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First Missions
Published March 1, 2011


In 1990, the first workers went to pioneer the work in Bangladesh. They were David Rundle and John Watt, both New Zealanders, although David had spent a number of years in Pakistan prior to going to Bangladesh. Since going to Bangladesh, David has also been involved in the pioneering work in Nepal. A significant number of workers who have gone to Bangladesh for any length of time have been New Zealanders. Perhaps the two countries have some special status that makes it much easier (or maybe not even necessary) for New Zealanders to get visas to be there.

In 2000, the first two sister workers went there. They were Adele Jeske (Wisconsin, USA) and Fiona Muirhead (New Zealand).  Adele is the only one of the "original" workers presently in Bangladesh.  

The number of workers remains constant. There are four; however, with home visits, there is usually one out of the country.

In 2010, the present workers are Rick Larson (Saskatchewan), Jason Robson (NZ), Adele, and Leah Beyer (Iowa).  Deborah Wentz is on home visit in USA and will be returning.

The language is Bengali, which native speakers call Bangla.  

Convention is held at Dhaka, the capital, which has an estimated total attendance of 50-60, or maybe more.  They use a rented facility for convention.  Besides a core group of friends in Dhaka, there are friends in various country villages and in the city of Khulna.

When did the workers first arrive?  1989

Who were the first brother workers?  David Rundle and John Watt, both New Zealanders

Who were the first sister workers? Adele Jeske (Wisconsin, USA) and Fiona Muirhead (New Zealand)

Who was the first to profess? 

Who was the first native to go in the work?

When & Where was the first meeting? 
When & Where was the first baptism?

When & Where was the first convention? 
Where have subsequent conventions been held?
Where is the convention currently held?  Dhaka, the capital,

Who have the Overseers been?

TTT Editor's Note: In the absence of a written account, the above information has been compiled by the TTT Editor from various sources. Corrections or additions are most welcome; as well as other historical accounts for this country Email TTT

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