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List compiled by Cherie Kropp-Ehrig

Articles Published in the 20th Century


April 23, 1964, Vol. 88, No. 3898 - Life of Faith (now Parentwise, Surrey, England)
Who Are the Cooneyites?

Jan 13, 1967, Pg 1 - The Oklahoma Journal (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
RE:  Dave Kropp, Conscientious Objector
Fink Objector Now Hero By Tom Tiede, NEA

RE: Dominic Enrietta, brother worker, fights draft
July 12, 1967 - Denver Post (Denver, Colorado)
Circuit Preacher Seeks Ministerial Exemption; No Author Given
July 15, 1967 - Denver Post (Denver, Colorado)
Lawsuit Puts Sect in Shunned Limelight by Dick Prouty
July 12, 1967, Pg 5 - Rocky Mountain News (Denver, Colorado)
Minister Asks for Deferment; No Author Given

Irish Independent (Dublin)
December 2, 1968 p1- Cooneyite Mission Hall burned to ground in Co. Tyrone

October 1960 or 1970
RE: Marysville, Kansas Convention
Fellowship in God - For 28 Years Worshippers Meet at Griffee Farm

July 24, 1970 - The Wenatchee World (Wenatchee, Washington)
RE: Convention at Chelan, Washington
They Follow Religion of No Name By Ray Schrick

Feb 10, 1971 - Belfast News Letter, Belfast, N Ireland
RE: 10-Year Anniversary of Ed Cooney's Death
He Tried to Live Like Christ

Evening News (Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan)
January 08, 1972, p10 – Evangelists to Preach in Brimley (Ben Tenniswood)

Oct 17, 1974 - Whittier Daily News (Whittier, California)
RE: Willie Jamieson - Death and Funeral
2,500 attend Funeral Rites Here for Minister; No Author Given

November, 1976, Pg 14 - The Quan (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
RE: Jomok - No name church in Philippines - Howard Ioerger & Hubert Sylvester
Volume 31, Number 3 Official Publication of the American Defenders of Bataan & Corregidor, Inc.

June 9, 1977, Pg 12 - The North Fork Times (Delta, Colorado)
RE:  Convention at Hotchkiss, Colorado
Nameless Church Meets; No Author Given

Aug 16, 1979, Pg 8 - The Sentinel (Cottage Grove, Oregon)
RE:  Convention at Saginaw, Oregon
Convention Set for Aug. 23-26; By M. Blaine
Aug 23, 1979 - Convention Hosts Foreign Speakers; By M. Blaine
Aug 30, 1979, Pg 6 - Convention Draws 1,500 Worshipers;  No Author Given

July 18, 1980, p10 - Irish Independent (Dublin)
Dippers (states Cooney was founder)

July 24, 1980, p8 - Irish Independent (Dublin)
The Dippers

September 18, 1980, p8 - Irish Independent (Dublin)
Who were the Cooneyites? (M.A.Schoeff Inquiry)

March 20, 1981, p12 - The Anglo-Celt (Cavan)
Researching obscure religious sect (M.A.Schoeff)

May 14, 1981 - The New Era (Sweet Home, Oregon)
Trio of Women Minister Gospel in Holley (Holley Grange, OR); By Pete Porter

October 29, 1981, Impartial Reporter (Enniskillen, N. Ireland)
When "the Dippers" had Their First Baptisms
RE: Eddie Cooney

RE: George Walker - Death and Funeral
Nov 8, 1981 Evening Bulletin ( Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Nov 9, 1981  Philadelphia Inquirer ( Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Nov 8/9, 1981 North Penn Reporter ( Lansdale, Pennsylvania)
George Walker Dead at 104; Long-time Gospel Preacher

June 11, 1982 - Union Bulletin (Walla Walla, Washington)
RE:  Convention at Walla Walla, Washington
#1  Gospel Tent Meeting Draws 800 Participants for Spiritual Fellowship; By Steve Maynard
#2  Fellowship Holds to Traditional Christian Beliefs, but its Practices Differ
"When one participant was asked when the fellowship began, he referred to the time of Christ"
. "When one participant was asked when the fellowship began, he referred to the time of Christ"
August 5, 1982 - Cabinet and Wilton Journal, (Milford, New Hampshire)
RE: Convention at Milford
#1 Multitude of faithful flocks to Milford every year
#2 Sampling the Convention
"There hasnt been any time of founding.  There's no year or names of founders."  Stephen said, "The only foundation is the teaching of Christ.  The message is the foundation and that has always been to get back to Christ." Charles Steffen (deceased Overseer of New York & New England States) The Cabinet and Wilton Journal, Milford, New Hampshire, 8/4/82.

