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Carroll Family Tree
Revised October 12, 2016

The Carroll Family Tree

Family Tree of Bill, Jack, May & Fannie Carroll, et al.
of Rahinstown, Rathmolyon, Co. Meath, Ireland

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John William Carroll. Born 1850 (Father: Patrick Carroll)
Occupation; Land Steward on Fowler Estate
Died:  January 23, 1897 aged 47 years.
Buried in Rathmolyon Church of Ireland graveyard. Grave unmarked.     

Cecelia aka Cecilia (nee Christie) Carroll.
Born June 17, 1851 in Abbotshall, Kirkaldy, Fife, Scotland to (possibly) James and Cecelia (Leslie) Christie.
Died in 1909, in Dublin South, age 57.

Married: October, 1875.

All the Carroll children were born in County Meath, Ireland. The Carrolls probably moved to Rathmolyon, Co. Meath in the 1890's. Cecelia Primrose was the only child born in Rathmolyon.

Carroll Children (6):

1.  1876  William (Bill) Charles Carroll:
  Born August 15, 1876 at Newtown, Moynalty, Kells, Co. Meath;
Died in Dromana, Victoria, Australia, age 78, and was buried on November 13, 1953, aged 77 in the Presbyterian Section (PNS570) at Box Hill Cemetery Reg. No. 17230, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 1953 Death Certificate Reg. #22810. Findagrave.

Married Margaret (Maggie) Elizabeth Hastings of Coragh, Rathmolyon, Co. Meath on  June 6, 1901 in Church of Ireland Rathmolyon, Co. Meath; He was 25 and she was 26. Her Father was Charles James Hastings and her Mother was Maria (Roe) Hastings.

Margaret (Maggie) Elizabeth (Hastings) Carroll:  Born in Trim, Co. Meath, Ireland on April 20, 1875. Baptised in Church  of Ireland,  Rathmolyon on May 23, 1875;
Died in Surrey Hills, Victoria, Australia, age 67, and was buried May 6, 1942 in Presbyterian Section (PNS570) of Box Hill Cemetery Reg. No. 26725, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 1942 Death Certificate Reg. #4141. Findagrave
[In the Crocknacrieve Convention of 1913, the only lady in the picture of the chefs is Maggie (Hastings) Carroll.]

Their only child, a daughter, May Carroll, was born May 31, 1902 and died Aug. 6, 1991, age 89. She married an ex-worker named Adolphus Harry ("Dolph") Schulz from Queensland, Australia, who was born Sept. 17, 1896 and died Feb. 26, 1986, age 90. They resided in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and had at least 2 sons, David and Carroll. They are buried in Box Hill Cemetery at the end of the row where her parents are buried. May is Registration No. 45097, Date of Service 9th August 1991, Location P NS558. Adolphus is Registration No, 44085, Date of Service, 3rd March 1987, Location P NS558. May was the author of four hymns in Hymns Old & New (1951 Ed).

2.  1878:  John Thomas (Jack) Carroll:  Born May 9, 1878 at Newtown, Moynalty, Kells, Co. Meath  Died in Los Angeles, California on March 26, 1957, age 78. Buried in the Fir-Conway Lutheran Cemetery, Mount Vernon, Skagit Co., WA; located on the same road as and about one half mile from the Milltown, Washington Convention grounds. See Photo of grave Some notes refer to Jack as JTC or J.T.C.  Findagrave

3.  1879:  Mary (May) Georgina Carroll:  Born September 2, 1879 at Newtown, Moynalty, Kells, Co. Meath; Died in Alameda, California, U.S.A. 1961 age 82; buried in Pinelawn section of Sunset View Mortuary and Cemetery in El Cerrito, CA (formerly Albany) Pine Lawn section Adult I Row 14 Grave 34. See photo of grave. Findagrave

4.  1882:  Agnes (Aggie) Josephine (Carroll) Weir:  Born July 26, 1882 at Mountainstown, Castletown,  Navan, Co. Meath; died 5/20/1940. In 1908, Agnes married Harry Cecil Weir (b. Dec 25, 1982 Dublin, Ireland - d. Jan 23, 1964 Albany, Alameda, CA). Harry's parents were Wm. C. and Susan (Tinkler) Weir. Harry's brother Irvine Weir was one of the first three workers to come to America and was the first worker to California.  Harry and Agnes came to America in 1911; both were 28 yrs old. Per Ellis Island records: Harry arrived on March 10, 1911 on the ship Mauretania; Agnes arrived with 11 month old Gladys on July 22, 1911 on the ship Campania. See photo of Agnes grave; See photo of Harry's grave. Agnes: Pine Lawn Adult I Row 14 Grave 34. Findagrave.
They had 4 children:

(1) Gladys, born Dec. 18, 1909 in Niagra Fallas, New York and went in the work in 1940 in California; and died Dec. 22, 2005.

(2) Primrose, born May 28, 1913, who went in the work in 1947 in California. She was a nurse in the US Navy as a Lt Commander durine World War II. She died in May 30, 2004 in Chico, Butte Co., California.

