were anointed & sent as recorded in the Book. But New Testament is Prophetic of the end as well as historical for the beginning. I am Alpha & Omega the beginning & the end the first & the last. Matt. 13 reads to me today like an outline of my work in past 50 years. These parables cover all my varied Experience from going to everyone I met on the Highways or byways to give my witness driving them to their wicked leaders to find comfort so trouble no more while many 100ds were glad to hear my Testimony but not willing to face the opposition. Then many 100rds of others were glad to see me & hear my witness & profess, but they found the desire for business & life social etc. too much to enable them to go on & to fill into the old pit of noise. But I got some sheep & shepherds 30.60.100 fold.

Proof that God was in it all is seen in the fact that the Devil sowed lures and they became many – plenty of profession etc., but nothing in them of God or Jesus. Then the woman put leaven in the 3 measures of meal (what they had ground in their tare mills) till the truth – inward only – was leavened. God's way of revealing the unregenerate from the regenerate. 1914 – Separation by God as in Matt. 24 – 42-51 – Son of Man to give the chosen meal in due season.

While those who said in their hearts My Lord has not come & done this & so you see what they did & what He did to them ending in weeping etc. at the End. When too late, my mustard seed faith grew into a tree where the birds of the air (those who have only ears & eyes to hear & see as men see) no ear for God or eyes to see His work – only seeking a place to Lodge & live by what others have produced. When I found the World a field for my life work & sold all & got liberty to go anywhere & did it.

Then in 1914, I sought the pearl of great price & sold all & bought the pearl which is reading the Book for these days which will be of great price to God & man in the 2 witnesses period so the man who threw the net into the Sea caught all kinds will draw to the shore & separate the 2 sorts. Notice how the message of God & the pearls will reveal Dogs hogs wolves & gats who fed them.

My love to all there,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Smiths & Co. 
Box 696 Post Office
Jerusalem, Palestine
April 3, 1942

My Dear Smiths & Co.,

Thanks for yours & M.O.s. You will have enough there to keep everyone busy as here. This is Holy Week & so we may expect Spring Offensive in many forms soon. When you know the programme in general, you will have hope for the end. No matter what detail may look black & lowering the wheels are turning in Democracy will sure grind the Axis to powder.

In as much as the Book has given us vision and understanding there is much comfort to be had in talking one with another as in Malachi 3. And you can see the sure promises which never can be broken. Luke 21 says possess your souls in patience rather than get worried & wearied.

Today reminds us of what God permitted men & Devils to do to His Son. But when they had done their worst & they sure it was ended – He rose from the grave to live & reign for ever. So our comfort depends on the same confidence inspired by the Spirit & the promises Malachi 4 – 1 is very dark for the enemies of God but verse 2 & 3 are just as bright for His friends. When we hear the loud voices saying, Now is Come Salvation & Strength for the weak. The Kingdom of God & the power of His Christ – The Disciples suffered because they were slow of heart & foolish not to believe what all the prophets had & have said.

So now its our turn to believe them for today & be able to say Even So Come Lord Jesus – Comfort – hope & help in the days of darkness & midnight. We can be much more alive to the trouble than we are to the promises of help & hope & the great day cant be far off.

My love to all.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
April 17, 1942
P. O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours, which was good like many others received--"they who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith to the Churches."  People professing to be born of God, as in John's day were born of the will of the flesh or the will of man -- but not by true submission to the will of God -- who are "the few" in contrast with "the many" who professed to receive Him.

"I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last," so the Gospel is history but also prophesy for the end, and the message from the Throne in Revelation is the separating of the dead from the living.  "Ears to hear what the Spirit saith" to all who professed through anointed ministry which can produce two sorts because of the way people hear.  If we can't bring people to doing the will of God, and refusing the will of the flesh and the will of man--then there can be no hope for any man.

The sheep's nine marks in Matt. 5 can never fail to appear in all who have chosen to do the will of God.  The dog can never enjoy this test, any more than the hog will enjoy the Pearl truth, or the truth in Revelation for today.  They don't like the truth of tribulation, nor can the wolf in sheep's clothing, nor trees with thorns or thistles pretending to produce figs.

In the Epistles of the first generation you see the dogs returning to their vomit, and swine to the mire of their religious life.  Grievous wolves sprang up amongst them.  Can any man refuse to hear what the Spirit saith. What a simple test for all who ever had living water poured out by the Spirit for the time of the end.

Conditions today are to create hunger and thirst, but can do nothing for those who don't feel their need of the shelter under His wings, and all it means when bombs are falling, spraying death in the battle field and anywhere else, showing that Psalm 91 is for today, when all men on the earth will either seek God truly, or find His wrath poured out.  So it's good to keep these two possibilities before all we contact, and the sinner class and common people will have most ear.  Conditions become more serious every day, and only when they see it's either life or death, will men think soberly, and seek the help of those who have living water to give guiding them to the true surrender to God.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
May 13, 1942
P. O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for two from you, and M.O.’s came all right; and not necessary.  Glad to hear of your new move.  When Moses was sent to Egypt he felt the need of Aaron as his mouthpiece.  When Jesus was anointed, you see Him at the Wedding feeling as if His hour had not come.  His mother had to appeal to Him to speak the word that changed the water into wine.

It’s little use to open the door to let Him in if we fail to let out what He came to witness to the world. It must have been an effort to open His mouth in the synagogue, for He was “on all points tempted as we” are, but did not yield to the fear of man, nor the adversary who sought to keep His mouth shut.  His birth created conditions much greater than we can ever know.  It was easy for him as a boy of 12 to discuss truths, but how difficult to speak in the synagogue and say what He said, and to whom He was sent—not to them but to their victims.

I have long seen that people who have been keen on hearing and slow to speak found it harder all the time, whereas to speak out what we know is His message gives God a change to seal our lips and encourage our efforts to help others, now that so many are forced to find a famine, not bread, but for the words of God.

It’s easy to say, “Even so, Come Lord Jesus”—but to give explanation of what it means is a great opportunity to bear witness and offer help.  The voice of the Lord God in the Garden had to compel Adam and Eve to hear by destroying their confidence in what the serpent had given them.  The Devil is the deceiver of those who hear him, but as Satan he is our adversary, to shut our mouth and keep in what He has put into our heart and mind—so robbing both God and man.

The leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations, which are sorely smitten; and every days war news is but an opportunity to give people the reason from the scriptures for what is going on.  To “hear and obey” means to use what we hear in helping others to share in His offered mercy.  “Ye are my witnesses,” is what He expects us to be.  All the adversary can say or do in shutting your mouth can be covered by His Blood, shed for all who are His; so our faults and failings is [sic] no excuse for a shut mouth, and be sure you will be refreshed, strengthened and comforted every time you bear clear witness to others.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Smiths & Co. 
Box 696 Post Office
Jerusalem, Palestine.
May 26, 1942

My Dear Smiths & Co,

Thanks for yours & M.O.s & others from different ones. Hope you all keep well in the midst of much other activities all of which is but hastening the great days ahead. Which have been so long spoken of and pointed to us as the hope of all ages. To have more of God & less of what is Contrary is the Sun rise of a New day & Creation. No man will say to his Brother, Know the Lord – for all shall know Him from the least to the greatest are wonderful words, and explains probably the cause for much of what we have too much of to-day.