June 5, 1983, Pg 1 - Spokesman Review (Spokane, Washington)
RE:  Convention at Post Falls, Idaho
Two by Twos: Victims of Anonymous Cult?  By Bart Preecs
June  5, 1983 - Nameless Congregation Holds Strong Grip on Faithful; By Bart Preecs
Quote from above by brother worker Walter: Pollock said he doesn't understand why the question of the group's history should be traumatic for ex-members. "I don't know how they could have come up with that," said Pollock, who denied that the fellowship makes unsubstantiated claims about its origins. "We know that it began with a group of men in the British Isles around the turn of the century. That's as far as we've been able to trace it."

July 7, 1983 to July 28, 1983 - Spokesman Review (Spokane, Washington)
Advertisement for where to purchase "The Secret Sect" book by Douglas Parker

Skagit Valley Herald (Mt. Vernon, Washington)
RE:  Convention at Milltown, Washington
By Kathleen Hosfeld
Aug 30, 1982, Pg 1 - No-Name Church Meets for Convention
Aug 17, 1983, Pg 1 - Criticism Clouds Church's Gathering
Aug 18, 1983, Pg 1 - Former Members of No-Name Church Continue Quiet Protest

Quote from August 18, 1983:  However, according to author an ex-member Doug Parker, the church actually was founded in 1897 by William Irvine in Ireland. Irvine was joined in 1901 by Edward Cooney, who assisted in leadership organization until his excommunication in 1928. When Parker's book "The Se­cret Sect" first appeared, workers denied his historical ac­count of the group's origins, say ex-members. Now they say the ministers are "whitewashing" the revelation, saying it isn't significant . "We, don't deny that," said Therald Sylvester, Washington overseer, when asked if the his­torical account was true. He refused, however, to discuss why ex-members had a different impression. "I won't go into that detail," he said.

Bellingham Herald (Bellingham, Washington)
RE:  Convention at Milltown, Washington
By Kathie Anderson
Aug 20, 1983, Pg 1 - Religious Sect Follows Different Path
Aug 20, 1983, Pg 4A - Church Without a Name Meets Again Amid Controversy
Quote from above by brother worker Therald Sylvester: Jesus Himself set us up. Whether it was planted in the first century, the 10th century, or the 20th century, the message is the same, it produces the same thing.

Sept 13, 1983, Pg 3 - Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, California)
RE:  Convention at Santee, California
Obscure, Silent Nameless Sect Travels 'Secret' Path; By Russell Chandler
Quote from above: Richard Wulf, 27, a Two-by-Two worker in Mexico for two years, was asked about this apparent suppression of the sect's origins. "Near the turn of the century God raised up godly men in Ireland and Scotland," Wulf acknowledged. "We respect them and what they established. But we don't hold to that history and line of succession."
Quote from brother worker: Kennedy, the worker-spokesman, agreed that the "friends would probably tell you this fellowship began with Christ...Now we're not following these men but the New Testament. What we have today is the New Testament fellowship.

Sept 17, 1983, Pg 2CS - Sarasota Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Florida)
'Nameless Church' Members Gather For Meeting
Same article as LA Times listed above by Russell Chandler (LA Times - Washington Post News Service)
RE: Santee, California Convention - Norman and Kathy Tinklepaugh

Sept 24, 1983 - *The Muskegon Chronicle (Muskegon, Michigan) (Repeat of LA Times Article)
RE:  Convention at Santee, California
Nameless House Claim Origins Go Back to Bible; By Russell Chandler

June 8, 1984, Pg 1 - *Coeur d'Alene Press (Coeur d'Alene, Idaho)
RE: Convention at Post Falls, Idaho
Church with No Name Packs in Crowds; By Susan Toft
Critics Call Way a Cult;  By Susan Toft
Quote from above by brother worker Walter Pollock:  The church was formed at the turn of the century in Great Britain, Pollock explained. A number of people In England, Scotland, Ireland discovered they were "missing something spiritually," he said. "The Lord brought them together and they found they saw eye to eye on the ministry," he said.

