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Loitz - January 19, 1928
Fladungs - February 14, 1928
Friends - January 28,  1928
Kerrs - February 22, 1928
Skerritts - March 10, 1928
Baessler, Ted - April 18, 1928
Edwards - May 3, 1928
Hooe, Walter - May 3, 1928
Cooney, Edward - May 5, 1928
Mattes, Mrs.  - May  6,  1928
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Skerritts - May 22, 1928
Beaver, Fred - May 27, 1928
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Sheeley, Mrs.  & Fay - August 18, 1928
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Kim, Laura - October 24, 1928
Dunbars -   November 27, 1928
McLarens - December 2, 1928
Skerritts - December 4, 1928
Dunbar, Dorothy - Spring of 1928

William Irvine's Letter to Loitz
January 19, 1928

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Mary and Co.

Many thanks for two from you today. I almost feel as if I've given Dunbars and Mrs. Grim all I have, but I must not fail to give you some too at any cost; so perhaps if I give you a run through the Marriage at Cana of Galilee it may help out the other letters. The third day there was a marriage at Cana of Galilee. The third day would be Tuesday, and Tuesday 17th was 6 months from the Fast, the 4th month 16th. I saw the rainbow of promise. On the 18th we had a quake at 8:10 a.m., which was six months and six days from the last quake.

I don't know when He comes as the Bridegroom, but we will some day look back and be able to know the day when the water was changed to wine by the coming of the Spirit and the opening of Heaven to us as to Nathaniel. Cana of Galilee was a very small village which lies 6 miles East of Nazareth, and we don't expect His marriage to the wise virgins to be a very big affair or much known, but by the after-results. The Mother of Jesus was there. Type, no doubt of the Woman who is to bring forth the Manchild and no doubt at the Wedding, clothed with the Sun and the Moon under her feet and the 12-Star Crown on her head, and pained to be delivered.

You can see Mary was very much in this same condition towards Jesus--she was anxious to see the proof of His anointing and felt in herself that the time was at hand, though Jesus seemed to know it was not yet come. Both Jesus and His disciples were called to the Marriage. I suppose it's safe to say that the Marriage will be a big day for me, but also for those who are my disciples. When they wanted wine, (don't we feel the need for wine today?) Or, perhaps my answer to such a complaint would be hers--"Mine hour is not yet come." His Mother said to the servants, Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it. Notice the "what-so-ever" of Matthew 18:18-20. There were set six waterpots of stone (not clay) for washing the hands before eating--two or three firkens apiece. We are not all equal but should be set and stone-hard in our holding the Waters of Purification from all that's wicked around us. So to eat the feast of Meat in due Season.

Jesus said unto them, ( the servants; you notice virgins, servants and sheep are the three marks of Matt. 25) Fill the waterpots, and they filled them to the brim. Just as you notice the good and faithful servants used their talents to the full measure in the few things, and inherited power over many things as their reward. For the mark of the whole of Omega preparation is always faithfulness in little things or few things, to the Least and little ones, and the little knowledge we had of Omega things, which used, brings us to the greater power over others. I know you know that I have always been anxious to see people filled to the brim.

He said unto them, "Draw out now, and bear to the Governor of the feast, and they bear it." When the Ruler of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine and knew not whence it came from, but the servants knew which drew the water. The Governor called the Bridegroom and said, "Every man at the beginning gives the best wine, but thou hast kept the best till the last;" and surely this will be true when we experience all that Matt. 25 speaks of. A Kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world for you who have proven to be sheep in these wicked days, and when tested in your attitude to Him by your actions towards His Servant, and your loyalty in keeping and using your talent of Truth which He gave to each according to His capacity when He went away into a far country to receive for Himself a Kingdom, and return.

Who in all ages ever had Matt. 18:18-20 fulfilled to them, though the Devil has always made his angels believe such things. We know now that they were promised and given for a people and a time which is only coming now into fulfillment. The first wine of the Marriage was what the Apostles had. The last wine is what we are to have--and includes destruction of the wicked, and salvation of all who will hear that Prophet whose words will be Life or death to the whole world.

In Blessing I will bless thee, in multiplying I will multiply thee. In thee and thy seed shall all ends of the Earth be Blessed. I will Bless them who bless thee, and curse them that curse thee. Genesis 12. The seed of the Woman shall bruise the serpent's head--destroy the wicked false prophets and seed off the Earth, but we will know them by their bruising of our heel; and so we know who to bind as well as who to loose, (who bless us or listen and look kindly on us and take our part or suffer with us, or be not against. Jesus said "he that is not against us is on our part."). So you see this Kingdom which cometh not with observation has been prepared for you from the foundation of the world.

This beginning of miracles did Jesus at Cana of Galilee, and His disciples believed on Him by the proof of God being for Him, and Heaven opened. You can read this in connection with John 1 and notice the marks of the disciples who were there, which gives us an idea that there won't be a big crowd at the changing of the water to wine.. But they were all His disciples by hearing before they believed on Him by seeing. You notice the two operations-- the filling of the vessels and the drawing out--both according to His Command who had but recently said, " My hour has not yet come." You can see the tense feeling that Jesus would have, both in telling them to fill up and also in telling them to draw out, and this is what I feel these days in encouraging you to draw out or put in practice Matt. 18:18-20 and see what marks of blessing and cursing we get. I expect we will be weaker in binding the wicked than in loosing the sinners.

You can see how many signs we have had and yet it don't reach people much. But when people see persons judged before their eyes whom they have known as wicked and whom they have heard curse you or seen it in their attitude and actions, they will realize the Lord is near and call on Him for their own salvation as in Isa.55. Seek the Lord while He is near in Judgment, call on Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous their thoughts and turn--points to the fact that men who are with the wicked are bound, will break and loose when they see them judged. You have a good sample in Aimee and Fuller of what would happen when they are bound.

So I trust you will all learn to trim and get ready for His coming and go in to the Marriage, or prepare as far as you know how for Matt. 18-20 being fulfilled. It's only the natural reward to what you have been seeking after these past years. The Servant who has been giving meat in due season till He comes to be made Ruler over all that He has, or all His goods--which may mean my doing again in Jerusalem what He did when here--and so appeal to people who don't know our tongue or doctrine but who can understand that God is with us and the center of His operations in Jerusalem.

Don't be presumptuous or bumptious, but two or three together in His name, ask the Father to do what He desires and delights that we should do in giving Him a chance to show who are His Virgins, Servants and Sheep. So that the whole world may know what to hear and how to hear for their salvation and anointing. So I hope to hear that you find some proofs that the fasts led to a joyous and glad day of His coming to begin the work.

Best love,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's letter to Fladungs
February 14, 1928

Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Fladungs:

Thanks for yours, John. It will be a big change for you to draw out of your full to the brim pitchers and say, Come, to a few every day and then go home at night and practice Matthew VI:5-15 on all you have spoken to, etc. Watch how "He that seeth in secret shall reward you openly." The old way of trying to fill full vessels was very trying, but the new way will be as stimulating as the other was the reverse. If men will hear ever so little, they can be sure of blessing. If they blaspheme or despise, they can be quite sure of cursing. "The Spirit and Bride say come. He that heareth says come." Those who become thirsty through seeing the effects may come and "Whosoever will, let him take freely the waters of life," or death just as people treat the Message; no matter whether they are unjust, filthy, righteous or holy.

So draw out and give to everyone you can and let them know it will be blessing or cursing, just as they make it; but they can't miss either one or the other. Don't waste too much time on any one in particular but try to give a few new people every day the Come and then Matthew VI:5-15 when you get home at night. Keep on at it and leave the results with God. The old Alpha meeting and preaching methods are just the opposite of the Omega things. In doing what I say you will find the Omega Gospel well at work before you know where you are. It's not by might or numbers, or power of man, but by My Spirit saith the Lord that these things are to be done. Zechariah 11 tells you how the city is to be built.

10th was the anniversary of the Big Snow here in 1920. Great Britain and Europe have had another fearful hurricane and many dead and much damage. Mexico had quake; Long Beach, terrible fire and 13 dead in England, mostly mining experts. Mond, the Jew, had a warm reception in Bagdad from the Iraquians and Simon, the Jew, had same in India. Cape Town had 400,000 $ fire, so we are not without signs that He is carrying on; while He wants us to get a personal drawing out of our full vessels in simplest form and give the results to the Governor to taste.

So miss nobody you can touch with your, Come, and lay them out before Him every night a la Matthew VI:5-15 whether people are unjust, filthy, righteous or holy, they will be judge by their attitude to the Message of Revelation which you have been filled with to draw out. You don't need to bother with people twice or explain too much, but just in simplicity tell them Revelation is the Message of blessing or cursing and if they add to or take from, God will add plagues or take away their name even out of the Book of Life. Walter and Neomi have two good bindings and one loosing. I enclose John Lauchlin's letter.

Best love,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s  Letter To:  Friends
January 28,  1928
P. O. Box  696
Jerusalem   Palestine

My Dear Friends:

Many thanks for yours.  When I went out Yesterday  morning to look at the comet, I did not expect to see to see what I saw.  I had read the papers, telling what the scientists had to say, “that it was the star of Bethlehem returning on its course”, But I suspect its more.  It's the Star of the Son of Man in HEAVEN, Matt. 24:29-35.

Rev. 22:16 says “I am the Root and offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star (of the 7th day creation or the 1,000 years).  So its His Star today, as much as when the 3 Wise Men said, “We  have seen  His Star in the East and have come to worship Him”.  Then Rev. 2: 28 shows it's the sign of the Overcomer, I will give him the Morning Star, as a sign the hour has come, for the fulfilling of His promise. I will give Him power over Nations, to break them in pieces, then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, when ruled with the rod of Iron, Rev. 9:15 speaks of the 11th hour of the 11th day of 11th year from Armistice, so you can see what mourning is in store for them, and much cause for mourning before the war of Armageddon comes, when 600 million men will be its toll, with 200 million already taken in violence since Aug. 4, 1916.

There will be much cause for rejoicing among those who are hearing and loosed from their binding of the wicked Angel, by the 2 or 3 who are His Little Ones and Brethren, who are to inherit the Kingdom by my work in Jerusalem, which will speak to and reach out to the whole world.  We had a lovely rainbow to welcome me on going to town on the 16th at 4-30 P.M.  Then on the 18th, a shock at 8, and another on the 22nd, and on the 23rd at 12 we had another coming to awaken and assure me that I might see the sign of the Son of Man there.  It was a light on the hill close to the house.  It was so bright and I watched it for 30 minutes. It was “A bright Star” [--??---] it showed 2 long horns as if it were a goat head, the left one throwing out branches till it looked like a tree, then the whole became as the leaf of a tree, then reverted to its former shape again.