Conditions seem to point from Heaven – which will be a great Comfort as the morning star is on a dark A.M. the New Testament has proved to be full of prophecy. Though we were slow to realise it. When a sower went forth to sow wheat the reception was hard stony & thorny. But some good seed fell on good ground and brought forth 30, 60 & 100 fold sheep & shepherds who were born of God & had the marks of Matt. 5. 1 to 12, the salt & light of the world. Many were called few chosen but a few sheep & shepherds are worth many Dogs Hogs & Wolves in sheeps clothing fed by the goats who thought they were doing service as we see in Matt. 25.

It was so in Jesus day in Pauls & Johns day. So no wonder we have seen & felt it in our day the prophet in Old Testament. Seem to have used the same words. Dog – Hog – Goats & Wolves in contrast to Sheep & Shepherds, wherever whenever God works. The Devil sowed tares & only the end can reveal the real difference as you see very clearly in Matt. Gospel records. But we apply this to the world & so miss much of its value for its for the Kingdom of Heaven & so we see the weeping – wailing & gnashing of teeth especially for those who heard, but did not heed & so missed their opportunity as did Cain & so he became the true type of what Dog – Hog – Wolf in sheeps clothing or bearing the outward marks, but inwardly a wolf.

Paul & John had the same experience in their day & generation in the message of the Churches – he that hath ears to hear let him know what the Spirit saith. Showing us sheep will hear & understand what the Spirit saith. So Dogs – Hogs – Goats & Wolves will only hear what suits their unregenerate nature deceitful & desperately wicked hearts. Yet He says in Rev. 3-20 If any man, etc.

My love to all who have ears to hear,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter to Sam & Co.  
Box 696 P. O.
Jerusalem, Palestine
July 8, 1942

My Dear Sam & Co,

Thanks for kind letter which brought back many memories of all sorts, which I find used in Matt. 13. With all the different experiences which were to mark the time of the end & that Matthews Gospel was prophetic as well as historical, of what you find in Paul, Peter, John & Jude. How different they are from what we find Acts 4 the earlier Epistles. But following the outline Jesus gave in Matt. 5, 6 & 7 Chapters the end of which is 2 houses. One on the Rock & the other on the sand to be tested by the storm we now see on the Earth developing.

The Kingdom of Heaven always begins in a sower going forth to saw good seed, 3 parts goes for nothing though they can never forget what they heard. Tho they did not get life they got truth in words. Which makes it possible for the woman who put leaven of scandal in the 3 measures of meal & left the tares which the Devil had sown with form & words but no life in them, till the separation of the tares from the wheat.

When the Children of the Kingdom will shine forth as in Malachi 4, we used to read as if tares were those who never heard a sower or sent anointed one. But that is giving away the key to reading the whole New Testament. Its very deceiving to read Paul, Peter, James & John & Jude & Revelation message to the 7 Churches. Pauls work at it best now the condition of all who have only the various forms & words with only a few with ears to hear what the Spirit saith unto the Churches, produced by a sower who got some sheep & shepherds in the 30, 60 & 100 fold in Matt 5.1 to 12. If there had been no sheep, there would have been no goats to feed the Dogs Hogs & Wolves.

We see mentioned by the Old Testament prophets as well as the New Testament Apostles. The tenderest words to the sheep in the later Epistles are coupled up with the most terrible indictment of the tares whom the Devil sowed showing how helpless people are who profess but have not opened the door of their hearts to le Jesus come in. For Revelation 3 & 20 shows the cause for the whole difference between those who have ears for the Spirit & those who don't.

Jesus Spirit in & Jesus outside is the difference between Cain & Abel then & now. It must have been very painful to Adam & Eve to see the development of Goat Dog Hog Wolf in Cane & the consequences to Abel & now we can see it more painful. When He is going to give the world the same chance by John coming as His Ambassador & the Consequence to all men that dwell on the face of the whole Earth. Either life & peace or the opposite. I hope you may be able to understand better now our past Experience & whats to follow.

My love & best wishes to all who bear your name & value & all who bear his,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
August 12, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and others.  I have been thinking the many will try to be poor in spirit, thinking to imitate rather than true submission to God, to let Him begin to work in them, to make them poor in spirit as the light of life begins to reveal what they have been and would ever have been had they never heard His voice calling and guiding them to the place and condition where God could give them the Christ nature.

All the marks in Matt. 5 shows the work of God begun in them, and no amount of trying can ever produce these marks if we fail to let God work in us the Christ nature.  The Devil sows tares in making people believe imitating these marks will make them Christian.  You can see in Rev. 2 and 3 chapters, the many had no ears to hear what the Spirit saith to the churches, satisfied with the profession, words and works, but no Christ nature which gives ears to hear and live by what the Spirit saith.  You see Jesus outside the door knocking and wanting them to hear His voice by those who have it, and open to let Him come in, no matter how long they have been professing, yet no life in them.

There is always plenty to make us poor in spirit in our past life’s experience, once the light of God shines in, and we will have plenty to mourn over as we look in, but comfort by the Spirit in the midst of all our failures, for as in the natural we learn by our mistakes and failures, and develop as we aim and try to overcome all that would hinder our usefulness.

True living relationship to the Trinity is the only possible hope for anyone, and now will be more manifest in the New Heaven and New Earth where all shall know Him, from the Least to the Greatest.  If we walk in the light as He is revealed, we have living fellowship with God and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth all our failures, as we grow and increase in knowledge of God by a living experience.

Those who are imitators will become great in the Kingdom of Heaven, and get recognition from men, but they who aim at coming down to be least and little ones will inherit the Kingdom and all it means.

World conditions become more serious every day, so the more need for truly being in the secret place of the Most High who dwells in the lowly contrite sincere hearts.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Mrs. Donn
September 6, 1942

My dear Jean, Mum and Co.:

Thanks for yours and others there.  Glad to hear you are all well after 28 years of being sheep; on which the dogs, hogs and wolves and goats have been feeding their animal appetites.  Though they don’t know it and won’t believe it till final hearing of their reward as in Matt. 25; even then they think the dogs, hogs and wolves they fed were servants of Jesus.  But Matt 25:51 shows the separation into Son of Man and the few sheep who were to get meat in due season, which I enjoy seeing you have been grateful for.