Aug 21, 1985 - The Sentinel (Cottage Grove, Oregon)
RE:  Convention at Saginaw, Oregon
Thousands Flock to Saginaw Farm; By Chuck Palahniuk
Quote from above by Overseer of Washington state:  Church Worker Harold Bennett says the church has no connection with Edward Cooney.

Oct, 1984 p10 - Orange Standard, Birmingham, England
(a monthly Protestant magazine Loyal Orange Institution of England, pub. 1914-1928)
About Edward Cooney

February 06, 1985, p8 – The Elgin Echo (Elgin, Iowa)
Advertisement to buy “The Secret Sect”

February 06, 1985, p12 - Postville Herald (Iowa)
Advertisement to buy “The Secret Sect”

Nov  2, 1986, Pg 1A - *Minneapolis Star and Tribune (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
RE: Convention at Eagle Bend, Minnesota
Religion Without a Name Draws its Faithful to Worship; By Rob Hotakainen
Quote from above:  Since early workers followed a Scottish preacher in Ireland before the turn of the 20 th century, they have spent their lives traveling from home to home with little more than their clothes, Lewis said.

Nov 8, 1986, Pg A3 - *Birmingham Post-Herald (Birmingham, Alabama)
RE: Convention at Eagle Bend, Minnesota
Unnamed Church Has Been Quietly Thriving for 80 years; By Robert Franklin
(Repeat of Nov 2, 1986 MN Star Article)

Nov 14, 1986 - The Forum (Fargo, North Dakota)
RE: Convention at Hunter, North Dakota
Theology of No Name Church is Conservative; By Carol Mahnke

Nov 22, 1986, pp 3 & 7 Reading Eagle
RE: Convention at Eagle Bend, Minnesota
'No name' faith stresses simple life
(Repeat of Nov 2, 1986 MN Star Article)

Apr 6, 1987 - Bismarck Tribune (Bismarck, North Dakota)
RE: Sister workers Lori Swenson and Violet Myers
Evangelists Moving on Down Road (Hebron, ND); By Lois Tibor

ACCIDENT of 3 California Brother Workers:
John Walker (died), Michael Murray (died) and Alan Vandermyden (injured)

Photo caption: Fatal Accident. One man died and three others were critically injured Sunday in this three car collision on Hwy 101 near Hinds Avenue overpass in Pismo Beach.

Aug. 12, 1987 - Five Cities Times-Press-Recorder (Arroyo Grande CA)
Fatal Accident takes life of Anaheim Man (Pismo Beach, CA)

Aug. 12, 1987 - Five Cities Times-Press-Recorder, Arroyo Grande CA
Obituary for John Wesley Walker

Aug. 19, 1987 - Five Cities Times-Press-Recorder, Arroyo Grande CA
Obituary for Michael Aaron Murray

Aug 21, 1987, Pg A12 - The Dispatch (Gilroy, California)
RE: Convention at Gilroy, California
Congregation Extols Life of Peace, Serenity; By Nancy McCarthy

Nov 30-Dec 6, 1989 - Mail Tribune Extra (Medford, Oregon)
Ministers Take Gospel Message into Worshipers' Home; By Liz Bowen

Feb 28, 1990 - Billings Gazette (Billings, Montana)
The Church With No Name; By Dan Burkhart

November 17, 1990 - Grand Rapids Press (Grand Rapids, Michigan USA)
RE: Gospel meetings held by Weldon Burgess, Randy Braund & John Wilbur
Gospel, generosity strengthen church; by Ed Golder

June 19, 1991, Page 8 - Virginian-Pilot (Norfolk, Virginia USA)
RE: Way Ministers Garhering Souls, Isle of Wright
By Jody Snider

