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Wm. Irvine's Trips Abroad
1903 - 1919
April 15, 2017

“Mr. Wm. Irwin, the leader of the movement, has set sail for America, and is to open a convention in Halifax, on Sunday, 16th last. Altogether he has to attend nine conventions until he returns to Crocknacrieve again next year.” (Impartial Reporter, August 13, 1908)

                       William Irvine's Trips Abroad 1903 - 1919
                      Born January 7, 1863 - Died March 9, 1947, age 84 years

Departed on Steamship From Destination Occupation Age
1903 Sept 5 * Columbia Glasgow Scotland New York, NY Preacher 40
1905 Aug 25* Geelong London, England Adelaide, South Aust Missionary 42
1906 Mar 19 Moana Sydney NSW Australia Vancouver, B.C. Can Preacher 43
1906 Apr 16 City of Topeka Victoria B.C. Can San Francisco, CA Preacher 43
1907 Aug 6 * Ivernia Liverpool, England Halifax, N.S. Can Evangelist 44
1908 Aug 8 * Carthaginian Liverpool, England Halifax, N.S. Can Laborer 45
1909 Sept 12 * Campania Queenstown, Ireland New York, NY Laborer 46
1910 Aug 18 Royal George Bristol, England Quebec Evangelist 47
1911 Aug 23 * Royal Edward Bristol, England Quebec for Toronto 48
1912 Aug 23 * Empress of Ire. Liverpool, England Quebec for Toronto Evangelist 49
1913 Aug 23 Lusitania Liverpool, England New York, NY Evangelist 50
Excommunicated August 10, 1914  
1914 Sept 5 Baltic Glasgow, Scotland New York, NY


1919 June 28 Vasari New York, NY Liverpool, England Preacher 56
1919 Nov 2 Unknown Liverpool, England Jerusalem, Israel Preacher 56
1903 Sept 5 * With:  
  George Walker Irish, Preacher, age 26
  Irvine Weir Irish, Preacher, age 25
1905 Aug 25* Irvine travelled with:  
  Disembarked at Cape Town, S.Africa:
  Mary Moodie, 38 Joseph Kerr, age 24
Barbara Baxter, 24 Wilson Reid, age 24
  Lily Reid, age 26 J. Cavanagh, age 27
Martha Skerritt, 22 A. Pierce, age 29
1905 Aug 25* Irvine travelled with:  
  Disembarked in New Zealand
  Fanny Carroll, 24 John Fraser, age 27
  Frances Hodgins, 26 Jim Hodgins, age 29
  Maggie McDougal, 31 Joe Williamson, age 32
  Annie Smith, 28 Adam Hutchison, age 28
1907 Aug 6* Irvine travelled with:  
  Jack & May Carroll
1908 Aug 8* Irvine travelled with:    
  George Johnson Blanche H. Chappell
  Walter H. Dennison Janet Dougal
Thos. McGivern Rosetta (Nettie) Miller
  Wm. Armstrong Mary K. Wilson
Joseph Brown  
  John Baillie  
1909 Sept 12* May not be Irvine  


1903:  "20 years today since I first saw USA (1903) and 9 years ago since I landed in New York for the last time--going." (1914) (September 12, 1923 Letter to Dunbars)

: Irvine wrote that he returned on September 5, 1904, a year to the day he left.
September 1904 to - August 1905, Irvine stayed in the UK.
The first Crocknacrieve Convention was held for a few weeks in Sept, 1904.
He then left on a 2-year trip for 1905 and 1906 before returning to the UK.

1905:  Arrived September 25, 1905, aboard the S.S. Geelong, London, England to Cape Town, South Africa
to Passenger List for S. S. Geelong on

1906: He was in San Francisco on April 20 when the Earthquake took place. Had my first trip down California Coast after the Earthquake, April 1906.
Returned to UK in August 1907.

1907: Irvine wrote: 1907, I got back home in August after having meetings in Canada, in two places.  Came back to the States that year and had conventions and went back to Ireland for July again, by New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa. 

1908, 1911, 1912:   Information taken from Ship List Booklet for 1907 - 1913.

1914:  Irvine wrote:  Was rejected by Testimony in September 1914.
In 1914, I was rejected by the Testimony and crossed to U.S.A. on September 5th, the same day and from the same port I had left in 1903 on September 5th, eleven years
[earlier].  (October 13, 1920 Letter to Dunbars)

Irvine stayed in America during WWI, which ended November 11, 1918.
Irvine wrote:  "My last trip up coast in April 1919. Left Los Angeles on June 4 or so, 1919." Possibly, he was referring to the West coast of the USA and was visiting his loyal friends who lived there.

1919:  “I have been looking forward to getting my permit for Sat. 5th April, and cross on the Mauretania on 12th April.”  (March 31, 1919 Letter to Wm. & Rose Edwards) No record found for Irvine on this ship in

1919 October 28 - John Long wrote: On Wednesday 29th October, I travelled with my former friend William Irvine, from Kilsyth to... Lancashire, by train.  He left on November 2nd to go to Palestine.

1919, November 2 – Departed on S.S. (Unknown) from Glasgow or Liverpool? for Palestine……per John Long’s Journal. ( doesn’t list outgoing ships to Palestine.)

LINK to letter by Irvine giving chronological account of his life

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