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Holland-Holt Family Tree
Revised September 21, 2023

The Holland-Holt Family Tree

Natives of Ireland


Father: Phillip Hardy Holland, born 1844
Wife #1: Emma Elizabeth (Smith) Holland (1850–1878)
Wife #2: Anna/Annie (MacKenzie) Holland (1863–1963)

Six Holland children became workers: Dora, Harry, Maude, Mable, Kathleen and Muriel.

Family #1: (Married Aug 4, 1873)
Mother, Wife #1: Emma Elizabeth Smith
1. Dorah/Dorothy Ann Holland aka Dora born Jan 1, 1876, in Carraun, Co Galway, Ireland - died Aug. 1, 1968.
2. Harry Holland born Feb. 6, 1877, in Annival, Co. Galway, Ireland - died April 30, 1967.

Family #2: 
Mother, Wife #2:  Anna/Annie (MacKenzie) Holland (1863-1963)
1. Mable E. Holland born 1890 - died 1989
2. Flaorence Maude Holland born 1891 - died 1990; married Hollis Parrish (1877-1974)
4. Kathleen born 1893 - died 1991
4. Emily Anna Holland born 1896 - died 1995; married Leslie E. Holt (1897-1974) 
5. Phillip Marcus Holland born 1899 - died 1998; married Hazel Ada ward (1906-1987)
6. Muriel Mary Holland born 1902 - died 1974
7. Grace A. Holland born 1903

In 1901 Irish Census - unable to find the family. Reportedly they lived in Galway Bay area

Dora Holland was the first person to profess through Wm. Irvine--in Kilrush, Ireland.
A list shows Dora arrived in Montreal, Quebec, Canada on August 11, 1905, along with 16 other workers.
Dora's destination was family who had immigrated to northwestern Ontario, near the Minnesota border. 

Harry Holland immigrated to Emo, Canada in 1899, professed through his sister Dora and Mollie Long in 1908; went in the work at Brandon, Manitoba in November 1910. He also preached in Minnesota and went to South Dakota in 1919 where he labored continually til his death.

Phillip and Annie Holt immigrated to Ontario, Canada in 1906 with their remaining children. 

In 1917-18 Phillip A. Holland was living at Emo, Ontario, Canada. (Source: Harry's service records on

Emily Holland, their daughter, was 12 years old when she arrived in America.  She married Leslie Holt; they had four children: Sydney (1926-2002), Morris (1932-1998), Lorraine (1928-2005) and Ruth (1925--). Emily lived to be 101 years old.

Sydney Holt (aka Syd) wrote in a series of letters in 1985 about his tour in Great Britain and Ireland as a visiting worker to their conventions.  On his way across the states, he visited 3 of his Mother's sisters Mable, Maude and Kathleen.

Syd Holt wrote: "On Thurs. it was arranged for a young brother worker John Johnston to drive three of us to Galway to find the ruins of the old Holland home. The roads are very narrow and windy up and down the green hills and such a beautiful time of the year with rhododendrons in full bloom. We found the little village of New Inn and inquired at the post office where they told us how to find the Church of England where the Holland family went to worship. This is all very strong Catholic area, but the old church stands in good shape. Across from the church on the far side of the open field on a knoll is the remains of the large mansion of Lord Ashdown. He owned all the land for many miles around and Granddad leased the land and home from him where he lived and farmed. Grandmother sometimes played the piano for Lady Ashdown in the mansion and took the children there for parties. A farmer came along and was able to direct us to the remains of the Holland home a few miles away. Just the thick stonewalls remained and I couldn't make out where the gardens and tennis court used to be. They left here for Canada in 1906."

Keeping true to the Irish method of naming children, Sydney Holt's father's name was Phillip, his uncle's name was Phillip, and his name was Phillip Sydney Holt. Sydney was born November 27, 1926, and died on August 3, 2002, aged 75.5 years.  He passed away on Olympia, Washington convention grounds and is buried in Milltown, WA.  He was the Overseer of the State of Wshington for several years.

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