July 14, 1991, Pg 2 - *The Sunday Sun (Georgetown, Texas)
RE: Convention at Georgetown, Texas
The Secret Sect; By Brad Stutzman
July  8, 1992, Pg 1 - Church with No Name Returns; By Bret Bloomquist
Quote from above: While the Encyclopedia of American Religions states that the 'Two-By-Twos' - as it calls them - were founded in 1886 by a Scotsman named William Irvine, both Lewis and Klepzig profess ignorance of any modern-day church history.  Lewis says there is no one founder or group of founders that this church without a written doctrine - except the Bible - can trace its lineage to. "Not to my knowledge," Lewis says. "We don't treat genealogical records as being purposeful. What would it mean to me if I could prove I'm a descendant of Abraham?" "It Was before my time," Klepzig says. "No one here claims to have started it." Lewis says that church members do not claim - as some say they claim - to be descendants of the original Apostles. "We don't make any claims to that," Lewis says.

Nov 1, 1991, Pg A12A - The Forum (Fargo, North Dakota)
Two-by-Twos travel the land, minister Christ; By Bob Lind

Aug 5, 1992, Pg 3 - *Milford Cabinet and Wilton Journal (Milford, New Hampshire)
RE: Convention at Milford, New Hampshire
Multitude of the Faithful Flocks to Milford Every Year; By Debra Thornblad

Casper Star-Tribune ( Wyoming)
By Deidre Stoelzle
RE:  Sister Worker Velma May Filener Murdered Nov. 30, 1993; Memorial Service Dec. 6, 1993
Dec. 2, 1993 - Police: No arrests in Casper homicide. Elderly visitor dies after apparent stabling
Dec. 3, 1993 - Still no arrest in Filener stabbing
Dec 4, 1993 - Police still looking for motive in Filener killing
Dec 7, 1993 - No arrest, motive in Filener stabbing
Dec 21, 1993 - Police won’t comment on Filener stabbing
Dec 31, 1993 – Filener murder suspect charged (19 yr old Victor M. Madrid)
Dec 31, 1993 – Suspect: Madrid nabbed after medical call
Read Account

October 21, 1994, p9 - Irish Independent (Dublin, Ireland)
Religion Survey shows 80% regional rise in atheists

Aug 21, 1996, p3A - Cottage Grove Sentinel (Cottage Grove, Oregon)
Woman Accuses Sect of Ignoring Abuse; By Mark Bowder (Re:  Rebecca Ginestar)

Sept 14, 1996, p1 - *The N'West Iowa Review (Sheldon, Iowa)
RE: Convention at Boyden, Iowa
They'll Take That Old-Time Religion; By Mike Palecek

Articles Published in the 21st Century

July 13, 2000 -.The Altamont Enterprise (Altamont, New York)
RE:  Convention at Altamont, NY
Cooneyite cult to cooperate with county...Is is a cult or a camp? by Jo E. Prout

July 14, 2000 - The Times Union (Albany, New York)
RE:  Convention at Altamont, NY
Farm plays host to a low-profile sect;  By Kim Martineau

July 19, 2000 - The Albany Times Union (Albany, New York)
RE:  Convention at Altamont, NY
Conservative religious group peacefully goes abvout its business; By Kim Martineau

July 20, 2000 - The Albany Times Union (Albany, New York)
RE:  Convention at Altamont, NY
Sect told it must find new lodgings; By Kim Martineau

July 22, 2000 - The Albany Times Union (Albany, New York)
RE:  Convention at Altamont, NY
Mystery Christian sect draws little attention; By Kim Martineau

July 27, 2000 - The Altamont Enterprise 
By Jo E. Prout
RE:  Convention at Altamont, New York
Despite no overnight Cult flocks to farm

Sept. 13, 2000 - Victoria Times Colonist
by Holly McKenna  (Reuters)
RE:  Convention at Altamont, NY
Christian 2x2s Worship quietly in U.S.

