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Letters about the Founder
By William Irvine
Revised August 29, 2010

Statements in Letters by Wm Irvine
Claiming He was the Founder of “The Testimony”

(September 16, 1938 Letter to Edwards)

TTT Editor's NOTE: "The Testimony" was the term Wm Irvine used in his letters to refer to the Workers & Friends Fellowship, Go-Preacher Movement, Tramp Preachers, "the truth", etc. Most of the following statements were written to Irvine's very CLOSE friends. The history of "The

Testimony," and Irvine's role in it were presuppositions, making that discussion unnecessary. A presupposition is background belief, relating to an utterance, that is mutually known or assumed by the writer/speaker and the addressee for the utterance to be considered appropriate in context. For instance, if you formed a new business or company from scratch and are now the president, you don't constantly remind people that you started the business and are the one and only president of it. Everyone already nows that. Likewise, Irvine didn't need to give this information in his early letters to his close friends and acquaintances. They already knew it.

Most of these statements are found in letters wri8tten fairly soon after he left the workers fellowship; i.e. 1919, 1920's, etc. Certainly his friends knew that he was the Alpha founder and he surely wouldnt try to lie to them of all people about that matter. He reminded them of who he had been in the Alpha Days, in order to convince them about who he was claiming to be in Omega Days. His purpose in doing so was to get them to adopt his Omega teachings and disregard the Alpha.

Statements in Letters by Wm Irvine
Claiming He was the Founder of “The Testimony”

“Looking back over 20 years, it was a big job to gather, mother, teach, guide, lead and scatter over the world, a seed in Alpha Days.  But I managed it.  It was hard to get people to see, feel and do what I had done IN STARTING ALONE, and finding room and people in the world for my Message; and once people tested it out, they found it possible, just as if the world was virgin soil.  But it was the way to reveal the strong from the weak.  And my job was to lead the way so that others could follow and find, that what was possible to me was, for them, comparatively easy, if they faced it.  And once a year I visited them to cheer, strengthen, and supply what was lacking in their witness.”  (June 2, 1933 Letter to Hulls) (Followers of Wm Irvine's Omega Message)

“I am the one God used altogether--not "most." 
NO WILLIAM--NO TESTIMONY. The mountains echo and re-echo the human voice, and so The Testimony was the echo and re-echo of the Voice of God through my lips, though I knew it not then, as I do today.  For the Prophets and Apostles only got to know who they were, when they found themselves the victims of the iniquity and Scandal of those who were called the Church, or seal of their Anointing...I planted the Vineyard and it has fallen into the hands of wicked husbandmen. And I am the Servant sent to find the fruit; and those who mistreat the Servant are the same as the killers of the Son and Heir...whose end is destruction."  (March 2, 1923 Letter to Eddie Cooney)(Worker- entered work in 1901)

“These 26-1/2 years is but half of my nearly 54 years of being the Son of Man, and hid from men's eyes and now about to be revealed.  26 years giving Alpha Message and seeing it finished up as in Matt. 24; leaving the Tares which the devil sowed to the Testimony cut asunder and appointed their portion with the hypocrites LIVING BY WHAT I HAD MADE FOR THEM." (May 6, 1946 Letter to Dunbars) (Some loyal followers of Wm Irvine--letters in TTT files to them from 1919 to 1946.)

“Think of all I did for you, and others, in spite of my sins!…Fancy the labor in building a house for God, and the pain of seeing it become a den of thieves!!  (August 28, 1920 Letter to John Hardy).(Worker and childhood friend of Wm Irvine from Kilsyth Scotland; entered work in 1900)