You can read Rev. 2 what it said about the 2 Witnesses, the 2 Olive Trees, and the 2 Candle sticks, for it can be this is the reason for the various marks, and compare Zech 1 to 14.  I shook up Jerusalem [--??--] today, so it is more in the eyes and ears of all , and coming as it does after the opening of Matt 18 to 25 chapters makes it the more telling, so read over the 18 and 25 chapters till it is all impressed on your hearts and minds.  Then also the place where it speaks about the Star, and all it means from Him to me, and also the place where it speaks of the nations who are to mourn.  You can look up “They that pierced Him shall mourn” as He begins to deal with the same generation as the earth by Judgment as those who pierced Him, for although they hated Him without a cause.  When He made Himself of no reputation.

So fill up your water pots to the brim and draw out to bear to the Governor of the feast all the proof that your water has been changed to wine by the marriage of the Wise Virgins to the Bridegroom, and the rewarding the good and profitable servants, and the inheriting of the Kingdom prepared from the foundation of the world for those who prove by their [--??--] to me that they were really His Brethren, of Him [-??--] on the throne and is now giving us the sign of His Star appears in the East, before the sunrise of the 7th day.

My love to all there.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Kerrs
February 22, 1928
Jerusalem, Palestine.

My Dear Joe, Sarah and George:

I feel like resting a little too, as I have come to the end of my reading of Rev. when 22 has opened up & revealed the simplicity of it all from first to last. V. 1 -6 shows us the Blessing End of & the last few verses gives us the Cursing End.  I had often noticed Matt. 25  when the Son of Man shall come in his Glory and all the Holy Angels with him then shall he sit on the Throne of His Glory. Rev. 22:1  the Pure River of Water of life clear as crystal  proceeding out of the Throne of God  and the Lamb.  Naturally we think of His Throne in Heaven rather than His Temple & Throne on the Earth in the poor man of Isaiah 66:2. This seems  to be the fact that he by His Spirit will dwell in that man & make His Throne there, & so the Judging of the Nations & the healing of the Nations will be wrought by the water of Life from that source.  In the midst of the street, stretching to either side of the River was the Tree of Life which they who obey the Omega Message will have right to eat of its 12 fold fruits, & their witness will be for the healing of the Nations.

This seems to be the simple truth of the matter.  There shall be no more curse- as in Genesis- but the Throne of God & the Lamb shall be in it.  His Servants  shall serve Him.  They shall see His face & His name shall be in their foreheads.   There shall be no night there or need for a candle or light of the sun- for the Lord God giveth them light & they shall  for ever & ever.  All of this seems to imply that when we have got the whole Omega Message finished made clear to the Bride and the sheep & the servants ready- Then we will begin to see greater results than we ever dreamed  of in our own new Omega Message- with its 12 fold to all who receive it, and cursing to all who dare trifle with it.

Naturally we have to face a great deal of the old ideas we had of this being away ahead.  But  I’m  inclined to think we have reached the beginning of the fulfilling of this chapter.  Which was the goal of all the past reading & hearing to prepare His Temple & Throne & His Servants who will serve Him, & the sheep who are to inherit the Kingdom., and the Bride by whom the Spirit is to speak the word come.

I had just got to see  this tonight when I knelt down to pray for something and we had a  Nice little shake as soon as I got on my knees.  So am expecting to know more about it soon from others.  We have had quite a  no. of loosing & binding from several these past weeks--which show God is honoring their words and prayers as in Matt. 6:5-15 and in Matt. 18:18.

So we expect to find that in place of feeding the Women any more, we will be hearing from them that the Spirit is speaking by them to the outside people by words & pen & that there is blessing & cursing for all who have heard.   So put it to the test for yourself & others.  All who hear & obey the Omega Message of Rev. will have right to the Tree of Life, which will meet their every need by its 12 fold fruit every month.  And so be able to give their witness or Testimony for the healing of the Nations around.  So witness by lip and pen to all you can & put the matter before Him at nights.  Watch for the answer in both ways.  I am glad to hear you are all well & in good shape.
My best love to all & expectations for these things to be fulfilled in you.

Your  truly in Him.

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
March 10, 1928

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie-

Your 2 letters today were sure proof that He lives and that Matt.18: to 25: is fulfilled along with many other proofs which reach me every mail - and Rev.22: is the new Omega Gospel message of life and death to the whole 1700 millions on the earth and it's truly an Iron Rod. Isaiah 55: being a clear working guide to the method of using Rev. 22:

No, Minnie, you are not one of the nine - but number one amongst the three - for you have been more severely tested than anyone in the whole circle and your agony could humanly be typed in the anguish of the parent of the boy who was possessed of the dumb devil - and Bob's deliverance typed by that of the boy let free - and you can be quite sure that your double witness will be as valuable in Omega days and Gospel as was that of Transfiguration in the Alpha to the Disciples you have heard many give testimony to their deliverance in Alpha days. But your testimony will deliver many in days to come - when you put before them life and blessing as verses 1 to 6 in Rev. 22: and death and plagues in verses 18 and 19.

I could not imagine a more trying and terrible experience than you have passed thru and only God could have brought it about for His purpose on both sides. For I can grasp both sides very fully - - from beginning to end, and feel sure that you have found in each other only what God could have made you. Minnie, a pearl of the first water, and Bob a brand plucked from the fire and given her as reward, -- but both part of each other - and one a sense nothing else could have produced - and to whom could we give the praise and glory but to God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit who alone could have made such things possible. I don't flatter you, but ask you to look at the Building of Rev. 21: and see that there can be no wood, hay or stubble in that Building-- from top to bottom made of Gems and Gold only for streets. 13 yrs. I have been like a lost dog sniffing my Master's footsteps in new country thru summer and winter, day and night, with everything to throw me off the scent, but never once without some token or scent or mark to guide me to Him.

I'm sure Bob, you will understand Isaiah 55: and the abundance of His pardon in a measure that will meet the needs of many whom you have not yet seen or heard of you, for God loves to make His word written in flesh in the fullest sense of the word. I'm sure you will not need to read Isaiah 55: from the Book, but pour it out as your own experience in witness to Him for the deliverance of many now in darkness, and the shadow of death. I know too well what it has cost me as I saw the devil, thief, robber, deceiver, liar, murderer have power over a sheep and sniffing day and night for the other with God alone able to watch over and the Shepherd at His right hand who alone could see the end from the beginning and His servant only able to see the conditions and erring on the safe side- for I dare not give Bob one word of hope, lest it would weaken Minnie. My heart was iron to Bob, and tenderest love towards Minnie in her excruciating sufferings. But what possibilities lie ahead for both of you in delivering souls, only He can know, and I'm sure when you begin to grasp the glory and power of the Omega Gospel, nothing under the Heavens can ever weaken you or hinder you from delivering poor, perishing, hopeless men and women groaning under the curse of the iniquity of men, using the name and the truth of God in their own way and for their own selfish purpose.

There shall be NO MORE CURSE - are the sweetest words of Rev.22: for those, who by iniquity - try to add to my reading of Revelation - will get plagues- and those who, by unbelief - try to take from it, will get death, this will cover 1700 millions - till wickedness and iniquity shall be cleared from the earth and only the meek to enjoy it for 1000 years. I'm sure nothing will be greater joy to my friends than to hear the victory won, after such a stubborn long battle, and coming at this time, is more value than at any former period. So order your affairs and lives so that God, you and the world, can get most out of it, and by pen and lip, give all men the pure river of water of life, - clear as crystal, proceeding from the Throne of God and of the Lamb. You need have not one fear to cut loose from every tie - and refresh yourselves and all your friends and relatives and give them a chance of life or death, and the world is at your feet, - but don't vision the future of Omega by your laborious experiences in Alpha days. For the contrast is as high as the Heavens are over the earth - in blessing and cursing to every man who hears.

There will be no missions or triflers or opposers, but all will go down as wheat before the mower, - either in blessing or cursing. You may have heard some of Percy and his 2 companions who have all three been thru the fire in other ways, but the marks have been the same and you will get details later no doubt from their own lips.

W. Edwards and Rose have been thru the fire these 13 years - and the more I enjoy it all now. Often I wondered why workers seemed to be more tried than others, but I can see a little of its value now; so even now - where you are- by lip and pen begin to reap by giving the Omega message, just as you know it, - bind and loose the same as you have been at it 1000 years, - and God will honor your witness as we have never could have dreamed it possible in such a wicked age. For the judgment of the wicked will be as effective as the saving and delivering of those who drink, eat and witness to my reading of Revelation - as His sent one (Angel).

My sincerest love and fond hopes for both.
Yours truly in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Ted Baessler
April 18, 1928
PO Box 553
Jerusalem, Palestine

 Dear Baesslers:

Many thanks for yours.  My reading of Revelation is the pure river of water of Life, clear as crystal proceeding from the Throne of God and of the Lamb.  Give it to all you can.  If they receive it, they can be loosed from all that binds them (no matter what it may be).  If they trifle with it, then bind them and they can expect more trouble than they ever suspected possible; for when God speaks, it's to bless those who hear, and surely the opposite is possible in these days when wrath is to be as sure as mercy.

Anything you are not clear on, you may get help from Dunbars or some of the others who have been longer on the job.  Ones own near relatives are often the hardest to reach, specially when they are holy and righteous and full of thoughts which don't proceed from the Throne.  But there is only one cure for all, give them the waters, pure and clear as crystal, sly and sincerely.

There is so much confusion and strife and darkness in the world these days, people are forced to ask the reason why, and Revelation, read by the Spirit, alone can give them light on what's happening to the world, and to most people we meet personally, as well; and in almost every conversation, you can find some part of Rev. meets their needs.  Talk of the war, Religion, Politics, prohibition, famine, Bolshivism, quakes, fires, storms, floods, cyclones, etc., all point the way to finding the reason in the Book; and specially in Revelation, which is a guide for reading the whole Book for these days.   And men good, bad or indifferent or perfect are to be Judged by their attitude to my reading of Revelation.   So they can have the blessings of V. 1 - 6 of Rev. 22 or the cursing of V. 18-19, through their iniquity in adding to or taking from the words of the prophesy of this Book.

The record only becomes prophesy when it has been given by a prophet, who will either bring cursing or blessing as they hear.

My Best Love in Him on the Throne. 