November 3, 2002 - Grand Forks Herald, North Dakota
By Stephen J. Lee, Herald Staff Writer
RE:  Ardith Ellingson and Jenny Connolly, workers
A Quiet Faith - Women ministers serve church with no name

November 9, 2002, pp. 9 & 12 - The Frederick News-Post
By Knight Ridder Newspapers
Same article as above.
Ministers serve church with no name

November 8, 2002, p. 7 – Pharos Tribune (Logansport, Indiana)
Same article as above.
Women Ministers Serve Church with No Name

August 14, 2003 - Schenectady Daily Gazette
By Jill Bryce, Gazette Reporter
RE:  Convention at Altamont, New York
‘Two by Twos’ plan to sing and to pray

September 24, 2005 - Keyser Mineral Daily News Tribune (West Virginia)
By Marla Pisciotta, Tribune Staff Writer
RE: Workers - Troy Gilmore and Martin Hnizdil
Duo teaches Bible Studies in Keyser

October 6, 2005 - Kennebec Journal (Maine)
By Elizabeth Carr, Staff Writer
RE: Workers -Martin Johnson and Shannon Meyer
Bible study the way it used to be

June 28, 2006 - The Independent, Edgewood, New Mexico
By Leota Harriman
RE: Proposed Location of new NM Convention Site in Torreon
Site for religious conclave riles neighbors in Torreon
Vol. 8, No. 26

July 13, 2006 - Mountain View Telegraph, Moriarty, New Mexico
By Beth Hahn
Religious-Retreat Project Rejcted
RE: Proposed Location of new NM Convention Site in Torreon
April 26, 2007 - Mountain View Telegraph, Moriarty, New Mexico
By Beth Hahn
Religious Retreat Approved

August 16, 2006 - Republic Eagle News, Red Wing, Minnesota
By Hastings Newsroom
Non-denominational meetings in homes are still traditional
RE: Dean Dykstra and Roy Williams gospel meetings

Feb. 10, 2008 - The Daily News serving Lower Columbia
Worldwide fellowship needs no building, no budget, no bishops
By Cathy Zimmerman
RE: Sister Workers Terri Marsh and Muriel Erickson, serving Longview and Kelso,Washington

Nov. 22, 2008 - The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Indiana (
Nameless church keeps things simple - Meeting in believers' homes, group members emulate early Christians
By Bill McCleery
RE: Gospel meetings of workers Martin Hnizdil and Jon Knochenmus in Indiana

December 4, 2008  - Des Moines Register, Des Moines, Iowa
Traveling ministers preach Bible
By Jennifer Ripslinger
RE: Workers Anita Forsberg and Jennifer Bartels

February 24, 2009 - Daily - Illinois
University of Illinois student shunned by 'cult' for sake of education
By Aaron Geiger
RE: Jennifer Hanson's life story

January 30, 2010 - LaCrosse Wisconsin Tribune
Group forgoes name in mission to follow Jesus
By Stacey Kalas
RE: Workers Leila Byers and Christine Topinka

January 7, 2010 Huron Daily Tribune - Michigan
February 9, 2010 Huron Daily Tribune
Briggs sentenced to jail time for CSC
By Kate Hessling
RE: Worker Darren Jay Briggs sentenced to 180 days in jail for a fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct.

August 6, 2010 - The Intelligencer
The church with no name
By Hilarty Bentman
RE: Milford New Hampshire Convention

February 17, 2013
Why 66-year old Irvine plans a doctorate on 'the greedy TV evangelists'
Portadown Times, N. Ireland
Re: Masters thesis about Cooneyites
By:  No author listed for article

May 16, 2014 - Washington Co. Daily News (Wisconsin US)
Itinerant preachers follow in apostles' footsteps
By Dan Muckelbauer
RE: Workers Stanley March, Eric Nueske & Perry Pearson

November 10, 2014 - Daily Telegram, Adrian, Michigan USA
105-year-old Adrian woman reflects on life and ministry
By Dan Cherry
RE: Retired Sister Worker Lillian Tenniswood age 105 yrs old

Oct. 30, 2018, p8 - The Hilltop
By Clare Kasten, Managing Editor
RE: Student Kinley Hickok, at Corban University, a Christian Univ. in Salem, OR
Student finds Christ after childhood in cult

April 21, 2019
Exposing the Two By Two Church
60 Minutes Australia - Two by Two Coverage