Jesus gives us a very good way to identify dogs and hogs; give them what’s of God and they will trample it under foot and turn, to rend you.  Give them Pearl Truth for today and both dog and hog will do the same.  The wolf comes in sheep’s clothing but inside he is ravening to devour the sheep, no matter when or where found.

Jean will prove to be the greatest blessing and seal of God on your faithfulness.  Glad to hear Alice is getting on well, for she also stands out in His purpose and plan of revealing those whom the goats fed so long and well.

If you are able to read Matt 13, you will have an outline of the whole of my life work for past 50 years.  I called many, but few were chosen in 1914, when the leaven was sown in 3 measures of meal till the whole of the tares the Devil had sown was leavened.  My faith mustard seed grew into a tree and the birds of the air came to lodge in the tree, is a beautiful description of the many who claimed to be workers.  I sold all and bought a very big field and wrought it well and made possible all you see has happened, not knowing that we were nearing the end of the age.  Then I sold all and bought the goodly Pearl of being able to read the Truth of Revelation and from the prophet’s truth to comfort and strengthen to endure in these days.  I cast the net, caught of 2 sorts.  Now it’s to be drawn in and separated to what is acceptable to God and rejected of all others.  There were only Cain and Abel seed in the first family and so in the end as in Rev. 22.

So we can see the purpose of what’s going on, on the earth.  You can see what it will mean in weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth for all who have caused suffering to those who have borne the marks of Matt 5:1-12.  You will find in the latter epistles of Paul, Peter, John and Jude the marks of the sheep, and though few, very valuable in God’s sight, for they remained the true sheep, in spite of the many hogs, dogs, wolves and goats who were product of the Tares the Devil sowed while men slept.

God send His Son, born of a Virgin, knowing well the scandal would reveal the secrets of men’s hearts, showing the value of scandal in any age.

My love to all who can understand what I write,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
September 6, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and many other good letters.  Though we should be glad and rejoice when we find the Devil our adversary, despiser and accuser; proof that he has not been able to deceive us by Scribe and Pharisee hypocrisy or human imitation of keeping the ten commandments.  Jesus said He came not to destroy but to give a true clear interpretation of what upsets our heart fellowship with God, for this is the rightness which makes for enjoying His presence.  The Scribes and Pharisees did not believe in using a gun or knife, yet they persecuted and killed the prophets and Jesus.  “He that is angry with his brother without a cause is in danger of Judgment,” showing how important it is to be kind and friendly with our brother, not calling him vain fellow or good for nothing, for we are all unprofitable if we measure ourselves by the perfect standard, nor call him Fool to others.  Try it and find out how God becomes less real to us if we allow anger against others.  These words show that even our fellows will take counsel against us.

Abraham always had his altars or place of prayer with him where God could reveal His pleasure or displeasure, as Moses found out the night he left with his wife and 2 children for Egypt, after taking off his shoes as proof of service.  So he went back and took his two boys and fulfilled the covenant mark, outward sign of saying No to all that is most human to hindering His will being done in us.

A parent’s duty is to keep peace in the family life, and we see in Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau the wrong spirit at work, but it shows above all else the great value of letting love and forgiveness rule in all who seek to have God’s presence, comfort and fellowship.  “Agree with thine adversary quickly,” for it becomes Hell to do otherwise.  God controls our lives from within just as the law is for outward breaches.  To put temptation in others’ ways will always be rebuked when we go to the altar.  “Thou shalt not forswear thyself,” and our yea or nay is enough to keep us from much corrupt speech.  “Thou shalt not take the name of God in vain,” or put His name on what we say or do.

Jesus was saying just what He did, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth is not Godly counsel, and so resist not evil by doing what we see practiced; better to get the worst of it than the best of it.  The evil have no altar to guide them, and God is the avenger of the wrongs done to His own and can easily give us what others take wrongfully.  Sun and rain comes on the just and unjust, and He is very anxious that we should do what He does, aim at doing as He does.  This is the perfection He wants us to have.  Matt. 6 shows how He wants our good works done, and prayer, etc., to be seen and heard by God; so shall we have reward or loss in all our doings and sayings.  He gives us a perfect sample of prayer; forgive men and God will forgive you, and save you much suffering and loss.  A single eye for God will never fail.  All we are and ever hope to be is His free Gift, and He shows us how to let God work in and for us.

Love to all,

Wm. Irvine

God’s gifts are not because we deserve them but because we need them, and He delights when we feel our need, and let Him supply out of His eternal store. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Anna Edwards
September 9, 1942

My dear Anna:

Thanks for yours with Papa’s, Madeline’s and Philip’s letters.  Today as I went for my 2 hour walk alone, as I have done most of my life, and specially past 50 years, when I felt very much alone even in the biggest and best company – your being alone in the home and office made me think of the words, “Dare to be a Daniel, dare to stand alone, etc.”  Your father and mother were very much alone in their own families, and so the past 27 years were they in the family of tares which the Devil sowed in my field while we slept, not knowing this has been in every true sower’s work from first to last.

Abel and his seed have always been, and you see Noah and family very much alone, while the world had it’s 80 million sons of God.  Abram was very much alone in Ur of the Chaldees, the most learned and religious city on the earth.  Moses was very much alone in Egypt when he made his choice to walk with God in him rather than become the Pharaoh of Egypt, and he became the lonely man in the desert beyond, where he led and fed his father-in-law’s stock.  Daniel was very much alone in all his Babylon experience, with only three friends mentioned, and hosts of enemies after he left the King’s table.

You can see this mark all through the Book in such as God could dwell in, speak, see and hear His voice.  Tares always favor bundles.  The Virgin Mary was alone when the angel came with the message, and when she declared her willingness to be the handmaid of the Lord, and her willingness for a lonely life of suffering such as never another had.

You can see how Jesus delighted to hear Peter’s confession and recognized he had been alone with God the Father and received the understanding which made him a sample of all who ever have been, or will be truly born of the Father in choosing to do His will, no matter what the cost in suffering and loneliness, reproach and shame, even to the death.  Jesus was very much alone in His own family and His disciples.  All your privileges in the family has been the result of loneliness in your parent’s walk and work with God.  The straight gate and narrow way is beginning by personal and alone choice to do the will of God at every step He leads, and stay there.  Our blood relationship may lead to a profession; will of the flesh may make us follow; and the will of man obeyed by love to them may lead to profession – this is where the Devil can sow tares and does, and John could see why so many tares grew up amongst his own converts, and only revealed in them at the end.  So the greater need for the man of God to help the personal relationship to be established, and a life of walking with God alone, from first to last, with no tears at the end, though the path will have tears enough.  All the humiliating experiences we may have had are but signs in providence that God is leading to the lonely walk with Himself, which is life ETERNAL.

I like to hear of Daddy and Madeline, for it leaves a place for Mother no other can ever fill.