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Edwards
May 3, 1928
Box 553
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Wm., Rose and Co:

Thanks for yours, April 12, 1928, with photos which make all look good. Dunbars are having quite a time, as we expect all along the line, and which you are having your share.  Mrs. T's letter explains itself.  It's a mass of self pity, scandal and accusation and reveals the weakness which I had seen all along, and only points to her being bound rather than loosed. It's good to waken up and see that the Man and Message is to be for Life or death to all who hear.  If they hear and eat of the Tree of Life for themselves and witness, they will be loosed from all their troubles, if not then bound.  This is a New Thing and very much needed to put an end to all the gadding about that's done in trifling with Him, His Message, Messenger and Bride.  So get clear and strong and spare none.  You can see what has murdered Percy and now it's good to see him seek to shake it off.

Many people will want you to pray for them.  Pray not for any, but let them see if they have heard His voice and what comes from the Throne and the Prophet's words.  They can either make it life or death, according to their choice.  We are not out to make thorns and briers as in the old days, but fir and Myrtle trees, with good roots and sound, useful wood.  And it shall be to the Lord for a name and everlasting sign, which shall not be cut off by the wicked as in past days.  Our Message of Death and Life according to their hearing of the Prophet's Message, is in harmony with the Judgments being poured out on the earth, and the one is part of the other, and it will increase as we bear The Testimony [Testimony] clear and strong, no escape for any on the earth.  They will either hear and Live, or refuse and perish before the eyes of others, that they may fear and call on the name of the Lord.

The Judgments are to make men know that He is the Lord and Master of their lives, and the results of your witness will be in proportion to your clear, strong giving of the Message.  You would think God and the Lord, His Servant, and Bride was to carry drinks and bandage up the broken limbs, so they faint and grow weak in their wickedness and iniquity.  All human, fleshly use of the name of God only slobbers up and over Waters of God.  So give no ear to their whine, but give them the Sword and Hammer to break their hearts if possible.  There is not one note of possible failure in Isaiah 55 and Revelation 22 or any loophole for any Gadder to gad about.  It's a straight forward Message for all who will fear and hear, and straight warnings to all others who will attempt to trifle.  So that on both sides, we have His sure seal and no room for doubt.  And the more we put into it  the more we will get out; for it to produce seed for the sower and bread for the eater, and as it's for the whole world, we don't need waste time on discussing what had been or will be, but give it clear and strong, with nothing but hope and cheer to those who hear it, and death to those who set still.

Best Love in Him.

Wm. Irvine

P. S. If Bob goes East he may find himself in amongst a lot of goats, very much to his sorrow, rather than where he could have got help and into a place where he had fresh ears to hear.  But I will write him thus. Minnie can forge ahead and let not even that hinder her, and so be abler to help him later on.  W. I.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Walter Hooe
May 3, 1928
PO Box 553
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Walter:

Many thanks for your letter and cutting.  Poor Mahan might find that God could loose Him from even what must be a heartbreak to him, if he had ears to hear and eat of the Tree of Life.

Revelation 22:14 says, “Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the Tree of Life, and my enter in through the gates into the City.”  Isaiah 55:4 says, “Behold--see by the Spirit; I have given him for a Witness to the people; a Leader and Commander to the people…”  So you can see how the 2 fit together well--The Prophet of Restitution.It says, *“It shall come to pass, that every soul that will not hear that Prophet shall be” cut off, or “destroyed from amongst the People;” and the other side, is that they who have [ears], and obey him, will have right to the Tree of Life and access to the City.  So why should men despise what’s given to end the terrible confusion of the whole world?  Then, it’s given to all men, unjust, filthy, righteous or holy.  “Behold, I come quickly and my reward is with me to give every man according as his works shall be.  I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning, and End; the First, and Last."

Why should people believe in Him who was, and refuse to believe in Him who is Omega, and the Finisher of the work He began?  If He had prophets and Apostles then, by whom to speak, why not have one now, when there is so much more need to end the strife, confusion, and darkness, which floods the Earth in His name?  Surely, everyone has enough trouble and bondage to feel their need of loosing.  And when they have tried all else, why not give a chance to what is so clearly spoken of as possibility in these days?  If not to hear, is to be cut off forever; then to hear, is to be joined on to all that’s useful now and forever. I have not seen any who have suffered of hearing; rather, the other way around.  And we can offer this to all men without distinction, creed, or colour; for it’s a NEW THING to meet the needs of  all.

But the consequences of rejection is as sure, as the blessings to those who hear.  And one very good point, is that men can’t twist it about, as they would, by adding to or taking from; and it’s no respecter of Persons, either in blessing or cursing.  So that our work can never be in vain.  “It shall not return void, but shall accomplish that which I please and prosper in the thing whereunto I sent it.  And ye shall go forth with Joy, and be led forth with peace.  The mountains and hills shall break forth into singing, and all the (human) trees of the field shall clap their hands with Joy…” at its victories in either blessing or cursing.  So shake up Santa Ana and every other place and person you can reach, for great and sure are its reward.  And He has pledged His word in the matter, so that we don’t go on a fools errand.

My best love to all, and Mahan, as well as any others.

William Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Edward Cooney
May 5, 1928

My dear Edward:

Thanks for your letter of April 10, 1928 with the priestly attempt to break Paul's heart while in jail in Rome, showing there were audacious, Devil possessed damned rascals calling themselves the Church which Paul had gathered as there has been revealed these past 14 years. For the above words put in clear cut words what ALL of you proved to be when tested.

I have on two occasions offered you life which you never have had; first, at Carlisle and now by letter. But you preferred your own darkness and ignorance and so no matter whether you go to Aussy or New Zealand or come to Suez – Hell awaits you – so long as you despise the only man and only Message that can save you from weeping, wailing and gnashing your teeth on the earth before man, as you with the goats, enter into eternal torment now and forever at the end.

I am not ignorant of all that the persons who send their love have been and done these past years, and only can say they will well deserve all they get. As a man I am 2nd to none in being able to gauge a damned rascal even if he be 1000'ds of miles away. And as the Servant of Jesus, I can better do it when it's done in His name. So forget all about your profession and measure yourselves by your backbiting and scandal and you'll find cover in a mouse hole for all your righteousness, even when the lighten end of His wrath is hovering over you.

The man that wrote that letter to Paul was brother to The Testimony in every part of it. Though I suspect it's a modern attempt to justify the harlot hearted hireling hypocrite system of thieves and robbers. Paul did not know that the many of the churches which he had formed were to be tormented in Hell by the very things he had spoken and been to them, while the very few who clave to him when he was rejected by the churches were all who had been truly born of God. The others were dogs, goats, swine and wolves as Jesus had forshown in Matt. 7 as the end of all Testimony in all ages, given by the Man of God.

But there will be more thorns and briars in these days, for there is to be no more curse as you can see from Rev. 22 and Isa. 55. And I'm sure the writer of the letter ancient or modern has learned who he was by having his eyes opened in Hell to see Paul where he has seen so many of his own converts – tormented and not even the chance of giving one drop of living water. Nothing gives me greater joy today than to know that Jesus is on His Throne and I as His Angel, Servant and Prophet in Jerusalem to end all the abominations on the earth and give honest people, good or bad, a chance to hear my witness, follow my leadership and obey my commands, and so have right to the tree of life, and to enter into the city where dogs, sorcerers, etc. can never come, as was the case in Paul's day and mine.

A prophet is a man of THIS generation and age, so there are none in Heaven who can be that man. Him shall ye hear in ALL things, and it shall come to pass that EVERY SOUL that will not hear that prophet shall be destroyed from amongst the people. This is the Iron Rod given me for the judgment of all nations and all men that dwell on the face of the whole earth; and God nor Jesus asked none of you about the matter, but used you to perfect me through suffering as the Least, for this great work, never given to a man in all world history as it's now mine; and when you have all committed eternal suicide, you will have the torment of seeing the man you despised and made the Least, sit at the right hand of Him who shed His blood for all as I have given my life for all, these 35 years.

14 years is a long time to separate my Sheep from your Goats; but it's been well and perfectly done. The Sheep inherit the Kingdom, as surely as the goats get eternal punishment now and forever. So if you find darkness possess your mind and heart such as your letter reveals, then it's proof of that you are tasting now of what will be endless torment and the promised result of refusing to cut off your right hand, foot and eye, so that you might receive the Least and Little Ones and so share in the Kingdom.

Bardsdale, where they refused to hear Omega, and where they used to get Alpha, was wiped out in the flood on 13 March. Symrna was wiped out, what was left of it on April 1 st. Phillipi was the same on 15 th April, and Corinth at the end. These are only the beginnings. The end will come as surely as what we have had, so don't look for cracks in the ark, but for the door, and enter in very quickly and humbly, by giving ear to my Message, through my friends the Sheep and Bride, or perish in your miserable wickedness 14 years old.

Yours very truly in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Mrs. Mattes
May  6,  1928
P. O. Box 553
Jerusalem   Palestine

My Dear Mrs. Mattes:

You are 60 and I was 30 before I took any interest in finding what was spoken in the Book.  I soon found  that Jesus was no Priest or Minister like what the whole world is full of today; & His disciples were common, ignorant men in the eyes of the Priest and Rabbis.  But they had ears to hear God speak thru Jesus’ lips, and they followed Him, and did what He said, and found it gave them life, love, peace and comfort even tho the religious people were all against them.

If you went to all the religious buildings in the world you would never find life, love, peace and comfort, for there is no God in the buildings, nor in the people who go to building to worship God; and the men whom we call priest, ministers etc. only do it for an easy life & gain from deceiving others as they have been.  Jesus had no priest or buildings but the Spirit of God dwelt in Him & spoke living words which if the people obeyed, they found the same Spirit begin to work in them.

The world is so full of religion today of all sorts that Jesus is giving us a New Thing to put an end to it all, and His Servant is to be a man like Moses, common and of the people by whom God’s Spirit is to witness & lead & command men.  Those who hear and obey have a right to eat of the tree of Life & enter into the City (the New Jerusalem)  Don’t forget that all my friends have been religious before they got to know me or these things they speak, and only believe in me and what I say because they find it gives Life, love and peace.

Being a New Thing,  there are no sacraments, or penances (sic) or any other religious performance, just as it was when Jesus was here in the Alpha days, -so today—Hear, and your soul shall live, forgive others and you will be forgiven. Get to understand Revelation 22 and Isaiah 55, and you have all you need and open your mouth to tell it to others, and God will give you all you need in every sense of the word, for your asking. This is eating of the Tree of Life.  All who do this will find loosing from all their troubles. Those who don’t will find troubles increase till they don’t know what’s wrong with them.

I followed the blind leaders of the blind till I was 30—you have done it till you are 60—now try the other, simple way.  You have many people who can help you there, and just keep hearing what they have to say, and put it to the test, and you will find new life, hope, peace, joy and comfort, and blessings of every kind.

Revelation 12: 1,2 & 3 refer to ME and my friends.  The Dragon etc. refers to the religious people of the world, who are our enemies, and who hate us for witnessing against them as Deceivers of the people, and who are to be judged and destroyed from off the face of the whole earth.

