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First Canada Convention 1906
Toronto, Canada
Posted December 27, 2022

First North American Convention Ever Held


[62 Total Workers; 37 men; 25 women including 1 married pair]

Wm. Irvine
Jack Jackson
James Patrick
Robert Skerritt
Wm. Jones
Chas. Glen
Geo. Manning
Willie Edwards
Jack Carroll
Chas. Matthews
John McNeil
Eddie Armstrong
Rob. Johnstone
Wm. Snedden
Crawford Crooks
Wm. Weir
Frank Scott
Wm. Clelland
Matt. & Mrs. Wilson
Geo. Walker
Geo. McIntyre
Bob Corcoran
John Freeman
Hugh Matthews
Alex McGee
Jim Jardine
Colin Smith
John Patterson
Tom Purves
Wm. Walters[?]
Joe Boyd
Archie Fleming
Joe Barclay
Dick Watchorn
John Maxwell
Dave Lyness
John Burns
Dave Christie

May Carroll
Aggie Hutchison
Mattie McGivern
G. McGowan
Annie Taylor
Annie Irvine (should be Irwin)
Annie Skerritt
Edith McIntyre
Lizzie Coles
Maggie McKinley
Annie Glenny
Sarah Rogers
Annie Edwards
Ida Batten
Charlotte Braden
Mary Roseman
Bella Cook
Jennie Wilkie
B. Gosnell
Susan Allen
Minnie Brown
Lizzie McCullough
Maggie Stuart (should be Stewart)
S. Mc Elvis  (probably Sara McElrea)

NOTE: The names Wm. Walters and Wm. Weir included above are not found on some other copies of this list.

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