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Pearson Family Tree
Revised December 5, 2022

The Pearson Family Tree

Carrick House, Rathdowney, County Laois, Ireland

An annual Convention began in 1912 at Carrick House, Rathdowney, Co. Laois on John Pearson's property.

John Pearson (born 1856, died Jan 26, 1938), son of Andrew Pearson (died in 1914), had 2 wives and 15 children. John purchased Carrick House from Dr. Pilkerton around 1906. He professed in 1902 , age 46 through __________.

FIRST WIFE: Rebecca Jane Bennett (died 1894)
Their nine (9) children were:

1)      Andrew William Pearson, born July 13, 1881, died in South Africa in his 20’s, served in Cape Mounted Police.

2)      Susan Emily Pearson, born Dec. 28, 1882, died Mar. 16, 1976, lived in Toronto, Canada.

3)      Mary Anne (Minnie) Pearson, born Feb, 25, 1884, died Dec. 13, 1919, age 34, a sister worker in Pennsylvania U.S.A.

4)      Gilbert James Pearson, born Aug. 20, 1886, died Nov. 10, 1976, lived in Auckland, New Zealand (He married and had children, and grandchildren)

5)      George Herbert Pearson (twin) born July 2 1889, died Oct. 10, 1965, lived in Taupaki, New Zealand

6)      Rebecca Jane (“Rabie”) Pearson (twin) born July 2, 1889, died Apr. 19, 1991, age 102. She was in the work and later married Philip Whitten, a widower with children. They lived in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA.

7)      John (Jack) Pearson born Sept. 18, 1890, died Dec. 04 1968. He married Margaret Elizabeth Cooke, born July 12, 1904 in County Donegal, died February 9, 1962. (Many of her family were professing and a couple of them went to America). They had 4 children

8) Gertrude Elizabeth Pearson, born June 16, 1892, died July 29, 1980, lived in Auckland, New Zealand.

9) Eveline Florence Pearson, born September 25, 1893, died June 11, 1961, lived in Auckland, New Zealand.


SECOND WIFE: Annabella Wallace (died Jan. 27, 1938).

After his wife Rebecca Jane died in 1894, John Pearson married Annabella Wallace, a lady he had brought in to care for all his children. Their six (6) children were:

10. Richard Henry (Harry) Pearson, born May 4, 1896, lived in England, married and had children

11. Oliver Harold Pearson, born Jan. 1, 1900, died July 14, 1988, married his first cousin, Olive Pearson and had four children, lived in Waterford, Ireland.

12. Ernest Benjamin Pearson, born Nov. 21, 1903, died April 5, 1929, lived in County Laois, Ireland (married and had children)

13. Irvine Pearson born May 4, 1908, died Feb 27, 1997, age 89, at the family home, Carrick Convention grounds. He was a brother worker who was Overseer of Ireland in the 1970s and '80s.

14. William Arthur Pearson, born June 3, 1910, died Sept. 6, 2002; lived all his life at Carrick, Rathdowney, Co. Laois, Ireland and died there. Married Grace Evelyn Dagg, born June 17, 1917, died March 10, 1995.

 a. Ivan John Pearson born Nov. 17, 1936, built a house next to Carrick House, called ‘Tigeen’ meaning ‘little house’ in Irish. He inherited the Dagg farm which adjoins Carrick land and still lives there.  His wife is Alison Kathleen Lockhart, born Mar. 5, 1942. (Her brother David Lockhart labours in Peru, and her sister Marjorie has spent a good bit of time labouring in Africa. They had three children.

 b. Gladys Evelyn Pearson, born June 13, 1938, now lives in Durrow, County Laois, professing

 c. Iris Ada Pearson, born Feb. 21, 1942, lives in Durrow, Co. Laois. Professes and was in the work for a time in Ireland in the 60s.

15. Doris Annabella Pearson, born May 7, 1914, died Nov. 3, 1996, lived at Carrick House all her life.


Not in this direct line, but also Pearsons:  John Pearson's sister Mary Anne Pearson Howard had two daughters who were in the work in the early days in the British Isles: Emily and Ethel Howard.  Emily is on the 1921 Dimsdale picture. 

John Pearson's father was Andrew Pearson. Andrew's brother Benjamin has a great-great-great granddaughter, Kathryn Persse, who is a young sister work in Ireland.






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