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Table Graces
Revised September 21, 2010

Table "Grace" Card
Some Graces sung by 2x2s Before Eating a Meal

26 Table Graces
(A revised card was printed around the time the 1987 Edition of Hymn Old & New was published.)

1. All things living, God doth feed.
He supplies our every need.
For his mercies shall endure,
Ever faithful, ever sure.
Tune: Let us with Gladsome Mind

2. As wakes the morn with mercies new,
To Thee, O Lord, we thanks renew,
For all thy gifts and now we pray
Thy blessing on our lives today.
Tune: Lord, Speak to Me 225

3. Blending our grateful hearts as one,
To Thee our thanks we raise
For this, our food, in love supplied,
And mercy all our days.
Tune: No East or West 335

4. Bless Thou, this food, dear Lord,
In love so freely given;
May thanks from all our hearts ascend,
As incense sweet to Heaven.
Tune: O Teach Me How to Love 226

5. Day by Day Thy children,
From Thy hand are fed;
Father, now we thank Thee,
For our daily bread.
Tune: Speak, Lord 256

6. Dear Lord, we thank Thee for our food today
And for the beauties of Thy truth and way.
Help us to walk where Jesus' feet have gone;
Grant us the grace to ever follow on.
Tune: Dear Saviour, Lead Me 302

7. Father, we thank Thee for this food,
From Thee descendeth all our good.
As we receive Thy gifts today,
Lord teach us how to praise and pray.
May our lives bring joy to Thee,
Now and through eternity.
Tune: Till He Come R.S. 525

8. For this food we thank Thee, Father;
Wilt Thou grant us grace again,
To continue in Thy pathway;
In Christ's name we ask. Amen.
Tune: Calvary 391

9. For Thy remembrance of our need,
We thank Thee, Lord, today;
Help us to render Thee our best,
In service true alway.
Tune: O God of Bethel 12

10. Lord, our thanks accept,
Humbly, freely given.
May Thy presence sweet,
Draw us nearer Heaven.
Tune: Father As We Meet 178

11. No longer we in darkness roam
Our God, our Father leads us home.
We thank Thee for our daily food
Our hearts are filled with gratitude.
Tune: All People That On Earth

12. O blessed Lord, we thank Thee,
As of gifts we now partake.
Help us as stewards, true to be.
We ask it for Christ's sake.
O Blessed Rest of Heart 15

13. Now the day is o’er,
Bless our evening meal;
Lord, we thank Thee for
And Thy love so real.
Tune: Fellowship 178

14. Our heartfelt thanks we render,
Dear Lord, for all Thy care.
And for the needs of others
We humbly offer prayer.
O Jesus, I have Promised 224

15. Our temporal needs Thou dost supply,
Receive, O Lord, our grateful praise.
With hidden manna from on high,
O feed our hungry hearts always.
Tune: My Need 204

16. Richly blessing this provision,
Meeting all our need,
May our thanks be now accepted
Lord we plead.
Tune: Are Thou Weary, Art Thou Languid R.S 152

17. These tokens of Thy tender care
Our love and thanks forth call;
Remind us of the debt we owe
To Thee who givest all.
Tune: O God Give Ear 131

18. This table spread with bounteous gifts
Declares Thy wondrous, thoughtful care;
But, Lord, Thy gift of all to us
Is Jesus, fairest of the fair.
Tune: Lord, Speak to Me 225

19. To Thee who doth the ravens feed,
And lilies clothe with beauteous dress,
For rich supply of all our need,
We raise our song of thankfulness.
Thou Sweet, Beloved Will 263

20. Unworthy of Thy Mercy Lord.
We offer thanks with one accord
For bread of life we now partake,
Thy blessing grant for Thy Name sake.
Tune: The Heart of God 213

21. We lift our hearts, in praise to Thee,
O Giver of all good,
For blessings, Father, rich and free,
Our life, our health, our food.
Tune: Search me, O God 379

22. We thank Thee for each token of Thy love,
This table spread and manna from above,
Thy bounteous hand feeds every living thing
In gratitude to Thee our lives we bring.
Abide With Me 170

22. We thank Thee for each token of Thy love,
This table spread and manna from above,
Thy bounteous hand feeds every living thing
In gratitude to Thee our lives we bring.
Abide With Me 170

23. We thank Thee for our daily bread,
And all the way Thy hand hath led.
Help us to conquer in the strife,
And feed us with the Bread of Life.
Tune: From Lips of Babes 235

24. We thank Thee for our daily food.
Our hearts are filled with gratitude.
Oh, hear our prayer and bless again,
In Jesus' name we ask. Amen.
Tune: A Little While 396

25. We thank Thee, our Father,
For all the provision
Which Thou hast made for our needs today;
We ask Thee to bless it,
And grant a clear vision
That we may abide in Thy counsel always.
The Day Thou Gavest R.S. 949

26. With grateful hearts we praise Thee, Lord;
Thy loving hand supplies our need.
Help us, O Lord, to honor Thee,
In every thought, in word and deed.
From Lips of Babes 235

R.S. Redemption Songbook

Reportedly, iIn the Western United States & Western Canadian Provinces, they no longer sing the numbered graces above: 7, 11, 13, 14, 16, 20.

The following 4 are found on other lists of 30 graces, but not on the above list of 26 graces:

Tune:  Oh, God of Bethel
Accept our thanks, Lord, for this food
Of which we now partake,
The strength derived from this, Thy gift,
We will spend for Thy sake

Tune: When I Survey
For daily food we thank Thee, Lord
For every gift that comes from Thee.
Lord, we thank Thee for thy care,
And none today forgotten be.

Tune: All People That On Earth Do Dwell
Now we partake of this Thy food,
With thankful hearts for all Thy good,
To Thee, O Lord, we bow again,
We would be ever true, Amen.

Tune: Lord, Speak To Me That I May Speak
Lord, from Thy hand comes every good,
We thank Thee for our daily food
And with it now Thy blessing give,
And to Thy glory may we live.

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The table grace "All Things Living" is attributed to Edward Cooney in one of Patricia Roberts' books. However, Cooney was not the author of those lines. The real author was John Milton, and the words/poem are found in the Anglican "Book of Common Prayer" under "Graces."

A new "Graces" card was produced around the same time as the 1987 Edition of Hymns Old & New, and even though this particular grace is not on the new card, it is till sung. Reportedly, the reason iit was not included was because it does not actually say "Thank you."

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