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Walker Family Tree
Revised Dec. 1, 2014

The Walker Family Tree
Family of George Walker
Cavantillycormick, Magheracross (Barony of Tirkennedy), Fermanagh County, Ireland

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Father: John Walker born about 1839 in Cavantillycormick, Fermanagh County, Ireland; died May 6, 1910
Married January 31, 1862
Mother: Jane (Fausett/Fawcett) Walker
was born in Roscrea, Ireland - born about 1842; died June 21, 1888; daughter of William Fausett/Fawcett, a farmer from Cleenish.

Married: January 31, 1862 at Bellanaleck Church, Cleenish.  Witnesses were Thomas and John Lumin. 

The family farm was located at Coa, just below Ballinamallard, Enniskillen, N. Ireland; just "a twisty road distance from the Crocknacrieve Convention site."

Children (11):

1.  John - Born 1862; Died 1943; married Miss _?_ Mott

2.  Margaret (Maggie) – Born Nov. 19, 1864; Died 1901 

3.  Robert – Born Dec. 25, 1866; Died 1938; Married Mary Ann Gracey Sept 17, 1896 (see photo)

4.  Eliza Jane – Born Jan. 28, 1870; Married William Maldrum Aug 21, 1896

5.  Mary Anne – Born June 23, 1872 (twin) – Died 1958, unmarried

6.  Sarah – Born June 23, 1872 (twin) – Died 1958; Married Thomas Warren Clarke March 4, 1897

7.  William Thomas – Born Dec. 23, 1874; Died 1916; Married Arabella Gracey Sept. 13, 1906

8.  George – Born Feb. 13, 1877 in Ballinamallard, Ireland; Died Nov. 6, 1981 at the North Penn Hospital in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, USA; Age 104 years, 8 months and 25 days (middle name unknown)

9. Rebecca – Born Oct. 15, 1879; Died April 9, 1964 in Brooklyn New York USA (George witnessed her will). Not married.

10.  Ellen- Born 1882; Died before 1901

11. Joseph – Born 1884; Died 1964 (reportedly went to Canada)

NOTE: George Walker refers to ten children in his family in one of his letters, probably because one sibling, Ellen, died at an early age. He was the longest living Walker sibling. His obituary stated: "He was preceded in death by six sisters and four brothers. Surviving are two nieces, Dorothy Forsyth of Hollywood, Ireland, and Rebecca Walker of Enniskillen, Ireland, and also grandnieces and nephews, all in northern Ireland."

The Walker Family Tree was provided by Kate Sutcliffe, who's great grandfather Robert was George Walker's older brother.  Additional information was provided by

NOTE:James Fawcett, was George Walker's uncle, from Fermanagh County, Ireland.  He entered the work in 1904.  Born in 1886, died August 10, 1958, age 72 in Tallassee, Alabama. He wrote hymn Nos. (in 1951 Edition Hymns Old & New) 173, 215, 221, 326, and 239 (Cease Not) was especially loved, but was not reprinted in the 1987 edition.

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