Ephesians 6:18-19, Paul was encouraging the people who believe in Jesus and him, to pray and watch, and not forget him in prayer, but I ask you to believe in Jesus and His servant today and witness to all, and those who hear my message will find life and deliverance from all their troubles and bondage, and be able to help others.  Those who won’t hear my words will be bound in many and any form.

Get to know all the Bible says about the prophet for these days.  It will help you to see how simple it is for all men—Him, the prophet, shall ye hear in all things, and whosoever will not hear that prophet shall be destroyed from amongst the people- Acts 3:  and Deuteronomy 18:, which is speaking of the prophet Revelation shoes(sic) us, and his message is the pure  River of Water of Life—Revelation 19: 7&8--- Let us be glad and rejoice when Jesus comes to meet those who have heard His prophet and Message. The simplest way is to be guided by those who have been hearing me for many years, and so can give you all needed help.

You can find no help from Church, priest or people who go to any or all churches.  For it’s a New Thing, and for those who are outside all the churches.  Read Revelation 17 & 18, and notice "Come out of her my people," which means out of the whole religious world, for Babylon is fallen and become a habitation of Devils, the hold of every foul spirit and cage of every unclean and hateful bird  So you should be very glad to get away from all your religious experience, and hear the words from the Throne of God and of the Lamb and taste of the life, joy, peace and salvation of God and the Lamb.

I shall be pleased to hear that you have got deliverance from Babylon and all it’s influence, and enjoy the living waters from the Throne of God and Jesus by my lips and life, and witnessed to by those who have been my friends for many years, and more now than ever

Very truly yours in His service who is our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Edwards
May 15, 1928

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Wm., Rose & Co:

Thanks for yours & the others enclosed. You need not trouble about any studied want of recognition. All such will be well attended to as well as any idle words etc., which may fall from any lips, no matter who, when or where. James Cook reports the sudden death of a woman who had been coming to hear, though had shown little heart, which very often is proof of what goes on behind backs. If you take a good look at the Jesus of Rev. 1:, you don't need to fear that anything can escape His eyes, which are as a flame of fire, & the 2 edged sword will do what He sees need for. And He has now the keys of Death & Hell, as He had the keys of the Kingdom before.

I had a letter from May Carroll of the mosquito sort, & replied to it through Dunbars. So you will probably get a copy. They all like to quote from the Jesus of the Gospels & fail to see the Jesus of Rev. in all His terrifying power, & which He gave us a sample of when the 7th Seal was opened & the war began. They remember this terrible time every year by 2 minutes silence & have monuments all over the world to remind people, and all the silly James today are crying out 'no more war'. They might as well say "no more Rev. Jesus in His wrath". What a farce it is to try to read Rev. & fail to grasp that its theme is wrath for all such as are the same as He specifies in Matt. 23, & covers all who all who bear the marks of those who were His enemies.

His Priest King Garment girt about with gold is in contrast to what we see Him clothed in on the earth. The same Son of Man, but in His Royal Robes of power and authority, His head & hair as white as snow. Like wool is also worthy of notice, not like the flat hair He is shown to have. Wooly hair speaks of temper & action -- white may refer to what He has had to suffer during these many years of long suffering patience. His eyes as flame of fire from which none can hide- more searching than X-rays.

Ch. 11 shows what His eyes as flames of fire are for --to search the hearts & reins; & His feet as Fine brass shows that no matter how hot with the force of Hell on earth, He will walk through it to victory. His voice as the sound of many waters, meaning He can make Himself heard on the face of the whole earth's people. He had in His R. hand 7 stars, showing that He has chosen those by whom He will speak. The Angels chosen from the 7 churches - those who have had ears to hear & so be able to bear witness to Him and HIS work as Omega. What has happened to individuals & nations since 1914 are only sample of what's to follow. So it's important to bear witness to His wrath expressed in all that's taken place since 1914, & which has produced some howling if we could hear it, or sum it all up as its come to us through the papers, etc. The history of the Great war is a big Book if it was all gathered together. Out of His mouth went a sharp 2 edged sword; and His countenance as the sun shining in its strength, and when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. (No wonder) when we think on the change which had come over Him since John saw Him before. He laid His right hand on him, saying, "Fear not (it's not for you the change), But for my enemies.

I am the first whom you saw & the last whom you now see, & I am He that liveth & was dead. And Behold, I am alive forevermore, Amen. And have the Keys of Hell & death for my enemies". And already these years we have had enough proof. So I expect out of the 7 churches, He has found His angels & Candlestick by the various tests applied in the 7 Churches Messages. We may have been a little slow in grasping the need for a clear witness to who has caused all the various sufferings these past years since 1914, & how hopeless the struggle to escape the greater things to follow. We have been so surfeited with Jesus as the Saviour of men & all else that it hits all the harder when we can show Him as the Judge & Avenger of His own seed of all ages, & that visited on the people who dwell on the whole earth. The flood staggers people, but when we can show them that He has destroyed more life & property these past years since 1914, than at the flood & we have only had an earnest of what's coming. This makes it easier to grasp our privilege in binding & loosing both individuals, cities & the whole world. For what has been is only the milk & food He has been feeding us to make us fit to share in the greater destruction of His enemies all over the world & yet to gather under our wing those who will hear His voice. This adds still further to the meaning of Witness, Leader and Commander.

So be audacious in your confidence in His hearing & answering of your askings for Judgment, for the Father is well pleased so to do. Has He not said "Sit thou here at my right hand till I make your enemies your foot stool" & are we not the instruments for its accomplishment? And tough few, we are fit because of our relationship to Him. Had a good sensible letter from Bob & hope he may join Minnie & you there & be fitted for this great Big Job.

My best Love to All,

Wm. Irvine

William Irvine's Letter to Skerritts
May 22, 1928

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine.

My dear Bob:

Your letter of April 29th was a great comfort to me and assurance of safety for yourself - I was glad to have Annie's letter which is like a seal on your witness to her.

Your reference to Rev. XII is good as giving us a contrast between what Jesus is going to do in overthrowing the whole Religious Systems of the earth whose head in Jer. is the 7 great heads of the religious world - Jew, Moslem and the 5 Xtian systems backed up by the horns or governments with their sword or horn power. It gives you a picture of what are the 2 sides to the great battle with Michael and his angels for us, in contrast to the Devil and his angels against. But the part which I like the best comes in the last verse-- where we have the most accurate description of The Testimony who are the remnant of her seed - which keep the commandments of God and have The Testimony of Jesus, which shows the woman of V. 1-3 is the woman of V.17 - who is to become the victims of the wrath of the Dragon, when he has been cast down and out by the woman & seed of V.1- whom he can't destroy or hurt, being under the care, protection and provision of God by His Angels. V.17 is like putting the Alpha crown on my head in producing the woman of V.17 while V.1-3 gives me the Omega seal & the more you know of the woman who surrounds the man, the more accurate is the description.

The Woman of V. 1-3 to become the victors over the Dragon, while the other is to become the victims of the wrath of the Dragon for their wickedness to the Woman of V. 1-3. I had to get a new Bible and send the other one away. Rev. Book had become so black and dirty that I could not see much of it and Rev.XII was one of the blackest parts for it gave me slowly but surely clear understanding concerning what has been and is, and will be to the very end.

If we get a good look at Jesus as Omega as John had in Ch. 1- we would have been apt to fall at His feet as dead. John's familiarity with Alpha Jesus must have got a terrible shock, but to us it has come very slowly, but the more sure and perfect as we have the outward signs in the world accompanying the Revelation by the Spirit,-and I expect John has been eating the little Book in Heaven as Rev. X shows in preparation for coming back to be my co-witness; Clothed with the Sun, fresh light from Heaven and the Moon under feet - puts the experience clear and on her head a crown of 12 stars - gives us plenty of marks to guide us as to the various relationships found in the Body by which He hopes to deal with all His enemies..

I like she being with Child and travailing in Birth and pained to be delivered. This shows the place I have in them as well as the place as Head and all their hopes are centered in the Child. But I like also the way these words hide whats is going on in the world before their eyes.

John did not stay long after having his vision and finishing his message, but it's ours to play our part in its fulfillment in the restitution of all things in preparation for His coming back in all the glory of Rev.1 vision. John had heard Jesus speak so often and under so many conditions but always quiet and servant like both of God and man. It was a rude shock to hear behind him a great voice like a Trumpet Saying I am Alpha and Omega with the emphasis on the first and last; what thou seest write in a Book and send to those who profess to be my people (most) of whom had rejected John and would also reject his message - and so the few who had ears to hear would be revealed from the many who had none, and by this was chosen those who were to be the 7 angels and the churches who were the candlesticks to give light to the world - as the Woman is chosen from the Remnant of her seed and out of her comes the Manchild who is to be one of the candlesticks - John the other.

He turned to see the Voice but only saw 7 Golden candlesticks and in the midst one like unto the Sof Man - clothed in a garment down to the ground - no more the Servant marks seen - (they are to be seen on Omega Servant) showing Jesus as Omega has none of the earth marks, and girt about the paps as a King Priest with a Golden Girdle, symbol of His Majesty and power over all the Kings & Rulers & c. of the whole earth for all time. Strange contrast between the Roman Soldiers stripping Him of His garments and casting lots and dividing them.

His head and hair, which John had seen as that of a young man in his prime, has become mature and old - white like wool - white as snow. Did we ever think of Jesus becoming old thro His trial & suffering from all that has gone on in His name and in the conflict. His eyes are as a flame of fire - no more to be deceived by what people say and do. But rather to read the reins and hearts of men and give to every one according to their works. His feet like fine brass which burned in a furnace. Probably revealing what He finds on the earth today for Himself. Could you blame Him for destroying 100 millions since 1914 by war, famine, pestilence and quakes and still purposed to do more as the great and dreadful Lord in His day of vengeance for making Him old and white headed and making a furnace for His feet, which once were the flesh feet which bore the nails put there by wicked men in His name; now turned to be the feet of wrath and judgment.

His voice as the sound of many waters. Every Telegraph and phone, radio and press reporting His Just Judgments on men on the earth these days. Has He not filled the waters (the people of the Earth) with the great voice - their weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth being but its echo. Was the guns of Europe for 4 years and 3 months not the echo of His Voice and did He not shake the earth?

Rev. VIII: gives us the war chapter & the 7 angels who are to accomplish His Judgments on the face of the whole earth. No wonder there was silence in Heaven for the space of half an hour while the Angels were prepared for the big job. And the incense and prayers of the Saints were offered on the Golden Alter before the Throne, and the smoke ascended up from before God and so He granted their requests and the Angel took fire from off the Alter and cast it to Earth and upset the whole of Europe and began the Judgment of the Nations.