My love to all, and don’t fear but rejoice to know where danger lies for all in the path we all want to walk.  A personal, right start will save much trouble and no disappointments.  I’m sure your quiet and meditation will be good.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
September 16, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and many others.  We have long spoken of the two ways in the Garden.  The Serpent way and the Voice of the Lord God, which spoke words of life to Adam after rebuking their human choice which He cursed, and which brought the curse on all nature and human activity, ending in the flood, because they had filled the earth with violence, and so shall it be in the days of the Son of Man.  “They knew not until the flood came and took them all away.”  It was a fearful indictment that only one man was left to whom He could reveal His mind and heart.  A terrible minority and a more terrible majority which is always the human way of reckoning.

Matt. 5, 6, and 7 gives us the two possibilities.  The one that will make us the great and what will make us the Least in the Kingdom.  The way that seemeth right to a man and that which seemeth right to God.  “I came not to destroy the law or the prophets” but to fill them out in words and works towards God and man.  The Scribes and Pharisees were very strong on reading the law which gave them reputation and power with men in name of God, but His interpretations of what was necessary towards God and man gave them no reputation or power amongst men.  They kept the law and became great, Jesus fulfilled the law and became the least in their eyes and worthy of death.  Moses was the meekest man on the earth when he might have been one of the greatest. 

It’s not how much we can sacrifice others, but how much we are willing to sacrifice in serving others, acceptable to God.  Love your neighbor as yourself is the test of acceptable service to God.  Another way of saying we need God’s nature to do this.  If Jesus came to fulfill the law and prophets, we must have His Spirit come and put on our flesh, if we are to even try to do what Jesus says in Matt. 5, 6, and 7, which is the righteousness which is to dwell on the earth, in the New Heaven and New Earth promised and coming.  Pride and wickedness is the name in Mal. 4 of all human attempts to keep God’s law on the earth amongst men.  Meek and lowly is the name given to all whose service will be acceptable.  We wonder what poor in spirit, mourning, meek and merciful, hungering and thirsting after righteousness as seen in Him; pure, peace-making, persecuted. 

This brings us to see that all who let the Spirit of Christ come to dwell in them and so have His nature and that of God will find it easy to be poor in spirit, etc., and feel the need of His blood to cover all their vain attempts and failures.  So if we have the light of life in Christ we will see how far short we come and so mourning will follow and all the other marks.  Be ye perfect as your Father in Heaven, which Jesus revealed in word, deed, life and death for others’ salvation.  If this is the purpose in your heart and life, John says, “If we walk in the light as He did in dealing with our neighbor brother, good or unjust, we have fellowship with God and the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all our failures which works in us the meek and lowly spirit of Matt. 5.

The world is full of everything else to tempt us to think it is not possible to do as Jesus did.  Better to be a sheep for slaughter for His service and sacrifice, than be goat, dog, hog or wolf in sheep’s clothing.  Ask, seek, knock, and find it helpful under every possible circumstance and condition.  The eternal love and light of God can never cease or change for all who have said “YES”.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
September 23, 1942
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and many others; Australia and New Zealand take about the same time for letters, as USA.  “If the light which is in you be darkness, how great it is.”  The only thing that can save men from that condition is a true personal surrender to God to do the will of the Father and let the nature which will conform us to His image operate in all our relationships with the world as it is.  Lack of this leaves us in the power of the wicked one to make us what he chooses, and so we have the proud and wicked creation as in Mal. 4, with Sun of righteousness arising with healing in its wings, while judgment will operate in making the great doers of the law and prophets in nature’s darkness, because they love their own thoughts and ways and delight in their abominations.  “I also, saith the Lord, will choose their DELUSIONS and bring their fears upon them.”

Jesus came to fill out the law and prophets in His life, work and death in contrast with that which was looked on as its fulfillment in all who were His enemies, living in high places with recognition and reputation to feed their proud and wicked hearts.  How loath they were to kill Him in a public way, which was a pure violation of the law - thou shalt not kill - even in their own blind dead reading.  How treacherous is the popular reading which makes believe He fulfilled the law for us and died for our sins, and so they profess to get life by so doing.  He lived and was very anxious to get others to share in the life He had by being born into the family by true attitude of heart and life to the Father, and only then can we see and feel and desire to be as He was manifested in keeping the law and prophets.  Only by true birth can we be sons and heirs and joint-heirs with Jesus Christ.  Only when we have His nature can we know the value of His blood shed for our sins, as it’s only when we are partakers that our weak efforts and failures appear.  If any one has the light of life, then they will feel the need of His blood to cover their many sins and failures daily, and work out in creating in them the marks of Matt. 5, 6 and 7, of the true sheep in conflict with the many who profess, but prove by their deeds they are dogs, hogs, wolves and goats who batten and fatten on the sacrificing daily of those who have the sheep marks.

How near they are and yet how far removed from bearing the meek and lowly marks, and we see it worked out in the churches; then the work which the apostles did and finally in Revelation how few who had ears to hear what the Spirit saith then and now, and how tender the mercy which said if any man of them would hear and open the door, He would come in to share their weakness and they would share what is His.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
October 2, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for quite a number of good letters with the right marks; for to bear the witness from the Throne as in Revelation, is the Wedding Garment.

Contrast between Matt. 13 – Sower who went forth to sow, and is for the finish of the Alpha Gospel, when the wayside, stony and thorny ground hearers would not take it seriously, while the 30, 60, and 100 fold did take it seriously, and the others who seemed to have been quite satisfied with what they had when the Omega Message was offered to them, seemed to have been left out and the Servants were sent to the Highways and Hedges where there was no profession to hinder them, and so the marks are those who felt their need.

The wedding is ready, but they who were bidden were not worthy, satisfied by attention to human affairs rather then interested in what was God’s purpose, though they had been bidden and were professedly looking for such.  So those Servants went out into the Highways and gathered together as many as they found, both Bad and good.  And the Wedding was furnished with guests.  One had not on a Wedding Garment, and so was cast out to weep and wail.  “For many are called but few are chosen.”

Revelation 1 shows the Reader and they that have ears to hear.  (The seven churches shows how few had ears to hear what the Spirit saith unto them), proof they had ears to hear and so He had come into them, to sup with them, and they share what is His, as we share what is ours, for only such are chosen.

Matthew 21 shows Him overthrowing those who were fleecing the people in name of God; then the two sons, one who said, “I go not” but afterwards went, while the other who said “I go” and went not.  Verses 28 to 32 reveals the danger of those who are ready to say and not do, while the Publicans and Harlots who said “No” came to see that John’s Message was of God.  The vineyard and Husbandman who were in possession proved to be robbers of God and man, as you can see in the majority of the seven churches.

Rev. 22:13-27 puts the whole matter clear and plain.  Verse 16 says, “I, Jesus have sent mine Angel, or Servant, to witness these things to all who profess.  The Spirit and bride show us what He wants and expects.  The clear witness to all men for today of the new thing He is doing on the earth.