(3) William (Bill), born in 1923, who married JoAnn. Had at least one daughter named Helen.  (Bill & JoAnn still living in 2009; never a part of the 2x2 church)

(4) Edith (Edie), born April 14, 1916 and died Dec 27, 1996 in Aurora, Marion Co., Oregon.  Married Norman Leen in 1936. Had 3 children: Jack (1945 - 1970 who died of cancer); Gladys Ann who married Dave Christie, Jr. a distant cousin (died Feb. 2011), and Kay, who married Fred Vaughan (and live in south suburbs of Seattle in 2005—not part of 2x2 church). 

After Agnes died (May 20, 1940) Harry Weir married Ethel M. Waite. Harry's tombstone reads: 1882-1964 (age 82) and Ethel's tombstone reads: 1903-1968 (age 64). They are buried side-by-side in Sunset View Mortuary and Cemetery in El Cerrito, CA (formerly Albany). After Harry & Ethel died, Norm and Edie Leen lived in the home place at 1047 Peralto Avenue, Albany, California, and took care of workers' mail. Harry and Ethel M. Waite had one child, a daughter named:

(5) Jeanne/Jean who married Jim Phillips. No children.

5.  1884:  Frances (Fannie) Christie Carroll:  Born September 22, 1883 at Newtown, Moynalty, Kells, Co. Meath.  She died Nov. 13, 1980 in Siskiyou Co., California, U.S.A. aged 96; buried in Sunset View Mortuary and Cemetery in El Cerrito, CA (formerly Albany) Pine Lawn Adult I Row 14 Grave 35. See photo of graveFindagrave.

6.  1890: Primrose Cecelia/Cecilia (Carroll) Perrott:
  Born April 3, 1890; Baptised in Church of Ireland, Rathmolyon, Co. Meath on May 4, 1890 and died June 9, 1973 , 83 years old in Alameda, California. Primrose was the only Carroll sibling still living in Ireland with her mother, who died in 1909 in Dublin. Primrose, age 20, left with her sister Frances from Liverpool, England, for America on Oct. 14, 1910. At age 21 she entered the work at the Vancouver B.C. Convention in 1910 as a compantion to her sister May in Washington and remained in the work at least until 1913 where she is shown on 1912-13 USA Workers List. Sometime between 1917 and 1920, she married John Richard Perrott (born June 19, 1893 in Kinsdale, Ireland and died June 23 1961, 68 yrs old). His WW1 draft papers showed he was single in 1917. His parents were Arthur and Ann (Tanner) Perrott, from the Meelon, Ballymodan, Co. Cork, Ireland. Richard was in the work for a time. Both labored in Canada. The 1920 and 1930 California Census shows their home was in Alameda, California, and the U. S. City Directories 1821-1989 show Richard's profession to be a banker. According to Jack Carroll's obituary, they were living in Berkeley in 1957. They are buried in Sunset View Mortuary and Cemetery at El Cerrito (formerly Albany), California in Pine Lawn section, Block B2, Row 458 Grave 5. Findagrave. They had at least two children:

(1) Arthur William Perrott, born December 14, 1921 - died January 6, 1995; married on 12/19/1978 to Jacqueline M. b. 5/4/1930.
(2) Wilma Anne Perrott, born August 8, 1925 - died May 31, 1947 (22 years old, unmarried, from cancer)

Richard, Primrose and Wilma are buried side by side in Sunset View Mortuary and Cemetery in El Cerrito, CA (formerly Albany).  See photo of Richard & Primrose's grave; See photo of Wilma Perrott's grave

NOTE: All four (4) Carroll sisters, as well as the spouses of the two married sisters, are buried in the same cemetery: Sunset View Mortuary and Cemetery in El Cerrito, CA (formerly known as Albany). 

NOTE: The connection between the Christies and the Carrolls is that Cecelia Christie Carroll, mother of Jack, Bill, May, Fanny, Primrose Perrott and Agnes Weir was a sister of John Christie, father of Dave, May, Minnie & Eva Calwell who's daughter Jean Calwell was in the work in Ireland/England.  So Jack Carroll and his siblings were first cousins of Dave Christie and his siblings, making Primrose & Gladys Weir first cousins once removed through their mother, Agnes Carroll Weir. The Christies and Weirs are only related to one another through their marriages to Carrolls.  

Quote from Jean Calwell (Ireland) at Santee #2 California conv. (year?) “My Mother (Eva Christie) left her home at 16 years of age and went to work at the store of Jack Carroll. She was invited to the meetings. After attending several meetings her father moved to another part which separated her from contact with the friends and meetings. At the age of 19 Mother married and moved away from home. The servants of God remembered her, looked her up and took her to her first convention. After mother made her choice she received much opposition from the family. My father emigrated to Canada in an attempt to escape the truth. Father made his choice later. I made my choice at the age of 12.”

Dave Christie Sr.was born in County Donegal, Ireland. He married Emily Wilson in 1923, who was born in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland. They pioneered the work in Hawaii; had 2 children. Jack Carroll's Announcement of Christie Marriage

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