He had in His hand 7 Stars which are the 7 angels of the Churches. I hope you may prove to be one of them, and out of His mouth went a sharp 2 edged sword, which may give the reason for the Prophet being so different from all others in the past Alpha days. And His countenance was as the Sun shining in His strength. It was no Theatricals which caused John to fall at His as Dead from shear fright and the old tender hand John knew the touch of in other days, for he says our hands have handled of the word of life, and the old fear not John had heard before, Fear not - I am the one you know and the one you are yet to know as Last or the one who is judge the world of my enemies, as I was Saviour of all who are my friends. They would not Hear My Voice, now they shall know the weight of My Hand in wrath. Just as He had done with the Jews. If they heard and obeyed - He Blessed them. If they refused - He cursed them and scattered them and the Jews were but a human type.

How could John ever have conjured up such a change - even tho they all spoke about His glory and could we ever know Omega Jesus by all our Alpha understanding and experience of Him. And so the greater need for all the slow, sure, steady leading to where we are today. All the various Judgments on the earth since 1914 were only the signs by which He was leading us on to see experimentally who and what He is today to every seed and nation who will not hear Him and what mercies are seen in the patience and care He has taken by Michael and His Angels over those who have had some ear for His Message and Servant Angel by whom the words written in the Book have become prophesy by which alone men can get life, light, hope and comfort to make them His seed and Servants in the New Thing which He does to produce the New Heaven and New Earth and New Jerusalem in all its glorious flesh and Blood- pearl and gold qualities and its walls so high that no one can climb up some other way as in past days, or find an entrance for any who love to make the lie in contrast to what He has given.

I'm sure you have felt the benefit of an open mouth which enables the Spirit to fill it and you will have more left every time you feed others and more and more to follow, for it becomes greater and more glorious to me all the time. So I am quite sure it can't be exaggerated if we tried. You need not be afraid of any of your converts failing: so long as you find them honest & hungry and thirsty they will come along, and you have a whole world - virgin - at your feet as well as they to water and feed, & I'm sure Minnie will be a powerful ally both by letter and lip along with you.

My Best Love and wishes for both,

Wm. Irvine.

Glad to hear about your brother and family. Give them all you can and all others.  You need not worry about any past or future mistakes, for He who perfected the 12 and 70 will not fail in these days. Nor need you fear to give them the Voice and Sword in witness to wrath.

William Irvine's Letter to Fred Beaver
May 27, 1928

PO Box 553, Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Fred:-

Thanks for your letter. There are no accidents in life and often the black outlook is the best, if it makes us seek or be open to the light which God alone can give, in contrast to the light which is darkness which you can have for a nickel anywhere, and all kinds of brands. The men you read of in the old book who got light from God, all got it when things looked black and hopeless from the human standpoint. For if God by Providence can't cut off from all that pleases men, there is little hope of Him ever being able to give us His nature.

"Repent" means to turn away from all thats religious, and with honest heart seek only what comes from God, so that we may get to know God, which is very different from knowing about God. To know God and Jesus whom He has sent to reveal Himself, is eternal life. To know about God by all the tomfool people and preachers is only to be eternally blinded and doomed. To know right and wrong, or to do right or wrong, don't get us anywhere; for to do right feeds our self righteousness, and to do wrong so that we suffer at mens hands is folly and to do wrong so that we feel our need of God turns sins into the very thing which moves us towards the only source of forgiveness and hope in God. For no one can forgive truly our sins but God alone, and no one has the ability or right to do it but Him, for He paid the price. So that all who have ears to hear Him speak and heart purpose to do what He says and let Him work in them by His Spirit, can be quite sure of forgiveness, but its always coupled up with our willingness to forgive others their sins against us, which is proof that we have been born into the family and have His Nature. There is no forgiveness to any of the human family tho the religious all claim such blessing.

You were very fortunate in meeting Edwards' people, much more than you may suspect even now, and value very highly their friendship, and make plenty of room for doing what they advise, for its more than meat and drink, work or pleasure; and only when people treat these matters in such a way, is there likely to be much result. People often struggle very hard to live by bread alone, but to live by every word which comes from the mouth of God is life indeed, which will produce great results now and forever. So the more you put into this struggle, the better for you now and forever. Mines and labour, wages and bread, work or pleasure, are all very minor consideration.

My best love to you,
Yours very truly,

Wm. Irvine.

William Irvine's Letter to Fay Sheeley
July 21, 1928

Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Fay:

Thanks for yours. If you had been introduced to a friend, very much should depend on what you made of it, so with my introduction to God. It will depend very much on your heart and life attitude to Him and by my message, how much you will get of the Spirit of life and understanding of His workings on the earth. To know God is life eternal and Jesus Christ whom He has sent; and you will find great help always when you seek to make known His name as Omega to the people around you and always feel the other way when your mouth is sealed.

What you are to God, He will be to you and much more than you ever dreamed He could be. All else in life is very much a failure at the end. But knowing God becomes sweeter and deeper all the time. To know about things and persons is very different from knowing them from experience and this is the great difference between knowing or not knowing God. Life at best is a very drab affair lacking this true knowledge of God. And to be ashamed of such a friend or His words and work is surely the worst thing which can happen. You have seen how little time and place the factory boss or any other makes for God, you also can see the need for such control. For religious people turn everything they touch into Hell by their bitterness and hatred in name of God and religion. So that is the whole world, religious discussions are tabu, knowing how they erred in hatred, bitterness, violence and persecution.

So make all the opportunity you can where people can't hinder or trouble you when you seek to Honor God by His Spirit; bear witness to Him. It was good to have letter from Mary Cooke and I'm sure she will be pleased to hear from you also. It's well to have so many people around your part who want to speak and hear more of Him and watch for His workings in Judgment every day on the whole earth. You can be quite sure that your words will not fall down to the ground, if you open your mouth so that He can fill it by His Spirit.

Don't trouble about all the various conditions which become worse all the time but seek to have Him for you and working by His Spirit in your own heart, so shall you dwell in the place of Safety now and forever.

Best Love,

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Sargeants
July 25, 1928
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Sargeants:

Thanks for yours.  I’m sure you voice the feelings of many in the whole world today, for suffering is general, and personal as well.  We never meet  people but [that] they have the same story to tell, though they never suspect  whence it comes, nor the purpose of it; to make them wake up to realize the  Lord God is on His throne judging all men, and none can escape.  They will either find mercy in Alpha, or judgment in Omega.  But none can enjoy Alpha  who refuse to witness to Omega, for they are joined together; and no man can  separate what God has joined together, and get blessing.

People who don’t see the need for a True Prophet have a much bigger thing to swallow, when they try to swallow the world full of false prophets.  Why  do they go to church, or have some old tradition which most follow?  Did it  not come to them by a false or many fake prophets?  And they all say, "Peace, peace;" when the message is "war, war" and vengeance on all the wicked enemies of God and Jesus on the earth, and the sweetest thing we could have is to share the hatred and malice of those who are His enemies.

People are very friendly if you can feed their vanity, pride and iniquity.   But when you suggest that they are in danger, and sick unto death, and no cure for them but by His message from the throne; to hear which will be life or death to them, blessing or cursing, they reveal their heart attitude to Him by their attitude to you.  So don’t take any notice, but rather rejoice that you should be counted worthy to share what He gets so much of.  Their silence and enmity is the surest evidence of your message being of God.  It disturbs them to think they are wrong, and so they don’t want to change either their thoughts or ways.  But they must, or perish; for He can’t, and never will!

The great fundamental reason why any man is privileged to be on the earth,  is that they might hear God and live.  And if they gained the whole world and miss this, better they had never been born.  People think the world can give them satisfaction.  It can’t, for they were never meant to live without God as the most near and dear friend they could have.  And so to attempt it is folly, no matter how many seem to do it.  They all get their eyes opened by death, and mourn the fact that they refused the only person who could and would always be their friend.

If people can do without God here, God can do without them there.  So their loss is the greatest thing which could happen; and all because they swallowed the Devil’s lie that present pleasures and gains are more valuable, than that which is truly present and eternal.

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Skerritts
July 28, 1928
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Bob and Minnie,

Many thanks for your two, which I enjoyed more than anything else you could have sent me in news, for it gives me great joy to see you one in heart, mind, spirit and will, and on the way to give expression to what’s in His heart and mind to all you meet.  Theirs is the responsibility when they have heard.  And you can be sure there are 144,000 in the world waiting, prepared to receive; so you don’t need to waste any time on any person or place.

Summer resorts are the places which I would expect to be hard and least hopeful.  I would expect most who are prepared are to be found amongst the sufferers, who are neither much value in men’s or church eyes; and so, very often in difficulties which would debar them from such luxury.  You will find it good to tackle them along the lines of suffering: either spiritual, moral, social, family, business or any other form; and offer them deliverance from all their troubles, which means alpha blessing.  But it can’t be divorced from omega cursing, in their witness to it.

"Hear, and your soul shall live" covers all, but always implies witness. The deaf are dumb, as a rule; and all who hear, hear that they may speak the language of the family to which they belong.  "Open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it" implies that same thing; for there can be no other way for people to get His seal in themselves!  So don’t waste any time.  Cover the natural ground, and be content with the very least marks of interest.  If people hear, they will seek you; and often, to give them too much detail will weaken, rather than strengthen.

It’s enough to bear witness that all religion, politics, racialism and languages are to cease; and the King of Kings become the politics of the world. Lord of Lords and Master of Masters solve all the labor troubles and socialism, for as kings will be responsible to Him, so will master and servant be.  When His name is to be one, puts an end to all the babble of religions - and it means ALL.  Then racialism, which does much to cause strife and violate "love thy neighbor as thyself," touches so many points in U.S.A. society; and the language in which the 144,000 will hear the Message from the two witnesses, will settle the language question.  You can see how these four points can be made to meet all the possible needs, and end all the claims which men make, and behind which they hide from the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden in the cool of the day, or end of the age; and am sure you will learn more per day in peddling, than in paddling in the waters for many days amongst friends.

The experience [--??--] had in the garden when the voice came shows there was not much time lost, till they were outside the garden, tilling the ground from which they were taken; and probably the change wrought in them reveals what to expect in all who hear.  I think the whole facts of their experience is perfect; and the way the Voice dealt with [--??--]. Where art thou?  Hast thou eaten of the tree which is forbidden to all human nature? - for no man can understand the Book in a private way, or without the spirit of the prophets. And no man can take this - it’s His gift!  So it’s not hard to make clear to people why they hide behind the trees; and how they don’t know anything as the result of all their knowledge, through trying to do what only God can do and reveal, when people find that all their experience and profession is only the same as Adam and Eve had.