To add to or take from the living message from the Throne given by the Spirit and bride, and they who have ears to hear, and give others the waters of Life freely.

God and Jesus are only anxious to have a New, Clear witness by the Spirit to all that’s written and revealed in Revelation for these days, and to be like natural children, ready to do our best to bear His words in weakness to others.  We will learn by all our weak attempts, more than by hearing others.

To find the Spirit pouring out living words by your own lips will cheer and stimulate more than any other attempts we can make.  This is the obedience He values most, for it’s the making us channels of blessing that the thirsty and needy may know where to come to.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Pages
October 5, 1942
P. O. Box 696
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Pages & Co:

Thanks for Dolly's, Alice & Mrs. Adams letters today.  I also saw one from Owen to Alice.  So I have quite a picture of the trials of your faith in what has happened.  It's one thing to hear, read & speak of these things, quite another to have the Test or Trial of our faith.  I was pleased to hear of the spirit Mum showed under very trying conditions and hope Eve gets through her very trying experience which is revealing the real root of much suffering heroically borne for these past years, and can sympathize with Owen who must have been upset very much through the sudden collapse of his nearest & dearest friend, Mum.

Purified, made white and tried are 3 easily repeated words, but how much they mean we can only know by experience & seen very often as we look back, rather than at the time.  They overcame by the blood of the Lamb when the Devil and Satan would accuse and harass us.  The word of our testimony -- proof of having His spirit, and loved not their lives to the death.  The 7th test of Abram's obedience was asking Abram to offer Isaac in sacrifice.  Isaac was more valuable in Abram's sight than his own life, for in Isaac was Abram's hopes.  He was given by God to Abram when he was 100 years old & Sarah 90 & all their promises & hopes were centered in him.  It almost looks cruel, but Abram obeyed God & was willing.  Abram was the same flesh and blood as we have today, and the Test of his friendship for God & God's friendship for Abram.  We can hardly grasp how keen God is to have friends in deed, as well as in word.  The world is full of word worshippers, & so as we are when we have word friends we are glad of anything which will reveal the true from the false.  So with God as we can see him in Jesus -- in Mary anointing His body against His death & burial before it took place.  He said she had wrought a good work on me.  He felt it, though [His] disciples thought it was wasted.

3 days Abram took to get from Hebron his home to Jerusalem & the Altar & the lifted knife.  But God was watching and when satisfied at Abram's heart and life He said, "Touch not the lad," & proof was in that God had provided a ram caught in a thicket of Bush -- showing that there were no big walls & buildings there then.  Isaac's willing obedience to his father was evidence of being like his father in heart, & I can see the same spirit in Eva as in Mum--in the cheery confidence both show under very real trials, & Owen's love for both was enough to produce weakness of heart. What I have seen of all 3 gives me great confidence whether in life or death that they have the faith of Abram & Isaac which is the great object of our lives, if they belong to God.  How we wish we could find more with the same obedient heart when we see the great test being applied to the whole world.

Alice had a severe trial also, and many others.  Gethsemane reveals the great conflict when it comes to life or death in doing the will of God & Death faced for His sake is the one great mark in the whole Book.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
October 8, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for many good letters and a photo of Wm. and Madeline which fills all we have heard of both since the marriage.

When we see what Rose, Willie and Minnie have become to others, by using their mouth to be His mouthpiece.  “Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that proceedeth from the living God.”  This Faith, Hearing and Obedience was the mark of Noah, Abram, Moses, etc.  Such were the marks of Jesus and the true apostles.  Why did Jesus get alone? - that the Spirit might put into His heart what met the needs of the day.  Jesus opened His mouth and spoke as the Spirit gave Him utterance and all His influence on the disciples was to make it possible for them to say as He said.

In the little church meetings every one was encouraged to speak AS THE Spirit gave them utterance.  Jesus said to them, “I go to prepare a place for you” to be as I have been to you and greater works shall ye do, because there are more in number with God dwelling in them to speak and act as He did.  “I go to my Father” to enable you to be and do as I have done, for the work of the Trinity is to enable us to be as He was.

Parent’s desire for their family, is that they may become as they are.  If children were only to wash their face, hands, etc., eat three times or more – but to remain deaf and dumb.  The very child imitating parents in all things is a rebuke.  The mistakes of children is only to make us see the value of correct hearing that they may speak.  So if God writes His thoughts and ways in us, it’s that we may be true witnesses.

What is the value of prophecy being fulfilled every day in the whole world, if there are no witnesses to make clear what is going on.  The whole of Matthew is now prophecy – both for His Bride being formed, that the Spirit may dwell in them and speak living words in witness.

When we hear Russian news by radio or press, it tells us that the Bear has arisen on one side and is devouring much flesh and so of all the prophecies for these days.

The Alpha professed people would not come to the marriage of the King’s Son and so were left; busy with their own human affairs and many even angry with the Servants whom He sent.  He wants people to work in His vineyard – some say “Yes” and go not; others say “No” and went.  But the vineyard is John 15, not the wild human vines of imitation or hypocrisy.

All we say and do, we learned by making mistakes and correcting them, to prove we have a perfect heart.  If our words and works are weak and imperfect, no amount of excuses or self discouragement can ever help.  If we do not have a purpose true to be in our day what we see others were in their day – overcoming pride and wickedness rampant on every hand.  Most of them were poor and ignorant in men’s eyes, but temples of God through whom He spoke.

Love to all,

Wm. Irvine

P. S.  We are fast getting down to conditions as they were in Jesus’ life.  Isaiah 24 is very clear on this point. W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
October 23, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and many other good, cheery letters, proving that they value and appreciate the help given by God, and all who are His servants, Sons and Heirs.

I have been on the track of the anointed as in Psalms 1, 2, and 3.  All 3 are very rich.  Ps. 1 shows what a job it is to get rid of ungodly and wicked counsel, etc., in any age.  But when the whole world is deceived and under the power of the Devil as in Rev. 12, nothing but the Blessing of God could make possible Ps. 1 in a life.

Ps. 2 speaks of the heathen raging, and the people who profess to believe the scriptures imagine a vain thing.  Kings and Rulers set themselves and take counsel against the Lord and His anointed.  Does this mean the man spoken of in Ps. 1?  Babel reminds us of the beginning of nations, and now the nations try to cure all the various causes of war, and make a peace on the old basis, but the Lord is going to give us a New Heaven and New Earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.

Isaiah is full of references to the anointed on the earth, and Chap. 55 seems to make plain what his work is to be as Witness, Leader and Commander for all who care to hear and obey.

Ps. 1 seems to speak of what Overcomer means in Rev. 2 and 3, in not being deceived by all the devil’s deceiving or the adversary who stands to accuse and oppose all that the anointing of God makes possible, and so be fitted to read Revelation to those who have ears to hear what the Spirit saith to the churches.

