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Letters Prophecying Dates
By William Irvine
Revised June 15, 2018

Wm. Irvine's Letters with Unfilled Prophecy Dates


1923: "The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month is Armistice day. The year is probably from the year that Abram got the promise of the Land. If you look up you will find it about 1923 B.C. as we see 1923 the probable year in which it will be fulfilled" (Robert Skerritt Dec. 1, 1922).

1934: "So Rev. IX is easier to read now than ever. 11.11.11 Jewish time was the hour, day, month of 1914 war. August 1st Jewish time it began and finished. 11.11.11 Christian time, and the coming war hour, day month & year may be 1st Aug. 1934. And John's coming at same time, for the world war, famine, pest & plagues I expect will begin together. So our long expectations may now be in sight. 20 years to a day from 1914 war" ( Fountains June 22, 1934).

1938: "we are now entering the 17 hour of His sufferings; and so the 18th year of Judgment; and now the 1st year of Tribulation, which is the last 7 years ...for this time next year, when John will have come, and the Woman be invited to come to Palestine" (Fountains Aug. 2, 1930).

1938: "So here I am awaiting my reward, with all the other 2,000 million on the earths to be signed and sealed by John from Heaven-- probably at the end of the 24 years from 1914…. Jesus' sufferings in the 24 hours ending in the Tomb helps us to see the preparation in these 24 years ending in the Tomb for the unregenerate world. The day, hour, month and year: 1914 + 24 = 1938" (Edwards Jan. 7, 1938).

1938: "This is my spiritual birthday and I expect we will be having a happy New Year and a real Xmas in John's coming at the end of 24 years from 1914 war coming on when the 7 seals had been opened in heaven. The 24 hours of Jesus' sorrow, death and burial have been well carried through since 1914, and now 6 months ahead the end will come" (Skerritts Jan. 6, 1938).

1938: "The Wall Street joke of raising a 5-million dollar fund to offer Roosevelt if he retires in 5 months—all these 5's seem to draw our attention to our being in the last 5 months of the 24 years of Beginning of Sorrows, and helps to place the hour, day, month and year for Tribulation about 6th August" [1938] (Edwards March 11, 1938).
Note: The Tribulation is seven years before the end of the world.

1952: "So the great quake comes at the end – about 7 years from now" (Sutter & Pincetl Nov. 18, 1945)  

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