Religion in every form is man’s interpretation of the things of God; but revelation, and regeneration, and true witness outside the garden (the religious world) is life; and the tree of life is kept so that no man in his natural, or religious state, can ever taste of it other than by true surrender to God.  Isaiah 66 is good to show who are to suffer and who are to be honored.

When you get new people who show some interest, you can write them from your new quarters; and drop all who have had a good chance, for His providence will deal with all such.  If they don’t hear, they will know; and if they do hear, they will know by deliverance which comes in all their troubles.  Their whole climate will change - either sunshine, or darkness and stormy His wrath; and your advent into a person, place or family may be as big a revolution as it was to Adam and Eve, because they are as ripe as were Adam and Eve for the Message.  So make it short and snappy, as did the Lord in the garden!  They can’t forget it; for He is with, through and behind, and will give them according to what He sees in their heart.

I expect once you find your feet as His feet, you won’t want to trouble people who have heard and trifled and want to feed their vanity and iniquity, rather than get a taste of His salvation and fellowship and bear the leaves of the tree to the nations for their healing.  It’s the bearing the elixir of life to people; either life and blessing and a new thing wrought in their lives, or death and cursing and a brazen sky and dark outlook in every respect.

You can see how the disciples seemed to cover much ground and people in one day, or in short periods.  "This gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world...then shall the end come," seems to be the coupling link between what He and disciples did, and today.  So I am the more anxious to see it all work out in joyous experience and detail.  So I will be glad if you find Samson’s vengeance on the standing corn of the Philistines repeated.

My best love and interest in your adventure.

Yours very truly,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Mrs. Annie Noble
August 1, 1928
From: Jaffa, Palestine.

My Dear Mrs. Noble:

Your letter gave me real joy and comfort, for it helps prove that "He who was dead is alive forever more with not only the keys of the Kingdom, but the keys of Hell and of death; and that what we read and witness, His spirit also reveals and seals to all who hear; and hear means as in the natural to hear, that we may repeat; for dumbness is always proof of want of having ears to hear.

If people could have anything more worthy for their heart, mind and mouth than that which comes from His heart, mind and mouth, then there would be some excuse for denying Him the fruit of our lips. My going away at the end of my 3 1/2 years with John, will do more than anything else could do, for it's the final sealing of all I've been, said & done; and you will rejoice in my going as I have done.

Jesus said "It's expedient or needful for you that I go away, for in my Father's house on the earth amongst men, there are many dwelling places and that was the full purpose for which He was manifested to destroy the works of the devil and create temples for God; and Pentecost was the proof that Jesus' work had been successful in His disciples, for greater works than He had done were done by the greater number of those in whom God could dwell by His spirit, speak and work. No better test could be for an unregenerate heart, professing His name, than to ask them to read John 14 and when you know all the funeral rubbish which is taught and practiced on the people in this chapter, it makes one hopeless for all such. All who are redeemed unto God are those who let God come to dwell, walk and work in them and only such can ever hope to be immortal in the sense they have been useful to God here and then for always, no matter whether here or there. If ye love me, Jesus said, ye will keep my words and we will come and dwell in you that where I am as the dwelling place of God now there ye may be also.

John 15 comes next. The husbandman and the true vine which alone can produce good fruit in contrast to the wild vine professors who walk in their own thoughts and ways in His name, which the Father is always cutting off; just as surely as He is seeking to make us more fruitful by His spirit.

John 16 tells them of tribulation but He has got over it all so shall all who are His sealed by His spirit.

John 17 is the summing up of our enemies with Father and Son in spirit. This is life eternal to know thee and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent and we are all one in thee and thee in us.

John's Epistles were written in defense of the sinner saints in the churches which the holy people wanted put out & refuse fellowship. Then his gospel was written to prove from the words and works of Jesus that He was the friend of the sinner and the enemy of those who were their accusers, and all the later epistles are written under the same conditions.

Rev. was given John as his seal from Heaven when the churches as a whole had refused to have anything to do with him or his teaching and were clamoring for his death which was the cause for the Romans to send him to Patmos, to end the trouble. You can see how comforting it was for John to have revelation of that day when all the false seed on the earth would be destroyed. Such are the tares of every age. People who have heard the truth and received, but never let God work in them and seal it to them, but rather follow their own thoughts and ways or those of others and so outwardly are professed Christians but inwardly have the same accusing spirit which all the Devil possessed of every age have had which is the wide gate and broad way which the many have always entered by. The straight gate and narrow way is begun and continued by letting God work in our own hearts and guide us through all the devious life experiences which perfect us for His service as simple men and servants of Him.

God's human family needs humans to carry it on, so in the divine, it's the same way; the one being type of the others. But that what is human can never beget or help that which is divine. The two kingdoms are always at daggers drawn and even our own flesh will always war against all that His spirit works in us. So that it never becomes natural to serve Him. There is always opposition from our own nature and from those who are around; so much so that people treat us as if we were criminal when we put His interest first. This is the true meaning of the Cross for all who will be His disciples and follow Him as He revealed. What you say regarding binding I can well understand; but why should we not rejoice in His victory over His enemies when He uses the keys of Hell and Death; just as we would rejoice in seeing people share in Alpha blessing. We can have no hope that people have Alpha blessing who refuse to witness and enjoy Omega cursing for all His and our enemies. We rejoice more in Him than what He does. When people have doubts about the prophet spoken of for these days you generally find they have little trouble in swallowing a world full of false prophets whose influence is felt on every side every day, and in nearly every person. I could much more easily believe in one prophet than in a thousand or million for that part of the earth. But every man tries to hide his own thoughts and ways behind those of others as Adam hid amongst the trees of the Garden when the voice of the Lord God came walking to him.

"Touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm," is good counsel in the light of the terrible record of what has happened to all who ever did; just as people who have honoured the false prophets got their eyes opened at death; so none can escape who dishonour the true of any age. The flood was the answer to those who dishonoured Noah and his Ark. Sodom and Ghommorah was God's answer to those who dishonoured Abram and Lot. The Red Sea was God's answer to Pharaoh and his hosts who would not hear Moses and Aaron; and the desert sand covered all who dishonoured them. This last part is often over-looked for not one person over 21 leaving Egypt, but was buried in the wilderness because of their unbelief in Moses and Aaron.

Life and death have always been in their attitude to the prophet and because He would not have needed a prophet of the people, would have no ears to hear Him which alone can give life and which has been the test from Abel to the last man in these days. And it has been false prophets and prophesy in every age which has caused people to cease from the Living God & walk in their own thoughts and ways in His name. You notice how tradition and exposition of the Book by Scribes and Pharisees has always been the curse and its consequences was the only way to put an end to it and begin again with God. So thats what the new thing in our day is only a bigger measure of the same old cure.

Paul was combating the mystery of iniquity which was working in the churches in all the later epistles. For iniquity always triumphed in possessing the whole outward church in word and form while they cast out and refused to hear those who were sealed of God. It is a mystery why God let this happen in every age. Even as Cain lived after he put Abel to death. The wicked age which is now to end has always been the same. But wicked will die in the coming 1000 years, just as the righteous died in the past 6000 years.

2 Thess. 2: is dealing with iniquity which was claiming that the Lord might come any day or minute; just as you find it the same today. Paul says the Lord will not come except after the falling away of the first 3 1/2 years when John and I witness and that man of sin, the anti Christ who is to be leader of the Jews in 2nd. 3 1/2 years. And because of his success in futhering Jewish interests, the Jews will say this is our Messiah and so make him the anti Christ, just when their end is nigh by the great earthquake and hail of Rev. 16.

"He who no letteth will let till he be taken out of the way," refers to the Spirit of God hindering and opposing iniquity till the end of the age when the spirit ceased to hinder and so now you can see them having their own way.

Let, is an old English word which meant hinder as far as you can, but let their iniquity be made manifest. God has always let the Cain seed kill the Abel seed, so that they might be made manifest, and then judged and destroyed.

Rev. 22:4 the woman and 144,000 may all have this experience now according to their faith, but the fullness will only be when it's fully revealed and the new city in the new creation and Him in the midst. They may have open vision as revealed in Rev. and His name shall be in their foreheads, meaning they shall see and think as He does, and as He has revealed in Alpha and Omega. These are the things revealed which must shortly come to pass and which we are all seeking to prepare for. These sayings are faithful and true though new to us, He wants us to be sure and enter into them now. Matt. 16:28, shows with many other places that Jesus knew that John would be co-witness and martyr at the end of the age. This wicked generation shall not pass till all these things be fulfilled.

1 Cor. 15:51-52, refers to both 1st. and 2nd. Resurrection and experience of those who rise. The last trump may refer to the sounding of the 7th. angel, first of which sounded in 1914, when war began and the 6th. angel is about to sound, for peace and safety is to be signed on 27th. or 28th. of Aug. in Paris, so say they on 27th. July per papers.

The first resurrection is for those who are to rise and reign as in Rev. 22: and the 2nd. is at the end of 1000 years for those who have not been so privileged, but were children of God. These days of binding and loosing is only revealing who are the bride and who are the 144,000 & quite a necessary experience to fit those who are to be the woman who is to flee into the wilderness and who will take the place of John and I when we go. There is no hindering or favouring, but rather seeking to perfect all as far as possible.

You can see from Rev. 22:17, how wide is the encouragement given. The Spirit and Bride, him that heareth, both may say come, who so is thirsty and who so ever will, let him take the water of life freely. So you can see every one getting all he can take of blessing; just as no man can choose how much cursing He will give, so in blessing. It depends on our own words and ways being His and on our usefulness in whats His work for these days. There can be no doubt but those who have been with me all these years and got meat in due season right along have had much privilege which others have missed & which they can share thro those of greater privilege. But there is no respect of persons with Him. Those who make the most use of their opportunity to hear and witness will find Him always ready to stand by them and give them freely to speak the words of life and death to all who hear no matter what use people may make of them; thats their business.

You can see how much more difficult it was to see 14 years ago than today & and it becomes the more full and easy for all who honestly seek to listen and benefit. The letter enclosed betrays a very zealous person for everything that's not of God. She follows the multitude to do evil and her reward is manifest in the spirit she shows. There can never be any hope of any one seeing by the spirit. If they cease to witness and war for Jesus whom the spirit alone will honour. You have much cause to be thankful in that you have seen your testimony sealed and that in your own family.

You notice this was true of Noah, Abram, but not of Lot in the same measure. You know there was a good deal of relationship in the John Baptist, Jesus and His disciples and after among the saints.

