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Estate & Will Provisions
Revised Jan. 12, 2007

TTT Editor's Notes:  The following is reported to be the Eldon Tenniswood instructions given in the early 1980's.

Eldon Tenniswood was the Overseer of California and a few other states in Western USA from 1974 until his death May 23, 2003 .


1. Standard terminology included in all wills, simple in form, and written by an attorney.

2.   Name an executor, preferably someone close to you geographically. It could be a person or a Bank, etc.

 3.  Name as beneficiaries (one to receive estate and an alternate, Two persons) who are firmly established in the truth and beyond reproach who can be relied upon to follow your instructions and the instructions of the workers.

Note:  In case of the death of one of these people the will should be amended to reflect this status and a new name included.  Changes in beneficiaries is done at your discretion and always should be a person or persons you have the utmost confidence in particularly in this type of arrangement.

4.  It will not be necessary to give specific instructions in the will about how the estate is to be used or distributed as your wishes and instructions will be covered In a letter to be sent to both of the beneficiaries and to the worker who has the general oversight and responsibility in your area.

5.  Provision should be made in the will to allow appropriate executor and probate fees and other expenses attendant with this procedure.

6.  Your legal counsel will probably question the lack of specific instruction about how your estate will be distributed, however, you have chosen two people who you have trust and confidence in and they can be trusted to carry out your wishes in line with your letter of instruction.


I,________________________________a resident of______(county)________,(state)____________declare this to be the first (or second or third) Codicil to my Will dated _____________.

     By this Codicil to my Last Will and Testament dated ________________, I give and bequeath to the overseer of California, of the fellowship of Christians with whom I have worshiped the last ____ years of my life, incumbent at the time of my death, and to his successor or successors in office, one thousand dollars ($1,000.00)  (or, "my entire estate, to be used for such charitable, religious or other similar purpose of furthering the gospel of Jesus Christ of which they are ministers, by him or by his successor or successors as in his, or their, sole and uncontrolled discretion or judgment he, or they shall deem worthy.

     If any provision of this Will or of any Codicil should be invalid, it is my intention that all of the remaining provisions thereof shall continue to be fully effective.

     This Codicil was signed by me on the ___________ date of_________________, 19___ at_______(city), ___________(state)___________________

________________________________(with address)

________________________________(with address)

(The above should be in your own handwriting on a plain sheet of paper with no printing or typing on it, or taken to your attorney.)

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