“God made ME the FIRST head of the family. He did the calling by ME, and now these past seven years, he is doing the choosing, for many are called, few chosen. It was so wonderful, both in numbers who heard, the numbers who professed, the numbers of workers, the ground covered with the clearness of the truth as it is in Jesus. But the end of the Jesus Way is to choose his Bride from among those who have had all these privileges...The dragon with seven heads is those who sat themselves up as Leaders of The Testimony and use their Horns of Authority to hurt others and are claimed by men as Leaders…deliver you from the power of the greatest set of robbers in the world history, who thought they could rob ME and those of what God had given them."   (August 17, 1921 Letter to Fred Hanowell.  (Worker)

"If there had been no Wm Irvine, there would have been no Testimony. This was the general witness by all.  If there had been no Wm Irvine found wise and faithful, there would have been no Son of Man chosen to rule His Household and give them meat in due season these 24 years past.  Has any other known person done this--and now being so clearly fulfilled before their eyes and working into their hearts and lives everywhere as they see it fulfilled.  And so fear is on all our enemies as it brings joy to all who are His Household.  "Not every one that says Lord, Lord, shall enter into the Kingdom, but they that do the will of My Father in Heaven.  Many shall say, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name, and in thy name cast out devils, and in thy name done many wonderful works.  Then shall I (Jesus) say, Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you." (September 16, 1938 Letter to Edwards) (Early Worker)

"Six years ago, in April, I was rejected and despised and cast out to die, according to prophecy, my birthright divided amongst my children and enemies (and I was willing), but the anointing that God gave me remained with me, and nobody seems to get my mantle, though many have tried my shoes, sat in my seat, slept in my bed, ate my meals and have enjoyed the rise to power and pre-eminence...When the world and Testimony set out to bury me, and forget my name, person, presence and etc. they failed.  The Jesus Way was stolen, confiscated, misappropriated.  I remember seeing and hearing you take it over in my presence.”  (June 29, 1920 Letter to Wm Carroll) (Worker - entered work in 1903)

“You and Co. [the other workers] stole all God and His Anointed produced, but you did not steal the root nor the power which made my mustard seed.” (March 2, 1921 Letter to Willie Abercrombie) (Worker - entered work in 1901)

“I was pleased to see your letter and to hear of some evidence of returning humanity in three of you, for that will precede any hope of deliverance from the snare of the Devil, into which you have all fallen, and which accounts for the deadness and corruption, which characterized the whole Testimony these 9 years.  And if nobody else knows it, I do; and always knew more of these conditions than anyone else.  And rightly so, for The Testimony was the Seal of God and proof of MY Anointing.  And if I was not the Father, certainly I was not the Brother of any.  God never gathered brethren but by a father, and all your attempts to change these facts only reveals the secrets of your hearts and leaves you where you began, and as you began—without God, and knowing it not, though full of zeal, knowledge, profession and fruit, which you long ago recognized was only adding to the wickedness of the world… “  (March 2, 1923 Letter to Eddie Cooney ) (Worker - entered work in 1901)

"For 14 years I worked outside all religious connection and gathered many out and around Him, and my attempt to do as the Acts and Apostles taught, only to find, as did Paul, that false Apostles and prophets would try to get power to lead the so-called churches I had formed spiritually under their power….I had many converts in G. Britain, Ireland, USA, Canada, NZ, Australia and S. Africa….I listened to all sorts of people and went to all sorts of places from 1914 to 1918 and found nothing but the old hypocrisy of saying and doing not, every man full of his own thots and ways, seeking a crowd and a crust." (October 16, 1934 Letter to Mr. Thorp) (New Convert to Wm Irvine's Omega Message)

" The record of the whole book shows that The Man God Anointed to BEGIN the work, is the one He uses to finish it; and it's always revealed in similar ways. The wicked always are the rejecters; the Lamb of God seed, led by the anointed of God, are the rejected. The whole Bible is a record of the few men who were the anointed of God bringing blessing to many; and then rejected by the many, that the few sheep might be gathered around the man of God, who becomes the least; as the wicked become the greatest." ( December 8, 1921 Letter to Harry McNeary NOTE:  Anointed of God was a title Wm Irvine used for himself.

(September 16, 1938 Letter to Edwards)

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