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Long Family Tree
Revised January 8, 2019

Family Tree of John Long
Burntwood, Cloughjordan, County Tipperary, Ireland

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The Significance of John Long's Journal

Photos of the John Long Family

Great Grandfather of John Long who wrote the Journal:  Samuel Long

Grandparents of John Long who wrote the Journal:
Grandfather:   John Long 
(1800-1860)  born and died in Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, Ireland; is buried in the Finnoe, Borrisokane churchyard to the right, near the church door. There are six graves of Longs there.
Grandmother: Jane Carter (1808-1888) born and died in Cloughjordan, Ireland

Parents of John Long who wrote the Journal:
Father: Gilbert Long
born August 13, 1837 and died in zJune 18, 1895, at Burntwood, Cloughjordan, Ireland
Mother: Anne (Turner) Long was born in 1843 and died April 16, 1916, in Borrisokane, Ireland.

Children (8):

1. Eliza Jane, born 1868; died 1945; married James Blythe

2. Maria, born 1870; died in 1916; married John Long (1864-1945)

3. John, born 1872 at Burntwood, Cloughjordan, Co. Tipperary, Ireland on September 15, 1872; died July 4, 1962, at age 90.
Married: Margaret (Mggie) Keegan, born 1892, from Gorey, Co. Wexford on December 25, 1920, Christmas Day.  He was 48 years and she was 28 years old.
John Long is buried in a public cemetery in Antrim County (Ireland); his wife Margaret predeceased him on February 19, 1956.   

They had four children: 

1. Miriam, born March 1, 1923

2. Gilbert, born January, 1927

3. Rhoda, born May, 1929

4. John Long, born March 15, 1931-died Oct. 23, 2017; Wife: Mary (Mollie) died Jul 4, 2016;
3 children: John died Nov. 2, 2014; David and Ruth.

4. William (Bill), born 1874; died 1948; married Sara Maria Clarke

5. Anne Eleanor, born 1876-77 (lived 9 months)

6. Samuel–1879; died while in the Boxer Persecution in Singapore on December 25, 1901.

7. Anne Ellen, born 1881; died in 1910  

8. Thomas, born 1883; died in 1916; married Lizzie Colbert  

From John Long's Journal about his brother Samuel Long's death:

January, 1902:  About that time I heard that my Brother Samuel Long died in India.  He was a soft tenderhearted youth who was converted under the ministry of William Irvine.  He began to pray and confess Christ under the ministry of John Good.  As a domestic servant, he met with some hard masters; not succeeding so well in that line of occupation, he enlisted in the Army and was sent out to China during the Boxer persecutions.  On his removal to India, he died at Singapore on 25th Dec., 1901 after thirty two days sickness.  The day I heard of his death, the text turned out to be, “And they that were ready went in with him to the marriage; and the door was shut,” Matt. 25:10.  This news came as a sad trial to my dear mother, whose physical health was not able to bear much strain.

1.  It was a great surprise to us
News from a foreign land
When we heard dear Sam was dead,
Away on India’s strand.
We will not see his face again,
Until we get to heaven.
It only leaves an empty seat
Out of the number seven.

2.  He gave himself to Jesus Christ,
When he was twenty one
He testified to saving grace
Before the end had come.
Though trials great beset his path
When he alone did plod,
All things for good together worked,
To draw him unto God.

3.  Gone up to heaven, his race is run
Set free from every care
With Jesus it is for the best
Nothing can vex him there.
Now every tear is wiped away
And sorrow changed to song
And best of all, there’s no more death
Among the ransomed throng.

4.  This is our day we live in time
By faith the prize we see
But Sam is gone to yonder clime
Into eternity.
The vale, the flesh, doth separate
A little while between.
He cannot come across to us
But we can go to him.

These lines were written on the death of a brother Samuel Long, who died on 25th December, 1901 in North India:

1.  Dear Sam is gone to yonder home
The first fruits of our kin
He becks for us to come along
To live in bliss with him.

2.  This is our day we live in time,
Until we cease to be,
But Sam is gone to yonder clime
Into Eternity.

3.  The vale of death does separate
A little time between,
He cannot come across to us
But we can go to him.

4.  At home in Heaven the place of rest,
Set free from every care,
With Jesus it is far the best
Nothing can vex him there.

5.  But when we think of him who’s gone
To better worlds above,
Then let us try while in the way
Each other for to love.

6.  Not lost are those who go before,
The word of God record,
The dead in Christ shall rise to be,
For ever with the Lord.

7.  And we shall see each others face,
To separate no more,
And dwell with all that’s saved by Grace
Upon a happier shore.

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