Overcoming in the Bride is best understood by Rev. 21:8, where we get detail of those things in men and the world around us who refuse to give ear to Man and Message.  I’m afraid the promises to the Overcomer in Rev. 2 and 3, if claimed by the Bride will confuse, just as the general readers claim all these promises and so miss the whole truth of Man and Message so clearly given in the whole Book for these days.

Rev. 21:7 shows the promise to the Overcomer of Rev. 2 and 3 - who is the Angel of Rev. 22 - “I Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify these things in the churches, “ those who hear and obey and bear witness by the Spirit’s witness are the Spirit and the Bride who say Come and Do it with no desire to add to or take from the witness borne by the Angel in guiding into doing this.

The anointed of Ps. 2 is a man, not many as once was read and is read by many who say, “Lo here, Lo there.”

I notice in Matt. 13, “he that soweth the good seed is the Son of Man, the good seed are the children of the Kingdom.”  Matt. 24:42-51 shows the house broken up and the son of Man to give meat in due season to those who are the children of the Kingdom, then you see the tares the Devil sowed in verses 48-51.

I only mention these things to make clear the difference to those who may suffer from a little confusion.  The Son of Man and those who stand before him and with him.  The Angel who testifies and those who hear and bear witness by the Spirit to all who have come to them.

It’s not what we deserve but what we feel our need of or are thirsty for that He delights to supply our needs, and those we come in contact with.

My love and best wishes for all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.  Matt. 19:27-30 may throw some light on the Son of Man.  The 12 tribes will be the Revelation 144,000.  You can work it out yourself.  W.I.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
October 31, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for many letters.  I got 33, 2 days ago, in one mail.  Matt. 19:27-30 is very clear as the conditions for being reckoned Apostles.  Was it easier for those in Jesus’ time, or in the last days when the world was ripe for Judgment and Reward?

The first, who are last, are to judge the 144,000 who will have the benefit of the two witnesses work, which will make it easier for them, than it was for the last of those days, who were first.

Matt. 20 shows Him employing all who are idle, and sent into His vineyard, not the wild human vineyard of hypocrisy, but the same as we read of in His day on the earth in the flesh, as in John 15.

Naturally we have always read the first apostles as the most favored in place of the last.  The word “forsaken” in vs. 27-29 of Matt. 19 has more meaning, for God looketh on the heart and will only make such purpose possible.  Acts 3:23 refers only to one.  Psalm 1 seems very easy to read, but looking back I can see what a long and big job it has been in these days, and I am sure Moses found it so in Egypt, and the 40 years in the desert, even in his own house and family there.  It’s easy to see what “enduring as seeing Him who is invisible” means.  You see the Bride chosen from amongst the virgins.  The reward and place given to the ten talent and four talent according to their several ability, while in foolish virgins and one talent people there is no hope.  “Well done, good and faithful servant, I will make thee ruler over many things; enter thou into the Joy of the Lord” – as He sees some see and say, do and be, as He is, and so find themselves useful and fruitful in coming days, and even now when we are but at school.  Matt. 24:42-49 shows the Son of Man chosen, and his work in giving meat in due season to the wise virgins, and faithful talent people, to be gathered from the good and bad in the highways, and end in having such place and privileges, reveals the Grace and Mercy of God.

Rev. 1 – Reader and those who hear and keep what He reveals in revelation.  Rev. 2 and 3 deals with the work I did in my early activities when many in many places professed to love and obey my Gospel.  Paul begins in Ephesus and so it suits where I began, and was much beloved and no competitors.  They ceased from their first love and work, and turned to many who professed to be apostles; to find out they were false in showing they had not forsaken as in Matt. 19.  They turned from the true to the false, and so were left without any true help or hope.

The message to the Laodiceans shows you the development without the Voice and Guide, and only to such as will hear what the Spirit saith to the churches, is hope given.

You can see the value of Wm. E. And Rose in being able and willing to guide you in all that was impossible for you to understand, and you can see in Laodicea people how their prosperity in their own thoughts and ways leads to their doom.  So we give the Trinity all the thanks and praise, for their guiding and over-ruling in all that perfects the Bride to be the mouthpiece of the Spirit, in giving many a chance for a place in His Kingdom.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
November 21, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for a number of letters.  We can see how the truth for these days is developing.  The photo I got of six boys, due for service, puts one on the track of Psalm 91, as they go to mix with many thousands, and gives one some idea of the value of His wings being over them, who are in the secret place of the Most High.  Secret place, seems to point to the fact that people will not see the source of our hope.

USA has taken a big part in the North African affairs, and probably we will see some action in the North Mediterranean.  How merciful it was written and planned for the Bear to arise on one side, and devour much flesh, which has given the USA and G.B. time to prepare for the coming 2nd front.  The comfort of it all is to see His plan, purpose and words being fulfilled, which gives confidence in many other promises covering the whole campaign.

The 4th Beast has now 10 horns, or fighting armies, scattered over the great field of war, and well able to strengthen any one place.  Since seeing Matthew’s Gospel prophetic for the time of the end, it has quickened confidence in all the various details, and enables us to read the record we have made.  What was scrappy is now more readable as a whole.

Matt. 13:37-38, “He that soweth the good seed is the Son of Man, and the children of the Kingdom are the good seed.”  We could hardly have been able to grasp it, till it was fulfilled.  The Tares are the children of the wicked one.  Matt. 21:23-32 shows us the good seed (or wicked) get authority from men, while those who refuse to go, afterwards repent and are fitted for the apostolic path.

The Prodigal parable, the Publican and Pharisee, Martha and Mary of Bethany, seem to suggest that having been rid of their own good self-righteous thoughts and ways, made it possible for them to have a fuller and deeper capacity to understand God and His ways.

The word “wicked” is very hard to understand, but Scribe and Pharisee helps us some.  “A certain man had two sons and he said, Go to work in my vineyard,” (John 15 vineyard), he said No, so did the Prodigal, but repented and went.  The second said, I go, but went not, to do his Father’s will.  Matt. 21:33 to end gives us a vivid picture of what we have seen and know from experience.  The stone rejected, deals with the conflict between first and second son, and shows us what the wicked will do with the vineyard.  “When the Chief Priests and Pharisees heard these parables, they perceived that He spoke of them, and were ready to lay hands on Him.”  Jesus’ birth shut Him out of the Scribe and Pharisee righteousness, and left open only the Apostolic path for Him to tread outside the camp.  “The first shall be last, and the last first” - is prophetic.  Vs. 16 of Chap. 20 sums up the whole matter.  The parable seems to show us the Gospel day, and the eleventh hour end we are now in.  “Many be called, few chosen” – but the chosen will be those who have fulfilled the apostolic conditions, which is generally looked upon as foolish, and only open to those who have escaped from the snare of their own human thoughts and ways, and all the goodness in men’s eyes, which qualify for the Matt. 23 ministry.

