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Whatever successes, victories or accomplishments we attain in life, we are never the sole accomplisher. I am indebted to many readers and helpers from all over the world who supplied me with information. supported and encouraged me for over 25 years of collecting and compiling information. This website would not be what it is without their generous ongoing assistance, suggestions and material. (Names are in alphabetical order.)

The invaluable comments and encouragement of my dear husband, Chester Ehrig, who has spent untold hours assisting me in this lengthy endeavor; my mother and brother, Dot and Galen Berry, who have been great sources of material and proof readers; and my father (deceased in 2014), Raymond Berry, who was proud of my research.

Typists, editors, proofreaders and photography: Ruth Cowin, Joel Ehrig, L. Fortt, T. Fortt, Joan (Fair) Gardner, Scott Gregory, April (Austin) Hamilton, L. Hanson, Roy Hedahl, Alistair Henderson, Dr. Jerry Hopkins, Connie Jacobsen, Julene Jones, Tracy Parman, Brian and Heidi Peterson, Holly Pierce, Kris Satterwhite, Tom Teegarden, Alan VanDermyden; and one extraordinarily fast typist who prefers to remain anonymous.

Those who provided letters, notes, lists, photographs, research, financial support and various other assistance:

United States: Paul Abenroth, Jeff and Lorraine Armstrong, Beverly Bafus, Dorothy Berry, G.R. Berry, Maria Bodey, Mark Burrell, Bob, Joan and Kevin Daniel, Jeanie Dudley, Katherine (Kay) Curtis Arvig Downs, James Ferguson, Derrick Hahn, Carol (Staack) Hammond, Roy Hedahl, Sharon (Heisler) Edmundson, Lee Fryer, Randy Hohenfeldt, Ilylo, Tim Jones, J. Frank Kelly, Martha Knight, Larry and Bonnie Lindemann, Stephen Magowan, D. Mansur, Michelle (Storck) Matthews, Marie (Gooding) Micheletti, Julie Olson, Kathleen Overby, Charles Storck, Mary Ann Schoeff, Tom Teegarden, Judy Temple, Jim Vail, John and Thelma VanDermyden, Edward K. Williams, Robert (Bob) Williston, and the Family of Cordia and Henry White and Marguerite Fern (White) Petersen of Scappoose, Oregon.

Australia: Ross Bowden, Nola Davies, Joan (Fleming) Frost, David Mansur, Stan and Rose Perry, Geoff and Esther Schmidt, Merv Schmidt, Alan Stone.

New Zealand: Ian Carlson, Russell Cooney, Lynn Cooper, Elizabeth Freebairn, Julia Sowerby, owner of 2x2history website.

Canada: Fred and Verna Alder, Don Galloway, Sandi Gunther, Halena Halpin (granddaughter of Ed Cooney's sister Mary Elizabeth), Walter Holt, Bonnie and Iver Kleven, Alvin and Diane Kroeker, John Mitchell, Bruce Murdoch, Valerie (Stokes) Pike, Marge Reynolds.

Scotland, England, N. Ireland, and Rep. Ireland: Alison (Pearson) Chambers, Mervyn Dane (Impartial Reporter Newspaper, Enniskillen), Louise (Napier) Dawson, Bobby Dukelow (retired from Faith Mission), Robert Kee, David Killicoat, the Kilsyth Chronicle, James Hutchison, David and Daniel Magowan, Jim and Philomena Mallon, Ron Morris, Maeve Plower (Weirs of Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland), Patricia (Melia) Reynolds, Kate Sutcliff, John and Joyce Swanton

Vietnam: Nguyen Huu Bau, his daughter Nguyen Minh Thanh and her husband Nguyen Xuân Hoàn and Nguyen Thanh Hoa, a Brother Worker, who is no relation to the others.

Book Authors/Editors: Daurelle Chapman, Reflections; Elizabeth Coleman, Cult to Christ; Lynn Cooper, The Church with No Name; Kevin Daniel, Reinventing the Truth; Joan F. Daniel, Reflected Truth; James Hutchison, History of Kilsyth; Kathleen Lewis, The Church without a Name; Mr. and Mrs. John Long, Journal of John Long; Gene and Grace Luxon, Has the Truth Set You Free; Seamas Mac Annaidh, Editor Fermanagh Miscellany 2; Doug and Helen Parker, The Secret Sect; William Paul, They Go About 2x2; Dr. Patricia Roberts, The Life and Ministry of Edward Cooney, et al; Henry Robinson with Ballinamallard Historical Society, Ballinamallard, a place of importance .

William Irvine's Letters: Bruce Hartman, Barbara (Briza) James, Llewellyn "Lew" Fountain, Marie (Judd) Parsons, Princeton University, Nancy Sue Rodriguez, Margaret Turner, Leila Muller, great granddaughter of Fred and Bessie Smith from Brisbane.

Relatives of William Irvine: Dr. Betty J. Iggo, A.S.G.R.A. (Scotland Genealogist); David Cleland and Daniel Bruce (re: Helen Irvine Cleland); David Forrester Mitchell and David Killicoat (re: John Irvine); Liz Kwasnik and her mother Elizabeth Kwasnik, Lizbeth Freebairn and John Freebairn, (re: Agnes Irvine Freebairn); Linda Stopforth (re: James Irvine).

Faith Mission Assistance: John G. Eberstein, Bobby Dukelow, Rev. Colin N. Peckham, Keith H. Percival, Sandy Roger, John Townend and Valerie Robertson, librarian.

My sincere apologies to any whose names I may have inadvertently left out. Those who gave valued assistance but prefer to remain anonymous, you are no less appreciated.

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