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Gill Family Tree
Revised December 5, 2022

The Gill Family Tree
Family Tree of Willie, Emma & Jennie Gill, et al
Ashmount, Kill, Rathmolyon, Enfield, County Meath, Ireland


Father:  Garrett Gill (born 1830, Edenderry, Co. Offaly, Ireland)
Married:  February 11, 1861 in Laracor, County Meath, Ireland
Mother: Ann Gill (nee Piggott) (born 16th February 1834; Baptised on 9th March 1834

1901 Irish Census shows Gill's Religion to be Church of Ireland.


1. Susan Jane; born 14th February 1862, baptized 17th March 1862; died June 25, 1929. Never married. Lived at Dalystown.

2. William (Willie) John;
born 12th June 1863, baptized 8th July 1863; died June 3, 1951, age 88. Went in the work; became Overseer of England). Buried in the St. James The Great Church in West Hanney graveyard located a 5-minute walk from the convention grounds at Oxfordshire (fka Berks), England.  Stood to inherit Ashmount - sold it to his brother Philip Henry when he entered the work.  
LINK: Willie Gill's Funeral Account

3. Mary Anne; born 5th October 1864, baptized 30th November 1864; died Sept 22, 1924 in North Dakota. Possibly married in 1891 in Ireland.
NOTE: Married Fred Hughes; Emigrated to North Dakota USA in 1893. Had 10 children.

4. Garrett (Junior); born 19th February 1866, baptized 6th April 1866; died March, 1951

5. Sarah Ellinor; born 25th December 1867 in Summerhill, baptized 19th February 1868; died 1968, 1 yr old

6. Philip Henry (Harry); born 11th October  1869, baptized 16th November 1869; died November  22, 1961 in London. Bought Ashmount from Willie Gill and lived in it.  Married Lillian Annie Brown

7. Emma Emily; born 9th October 1871, baptized 6th January 1872 (went in the work); died July 22, 1944 and is buried in St. James The Great Church graveyard in West Hanney, a 5-minute walk from the convention grounds at Oxfordshire (fka Berks), England.

8. Paul Fawcett; born 23rd April 1874, baptized 7th June 1874

9. Janet (Jennie) Goodwin; born 24th February 1876, (went in the work). No baptism date recorded for her--probably due to an oversight on the part of the Vicar. Died December 28, 1939 and is buried at Bletchley near Milton Keynes (low midlands of England).  

Garrett Gill built "Ashmount" around 1872 on property he owned.
The address of the Gill Family home from 1872 until 1895 was:  

Ashmount, (Click Here to view Photo)
Kill, Rathmolyon, Enfield, Co. Meath, Ireland

In 1895, the family moved to:
Dalystown, Castlerickard, Moyvalley, Co. Kildare, Ireland.

A Gill Family Account was written by Hazel Hughes about the workers coming to the Gill family in Ireland and also to the Hughes family in North Dakota, USA. Hazel Huges wrote: "Uncle Willie made up his mind to go in the work, and he sold his farm 'Ashmount' to his brother Harry. Harry paid a certain amount of money into the work till the farm was paid for." (See Footnote #11) [Insert by Eunice Hughes Krack on 1/17/92: "Harry's son, Herbert and wife, kept the farm an open home until Herbert's death in 1985...was working with his nephew, John Swanton, in raising cattle, and he willed the home farm 'Ashmount' at Rathmolyon to him"] (See Footnote #12 in Hazel Hughes Account


In 1862, Willie John Pigott transferred to Garrett Gill the land where Ashmount would later be built.
In 1872, Garrett Gill built the home called "Ashmount"
In 1897, signed over to eldest son: Willie John Gill
In 1903, sold to brother, Philip Henry (Harry) Gill (died February 12, 1961)
In 1961, inherited by son, Herbert Norman Gill (no children) (died March 14, 1985)
In 1985, inherited by nephew, John Swanton (current owner)

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