These parables throw much light on the dark, cloudy experiences of our whole life and work, and comfort and encourage us to keep clear the meaning of what the wicked one works by, in getting beyond the power of His life and death work, in making it possible to be useful now and in the future.

My love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
December 3, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and many other worthy letters.  The human heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked.  Salvation begins in a true surrender to God to do His will at any cost.  God honors that in giving us the nature of Jesus.  The light of life and power to guide others into true surrender to God; if we fail here then all else can only end in delusion, and becoming victims of the Devil, deceiving ourselves and being used of the Devil in deceiving others and becoming the adversary of all who are of God, or the tares which the Devil sows, wherever and whenever a sower has sowed some good seed.  Many are called but few chosen; Jesus chose 12 and one of them a devil to show us the work and end of all who fail in a true purpose to do the will of God, for God’s purpose is to make us partakers of Jesus’ nature and conform us to His Image.

All Judas’ iniquity and hypocrisy, though it was very painful and deceitful to the other 11, was purifying, making white and trying them that they might understand the way of the Devil in deceiving them and making adversaries to hinder and harass the true seed of God.  You find the contrast in Mary and Judas at Bethany Feast, and in what took place at the Passover supper and Gethsemane.  Also on Mt. Tabor where only 3 were with Jesus on the Mount and 9 at the foot with Judas and the Pharisees.  You see what a human heart can be and do if deceived by a false profession with only the light which is darkness or human imitation and our own iniquity and hypocrisy to guide us, if we fail to get the light of life, and eat His flesh and drink His blood as they saw it lived out in Jesus.

The death of Jesus means nothing to those who have failed to get His nature and life, and walk in it, which is light.  You see in Judas what the Devil and Satan can make of an unregenerate professor in any age and no help can be given to such no matter how great the privileges or how long.  Such was Cain, the one who was angry with his brother, and killer of his brother.  So it’s better to be the accused and harassed sufferers even to death, for Jesus died as a criminal but rose again and is now King of Kings and Lord of Lords, but Judas and Cain remain a warning to all who failed to get His nature in their profession.

The record of such people in Peter, Paul, James and the later Epistles.  Jude gives a very full outline of what their own converts became who had missed getting God and Jesus to dwell in them.  Ungodly, covers all their activities, which makes these epistles prophecy for our own days and the time of the end when the foolish Virgins’ lamps are going out, and the 1 talent people lose their opportunity in being cast out and the Sheep and Goats are being revealed as the day draws near for John’s coming, which ends the conflict.  Rev. 3:20 is a most merciful invitation to all who find Him out in place of in, the cause of all their trouble.

 My love to all in Him,

 Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
December 13, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

Thanks for yours and many other good letters.  Looking back over 50 years seems but a short time, but much has happened to many in that time.  Many heard the voice of the Lord by the mouth of the Son of Man Sower, who went forth as in Matt. 13, into the highways or not tied up to any one or thing, but giving to all, no matter where, when or how, and only one desire to share with others what had been made mine freely, to be given freely and fearlessly to whosoever came our way.

The wicked one or the various religions and traditions swallowed it all up.  They simply did not believe they needed any more than they had.  Many were glad to hear and receive the Message, but soon found out it meant shut doors and shut faces, and so were scared out.  Many others professed and went on well, but their prosperity and love of place, etc., controlled their heart and life, and slowly but surely choked any true mark of God’s will being their guide and control.  But some proved good soil, though not very fertile, 30, 60, 100 fold.  That was the beginning, now we are at the end.  Many were called, few are being chosen for God has only use for those who truly are letting Him make them partakers of His nature, and conforming them to the image of His Son.

The 1914-18 war was the beginning of the Judgment period, as we see in Rev. 8, when the separation of Matt. 24:42-51 – leaving the Son of Man with few, and cutting off the many who did not believe the Lord had done it, and left them to share in the hypocrisy of the world; though they knew it not.  The 10 virgins were those who received meat in due season from the Son of Man who could know who were the wise and who foolish.  They all received the same light, and bore the same testimony.  In the long wait they all slumbered and slept, till the cry came, Behold, see the day coming near, and they rose to trim their lamps.  Some to find they had been wise in having a vessel with oil, and others to find out they had only been walking in the light they got from others, and naturally would blame others for their own neglect in the use they made of their privilege.  The long wait and going into the far country, revealed the use made of what they got, according to their several ability.

Those who had 5 talents used them and gained other 5.  The 2 talents were also good and faithful, and also gained the “Well done,” and entered into the joy of their Lord.  The one talent people who only had a human ear for what they heard, only made excuses and were not exercised in the matter, and lost out.  If people start wrong by tare preaching there is no hope of them seeing their mistake (till the end), in blaming others for their condition too lightly.  John’s coming will reveal the 2 sides to the door, though there are pointers to them, in their words and ways.  The final test of the sheep and goats does not need explanation.  Speaks for itself plainly in their attitude to the least in the far country.

I have been writing one letter for all, so that all had the same opportunity; as personal letters had been used wrongly by quite a few in the past, to their own hurt and others by them.  The light without life may be used wrongly, but the light of life can only gather together the Woman around the Manchild, who will be the Bride.  Rev. 3:20 is the only hope and cure for any who are honest in the matter.

My love to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Edwards
December 22, 1942

My dear Edwards and Co:

We have many good letters to thank you for.  There are just two things possible if we have heard His voice.  As in Cain and Abel’s day, they both heard the voice through Adam, and had the same privileges; Cain took the easy and human way of offering a human interpretation of serving God, or the way Abel did in hearing and obeying God and suffering for it.

Hebrew gives us a whole chapter of names, and many others unnamed who suffered for their obedience in many generations.  Noah is chosen as a sample of these days, when we are in the end of the age.  We see him alone with his family, no relatives to share the ark of safety, after seeing and hearing him for 120 years.  So shall it be in the days of the Son of Man.  Satisfied to live out a human imitation or hypocrisy.  This is the Devil’s work in sowing tares with all the outward appearance, but nothing in it, either of Christ or His sufferings of reproach or shame, or tribulation for His name’s sake, or for letting God speak His words in His way and time.  This is the living, flowing stream, or waters which guide others in how to do the will of God as Jesus did, and find a new nature given by God, and the Spirit given to enable them to bear His witness that others may have a chance of sharing in the light and nature of Jesus, and share in His suffering, family life, home and generation.

Matt. 10 is very clear.  “A man’s foes shall be they of his own household.”  “If any man love father, mother, son or daughter more than me, he is not worthy of me.”  “Ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.”  “He that saveth his life shall lose it, he that loseth his own human life in serving God and man, shall save it.”  “God so loved the world that He gave His only Son” to live out His nature in flesh and blood to the death, that men might see the purpose of God in conforming us to His image.  This reveals what the love of God shed abroad in our hearts will make us do, be, see and say.  Jesus made Himself of no reputation in expressing the love of God to man.  The Devil’s work in deceiving men is exactly the opposite, as you see in the temptation on the Mount.  Easy to read popularity and power with men.  The smile of humans is a curse.  The fear of man is a snare, and no unregenerate person can escape.