I have noticed that a properly brought up family generally hang together and specially after marriage. If this is not so, then they are apt to become enemies, rather than friends & I know nothing more destructive to all that's best in life, than bad spirit amongst those whom God has united in the bundle of life. For that's the reason for family life to be mutually helpful and get the discipline which can come in no other way which helps us in world struggle for place and bread. One bad grape in a bunch or anything else, is apt to do more hurt than all the good ones. The spirit brooding over the deep, or human family, is like a hen sitting on eggs and you know the various possibilities in eggs: to eat, to hatch, to be broken or rotten. So in human life, only those whom the spirit can regenerate, have any chance for immortality in fellowship with God, and nothing else counts now or forever.

My best love in Him to all who are in the bundle of life with you.

Yours very truly in Him.

Wm. Irvine.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Fern Sheeley
August 11, 1928
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Fern,

Thanks for yours.  Measure yourself not by what you are, but what you may become.  Mary Cooke’s letter is only proof of what you may expect to be able to do.  Life always begins small, and increases as we grow; so in the spiritual things.  The need is milk and meat with exercise, and some comfort and guidance.  Desire to be like those who have life is proof that we have the beginnings of letting God work in our hearts, which is the sum total of all the purpose of God fulfilled in.  This missed, there is nothing of lasting value.

Most people who get the chance are apt to trifle with it and get along anyway, which only ends in death.  There are two gates and two ways Jesus spoke of, that of letting God work in us from start to finish; or that of taking our own thoughts and ways, and walking pretty much as suits us rather than please Him.  What we are to God, in hearing and keeping what He reveals, He will be to us.  People only think of escaping from wrath, but to share in the blessing of God in all our life here is proof that we know Him, and are known [and] honored of Him.  This is life eternal; and all else is but froth.

The world is full of people who put God’s name on their own thoughts and ways, and so only deceive their own heart, and get nothing but disappointment and death eternal at the finish: hell, in place of heaven.  People often think about the difficulties of honoring God in the world.  But the more we have, the more we escape their corrupting influence, and so escape the consequences.  If we allow our human nature to guide us, then God can do nothing for or with us.  And this is where people err; and so only hypocrisy, in place of a life of reality in fellowship with God, is the outcome.

So aim at not only hearing and saying, but know God in all your affairs - now - and in all your dealings with others.  It’s not the privileges we have, but the use we make of them that will finally turn the balance.  This you can see of the record of them in the whole Book.  And God is just the same today, and our needs are the same; and the Devil world and flesh the same, always against all that’s of God.

My best love in Him, and desire to see you have a life of true living fellowship with God.

Wm. Irvine

There is no secret in health or disease.  You can have either you choose, according to your intelligent ways of living.  Lemon, fruit juice and simple food.  Follow Mallet’s method of feeding.  You will have health and happiness, which is the outcome of knowing how to eat and enjoy life.

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Mrs. Sheeley & Fay
August 18, 1928
PO Box 28
Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Mum and Fay,

Thanks for yours, 2, together.  Glad you have the joy of seeing one with another, and God, His Son and servant; as well as the woman, bride, and all who will hear and obey Him.  There is little value in any or all human life on the earth, apart from the hope and possibility of knowing God and being known of God; so that others may get blessing or cursing through our witness.

God made and created all things.  And now He is doing a New Thing - finish off all who will not hear Him, and gather all who will hear Him, that they may reign for a 1000 years on the earth as His divine family.  The human family for 6000 years has made a bad job of it, through their own thoughts and ways.  So now, we are to see things work out to perfection in His way. This is the meaning of the Restitution of All Things, or the putting the world into condition where His will be done on earth even as it’s done in heaven.

Through improper feeding, the body gets filled full of acid, which affects the whole body and may produce any trouble or all.  So get to know how to keep your stomach right, and digest your food properly so that you get rid of acidosis; which is the name given to such condition.  Use fruit juice and lemon in morning, eat fruit and brown bread for breakfast; beware of too much tea and coffee, specially at meals.  Use all the fruit and vegetable you can get, but not too much bread or starchy food, sweets or fats - all of which tend to make you suffer after results.

People go on with indigestion till their whole body is a source of suffering to them.  And often, the hardest thing to do is to break off the habits which are spoiling their life, and the tastes and desires for what is not good healthy food.  It’s from this cause that most sickness comes.  So find out what is good food, and eat it properly, and you will be well.  If not, you don’t deserve to be well, like so many you see around you every day, suffering from their own innocence and ignorance or folly.

My best love to all there.  I had my photo taken today, and will send you a fresh one in my new home and surroundings - though humble, very sweet to me.

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To: Baesslers
August 18, 1928
Box 28, PO
Jerusalem, Palestine

My dear Ted and Bonnie,

Thanks for 2.  I am glad to hear that perfect harmony exists between the outward at that which is unseen and eternal.  God only can do these things.

Your relatives are only getting a little taste of what they don’t want for all men.  They think, and expect, God only lives to bless - and this the Devil is very strong on.  But it’s ours to warn all men that if they will not hear God, or what comes through those who hear, then there is little else use for them on earth.  And so cursing, or being given over to reap according to their own thoughts and ways.  And if God be for us, who can be against; and if God be against, who can save us from His wrath?  For though they hide in the sea, or in hell, there can He reach them.  And He will not cease this till all men have been convinced.  And it will be so for the next 1000 years.  When men develop wickedness, they shall die; as sure as the righteous have been made to suffer in past 6000 years.

Isaiah 65:20 is very mysterious, yet simple, when we grasp the possibilities of the coming 1000.  The meek are to inherit the earth.  And only those who are perfected will come to reign at first resurrection, and those who attain unto immortality during the 1000 years will be changed and live on.  But those who, though born of God, and remain as children spiritually - even to 100 years - will die.  And a sinner, or a person who has lived 100 years and never let God work in his heart, he will also die. It’s simply that if we hinder God perfecting us for His purpose on the earth, we will suffer loss.

People often measure themselves by what God gives, and forget that we can make much use of this, or little; and so miss the greater opportunity.  For the child of God will die, even if he has lived 100 years, if he does not fulfill his purpose; and so become the fullness of the stature of Christ Jesus, and so be able to be helpful to others.

Only those who have reached maturity can procreate in Adam, or in Christ Jesus.  And those who have refused to let God work will die and perish, as sure as the meek shall inherit the earth for 1000 years.  It’s a very strong incentive, to those who have life, to go on to be useful to God and others; and a solemn warning that no matter how long people may trifle with God, they can’t escape either suffering loss as children, or perishing as sinners.

My best love and thanks to you,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine's Letter To:  Laura Kim
October 24, 1928

My dear Laura Kim:

Thanks for yours of September 6th.  Am glad you enjoy reading the Book and finding God, by His Spirit, give you understanding, which is the main thing.  And proof that you are letting God work in you the good pleasure of His will.

With all the calamities which are taking place on the Earth, men are still dead, and can only be made alive by hearing and keeping the Message which comes from His Throne.  This is the Living Waters of Isaiah 55, and the Angel’s Message of Revelation 22.  People are very willing to believe in God’s love and goodness, but when He gives wrath on the Earth--so much loss and suffering--people look on it as if by chance, or by the Devil.  But the Devil has no interest in destroying the world, which is his only hope as he deceives and usurps the name and truth of God, and honor only such as dishonor the God of Heaven.  So, there is no fear of the Devil destroying his own house; for when that has happened, there is only the pit for the Devil and all who serve him and get honor from men for doing it, as truly as all who serve the God of Heaven get dishonor amongst men for their service and witness to Him who rules and reigns.

You may feel very small and insignificant compared to the great peoples of the Earth, but if you measure yourself by Jesus and His Disciples and friends of the Gospel, you will find there is plenty of room for you and much value in His sight.  Mary and Martha were not much in the eyes of the religious people of their day, but we can see how much their name is honored, when the others are forgotten as if they had never been on the Earth.  Whom the God of Heaven honors, are honored for eternity, while the greatest men who ever lived are forgotten, so much so, that it takes archaeologists and other educated fools of today to dig out proofs that they lived.

Men who pretend to know all about God through studying the Book, and what men have to say about God are always honorable in men’s sight, but to seek to know the God of the Book, as He reveals Himself by the Spirit and Woman [in] heart and life brings us dishonor from men. But the honor which is of God never can be tarnished or tainted; nor will our name and place be forgotten.  So don’t let anything which men can say or do hinder you from the friendship and fellowship of Him who is your eternal friend, and whose smile is more than all the world can be to you.

Your being a Korean need not hinder you, but rather work out to your good, because you will be treated, more or less, as a stranger and pilgrim in a foreign land.  But this is one of the marks you will find of God’s true people in all ages.  They were looked on as strangers and pilgrims on the Earth, seeking a better country, as you can read in Hebrews 11, where you find many of the marks of dishonor which they suffered.

Best love in Him,

William Irvine 

Wm. Irvine's Letter To: Dunbars
November 27, 1928
Box 28, P.O. Jaffa, Palestine

My dear Dunbars:

Here we are at the same date or thereabout I reached your door in 1926, 12 years ago, after being in the tunnel from Alpha to Omega; from the Jesus of the Gospel to the Jesus of Rev. 1. And surely it has been a glorious land to travel through these 12 years with increases of vision, understanding, and possibilities we never dreamed of - possible even then. They said it was a new Gospel, and so it was, though we did not realize it. Alpha Blessing has been fuller and deeper, while Omega Wrath has been so wonderfully made manifest in the World sense and also in the personal. How many have got the millstone round their neck and drowned in the deep sea of their own wickedness for offending the Least and Little Ones who believe in Him, though me. To despise one such means the Father's dark face and angel vengeance on them, as truly as the Father's smile means blessing untold and in ways we could not dream possible. And where 2 or 3 Little Ones have gathered in His name, has He not been in the midst?

Rev. 22 is very simple, compared to missions, baptism, breaking of bread, Testimony, and prayer meetings, conventions and all the old Alpha methods - and how well cared for in those who dare trifle with the Waters of Life, and surely they are freer and fuller than ever before. The Spirit and Bride say Come. That's all. Whoso heareth say Come. Who is thirsty Come, and whosoever will let him take of the Water of Life freely; for I testify to every man that heareth, to add to, God will add the plagues written in this Book. To take from, out will come their names from the Book of Life, which means they can't expect to eat of the Tree and get its fruit or leaves - for feeding or healing the Nations. So we are well hedged in on every side to Blessing and from all the tares, thorn & Co. which are around.

Santa Ana has been a wonderful eye opened to all who can read it aright; for it shows that those who have no old foundation or Testimony experience have more liberty and power in their witness, because it's clearer and less likely to get muddied with the old. Nine years today I arrived in Jerusalem, Mt. Zion as His King - or the man by whose mind He was expressing His thoughts to the World, no band or people to welcome me, or recognize who and why of my coming. But there have been many things to prove that my words were taking effect on the World, or were at least giving some light on the signs of the times.