USA Undated or Unidentified Newspaper Articles:

Undated (please contact TTT if you can provide the date)
Kenosha News, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Women Follow Path of Poverty to Teach Bible
By Christine A. Verstraete



October 29, 1981, Impartial Reporter (Enniskillen, N. Ireland)
When "the Dippers" had Their First Baptisms
RE: Eddie Cooney

The Impartial Reporter, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland (
Sept 4, 1997 - Lecture on Cooneyites Examines their Foundation by Dr. Eryl Davies

Letters to the Editor in response to Sept. 4, 1997 article above:
  • Sept 11, 1997 -      By Dr. Patricia Roberts; By Dame Streeter
  • Sept 25, 1997 -      By Cecil Andrews
  •                                Aiming for Accuracy by Dr. D. E. Davies
  • Oct   2, 1997 -        By Dr. Patricia Roberts
  •                                By Contender for the Faith
  • Oct   9, 1997 -        By Cecil Andrews; By ex2x2
  •                                By Contender for the Faith
  • Nov 13, 1997 -       By Barbara James, Follower of William Irvine
  • Dec 11, 1997 -       By Ruth Miller

The Impartial Reporter, Enniskillen, Northern Ireland (
By Jenny Cathcart
June 26, 2008 -  The social butterflies who married well; Ruby Ferguson recalls the strict upbringing of the Cooneyite tradition
July  03, 2008 -   Dr. Roberts recalls childhood memories of Edward Cooney
Nov 12, 2008 - The Impartial Reporter - Jenny Cathcart looks at Ireland's third oldest newspaper

RE:  The Pearsons of Coolacrease, Ireland

Indymedia Ireland
By Pat Muldowney

Feb 24, 2006 - War Of Independence Debate On Sectarianism Descends On Unassuming Offaly
May 30, 2006 - Alan Stanley's book: "I Met Murder on the Way"
October 8, 2007 - Hidden History or hidden agenda – the real story - The Atrocity
December 2, 2007 - Coolacrease - The Hidden Interview (70 pages)
Dublin Review of Books
By Philip O'Connor and Pat Muldowney
July 15, 2013, Issue 39 - A House Built on Sand (26 pages)
The Irish Times
October 25, 2007 - We are still hiding from our history
By Ann Marie Hourihane
The Sunday Business Post

Oct 28, 2007, p40 - When history and hearsay collide
The Tribune
Nov 7, 2007, p15 - The Pearsons of Coolacrease

Tyrone Constitution - Church Notices
October  28, 2010 - Come to our Bible Services - Present Day 2 by 2 Apostles (T. Gamble, H. McKnight)
November 4, 2010 p12 - Come to our Bible Services - Present Day 2 by 2 Apostles (T. Gamble, H. McKnight)

Network Norwich and Norfolk (England)
July 22, 2014 - Month-long Gospel tent mission in Thurton, S. Norfolk
RE:  Workers Barry Longhurst, Dennis McKendry and Peter Hinchley

Dialogue Ireland blog
September 17, 2015 - Dialogue Ireland Director meets with two workers of the Home Fellowship of Christians
RE:  Richard Hughes and Craig ?

The Impartial Reporter, Enniskillen, N. Ireland
2022, October 12, Page 27
New book looks at the legacy of Enniskillen preacher Edward Cooney–and a global church with no name.
By Ciaran Flaherty
RE book: Preserving the Truth: The Church without a Name and Its Founder, William Irvine by Cherie Kropp-Ehrig


Dutch Periodical: “The Challenge” A Dutch Evangelical Magazine [“Uitdaging"]
By Jildert de Boer
Two by Two Movement with Sectarian Characteristics
Issue: December 2005


About Emma Massey...

Sweden's largest evening newspaper: Aftonbladet
I was Robbed of My Childhood
By Adrianna Jalming
October 14, 2011

Leaving the Sect Almost Felt Like Dying
By Caroline Stenman
February 14, 2010


Daily Mirror
November 15, 2016 - Letter to the Editor
Backdoor Visas for Imposters Masquerading as Missionaries
By W. M. Chinthaka Bandara Wijesereka, Colombo4

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