Isaiah 53 gives us a sample of what happens to the Man who is anointed of God to bear His witness to men.  This is the law for all who offer the Lamb sacrifice acceptable to God and useful to others.  If we have been “Blessed” of God, we will be hated, persecuted and spoken evil of, by all who have failed in getting the Blessing of God and the Christ nature and seal of the Spirit, with the adversary to harass and oppose all their life.  The wicked took away the good seed sown by the wayside, by religion and tradition and persecution by men ended the stony ground hearers.  Social prosperity (thorns) choked the word.  “Every plant that my Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up.”  To him that hath received of God shall be given, and he shall have abundance.  To him that hath not gotten from God, shall be taken away that what he seemeth to have.  So let not the foolish virgins deceive themselves or others, but rather should the wise rejoice in what they have.

My love and season greetings to all,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Smiths & Co., Australia
December 26, 1942.
P.O. Box 696, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Smiths & Co.

Thanks for 2 & several others & glad to hear how you all are there.

There are so many places which show that whom we once looked upon as our friends & His, have proved His words of warning were true. Many called, few chosen. Every plant that my Father hath not planted shall be rooted up. He that endureth to the end shall be saved. I am the true vine. My Father is the husbandman; every branch that does not bear the fruit of the true vine of the Jesus marks, will be cut off and burnt.

And when we see what happened in 1914 when the Lord came, broke up what we thought was a House for God, and chose the Son of Man to give meat in due season to those who were with Him and His servants as in Matt. 24 and now the foolish virgins being separated from the wise, because they have no oil in their vessels and the wicked and slothful servant who did not use the one talent, shows that no one can have hope if not truly born of God and getting the light by having life given by God. Which makes our one goal that of eating His flesh and drinking His blood, hungering & thirsting after righteousness which is proof of having His Spirit in us to control in spite of all the human selfishness which we have to fight while in this vile body, which His blood will cover if we have the light of life. If we walk in the light as He would walk, we have fellowship with God & the blood of Jesus Christ cleanseth us from all the marks of being still in a body which is enmity with God in every notion of it.

Our sins and iniquities prove how lifelong is the struggle to keep under our selfish nature; but it also proves the Grace & Mercy in providing such a wonderful provision for all who are His. Rev. 3: 20 shows if we are His, all His is ours to draw on in time & eternity. If we are not His dwelling place or if we have not His life & nature then we have no place or right to what His blood has bought for those born into His family. If sons, then heirs & joint heirs with Jesus Christ.

You can see in the 7 churches message in Rev. 2: and 3: how all outward relationship to Jesus, short of His dwelling in us, is but the wide gate and broad road which ends in death, as truly as the straight gate & narrow is starting right with God. No matter how many ups and downs we may have had and chastening for our guidance; whom the Lord loveth He chasteneth and scourgeth every son whom He receiveth. The devil soweth tares while men slept, but tare profession and preaching can never produce a true seed of God, but reveals the wide gate and broad way, people who professed through the son of man sowers.

So you can see as you look back over these many years and people why they are where and as they are. If people are not guided into true surrender to do the will of God at any cost & let Him begin and finish His work in us, then it's all vanity. So you can see the conditions in the world today the fruit of tare professions and tare preaching can only propagate shutting the ear and heart of men; no home or place in human life. This is the work of the devil in deceiving the deceitful and desperately wicked hearted human race and make them the adversaries of all who with honest hearts seek to serve God and man as Jesus revealed, in His life and death.

My Love to all,

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter to:  Owen, Mum & Eva & Co, (Pages)
December 28, 1942
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Owen, Mum & Eva & Co:

Thanks for your long letter with all its enjoyable interesting details.  The dates were certainly worthy of note.  For 11 any time or way appeals to me as a pointer well marked in the last war.  The Germans went into unoccupied France on Armistice day, which seems to point to the Turning point being near for the 6th Angel to sound, when vengeance & retribulation begin to operate with many signs to give us assurance.

It was a real test of the faith of Mum, Eva & self & no doubt their faith gave them both courage & confidence they would not have had any other way.  Abram was tested to the very limit in the offering of Isaac.  But the Ram caught in the Thicket was to be the victim.  Isaac & Abram were the victors, & the Ram of Dan. 8 will be the victim again in the coming conflict caught as Hitler, Mussolini & Japan will find.  The animal has no Religion or tradition.  All men have.  The Devil fell by his pride and Iniquity, or his own thoughts & ways of serving God & man in place of living & sowing by faith & obedience to God & so he is able to deceive all humans in the same way he deceived himself, & is called the God of this world, & a shining angel working to make people believe a good religious man who keeps the law & appears right to men is a child of God.  But in Adam all die, even so in Christ’s nature will all be made alive.  There is no resurrection promised to humans.  If they are born of God & have the nature Jesus manifested in flesh & Blood they will rise to reign as sure as Jesus rose to reign.  The 7 marks of Matt. 23 is common to all religions and all they can inherit is the 7 woes spoken of now being fulfilled before our eyes.

It was the best scriptural, moral living people in the world who crucified Him.  The light they had was darkness, showing us that all human light & learning can only lead to missing all God offers men in sending His son to reveal who God is and what He wants to make us, as sons & heirs & joint heirs with Jesus Christ.  God made Adam of the dust like a corpse.  Then breathed into it the breath of human life & he became a living soul to choose either to let God make him a partaker of God’s nature or remain satisfied with human selfish nature to live as he chooses, by his own pride & iniquity & so perish having refused & missed the opportunity of becoming conformed to the Image of His son & so having eternal Life as his reward.  Every plant my Father hath not planted shall be rooted up.  Many are called, few chosen.  So if we fail to submit to God & let Him by His spirit in us the nature of Jesus, we will be left with only our human to go to dust when the human spirit leaves the body & ends our selfish human vain striving for all we see around every day, everywhere.  We are justified by faith or in hearing & submitting to do His will at any cost.  The Just shall live by faith or by hearing what the spirit says, rather than what our thoughts & ways guided by the most deceitful & desperately wicked human heart which makes easy victims to the Devil and makes them adversaries of all that is of God in His sons & servants.  They said Jesus was mad & had a Devil so He was a fanatic (John 10).  So it’s a compliment to have such said of us.

My love and best wishes to all,

Wm. Irvine

P.S.  I don’t write many personal letters now because I found some used them for their own purposes.  I write one to W. Edwards for U.S.A. & Canada.  He copies & files, & sends to those who value the help we can give – so one to New Zealand & one to Australia.  All get the same chance.

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