The riots which took place in Egypt on 19th were very cheering to me. Then came the big snowon Feb. 8 to 10th. Then the riots on April 4th. Mt. Etna flowing from 5th to 14th, this month have brought my trip on the Italian coast to mind, when e see all those who thought they were wise to forsake us and go on their own, and gloried in it. We can see how much bigger the crowd have become and how much more hearty all are today.

But what darkness and confusion of face has come to all who forsook, even when we little knew what Matt. 18 provision meant. He was faithfully carrying it out by His and our angels. You notice it says their angels do always behold the face of my Father to carry out what His mind and heart reveals through His face. Them that Bless us are blessed, and them who curse us are cursed - whether they offend or despise us, they get their sure reward, even without our asking it for them, and such is true of all who are the Little Ones, as well as of me. If we had known all these things 12 years ago, there might have been chance of some thorns remaining. But they were hid till the many had gone, who were unworthy and till the purifying, made white, and trying had been done, and then you notice how the increase has come and our words Living Waters to all who will drink. We were only digging down for the foundations to be laid of that great city coming down from God out of Heaven. Not much to see with the natural eye - but very much to those who can Behold what wreck and ruin has been wrought on the Earth since them. Let the Red Cross take note and speak, and the conditions in the World are surely much worse than at any time since Armistice.

Coolidge's Thanksgiving proclamation was very bombastic. The 4th Beast is to be strong, exceedingly dreadful and terrible, and so prosperity and plenty are the natural. But what a contrast in Russia and China, with their famine conditions through drought, should help to make people eat their turkey thankfully when so many millions are dying of starvation. If He can do this in the East, He can do it in the West in His own time and way, and where there is peace and plenty today, will become as war and famine ridden as China and Russia is.

So these 12 years is better than a cinema picture to make the unseen, but eternal verities real before the eyes of all who Behold.

Much Love to all who drink of the Waters of Life,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  McLarens
December 2, 1928
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear McLarens:

Thanks for yours.  Glad you enjoyed your trip with your parents and found all right at home.  What you suggest re Chiro is all right and your brother can find something else if there is not enough for 2 and no matter what you earn your bread at, make sure you have His thought witnessing through you every day.  This is more important to you and will cover your needs better than anything else can.

Rev. 22:17 makes clear the method by which the New Thing is to be founded and builded and your place in the Kingdom will depend on your activity in these matters.  There is no form or doctrine, tradition or place, but a simple matter of pouring out the living water in your witness to all you can reach.  It don’t matter how people treat the message, God will take care of all who hear as you can see from v. 18 and 19.  Mistakes made in doing this, are no more in His sight, than mistakes would be in a child in his parent’s eyes.  To walk and work, be and do, is the purpose for which men are on the earth and that in fellowship with God and you can see from the whole record, no man ever failed who did, and certainly not in these days when failure is as sure to people who try to work out their own godless ways and thoughts; as success is sure to all who honestly seek to walk and work in fellowship with Him.

Say "Come,"  to all whom you meet, which gives you the method and message.  Come drink, eat, live and give freely, without fear or favour.  Seek not your own, but the things which are of God  and Jesus Christ, so shall your life be a joy and song of triumph.

Best Love in Him,

Yours truly,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Skerritts
December 4, 1928
Jerusalem, Palestine

My Dear Bob and Minnie:

Thanks for yours, both kind and appreciative and inquiring.  Had also from W. E. [Willie Edwards], Jack’s [Carroll?]  exposition of 2nd Timothy, which is as good as I had done it myself, showing he is as good as a photographic record, and his own little touches all bear marks of his head rather than his heart, but who can find Paul or Timothy in The Testimony; when Paul was rejected and Timothy with him.  All they of Asia had forsaken him - both in Rome through the influence of them further afield.

If I were to write W.E. or Bob or some other today, I could help to make it clearer, as Jack is only stirring up mud; if feeding this to the poor, blind Devil possessed, and even if some thinking doubter were to ask questions on the up-to-dateness of it, he would find himself in a hole.  Hymenius and Co. were then what The Testimony produced amongst my friends.  Quite a number thought when I was out of action, their little foibles and ideas would be just as good as my reading had been, and Eddie [Cooney] is a good sample and I could name many who are not in The Testimony who fell in the same hole.  Demas only proved that the same spirit was working to destroy Paul’s friends that have been amongst mine.  Even Onesiphorus and Co. were led to forsake him after writing Paul at Rome, and this we have same parallel for.  I will let you fit Priscilla and Aquila in as you think fit.

But it was written from Rome; would be Jerusalem today and being nearer Paul’s death helps to make it possible for me to write it a bit later.  No one with the commonest horse sense could have any doubt about the Paul of the last days of Alpha; and Jack [Carroll?] who used to be very fond of being thought Timothy would have plenty of room to suspect he might be some of  the others.  Paul was very strong on the Resurrection being the day of his great reward for being where he was and as he found himself amongst the whole unregenerate many in the Churches of the beginning; just as we find them at the End.

You can see what the Churches would think of Paul saying, "I have finished my course, I have fought a good fight; I have kept the faith."  How they would sneer who were the accusing seed, at such a profession when they knew of the thorn in the flesh which was the Messenger of Satan to buffet him, or the instruments in the hands of the accusers of Paul, little knowing why it was put there.  Paul’s only assurance was "My Grace is sufficient for you," referring to the fact that as an accused sinner of the most hopeless type, it would only help to clear and strengthen his vision and understanding of the fullness of His provision for Sinners, which has always been weakened by the amount of self-righteousness which Paul had ground for - more than any other, having been the flower of the Pharisee crop of that day.

I have no doubt that Paul’s preeminence in every sense only marked him out for such an experience as was his at the end, and the great day of the victory for the Churches in their accusation of Paul was at hand; when to settle the whole controversy they asked for his death and no doubt would thank God for ridding them of such a source of trouble and danger to the whole Testimony of that day.

And you can see that all who had been most closely in fellowship with Paul came under the same condemnation from the Churches, and that John’s first Epistle being a defence of the sinners in the Churches was a grave matter for them, and his trying by his Gospel of John to justify such only inflamed them to demand he be cast into a tank of boiling oil, and but for his age the Romans would have consented; but took the easier and more diplomatic way of putting him where he could not do anything further to disturb their self-righteousness.

Hence the value of the Revelation which was given of the day and work in destroying such from the Earth.  Jude’s Epistle accusing them for having gone in the same way as Cain and following greedily after the error of Baalam, because of what it brought them, and perished in the gainsaying of Korah puts the three-fold marks on the hypocrisy of that day and links it up with Enoch’s experience; which was the reason for God taking him away.  Why could Enoch write as he did of the ungodly?  Was it not only what he had suffered by their big words and deeds, and such he recognized would be to the very end, and more fully revealed than even then, and we can be quite sure that in The Testimony all have had the fullest fulfillment of Enoch’s words the world has ever known.

And the greatest victory over them is the victory of the Overcomer. The bruising of the head of the Serpent while he bruises MY heel; which refers to the making ME the Least of His Brethren, while I reveal the weakness of the whole Serpent Seed and their righteousness and power Little do they dream that MY work has been the bruising of the Serpent’s head in The Testimony.  Those who keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus, and Rev. 12:1-3 shows you the Woman clothed with the Sun and the Moon under her feet and the 12 Star crowned Head, in contrast to the remnant of her seed who keep the commandments and have the testimony of Jesus.  They no doubt bear the marks of the head of the Serpent in their outward perfection and inward iniquity, and hypocrisy and general wickedness.

Regarding Percy  [Percy Abbott], we know that God is seeking to do all He can to deliver him, and you know by experience the defiling influence of lack of love for a member of the Body and what effect it would have if persisted in till the gathering of the Woman around me in Jerusalem.  For if people can’t love and appreciate each other when separated in a wicked world, and such conflict and things happening around them and in the whole world; then they are little likely to find a place in the Bride - no matter what other place they get.  His mercies to us are so great that any true appreciation of them can only express itself in what we read of in the end of Matt. 18 in the matter of forgiveness.  To claim release from 3 million pounds and accuse those who owe us 3 is bad stupid business and can’t lead us to believe that we have the Lamb nature; which is of all things the valuable asset in His sight in those who name His name.  Jesus reveals the Lamb nature even towards His enemies, in praying Father forgive them, they know not what they do, meaning don’t destroy them from off the Earth yet, as He knew well what awaited them when the time of His victory would come.

Sit thou on my right hand till I have made thine enemies my and thy footstool, as I will sit on Jesus’ right hand to see my killers - the Jews - put under in 3 ½  years from my death.  There are two ends in Matt. 18, and it’s good to see clearly both as in Rev. 12.

I send this to Wm. E. [Willie Edwards] to read and forward to you, then it may be sent to Percy [Abbott].

My best love in Him,

Wm. Irvine

Wm. Irvine’s Letter To:  Dorothy Dunbar & Aubrey
Spring of 1928

My Dear Dorthy, and that other boy you call brother Aubrey:-

I am sending you the first flowers to appear this season. We have had about ½ inch of rain, but today I found many of these flowers appearing on the ground, showing how ready nature is to respond to God’s good gifts in sunshine and rain.

This shows us how ready we should be to respond to all God’s goodness in us in our home and father and mother. I noticed that the thorns were beginning to look green too, but I did not pluck the thorns, but left them where they grow, and swished off their heads with my walking stick.  You can be sure that if you become thorns in place of flowers you will be left and nobody will want you.  I plucked these flowers where there were plenty of rocks, and very little soil.  So you see we may be flowers amongst the thorns and rocks and where there is very little pleasant to the eye.  So, tho you may not live in a great house and be a millionaires child, you can be flowers very sweet and pleasant to the eyes of those who pass by.

Now thorns and flowers may not have much choice in what they are to others, but we have a choice, and very much depends on whether we want to give comfort and pleasure to others, or torment and pain.

It was the root which I could not see that produced both, the thorns and flowers.  So its the part we can’t see, in boys and girls, which produce either flowers or thorns.  The heart or inward choice which makes us either flowers or thorns. Some people wonder how others not attached to them.

When I saw the flowers, I could not help admiring them and I remembered you, and the fact that I had promised to send you a sample..

So now I expect both of you to be flowers in the garden of God on the earth, and you can be sure God will some day want to pluck you and give you a place in His Home, after perhaps, sending you on His errand of Mercy to comfort others, as I am sending you these.

Write and tell me that you want to be flowers & have the flowers roots or heart.

Your loving friend,

Wm. Irvine

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