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First Missions
South Australia
Revised March 24, 2017

When did the workers first arrive? September, 1905 Wm. Irvine, Annie Smith and Fannie Carroll arrived in Adelaide aboard the S. S. Geelong. Within about a year, Annie and Fannie went to New Zealand.

Who were the first brother workers?  Adam Hutchison Woodside (from Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland) and Jim McCreight were the first workers to come to South Australia, arriving at Port Adelaide in 1908 from New Zealand.  They held their first mission at Woodside. The hardship was too much for Jim and he left and Jim Valance took his place (NZ)  

Who were the first sister workers?  Aggie Hutchison (from Lauder, Berwickshire, Scotland) went to South Australia with her brother in October, 1910.

Who was the first to profess?  "Papa and Mama Wuttke, their sons Harry and Willie and Mrs. Correll were the first fruits unto God in South Australia."

Who was the first native to go in the work? Oscar Collins, Jack Wilson and Stella Collins in 1911; Ruby Shepherd and Florrie Thring in 1912.

When & Where was the first meeting?  In 1908, the first Fellowship Meeting held at home of Mr. & Mrs. Wuttkes at Western Branch, Woodside. First church in the suburbs of Adelaide was at Mrs Ben Wray’s home, 71 Calton Avenue, Magill. The second church in the country was at Lottie and Lily Collins, Forest Range. The third church was at Mr & Mrs Horace Collins home, Tunkilla.

In 1909 the first Christmas Meeting in SA was held at Wattle Hill, Harrogate under the Sheoak and wattle trees outside the home of David and Mary Wilson.

When & Where was the first baptism?  Information needed

When & Where was the first convention? 1909- Woodside "township."  Convention received problems from local larrikins and closed down early.  

Where have subsequent conventions been held? 

1909 March - Woodside township (this convention was broken up by the local larrikins ere it had progressed very far.)
1910 - 1926 Woodside at Wuttke's farm (with exception of 1918 & 1919)  
1918 - Islington  
1918 - 1920 Bethel  
1919 - 1951 Strathalbyn ( Blackwood Park)  
1919 - Willie John's farm, West Coast of SA. (December)  
1920 - Milton Payne's farm West Coast SA  
1928 - Willie John's, West Coast.
1930 - Milton Payne's, West Coast.
1935 - Kapunda. H. Geue (Oak Lodge)  
1952 - Wilmington    

Where is the convention currently held?  Kapunda 1 & 2

Who have the Overseers been?  Adam Hutchison 1907-1922; Willie Hughes 1922-1941-44?; John Baartz 1944-1964; Robert Barbour 1964-

See also Bethel Mission, South Australia

Additional or corrected information on this country will be welcome. 

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